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REVIEWS OF Central Meats & Almost Catered IN Virginia

Marie Welch

I love the Central Meat

Leah Miller

Dude behind the counter was amazingly helpful and really nice. Good selection of meats and good quality. Fair prices. And they even have some exotic meats available like emu, ostrich and wild boar

Mike Leathers

Great meat selection and reasonable prices. I get frozen raw dog food here as well.

Carlos Diaz

Great place to go, wonderful peoples and good prices


Great prices on local meat without preservatives and closer to the source. If your in VA beach/ Chesapeake it's a no brainer. I know the grocery stores need business too but if you can't trust your food source think twice. Prices here are actually a little bit lower as well. You CUT out the middle man ..pun intended

Nick Mo

Called first because I wanted to get two deer processed. They said yes bring it in, I showed up 30 minutes later and they turned me away. The guy said "nope we are full!" So thanks guys for telling me to come, having me drive half way across the city for nothing. Pull it together people!

Phillip Waldo Jr

Great prices and cuts of meats!


I meal prep for the week and absolutely love being able to go to the counter and ask for the right amount of meat I need instead of looking at how many packs I need to buy. Plus the color and smell of their meat is absolutely perfect. I wish they could get lamb head and feet.

Cory Anglin

People, products, and processes all were Outstanding!

Andrew Chambers

Best selection of meats and with great prices! I always go here when I am having friends over and I know I need a good spread. The staff are friendly and helpful. I always bring someone with me who has never been before so they can get the free pound of sausage for first-timers. Highly recommend!

Monica Murphy

The staff was very helpful when asked to help full a special request! Thank you!!

Cob Almighty

Great place to get high quality meats in small amounts or really large amounts

Barbara Brown

Awesome Always

Shamberci Jones

Lots of variety of meats even weird ones

Earl Cuffee

They have every cut of meat imaginable at great prices.


Awesome place. Have and would suggest.

Karen Kolpak Gay

The meats are great. Decent prices, very friendly staff, if you ask to get meat from the back, they will with problems. If you haven't gone, you need to

Jeanette Zeeb

Great meats and very sweet staff. You can call ahead to have your order packaged before you get there and they always offer to walk your box to your car for you.

chad zilla

Best place in Hampton roads for discount meats and meat and meat and deli cheese and meat

Kathy Robinson

Love this place, awesome meet. Always fresh and majority is local.

Tom O'Hara

Finally, I found a true butcher (and much more) in the area. This was my first visit and all the people working here went out of their way to ensure I got exactly what I wanted. Definitely a place I'll be frequenting.

Chris Winfield

There's a bundle package special to satisfy just about anybody's needs!

tony reynolds

Really good prices and great service

Victor Ingram

Very nice variety of sausages, cuts of meat, and accessories. I will be back many times.

Chip Ches

Great place to buy meats. Always fresh with at a great price!

David Colburn

Quality and price are unbeatable.

Morris Boyd

Customer service I rat a zero one of your employee totally ignore me talking to a customer about a dog for three 4 minutes look on your camera the black man in the postal uniform that's me standing there check your camera no customer service until some young lady came out and asked me can she help me

James Carodine

Friendly accommodating and informative will go the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction and they have hot lunch bar inside by cold cut cooler hey

Jason Pirok

Great meats, with great prices. I'm currently doing all of my meat shopping there! The only thing I can really ding them on is service. The service in the store is decent if not a little cool at times depending on who you interact with. On my last visit, one of the display stockers was rather rude to me, but the clerk checking me out was friendly and very helpful!

Christina Vreeland

We always get our meat products here. Great customer service!

Serena Jewell

I love coming here the staff is always helpful with whatever I need or answer any questions I may have. The price are great I am so happy I found this place. I highly recommend this business to anyone.

Charlie Banks IV

Great Place to Get Fresh Product. All the way from Raleigh Nc

Chris Smith

Great place for meats. I smoke a lot and this is better prices than local grocery stores.

Molly Eden

Great place.Every one should go for the meats.

Thomas Luich

Great service and good quality meats. Love this place

Justin Allison

Amazing service and incredibly great help with questions.

Deon Bailey

Overall good place for any kind of meat your looking for. Prices are a little high.

Jade Irving

This is the most disgusting smelling meat market I have ever been to, it smells rancid. Being from an area that has several meat markets I was completely appalled at the nasty smell. Edit for the response to my post: I am from Texas where there are several live meat markets that slaughter on site, they do not smell, none of them, not even the exotic game butchers, so I am not sure what you are talking about. Thank you for the response, but don't assume that people haven't been to butchers that don't smell like rotting flesh, there is a difference between butcher markets that smell and those that don't. I am from one of the largest agricultural areas in the US and there are plenty of exotic game meat markets that slaughter on location, they don't smell foul. I forgot to mention fresh meat does not smell rancid, dirty meat markets do.

Elizabeth Miller

Excellent customer service. Fresh meats. Nothing added. And I can buy a Picanha roast. Only place I buy my chicken, pork, and beef. Also love picking up wild boar when it is in. Great prices for the quality.

Lowee Cripps

I bought a 13 lb rib roast and it was so delicious, tender and juicy. The chuck was falling apart tender in the stew. Quality meat at reasonable prices! I highly recommend Central Meats.

Thomas Deal

Been coming for over a year now and this is a great place I come all the way from Nc and wouldn’t have it any other way great staff and great prices/deals

Rennie Barnett

I like purchasing my poultry here.

extreme cruiser

Helpful staff and great quality meats

Felix Victor

One of the best in Chesapeake area

Glenn H

Actual butchers who know how to cut meat properly. Very fresh. Very good prices. Been a loyal customer for over 30 years

Susan Snead

Always have what I am looking for.

Deborah Mereno

Love it always fresh meat

Jeff Graves

Best place for meat. Beef, lamb, pork, chicken. From the snout to the tail, everything is available. Just ask, they are always willing to help and cut anything you want. Having a cook out, they have all the supplies you need, also.

Rachael Bones

The best place to get great quality meat on the Southside.

Jeff Griffin

Awesome place. People are friendly and helpful. Especially when you forget the extra stuff the wife wants and have to go back.

Paul Bruner

I just walked in there a little while ago with the intention of buying several meats for a party I’m having this weekend. Out of the six people working there None of them could look at me or ask to help find me anything, I looked at them a few times to get their attention but they just looked down as if I wasn’t there. I walked around for a good 10 minutes me and another woman who walked in shortly after me and none of these six employees could acknowledge either one of us, As if it was an inconvenience to have customers in there. At that point I decided these people didn’t really care about their job or my business and decided not to put any money into this company. I called my wife and told her about this and she said she was there a few days before and got the same type of hospitality and she’s a hot Brazilian woman if she can’t get their attention who the hell can? Central meats has now lost at least two customers and most likely the woman who walked in after me if she’s smart. Thanks for nothing.

Gustavo Preciado

Good variety and good prices

Angela Maxwell

This place is the best business in Hampton Roads. Their customer service is outstanding, their products are great, custom cuts, anything to go with your selection. Sandwiches, etc. Our rescue and myself personally swear by this place and drive all the way here from VB. It is well worth it. Anyone who does not know about Central Meats is REALLY missing out!

Lewis Thompson

Always have what I want!!! Leg of Lamb is going to be great!!!

David Munoz

They had tri tip. That's always a win...

Barbara Davis

Found everything I wanted fresh meat not frozen really good staff fast check out

Steven Ford

Always friendly and helpful staff. Great prices on high quality meats.

adam lavine

Elmer G was most def correct about the owner to start with. I purchased meats here asked for advice in store and was told just make sure its at 165 and everthing else is ok. Called in within one week asked similar question to worker, she got owner on phone who was abrupt, uneducational and shut me down like a elementary school kid after every ques i asked and repeated the stork clerk just make sure its at 165, neither of them actually helped. I purchased the rabbit to Confit it, the quail to stuff with pear, wrap with bacon also had quail eggs for scotch eggs. So for people who spend their money like that, you know its not a cheap or easy process invloved in a 4 course meal of elegance. Needless to say Central Meats is just a name, like Mcdonalds and all things change with time good or bad.

Joseph Novaris

Great prices on quality meat.

Matt West

Its almost perfect, not really against them. I just live a ways from there but otherwise its a magnificent meat shop. They have some of the greatest meats I have ever had the pleasure to purchase. Every one of their staff has always been so nice and helpful.

Jeff Jones

Old-timey butcher shop. Beef, pork, lamb, rabbit, quail, ETC! I buy raw dogfood (6 types) here for Rex. Also cow femur knuckles. Great deal!


The Quality of the meat is the greatest!!

Wayne Nathan

I shouldn't give it one star the first time I went there i loved it so I went to order a couple of bundles to fill my freezer up and I was told it would take about a week to get ready I thought that was a long time but I went ahead and done it cause the meat was that good today I called to see if I can pick it up and they lost the order I made it seems to me they dont care about the new customers they done nothing about it

Willie Kidd

Very good selection of meat, especially pork and beef. They're homemade sausages are very good also.

James Womack

Great prices!!! Staff are always looking to help, asking if you need help. Overall great experience and will be using them from now on for my butcher needs!!! Cheapest whole pig prices around, quick turn around, and the pig turned out beautifully. Thank you!!!!


Certain meat sizes are cut when you order. Nice size portions. My second time coming and I will be back.

Charlie Vega

The best meat market in Eastern VA, the staff is friendly and helpful they have it all from fresh lamb to rabbits love love love, if you cook you should be getting it here

Jeffrey Richley

I love how they take the time to talk with you and give suggestions on what type of meat to get. They have great ideas for cooking too!

Pat McConnell

They were very helpful in choosing raw frozen dog food. Have great meat for humans too!

Paul Hugill

Awesome Customer Service and great selection. Top notch!!

Bill Hudgins

The Best Meat Market In Chesapeake...

Ava Bly

They have everything you want.

Cary J Woodbury

Very helpful and friendly service. They have all sorts of cuts of all type meats packaged in bulk. Quality meat- esp the filet mignon , porterhouse and their breakfast sausage! (Mmmmm!) They had Organic Turkeys available for Thanksgiving ...that was a special treat!

Jason Hartzell

Not quite full service. Growing up with a Mother that raised cattle I know what full service butchers are. You tell the butcher what you want and they cut it of the cow. It's pretty simple. Central Meats can do this to a certain extent. But I found their limitation. They get a certain number of cows but also boxed meats. Granted their quality is beyond reproach but you can't always get what you want. I made the mistake of thinking full service was just that. I found out they carried Tri Tip. It's very hard to find on the east coast. So over the past two weeks I bought four. They were exceptional. So when I planned my barbecue for the weekend I took for granted that they would have some. One would think if they aren't in the fridges you could go to the butcher counter and have them cut. I was sorely mistaken. I asked the teenager at the counter about getting one cut. She said I am sorry we are out and we don't know when we are getting more in. So naturally I was beyond confused. So I asked aren't you a full service butcher? She responded that they were. So then I asked are you out of cows? She then sent the butcher my way. He was polite (they have great customer service) and told me they couldn't find someone to source them TriTip of the quality they would sell (I totally respect that). He then offered me a similar Brazilian cut from the top loin rather than the bottom sirloin. I took it and went on my way. But it bothered me. They are billed as full service. And they had the meat. So I called them and asked again are you full service? The answer was yes. Then I explained my situation. They then put the owner on the phone. This guy had Great customer service. He told me that I could come back down and he would make it happen for me. Even though they didn't have the choice or prime grade. He understood where I was coming from. Had it not been for thier quality and great customer service they would have gotten 2 stars from me. They are a great business that does care. But they are not quite full service.

David McBride

This is the best butcher shop in the area hands down. They have a wide selection of fresh meats, as well as a decent selection of frozen exotic meats. They always have a good sale on something. They also sell some stuff for dogs like bones and smoked pig ears.

raoul duke

great butcher shop, exotic meats, and sausage making supplies for the home chef (casings). I wanted wagyu beef but they were out, so I recommend if you see an exotic meat on their website or are looking for one in general, I would call before going.

Rubbie Clark

This store could use some sprucing up, but the meats are always fresh and I like the jumbo wings and the variety of sausages.

Fred Saunders

Definitely the place to go to stock up or get custom and regular cuts of all kinds of meats and a good selection of spices also also to get your goods for grilling

michael coffman

Wonderful people and excellent product. Fresh meat without all the extra stuff pumped into it. OMG their sause is the best bar non!!!!

Bernadette Howard

Very good on the prices and always fresh meats.

Kenny Cook

Lots of choices for meats and seasonings here! Great visit and we will be back. Very nice employees

Yogesh Waran

Cheap and fresh meat and all kinds and meat and sausage is there and this place for non veg lovers

Laura Dameron

This place is awesome :) the people there are so nice and the prices are great!!

Julie Head

I think this is possibly the best butcher shop I have ever worked with. Helpful, clear cut pricing schedule, and timely. We raise our own beef and pork and this is by far my favorite place to go for custom processing.

Roger Sams

Knowledgeable butchers, happy to help and answer questions. Good variety of meats and extras to choose from.

Samantha Floyd

Its a great and unique place!

AE Shorter

This seems to be the only meat market in Chesapeake but still one the best I had ever been to. With that said the prices are legit. And i have never seen such a selection that included exotics and great services.

Antuane Jones

The Best Meat Market In Coastal Virginia!!

Basilio Feliciano

great will be back

Bond Hurry

The price on chicken is impossible to beat, but all of their meat is really well priced. And they gave me a free pound of sausage on my first visit!

Joshua Sheffield

Stopped by yesterday to pickup a bone in prime rib roast but settled for choice. I am sure it had something to do with my lack of planning so it was all good. So I cooked it up today and it was amazing, not to mention it was my first time. Also first time at Central Meats and it was a great experience.

Diana Luich

Great meat - great prices!

Deacon Keith Fournier

This is a great place. Freshly butchered meats, with no additives or chemicals, sold at very good prices. Frequent sales. Particularly for those eating high protein, a truly good resource.

Brian Landreville

Excellent cuts, great deals and prices, staff is always friendly and helpful

John Harkins II

Wonderful store of meats, sauces, rubs, spices, and many other items for cooking with meat. You need a specific type of meat, or a freezer stuffed full, they probably have it here. Order times on larger boxed orders may not be instantaneous, but it will be accurate on when the date of readiness is. The 20 minute drive for my family is entirely worth being able to obtain a month's worth of meat for little more than $100.

Linda Sheppard

Great deals & prices on top grade meats. Highly recommend buying your steaks, pork & sausages here

Jonathan Mays

First time I had been in a long line. Must be the holiday, but the line move pretty quickly and it was long. Great place you will thing so to if you like cooking with fresh meat. Staff and customers always pretty friendly.

Andrew Mozdzierz

Could been better if they had lines for the meats. Otherwise it's good

Wanda Cowell

Everything is still nice from years ago

Stephanie Delacruz

I love this place! Always friendly service and fresh meats

Aaron Pinter

Always smells terrible in here but great service and great prices on hormone and antibiotic free all natural meat. The seafood here is too expensive though and most of it isn't even local.


Staff were very friendly, 4 stars only because if you don't see an item you want, you have to ask if they have it, not fussing aboit it but at least put a name place up for frozen items like the ox tails ( excellent price btw) me being a first time customer, if I didn't look online I would have left. Little disappointed they didn't honor the first time customer pound of home made sausage, but I understand

Darrell Glass

The best to buy meats of all kinds in small or large quantities

Ronald Buchan

Central meats is still the best place in Virginia to get your fresh meat at. Thanks again Bucky.

Frank Mortensen

Awesome service and they have everything you could ever want.

Guinoo Jade

The staff is really helpful and friendly. My family and I love buying our meat here.

Alex Follmer

I love going here. Usually cheaper than buying anywhere else. Always fresh and great customer service!

Cathy Spencer

Pleasant staff and great prices

Shayeeta Walton

Great prices knowledgeable staff.

Edwin Capps

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Charlotte Rivera

Great store to buy your meats and seasonings from. They have a great selection of meats.

antonio spellman

It was great, good meats with great prices,

Kay Cook

Great fresh meat and delicious cheese. Got a BBQ sandwich for lunch. Good service in a clean shop.

Joseph Wiseman

Nice selction of meats and good prices

Aaron Stutzman

Quality meats, good prices, friendly staff. I enjoy supporting local, if it is warranted, and this place is "top notch"!

Claudia Whitehurst

Loved the service, the meat and the price was outstanding

Carolyn Campbell

Awesome prices love that they don't add preservatives to their meat will definitely be visiting again

Ezada Calicdan

I really enjoy coming here. I get fresh quality meat at a good price.The staff is very friendly and polite

Steve Davis

Very good meats ,

Justin Urban

Best prices on meat I found in the area. I usually go for the chicken breast since it's less than 2 bucks a pound and its farmed raised plus doesn't seem to be injected with saline solution. All other meats are higher quality as well as more inexpensive than the grocery store counter part.

Debra Causby

No wait time at the fresh meat counter. Didn't have enough of what I ask for, she said no problem I'll have them cut it for you. Good meats and nice people!

Sherrie Payne

The meats were super fresh, the prices are right, and every one was so very helpful!

Rob V.

Great local butcher. It's a little organized chaos trying to get what you need but they have a good selection.

Elmer G

Maybe it is part of the "old world charm" that Chris the owner be a complete jerk. Their services might be great, but as far as people skills and being able to relate to customers, this guy Chris is about as pleasant as rotting meat.

Glenn Williams

Fresh meats. No preservatives. Great deals.

vivian rigdon

I am not writing a review. I qant to know how I order oxtails from you , how much they are

richard wheeling

Great service a wide variety of meats. Staff is always there to help and answer any questions

Dave H

I ordered a 75lb smoked pig for my Navy Retirement Party and it was done to perfection. I had so many compliments about the pig and everyone kept asking who cooked it or where did I get it. When I said Central Meats everyone was shocked nobody knew they provided this service. Besides having the meats in town they also cook and cater. Thank you for making my retirement party a huge hit and I didnt have to spend hours on the grill cooking burgers. FYI if you never picked up a pig you need an SUV or VAN with the seats folded down. The pig is on a big flat board covered in tinfoil. They bring it out to your car. The board they use is very solid and held the pig nicely while transporting it to the house. We will be doing this again in the near future. I am recommending Central Meats to all my friends.

Scott Jackman

Can be hard when busy to get your order in, but when you do it is so worth it. My dogs love the pet treats and wet foods.

Kimberlee Mowery

Very busy but worth the waiting for excellent and friendly staff,great cuts of

Omtayo Salami

You want fresh, visit the central meat market in Chesapeake

Joan Owens

2 packs of porterhouse great price .

Johanna Arocho

They have quality meats at great prices. Big selection.

Ray Castillo

The meats are always good the prices are a little high but the meat quality is worth it.

dub_yani dub_mari

love coming to central meat always have what i need

Renor Williams

Always friendly service with a smile coupled with excellent selection of meats, makes it the best place to shop.

Jennifer Blacklidge

Small town feel, friendly and a huge selection!

Wayne C

Absolutely the best full service butcher I have ever been to. The staff are great, the meat is TOP NOTCH, and the selection and prices for such quality are outstanding! I just wish there was one in Hampton, but I will still drive over there to get meat once a month because they are that good. Best New York strips I have ever had. They even process deer at a fair price, can't beat them.

Marilyn Davis

Always fresh meats and will cut as you like . Meats can be ordered and cut as individual cuts or bundle cuts...

Jeffrey McAfee

Good Prices, friendly staff. Large selection pretty much like your local grocery store but much fresher and larger quantities available. The steaks look delicious and no old brown meats when you get home and open the package.

A small cat

We always have great service here. Items are packaged well. Great selection of beef, pork, chicken, etc. They have exotic meats as well in the freezer area. They have dog food/treats too. They have rubs, sauces, spices, vegetables, ice, etc. We have liked all the meats we have bought some this place the last 3 years. They have had specials happening every time we have gone in here. They have a Facebook page as well that shows the specials and they have a website you should checkout. You can also call to order meat for pickup. You can get cattle, etc. processed here as well for a fee and get your meat so you don't have to cut it all up yourself.

tony matlock

Friendly people. Great service.

Pedro Rodriguez

Fresh and very good prices.

alan koza

Loved central meats 5 stars

Ccnm Barksdale

The meats are drug free, the staff is wonderful.

Glenn hickman

The place is getting a bit run down. Time to update the coolers and just a general makeover.

Lindsey Cox

Love coming here it's the only place I buy meats from now kind & helpful staff, and so many options from meats to the deli to spices, rubs, & sauces

Jonathan Dominguez

We’ve been coming here for a year now and at first this place was amazing but the quality of meat has recently been poor especially the boneless chicken. Numerous times the meat is covered with fat, gamey, had a rotten smell or bruised to were it is no longer able to cook. After cutting the fat off there’s barely any chicken left meaning I’m paying for fat. I’ve had to return meat before once I got home and noticed what’s wrong with it. My wife and I love coming here because it’s right around the corner from our house and the customer service is great but the quality just isn’t the same as it used to be.

Deric W.

Fair pricing and great selection. Staff always courteous and helpful. Thanks.


I always get what I need.

Carolyn Hobbs

Always ready to take care of all your needs!

Alfredo Contreras

Amazing quality at great prices!

Sean Paul

Great selection!

Robbie Jordan

Chesapeakes best kept secret. The freshest, cleanest meat you can get anywhere. Grillmasters paradise.

Clara Cashwell

Excellent service! My husband and I have been customers for many many years! Clean environment!

Tammy C

Love this place! Awesome meat and friendly people every single time!

Meriwether Power

Excellent pork butt! Made a helluva meal last night after lettin it cook all day. Thanks guys!

Chelsea Rae Van Houten

Helpful staff, great snacks and raw food for dogs. They gave us free sausage for being new customers, I seriously thought they were joking. Love this place, wish I lived in Virginia so I could shop here all the time. Meat selection looks incredible!

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