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100 Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98109, United States Located in: Queen Anne Marketplace

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This Butcher Shop corresponds to the category of Gourmet grocery store.

Where is Metropolitan Market Queen Anne (Uptown)?

REVIEWS OF Metropolitan Market Queen Anne (Uptown) IN Washington

Barbara Furlong

Fantastic store for upscale shopping! Lots of specialty items I've never seen anywhere else. Knowledgeable, friendly staff.

Dulce Lemaire

I love MetMarket! All the prepared food and salad bar are delicious! A great lunch/dinner stop, not too mention they carry a great variety of foods and delicious fresh produce.

Keith Mickens

This place is tip top! Great staff, A place to sit and eat, prepared foods! Luv it!

Lawrence Salazar

This store got great selection of local and organic options. Prices are appropriate on most items.Quick and friendly staffs.

Alisa Belova

The best one

Eugene Cho

Friendly with long hours but almost all their grab and go options have no calorie counts

Joshua Makori

I stayed 2 hours 10 minutes and was charged parking fee. I spent over 300 $ in purchases in addition to sitting to eat food with my family. Was pissed.

Denali Williams

Lots and lots of stuff. Easy to spend a lot here.

Steven Ackley

The rent is too d high. Seriously, tho super pricey they have a great selection

Jack Looney

So honestly it seemed like this store has a great stock of high quality and products. I would love to give it a higher rating, heck I would love to go back in. Unfortunately one of the workers on the night shift incorrectly seems to think that I have stolen something there in the past because he followed me to the register and then demanded that I empty my bag. ...which contained only Safeway brand products...and then proceeded to insist that he was tires of wrong me....and this was just on my first ever visit....okay, buddy.

Julia Hustler

Love love love this grocery store. Fantastic produce, meats, deli, cheese counter, poke and salad bar, bakery, this store is top quality. Not a huge selection of canned, processed, and frozen foods. Beautiful (and pricey) flowers, plants, housewares, and gifts. Friendly customer service. 2-hour parking in the underground garage makes this store super convenient as well.

Keith Reid

We’ve been coming here almost a year now and the selection of products is endless. The food is so fresh and well canned. My kids cannot miss to accompany us when they are informed we are coming here.

Brint Kriebel

My favorite local grocery store. I just wish there was one in Fremont or Wallingford.

Jonathan L

It looks nice, but they let some of their products expire and go bad.... I got some Ritz crackers and the whole bunch were extremely close to the expiration date. Even Walmart knows better

Garret DeGrande

Nice store overall, but the wine steward, Sherry is mean. Especially to vendors and she should be fired.

Ross Guettler

Three words. Hot breakfast bar. For somebody who doesn't really stop moving the get in get out hot bar keeps me coming back.

Mushi Loo

Great store with lots of unique specialty items. Some things are a bit pricey but worth it. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Levon Gibson

Great selection and variety, especially spices, seasonings, and sauces. Hot food selection is nice, hot soups, sushi is basic, but the poke bar more than makes up for it. Prices are on the higher side but I keep coming back.

Chuck Fowler

Great high end grocery store with amazing fresh food options and deli.

John Cazares

As someone from Austin, I assumed it would be similar to Central Market. This was more like a combination of Trader Joe's and Central Market. A very large selection of alcohol is available. Only parking I could find was 30 minute free parking.

Me, Myself AndI

Excellent quality! Premium price on non-sale items. They recently raised the prices of the hot deli meats so unfortunately, I will likely be visiting much less

David Smith

This 24 hour grocery store is awesome

J Rose

Great deli

Dashiell Gordon

Wildly overprice but consistently good quality products.


I live fairly close to this store so I go often. Food quality is great, but it is a bit pricey. Going to pick up some groceries the other day I saw one of the cashiers carrying a basket for an old blind man. Great staff and will keep going back since they do kind acts like this!

Jim Arnold

Nice selection, organic, vegan, sustainable selections with extensive deli and prepared foods.

Deanna Seaman

I love this place. Yummy food, pretty displays, nice staff.

Roger Johnson

Their hot deli idea the best!

Windie Chao

Everyone works there are very helpful. I’ve asked them to pick fruits for me and showed me how to. Their food bar and soups are so good!

Rachel Anheier

Get "The Cookie" in the bakery just in front of the registers. You won't be disappointed.

Cody Eccles

Metro Mart is my go to place for a quick lunch or specialty foods. They have a great selection of lunch choices, including a poke bar, and a gourmet deli. The prime rib sandwich is a favorite of mine. Their meat and cheese counter and bread selection is second to none.

Sonn F

Place was very friendly and the workers made sure that what you needed they will have it for you. If they don't have it they would refer you to a place that does. Excellent customer service and definitely would return!

Tee Dee

The prime rib sandwich with extra meat, horseradish sauce and the dip - words can't describe... just buy one... and eat it :)

Miss Peeved

Market has quite a lot of stuff. Liked the layout and product range . We were served by Terri K. at the checkout. She was sullen and barely spoke to us at all. I might as well have dealt with a robot.

Ian Dumych

Go to QFC for the same dang food with less snob and cost

kalpak maniar

Excellent fruit quality

Sean Maxwell

Get rid of the panhandling


Friendly staff extremely helpful,and before you go,go and treat yourself to the Cookie,a met market exclusive,baked fresh daily. And a great selection of products,lots of local items,and no card to use for the sale price,and one last thing a very nice wine selection.

Karen Wong

Delicious selection of eat in food items. Some prepared to order, already boxed items and serve yourself by the pound. Large dessert section too. Seating in store to enjoy your meal.

Alixson Bell

Great specialty food store. I will go there specifically for their shaved parmesan. Had amazing strawberries even in the off season.

Dustin Pearson

Horrible cold sandwich selection. I feel like I have to take apart the sandwich and put it back together every time.

Christine Elzey

Overall, I really like met market. Yes it's expensive, but I don't go there for staples. I go for prepped foods that I'm not going to make at my house, or which would cost as much or more if I went out for dinner. The cookie... Meh. It's good but to be honest it reminds me of all the fuss about the Neiman Marcus cookie. Yawn. The one thing I always think of tho, is that a million years ago, this was a Larry's Market. And i loved their giant walk in drink cooler. The first week met showed up, i went into that cooler and figured out it was no longer open to customers when an employee was shocked we would even consider entering an employees only area. The horror! So, no more awesome walk in cooler on hot days. But, tasty prepared foods! I guess all good things do come to an end.

Petrichor Pluviophile

I shop here nearly every day as it is the best grocery store in my proximity. They have some of the freshest produce and all of their departments are first class. The reason for the three stars is because they have some of the rudest cashiers. Every single day the same attitude. The worst offender is an older lady with glasses named Sue Yarkosky. She'll even throw money or groceries at you. But it doesn't matter which cashier, they're all sour. I put up with it and will continue to shop there because it is the best grocery store around. It's worth the abuse. It would be perfect if only they hired some nice people.

Tom Perigo

My favorite stop for consistently high quality produce. I tend to go elsewhere for staple long shelf life items to save money but when I need fresh ingredients for tonight's meal this is an invaluable stop.

Fievel Kilbride

Solid plant selection in the floral department. Skip the fresh flowers, overpriced and wilting.. potted succulents at or above value.

K Coghlan

Always nice people working there. Great selection, and amazing fruits on special.

Meghan Passovoy

I love this store. The selections are amazing, the baked goods are delicious. It's hard not to spend a lot in this store since I want it all!

Mark Pruitt

A good store for hard to find items and high quality meat and cheese. The prepared foods are often an excellen alternative to cooking. The deli meats are common and half the price a block away outside of some very special cured offerings. A bit heavy on the attitude for retail clerks.

Thomas Preston

My favorite store!

Michael Taylor

Love that place. First time there tonight.

brian andersen

I go to the MM in Queen Anne for all food items. MM is by far the greatest grocery store ever constructed. It is truly mind-blowing how fantastic all of their selections are, especially for seasonal fruit. No other store compares to the quality of food they provide, well worth the high price to shop there. Their "Go Nutty" cashews, "The Cookie," and their Honeybear Honeycrisp apples are simply perfection.

Lucie Marešová

Unbelievable market! The first day in the Seattle and I was just excited. Fresh food, large selection and perfect service.

Nicole Johnson

Love this store! You can find pretty much anything you need here. Fresh produce and great meat and fish too.

Olga Barkaleva

I was usual buyer over here for months (1-3 times per week with bill 40$+), but yesterday cashier told me, that I bring to the store more paperwork then money. I guess that was merry Christmas present from staff.

Andrew Gemkow

Everything great if you care about ingredient quality.


Loved this place! Super clean, bright, great design, lots to choose from for all your grocery needs. Even a nice gift shop with home goods. Really great supermarket with great staff. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Excellent selection of organic, natural, gluten free, and food bars, deli, soups. If you're hungry, great place to grab a meal. There's a Poke Bar, Salad Bar, Soup Bar, Hot Food Bar, as well as prepared sandwiches and ready to eat deli items. Two choices of places to sit and eat. Great location with easy access from bus, walking, driving- free parking!

Andrew Blackham

I've heard everyone describe Metropolitan Market this way. "I love this grocery store. I don't know why, the food is ridiculously expensive and it feels like such a splurge, but I still enjoy coming here."

John Przeclawski

Love this place. So many choices, so much selection and open 24 hours to boot. The apple pie is awesome, not too sweer with lots of apples. Crust is great.

Patricia Taran

So darn expensive!! Not worth it. No Kosher chicken...... and will not carry it. Seems unusual but then they don't like the Jewish population for sure. Telling me to drive a half hour to find it in QFC isn't really helpful since I live close to this store. Disappointing and not accommodating!

Cory Oviatt

Literary am going to move down the street from this place it has such top shelf everything. Lol No, seriously. Great deli, great salad bar, great Poke bar great soup... what's not to love? The floor plan is spacious and well designed. Seafood is fresh and top notch. And talk about produce, organics you name it they have it. Also great seating and close to Seattle Center. Top notch guys, really

Edward Ledger

Upscale groceries and deli. Very nice grocery store.

Gus Levy

Friendly staff, fast service, quality foods, great deli.


Another conveniently placed shopping market on the mercer street. It has its own parking for the customers, so you can shop in peace. Well there is also a QFC outlet right next to it. The one thing that stands out is the collection of food they offer. There is a selection of gourmet food just enough to stir the foodie in you.

Phillip Haack

Best Cheese Mongers in the biz

Nicolás Fabián Troyanovich

Been there to buy dinner. A lot of options for cooked meals. Nice variety of beer and cheese. Not too much juice options.

evil maniac

Whenever I feel I haven't been ignored enough, I come here. The staff have a great way of making you feel unimportant. They don't even respond when you thank them unless they have a snarky comment to say.

David Highley

Best grocery stores in our area.

Taylor Dunn

Just moved out of state and am desperately missing Met Market. Amazing selection of meat and cheeses. A great hot food bar. Huge beer and wine selection. If you are new to the area or visiting and need a place to shop, nothing beats Met Market!

Rachel Hungerford

Love Metropolitan Market! They have the cutest (though a bit pricey) plants - here's one that they put into a pot for me and dressed up with tissue and moss. They have great housewares and gifts plus a fantastic cheese selection.

Daniel Snoozy

Spacious, vibrant, and ample selection of foods, beverages, and organic household supplies.

Mike Pendergraft

Very nice and quaint grocery store with good selection of produce as well as cooked items.

Chauncey Williamson

Better products better quality better market, I absolutely love this place and what they provide. ❤️❤️

Sasha Joseph

On the expensive side, but always a great experience. Fantastic service, quality produce

Adrian Galvan

I've lived in Seattle surroundings for 12 yrs. Never have I heard of this place. You guys spoil me now

AE Shepherd

Convenient, great selection, fast courteous check out.

Laura DeLorenzo

Thank you for maintaining impeccable premises! I love shopping at your market for everything from peanut butter and jelly sandwich to general groceries. Keep up the great work!

Carrie Stuart

This store has a great selection, amazing fresh soups and salad bar but their best asset is their staff. Everyone I've dealt with has been friendly, helpful and pleasant.

Steve Edberg

Food is tasty but Met, after three days to finally meet with the deli manager, cancelled our sandwich tray order the next day, the day before our event, because the chef was too busy!

Kyle Kingsley

Very rude, older female employee. Credit card machine wasn’t working, so I asked if I needed to use “the chip or swipe my card”. Used the chip for the 3rd time and it finally worked. Woman told me to “be more assertive”.

Lois Patterson

Love the variety and quality here. Also a great place to get a quick dinner.

Heidi Fish

Best meat dept around. Helpful staff, looks amazing and very clean.

Peter Schulte

When we need an upscale grocery store experience we go here. For instance, they have types of cheese that you won't find in mainstream stores. Sometimes we treat ourselves to dinner or breakfast in the deli. Prime rib is our favorite. The deep fried cod is also excellent. There is a great selection of breakfast food. These are all pricey, but worth it. My wife goes regularly for the salad bar, which is far superior to any I've seen. Try the cioppino! They also have poke. There is a pleasant dining area alo0ng the front window and a larger dining area open as needed. The restrooms each accommodate only one person at a time and are clean. Most weeks we will purchase a couple of gourmet desserts and when we have a special occasion, this is where we buy a celebration cake, whether birthday, anniversary or whatever. We keep going back for the gourmet desserts, sharing one between the two of us. It's quality over quantify, perfect for sedentary folks watching their weight and preventing diabetes. Check out is quick! Service is friendly. Oh yes, there are frequently some good samples being distributed. Their Queen Anne Blend coffee is delicious and they serve espresso drinks as well. OMG the selection of cut flowers is wonderful. For my birthday this year, I requested and was given a glorious peach colored orchid plant which continues to thrive. Coupons come in the mail and we use them. Our favorite is a BOGO deal on PRIME GRADE NEW YORK STEAKS!! Sometimes the coupon is for a free piece of merchandise, such as a bag of gourmet cookies or crackers or a pound of locally grown cherries, when you buy anything else. It's fun to shop the kitchen gadget department. We've bought quite a few cool items there over the years, whether functional such as a set of measuring spoons or decorative such as place mats. It's a big department stocked with upscale, designer merchandise. the Metropolitan Market in West Seattle is a lot smaller. Last time I was there, there was no deli. With the Uptown Metro Market, we're spoiled and we love it!

Des Lee

Just passing through, but the asian meatballs and the mushroom soup at the deli were awesome! (Chicken was pretty dry though, but it was late in the day when I stopped in)


Supermarket with large selection of different foods to choose from. They also have a liquor wine section. Great place to buy items you need.

Chuck Nordhoff

Staff person in the wine department had only a sketchy knowledge of the stock on hand and wine in general. Wine selection was more limited than, say, QFC or Whole Foods.

Dana Bright

It's store . not much to say really . it's right in the middle of the (Mercer mess) . I had take a star off for that . yes. location does matter .so,don't forget your aspirin. The traffic is bad 24/7 . oh yes this is a "independent" grocery store. So its "special" however, it is Not . there's 4 other grocery stores within a 2 mile radius this being one of em. I see nothing very impressive, or any difference than the others . the prices are way too high for the hassle , hit or miss with the customer service some of em are nice, friendly and fun to chat with and others ignore you and pretend they don't see you so they don't have to help . that about wraps it up I suddenly feel violently ill . "oh no!" "is that metro market bread."

Banks Laurao

Our go to store at our neighborhood. The store practically has all the basics I would need in out household... great selection for more than I expected. Located at a very convenient location where I can walk down from my apt. BEST OF ALL... very nice owners. They truly value their customers that they remember you by name. Owners are also polite, helpful & very friendly.

Fred Klikitat

Love most of the daily sandwich specials.

James Hebdon

I love this store. Friendly staff, great parking, quality product and they make really good food on site. The only draw back (and it's a big one, almost gave three stars instead of four) is that they are very, very expensive, and just went through another round of price hikes. Unfortunately, I can really only justify it on special occasions now. Enjoy their quality product but watch what you add to your basket. It adds up fast!

Frederick Garrett

Good not perfect

Miky Marz

Good place for pick groceries and cut flowers too!!!

S.A Karim Dosso

Wonderful staff and food .

Nicole Leal

Love this store. My only qualm is the salt content on the poke. It’s so salty! Second time trying, crazy salty. Thank you for everything else you provide. Those cookies are my nemesis. I could eat one everyday they are so stupid delicious.


To begin with I really like this store chain, they have great food have eaten there for years. I always feel they put a lot of effort to make great food. But I went in there and saw a person stirring and fluffing the salad bar and there was some salad on the countertop he picks it up with bare hands and throws it back into the salad bin WOW!!!! I couldn't believe it he just look at me like it was nothing. The salad bar was always my go to food but if this person is doing this in front of the public what the hell is going on behind the doors. I will keep going for hot food but no more salad bar.

Suzi Spinner

I love this place. Their cheese department is lovely Seafood is so fresh, produce department is well stocked and beautiful looking veggies. Great selection on wine. Best of all customer service is over the top. Although there are a handful of Metropolitan Markets scattered around the county this one is by far the best store to shop at.

Archie Pieplow

It was like the management team had the day off. Shelves were poorly stocked. Men's room lock not working. Turkey gravy instead of brown gravy for the poutine. Not the usual Metropolitan experience!

Vasily Rassokhin

Very clean and nice staff. Wide selection although at a premium price. Also has an extensive kitchen corner where I bought a ton of nice basic kitchen things for my new apartment. Also recommend their per weight buffet, it's pretty delicious.

Brian Starr

This is a great market and I’m happy to have one close to my work. The downside is the price :/ The orchids here are very high quality and they last quite awhile. You can definitely tell they come from a quality grow house as the leaves are very healthy! The staff is very professional and friendly, it seems like a good company to work for. I hate that I love it, but the cookie bar is always so tempting...

Me, Myself And I

Great produce, good sales, and fantastic staff!!!

Daniel Maisel

Fantastic! Wish this market was in Southern California.

Matt Evans

Amazingly friendly and helpful staff. Awesome produce, seafood, and meat selections. High-end organic options but also name brand staples available. Great hot and prepared food selection. Prices on the high side but open 24hrs.

Andy Galbraith

One of my favorite spots for higher end grocery options- especially for cheese selection, prepared foods, flower bouquets and specialty items. Free parking in the underground garage.

Cheryl Lim

Gourmet food market with fantastic selection! Includes ready-to-eat salad bar, hot meals and the highlight in our opinion - a mini poke bowl bar!

William Crimbring

Purchased breakfast and lunch today. Salad bar is tops. Organic would make it great, though.

Anna Ferris

Love the sandwiches at the deli. Last night we tried one of the box diners (shrimp and andouilli sausage. It was easy to prepare less than 30 minutes and taste great

Cynthia Maggard

Omg if you’re from out of town, you have to experience this place. If you’re local, aren’t you lucky?

Kathy Knorr

Love it!! Fresh, unique and great selections

Jed Kelly

Friendly and helpful staff.

Debbie Girard

Love love this market! They have everything, including stuff I never heard of! And it's just a fun place to cruise the aisles and pick up stuff that you wouldn't normal buy (I think that's their plan and it works!). Everyone who works there is always smiling, always asking if you need help, and they even escort you to the right aisle. What service, right?

salih karagoz

Very expensive overrated place. I used to visit this place daily. When I bought prepared watermelon or similar fruits, I noticed piece of plastic inside the cup, I think they are not careful enough when preparing the fruits. Plus their restrooms are terrible, you can get sick there. Last time I went to restroom there, I saw bloody paper in the garbage, it was disgusting and risky. Metropolitan grocery has to make sure it’s always safe for people. Finally, everything is very pricy but not necessarily high quality.

Emerald City

Best place for groceries around. Incredible employee organization and always impeccable premises. Everything is always in order and staff are always on the lookout for long lines, which they are quick to remedy. Thank you Mike because you are doing an amazing job, a general at all levels, always at the font line with his staff.

Jan Ciganik

Awesome food, good customer service. A lil but pricey but it's worth it for the quality food

Helen Ell Tran

I like the poke here and coffee. They have a huge selection of food. Parking is 2 hours free. They also have a good breakfast bar.

Wayne Murphy

Best quality market in town!

S M McGladrey

I love my neighborhood store

Codie Eaggleston

Very poor staff attitudes.

Justin Parus

Way too easy to buy more than you planned on. So many unique items: a food lover's dream.

Chrome Book

Impressive and extensive. Like a large deli and butcher that has transformed into a high definition specialty grocer. Products are foreign and exotic, and there's a sense that the world's treats are suddenly at your fingertips. Instead of appealing to the rustic and/or a healthy minded customer, the motif is more modern and tantalizing .

Rob Woelich

I was staying in a nearby hotel and was trying to put together a last minute gift basket for my wife's birthday. The floral department not only put together a nice basket, the manager personally delivered it because their delivery service had already gone out for the day. They went out of their way to help me out. Much appreciated. Five stars!

Jose Correia

Great food choices, great selections of quality groceries, delicious buffet.

Felicia McDonald

Got some gelato there. It was delicious

Michelle Anderson

As much as I love this store and location it's way overpriced! I would never do my regular grocery shopping here. I usually just go for a few specific things that I love such as their in house soups and sandwiches.

William Nelson

Great selection of quality food, beauty, and health products. Quite a popular place with locals during lunch.

Sean Cohen

Best deli of any grocery store.

Dale Nehler

Very good selection of high end staples & condiments, wines, and produce. All very good but one should be forewarned - those on a strict budget need not apply

Alex Petrov

I'm regular customer and so far my experience is great. Nice selection of quality products. Some prices maybe a bit higher but at least I know what I'm paying for.

Julia J

My favorite shopping place.

Steven Levy

Great produce and cheeses. Very friendly.

Mike Carter

They should call it Whole foods but way better. Sad we discovered this place with only two days left on our trip.

Karen Parker

Nice people, who are very helpful and polite. Produce department and meat department is superb. Prices are very fair.

Abe A

This review is for the bakery cookies. BIG tasty cookies

Andrew Tippey

Nice little market in Queen Anne. Not cheap.

Nancy Fischer

Great grocery store.

Erica Spain

The cashiers seem to have died inside. The stock people on the floor, if you can find them, are as helpful as a hemorrhoid. Yet, I still go here because I like their to go and the bakery.

Fayee Borst

Love shopping here


I really like this market but the prices are high on many items. Where they excel is the local fresh fruits in season. They have the best pears and peaches. They also have a solid hot food section but it can be a miss depending on the day of the week and your tastes. The employees are friendly and very competent. I stop there when I'm near because it's better than the QFC for sure.

Herlecia Brown

Whatever you want or need is available at Met Market. Prices aren't the cheapest but quality and the friendly staff is worth it!

Nicholas Kullman

If you can get over the prices, there's no reason not to like Metropolitan Market. They're always staffed with the nicest and most helpful folks. And they're never understaffed. It's really pleasant to go in even during the busiest hours. They have a nice poke bowl bar, salad bar, pre-made meal options, hot food, soup, cookies, a good butcher, nice cheese and beer selections, pretty produce. These guys do a good job.

Ludel Macklin

On the Dizzle!fully operational!

Dale Eagar

As I expected. Decent service and fresh food items available. Since the service was what I have come to expect, the rating reflects this.

R. C. Stanley

WiFi, Dining area...Etc.BUT their campaign to eradicate homeless people means they harass everybody. For example you're not allowed to plug in laptops/cell phones even though the receptacles are there.

Ronald L

Great service, very friendly. Good quality coffee.

Tiffany Chou

This might be a place I go to more often in the future! I had never gone inside, although I had walked by before. I usually go to the QFC down the street, but the Metropolitan Market seems much bigger with more of a selection of items. Prices were not unreasonable at all -- for some things, they were cheaper than QFC! There's also parking on the lot. I'd definitely recommend checking it out.

Paulina Heyl

I don't recommend shopping at this place because almost everything they sell here is so expensive.

Georgi Stoyanov

I'm there every day 100% satisfied

Warren L

Good quality but over priced. Lots of problems with people shoplifting in the morning hours.

Tilton Trent

Staff is friendly and anything you could want from a grocery store

Anum Ilyas

My go to place for good local organic produce. Their meat selection is amazing and always improving. Open 24 hours! What's better than that. One secret which we found out not too long ago in their COOKIE!!! I love desserts and they sell the best cookie in town. I specially go sometimes just to get one cookie. They serve it warm so it's irresistible.

Joe Padilla

The staff is amazingly helpful (and knowledgeable)

Debbie Sellers

Love this store. Everything is fresh and pretty to look at.

Sharalyn Staricka

Great people, high quality offerings! I love this place!

Renee Blayden

As a school bus driver who is out and about all the time and doesn’t always want to bring a lunch or needs to use the restroom this is our go to place! Lots of different meal options for everyone who is in town for the day from our district! If I bring my lunch I always will purchase The Cookie as a treat and so that I can use the restroom as a paying customer! The cookie is so good and fresh! I love their soups, their selection of cheese, already made deli foods, desserts, and salad items are pretty large in my opinion and they do have things I’ve never seen at other grocery stores before! Thanks for letting us bus drivers hang out at your store to eat and use the bathroom

Lu Zeng

Posh grocery store with occasional good deals. A good place to browse while you wait for the 2/13/29 uphill.

MJ Legaspi

Great organic grocery store! Very helpful employees and great aroma of delicious foods!

Chip Lawton

One of the best grocery stores I've ever been in.

Gabriel Cash

Love this market, bustling and alive. I remember when it was Larry's Market back in the day!

Andrae Jones

The deli food is good, plenty of good healthy options. The store workers are helpful.

Patty Yoang

Outstanding and experienced staff, beautiful, clean environment. Design and layout is very good and impressive. The quality of the products is very good but the prices are a bit expensive.

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