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709 W Main St, Charlottesville, VA 22903, United States

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Joe Walpole

Ian Blackley

My sister has lived in the Charlottesville area for a number of years and I was able to find this gem of a local butcher shop. I make it a point to stop by each trip and grab some of their wares, and have never been disappointed. Their "Back Bacon" is absolutely the best bacon I have ever put in my mouth, and this is saying a lot. It is stupid good (best pan fried, but ok baked too). Their steaks are always on point, especially the Picanha, but all are great. And the John Deez sausages are to die for. My sister is now moving and I put in an order of over $500 of various items since I don't know the next time I'll be up in CVille. Shop these guys, they are amazing!!!

Evan Jones

This place rules. Everything I've purchased here has been top notch, and they probably have the best chorizo I've ever had. The Meat Club has been great, it's a great deal, and it's gotten me to try cuts I haven't had before and might not have tried otherwise. They always have great advice on how to prepare everything.

Rachel Guarriello

Jeremy Poag

The best ham biscuit I've ever had.

kathleen aurora

Bought an excellent steak from Wolf Creek Farm here. Highly recommend.

Cupnjava cupnjava

Super high quality meats and unbelievable service. People talk about how awesome JM Stock is, but you don't really know until you go. They exceed their reputation. If you're looking for local meats, spices, and foods, then you want JM Stock. On our first trip, we picked up some specialty sausages and chocolate from a local chocolatier. And we asked if they could make some 1/4 lbs hotdogs for us. They did. Picked those up yesterday and some lamb bacon. Never had that. Never heard of it, but I couldn't turn down the chance to try something new. They also carry milk, cheeses, spices, Carolina Gold rice, and all sorts of other specialty foods. I hope their operation expands. I'd love to see more local farms and creameries selling through them.

Justine B

Their $5 ham biscuit sammich is quite possibly the best on this planet.

Danny Rowland

Very nice shop. They can get you any cut you want and they really know what they are talking about. It's a very trendy butcher shop. It's spacious and clean and they even have murchadise if you want to support their brand in other ways.

Charles O

Ham Biscuits... Order a tray catered for brunch, and you'll be the hero of brunch.

Maddie Kopjanski

Love these sguys! The staff was encouragable, relatable, and just nice guys. The facility was clean. The selection was great! They even had Spanish Cheese that I haven't been able to find! 10/10 would recommend if only for thte friendly service and smiles I encounter when I happened upon the store by chance.


Friendly local butcher. I emailed them the day before asking if they had guanciale which is Italian pork jowl bacon for carbonara. I received a prompt reply saying that they didn't have guanciale which is smoked and aged a certain way. They did have smoked face bacon which is the same part of the pig. I went in the next day and everybody was friendly. As soon as I entered every employee greeted me and they got me what I was looking for right away. I made the carbonara with shrimp and it had the most wonderful flavor because of the face bacon (lol). The best dish I've had in a while and the best butcher shop in Charlottesville. Thanks

Anthony Archual

Lovely Warri

Awesome!! I cant wait to cook and eat my steaks!! The guys were friendly and helpful. I was very impressed and glad to see young mean bringing back the "butcher" and adding their spin to it!! Lots of different beer and wine. A few different cheeses and tshirts also!

Megan Kegley

Mark AC

Very high quality food and extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Richard D. Connell

Katie Manning Henry

Hostile toward service dogs. It's illegal to deny a service dog access, but that's exactly what they tried to do to my diabetic and seizure alert dog. They need to educate themselves on the Americans with Disabilities Act and service dog rights.

Drew Lamb

My wife Katie and I had JM Stock cater our wedding this past weekend and we could not be happier! The food and service was top notch! We had many guests compliment them and tell us how much they enjoyed the food. It made our reception that much more enjoyable and we highly recommend Matt and his services - very thorough, professional, and delicious!

Nicholas DiPirro

Prior to moving to Charlottesville, I endured eight years of vegetarianism. In retrospect, I refer to these years as The Great Depression. The manifestation of my youthful idealism, I refused to support the industrial meat complex and did not live in a place where local, responsibly raised animal products were available. I am grateful that J and M (those are just their first initials, not their actual names) have provided me with a magical wonderland where I can feel good about the food I buy and still get to eat bacon. In the wake of my re-meat-birth, I started the for profit foundation Meat to Miles in which otherwise ambition-less steaks and sausages are converted to approximately 100-120 miles per week. The flesh, muscles, fat, and organs that might otherwise never wander mountain trails get to experience breathtaking vistas in the form of beta-hydroxybutyrate, amino acids, and adenosine triphosphate. An additional beneficiary of the foundation, my stomach, also makes out quite well in the deal. Finally, the foundation is proud to be giving a percentage of my paycheck to local farmers and tattooed bros with butcher knives.

Srika Bohanon


Excellent cuts and amazing specialty sandwiches like the breakfast ham biscuit. Also the best burger in C-ville, when it's available. Entire staff is pleasant and very accommodating and have had excellent experiences each time, especially Ben. Thanks guys!

Max Fenton

Rick Natale

Great ham biscuits!

Joseph Nelson

melissa mina

Jackson Luis da Silva

Linda Beiderwell

Their ham biscuit is a must. It sounds simple but the flavors in this sandwich are an artful amalgam that pleases the tastebuds.

Shun E

Charlie Luck

Best ham biscuit ive ever had. And the selection of meat is the best in cville

Jean Gratz

Highest quality items, nicest staff.beautiful meat and house made sausages from real in-house butchers. A surprisingly good selection of beer, wine and other interesting items. A really nice local shop also known for their ham biscuits 'til noon.

Greg Harper

JM always has the best selection of local meats and are incredibly knowledgeable. All the guys are great as well

K Peters

Product is not quality looking and the staff is not friendly! Tried a few products. All below average but the steak was the worst.

Carol Westin

They best people and the highest quality meats!!

Matt Plautz

If you want the best, come here. The cuts are always of the highest quality & the service is top notch.

T Craig spiller

Unfortunately, a very disappointing experience in my visit to JM Stock. Had a slider recipe that I needed two two lb ribeyes ground. Here’s what happened-1. We cannot do 2 Ibs through a grinder. The grinder requires 5 Ibs. 2. Tried to sell me a sirloin/ribeye mix. Another worker said that they have a smaller grinder but it’s alread been used for the day and he would charge $42/lb ($32/Ib plus $10 to grind each) if grinder was clean. Beware. In my opinion, This place seems to cater to restaurants not the home cook.

Kim Ganczak

Great, helpful service and delicious products!


Brett Elmore

Truly just the best butcher and purveyor of provisions you could ask for. Friendly, approachable, knowledgeable staff with a great sense of humor. JM Stock is one of the best shops in Charlottesville.

t brown

Their deli sliced pastrami and ham are top notch

Chris Browne

Awesome people with a great product and a passion to match. You have to understand what you're getting here and feel free to explore at their recommendations. This is not packaged product at whole foods. This is the real deal. The "fat" on their pork is delicious, and melts in your mouth. Highly recommend.

Scott Lim

Quality product from people who are passionate about what they do

Erin Byrne

Amazing meats and service, and great ham biscuit breakfast sandwiches if you go earlier in the day!

jd quinitchette

I was not expecting to be confronted with 240 lbs of recently-slaughtered hog this weekend. It was more enjoyable than you would imagine. Really. The MeatBoss knows his stuff. His knives are sharp. His demeanor is that of a--I dunno, a Kitchen DaVinci. Facing your food as a carnivore is a Chastening Thing in the New Millenium. We eat well here. As Matt dismembered the colossal hog in front of him, there was another side of pork crisping on an oil-barrel bbq pit just steps away. The gentleman who makes his living selling pork bbq at festivals basted him lovingly, all night long. It's a form of freedom, is it not? Stock Provisions makes it possible for an independent business person to obtain quality meat for your bbq. I sucked it up and watched with respect as the porker who gave his all for edification of burbon-drinkers and bbq imbibers in Cary, North Carolina became pork chops, baby back ribs, and an unpronounceable (spellable) cut that is the next cuisine craze. The MeatBoss' no-nonsense butchering of Ye Aulde Porcine was not for the faint of heart. A thin but fascinated crowd followed the processing of the animal with unfeigned interest. Well butchered meat is something that is as near as an excellent butcher like the MeatBoss. If you can afford it, it's worth it. If you're gonna be a carnivore, you can localize it for the greater good. A demo I would not have missed.

Markham Evans

Ham biscuits, ham biscuits, ham biscuits, I cry. If I don’t get ham biscuits...

Ben Quade

Ian Rynecki

Varied selection of local meats and other butcher products. Staff is incredibly knowledgeable, willing to assist a first time cook just as easily as a seasoned chef. They have head cheese!

Laura Helferstay

This place is the best. They have a fantastic selection of meats that are the highest quality, and the guys are always happy to answer questions and assist in making selections. The ham biscuits are incredible too!

Con Lazarakis

Joann Tong

All I have to say is Ham. Biscuit. The ham just melts in your mouth and is so delicious! Can’t wait to try more of their sandwiches!

Dalton Kelly

Real good Place

M Fenderson

I go in there often to buy beef bones to make bone stock. I have tried a few of their sausages and all have been amazing! The Mexican Chorizo and the Cuban Cerdito have been my favorites! One time they had some local Sheep Ricotta & that was also bom! The duck fat or schmaltz is also great for those keeping kosher. The cool guys that work there are friendly, attentive & really know their stuff. I only gave then 4 Stars since I have yet to try their cuts of meat nor the in-house stocks. Although Wegman's may be in town, I will still go to these guys for amazing customer service, fresh sausages & beef bones. :-)

Patrick Stanley

Friendly staff and a great selection. Stopping by in the morning? Get a biscuit or three. Saturday? Get lunch. You won't be disappointed.

Google User

Wonderful staff. They also have a delicious ham-on-biscuit sandwich if you get there before noon.

Rupert C Ryker

4 lamb chops for $37. You open the package and find that 90% of what's edible is fat. Had one decent, delicious bite from each bone; A very disappointing dinner. On a similarly lackluster but a bit brighter of a note, the smoked sausages we got (4 for $10) were decent. Meat was a bit dry but they provided a nice, smoke flavor to the soup I made. Still get 1 star for having to pay $37 for 4 bites of lamb.

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