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REVIEWS OF AA Meats, Inc IN Washington

Leandro Escobar

Interesting selection and great customer service!

Keith Pope

Tiffany Black

Jerky is amazing! I used to work here and if it weren't for me getting my "near" dream job, I still would. The people are great and are very knowegable...all you have to do is ask.

Kevin Davis

Grabbed a couple of steaks today. Omg cut them with a fork delicious !!!!!

ann marie

Best meats nom ;-)

Kaisha Merrell

Always my stop for meat!

Steven Ragland

Great choice of meats. Very polite staff.

Lori Yeager

So good. Great cuts of meat. Meat packs. Smoked meats. Mmm mmm!

Trevor Mills

Shouldn't say your open and give hours on a sunday if your doors are locked

Kevin Cox

Eric Moses

Best extra seasoned beef jerky ever. Should have a purchase limit of 2 pounds per customer though!!!! They were fresh out on football Sunday!!!

Richard Mm

Decent place for meats, both unprepared as well as cooked. Decent prices. Friendly staff. There are better "wholesale" options around, but for locally, not a bad choice.

Alex Liebentritt

Super cheap and amazing quality

Melvin Parker

Anjie Robinson

Me and my family just love AA Meats....


Jerky is awesome

Rosy Gutierrez

We've lived in Tacoma for just over 5 years now and only recently found this place. They have just about EVERYTHING a butcher would have including the rare meats such as Alligator and Turtle! The extra seasoned jerky is my favorite! We've never been disappointed with anything we've picked up from AA Meats!


Dan Livingston

Great folks that know great meat.

Eduardo Portillo

Always good prices and fresh m eww at

Bryce Flood

Lindalee 812

It's a community meat house they offer good service quality meat with a smile since I been a customer 1992.

DellSell life

Humble Guru

The jerky selection is very large and it tastes amazing. I always get extra seasoned beef jerky and the hot and spicy is great too! I've been going here to 15 years and I will continue till I can't drive anymore

Cathy S.

Always great deals.

Frances Fleischmann

What a GREAT place to shop! Friendly Service always. On busy days service maybe a bit slow but it is always worth the wait. BEST HOT JERKY in town.

Beaverbenson Benson

Best damned meat in the great Northwest, especially the danger dogs and sausages. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! COME ALL THE WAY from Seattle to get my meats!!

Carl Wenngren

Fantastic product selection and awesome staff! No reason to go anywhere else for meat!!!

Heidi Stach


If you want a good value for your money, shop here. The quality of meats is above most box grocery stores, the customer service is always good. The jerky is a great treat and families on a budget can get a box of meat and see it last for a couple of weeks

Carissa Wongwai

Alisha Murphy


Great food doesnt smell like it just died

Jenelle Brown

So nice and great prices!!

Josh Miles

David Stewart

Their spicy hot link is no joke and has amazing flavor!

rob leon

michael cornelius

There's extra spicy beef jerky is great I'm going to try some of their hot beef jerky bought a little bit of it people are friendly service is good Oliver meets look yummy

Chaz Key

I had been looking for Turkey Legs for ever! They had them in stock. Excellent customer service. I talked with Tami and she was alot of help. Took the time to make sure I was taken care of. Nice to see a local butcher still around that actully knew what they were talking about. I would recomend A A Meats in Lakewood, WA to anybody. They really need to update there website. It would be nice to check inventory on the web, without loosing that home town butcher feeling.

Jodi Smith

Anthony Woods

Butcher shop featuring wide variety of high quality cuts of meat, popular prepared meat dishes and poultry, jerky, spices, recipe suggestions, small but choice selection of side dish and accompaniment condiment choices. Very fairly priced meats by the pound or in bulk value packs ranging in size from 15 to 50 pounds or more. Have visited many times and always have been happy with product quality. Friendly staff here as well. Everything from beef pork and chicken to buffalo crocodile and goat. Very worldly ambience here which is also a likable attribute.

Chase Allen

The environment has a clean, hometown feeling. Professional yet inviting, friendly, and very helpful.

Koala Phillips

Excellent meats. Been coming here for years.

It's Psychi

Russ Smith

Great place for meats only place I get my meat from for last two years

Annette Harris

Back in the the this place had it going on. When moved and came back here forget about this place went there a couple of months ago and told friends about it.

howard harrison

this meat is green this isn't the first package that I opened I had some pork ribs and same results so if I was you to buy something I would ask for fresh meat or don't go at all

Stefon D. Simmons

Bought some rind-on bacon from them today and the experience was awful not only was half of my meat brown but the associate didn't even put on gloves to pull my meat selection and wrap it. He then proceeded to ask for my debit card with the same bare hands he used to touch the meat with. No hands were washed or gloves used. How is this sanitary? That combined with half of the meat being old and brown was entirely too much. I won't ever give this place another penny.

Agnes Compton

Marty Cervantes

Alicia Phillips

Amazing customer service! Very nice man helped me and even agreed to put my 5 lbs of hamburger into 1/2 lb portions when I asked him to (I immediately changed my mind because after I asked him to do that, I realized how unreasonable that seemed, and that I can just package it up how I want to at home, also a plus that ground beef comes pre-packaged in 1 lb portions!) The chicken breasts were on sale at 2.99/lb so I got 1.5 pounds I believe... I hate to say it but it was a tad slimy and smelled like stale chicken? I don't mind using food at it's last stage (as long as it is not rancid), and I imagine that's why it was priced to sell! I trust their sincerity, judgement, and professionalism. I packaged the chicken breasts 2 to a bag in 2 bags and left the largest one left over in the original bag, put the other two bags in the original bag, tied it back up, and put it in the freezer. So, 4 stars for the stale chicken, but everything else was amazing, seemed fresh, and it was an overall great experience! Something else to consider- They offer ** cheap and fresh meat packages**, seasonings, exotic meats, a wide variety of jerky, a large selection of sausages, and a vast selection of fresh seafood!! ALSO ACCEPTS CARD/CASH AND EBT!

Barry Darling

Butcher shop featuring wide variety of high quality cuts of meat. Very fairly priced meats by the pound or in bulk value packs ranging in size from 15 to 50 pounds or more. Everything from beef pork and chicken to buffalo crocodile and goat. Have visited many times and always have been happy with product quality. Friendly staff as well.

Pisces Princess

Always friendly with quick service and the meats are delicious. They also sell many different marinades and seasonings. Quality local business!


They have great deals but get there early as they usually run out of stuff


I love the selection and the service.

Nycole Wesley

Always yummy. Best beef jerky!!!

Tamara Angel

Makesia Edwards

The customer service is always excellent. It's not a hit or miss type thing where you come in once and they are helpful and the next they aren't. Every time I come in the service is fantastic and that's one of the reasons I keep coming back.

Performance & customs

Lately I come in here to get some fresh meat not frozen and every time "oh we have that item but its frozen ".... Ok Safeway I guess I'm back to getting meat from you !

james smith

Better Days Sanctuary

Smells like dead animals in here. They have a pretty wide selection of dead animals to choose from here but the sanitation is just not really up to par. Maybe the shop just needs more ventilation or something but the odor is just overpowering.

Brittany Herron

Eric Coleman

Mr. Marcus


Mikey Fairman

michele Kelly


Jacob Bills

Talia Hayes

Clean and friendly staff. Awesome prices on their packages.

Kevin Glover

I haven't been here since the late 70's! Things change & evolve....not a bad thing. It's not the shop I remember as a child, but the customer service is awesome. They have an array of exotic meats as well as your regular beef,pork & chicken. They have a variety of smoked meats as well! Stop in and check it out. There is something for almost every these elk jerky strips I saw at the last minute!

Emily Mahon

Always friendly and helpful, great prices on lots of good quality meat.

Michael Ellis

Jennifer Roberts

Love the different meat pack options. Great prices and best quality

Winter Den

Much good foods for people and animals alike will always buy my meats from here

Greg Goodman

Darrell Sherrell

It was a awesome experience going to AA meats, I will be going back to the establishment very soon!!!!

Greg Sheppard

Good to go!

John King

I've been here a number of times and you simply cannot beat the prices when you buy in bulk service is fantastic far cheaper than any supermarket

Washington OutLaw

Awesome butcher shop. You can get all different is types of meat including elk and bison. If your not into game meat, they do have some lovely cuts of beef. It's worth checking out if you enjoy good quality meet for a great price. Also worth mentioning is their meat packs.

Donald Roberson

Very nice good price for meats.

Jim Witmer

Fresh meat, always reasonable pricing, friendly staff and great service. If they don't have what you're looking for today ask and they are too happy to get it for you. Beef, pork, chicken, some game meat and a few speciality cuts from "Down Under. " Don't hesitate to ask, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Leesa Huddle

Small place with counter service. I always get good meat at a decent price and friendly service.

Initium Novum

Rose Schape-Self

Deepak Parajuli

Myron L

Aveolela Weger

Kayla Carroll

Super friendly!

Lulu B

Joe Emmons

Really like the jerky here

Stephanie Humphreys

Love going here they are really respectful

CJ just for kicks

Great quality products. Knowledgeable and friendly employees

D White

Best jerky in Tacoma!

Anthony Johnson

Terry Osborn

It's The Only Place I buy meat.

Shanita w

A wide variety of meats. Great customer service.

Trevor Bow

Not open on sundays Hours are wrong

Edward Jenkins

The boudin WITH rice is the way to go. It was worth the 80 minute drive

Ossie Cook

Best Meat store in the state of Washington... Real butcher shop

Roger Pekkanen

They have the best bacon you can’t find bacon with the flavor that they have. The steaks are out of this world nice and meaty. I have never had any bad meat from this place. If you love your meat to be perfect then this is where you need to go.

Eston Stiles

Fast, knowledgeable, and great prices.

Kat Tumale

Shaun Melendez

Joseph Longbine

Matt Simmons

Lane Richmond

I just had to stop by and check this place out and my family and I ended up buying a bunch of extra stuff and barbecued later that evening it was so delicious.

Shaylee Parks-Koelbel

Very small. There is not much to choose from.

Dee Flewellen

Really good shopping experience with great customer service!!

Damian Debolt

Slower service then expected, seems as if some of the new trainees were lost, kinda as if they were not trained correctly Otherwise the meat quality is amazing!

Debbie Thresher

Fantastic Service

Trestin Lauricella

Been going here for jerky, pepperoni, and bbq fixings for over 30 years. Always great service and quality!

Tonia Harrison

I always get fresh meat and great service.

Selma R

Best meat market in Tacoma, has been as long as they have been in business. Excellent meat and customer service!

Ame Ketsueki

Normally good experience. Lady with New York hat has had a bad attitude multiple times that I've shopped there. I won't be coming back because of the atmosphere was almost exclusively buying my meats here.

Curtis Davis


Customer service is outstanding! They will offer to go out of their way to make sure every customer is happy. They are usually busy but it's worth the wait.

Myhkel Gore

The Hog

Great customer service even better jerky!

Pat Farthing

Good cut of ribeye steak

Mikki Z

Vince Ludovico

Great selection, polite and accommodating staff and more than fair prices.

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