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216 Maple Ave, Snohomish, WA 98290, United States

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REVIEWS OF Kelso Kustom Meats IN Washington

mario stephens

The best service I've experienced at a butcher.

Rob Davis

Very good at what they do

Michael Villanueva

Anthony Monaco

Bruce Crist

Where to go when you want the best!

Flip Wood

Great housemade sausages! The lamb bratwurst with rosemary and garlic is out if this world, and the jalapeno cheddar's not far behind.

Neil Mullin

Unlike the Ass who complains about his steaks not being 1 1/2" thick I think Kelso's is great. It is nice to go to a local butcher and know you are getting High quality meat that hasn't been died red for color or injected with anti-biotics and preservatives. Go get your 1 1/2" artery clogging waiting for a grabber steaks somewhere else you hill-jack.

Kristy Klaus

Kristen Janonis

Hannah Hinckley

Corrie Hayes

Kelso's is the best! Each year they cut & wrap our home grown pork and beef. They've not failed us yet! You'll love them :)

Kyle Linrud

The employees there are really nice, friendly and do their ABSOLUTE best to take care of the needs you have when it comes to meat, they also have VERY reasonable prices which is great when you're on a budget. I may have only been there once but it is where I will continue to go for all my meat needs.

Jiri Janecek

Great stuff. Good selection.

Seth Frolich

Charlie Preston

Christopher Hooper

Shelby Moan

Heard great thing about Kelsos. Had them butcher a pig a bit over 170lb hanging weight. We had mentioned it was out first time doing this. We received 9lbs of bacon. Didn't seem right to me so I called and asked and they said it was better than normal. I did not like the cure... At all. It was to heavy and salty and made the fat chewy (all my other incurred cuts was not chewy which made me believe it was the cure and not the pig itself). I understand that people have different tastes and some may like that heavy salty cure... Which is totally fine. The reason for the 1 star review is due to the fact we had another company butcher out the next pig. The cure is melt in your mouth delicious, the biggest problem I have is the hanging weight of this last pig was only a 4 lbs heavier than the one I went to kelsos. I got 18lbs of bacon. So either Kelsos has no idea what they're doing to butcher out a pig or theyre skimming. Either way I do not recommend this place to anyone as a butcher. If you like their flavors stick to purchasing from the store front. Don't send your home grown animals there to be processed.

Shelby Jo Kimzey

These are the best people with the very best service and quality of product around. it is wonderful to go there and get the service and perfected food around. Great people, great food, great service.

Alysha Lantz

Helpful staff and good selection.

Scott Stone

great prices and selection, plus pig ears for dogs :)

Nayab Khan

Andrey Severtokov

Kim Jones

Great steaks! Every cut of meat has been excellent. A must try would be the homemade potato salad which is made by grandma with her own recipe! Can't beat that!

Matt Uplinger

Runnbaer Smitty

Smitty good food and friends

Dino F

Kelso Meats is definitely the only place I will be buying meat from now on. The quality is top notch and always fresh. Their smoked and cured meat selection is awesome especially the Beef Jerkey! Prices area reasonable too. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They don't carry lamb but with such low demand it is understandable. Super convenient parking.


Derek Marks

Diesel Johnson

Much like Ron Swanson I am under the belief that any store selling only meat and no vegetables is doing Gods work. Bravo, Ribeye was awesome!

beth hepp

Great tasting meat. Ruined by rude staff. What happened to customer is always right.

Josh Gover

Best stakes around

Ethan Merritt

Neil Kienzle

charles jarman II

Kimberly Jennings

Lauryn Schuldt

Amazing staff, very friendly and knowledgeable. Amazing cuts of meat and prices are fair. Definitely will be back

John Frey

This is the friendliest place to shop, very high quality meats. They also do a amazing job with their Jerky, and pepperoni products.

LauRae DiVito Mulanax

Kimmy Rutledge

Tyree Williams

A Storm

Lucy Kelso

Cameron Tucker

Best jerky is screamin!

mike stevens

Great steaks

Leta Chavez

Love this place clean friendly tasty food

Isaiah Stephens

Great! Awesome customer service

Jim Hayes

So worth the trip from Stanwood ! Awesome all around !

june Whitney

These guys/ girl are Soo nice and helpful

Matthew Gordon


Alex Putman

This place truly lives up to the idea "find your local butcher". A truly friendly atmosphere, offering quality meat and reasonable prices. I always love my interactions with the very knowledgeable staff and have confidence that they are always giving me the hookup and the best stuff.

Tiffany Dolin

Staff was rude

Tony J

Fantastic as always.

Katie Jean Britten

Amazing meat, amazing staff...all around an amazing local shop. We love Kelso Meats!

Denise Gibson-Smith

Mike Bustad

First time there I was very impressed with the young man who helped me. He liked my tattoo's LOL but seriously I will be going back. I also got better prices than the other shop I go to. Now I need to cook my steak and do the ribs

shawn the don

Lydia Tompkins

Dwight Podoll

The best.

Allison Grindley

We bought some nice New York steaks and they were the best steaks we have ever eaten! Juicy and tender! Will always go to Kelso's for our meat!

Dave Hautajarvi

Kelso's is the best butcher shop in Snohomish! I just picked up some smoked pig ears for the pups and some big meaty ribs for us, to start spring off right!

P Naveen

I bought fresh chicken here multiple times so far I and I never had a bad experience so far so I would definitely recommend this place. Only thing is lit expensive but it’s worth to buy

Jim Lee

Great place to get meat with no hormones, steroids or antibiotics added. Good selection too....Old fashioned butcher market with really nice owners & staff.

Garry Kroshko

By far the best butcher shop in Washington, customer service is second to none and prices are unbeatable. Super friendly atmosphere and have any cut of meat you can think of. Been here once a week for a long time, don’t waste money at can taste and even smell the difference in quality when you buy from here!

James Cooper


Liz Mayer

Very helpful and friendly

Paul Moore

Please update your hours!!! Great place to pick up high quality meets. I used to frequent this place regularly, however, I recently moved out of the area and drove over 45 miniutes to kelso's kustom meats on a Saturday just to find the place closed with a sticky note on the door with thier updated hours. Hours got updated quickly so back to four stars thanks kelso!!

William Wrentmore

Great service and selection. Always a pleasure doing business with Kelso.

Dick Nite

Did a great job cutting & wrapping the cow we bought. Good price.


Great meat, great people

Sam Mize

I explicitly ordered uncured pork belly, because I was planning to make lots of chashu. However, probably due to exclusive use of paper order sheets half-assedly filled out over the phone, I will be receiving a lot of bacon instead. I'm sure it will be good bacon, as bacon goes, but I don't really like to eat bacon. And it calls into question the "Kustom" part of the name. Why bother asking what customers want, if it's irrelevant to the process? To customers, I recommend watching the order get written on the order sheet in person, to be sure they're really listening. To KKM, I would recommend updating the order sheets to more explicitly include all the available options and allowing customers to submit them online.

Courtney Zesbaugh

Caroline Baertsch

One of the greatest joys of living in Snohomish. Kelso meats has the best meat around. Fair prices, clean eating and always there to take care of their customers. Excellent meat, excellent service, it is businesses like this that keep people living in Snohomish. We are blessed to have them in our town.

Kelly Jacobs

Old fashioned hometown butcher! Great people, great meats!

Lisa Nicole Harrison

Been taking pigs for butchering here for years. Great people, great service, & great cuts!! No complaints whatsoever! Jeff Amos

Diana Eng

I bring my lambs here for processing every year!

adam bihary

Laura Nadeau

They have great customer service. They sell all kinds of meat at the store front and BBQ sauces, rubs etc. They are quick and efficient!

Daniel Davis

Greatest butcher I have found in a long time! I highly recommend you travel here to get your Meats. Excellent quality & great flavor

Sandra Hampton

Great service and very nice staff. I loved the meat we bought and will be going back.

Kevin Olson

Love this place been going here for years. The service is friendly and they'll do any custom cuts for ya. Family owned professional meat shop, I don't go to chain stores to buy my meat I go here. Pat, Kathy, and all the gang will always treat ya right!

Fritz Buehler

Love this place

Gay Schwarzmiller

Carri York

Our impatience got the best of us. 1. I specifically requested Rib roasts but got rib eye steaks. 2. When I opened a package of T bones they didn't even look like T bones. In fact one didn't even have a bone in it and they weren't comparable in size. 3. The ground beef was very fatty. 1lb of burger gave me almost a 1/4 cup grease. So disappointing. 4. The wrapping and descriptions of beef were so generic I had to call to ask what cuts they were. My Husband prides himself of raising extremely good beef. So we were very disappointed in the handling, cutting preparing our beef. Wont go there agsin. We will stick with driving to Savana Meats. They are precise. Wrapped well. Equal sized steaks per pack and wonderfully lean Red ground beef.

Kenny Whitman

Excellent service every time I visit

Gene Lawing

Love this place! Friendly great cuts.

Should I Tellu

Meats are always delicious, nice variety. They are very sweet, helpful and welcoming here.

Tanner J

Love it, just started carnivore diet and this will be the place where I get my meat from now on. Raw milk is just down the street at health spot. It works out perfectly. Everyone is super friendly.

Shelby Minor

Robert Laird

I bought some pork baby back ribs yesterday but them on the BBQ and ate them last night. They were the best ribs I have ever had. Not just meaty but not the fat you usually get at the store. I can't wait for the steaks I bought for tonight.

John Smith

This is truly a 5 star butcher, or "meat* store. You do pay more, but you get true quality cuts of meat, and other items made on the premises. They have pepperoni sticks, jerky, sausages, all sorts of prepackaged cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and more. They have fresh cuts in the meat case. They have some other items like frozen pre-prpared twice backed potatoes, fresh brown eggs, and more. They make their own lunch meat, and it is outstanding! I've been using this store for a couple of years now, and I've never been disappointed. This is one of the three best "American" custom meat shops that I visit. The others are Silvano Meats in Silvana and Del Fox Meats in Stanwood. There is another Mexican Carneceria (meat store) called Mercado Garcia in Everett that had outstanding Mexican style cuts of meat. These 4 stores are the best in Snohomish County, and I've tried others.

Michael Heiberg

Wow....the pig and beef products are really good. Can not go wrong here.

Megan Lockhart

Love this place!

Brendan Watkins

Cathy Marshall

Always great....

Bryan McLean

Kelso Kustom is the best. Meat selection is always great, and they usually have some great cuts that aren't in the case. You can find things here that you don't see in a grocer meat case, like my favorite, the pork steaks. The dudes who work there are always super nice. It's not a fancy place, but if you want a good, fresh cut of meat, there are no better places in town.

Sean O'Neill

Finally made it up here on a day they were open. Got some delicious landjaeger, and a lemon pepper garlic marinaded tritip that we cooked up for dinner. +1, would nom again! Edit to add, the cheese dogs (which were actually brats) were amazing. Wish we'd bought more of them. Will be back for sure.

Mark Anderson

Nice folks, good selection, and fine quality meat, including sausages, meat loaves, etc. Prices are competitive . A fun place to visit.

Darin Mcnary

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