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REVIEWS OF Crown Foods Lockers IN Washington

Teri Shaw

joanne fleming

Der B

Neal Sealock

Scott will get what you want when you want it!

David Brizius

Angelo Kiourkas

First time taking an animal to a butcher (deer) and couldn’t of done it better myself. Great customer service also.

CHRIS Ferrell

Horrible experience and unfortunately you won't know the damage they do to your meat until after you have paid and taken it home. Of course only then does it get worse over the next few months after you get to things such as your first roast or some mystery meat package. I have been hunting for about 30 years and in excess of 50 animals processed - this is the worst experience I have ever had. The cuts I ordered is not what I received. I also received parts of other peoples game meats. One package in particular was marked as Caribou and I did recognize it as such albeit gamey and tough like it was gut shot and beat to death with the closest small twigs, but what I dropped off was a whitetail deer. My deer came with some packages marked as "Bone in Roast" of which there was no bone and was the gristle meat, and tendon pieces above the knee that should have been burger and would not make an acceptable roast. I specifically told them no roast, Just the best steaks and burger. Another point to address which I brought up to them after delivering my deer, was that my 108 lb whitetail turned into 43 lbs of weighed meat. Their explanation was loss from cleaning the animal. This just after they told me my deer was the cleanest they had seen that year as I brought it out whole, skinned and wrapped on a tarp straight to delivery. From the time I pulled the trigger on a head shot instant death, to them was just under 4 hours. 2 of which was wrapped in 20 lbs of ice bags in a tarp under the canopy of my truck. To make matters worse - a new thing I had never heard of - Dropped off in November - was processed and ready for pickup in February. They informed me shortly after I dropped it off that due to the backup, they would be freezing my deer whole and thawing it for processing when time allowed. I voiced my concern to the process of freezing my deer whole after it has been hung ready for butchering and then thawing to butcher. I was assured they have been doing this for years and most customers request this method for better quality meat. I should have picked it up and taken it somewhere else. My suspicion is that the loss in weight was due to freezer burn and mishandling. Assuming it was my deer I got back, since I did get back some Caribou that was not mine and a two pound package that I am fairly certain was another persons fall bear. Also, I have had my game processed in Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Texas, Florida, Oregon, Virginia, and North Dakota - never seen the packaging or steak cutting like this before. My back-strap was butterflied open steaks, which is fine, but they left the tendon and collagen tissue attached and I have never seen anybody not fillet the tendon and collagen tissue off before. So every package I opened had really thin backstrap flaps half butterflied open and I had to spend the time cleaning it up for the skillet. That is what I paid them for. Also, Never seen anybody not put plastic wrap around the meat before - they just throw the steaks, roast, burger, whatever right on butcher paper and single wrap it. Some packages were so thin It had exposed meat at the cracks where they didn't use enough paper. And the paper is so thin that by the time they wrapped it an froze it, the blood had soaked through the paper almost see through. I am not going to say you are better off throwing your meat in the garbage, but if it comes down to you losing your meat to the garbage or taking it to them, you are rolling the dice. I do not recommend nor will I ever visit this establishment again. Good Luck if you do - you will need it.

William Szabrowicz

The way a butcher shop should be.

mike wayne

My family have been taking our game here for over 50 years and by far they make the best German sausage and there staff is the best. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Robert Schaaf

I was unhappy with my experience at Crown Foods. I was specific about how I wanted the meat processed. When I show up to pick up the meat I was told that the quantity of wild game did not allow for it to be processed the way I had requested. Therefore they change my order. If they had given me a phone call this could have all been cleared up before the meat was processed. Instead they just changed my order without asking. The staff was friendly and the final product was packaged well. However when paying a large price for processing and not getting the product you want it is very discouraging. We will not be returning to Crown foods.

Eden Craig

This place is absolutely adorable and has great prices, especially considering the quality. I got bratwursts here, fried one up and it was delicious. I can't wait to share them on fourth of July.

Robert Gisselberg

The people here were extremely nice. However, after picking up my elk after being processed I was quite disappointed with both the cut and wrap, especially for the price. The meat was not trimmed very well; the roasts had tons of gristle and were rolled with it hidden in the middle. There was quite a bit of hair on the meat, too. All of the meat was only single wrapped with butcher paper and after about a month the meat was beginning to become freezer burnt. I still had some meat from the year before that was wrapped so well it still wasn't freezer burnt. The previous year I had taken my elk to a different place, who charged 25 cents a pound less than crown, and they first wrapped the meat in plastic, then butcher paper, trimmed the meat very well, and I found no hair on the meat. Needless to say, I will be going back to the place who charged less and did a superior job, even if they are a further drive.

Mark Mace

Great homestyle service

Richard Van Sickle

Great job! Great taste! Won't go anywhere else with my deer.

Kory Heal

Great service!

Ruth -MistRio

Very polite and helpful, great price

jock crap

Lars Willey

Very helpful with order of side of beef, will seeing 2 weeks.

Ron Anson

Good place to have your dear taken in.

Shannon Brooks


Excellent customer service and great quality.

Ashley Muzatko

Colleen Beck

The best place to get great beef and pork!

Ronnie White

Michelle Witt

Excellent customer service. Family owned. The best quality meat.

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