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880 W Center St, Lewiston, UT 84320, United States

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REVIEWS OF Theurer's Quality Meats IN Utah

Militia Earl

I ordered 1 1/4 inch steaks. What I got was 1/2 inch steaks which are not even standard, 3/4 inch are standard. Called to complain all I got in response was, " I'm sorry, don't know what to tell you". No attempt to even make things right. They were paid full price for a poor job.

Jeff Case

These guys are awesome.Great meat and very friendly Two thumbs up

none none

Bought a 1/2 beef and only 2 chuck roasts and sirloin roast 2 pkg. Of T-bones and more than half hamburger shows very lazy butchers. I cut up beef growing up I know what happened here. Hurry get it done and out very very disappointed in the service paid high dollar for hamburger. Pisces me off I'll send photos of it tomorrow.

Mark Smith

joshua ringueberg

cody r

Karl Nelson

I used to work there in high school extremely professional and great quality and very clean Rick and Ricky do an amazing job and are very customer oriented!!!!

Kristi Ransbottom

Devin S

Dale Wight

Excellent prices on excellent quality meat, I make a trip at least every other month , I drive up from Davis County , and more and more I'm coming in and buying for several people with a list , be advised though their sausage has MSG added. Their bacon is excellent quality but is saltier than I prefer, I usually buy their fresh side pork bacon instead. Some of the people there aren't very friendly, interesting to me that you can buy a couple hundred dollars worth of meat, and be a regular customer and not one word comes out of their mouth the whole time, not even a thank you for your business as you go out the door. I realize people have bad days, but when I spend that kind of money it is always nice, if I had a hello, how are you and at least a smile while waiting on me. I don't expect a conversation when I do business but there's at least one gal there that I'm pretty sure would like to be somewhere else rather than on the counter.

Kandi Evans

Very kind, amazing prices on beef and pork.

Steven Stone

Shopped at Theurers and got Very Good deals on meat. Was treated with respect and courtesy. Recommend highly. AAA

Saunie Halverson

Great place to go to get high quality meats at a fair price. They also have great customer service. It’s apparent in everything they do they take extra care. Our family has used them for years and I will continue to purchase meats from them.

Daniel Thompson

Recommend to all

Monte Henderson

We have done business with Theurer's for years. They are professional, clean, and honest! I highly recommend them. Thank you.

Steve Macurdy

Amazing quality, amazing prices, amazing service!

kelly pitcher

Christine Prisbrey

The only place we take our pigs. Nothing beats Theurer's.

Richard Jewkes

Customer service was Great. We've been a customer for a long time and have always been pleased.

cheryl ewell

Randy Harper

Purchased chicken breast from Theuer's that was on sale. Opened package that evening to cook and chicken was very rotten smelling. have not been back.

Porco Utah

we buy cow from our neighbour. their cow is grass fed, not grain fed. just as many cow in this area are grass fed. this place process cow we buy. they package in nice sealed or wrapped, hamburger patty, seasoned sausage, steak cut, so on. then put them in boxs. they cure their meat in their fridge for 2 weeks or so, so meat taste very good. curing is secret of many high end steak restaurants. At grocery store , grass fed hamburger beef cost $8 a pound , grass fed steak meat is more like $20 / lbs. buying neighbour's cow and process here , price is much less. they also sell meats here too. if you do not have neighbour raising cow.


High quality family run business

Locked In Escape Room Logan

This is the first time that I've ordered a side of beef from someone and they were very helpful in walking me through the process.

Emily Howard

We've had our purchased beef cut and packaged here for two years in a row and have been very happy with the outcome. They packaged exactly as instructed. The meat is well packaged to last in the freezer. The customer service is very friendly.

Edie Stevenson

Cleve Atkin

Good, friendly, clean butcher shop! Great to go in and buy meat, I guess. I never do that, but I take animals in to butcher and they disappoint me there. I guess that because they are so good, they kill me on long, long wait time. Typically 3 to 5 month wait. When a critter is ready to kill you gotta get it done. I have to go elsewhere for that service.

Jonny Junglejuice

These guys screwed me over hugely on the beef that I had them do. Not only was it like 50 to 100 pounds under what it should have been, I'm pretty sure they took my black angus beef and gave me like roping steer meat. Not only do I feel they stole my quality angus meat and gave me small tough roping steer meat, their customer service was horrendous. I hope someone else is really enjoying my angus that I had them cut up because I am not.

Tamara Noble

I bought a half of beef and a whole pig both Are high quality meats. Thanks so much for your quick and friendly service Tamara

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