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REVIEWS OF Fred the Butcher IN Vermont

AJ Tobias

Great deli... terrific kielbasa...good meat cuts...homemade sauce's

George Leitze

Awesome butcher shop. They have an enormous selection of cuts of meat. They will cut anything to your needs. They have great weekly specials. They also smoke and roast all of their own lunch meats and they have a huge selection of homemade sausages and hot dogs. They even have dry aged beef. The store also has some hard to find items including good olive oil and fresh fruits and vegetables. If you aren't sure how to smoke or cook any of their meats just ask. You couldn't ask for a better butcher shop. I almost forgot, they sell sandwiches using their products that are awesome.

freddy toms

Nothing special at all. Lot's of hype and the bull is a joke

Jaclyn Adler

Great butcher shop! Terrific cuts of meat at reasonable prices. Helpful staff. Also lots of produce, grocery items, and local breads/desserts. Sub counter available too.

Jill G

Great place to shop! The meat and fish always are fresh and taste great. Lots of different and unique grocery selections.

Jeannine Theakos

Best corn beef round

Daniel Dunn

One of the best places to go for any meet you may need for grilling, broiling, and smoking. The prices are worth the quality of the product. If you want something prepared for you, there sandwich menu is amazing. They carry a lot of local goods as well.

William Dalrymple

New to the area. Stopped here to grab a few steaks. The staff was super helpful and courteous. Ended up trying the New York strip with some rub from a local company.

Zach Taylor

Great food. Great service. Make sure to try their own "Vidalia Onion Steak Sauce" and Macaroni Salad. Two solid winners. Been a customer since they first opened years ago. No complaints here. (Wouldn't mind longer hours...)

Justin Cohen

Long wait times at lunch time - sometimes have what's on the menu - sometimes not so much. Once you get your food though - Phenomenal meals. Customer Service is good.

Mike Hardy

Four stars only because it was the first time I was there. I had a juicy and delicious reuben sandwich for lunch. It smelled great in the store. I will be back to get some custom cut meat.

Elaine Morcone

The BEST meat market in the Capital District!

Gigi .

Love this place!!...and their roast beef! They have their own meats in the deli dept. They have butchers in the meat dept. They even make fresh to order hot or cold sandwiches to stay or to go!!...their reubens are the best in town!! The staff has always been courteous and nice.

Eric Tisaj

Love it here. I get my meat every week here!

Dan Nicolaescu

Fresh foods , well presented neighborly shop to visit

Barbra Urban

Why do I waste my time looking elsewhere for cuts of meat? Fred' s was my 3rd try,looking for a fresh ham roast. Of course they had it! The butcher cut it to order. I wanted 5 lbs and when they put it on the scale,it was exactly 5.0. The finished product is always excellent.

terry germain

Best burger. Great meat store.

Jim Flynn

Fred has awesome meats and wonderful specialty items, including Worldling's Pleasure cheese spreads! Yum! Particularly like their fresh kielbasa. Just like Grandma used to get from her butcher 50 years ago!

Peter Zaas

Really, just the best custom butcher around.

Ernie Benoit

They sell out fast.

michael spooner

Awesome, best place in Clifton park

Linda-Rose Smuckler Sternfeld

The best butcher in the capital region. Thank you Belki, Bill and the entire staff.

John Gribbin

Best meat and Service in Upstate New York

Jeff Francisco

Great Price on Hamburg meat for 10 lb package. Can't beat the price.

Dave Tecler

Best meats in capital region. Worth the drive and money

Sandy LaBelle

What a great place! Ate there for lunch and was so impressed with the quality and kindness of the people, ended up shopping a well. Highly recommend.

Elier Navarrete

Fresh and tasty

ZZZnuriZZZ .

Great Meat products and grocery store

Ellen Allen

Won't buy cold cuts anywhere else any more! Best quality, great prices, roast beef is phenomenal!!

Kramer Farney

This place has everything, and only the finest quality. Highly recommended!

Pat Wolf

Great butcher with a lot of options and a surprising amount of sauces, rubs, spices and other groceries. Definitely more options than Primal.

James Norton

Excellent Subs and Service

Mithrandir12508 .

Fred the Butcher always has a great Wednesday special and tasty quality meats. They have some other nice local items too! We usually find at least one or two interesting things to try when we come here. The staff is excellent and has great suggestions on how to prepare their various excellent meats. Will be coming here many times in the future.

Daniel Halloran

Best butcher shop around.

Alicia Tuller

Friendly knowledgeable staff. Porterhouse to die for

Donald Student

The best

Tina Stevens

I'm very pleased with the cut of meats they carry and the staff is very helpful and polite

Herman Nelson

Nice. Place to shop


I just purchased a sandwich in the deli AND the turkey was all fatty and stringy! UGH UGH UGH. I usually have nothing but praise for Freds. Today it sucked. What a shame.

Sharon Nahumyk

Very Best

Murray Eitzmann

Best meats in town. VERY FRIENDLY.

Leon Adams

If you haven't been to Fred's, you should. Everything here is of amazing quality. They smoke a ton of meats in house, from Cabanos to jerk(my favorite) and so much more. Yesterday (Saturday) i went in and found out that they do riceballs on Saturdays, made in house. Let me tell you, best riceballs i have ever had. All three types were simply delicious. I'm not suprised by this because EVERYTHING I have gotten here was amazingly delicious. They even carry Renko's pickled polish sausages! This is one of my hometown delicacies i didn't expect to find here in Clifton Park. Understand that all i have mentioned is just a fraction of everything you will find here...go...see...taste!

Yio D'Arcangelis

Always a pleasurable experience.

Susan Boisvert

Nice place nice fresh meat and other groceries

Salone Carter

Awesome staff and service. They ordered a whole suckling pig for me and it was there on time when they said it would be. Definetly doing more business there

Keith Amato

Great selection of prime meats, fresh vegtables and delicious premade foods.

raymond bartels

Very nice lot of prime meat great deli and sevice

Cynthia Markle

Great meat, lots of choices. Just baked the meatballs. Omg. Best since my grandmother used to make

Jeanine Roby

Great sandwiches and you can watch them cook your meats and such right on the griddle. Awesome butchery section and a grocery area.

Jessica Tereski

Best place. The people are more then amazing.

Marie Durante

Great store with helpful employees. Meat is fantastic, melts in your mouth.

Kathy Zumbo


Don Deverell

Great products, meats, staff, and veggies. Prefect placefor all your dinner grilling needs. The lunch sammiches are second to none.

Todd O'connor

One of the best places around for fresh meats and Smoked Meats to

Cathy Linn

Best Italian mix sub EVER

Jim Cerqua

Very good counter service and meat is excellent.

Matthew DeLorenzo

Best place in Capital district

William H. Creitz

Best Butcher Shop around.

Matthew Pietro

Hands down the best deli in the Capital District.

Kelly Rowden

Consistently good meat and service. Fred's own deli meats, hot dogs, kabanos, bacon and kielbasa are all second to none. Always enjoy going here, if nothing else to take in the smells!

John Diaco

Great food

Andrew Cavosie

Best wraps around, hands down.

Donald Smith

FREDs as a real butcher shop of the 1950s. But it is also a modern Mom/Pop mini-mart. With a produce counter, deli, and meat market with prime meats. All that they sell is 1st class. Their staff is top notch and ready to share their knowledge. Everything is priced of sell, but you will pay a fair price for quality. Great place to ask for hard to find items. Just a great place!!!

Michael Mackesey

Great service

Carol Alty

All fresh and local grocery choices. Great dry aged steak and whole milk chocolate milk!

dave demarco

I'm always treated great when I go to Fred's

Matthew Doraby

One of the few true butcher shops left in the area. High quality meat, higher quality service. One of the few places I've been able to get kidneys and black pudding done right.

Brian McClune

The staff here are a riot; combine that with cold cuts, steaks, porks, burgers, and subs that are all as good as you can buy, and you've got the only butcher shop you need to visit. It also has fresh vegetables, pasta, sides, fixings, and all sorts of stuff that make it a really convenient market beyond their title business. Give them a visit!

Jason Duma

I live 46 mile's from Fred the Butcher, and have absolutely no problem making the trip to enjoy the FANTASTIC QUALITY AND PRICING. There are several other "butcher" shops I have tried, and none compare. If you really appreciate GREAT steaks, then don't waste your time going anywhere else.

Bettina Hoag

Fred the butcher is the best!!!the best butcher around!!!

Lance Skaarup

Another GREAT lunch from Fred the Butcher !

Jodi Eaves

Love this butcher shop - I enjoy the smokehouse smell when you walk in, friendly people, small market feel with good food

Joseph Calcagno

Best specialty shop in Clifton park

Kristina J

Love Fred the Butcher. This is a great place to get all types of cuts off meat, best Kilbasa, yummy salads, and great cheeses. They also have some grocery items and fresh vegetables. Go and have a look. You won't regret it.

Jeff Amos

I had a tasty Reuben, but the location is mighty weird. It feels like it's trying to be a fancy, hipster-esque grocery store while still serving meat products that are reasonably priced, but the atmosphere was just kinda weird. That said, it smelled amazing inside, and all the meat did look fantastic, even if I could see the butchers eating pizza out of boxes in the back.

love wins

Best butcher I've ever been to!

Liz Eckler

Fred's always has something great to cook for dinner. Always leave with something!

Jan Zadoorian

Fred's is simply awesome. Great selection and quality. Emoloyees are always helpful and courteous.

Les D

This place is the best!

Leslie Turner

Great service and the best hand cut meat and cold cuts in the area. If you want a special order, Fred's is the place to go! They also make their own kielbasa and sausages.

Theresa Peer

Love the store love them the food is good prices are good

Susan Lozon

Great Beef. Prices are reasonable when you consider the quality and value. There's a chain store that says they have "Certified Angus Beef," but they do not trim the meat well. The chain store also has rather odd cuts of meat sometimes that are marked as being some other cut than what it really is. Fred the Butcher sells REAL Angus beef, with many cuts available, trimmed well and always tender. Their minute steak makes excellent sandwiches. Or use it for stir-fry, stroganoff, beef goulash. The stew beef is already trimmed - I don't have to take it home and trim it myself. Their pork lives up to the "Chairman Reserve" name. I got some ground pork to make sausage with (I like my seasoning, been using it for years.) and unlike buying the pre-packaged stuff at the chains, this actually tasted right! Lean and yet still juicy. Fred's smokes their own meats and makes their own sausages, hot dogs, etc. And while you're there, grab a sandwich from their deli counter. Fred's is an experience you don't want to miss.

Alfred Katz

Just the best, a little pricey but it's worth it

Eric Sievers

Excellent old school butcher shop.

Mark White

We finally stopped here coming back to the 'Burgh from Clifton Park. The aroma walking through the door tells you all one needs to know. The real deal, old-school butcher shop/smokehouse. Superior products, prices that are incredibly low for the quality, and an amazing variety. It's easily worth the drive compared to the average supermarket's alleged premium meat counter. We'll be working our way through the products one by one. We haven't seen Pastrami like Fred's outside of NYC. Highly recommended. We picked up a pound of pastrami for $10 and change. This is less expensive than Boar's Head which would be the only brand worth even trying at your average grocery store Deli-Counter. Along with the pastrami, Fred's has an excellent section of bread and rolls. Be certain to look in the cubby at the very front of the store to see everything they carry. We grabbed a loaf of white Italian bread that was from Bella Napoli, an awesome old-school bakery in the Troy area. Sandwiches with the pastrami and mustard were HEAVENLY. This was hands-down the best pastrami we've had outside of NYC. We've both traveled extensively and have never been able to approximate Pastrami that compares to say Katz's on the lower east side. Fred's Pastrami is right up there with a perfect fat/lean ratio, a mild peppering and buttery soft texture with no stringiness. Outstanding product...we'll be back and work our way through the other store-made smoked meats.

Gary Cadieux

Nothing not to love about Fred's ! Best butcher shop I've ever been in, and I've been in many.

George Bigaouette

Quality has been marginal since the original owner pass6.

Scott Van Buren

Great selection of meats, great quality. They also make their own cold cuts and smoke their own hams an kielbasa. Their cold cuts are great!

James Hensel

Amazing. Its basically Santa's workshop for men. Making manhood meat dreams come true.

Lundy La Buda

This place is amazing, smells amazing. Great sandwiches too.

J Metzger

love this place , incredible service even when its super busy


Always a great place to buy fresh local cuts. They make great bacon cheese burgers that are absolutely delicious and amazing cuts of steak. Staff is always friendly and helpful. We’re never disappointed when we shop at Fred’s!

Pamela Carey

Husband & daughter love meats from Fred's. Can order small or large quantity. My son loves the hot dogs & the bacon, kielbasa, smoked pork chops, in-house made lunchmeat.... Been shopping at Fred's since was in Mechanicsville. New store is so roomy. And the quality of non- meat items is great. (Was there one day when less than prime produce was almost delivered. Fred let the delivery guy know he expected high quality for his customers, that's why they're so loyal)


Excellent food and funny staff!

Karen Smith

Sopresata!! I love this place.

James Mobley

Awesome place. I will be returning.

Aaron Allen

Great cuts of meat and some of the best prices around. I prefer this butcher shop to primal.

Adam Hayes

Best butcher around.

Roger Swartz

This place sell's sushi grade yellow fin tuna at $12.99 a pound. That is what the person in the meat department told me. So I have good faith in their honesty. Also, they are the only place I know if that claims to sell fresh wild caught chilean sea bass. Pretty impressive.

bakers broke

Been the best for over 15 yrs.. seriously u have to try them out..

Rob Morton

I'm hooked on the chicken salad

Bill Underwood

Best butcher in the area and it's not close.


For the last 4 years I have tried to order my meats for the holidays and have had a bad experience each time. The reason I did return each time was the quality was fine, not the best but fine and local. Although I ordered two weeks in advance each time, twice my order was given to someone else, once in done incorrectly and I had go in the back and instruct him on exactly what I wanted. The last and final time was this year when I ordered a fresh ham, bone in, skin on for Christmas dinner 2 weeks in advance, waited on line 40min. at time and I ordered for it to be ready and was told that they had none left. No apology or excuse, or offer to make right. They tried to sell me a boneless, skinless fresh. REALLY!!. Finally they agreed to order one for Mon. Christmas eve. I got there and waited on line 40min. I went to the back of the shop while on line to tell them I was there and ont to give it away again. Told it was in and ready. Waited another 25min. got to the front and had to wait for it to be prepared asked. No Apology made, very rude.

Susan Marks

Great cold cuts, reasonable prices and quick service. Thank you to Mario for recommending I try it.

Debbie Smith

This was my second visit. I will definitely be back.

Christopher Park

This is the first time I've been here since they've moved and wow! What a difference! Everything is layed out nicely, the staff is friendly, the produce and meats look fresh and amazing, I was impressed! I'll be visiting again soon!

Louise Dearstyne

The best EVER


Great place. The food is amazing and staff very friendly. The only reason its receiving 4 stars is because the management needs to step it up and hire more people in the kitchen. I pick up food from there almost every day and those 2 poor guys in the kitchen cant handle the amount of orders coming in. There amazingly fast at what they do but last time took me 40 min to order and pickup my food since no one was picking up the phone.

William Watson

The best meat shop in the capitol district hands down.

Barry Rouse

Absolutely the best butcher place in the Capital District. Grill is fabulous.

David Arakelian

Love Fred's

Elizabeth LaPier

Amazing meats!!!!!! I drive all the way from exit 13s just to get our meat and every time we come we get the best freshly made corned beef sub!

Pat Collery

Go here and get any sandwich, steak, vegetable. You will not be disappointed, portions are great and quality of food is best around bar none.

John Fowler

Awesome steak sandwiches!!! Good prices too!

Laurie Snyder

I bought Fred's homemade corned beef round for St Patty's dinner because Hannaford and Price Chopper were all sold out. I cooked it exactly the way they suggested and the meat carved beautifully. It was more expensive but my family said it was the most delicious corned beef they ever had. Now I can't imagine getting it anywhere else, especially if you are having a large crowd.

Paully Inman

Best spot in the Capital District to get your Grilling Meats, made-on-the-premises Roast Beef, etc. Every time I go, the American Cheese, is like, $3.50 per pound. You can't beat that! They have great workers, that will help you out with anything - including cooking tips! They also sell "Bones" that any Dog will love! Be prepared to spend some money though, because once you are there, & you smell how Delicious it is in the store - you will want to bring Home all kinds of Meals! They also sell Fresh Produce, Breads, Canned Goods, Pastas, Sauces, Frozen Foods (french fries, vegetables, etc.), & all kinds of stuff you wouldn't normally expect @ a "Butcher Shop". My Family Loves to shop there & it's almost like an occasion every time we go up!

Glenn Bender

Best meats in the area.

David W

Always a pleasure going to Fred's. Friendly staff and great food.

Dan Cotrupe

Love Fred the Butcher, I stop in at least twice a week for fresh produce, pasta, and meats. The prices are unbelievably good for the meats and produce and the quality is top notch. Aside from these they have a wide variety of craft quality dry goods, sauces, spices, and frozen goods- both in house specials and high quality imports/domestic goods. Totally changed my cooking and eating habits once I started coming here. And the holiday specials are outstanding!

Frank Rizzo

Great hot sandwiches during the week. This place is a great little deli and butcher that has great fresh options.

John L Magee

Had what I needed

Dan Doedema

Prime meats at reasonable prices. Great deli. Everything made in house.

Chris Lebrun

I have been to Fred's many times in the past year since starting work in Clifton Park. When ordering a sandwich, I've experienced nothing but great customer service and great food. The butcher, however, not so much. Today was the third time that I've gone, purposefully during non-peak times, and been skipped over by the butcher 2 or 3 times. Today I just wanted a container of mac salad and the butcher skipped me 3 times (for people not standing in the proper line), these customers were getting meat and took forever, after the third time and 12 minutes of waiting when originally there was 1 person in front of me, I decided to leave empty handed and I won't be going back again. I'd much rather go to another local butcher like Primal, where the workers show customers respect and go out of their way to convenience you rather than inconvenience you. Not to mention many of the butchers at Fred's are unprofessional, eating behind the butcher counter and looking like they haven't showered in days.

Jonathan Petruska

Still the best butcher in area hands down.

Doug Fortier


M. White

AWESOME store, Love the bistro lunch counter. Mike makes great stuff on the grill.. Pork po-boy, sausage pepper onion, steak sandwich are all great. Cold subs are great also, add the bacon.

Rexford Lord

When Fred was alive great place! Since his son sold part of the business off the service sucks the produce never fresh and prices continue to go up! So sad!

Renee Panarese

Best butcher

Jamie Rowe

Never disappointed with the service or quality of the product.

Lynn M

Their Hot kielbasa is to die for!!

Jo Ann Walpole

THIS is a REAL butcher shoppe....great quality meat, great prices, great customer service!

Vincent Izzo

Hands down, the best grilled chicken anywhere. In general, it's just a great place to get your deli and meats

John Dahoda

Lunch exceptionally good grilled Reuben meats are excellent good quality

Chad Willett

The worst service ever. Stopped in on my lunch brake. I tried to order a sub. Three employees stud around with mean mugs and after 10 minutes waiting I was told rudely I was in the wrong line but there is no sign to separate deli meet from a sandwich orders. Waste of my time, I will never go back.

Eleanor Murray

Based on the name, I expected more meat. Don't get me wrong - there was a lot! It wasn't labeled clearly I thought. Or sometimes at all. I had to guess or ask, and that was time consuming and a little frustrating. But the QUALITY really showed - and that's what it's all about! Also it is a great little specialty market with Nino's rolls from Albany and Smith's pies. I think I saw Perrecca bread, but I'm not sure. There's all kinds of Italian specialties that you just can't find anywhere else that I know of. A great store! What took me so long?

pakattak420 .

Wow. Very good selection. Have not been here in years and boy was I missing out. Will only be purchasing hamburger and chicken from Fred’s from now on. Picked up the chicken burgers with spinach today and it was phenomenal. Good prices, good selection. Hands down better then the markets and others around. Highly recommended

Colleen Mc Veigh

Adorable old school local market

David Weekes

Fred the Butcher is awesome! Great selection of top quality meats, homemade sausages of all varieties, seafood, storemade deli meats and many homemade prepared dishes to choose from. Eat in or take out sandwiches and more. Everything in the store is fresh and delicious and all at reasonable prices. Stop in if you haven't yet, you don't know what you're missing!

Tammie Falsen

Pricey but worth it

Adam Ramirez

Great food.

Karen D

Love this place

Kathleen Caschera

Good food ..good service..good

Loren Yerden

Friendly, Clean, Grade A Meats & Deli.

Fred Brace


Tina-Marie Bottini

Great place great people great product

Geraldine Borden


Ausan Hartley

Great meats, cold cuts, subs, salads!

Carl DeMarco

This is THE BEST BUTCHER in the entire Capital district.

Robert Cordone

I have been a customer for about 8 years. I love the quality of the meats but service has declined over the years as his popularity has increased.. I find I have to be a bit aggressive with the counter staff at times to expedite my order and to make sure I get exactly what I want. Still worth the trouble IMO.

Ken Greene

Great meats good grocery excellent service every time I'm in the store

Dave Mejias

10 pound bags of chicken and ground sirloin.

Daniel Zullo

Always great! Get here, you're missing out!

Patty Kelley

I love Fred the Butcher. Great quality of meat. I will go out of my way to get there. They have a certain steak only they carry and its awsome.

Paul Lumia

Amazing sandwich

Glenn Ramos

Great selection and all fresh

Matt Devlin

A regular stop for us,. Great butcher, best meatballs ever!

Ann Palin

I needed some help with my order and the young Lady who waited on me was very helpful. Great place for all your meat.!!!

Rita Hadeka

Great tasting beef, luv their potato salad. Butchers always willing to give cooking instructions. Friendly staff.

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