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4072 Jermantown Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030, United States

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REVIEWS OF HalalWay International Supermarket & Restaraunt IN Virginia

Andrew Pyun

Very cute nice guys


Deje Robi

I’m halfway eating and just want to say thank you! Good food. Definitely recommend this place. One more comment the food takes a longtime need improvement on speed.

run madhavan

Not sure we got goat meat. Bone is so soft and full of bone marrow , No goat taste. Looks like they mixed with some other bad meat.

Food Pro

Racist owner! If you are from the gulf counties please do not go. The owner has issues and will look down upon you and treat you so cold. You can feel the vibe of racism from the owner very clearly. The first time I thought maybe the owner had a bad day. However, I came again and was treated the same. And the guy after me was my friend who is white was treated good with a smile and "please come again." When we left my friend asked me what's going on? He noticed the difference between the way I was treated and the way he was treated. It was as clear as the sun. Another point to note is that they cheat you selling lamb. They have the meat in a wrapped paper plate and show only the meaty side of it. When I got home, I flipped them and they are mostly bones. So I basically purchased expensive bones for my guests and was embarrassed to serve them such food. Never going back there and neither should you!

gautam totekar

Negative 5 if only google allowed it... was new in the area so went to buy some items as name said Grocery store. Lady owner, just being asked if they have it bluntly said " we dont keep it. Here is the Door. Go away.." her exact words.. Never met such hostility anywer. These guys shouldnt run any business tht involves customer interaction. Never again I am going there.. surprisingly i felt better knowing she wasnt rude just to us...

Karthik Elangovan

Their meat is fresh. The staff are nice and helpful

Shay Ma

Very clean The best in the area All the people who work there are so professional and friendly Highly recommend it

Melanie Meren

This is my favorite place to get Afghani, Persian and Middle Eastern style foods. Wonderful customer service - I love supporting this locally-owned, family- run business. And their selection of food for Persian New Year was incredible - so many choices of beautiful and delicious specialities. My other favorite items are the fresh raisins by the pound, the dried mulberries, the breads, and the spices at great prices. I can't wait to try the Halal cooked-to-order items now! Kabob and burgers. Definitely visit this quality business.

rakesh g

Sahar Agabna

Mo Abu talib

This Store simply is the most authentic, clean, welcoming, warm hearted shop I’ve been to in all of Maryland DC Virginia and even California. The fresh Afghan barberry bread is the best bread I’ve ever tasted I recommend that highly to anyone who hasn’t tried it. The Gyro sandwiches and chicken and beef Shawarma‘s are amazing. on rice as well as well wrapped with the bread but I really love the Beef kebab. That is my favorite and the white sauce is out of this world. The customer service is out of this world I feel like I’m right at home while I am grocery shopping . They have a very wide variety of products from all over the world including Dubai Germany Italy Switzerland Afghanistan and turkey. And the manager his name is Iqbal he really knows how to treat a customer I can really see his efforts that he puts in and it is well noticed by most customers

Tamim Dostyar

It’s a very good store

Udat Kapoo

I came to America a free man, I left Halal Markets a slave to corporations

fahm Danesh

Everything is good,but if you buy bread

sayed anwary

It's a friendly shop where you can find middle eastern goods.

Kayan Choudhry

Amazing selection of sweets and international groceries. would definitely recommend

Jiamie Kori

Very disappointed. Fyi "halal" means nothing when comes to quality of the meat. Butcher is total scam, asked him kindly to give me chops for kebab and when I arrived home chech my meat it was all fat, I did not pay for fat!!! Not going back anymore and they are not friendly, it feels very uncomfortable

Ammar Rai

The owners are absolutely wonderful. I had a special request on an emergency basis and they accommodated me, despite them making no profit on the items purchased. Wonderful attitude and came through during my time of need. Thank you!


The gyro is a huge serving for the price you pay. It was delicious- the meat was cooked just right. The flatbread they bake fresh there is also delicious; you can get it warm out of the oven at a really low price. The staff are very friendly and helpful.

Khamis Siksek

Not a place I would recommend for anyone, I tried their labneh and olives not edible at all, however they were good and kind

Anand M

Said Alimov

Stay away from this store. The owner ( woman) are very racist. If you are not from her country they will treat you unfair. Me and my family was their customers for a long time, but from now on we'll be avoid this place.

nAgI -man

WORST Customer Service. It was funny when I walked in the store and the owner’s brother told me " We closed 5 minutes ago, you need to get out " I insisted to clarify if he wants me out of the store. The door was open!!! He said "Yes" I refused and continued walking in but not getting my business again . Update: 11/21/2018 This is exactly what happened and no matter what, this doesn’t justify how you treat a customer.

Amir Goli

Masoud Faryadi

Fz All

Butcher shop is very clean and they have good variety of fresh meat. Plus lots of options for Persian and middle east items for purchase.

Piku Paul

I loved iqbal!! It was a great experience.

Ben Clark

You can find a lots of persian and afghan food but their price is too high! They nee to work on customer service as well

Hani S

Extremely disappointed in the customer service and for lack of honesty. I bought 5 packs of meat only to find one had been retagged with a higher price when I got home. The meat was also brown throughout the inside. It wasn’t just the ground beef but the chunks of beef too. What a scam. When this was brought to management/owners attention instead of apologizing which was really what was expected and to provide fresh meat ESPECIALLY since people can get sick from bad and old meat. Even if you don’t want to refund the money no worries you can keep my $50 but do not be disrespectful and lie. It’s Ramadan.

elnaz harraf

Marjan . Naderi

THE MOST DELICIOUS AND CLEAN MEAT IVE HAD IN MY LIFE. Their kitchen and entire store is beyond clean and everyone is so genuine. The chef love their work, the cashiers greet you with the greatest smile. Incredible. AGAIN THE MOST SMOOTH MEAT IVE EVER HAD

Dilia Sia Salehi

Ahmet Aydin

Whenever I’m in need of some amazing international and Turkish food I always know where to go! It’s affordable, convenient and very organized! Iqbal also has excellent Coustomer service !

Rajkumar Dhinakaran

Damitra Gardner

Went to the butcher for lamb chops and received friendly service and a product no everyday grocery chain could provide. Will be going back

Mk Seraj

My favorite store! The bread and meat is the best . I get all of my hookah suppies from here as well.

M. Naderi

They have their own Fresh Bread, I love it........

Rajapradeepan Rajendran

Best halal chicken

Kevin Opoku

Ive never had a bad experience with the Food Here. It is MOST DEFINITELY THE BEST LOCATION IN NORTHERN Virginia A if your looking for Afghan food , groceries, and all things related...the only way is the HALALWAY. I recommend the Chicken or Beef Shawarma. Delicious!!!

Haris Pirzada

If you're in the Fairfax area, this place is the best place for halal groceries. The store is always clean, they always have fresh produce and meat, and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

The Gaming Tm

Loved this place The atmosphere was great

Ajmal Sawari

The rice and Kobida kabob were not fresh, it was from another day which they sold. All my family members got sick. How come you guys sell the foods which were left over from other days?

Abdullah Alshaibani

Thundershot 30

Great products, amazing customer service, and the boss is so kind and helpful

sarah A

Elnar Mirzayev

Einnel Quintero

Qais Sakaji

Dr.K Sh

Very nice store and staff are very friendly.

Faranak Shobeiryan

Mahendra Kandel

This is a wonderful grocery store. I’m a loyal customer of this store, but this time sales associates of meat department were really rude and unprofessional.

john david

Gr8 customer service. Love the place. More humanized rather than machinized.

Babak Aghdam

You can find whatever a persian family needs!

R K Reddy

Got goat meat from here, they didn't even clean the fat, out of 5 lbs of meat we got just 3 pounds of meat and bones and rest is fat.

Marylyn Marcelino

I absolutely love this place! People were friendly and they have literally everything. The food at their small restaurant was great too. I always crave it. Some items are a little too pricey but theyre still worth it.

Maz Surmaty

Has good quality meats

Maryam Hatami

The guy who is owner I suppose is too rude. He just wants your money and sell you garbage. I bought two bags of bread for a really expensive price and when I got home I saw they are full of mold.

shayma alhamad

Very clean and organized. I found everything I needed. I’ve been to a lot of halal markets, this is the best one.


Soone Salih

My dad sent me here to get fresh bread and their customer service was unparalleled. After trying the bread I understand why there are 30 people in line waiting. Can’t wait to go again! I was treated like family.

Jim Khoury

Nice people, big selection, and everything is fresh. The prepared food is pretty good too. We will definitely be going back.

Mariam Barakat

The gyro was amazing!!! The lamb was not only seasoned perfectly but it had the right amount of flavor to make your tastebuds burst. Halalway also had the best customer service and makes their customers feel like family! Can’t wait to make my next stop!

suraj gupta

I got goat meat around 3-4 o'clock today! I didn't want to get meat from around neck but the butcher inside the store convincingly forced me take the meat! I wanted to get meat from around legs or ribs or shoulder but this guy told me the minimum i can get leg meat is 4 to 5 pounds! The meat is full of bones even i feel like i wasted my time cooking it because there all bomes only in it! Feeling really disgusted! I am going to avoid going to this place now

Qodseia Jami

Best halal meat in the DMV Area, not to mention their kitchen has an incredible chef and great selection of meals.

Bahman Pedrood

The prices are fair and the staff are very friendly and respectful. They have all the Persian groceries (which is what I need), but at a much better price than the famous Persian stores in the area, while you feel much more welcome in their store. Highly recommend.

Eddie Reyes

Halalway is definitely my go to kabob spot in the DMV area. The food was extremely fresh and the portions were amazing! Iqbal was hands down the most genuine down to earth person in the store. 10/10 recommend this spot for all your grocery, meat and food needs! 10 STARS!!!!

Jenny Doan

This place is horrible.... People who working there are not professional.... They acting cold and unfriendly....Friendly maybe if you are Turkish or similar race but not if you are white,black...Lady in front of me was buying something and she bought something but they didn't give her a bag to put it in...When she asked guy to give her he looked at Turkish lady behind that lady and rolled eyes ....So rude.....When it was my turn he didn't act friendly at all( maybe because I had the cross on my neck)... I dislike this place very much and would recommend to anyone....

Wadea Sindi

Samya Hasan

I’ve been shopping at this store for the past 2 years. They have the best organic chicken in the area, fresh great quality meat, wide collection of middle eastern products.. we personally Love the Tunisian dates and you can never pass on the fresh bread they bake daily. I highly recommend this store!!

Orkhan Mammadli


It was my first experience at this store. Bought a lamb sandwich from their restaurant and some meats from the butcher. Day 1 (sandwich): Average to taste. Spent the night at the bathroom. Day 2 (rib eye): hello, in USA rib eye is not supposed to have a bone. Mine unexpectedly does. Eating it now - looked fresh when packed; tastes chewy. Not worth the price or effort. Do not recommend the store.

Sam Boustani

They're always improving and keep getting better. Few places like it in the area, so it's great that it's there. I find what I need and the prices are good. Friendly people and clean store.

Yasir Rifqi

Hosein Mohammadi Makrani

Sean Tieff

Very clean and organized Store. Easy to find produce needed and friendly staff. I recommend this store

Mokarian Mahmood

The cashier is very slow .. 10 minutes in line .. and only 2 people in line

Sahra Ahmad

Very clean environment, and good service


Clean and great

sam ali

Tamara Shaheer

sathya moorthy

Great place, great meats and will go again.

Tina Al kofahi

Meth Jayatilake

Everyone is friendly and the butchers are very good.

Panayiota Tsaousis

My favorite Middle Eastern grocery store and restaurant. All of the products are authentic and fresh, you can tell as soon as you walk in the door it is a family owned business! Iqbal is awesome, and helps you find exactly what your looking for!! Check them out!!!!!!

Adam Sarwari

The old guy at cash register was very disrespectful very impolite. They need to learn what customer is, and the value of customer services. I don’t recommend this store because of their unprofessionalism

Steve Springer

Am unexpected gem. Stopped in to look around and got lunch. Food was outstanding. Will definitely be back

Venkateswara Rao Atluri


It's very expensive

Habeel Prince

Marjan Naderi

Finest Kabob and meat on the East Coast. Phenomenal service.

Abbas Alqudsi

well I bought a card for calling outside the USA which is called Bab Alhara and the code was scratched before I even tare the the sticker and when I told the seller about it he said our policy is not to return these things. very bad manners and rud

Balsam Abdulhadi

Halal meat, organic chicken, and all spices are available. The place is clean and neat and people are very nice and friendly. They have very good bakery too..

Amjad Mushtaha

Sanjeev Anand

Very bad customer service! I don't think I would every buy meat from there again. Went to buy lamb and spent $32 on lamb chops and legs, there was hardly any meat on it....terrible. Spoke to so called assistant manager and he told me to come back and i will take care of it, went back and asked for lamb leg but meat still did not look good, did not want to waste $40 on that left the place.

Samuel Peters

good selection of groceries, clean store, courteous staff

Lucy Umoetok

abualbanen aaa

Very Expensive $$$$$$$$

Shareef Mulla

Ahmed Ali


Very good

Doaa Sidky

Why your working hours until 10 pm and i came tonight at 9:40 pm and I found that you are closing You should respect your customer

Inam Sheikh

Great place for halal meat, groceries and food. Very friendly staff.

Chrystian Brown

Hands down the best Halal market in the area. The staff is always extremely friendly and helpful. The bread is baked fresh daily, which I personally drive 30 minutes for regularly. There beef shawarma is unmatched by others, and priced extremely fair for the amount of food you receive. I highly recommend HalalWay supermarket, 10/10.

Sudheer Ekula

Place is neat and friendly customer service. Good selection of meat, grocery and snacks. Reasonable prices as well.

Steven B

Friendly staff. Convenient location to get our weekly halal grocery meat at a reasonable price.

Afghan Talent

Tasty and clean. Nothing gets better than this place. Never been to a grocery store that’s exceeded my expectations like HalalWay

daryoush kazemi

Fresh and kosher meat and chicken .

Tamime Al qassim

Awesome market.fresh meat fresh food. The owner is nice. Has a lot of great variety of products from fruits and vegetables to cutlery and antiques. The fresh bread that is made on premise is wonderful!


Love the vast variety of products and the staff is very nice as well.


Drove an extra mile to shop here just because of their professionalism and cleanliness. The reviews helped me come here but overall they have delicious food! & Iqbal and his dad are rockstars.

Robert Burger

Butchers had horrible service, but the cashier was nice. Good selection of foods, but you need to buy bulk meats unless you want chicken. They don’t have the ability for small orders from what I saw.

Elshad R Mammadzada

Used this store more than a year. All products fresh and new. Management and staff is helpful always, special thanks for Iqbal support customers and such a nice management


John R

Best food, great bread, clean meat!

cris rf

Awesome place! Iqbal is the best!

Pariya Naderi

Best fresh barbari bread Ever and such a nice people.. Keep making the bread

kishore kumar

Zain Ibrahim

One of the best halal grocery stores in Fairfax They also have a bakery and you can pick up fresh baked bread here The new cafe they have come up with is a very good idea. The food they serve is really good !

Elhadj Ziber

Best place ever.

Iqbal Darab

Amazing. Simply the best halal store around. Fresh meat, great variety and selection of products. Very clean and tidy. Best baked bread (naan) on the East Coast. Great customer service. The manager/owner Mary is always so accommodating. The food is really great and the portions are always amazing.

Joseph Lambert

Great Turkish store! Great selection, friendly staff

Zafar Roostamov

Please don't visit, over priced and not polite at all. They always run out of halal meat, when you call they tell you they have it, you come 10 miles away and they say they don't have lamp meat and offer goat.

hashmat maher

Like the products and customer service

Emad Aghayi

Omat Tabik

This store is the best Middle Eastern/ Halal market on the whole East Coast. They bake fresh bread every day and it is the most delicious naan I’ve had in my whole life The food from the restaurant is always fresh and the white sauce is simply amazing. The customer service from all the employees was outstanding especially the young man with the beard I don’t know his name. I highly recommend this shop for anything you need me fresh food, produce, spices or even just a good five to go and have lunch.

Mazhda Chaihby

Best naan in all of the DMV. Customer service is amazing. Food and kabobs are great. Iqbal is a great manager. Love this place. Highly recommend this to anyone and everyone. Clean and tidy. Very at home vibe. Love it.

Sultan Alsultan

Samira Gailani

Great customer service and clean place to shop

Amar Abdul

Best halal store in the area. Fresh meat and great selection of middle eastern products. Really great food from the restaurant. The naan (bread) is freshly baked every day. I love this store my favorite place to go in the whole DMV. Highly recommend it. All the reviews saying they have bad customer service or not fresh meat are going to a different store or are completely lying.

Ellen Z

Honestly very disappointed with their meat quality, I bought some lamb for grill.. The meat tasted like rubber, I asked the butcher if the meat was fresh and he assured me it's a fresh cut halal meat. This was my last time going there, and I'll make sure to make a complaint to the FDA.

Shaunique Pierre

The service here is just bad. I don’t understand why people don’t value good customer service. The steak I got from this shop wasn’t even fresh. I’m definitely never coming back here. Ever!

Sweet Brothers

Divya Aigal

Elli Shirazie

Very dirty store with bad odor, rip off meat that is not worth spending the money one and worst unfriendly cashiers who seem to have chip on there shoulders and could careless about the poor service they provide.

Ram Kiami

Mohammad Shafiq Faqeerzai

Great place to get halal meat and groceries with excellent service


Great overall selection of food and fresh daily. In house deli also very good authentic middle eastern food. All at a low and fair price

Rukhsana Hakim

Heba Elsherbeeny

Kay El

If you like an old halal lamb, please, be my guest and visit this store, "old meat" is actually too benign description, a rubber would be better word for it.

Mohammad Bonakdar

Nice and clean

Eros Hermes

The owners provide friendly service. The store has a great selection of pre-packaged gyro meats, hamburgers, hot dogs (midamar), Indian samosas and Turkish sausage (sojuk). Their steaks are awesome. Fresh bread is baked on the premise which is of premium quality. The product selection is growing, you will also find fresh vegetables, dairy products, assorted jams and other sweets.


Very nice and clean place supported by affordable prices

Lowkey Beast

Went there yesterday, the food was amazing as well as the atmosphere. The family owned market ensures quantity furthermore quality, most definitely will be going here for my halal meats.

Mujeeb Fazal

Great service, clean store, variety of products.

Hassan Bazargan

The products are super expensive. They sell every single thing double. I recommend not to buy any thing from here,if just in case u couldn't find any thing u wanted,u may go there to buy it. Make sure never ever buy lots of things.

fawzi khader

Chandra Pathak

Excellent Indian food

Ahmad Rashid

Sam Saba

First time visit this store, it’s way overpriced, I bought two items with the tag indicating $2.99 each, at the register I was charged for the first item $2.99 and the second $3.99, I told the cashier it should be $2.99 as the tag indicated, he replied “ oh that’s the wrong price “ it should be $3.99. Not mentioning ever items in their store is 30% more than other Mediterranean stores in Alexandria and Springfield, I will never go there again.

mohammad bagher Sarviha

Jackie Force

Always friendly! Best quality food, I love the yogurt drink there!

Reza Pishdad

Kalib Ashcraft

This is the best store I’ve been to in all of th e DMV . Out of all the Middle Eastern shops this store has the best customer service and the freshest meats and produce. They serve the best Afghan food from the restaurant they have on site. Which is extremely convenient for days that you don’t want to cook. They also bake their own fresh bread on site daily it’s the authentic Afghan barbary bread . All of the employees are extremely kind and have great customer service. The store is extremely clean and everything is extremely neat and tidy on the shelves it is very organized and well designed. The chicken Shawarma is to die for. I go there for the vibe and the atmosphere and they’re friendly faces like the one manager Iqbal he really is a great at what he is doing .

Khalid Darab

A place that has it all. Good fresh quality Halal Meat, I really enjoy cooking their chicken, beef and lamb. Also their fresh baked bread is amazingly delicious. Reminds me of back home. The food they serve at their restaurant is also really good and filling. The staff is very friendly and warm, they handed my returns very professionally. Highly recommend this place to anybody and everybody.

Madiha Azimi

The most clean & organized halal market I have ever been to in the DMV area. From their restrooms, to their food/products, all the way to their customer service, all of my expectations were exceeded above and beyond. I went with my friends/family & we didn’t want to leave the store since it felt like home. ♥️

Ram Khat

The staff at this grocery store is genuine and friendly. They are always welcoming and ready to help with a smile and greeting. The meat here has always been fresh and at a fair price. Along with all, their samosas are delicious. Towards the end of the night, the staff member gave me an extra samosa for free, which was very kind of him - hard to find these days. I recommend this store for fresh groceries, meat and friendly staff members.

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