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REVIEWS OF Double T Meats IN Washington

Chris Bucher

The pepperoni and the beef jerky is great. I haven't had anything here that I didn't like!

Tinker Tom

Great butcher shop.

Darren Zachary

Best pepperoni and beef jerky ever won't go anywhere else and really nice cuts of meat

Boss 420

This place is the best! Can't get enough pepperoni sticks and jerky sooooo yummmmy! Best i have had very good!! Excellent customer service! Thanks

dawn Rogers

Kelley Rose

Love the sausage and hot wings great customer service also

Terrence Batts


Angel Mero

Ever since I discovered this place, I have bought my meats ONLY here! Great service, great meats for a great price. Very great. Great great. Great. ;P I'm going to be sad if I ever move away from this area. I'll be making a several hour trip to get here :(

Alvin Sharpe

Peter Lowe

Great meats, both plain and prepared. Small town service with decades of experience.

Michael Ratigan

Dora Duke

Love this butcher shop! Great prices!

Jim Bengel

TNT meats they're awesome

Pagan S

Great cuts of meat, friendly service, and the pepperoni is delicious.

Geoff Lamb

Timothy Daniel

Great meats

Jennifer Fleming

Great service and delicious meat!!

R Brymer

Shawna Hodges

Double T processed our pigs this year...we haven't had time to taste everything yet, but what we've tasted so far is wonderful. The bacon & sausage are exceptional. Can't wait to try a ham! Clean store, nice variety, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff.

Geri Seyler

Jim Bieker

Ordered a 14 pound prime rib for Christmas. It was excellent!

dee logan

Great cuts of meat and a big selection of all. The cheese n sandwich meats are yummy and I always grab a dill pickle to snack on the ride home. My favorite is the smoked horseradish cheese and the prices arnt bad either. Fast, friendly service!!

Kathleen Melville

Most knowledgible folks around and can always tell you how to cook any of their products

Ron Harrison

It's like Disneyland for foodies.

Colleen Harrington

jeff mathews

Teresa Scott

Great variety and always friendly service!

joleen baldauf

They a big selection, good prices and wonderful customer service!!

Chad Gemmell

Mark Quirie

Michelle M Chappell

Always excellent products at a great price! The smoked chicken salad is the absolute best ever and the cheeses are delicious....really everything is fantastic and high quality.

Rob 0 N

The best meat around!!!

Ed Creson

I love this place. Great food and great service and great prices

Philip Williams

Just a heads up if you order to much meat double t meats will tell you no. Me and 31 coworkers in the shipyard got together and threw money in for a bunch of meat. I called and put the order in last week on Wednesday and called Thursday to check status because I needed it Thursday evening for friday morning. They told me at 5 PM and hour before close that they hadn't even started my order and spent the hole day wrapping beef and bacon. Ok so I canceled and called it in again this week. At 11:30 today and was told no that they didnt want to pay for a staff member to fill my order. Awesome double t meats. There stuff is pretty good but God forbid if you order to much

LaDawn Rau

These guys do a great job for a fair price. We bring our animals here every year to be butchered and always pick up some pepperoni while we are there

Aric Barrett

Best pepperoni ever

Donna Wright

Excellent !!!!!

Marcus O'Crotty

Really good meats nice people. Check it out!

Gregory. Forfreedom

I have been buying my meat here for a couple of years now. The folks at Double T meats are very pleasant to deal with and the store is always very clean and organized. The meat they sell is of the best quality, and the prices are fair. I regularly recommend this shop to those I meet & know in the area. Stop in the next time your driving through Eatonville and grab some of the best pepperoni you've aver tasted!

Cheryl Strobel

Andrea Aksamit

Fabulous place. Great help!!

Christopher Austin

Good stuff here, I especially love the smoked pork chops.

Elinda Anderson

Delicious teriyaki jerky and pepperoni. Haven’t tried prime rib or cubed steak I bought but the meat looks very good.

Tara-Marie Buckley

The only recommendation I can give is to NOT USE this butcher! We had to wait over 4 months for at least 3 additional people to buy into the cow (we were the first ones to buy in at a cost of almost $400 to us) and this butcher didn't even wait 24 hours to cut up the cow, and let us know what they decided we were getting (what cuts) even though we had already decided what we wanted and had called! The cuts were NOTHING like what was asked for & is not giving us any choices at all! They are giving us ALL the junk cuts (hamburger, soup bones, chuck). Also when the butcher was reminded that HE was told that my husband needed to talk to me & would get back to him he was RUDE on the phone & told my husband to take it or leave it but it wasn't fair to make the other people have to wait! Ummmm we already had to wait on them & they could have waited 1 day for us to get OUR order in! DO NOT use this shop! They are running a scam! We have to pay out another $150 for meat that is not even up to snuff (or let him sell it & we are out $400 to the grower PLUS not having ANY meat at all) or let this thief sell it to some one else & STILL profit! GO ELSE WHERE! DO NOT buy from them!!

Luke Osterhaus

These guys know what they're doing! Hi quality local meats, integrity and skill. They make an incredible jalapeno/cheddar summer sausage.

Michael Broaten

Great meat great people great price

Zackary Lord


MIlly Sand-Rauch

Best butcher shop around. ❤

Tina Young

Great experience thank you for your suggestions and help

Ralph Bjornson

in December 2018 i had 2 young cows brought in to be cut and wrapped , i raised these cows from babies on great pasture all summer , in the winter i feed them great hay , grain , apples and carrots . they were never stressed and very healthy and only 2 years old . Double T meats called when the meat was ready , when i picked up the meat the person whom brought out the meat said WE DO NOT SWITCH MEAT , I NEVER ASKED HER if they did . when i got home and tried some T-BONE steak , the meat was real tough to cut and or chew , the flavor was not good like home grown beef should be . i took a package of steaks back to double T for them to tell me why this meat is so bad . the comment from them was to use a meat tenderiser and soak the meat in marinade , they added WE DO NOT SWITCH MEAT . this company was recommended to me for good work . i am very disappointed in results of this company . some body switched my beef in that company and i plan to share this with a lot of people . very upset customer

Katie Chapman

Darlene Yockey

They are great at Double T Meats, the gentleman I worked with showed me some great dog treats.

Thomas Rapisardi

We drive from Tacoma to come here for our meats. We get the meat pack. Meats are excellent and price is right. Plus it gets us out of the city.

Kathy Atkins

Great service, reasonable prices for good meat...

Mike Carpenter

Great service, good people, delicious meat and sauces.

Shawna Day

Great service. My husband loves their pepperoni and teriyaki stickes. Always fresh meat.

Steven Kelly

Love this place, I moved up north and still drive to Eatonville for my meat.

April Mosley

Aleah Haugen

Lottie Dyer

Happy with Double T meats. I had them cut up are steer they did a great job.

Trial Mtn

I almost stopped at the butcher on meridian but thought to myself - I should go to the small town butcher in Eatonville. I regret that decision. I purchased some rib eyes, marinated tri tip, bacon and an array of jerky. The jerky is good and that's why I'm not giving it 1 star. The bacon was 98% fat. Literally the worst cut of bacon I have ever had. Also, thanks for that smirk you gave me when you handed me the bag like you knew you were giving me the cuts that you should have thrown in the garbage and I appreciate the customer service that was worse than talking to someone at the DOL.

Tootsie pop 521

Melanie Battle

Mark Richards

This place is top notch. Everything I have bought here was very good quality. I'm usually there twice a week. And wish it was every day. Great job Guys (and Gals )

Eve Stirwin

So good meats

Roberta Weiss

This place is Delicious! Great smoked ham hocks and prices are reasonable!

Barb lann

Great shop!

Peg Zahler

Michael Cross

I wish there was a zero stars option. I will do my best to just describe the situation and you can decide for yourself. I had a slaughter company come out and slaughter a 10 year old Holdstein cow. She was huge and the slaughter folks indicated it was the second largest they had ever done. When hoisted up it maxed out the height of the hoist. Even cut in half the front quarters still drug along the bed of the truck. It hung at 945 lbs. I have done a great deal of research now and have spoken to two other butchers and everything I can find indicates the absolute lowest percentage of hanging weight we should have received is 40% and this number is what it should have been if she "...was a milked out bag of skin and bones..." that is a quote from one butcher. The internet agrees with that low percentage limit. No one can seem to agree on the upper mark the range is from 50% to 76% depending on breed, condition, gender, age, and type of feed. Something seems to be off. I had everything ground and we received 313 lbs of ground beef. That is roughly 32% of the hanging weight. We also gave them the tail to be smoked, handed to the owner of Double T by the slaughter folks. Everyone we talked to says there is no tail. 40% of 945 = 378 lbs and remember this is for a ".....milked out bag of bones...." That was not the case with this cow. She had never been milked, never had a calf. 45% of 945 = 425 lbs 50% of 945 = 472 lbs One butcher, when given the stats said it would yield 575 lbs. When he was told we only got 313 he very loudly said, "That wasn't us, we did not do that, it wasn't us." We assured him it was not them. I have become comfortable with the fact that if you can completely lose the tail and no one knows anything then it is possible to lose more than that, say a quarter or a side and no one would notice either. According to everyone but Double T we were shorted a minimum of 65 lbs. Since this cow was extremely healthy I suspect the number is larger. The only explanation the owner of Double T could come up with is "She was fat" After saying that several times he also added "You asked for very lean ground beef so there was even more fat pulled out." He should talk to his employees because when we asked them about the fat content of the ground beef they told us it was standard 85/15 "...what we always do....". The gentleman telling us this is the man who actually ground the meat so I tend to believe him. So decide for yourself, an approximately 1500 lb cow, 945 lbs hanging weigth, only 313 lbs of meat and no tail. Is this where you want to take your beef?

Mandy Johnson

Nicest staff, one big happy family, will do anything you need to make the customer happy.

Michelle Strawn

Regina Eury

Only place to go

Saira Nayak

Stephen Johnston

T&T has the best selection of meat around. I have never bought any meat from these guys that isn't tasty. Their bacon will leave you wanting more and their customer service is amazing. If you want quality custom cuts to you can get that here as well.

Robert Allen

First of all the shop is beautifully clean and well-kept. The customer service is top-notch also due to their friendly helpful and kind suggestions. The meat is well capped well-prepared and looks beautiful. the meat is quality good tasting meet their house made bacon brats and pepperoni are killer there isn't a better butcher shop in the area if you want Quality Service good looking good tasting me and helpful people this is the place for you. on a side-note there's plenty of parking in front and on the side of the building so you can get your meat in a timely Manor.

Josie Johnston-Myasthenia Gravis

We go to Double T often and know the owners and staff. This is one of the greatest small town secrets you'll come across. They make their own pepperoni and sausages, smoked chicken and turkey bites, smoke their own cheeses, and of course have wonderful professionally butchered meats for sale. Everything we have there is top quality and the amount of work these people put in hours above and beyond. From an owner who is onsite and often putting in 14 hour days to a staff that often goes above the call of duty, this is a small business that works hard and excels.

Diane Mabbott

Absolutely love their pepperoni. Very fresh and delicious. One problem though we never have enough. Drive from Olympia. Well worth it.

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