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REVIEWS OF Fairprice Halal Meat & Groceries IN Virginia

Amandeep Kaur

The store is nice but I am unhappy to find out that ruby’s salon is closing. I been her customer for many years. She is very good at her job and very nice to everybody. Please don’t close the salon.

Rajasekar Kayamboo

Fair price and quality.

REEM M.O.M Khair

She is professional in threading and firming in great shape work faithfully ,I refer all my friends to come here as I will always

Melisa Lopez

I love to come

prashant rana

If you are looking for good baby goat then this is the place

Duwann McDonald

Very nice store. The brother's in the meat department are very kind

Imran Suhail

They have almost everything I need. The zabeeha halal meat is very nice. Good quality, cut in front of you so you can easily ask for special cuts or customize your order. A little slow service at times and the rest of the store lanes are not easy to navigate as there are no signs telling you what this lane has. The homemade samosas at the counter are nice too.

Vinod Potty

Good option for custom cut goat, lamb or beef, in Herndon.

Siva Prasad Koka

Oh man, this one always busy. Quality is good

Reed Muhra

A different international grocery shop; it has many products and goodies from the Middle East and north Africa. Their prices are indeed fair and I like he butcher shop inside, you can buy nice fresh and healthy meat there. I also love the bread sold here. They recently renovated the shop and made it more accommodating.

Nivea Nanda

They have an excellent system of preordering meat and picking it up.

Filsan Duale

Very convenient store..and real nice brother and sister work there..

Heba Abdalla

Great store, conveniently located in a good area. Best of all is the Eyebrow lady Ruby, known her for several years now and couldn't be happier. She's part of the family now. Alwsys does an awesome job and very flexible.

Victor V

RUDE really Rude owner he acts as if he is doing charity and giving meat for free. If you want to buy less meat he will cry foul. Dude not everyone wants to buy whole goat leg.... Better stay off from this arrogant store owner. However all the Hispanic lads who work here are pretty awesome and friendly. You are not only Halal shop in VA area FYI...

Aye Khan

Lousy meat, expensive items and VERY CRUDE & RUDE owner. Madina Halal store nearby is much better in all ways. I would never go there. LOUSY ! Actually they do NOT deserve even a single star. But without it, the page does not allow posting the comment.

priyanka reddy

Best place to buy fresh meat. Friendly staff. Shukriya Naeem Bhai

Nadana Ravishankar

Good place to purchase meat and indian groceries

Salma Karrar

I love to go to this store is convinces for me. Recently I heard that the lovely lady work in Ruby she will be leaving

Reading Craze

The baby Goad meat is awesome, you will find 100% taste difference, the best part is they only give baby Goad so you always get baby Goat, 2nd they clean it very well, they ll ask you how much clean you need. When you bring meat at home, you don't need to clean it anymore. 2nd, they have big grocery store, you ll find each and everything . Prices are little high but that price worth .

Divya Ganesh

Best place to get meat,very good customer service and friendly environment.Mayi bazaar @Ashburn please learn to sell fresh meat and good customer service from here

Redwan Mohammed

Good halal & asian grocery store

Ravisankar Arumugam

Fresh meat and good service

Altouma Siribbal

I am so sad that my favorit pers9n is leaving the store she is tge best we come to the store to get the stuff and do the eyebrows too .... please let stay we comr from so far away to you guys ...

Nafisa Ahmed

I always come to do my eyebrows with Rubey and I only do it here. She does them very nice and I love it. Also, we buy stuff from the store because of her.

Deborah Nader

One of my favorite butcheries!

nAgI -man

Fresh meat, good prices. Very friendly & helpful customer service. Store needs some fixing and clean up.

Mari Muthu

One of best halal meat shop , but need to buy at least 2LB . Sunday morning will be crowded.

Deepak Mohanty

Very friendly staff. I go to this place to pick chicken/goat only. But you can shop other indian/middle east groceries as well. They have a lot of varieties of chicken and goat and can be cut into desired sizes. Thats what i like about this place. Also you can order online or over phone and just pick it up.

Haydar Al-Dabbagh

Some of the stuff missing expiration date, otherwise good variety and fair prices

Laila Malik

Always helpful!

syeda hajra

Sorry to hear about Ruby threading is going to close.One of my favorite eye brow threading and doing grocery together saving time . Tabbasum is amazing. She does a real good job on eyebrows.I recommend not to remove her.

Ivonne Calderon

I love coming to Fair Price to do my eyebrows and my grocery shopping. This is a great one stop shop, very convenient.

noureddine ouarets

Good Halal grocery shop

Farrah Khan

Great butcher with fresh halal meat and chicken. Excellent selection of Pakistani foods.

Reem Tamim

Great price ...good customer service..every thing available

Ferozkhan Jamal

Very good mutton

Catherine Menson

Ruby has been the most amazing person in this store. I visit the store 2x a month for my eyebrows and I am extremely happy with Ruby; I have been seeing Ruby for over 4 years and yes, I am lucky and honored to know this woman. As you know, no one can attach eyebrows once done wrong but, Ruby has always done an excellent job with precision and most importantly, she is the most effecient, effective and professional person I have come across in this business. I have met several customers and at times, the line is unbelievable due to her knowledge of her craft. Wonderful and kind hearted is her nature and I find that real soothing what a sincere person.

Sai CH

Best Halal meat store. Fresh meat and affordable prices.

Shan Sohail

Great place for groceries. Nice a clean environment. Friendly staff. I am very picky about my halal meat and the way it is cut. These guys are experts and they provide the best quality in halal meat. Always fresh. I highly recommend it.

Maria Khan

I go to Tabasum for eyebrows done. She is so perfect. I have been going to her since 12 years

Madhukar D

Great service especially the guy nayeem at cash counter. Prompt service as always.

Reem Ali

Rubey eyebrows in the back is the absolute best!!! She is the best at doing your eyebrows! I go to school at VCU and refuse to have anyone touch my eyebrows so I drive 2 hours to get them done by Rubey. My eyebrows were a mess before I came here but ever since EVERYONE complements them and all my friends come here! It’s also a grocery store where my mom comes to shop (it’s lovely) fresh everything! If you like fresh good groceries and WANT YOUR EYEBROWS ON FLEEK COME HERE! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! SHES MAGICAL!!

Rami Khasawneh

The best place for meat products, they have everything and they can do whatever you ask for.

Mohammed Sameer

Great Customer Service by Naeem Bhai...

Ronak Budati

I come to Fairprice every week and the lady named Ruby on the corner of the shop who is beautician does awesome work ! I have been going to her since last 4 years and is very convincing and can’t stop leaving a 5 star for her !! Cheers !!

Subba reddy Alla

This is the best place to get the freshly cut halal meat, country chicken, goat meat are special here. You also have an option to place the order and pick it up. Also, you will be able to get nice hookah pots and exclusive falvours of hookah. Besides all these you can find all the mediteranian, Asian and Indian Spices and masalas...

Eunice Milan

I really like coming here, its always clean and very organized and meat always fresh easy packed ready to go. Highly recommend

Saadia Razvi

Uncle Naeem who runs the store is very nice, respectful and helps you out getting groceries if you can’t find things. Fast service. Clean good quality halal zabiha meat. Our go to place for all desi / Indian / Pakistani groceries.

Furhawn Rana

Best halal meat and great prices!

Fatima Alzahraa Ahmed

My sister and I always do our eyebrows with Ruby and we only do it here. She’s very kind. We used to buy stuff from the store because of her.

Tauhid Smith

Great selection of halal products, I often get the popcorn chicken. Meat price is a bit higher than other stores in the area but they have a wide selection of other products as well that make the visit completely worth it.

Jansi Barath

I am really dissapointed that Rubys salon is closing. I have been coming here for a long time and she has always done a great job. Very dissapointed.

Z hundal

Good meat and all kinds of groceries. Middle Eastern to indo-pakistani.


Best threading in the area!

the best fortnite players Chohan

Best customer service.

Jamal Nasir

My family's go to place for international groceries and halal meat. In the last 4 years we've had one single case of receiving meat that smelled spoilt but that can happen with any butcher.

Naresh M

I’ve tried chicken, but something is different than other shops. I have found some greasy liquid with chicken,and also they sell organic chicken but no board/menu/flyer. Is anyone noticed it? Please add ur comments

Zihor Mohamed

It is a nice place to do eyebrow and they good grocery

Amjad Abbas

Very good place for Pakistani and Indian groceries.

Anshuman Mohapatra

I've visited this place for many years now . Best halal meat among other meat shops . Always on time ( if preordering ) and the staff (especially Naeem) is at their cordial and gentle best . Would recommend to anyone interested .

Kazim Khan

Great store! Very convenient! Anything you want they have it. Brought my mom to the store and she got all our groceries and got her eyebrows done by Ruby’s. 10/10

Sambi Reddy

I came to USA for a short visit . I visited twice this super market. Indian stuff available. We can get fresh chicken and all non veg meat. Excellent service.

Sukhninder Kaur Grewal

I heard about Rubby who does eyebrows threading is leaving Fair price I'm very sad

Anjum Malik

Neat and clean and fair prices for groceries and halal meat

John Cyrus

I had a very bad experience at this place, I asked for a small chicken. I was distracted and did not pay much attention as the order was prepared. The person who took my order (person who seemed to be in charge) handed me the chicken with a price tag of $62.71, on it and told me verbally that it was $62.71. I thought the price was off, my wife does most of the shopping, so I am not really good with prices, even so I knew this was off the charts. I knew Halal chicken was costly but not this costly!!! I texted my wife and checked out (thinking back I should not have paid until I spoke to my wife). I did not leave the premises until my wife called back and told me that I was right and the price should have been less than $10. I went back to the cashier and she said the price was right, since she was just going by the price on the label. I went to the meat section and told him the issue, he made a joke about the price of the chicken and then said that I might have got the wrong order, I told him that he handed me the chicken and verbally told me the price. He then backed off and agreed that it was wrong and gave me a refund, he did say he was sorry as I was leaving the store. The real price was $ 7.52 !!! But I was struck how someone who does this all the time can mistake a bag of chicken that is less than 2 pounds to be 8 pounds and charge me $62. His reaction when I returned to the store didn't seem like someone who was apologetic for his mistake. Please read earlier reviews from Usman Umar & suma na which point to similar experiences.

Ieman Marouf

I can't bare to think Ruby's salon is closing i been coming to fairrpice for 9 years and 99% of the time is to do my brows and while im there pick up some shopping but if she closes god knows when ill go back there again since its not convenient for me. PLEASE KEEP THE SALON so u can keep ur customers


I’m so sad

Tahir Aziz

Great halal meat love this place.

Nick Fotinos

Excellent deals on hookah/shisha supplies. Wonderful service.

Aleeza Shah

Love the way she does eyebrows and its so convenient!

Mais H

Love everything about this store. The prices are unbeatable, the staff is so very friendly, the meat is fresh and clean and halal, the bread is always fresh and there is a wide variety of goods and products and produce in the isles and the freezer section.

Aaisha Khan

Best eyebrow threading in the area. Highly recommend!!!

Mohamed Rahman

Good halal meat available here.

Arooj Bilal

It’s very good place and ruby make my eyebrows its fantastic thank you Soo much

Shereen Raza

Highly recommend this place! Ruby is AH-MAZE-ING!

Rehan Rehan

I search the shop on google.i went there and now i am the regular customer. the prices are very reasonable and the meet was very fresh. the Sales cashier naeem was very helpfull and greeting evryone. which usually dont happens on desi store. i wish the best of luck fir this store. and all the desi store should be clean like this store

Mary Dawit

Rubey does eyebrows the best! So clean and perfect shape!

saber kriakes

The best place to get ur eyebrows done at . She is amazing I can’t trust anybody to do my eyebrows other than her .

Sharif Azman

for those who are looking for international grocery that's the place it makes a fast delivery too as well as reasonable prices

peroja bashir

Rube is the best at what she does when I moved from California i looked all over for a good lady who does eyebrows she is kind and friendly and amazing at doing eyebrows

Usman Umar

I believe the store owner is dishonest. The meat prices on the board are outdated, and you always get charged more than the written prices. Phone order of meat always seemed to be packed with bones and ligaments, because I was not there to watch. Overcharged couple times on items that had no price tags on them. I don't think I will be visiting this place again.

Rifat Shah

Favourite place

Siddhartha Asthana

Excellent customer service, best cut of meat.

Jasmeet Kaur

i mostly going to yours to get my eyebrows done by ruby she’s doing great job on threading. I heard she’s leaving ur store please don’t let her go . Sometime I do some grocery to . it’s a request please don’t let her go .

Shama P Khan

Very helpful people I'm going there almost 16 years Even the owner was different before I like to buy meat from them because they are very clean and great prices too

Chef Shamsher

Amazing service with great value for money.

Nermeen Fahmy

Such a great place! My day to day place to buy halal meat and groceries!

Lohitha Chandana

I am very upset that Ruby is moving from fair price Herndon location. She is excellent in threading and doing eyebrows. I have been going to her for the past 5 years. We moved to Ashburn but I still go to fair price Herndon just for her. She is so perfect in the way she does eyebrows. I am very disappointed..

Lena Weimerskirch

I come here for Ruby! Her eyebrow threading is great! The store has good products as well.

nassef younan

It is a nice store i like to eat both halal and haram

Harini Jayaprakash

Best place to get meat

Basker Ganesan

Professional and fast phone line service.

Sravanthi Manchala

Good place to buy fresh meat and also there is an in store threading service. Rubi is amazing. She does a real good job on eyebrows.

Smah Abuagla

EYEBROWS EYEBROWS EYEBROWS! Been getting them done with T for the past 20+ years. It'll be really sad to see her go. She's amazing at her craft and an asset to the market. Truly sad to see her go. Hopefully by a miracle she will continue on.

priyanka kota

Not good

Sanmai Reddy

They sell very fresh and quality meat, groceries with exceptional customer service by the owner n his staff though one of the busy Halal store in Northern VA. They sell fresh Pan, dates and some times snacks as well.

Fatma Mansaray

I LOVE RUBEY!! She has the kindest heart and really knows how to perfect my eyebrows. She is gentle when threading my brows and always cares about my comfortability !! I come all the way from Richmond to herndon for her to do my eyebrows

zainaab umi

I’m very very disappointed that the lady Who does Eyebrowes threading is relocating soon... fairprice was very convenient for me and all my friends we would all come from Leesburg every 2weeks to get our Eyebrowes done and do our grocery ... buy meat, sweets and bread at the same time now it’s very sad that she is moving from here... we have been coming here for a longest time now sudden change is very disappointing:(

Benedicte Nkweso

I come here to buy some groceries and to do my eyebrows. There’s a large amount of product to choose from. I am really happy about the quality of the hair products. For the eyebrowsshapping. Very nice lady! She’s really good at what she’s doing. I am always satisfied when I leave after her services.

Hassan Beneladel

Great costumer Service and also great price

Noureddine Akremi

Best store! Fresh meat very good stuff specially Ameer, highly recommend

Runit me

Wonderful customer service.

Fahd Sattar

Clean store and friendly staff. I do all my meat shopping here as there is a skilled butcher who knows cuts.

Maria Masood

I am extremely disappointed to hear that Ruby's Salon will no longer be a part of this store. I have only shopped at this store because of Ruby's Salon. She is the reason I have been coming here .However, with her gone, I will no longer have a need to shop at this store.

Sonia Rad

The worst customer service! They need to hire more people as a cashier so people don’t wait 15 morning on line. The way they treated customer is like they are doing a favor for us!very bad attitude not professional

Shaun Dean

They have very good Quality Meats and produce

Sivakumar Duraikannu

Great service and good halal products.

Shan Lancer

Never again I will go there. They have good stuff but serve different people differently. For some reason one of the butchers thought I do not deserve good meat and gave a spoiled meat from inside while others standing in front of me was served differently. Not sure what the preference is. Sorry for other good people there.

Balasubramani K

Over priced Meat compared to other halal meat stores

Twinkle Star

I just heard that the nice lady who does the eyebrows is leaving your store. I am very disappointed since this store was my one stop shop to do groceries and my eye brows. I come from Ashburn to shop at your store and get my eye brows done at the same trip. Please ask her to stay. Your store will not be the same without her :(

Rakesh Mittapally

Great service and reasonable prices , i strongly recommend this store for fresh halal meat.

Trisha V.

I am extremely disappointed to hear that Ruby's Salon will no longer be a part of this store. I have only shopped at this store because of Ruby's Salon. She is the reason I have been coming here for years for her excellent, unwavering service. However, with her gone, I will no longer have a need to shop at this store.


Manager Naeem hospitality with coustomer is great

Naeem Qureshi

Retail price of grocery very good

ted sylviolo

I have been coming to fair price for over 6 years now, I found items that not available somewhere else. In the back I do my eyebrows by Ruby, keep up girl. I recommended this place to a bunch of people.

Alia Khan

I love this store. I buy everything I need from here. They have a lady that works in the back she does the best eyebrows ever. Everything I need they have it

nouran ibrahim

I am a Muslim hijabi who moved 2 years ago from Saudi Arabia. I have been coming to Fairprice to Sr Tabassum who has been really sweet, and good at what she does. Recently heard she’s being made to leave. I will be VERY disappointed.

hafiz ahmed

usually bought groceries from here specially prefer to buy meat here.nice store

Reuban Edward

Great place for halal meat


I am a regular customer of this place for their Meat and Indian spices and they do take the effort to cut the meat as per your custom requirements inspite of heavy rush over weekends. Their Ordering your meats on Phone helps a lot to skip the waiting anytime.

Sukhmani Sahni

Best shopping experience. Naeem helped us finding the right things. Must for any type of Asian grocery. And I have got the best tandoori naan from fair price.

Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui

Excellent service and the meat is good

ramkumar jayaraman

Good guys..

Umesh Wagle

Very friendly folks at the meat store and the owner also pleasant person. Highly recommended for fresh and tasty halaal meat. Their baby goat is the best!

Aisha Choudhry

Good fresh halal meat spot

Shaikh Omer Dilshad

Best place for Desi shopping under one roof in the area

Sumi Sumi

I come to know Ruby Salon is closing from your store

Venu Gopal

Their Meat is fresh and the Staff who cut the meat is really cooperative and they are the best

shafqat bhatti

It's a pleasant experience. I found there friendly employees, fresh meat , good prices & maximum grocery

Rajesh Vallabhaneni

Best halal meat for desi's!!

Sreedevi Veerareddy

Good place to shop for fresh meat and groceries .

Jia Zee

I had a very bad experience at this business. It happened not once but these unfortunate has happened 3 to 4 times. Both, the owner and employees behaved very irresponsibly. This shop is named as Fairprice but looking at bad customer service it must be named as UNFAIRprice shop. They sell products out of customer’s order but never pays attention. Moreover they never accept their mistakes.

Bita Khoshhal

I came to know this store through Ruby's four years ago. Ruby is such a sweetheart and kind lady, and most importantly she is amazing at her craft. I drive a long distance to come to this store just for Ruby's amazing eyebrow skills! She always does a fabulous job and I always leave happy. I hope to continue coming for many years to come.

suma na

Be very careful. I bought baby goat meat from them, initially when they weighed it showed 5 and half pounds and they carged some 45$ for it, when i came home and checked it only had less than 4 pounds, i don't think that much is going to go waste. They are just looting and cheating people. Stay away and do your self a favor.

Rashed Alkhateri

Nice place with all you need from middle east and Indian spice and groceries

Hasan Rabani

I am always treated nicely by Mr. Naeem of Fair price store. He is always upbeat and vibrant. Actually, I witnessed his calm demeanor while dealing with an irate customer. They have good verity of international and national products and prices are usually reasonable.

Asmeret Gebremedhin

I’m always come here to do my eyebrows and she is very friendly and helpful thanks for everything

nasir rasheed

We tried several places for Halal meat, but this shop is the best for us. Very friendly and courteous staff.

Rohita Nuthakki

Used to be good (like u see in older reviews) but not any more since they grown.Rude people at front, who talks like they dont care customers.

Aftab Butt

Great variety and prices on all desi (Pakistani & Indian) groceries. They even have a separate section of Organic groceries (mostly dry stuff, tea & jams) along with organic chicken (available on demand).

G Top Mix

Nice place and clean

Michelle Vu

I am so grateful and delighted on the REMARKABLE quality of the HALAL T-bone I bought!! It was rich, deep, red, smooth. I was offered a look and approval of the beef part that it was going to be carved from and watched the butcher immediately evenly carve out my requested custom thickness. Who wants T-BONES with succulent Beef Filets for dinner tonight?? It was Delicious!!! ~~~~~ I refuse to go to a status quo Reston grocery store to just get meat from now on!

Meaza Kefyalew

I heard ruby salon is closed at fair price store it is very sad NES .it was very convenient I have been your customer for many years and shop grocery and my eyebrows I'm so sad please

Randa Mohamed

I have been coming to Ruby for years, every time I come in she does my brows perfectly and the location is so convenient, I come in and get my groceries and brows done all in one place.

Anil Kumar

Monopoly - Dont Care Attitude - Better off go somewhere unless u enjoy waiting for hour and over paying for what ever they gives. As it is the popular halal in herndon, they assumes all GOATS :) comes to them regardless.No one really cares about where is the pick up and what you ordered.They just through pickups somewhere like trash and tells that after waiting 30 min. It used to be reasonable product and price but not any more.Not just Customer handling issues but over priced.$9 for goat ? They cut whatever the size they want regardless of the order.

Atiq Haq

Great place for desi shopping and halal meat.

Shoaib Patel

Always fresh meat, staff is very patient.

adnan hila

Fast , and friendly people.

Kam Syed

Nice shopping experience

Praneeth Kalva

One of the fresh cut meat and chicken available

Ragheed Al Ameen

Small store with nice and friendly staff

Puneet K

I always go here for Ruby. She does a really good job with my eyebrows. She always recommend items for skin care that can also be purchased from the store. You wont be disappointed.

Sumaira Khan

i like the fresh meat they sell. the staff who deals with the meat are amazing. i have never seen butchers with a smiley face and greetings. the plus point is i can place my order on phone and pick up later rather than waiting there in line.

raza khan

The best place to shop here specially the meat and chicken amazing I highly recommend people to go and shop there Thanks Raza

LA Fatal

Small outlet but got everything you need and most importantly eyebrow lady rubey she is amazing

Saly Hassan

Nice place and good price for all your groceries !!! Will miss Ruby salon over there

Talib Khan

Great place to buy halal meat/groceries! Also good customer service!

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