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REVIEWS OF Porsche of Colorado Springs IN Colorado

Megan Monson

Marie took great care of us! Thanks for the Subaru. We’ve been having too much fun :)

Randall Wharram

Ford Hossler

Was in a bit of a bind Saturday afternoon on Labor day weekend but Rick Harvey and Isaak Munsch helped me find the part I needed and made sure I had an operable car when it was important, I really appreciate the effort they made

S Barr

My first Porsche and by far my best car buying experience… I had been searching for a used 911 Carrera for months. Since this would be my first Porsche purchase I didn’t want to settle for just anything, I was on the hunt for my first 997. After months of looking and searching the internet, I came across one on the Porsche of Colorado Springs website that pretty much met all my criteria. The pictures of the car on the website definitely caught my eye, so I emailed them to get additional information. I was first contacted by the sales manager, Justin Underwood. Justin emailed me back right away to let me know the car was still available and that he would be happy to have one of his sales associates contact me. Since I had some free time, I just decided to take a drive by the dealership. When I arrived I immediately walked over to the car which looked amazing. Shortly thereafter, Tony Cagle came out to greet me with a friendly smile. Tony was able to answer all of my questions and offered me a test drive, however I was afraid if I test drove the car I might be leaving with the car the same day.  Since it was later in the afternoon I decided to hold off and come back to see the car two days later. During my multiple visits to the dealership, Tony was always friendly and professional. He literally spent an hour or so with me just talking cars. I never once felt pressured to buy the car. In the end, I knew it was the car for me. Thanks to Tony and crew for making the process painless. It was so refreshing for a car dealership to represent the quality of the Brand and Porsche Corporate should be grateful they have a great group of people here in Colorado Springs. I even received a couple phone calls from Tony after the purchase just checking in to see how things were going. I would not hesitate to send any of my family or friends to Tony. He is hands down one of the nicest guys to deal with and one of the main reasons why I bought the car from this dealership. A huge shoutout to Tony Cagle and his manager Justin Underwood at Porsche of Colorado Springs, they are remarkable.

Michael Rodenbeck

Very friendly and welcoming staff. Love attending the cars and coffee and looking at the amazing selection of dream cars.

Mark Latta

I would never have believed that I would by any car, let alone a Porsche Cayenne, without seeing the car in person. I live 500 miles away from Colorado Springs but found the right car at the right price there. Nancy Victor was tireless in assuring me of the integrity of the dealer and providing the kinds of documentation to assure that the vehicle was what I wanted. She and the dealer were wonderful to deal with. I will return when I upgrade my Porsche. Thank you Nancy!

Mark Surges

Amazing place. Love the staff

Michael Phelps

Daryl Hiers

Great service, nice cars.

Luis C

The staff are very friendly and genuinely care about costumers. They are very competent and knowledgeable about Porsches and make it easy to do business with. If you've got the money, Porsche cars are literally the best you can get. So if you combine the best products with great staff, it means that you won't be disappointed.

Brian J

Came in to look at the Macan. I had no knowledge of the vehicle other than what it looked like. Knowing upfront that I had no intention to buy from him that day, Tony was very welcoming and took the time to make sure all my questions were answered. At no time during my visit did I feel he was condescending or that I was wasting his time. He made the visit very comfortable and never pressured me towards a sale. You could tell it was important to him that I was a well informed buyer. Overall it was an awesome experience and I look forward to coming back to deal with Tony! I've attached a pic of his business card so my fellow consumers know who to ask for when they visit this store.

denise goltz


Great selection of vehicles and very knowledgeable friendly salespeople.

Thomas Heckler

Charlie Russell

If you want a black or a silver or a white Porsche, everybody has those. If you really want something that is a bit different, you need to go where the cars are. A lot of times that means going out of state, as was the case with my purchase of a Miami Blue 911T at Porsche of Colorado Springs. This type of purchase is totally different from walking into your local dealer's showroom so you really need to deal with someone that works in this space. On third of Porsche of Colorado Springs' business is from out of state buyers so they definitely know what they're doing. However, it's a real person and not a dealership that makes this happen and Nancy Victor was superb. The whole transaction was seamless and when there was an issue with the always challenging California DMV, Nancy coordinated everything to make that about as painless as it could be. I highly recommend Nancy Victor and Porsche of Colorado Springs!

Mike Schoen

My wife and I worked with Nancy Victor and our buying experience was outstanding. Nancy was very helpful showing us all of the cars in which we had interest and arranged for us to drive them all. She also provided extensive information on every car so we could evaluate maintenance records and history. Overall this was a low pressure and extremely fun process which is unusual in my past experience with car dealers. I highly recommend working with Nancy if you are in the market for a car.

nick hughes

Don't wait, just go here!!! Best dealership I have had the pleasure of entering. Fast, friendly, and not to mention the most beautiful vehicles in any dealership. Never had to sit around and wait. Joe Rothman, my salesmen, was the best! Go see him and you will not be disappointed. My vehicle is beautiful and just as described. I WILL purchase from here again.

Saphira Andre

It was my best experience ever in a car dealership. The sales people are very courteous; they answered all my questions. My nephew had the pleasure of sitting inside one of the race cars and he was given a free t-shirt

Jesse Willis

A day I will never forget! This review has been very hard for me to write because there are so many amazing things about Porsche of Colorado Springs! To begin, let me tell you my story. On August 6th, 2018, I played in the Swing at Cancer Classic golf tournament at The Club at Ravenna in Littleton. On the 16th hole (our last hole of the tournament), I hit a 183yd drive for my first ever hole in one! The hole was sponsored by Porsche of Colorado Springs, with the winner receiving quite a shopping spree towards a brand new Porsche! After all the paperwork was completed and turned in, I received an email from Tony Cagle to setup a time for me to come into the dealership and pick out my prize, which was very exciting to say the least! Tony was the first person to greet me as I walked into the dealership and we (my dad drove me down to the Springs, so I could drive my new Porsche home) would spend the rest of the day learning about all things Porsche from him. As we went through the process, Tony was incredible, going over everything my dad and I could possibly think of to ask him about every aspect about this journey I was moving towards of becoming a Porsche owner. Following Tony's advice, I first test drove a 718 Boxster S, only the second Porsche I had ever driven at the time, leaving the 911 Carrera T for comparison. The Boxster is a great ride, thrilling to drive and has a great feel with the mid-engine being so close to your sensory receptors to hear and feel the motor. Time to drive the 911. My first feeling was being shocked that they even let me take it for a test drive. I mean, it's a 911... everyone knows how amazing it is, so why would anyone even need a test drive? Tony explained that at Porsche of Colorado Springs, the experience of the entire buying process is everything and they strive to make it the best possible... he delivered. His recommendation for the order of cars to drive was spot on, as he said, "you don't want to drive the 911 first, because after, you won't want to drive anything else", and I of course didn't. The rest of the process was a breeze, including some financing and I was off driving my brand new 2018 911T. Over the following weeks, Tony and the entire team at Porsche of Colorado Springs has been absolutely incredible. I am now a Porsche man for life and will be going back to see everyone at Porsche of Colorado Springs anytime I have the chance to. Very much looking forward to attending all of the events sponsored by Porsche of Colorado Springs. Thanks for staying with me through this entire story and I hope it has helped you make your decision to take your business to the very fine folks at Porsche of Colorado Springs! They are guaranteed to make your Porsche buying experience the most enjoying and unique buying experience that you will ever have!

David Hurlbert

I've been so happy with my two prior purchases from James Polyefko, that I'm back again for my third. Excellent facilities and an outstanding staff always demonstrating customer service as a priority. I highly recommend Porsche of Colorado Springs for both purchasing a vehicle and having it serviced.

Sean Harper

Wyvern Zero

Paul Talbert

Igor Kublitskiy

Dealt with Tony Cagle from the start. Guy really cares about his customers. Went above and beyond for me and made sure I was satisfied and got what I wanted. Would only buy a Porsche from him and no one else. Thanks Tony ... see you again soon! You gained a customer for life...

Raymond Rijkse

This was my 22d vehicle I've purchased and the best experience thus far. Manuela was phenomenal and the accounting department was respectful, polite and courteous. They showed me the CarFax, let me take the vehicle for a great test drive, and even picked up the trade-in from my home. Everyone was outstanding and made car-buying pleasurable. This is the place to go! Thanks you all for making my process transparent and exciting.

Daniel Kim

This is a long overdue review that took me a while to write because of the whole process length, intensity and all the parties involved. I bought a 07 GT3 without knowing too much about Porsche and the GT line up. I took to Google to find out what I needed to know. I made the decision to trade in my GTR for a GT3 at a local dealership. CARFAX looked good, PPI reports from previous Porsche dealerships looked great and DME report showed nothing alarming. I heard one of the main things you want to do is get the coolant lines pinned so you don’t have a random pool of coolant on the highway that could endanger others. I went to my friend Won @ Stevenson Imports whom I've known through family friends, and he directed me to Marcus @ Porsche of Colorado Springs to get the work done. I talked with Marcus here and there, we made a list of mods I wanted done as well as getting the coolant lines pinned of course. Marcus got me a huge breakdown of everything. He got me taken care of right away with everything I wanted/needed. They got me a great loaner, some awesome parts and gave me a tour of the amazing facility they have at Colorado Springs. One of the worst text messages I've ever gotten was when Marcus asked if I knew that this car was in a wreck. He sent me many picture messages showing me what they had found. I couldn’t believe it, not only was the vehicle in an unreported accident but also the inside of the back bumper was full of goop/bondo etc. I was furious and sad at the same time, never have I been in this situation in my life. I thought I was screwed with this lemon of a car. Marcus got me recommendations to where to go on getting the body back to spec (Stuttgart Body) and also let me have the loaner a little longer with delivering the GT3 back down in a trailer of theirs. Long story short Stuttgart said it would cost easily over 20k+ to get this back to be certified and that they would suggest me fighting the dealer back as the CARFAX shows clean etc. Thankfully the dealer worked it out with me and they sent the car back to wherever they bought it from. If it wasn’t for Marcus and his crew at Colorado Springs I could easily be stuck in a gt3 that’s not worth much and also the emotions I had was a lot to bear with but knowing how much support I had from Marcus @ Colorado Springs it really helped keep me calm. I'm very, very, very appreciative of all the information, research and suggestions Marcus gave me. I’d like to update that I was recently shopping around for my present car (2008 GT2) and of course Marcus with all his knowledge helped me pick out this amazing car. He did a lot of research for me. I was a lot more paranoid about this vehicle but thankfully everything got sorted and now it's in my garage. There's nowhere else I would take my car, I drive an extra 1 hour just to go to Colorado Springs for Marcus and his crew. Thank you guys so much and hopefully this will help someone in the future! There are a lot of sketchy people in the industry and I've seen it, thankfully I know who to trust with this tier of vehicle and that helps me sleep well at night

Matt Reed

The staff at Porsche of Colorado Springs (PCOS) made my car my dream come true! Two days ago I found a rare 2003 BMW 540i-M Sport advertised on Autotrader. They had just listed it Friday morning 2/28/14. I called PCOS and spoke with Josh Creadeur. I asked Josh about the history of the car, his confidence, and knowledge of the car assured me that I was dealing with a professional. Josh was able to give me details such as the service history, condition, and previous owner's history. After answering all of my questions I explained that I was in Tulsa and that I could fly up the next day. I made him a reasonable offer and he accepted! Due to weather I was unable to fly from Denver Airport to Colorado Springs Airport where Josh had agreed to pick me up. I ended up renting a car from Denver and drove directly to POCS. Josh and the staff at Porsche of Colorado Springs were first class from our very first conversation. When I arrived at the dealership Josh was a wonderful host. He offered me something to drink and took me on a tour of their shop. I almost felt like I was about to buy a Porsche! The facility was modern and the garage was an auto-enthusiasts dream. They had a Vintage Porsche 550 Spyder replica and what looked to be a couple of race spec cars. After making our way through the various garages they brought me to a single bay where my future car was waiting. It had been detailed and appearance was just as advertised online and through Josh. Next, we test drove the car and everything was as described in exceptional condition, usually you will find dead pixels on the instrument cluster or broken cup holders, etc in these cars. Not on this one, it was perfect! On the test drive I gave Josh the check and he laughed and said "sold".. Josh and POCS proved to be professional, honest, and made my car buying experience fun. I hope that I'm lucky enough to do business with them again in the future. Matt Reed

Shawn Mahoney

These guys are absolutely awesome. You can be assured of that because I live 1,000 miles away and they are my preferred dealership for purchase and trades. Might not make sense? But it does. When one buys from a luxury dealership, true luxury like Porsche and not BMW or Mercedes, one would think you'll paying through the nose on a purchase and getting ripped off on a trade. Not true at all. They are perfectly reasonable end to end. My new car purchase was a breeze. My local dealers try to mark up above MSRP certain cars and these guys don't. Also, on my trade in's, my local dealers really try to rip me off so they can make $10K-$12K on the trade/re-sale. Porsche of Co. Springs is reasonable and gives what they can. We even used FaceTime for them to evaluate the condition of my current car. Gotta love technology these days. Overall, I can't say enough good things. Dealing with someone 1,000 miles away may seem risky and at first even I was uneasy, but everything checked out. It did take a little longer but overall the money I saved by being patient was well worth it. If you live anywhere in the U.S.A. these guys should be your dealer. There's zero reason to deal with anyone else.

Steve Cassel

Staff members were more then awesome. I stopped by so my kids could look at some of the Super Cars they are crazy about. We ended up getting a full tour while talking facts about every car. They knew we couldn't afford one but they didn't make us feel bad about it. They even let us sit in the Pikes Peak race to the top winner car. Very cool experience. When I can afford a Porsche no maker where I'm living I will be buying from them. Thank you for making my two son's day and giving them awesome Hot Wheels sets. They will be talking about this for days. Thanks again for taking the time to show us around.

Zlyback innex

Wife and I had a great experience here, one of the best dealers to work with! James, our sales contact, was awesome, he had the cars we wanted to look at ready to go. He knew everything about the Porsche cars that we could think to ask. We ended up buying a used BMW M3 they had on the lot and the whole dealer stayed open late to get us the car. They were fair on our trade in and on the asking price of the M3. They weren't pushy and gave my wife time to review all the documents (she is a lawyer). They have a great selection of cars with some truly amazing ones in the showrooms. We'll definitely be using them for our future Porsche purchase.

Daniel King

D. Chris Stewart

I found my vehicle (not a Porsche) here, while searching out of state, using the Sam's Club Auto Buying Program. I live in Kansas. I was looking for a Hyundai Santa Fe Limited Ultimate AWD to replace my 2017 Santa Fe which was still like new and had only 10k miles. A reckless driver hit me, sent me down a ravine, and insurance totaled it out. Needless to say, the insurance settlement would only get me into a used vehicle. So, I searched locally to no avail. Then I found a couple of 2018's with very low mileage owned by a Porsche Colorado! Well, I decided I would inquire. After sending my information via the internet, friendly Rob promptly responded. Rob answered all of my questions. He even went as far as making a few personalized, short videos of each car that I considered which he uploaded to his YouTube page. Simple idea but genius! He eased my anxiety of purchasing a car across the internet. A Carfax was also provided on the Sam's site. Once I made my decision, the dealership found a local notary which I met with to sign the contract. After it was received and only a few days later, my Santa Fe was delivered to my home. All in all, this process was seemless and couldn't have been easier. Rob was key in making this happen. I also have to mention David in the finance department. He also helped this process easily flow. Someday, maybe I'll drive out and buy a sports car! Much thanks to Rob and David at Porsche of Colorado Springs! They rock!

Kier Eastvold

One of the best dealers I have ever been to! The people there are very nice!

Steve Davey

Exceptional buying experience. Manuela Rijkse is a knowledgeable and thoughtful professional who worked with me for months to find a rare 997 turbo. We structured a great deal regarding purchase price and trade value, including in-bound shipping she arranged from my home in CA. If you're buying a Porsche, buy it from Manuela.

Steve Valle

The Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo and Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid were on the menu today, and both were spectacular! John helped us today (congratulations on your new addition!), and upheld the traditions of PoCS like he owned the dealership. This is my Zen place.

Dr. Poppy

Thanks James for such a lovely lovely GT3!!! It is a very special car and thank you so much for an awesome sales experience. I LOVED my 2014 Turbo S (White Beauty) - the sheer acceleration is addictive. The comfort almost like a Mercedes S Class (kidding - but you get the gist) and as a long distance cruiser -- quite unbeatable. However ..... yes there is a "but" ... i can't find anywhere really to enjoy the acceleration much - it's zero to prison in 2.8 seconds! The car is a machine - quite a mean machine with limited emotions - it does it's job in the fastest way possible. It is hard to bond with her. After two years ... it felt like just another turbo car (unfortunately).On the other hand ... this Signal Green GT3 is raw, loud, noisy, hard to drive without concentrating on every pothole on the road. It's tiring after a 300 mile day trip - mentally, emotionally, and physically drained ... and that's where the bonding comes along - its personality takes time to get use to - and it has one hell of a 9,000rpm personality - pop, pop, pop as you run through the gears - even at less insane speeds! It's a car for those who love driving - a car who fall in love with (after a couple of dates at the track) - it's a car i will find very very hard to part with. Its a very special car James - and THANK YOU ALL AT PORSCHE COLORADO SPRINGS!!!

Jeff C

See Andrew in service for the best service you can ever get for a high end car.

Michael Schmitt

Few people like the experience of buying a car. In my case I have been looking (without pressure to buy one, it's just an additional car) for a Cayenne with certain features to turn it into an emergency vehicle. Dan was not only very helpful in answering every one of my annoying questions and provided additional pictures and video, he also never made me feel like I wasn't worth his time because I am from out of town and not necessarily perceived as a sure buyer like someone standing in front of him. I didn't end up buying the car because it was missing some features I need, but I would buy at this dealership and can't say that for many others.

Glook Gleek!

Couldn't be happier! I bought a Boxster from them, Manuela was not only super helpful, but awesome. These guys are honest and go out of their way to help and no high pressure tactics. I will definitely be going back here for my next Porsche! Highly recommend.

Javier Morales

Cool cars

shaun vanderpool

It's very refreshing to be treated like a person rather than a commission. Sam has been very accommodating to my needs and I am a very needy customer. Unlike the Audi dealership Sam at Porsche answered all my questions and didn't try to get me to purchase something I didn't need. I'll be ordering my Panamera soon. Thank you Porsche Sam and Ted(manager).

Phil O'Connell

Awesome dealer. Bought a key. Very nice selection. Everyone seemed happy and enjoyed what they do. Thumbs up.

Stan Sved

Perfection in Everything

Sam Garg

Joe and team get it. Consistent customer service that surpasses competitors across all dealership functions weather sales or service. I highly recommend POCS.

Nathan Rodenbeck

Love attending their Cars and Coffee and checking out all the dream rides. Very friendly staff! Thank you

Peter Vanderziel

I was on my way to Colorado Springs to take my daughter to orientation for college and then on to Utah and Arizona for some fun and had a transmission issue 230 miles from Colorado Springs, in the middle of nowhere New Mexico. I spent the night, called Porsche Colorado Springs first thing the next morning and talked with Julio in service about what it could be. Fortunately, I made it to Colorado Springs that friday afternoon and took the car to Julio and Marcus and they took it right in, to the back to Isaak, the mechanic, and they tested checked, drove and investigated everything that could possibly have caused it while I waited. They had me out of there in a couple of hours and off on our trip. They were extremely helpful, found no major issues, checked the computers, tested the transmission and sent me on my way, re-assured that all was good. I would like to thank the whole store who I interacted with and let them know I had a great experience with them. I will be servicing my car with Porsche Colorado Springs from now on when I visit, even though I live in the Dallas, Texas area with multiple stores, and not great service. Great store and great employees! Thanks!

Phillip Clark

JoRobInfinity .

Always a great place to see some dream cars!!

Cadan Bell

Great inventory and love the respect given by the employees and they get the job done.

Adam Furr

We purchased a “barely” used 2015 Jeep Rubicon Hard Rock recently and feel it was the best car buying experience ever! Kirk at Porsche of Colorado Springs was very, very thorough with reviewing our Jeep via his videos and responses to all of my questions. He is a true professional with heart!! I was so comfortable in working with Kirk, that we completing the deal from a distance with no worries and the continued service after the sale has been truly amazing! See you on the trails Kirk! “JEEP WAVE”

Cheryl Everett McKee

Absolutely awesome! I dreaded going to buy a new car, but instead I left the dealership with a new car and a smile. Sean was fabulous to work with and redeemed my faith in car salesman. Justin worked with me on my trade-in and working a deal on the car I wanted. My car was spotless and even the lot tech took great care of me! Love this dealership! Thanks, Porsche of Colorado Springs, for a great experience!

Analia Mazariegos

Very nice place...excellent

nelson martinez

(Translated by Google) Good attention (Original) Buena atención

Bruce Bode

Very knowledgeable people and extremely good service. I will always ring them up first for questions on my Porsche.. Call Rick Harvey in the Parts Dept, and he will make your day better.

Daniel Jackson

Purchased a used 911 C4S a couple days ago and the whole experience was excellent! Justin was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions quickly, respected my request for email communication (I work nights) and was just a pleasure to do business with. Ted was awesome also. He explained everything thoroughly and made the purchase simple with no unanswered questions. We drove down from Cheyenne, Wyoming and were blown away by the facility. Easy to find, beautiful and spotless. Everything you would expect from Porsche. We brought along our 4 year old and had nothing but smiles from the staff. You guys keep doing what you are doing! I'm your newest long term customer. Thanks again!

Army Blogger

Rude. Maybe I wasn’t dressed to their liking or didn’t have the right look. Very off putting!

Learsi Zeraus

Lance Neeley

An amazingly helpful and accommodating group.

Phillip Astein

I am a first time Porsche buyer although I've always loved the brand. From the moment I walked in I knew that Kirk and I would get along. He was kind, respectful, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. The facility is great and I feel like I'm part of the family now. I look forward to purchasing my next Porsche from these gentlemen.

Sue Martin

Just purchased a new 2016 Porsche Macan S from this dealership and the experience was great! Josh Creadeur was our sales manager and he was very down-to-earth; friendly; attentive; answered all our questions; let us test drive models; and explained all the features thoroughly. The purchasing process was very quick and efficient, and we were done much quicker than any previous experience with other dealerships (i.e. Ford, Audi, BMW). We would highly recommend this dealership to anyone interested in looking at some very fine vehicles!!

Robert Winn

Manuela could not have been more pleasant to deal with. She is very knowledgeable and accommodated all of our requests when we came down to test drive and purchase a pre-owned 911. Ask for her and I guarantee you are in for a treat. I also need to thank Ted Hampson the General Sales Manager for a fair negotiation settlement and very smooth payment transaction. All in all, an absolutely fantastic buying experience with this team.

Max Hellman

Best service in the country

Kevin Mehr

We just bought an Audi Q5 here and it was a great experience. After driving cars all day at other used car lots, dealing with Manuela was a breath of fresh air. Such a pleasant, personable, and professional salesperson. When we did come back two days later to finalize the sale, the sales manager Ted was also wonderful to deal with, and both Manuela and the finance guy Josh were willing to stay after hours to accommodate our busy schedule. Hopefully we won't need another car for a long time, but when the time comes, Manuela will be our first call.

Andrew Han

Erica Szymankowski

Great bunch of people! Oh, and the cars are pretty sweet too! Always something new on the floor to check out... or buy.

Omerta Vyce

Wonderful people who take care of their customers and individuals who just want to look. The accolades they have speak for themselves. Nancy goes above and beyond and I cannot thank her enough for sharing information with me.

jamie hooker

Relina Heartly

Rob sold me my car, my my car buying expetience comfortable, and made me feel like I wasn not getting taken. They worked with me, and understood I was a struggling college student. Thank for tbe awsome service!

Chris Teichmann

We were visiting Colorado Springs for vacation; little did we know we would find the car I had been looking for! Tony Cagle was professional, courteous, and I did not feel pressured at all! This is our second Porsche vehicle, and I must say THIS dealership truly has a phenomenal inventory and the ENTIRE staff very is true. We loved Tony! Our experience was truly A+.

Jason B

Fantastic customer service from Joe and his team

Tony Brown

I've wanted a 911 since I was a young kid and remember listening to the beautiful air-cooled motors so many years ago. I just had to have one, but just wasn't sure which model I wanted. I contacted Porsche of Colorado Springs and requested help in understanding the various air-cooled models. They responded immediately and lined me up with Tony Cagle. Tony set things up for me perfectly. His knowledge of the vehicles and what makes them special was equal to his genuine interest in making sure I found the right car for me. I drove several models from early 70's to today's modern cars. Once I found the car that worked for me, Tony and his team made sure that all of my questions (and I had many) were answered. I had questions that ranged from the car's history, condition, future up keep and maintenance, as well as tips and tricks to help with owning a classic Porsche! Even after we had settled on a price, I had one more concern that required a lot more work and investment from Porsche. Tony wanted me to have peace of mind before I drove even though they didn't need to. I've heard other such positive such stories about their experience with this great dealership. I think most would agree that car shopping can be a pain and take a ton of unnecessary time. Tony took ALL of the pain away and made it an easy experience. It didn't matter that I was out of state either. Tony was awesome and one of the biggest reasons why I chose to move forward. Thank you for making my dreams come true! By the way...even if you're NOT yet in the market, but a Porsche fan..this dealership is an absolute must see. They have all of the modern beauties, including exotic racing vehicles, Singer 911's, and more GT2/3/R type variations than you can imagine. But they also have beautiful classics (911's from all the eras - 930's, 911 Speedsters, etc)...just's a museum!

Ramon Buchanan

Tad Bowler

Great staff!

Aerospaceinc53 .

Porsche of Colorado springs provided an exceptional buying experience. Their sales team was very knowledgeable, and did not hesitate to go above and beyond to satisfy this very demanding customer. They were willing to make a great deal on an exceptional car. I bought the car sight unseen, and it was even better than described. Kirk Macklem practically acted as my personal shopper to make every aspect of this sale go as smoothly as possible. Thank you!

John Leet

Donald Beplay

Jonathan Bolton

Robyn Griffith

TOP NOTCH! My Sales Woman Manuela Rijkse was amazing. She made it very easy for me to make a quick decision. I love my new Macan and I will send business their way. Thank you for this pleasant buying experience. Robyn G.

Robert Martinez

Excellent selection and staff...bring a big bankroll. Not for the faint hearted or poor!

Stefan Schneider

Great Dealership with very friendly People

Jay Scott

Great selection of cars

Patrick Szymankowski

Exemplary customer service not only from the point of sale but long after purchase and during routine service. Every associate in all departments are courteous and willing to help - always with a smile. This dealership epitomizes what other dealerships should strive to achieve - relationships first. Owning a Porsche is not just a car, it's an experience and driving one is not about the destination but the journey! Keep up the great work!!

Mark H

Superb service and showroom!

daren kirbo

One of my best experiences in buying a car, and a first time ever to purchase one out-of-state without seeing the car in person. If your in the market for a Porsche, ask for Josh Creadeur at Porsche of Colorado Springs- I highly recommend him. You can trust him - and as a buyer, that is #1. How else could I have made a deal on a 2007 GT3 with 38K miles and 16 hours aways? My questions where answered. The vehicle history was transparent. Josh was able to produce anything and everything that my Porsche tech in Austin requested (he helped on the review). Everything looked great on paper and photos - so the deal was made without having to make the 16 hour drive. Although I understand this not be true, but I felt as if I was Josh's only client. When I first saw the GT3 in person - it was as expected - maybe even better. Again, I highly recommend Porsche of Colorado Springs. I'm pretty confident that Josh is just part of a culture that works this way. Thanks again.

Brett Godfrey

Awesome dealership--great sales and service! I recently purchased a Boxter S from the Porsche Colorado Springs, and needed some help installing the chip and software for Porsche Connect Plus. On Black Friday, late in the day, when the dealership learned that I needed the chip, they sent a sales representative to my home and talked me through the installation and configuration of the software. These folks are the most conscientious and courteous Porsche reps I've ever met! I can's say enough good things about these guys! The buying experience was fast, fun and painless, and the support is first class. I highly recommend buying from this dealership! It was definitely worth the drive.

Marc Phillips

Steven Ritley

Carol Jordan

I kinda feel like Royalty when I'm there. The employees are always super friendly and courteous.

J Low

Professional, personalized and outstanding customer service. No hassle purchase experience. Recommend going straight to Justin. He'll ensure you have a flawless car buying experience.

Priyanga CG

I purchased a 2009 Cayman S from Porsche of Colorado Springs. I don't live in Colorado and bought the car based on the photos and description provided by them. Now that the car has been delivered by the shippers, I am very happy with it. It doesn't look used at all and is in excellent condition; it is really better than described. I worked with Ms. Manuela Rijkse and she and the team are thorough professionals and a pleasure to deal with. Communication was great throughout the process and they were happy to hold the car while transportation delays caused by a sudden snow storm were resolved. In summary, a great experience and I'd be very happy to do business with them again.

Annie Brooks

Justin Underwood, Sales Manager, without hesitation, came to our aid when traveling from Phoenix to Boulder last Saturday. Our packed Cayenne (dog, luggage, bike etc) had fuel pump problem while passing through CO Springs. We made it to the dealership and Justin put us in a loaner Cayenne so we could get to Boulder and start our 2week vacation. Marcus Fast in Service dept was in touch early Monday morning with a plan to fix the car. From customer support to service this dealership is one of the best in the country! Thanks you to the team at Porsche Colorado Springs!


Paul Mikle

I'm in the process of buying a new Porsche here and I'm working with Tony Cagle - so far this is the best buying experience I've ever had. The dealership and Tony are all so great to work with - no hard pressure and they're very knowledgable about the cars, which is critical considering the Porsche pedigree around driving experience and the amount of money that it takes to be apart of that pedigree.

Jody McCoy

In October of 2018 I decided to trade in my 2013 Cayenne S for a 2019 Cayenne S. It was important to me to specify which features I wanted on the new car and to take delivery by the end of the calendar year for tax planning. Tony Cagle added value to the transaction at every step in the process. We “built” the car on the computer together as he knowledgeably addressed all my questions. With a modest down payment, he placed the order with Porsche. We successfully negotiated the value of my 2013 Cayenne and the price of the 2019 in a tough but honest and straightforward manner. Tony kept me informed during the manufacturing and delivery process. We closed the transaction on December 31, 2018. Tony Cagle is a credit to Porsche of Colorado Springs. He provided five star service to me and I made a new friend too.

wayne guidotti

I have never been to a dealership where the people there won't push you to buy a car but ask you what you are looking for instead. The salesman that has been helping me choose a car has been outstanding. John is the nicest person ive ever met in my life. He has nothing but respect for the customer he is helping. He does not push you to buy a car but asks what you are looking for and tries his best to make it happen. He took me on road tests to show me the handeling and power of cars as well as let me test drive them as well. You guys are great! Looking forward to getting my cayman GTS when I get back from Germany! Wayne


This place is like a museum!

2Globaltravelers .

I am now on my 5th Porsche car that I have purchased from COS Porsche. After dealing with P dealers in this area, I was about to abandon Porsche cars all together. But, since buying my Cayenne Diesel from them in 2012, I am happy to say I have found a dealership that I will remain exclusive to in the future. James P(Sales Rep) and Joe B(GM) are great guys to do business with making it easy and enjoyable to trade-in and buy new Porsches. Knowledge is great and I find buying a car from this dealership fun, the way it should be when spending this kind of money on a car. My wife who "despises" car dealerships actually enjoys stopping buy and being part of the buying experience. This small feel 'boutique', so to speak, Porsche dealership that makes you feel like family when you leave and return, something you don't seem to get in any business in today's world. Since this dealership is run from car enthusiasts from Owner to Sales to the Service dept. you will often find used Porsche gems pass through here, but you have to be quick as they always seem to go fast. I am a big fan of this Porsche dealership from sales, parts and the service department. After several decades of dealing with Porsche dealerships around this country, I know I have the good basis for my positive opinion of them!


Just took delivery in Florida on a 911 Carrera 4 GTS Cab and couldn't be more pleased. Justin Underwood was exceptional to work with from start to finish. Highly recommend this Porsche dealership and Justin...

Dan and Terri Darling

It's unfortunate that most often people only take time to complain. What I find refreshing are the opportunities to bring praise. I find myself in the beginning stages of shopping and comparing for my next vehicle. It's an absolute joy to find a dealership, and more specifically a salesperson that takes the time to really listen and understand my needs (in this case more of my wants). James Polyefko is very knowledgable and was a pleasure to speak with. I would assume that like most sales positions, he too is paid in commissions. Never did I feel that I was being pushed in the direction that he wanted, yet rather being led in the direction that made the most sense for me. I was made to feel very comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. It may be several months before I actually purchase but I have no doubt that because of James Polyefko, I will return for my next ride! James, I hope you eyes find this. Thank you for a job well done!

Pueblo's Best Carpet Cleaning

By far the best buying experience I have ever had! The entire process from the moment me and my wife got to dealership they were above and beyond! Josh our salesperson helped me get the best deal followed up by an full detailed presentation on how everything works with the car. We went back a week later and were blown away with what they did for us for free! Thanks Porsche of Colorado Springs you truly have a customer for life! Matt

PuebloFSU Chick-fil-A

If you value honesty, integrity, and individualized customer service...Porsche Colorado Springs will not disappoint! From the moment I entered the showroom until the final moment when I drove off the lot, it was clear the entire staff was there to serve. Every single detail/option was covered in depth but not from a position of up-selling or pressuring you into buying something you may not actually want or need. It was done to ensure that the vehicle purchased would fit every specification the user desired. Our salesman, John Dyste, has a true servant's heart and went above and beyond the transaction. Patient, informative, and responsive are just a few words I can use to describe John (he even gave us his personal cell and checked in with us twice AFTER we drove off the lot). I'd be amiss if I didn't also give Ted Hampson credit for the outstanding job he's done with his entire sales team. Ted truly will go out of his way to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you're on the fence about purchasing a Porsche, make the time to check out the dealership and meet some of the people working here. They truly do have YOUR best interest in mind, not their own. This level of engagement and attention to detail doesn't happen by accident. It's clear that leadership is truly vested in the customer experience, their team, and the facilities (even the restrooms were spotless). Great Job Porsche Colorado Springs! You have a new raving fan and loyal customer! We truly love our 2019 Boxster S!

Stevens S

Anthony Labalestra

Fountain Dental Center Fountain Dental Center

My Son went to this place to apply for a Salesman position and from the beginning I was treated VERY RUDELY !!!! There were 2 salesmen Sam Neutgens and James Polyefko whom I overheard talking bad about me and went as far as adding some RACIAL COMMENTS about me as I walked off the premises. I made contact with the Manager and he was also VERY RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL to me !!!! I hope the owner of this company has the opportunity to read this review because he should be aware of what type of service or should I say lack of Customer Service his Staff is providing to the Public. Not only is this VERY RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL it is UNETHICAL !!!! What happened to good old fashioned Morals and Values???

Xander A

Kirk was a great salesman to deal with. I recently bought a used Corvette and had a very pleasant experience. We worked out a fair deal and he assisted me the whole way through on owning my dream car. Overall the dealership was a very good experience. Would recommend to anyone looking for sporty vehicles.

Wow! Incredible vehicles there! Don't want just one!

Eric Nasman

Was a great experience buying a used truck from them. Very professional and happy with the vehicle.

Misty Rangel

Tommy Lee

Found the perfect 2015 911 GT3 with my preferred buildout at Porsche of Colorado Springs, and this actually represented the low point of my buying experience! Tony Cagle promptly reached out to me answering all of my questions and providing the complete maintenance history for the vehicle. Fast forward a bit, I encountered some confusion with my shipping arrangements to Chicago (my fault, not Tony’s) and I ended up having to fly out last minute to the dealership to complete the paperwork in person. Tony willingly came in on his day off to meet me and ensure the vehicle made it on the transport. He never pressured me during the sales process and impressed me with his in-depth knowledge. He takes his craft seriously and I felt more taken care of than I ever have at my local dealerships. The rest of the dealership staff was also very welcoming, professional, and efficient in taking care of me through the buying process. Because of all of this, I will not hesitate to make my future car purchases from Porsche of Colorado Springs even though it’s over 1,000 miles away from home!

Justin Barry

Jeff Martin

After living in interior Alaska for several years, we were ready to own a nice car again. My wife and I had decided that the Macan would be perfect for her. We pulled into the dealership in my road worn and filthy truck, dressed like we were living out of a suitcase (which we were). I wasn't sure anyone would give us the time of day at a high end dealership. However, we had just started browsing the inventory when we were approached. From that moment on, we had a great experience. I despise the car buying process, but Tony Cagle and the entire team made it a real pleasure. Tony took the time (even past closing) to explain all of the details off the car, let us test drive, and give us the specifics of the Porsche experience and all that was included in ownership. This was our first Porsche, but I'm sure it won't be our last and I'll be happy to purchase from Porsche of Colorado Springs again.

Sebastian Johnson

James Polyefko is AMAZING! He is super and will get you the best deal and vehicle!

Amanda Blevins

Most unique selection that I've seen of Porsche Cars. And everyone who works there is great!

Lindsey Redmond

This is a fantastic establishment whether you're in the market and ready to purchase a Porsche or in the research stages and are looking for detailed information. James Polyefko gave me thorough and honest answers to my specific questions and brought new features versus outdated features to my attention. I have a strong distaste for car salesmen, however for the first time I walked away feeling confident I was making an educated decision and made a great contact for future purchases. I would highly recommend this individual and facility should you find yourself in the area. Thank you!

Ulf Edborg


Vik Sh

Lachlan Briggs

Shane French

Great cars and friendly staff.

Chris Juarez

Best dealer ever! They Had a 918 Spyder That got my son so excited!!! I seriously might buy a car from here!! P.S The people were SO nice!!!!!!

David L Rodrick

I just purchased a 1975 911 S that was done by the Classic shop at Porsche of Colorado Springs. Dave Petitti and his crew worked for 2 years on the car and it is a Concours quality restoration. They went through the car one extra time and ordered a new CDI box from Germany to finish the restoration off properly. I drove it home to Centennial, Colorado 2 days ago and I had it out at 6 am this morning for a drive. It is absolutely perfect. It is a dream time machine. Justin Underwood was great to work with and thank you to Ted Hampson for the time he spent with me on the delivery of the car. Nothing but the best from this Porsche store!

Mark Medina

No pressure sales people who are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful

Tyson Vela

Morgan Walker

The meticulous crew here knows their stuff!

Ricky C

I have been a customer for a while now and my experience has been outstanding. Everyone in the dealership is very friendly and welcoming. What sets them apart from everyone else is that they genuinely care about me. At Porsche of Colorado Springs I am not just another customer but they make me feel like a friend. They always go out of their way to help and do their best to meet my needs.

Glider 123

Rocky Mountain

Definitely the best place to go car shopping or even if you're just considering a new car, number one!

Mark McGregor

Nancy was awesome to work with, she made everything very easy from start to finish. One of the best!

Aubrey Cousens

My boyfriend and I recently purchased a great car and had the pleasure of dealing with Manuela. She made the whole experience enjoyable from start to finish and even called the next day to make sure we were loving the car. Ted and Josh were great as well! The staff here is friendly and really went out of their way to make it a great experience. Highly recommend doing business with these great people!


A wonderful and unconventional experience! We are from the East Coast and just purchased a vehicle from Porsche of Colorado Springs. Our salesman, Justin Underwood, is excellent and highly recommended - just watch his YouTube channel. Even though we did not see the vehicle in-person Justin made arrangements to talk us through the features and conditions of the vehicle in the most honest way - he hid nothing. Furthermore, he would do a video walk-through so we could see exactly the condition of the vehicle and not be left with any surprises when the car is delivered. This is extremely important and speaks volume of Justin's character and how he cares for his clients. Once we came to an agreement, Justin made arrangements for closing the deal without us even leaving our home! In short, we could not be more happy with our purchase and thank Justin and the entire team for a smooth car purchasing process.

Mark Levitt

best customer service!!!

Carl Fitch

Spectacular customer service! Just purchased my eighth Porsche and this was the best experience yet. Justin Underwood will be my Porsche connection for life!

Scott Rehner

I first met Tony Cagle about 8 months ago, and have now purchased two Porsches from him. Tony, and the rest of the staff that I have dealt with (Justin Underwood, Andrew, Marcus, James, Ted....) at Porsche of Colorado Springs are amazing to deal with. Their focus on the customer reminds me of the staff at the Broadmoor Resort down the road from the dealership. Tony is very professional, thorough, low pressure, and truly cares about his customers even after they have left the showroom. He was more than happy to spend as much time as I wanted going over the features of the car, how to set things up, etc. Tony's focus on his customers has made me a customer for life. Thank you Tony Cagle and Porsche of Colorado Springs!

Adam Saul

Great customer service and always happy to help! Highly recommend them!

Ron Hargrave

Best dealership of any make I've been to.

knute john

They didnt even notice I was there I was down to getting a vehicle but maybe I look to young to purchase major disappointment

Tony Brooks

First, let me say that I dealt with Tony Cagle during the entire process of purchasing my 2018 Cayenne. He is the consummate professional. As an out-of-state buyer, I needed for Tony to be my eyes in the purchase process. He described the vehicle accurately and even provided a high resolution video to answer any of my questions. He went out of his way to meet me at the Colorado Springs airport. At the beautiful dealership, after about thirty minutes of paperwork, he was eager to show me all of the vehicle's functions. Absolutely the easiest auto purchase that I have ever been party to. I would look to Porsche of Colorado Springs for subsequent Porsche purchases.

Sang yim

jason byrd

BreAnna Hamman

I would like to just take a moment and express my gratitude to James Polyefko for the excellent service he gave myself and my husband. We came in with a zillion questions and had the opportunity to spend some time with James. I was relieved there was no high pressure yet a bank of knowledge and insight for what would work best for our family. We left there armed with answers and quotes and now have the abiltiy to make a decision about the Porshce we want to purchase. James my birthday is in February and my husband is aware of the exact car I fell in love with. You will be seeing him soon to begin the sales process. Thank you ever so much. I will think of you fondly once I am behind the wheel of my new Porsche. Thanks again. We love Porshce of Colorado Springs Dealership.

Isaak Munsch

I come here everyday to see the awesome cars and talk to the awesome staff!

Steven Haliday

James Deherrera

Beautiful vehicles. However have to have alot of money to buy ANYTHING THERE. Another Dealer that simply loves thier vehicles to much.

kyle moore

Bill Gwaltney

Had a great experience working with Kirk and the entire team at Porsche of Colorado Springs. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff made for a stress free and easy process from the first conversation to well after driving off with a great car.

Joanna Smith

My review comes from a different perspective than a Porsche owner. I own a paintless dent repair company in town and we have done work for Porsche of Colorado Springs for over two years. Most car dealerships want something for nothing and use the cheapest repair company. Not once did Porsche ask us to reduce our price by more than half on dent repair. That shows me their commitment to excellence! They have a different clientele than other dealerships. The cheapest repair is unacceptable to them. We deal with Julio, the service drive manager. He treats us as well as he would his Porsche customers.


Nikan Azar

Tadd Wilson

I just purchased a new Macan from Porsche of Colorado Springs. I worked exclusively online with Nancy Victor and she cared so much for my satisfaction. She answered my numerous questions and inquiries quickly and professionally, even responding to me hours after breaking her leg (who does that?). Porsche of Colorado Springs sold me the car at a discount that was twice what the dealers in Denver were offering. I am definitely buying my next car from Porsche of Colorado Springs and Nancy!


What a pleasant car buying experience, was absolutely first rate. Manuela Rijkse was just a wonderful salesperson, worked with me and made every effort to go beyond making this a wonderful customer experience. Was well worth the drive from Denver, just a great dealership and business people.

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