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REVIEWS OF Salt & Time IN Texas

Yiming Lin

Top 10 burger of my life. They also have beautiful cuts of meat you can’t source anywhere else in Austin. The staff are both friendly and knowledgable - feel free to blast them with questions.

James Lipari

Great burger, great beer list!

Bob Weissbein

Really cool place. Amazing selection of fresh meats and cured meat and sausage. Bar and seating as well. A bit pricey but worth it.

David Munoz

Steak was good but it came out at room temp. Manger made it right but I probably won't go again....

Erin C

One of the best burgers I've ever had, well-crafted charcuterie plates, and a solid wine list to pair with their incredible meat cuts. Many buy meat to go, but I love dining in for a low-key, delicious meal with excellent service. Don't skimp on dessert if they're offering peach pie and white port!

Fed Cane

Food was pretty good. Had the smash burger with fries. Cool atmosphere. Service sucked. Waited 40 minutes for a burger.

M. Christopher Anderson

Great brunch but even better butcher shop. The staff is ready to help and the service was great

Matt Klass

Most incredible steak I've ever had. Staff was incredibly informed and friendly. One of the best parts of my vacation to Texas.

Ryan Schwartz

Good service, good beer selection. 8oz hanger steak was tender enough, if not a little dry. Steak sauces include a butter-based chimichurri and horseradish cream (and two or three others). Both were tasty enough, and the chimichurri had a decidedly spicy note. Other options include pasta, pork chops, and small plates of pickels and things. Simple digs, not too much pretension here. Hipster vibe. Smaller portions and decent prices ($30 for a small steak, small portion of french fries, and two good beers. Tipping not included) ; I left satisfied and not overly full.

Will Nash

Salt & Time is an awesome butcher shop and cozy restaurant that will satisfy your local meat/farm-to-table needs. Here, you will find top quality meat (44 Farms beef is my fav) in the butcher shop and top quality entrees (Steak is one of the best in Austin) in the restaurant. The East side has many gems and this is definitely one you should check out!

Michael Barton

Good meats stands on their own, but the meat at Salt and Time is not good - it is great. Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Mustard are not needed to amplify the flavor of the orders. All cuts and dishes have character built into their basic preparation. This creates flavors that modern America no longer regularly enjoys in their cuts. Specifically, the burger is a half pound flavor bomb that doesn't make you feel dirty from grease or thirsty from heavy salting. It only leaves you wondering why all burgers aren't as satisfying. Better yet, the kitchen understands what "medium rare" should taste like and look like. Beyond the wonderful food selections, be sure and check out the deli and shop. There is a battery of sauces and books that will improve your kitchen flavor range by an obnoxious amount. Salt and Time serves the culinary scene of Austin as well or better than any other competing establishment.

Joseph Sims

Overpriced food and portions are not equal to the price on the menu. Great atmosphere and service.

Andy Gonzalez

There are many amazing places to eat and drink on the east side of Austin. This place is one of them. I ordered the flank steak the last time I visited and it was incredible. This is to be expected considering thry have a butcher shop in house. Do yourself a favor and eat here every chance you get.

Theresa Gannon

Slow and poor service (they didn't even tell us the specials). Food was only mediocre and way overpriced for what you got

gwo1987 .

Great butcher shop for all your needs with selection on local farms.

Neil Greathouse

The steak was cooked to perfection! Added a nice touch of flavor with a tiny bit of Salsa Verde sauce on the side & a plate of veggies.

José A. Rivera

Good butcher cuts. Mediocre wine list. Nice service. Oasis on a desert strip.

YatazaqYah Rawach

Got my Passover Lamb Shoulder bone in.

B Wigg

Servers are incredibly friendly and the food is awesome. Highly recommend the hanger steak with chimichurri. Make sure to buy a beer for the kitchen, they deserve it.

Jerry Garcia

What a gem. This place has it all. Solid beer and wine offerings, amazing food, solid conserved fish selection, underberg! If you haven’t been here yet you’re seriously missing out. The staff was very kind and knowledgeable. My server Anne Claire was just amazing, can’t think of a time I had better service. Oh yeah they also have baby Kölsch. Very chill. Keep up the good work y’all.

Lori Stewart

Fresh, good food, loved it!

John Cahill

Best meat in austin!

Justin Dickinson

Get all my meat from here. Love their selection and always someone there to help you pick something fresh. Great selection of cheeses and frozen meat as well. As far as the restaurant, it's great with decent prices for the quality. Still expensive for a dinner. Love it here though and highly recommend.

Remon Micheal

Nice quality stuff

Luiz Centenaro

I came here for the butcher shop and it did not disappoint. We got 2 half pound beef patties for $8 and they were delicious. We even got to see which farm our beef patties came from. Knowing that these farms are ethical and the cows are treated humanely makes a big difference. I'd definitely come back.

Michael Long

Great experience, fodd and service is excellent.

Michelle M

I would definitely frequent this place for meat if I lived in Austin; the butcher will cut your meat to order. We had a meat platter at the restaurant. It was good but we forgot to ask what the meats were.


Amazing food! We'll worth the price!!

Luke Firth

By far, the best sandwiches and beer for lunch you'll find in the city. I've been back here again and again for this and it has never let me down.

ba r56

The steak I had was perfect. 10/10 would recommend.

Uchi Deshi

Great butcher shop. Great selection of high quality meat. They also have an excellent selection of other products, including salts, jams, salamis, and sweets. They also have a restaurant with good selection of dishes.

MTB TraOsb

Food was good but way over priced. Wait staff was decent. Felt like the restaurant was trying too hard to be modern and cool. Also, their steak knives suck.

Macey Leback

I love love LOVE this place! The lighting is dim but not dark. The environment is so chill and romantic at the same time. First time I went was tonight. My friend spilt his full beer accidentally and they brought him a brand new one free of charge. He didn't even have to ask for it. The lamb chops and the meatballs is what I got to eat and they were very delicious. My friend got the steak tartare and the iberico pork. He really enjoyed his meal. Definitely will be back.

Matan Einav

Tasty, but extremely rich food. Could probably use a little less butter on everything, or simply to split meals between friends

Laura Fuller

Nice atmosphere. Small quaint restaurant. Service was decent and food was good. Boasting best burger in Austin but don't feel that's true. It was good but I have had better.

Neil Turner

You cannot beat this place for meat in Austin, great beverage program as well

Liam Hislop

Nice place to eat. A little pricier than I was expecting, but the cut was delicious and cooked to my desired temp

Norman Maynard

Great food, really wonderful staff. Would give give stars but the oxtail soup was overly salty and the wine list a bit overpriced. Definitely should not keep you away however!

Chelsea M

Delicious! Great quality and relaxed environment. Everything tasted fresh and flavorful.

Shelly Belinko

Great quality meats and charcuterie. A bit pricey, but worth it for the top tier quality.

Eric Cortez

Awesome deli and butcher shop! I had the Roast Beast sandwich, very delicious. Didn't much care for the potato salad, too much dill. The sandwich was great though.

bob jesperson

Great restaurant love the steaks love the pasta love the burgers!

Jamison Muse

Quality steaks in a casual but fitting atmosphere. Came for the burger but they were sold out already. Ended up sharing an akaushi ribeye and filet. couldn't have been happier. We will definitely be back to try the burger.

Jay Wright

Great place and staff were friendly and helpful!

Stephanie Trinh

Come here for a great cut of meat and knowledgable waitstaff. On the table we had a ribeye cooked to perfection, with hand cut fries cooked in beef fat and home made ketchup. It was lightly seasoned, so you could enjoy the taste of the meat. Funny enough, the star of the show was the Butcher Burger. Everything on that burger was handmade, from mayonnaise to bun, egg was perfectly cooked sunny side up. At $14, it is absolutely worth going back for. Restaurant is small, so consider a reservation. While you wait for your table shop the butcher counter. They held our purchases for us while we ate dinner.

Alex Bara

I got the delicious pasta bolognese, it was quite fatty i wish they served some bread with it. They have a nice tap beer selection as well, and a deli that sells all kinds of smoked goods.

Marcus Motill

Went a few times now and it gets worse every time. Went on New year's and got the pork chop for $60. It was 14oz but only about 4oz of that was meat. When I brought this to the waiter's attention he smiled and nodded with no options for remediation. My beer and water glasses sat empty for an hour as we waited for 2 hours for our entire meal to be prepared. See attached photo

William Wilson

Real butcher, priced at reality. Good to have people that know quality meat and how to butcher, but it's not cheap, although it couldn't be these days. If I lived in Austin I'd get all my meat here. Head butcher cut me two Babette's at 3.5 lbs each on request. They were beautiful.

Christopher Stevenson

Pretty tasty place. I just wish the bottom bun had been a little more on the dry side. Whatever they use to help crisp it up was way overdone. Sandwich on the whole was very tasty.

Shane Hertig

One of the best budgets in Austin. I try not to eat read meet, but this is urgent omce!!

Breda Hogan

Bought incredible ribeye steaks and absolutely delicious olive oil. Both are gone and I miss them. Will be back for more soon.

Jim Reynolds

Good food but I was served the wrong steak, a bavette steak rather than the fillet I ordered. They claimed "that is how they're cutting fillets now". I know what a fillet is and this wasn't a fillet (their fillet is priced at freaking $48). They did take 10% off the bill. Trouble is, the bavette steak is $20 less than the fillet and the 10% taken off is nowhere the price differential. What food we had was good but they should have admitted their mistake and made it right. We gave them an opportunity to do so and they didn't. The craft beer selection is mediocre (mostly sours and farmhouse ales) by today's standards and they don't pair very well with the food selections offered on the menu (largely steaks). We wanted something local so we ordered a Jester King Brewery bottled beer and it was 2 years old (freshness matters for that style of beer). Overall, a very underwhelming and expensive experience.

DJ Janz

Great food, intimate atmosphere..what more could you ask for??

Holly Springsteen

Always an amazing selection in the butchery. The restaurant is fantastic and delicious. My go to for quality meats!

Rachel Sweeten

Pretty small restaurant, but that makes it attractive. It's intimate, casual or dressy (whatever you prefer for the night) the staff is authentic, knowledge and fun to be around. I've gone into the butcher shop multiple times to pickup cured meats and every single person is chatty, kind and helpful. The food is the icing on the cake, one of the best burgers i've ever had.

Ben Lake

Met up with family for a celebratory brunch here. Decor is upscale ($2,500 wool "art" on the wall), but food is surprisingly reasonably priced. Entrees were $8-$15. I greatly enjoyed the "biscuits and gravy", which despite the somewhat-misleading name actually comes with a chicken fried steak sandwiched in the middle and an egg on top. Delicious! The pancakes were made with cinnamon and sugar, which may not be for everyone but they were quite mouth-watering. Considering the quality of the food, the prices are a bargain and I'm surprised it wasn't busier.

matt creech

Outstanding food in a casual atmosphere. Price is on par with other restaurants in the area. Steaks are soft and buttery, overall a perfect piece of meat, cooked excellently.

Gordon Rives

Excellent experience. Beef tartar & the pate are the bomb.

Nathan Berryhill

I enjoyed the pickle board, the Coulette was good. However, I ordered a medium well Coulette. The meat was on the more red side, but staff were happy to cook the food longer. Bathrooms and staff are nice. Cider is good!

Laura Hernandez

No kids menu. But glad our little one isnt picky. Took home some meat from thier butcher shop. Was not a fan of chorizo toooo chunky, kinda bland. But I must say quality of the meat is Fantastic.

Justin Bookout

Nice place. Good food.

Jonathan Oh

Get their 100+ oz

Nikki Collins

Good wine great steak

Mary Ruth Bolton

Best butcher shop near me. Perfect beef for house made tartar

Anh Kato

Small menu but has a good variety. Food is delicious and service is great. Very cute place. Everything we ordered was good. Would definitely return to try other items on the menu.

vahid akhavan

Great steaks at reasonable prices.

Chauncey P

Pretty good!

Bob Morgan

The burger was amazing! Seriously, amazing! The side of Brussels sprouts was amazing! And the best beer value ever is the ten 1/5L beers for ten bucks!

Tangela Seals

I was introduced to this place while on a horrible first date haha. But I thoroughly enjoyed the food.

Larkin Williams-Capone

This place is amazing! Everything from the Bolognese to their multi course bacchanal are top notch. If you are feeling like something simple get the burger, it can be ordered plain or dressed up to suit your mood. Try the odd bits when going, they change week to week and are always unique and delicious. The cans/jars make delicious appetizers as well, with options ranging from scratch made to ones imported from Span/Portugal. Go on Tuesday for the sous vied fried chicken, it's the best fried chicken I have ever had. So tender and juicy with a scratch made breading and some THICCC salt.

Maria Blackall

Had Steak Frites with chimichurri. It was amazing!

matt underhill

Nice bar setting with fresh food options. I enjoyed two of the salads on the menu for lunch, and will bring guests to future visits.

DJ Phung

I have always come here to pick up cuts of meat or charcuterie for a dinner wine night at home. We decided to come for dinner as a group was visiting in town. Was not let down with an amazing steak tartare, a great bottle of wine, and finish it off with a great fresh cut of New York strip. You can also pick a side to dip your fries or a little added flavor to your steak, which I highly suggest. Thanks again for accommodating us as a large group. We had an amazing night!

Tino Nguyen

Everything here tastes delicious BUT the beef fat French fries are the BEST fries we’ve ever eaten. They were the perfect thickness, crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside with a wonderful savory aftertaste. Wow!

Wes Wigginton

My go to for awesome brisket and steaks for home grilling.

Fred Bernard

I would not recommend. My girlfriend and I still joke about how bad this place was. When dinning there we literally made reservations to eat somewhere else. They burnt the toast and sausage. They may good act cutting meat, but it would be best for everyone if they left the cooking to someone else.

Benjamin Neubauer

The burger is amazing. They have an extensive butcher shop in the building which I will be sure to visit again.

Stephanie J. Thurber

This place is our go to for our meat cuts. We cannot find any meat like this in any of our local supermarkets. Friendly service as well which is an added plus. Feels like a mom and pop shop that cares about its customers and its product.

Matthew Sample

The cuts of meat are very good

Anthony Matthews

Salt & Time offers a wide variety of meat cuts for one to enjoy. I came here during the holidays to get some akaushi beef. The meat was perfectly marbled throughout and was priced pretty well, around $32/lb. When I cooked them, they were very tender and rich in flavor. Enjoyed my steak and definitely recommend for you guys to come buy some of your own here. Highly satisfied!

Taylor Robbins

Their burger is insanely good.

Luisandra MM

Wonderful presentation of the food. Some of the items seemed a bit pricey, but over all great experience. Also it would be nice if they offered more than beer and wine.

Brian Baldonado

Is this place pricey? You betcha. But (and it's a big one) is it actually worth the hype? Absolutely. The items are locally sourced from ethical ranchers and farmers, the majority of their finished product is made in house (get the butcher board), the pate is amazing, and they serve rotating "odd bits". My 16yr old walked out trying lamb liver for the first time and saying it was the best bite of the night.

Elizabeth Garza

The service here is terrible. Many people that arrived after us were served their food before us. When we asked our waitress for an update, she assisted other tables and didn’t return to ours. They did manage to bring us our appetizer though, well after we had finished our meal and it was burnt. The entrees were good, it’s such a shame the service is so poor. Really disappointing and put a huge damper on our experience here. Will be paying for $40 entrees elsewhere, thanks.

Virginia Wilkins

Absolutely best roast beef sandwich ever! Loved the meat board. Had lovely time in their meat market after lunch. Had wonderful selection of meats to cook at home ,as well as cheeses and wines.

Nathan Darus

First and foremost, if you're uncertain how or what to order there, or are a little scared to jump into the butcher's board, definitely try the butcher's burger first. You will not be disappointed. If you are feeling adventurous, ask about the pickle board and the daily odds and ends. This is not an everyday joint, but it certainly can and should be in your special occasions and splurge day rotation.

Martin Yin

Good burger.

Valerie Welch

Everything was amazing and made in house. My friend said his burger was the best one he has ever had!

Daniel Ngo

The food: Considering the fact I got a cheap hangar steak, I wasn't expecting much from my meal. I ended up being very impressed. The meat was cooked perfectly to order, and had an amazing sear on the outside, while still being rare on the inside, something even some of nicest steakhouses I've been to still fail at. The meat was chewy of course, but it had a great flavor. What really pushed it all over the edge was the red wine demi. Normally, I'm a steak purist, and never like to add sauces to my steak. The demi, however, was amazing! It was savory and unlike any sauce I've had before. I loved it. The service: With reviews citing poor service, I was hesitant to come here, but I will say that my personal experience was good. I didn't have stellar service per say, but it was very average, which is all I hope for. The bottom line: I would highly recommend this place to steak lovers and anyone who wants a great steak without breaking the bank. I will definitely come back when I'm in town again.

Catherine Cruz

Very good service, and environment! My husband enjoyed his steak as well as i enjoying my burger! Definitely recommend for others willing to have a good meal!


I like burgers. I like trying new burger places I've never been to. Salt & Time has really excellent burgers. Even better with a Draft Beer, and if you're a meat conissieur, then buying fresh meat right from their Deli has it's rewards too!

Siam Saeng

Beat Hotdog!

Matt Durham

Great atmosphere and outstanding food

Melanie Mccoy

i really wanted to love this place. however, we made a reservation at 715, got seated right away after being on time for the res, and over 20 min later had not been asked for drink order. in the meantime, the couple next to us was brought their food and extra things they asked for.

Ms. Ray-T. Cloutier


Patrick Nightengale

Great food and great atmosphere, unlike anything I've ever had.

Maximilian Widmer

Steak here was fantastic and the sides were also great.

Erik Reynolds

Outstanding food! Fresh, delicious and great service. You should definitely try this!

Duncan Curtis

Great staff and cheese ~ drinks....etc

Mikal Abdullah

Do you like delicious, high-quality, responsibly sourced meats - and perhaps like hard to find craft beer? If so, then we are in the same camp and you are MISSING OUT if you haven’t visited them...this week! Not only are they the #1 butcher in Austin... hands down. If you think anything else... you’re wrong. Lol. They are also a fantastic dining establishment with the #2 best burger in Austin. #1 best burger is at my house.

Shane Rich-New

First off, I want to preface that the food here is always exceptional. My wife and I have visited Salt & Time before and we were very impressed. However, this visit had to be one of the worst experiences in a restaurant that I've ever had and of course it was her birthday, to boot. First off, my wife and I both ordered Akaushi New York Strips at medium doneness; I received Mid-well, and she received mid-rare. I sent my steak back, because it was overdone, and then proceeded to wait 30+ minutes for a re-fire (asked nicely and didn't make a scene), which inevitably came out as mid-rare (still wrong). Third, I went to go speak to the waitress after waiting the first 25 minutes, I asked if I could go speak to the chef (having been a chef myself), she said "Yes, it's an open kitchen, but he doesn't really prefer it. I went over to the window, and told the chef, "I'm really sorry to say anything, but my wife has just about finished her meal, and we've been waiting about 30 minutes now for a re-fire dinner for me. I was met with "I'm resting it now, it'll just be a few more minutes." Then the manager chided in with "we'll get you taken care of however we can, which table are you sitting in?" Anyway, we finally get my steak after my wife is finished eating, I see that its underdone now (mid-rare), and ask for a box so that I can just be done with this situation. We get that and the check finally, and I notice that the waitress had put in the wrong steaks . It's a butcher shop, so I made no assumptions on the cuts by-the-way. We then get the check (they comped my steak). We pay the check, and it comes back that we payed 65$ instead of our 48$ bill; I go up to the server and told her about it. She tells me that she doesn't know why it happened, and that she'll take care of it. After refunding the 65$, we then pay our normal bill. No manager was involved in this situation the entire time after that initial talk by-the-way. They try to give me two 10$-off coupons, but at this point I was pretty annoyed, so I left them on the ticket and walked out with my wife. It was an unacceptable experience as a whole for the price, and definitely could have been handled better. I have no way of knowing, but I definitely feel that the waitress could have asked for the managers help at some point. I'm more disappointed than anything because we had been here before and had the best time.

Jacob Cantele

This is my favorite restaurant in Austin. They always have legit farm-to-table ingredients in both the butcher shop and the restaurant. The beef fat fries are the best fries in the city. My only really critique is that they do not carry grass-finished beef and don't have that many gluten free options. A huge number of our customers are the paleo crowd, and I think those things would go a long way in building the business.

Timothy Serewicz

A nice selection of meats in a well run and old-time feeling place. Service is a bit brusque, but worth enduring for the food. The attached restaurant is decent but not so much that I'd return just for their food. If you want a top level butcher, these are the folks to see.

Enrique Lopez

Good food nice service, beautiful meat.

Nathan Latsha

Excellent food here! Service is great too. I recommend the Steak Sand-which. Here it is cooked medium rare. I've been here twice for lunch and have not been disappointed. Will return for dinner soon. Also the meat market has awesome selections with good prices too!

Brittany De La Cruz

Went for lunch. I had the steak frites (hanger steak) and husband had the butcher burger. They definitely know how to season and cook their meat. Will come back again for dinner.

Cody Shelton

Great place to hang and try some of the most local meats in Austin, while provided the option to ask for your own meat cuts, from the butcher, to take home for yourself and experiment with.

Mase Driskell

It was great. A very good steak and sauces. I wish they served mashed potatoes but the fries were very good.

Miranda West

I always make a stop at Salt & Time when I am in Austin. This place is definitely one of my favorite to eat at! Always clean and very friendly servers. I've never had anything bad to eat here and love how I can always get something different to try that ordinary restaurants don't have. Plus what's better than a restaurant with a butcher that obtains local meats!

Pecolia Everette

This butcher shop deli is where it’s at. Love the quality, cuts and prices of meat from butcher to table. Kale and a few other sides are great and memorable. I love to watch the mister devour an amazing cut of meat fro this place.

Jimmy Monreal

I went during lunch and tried their burger, I liked that they had homemade ketchup. The burger itself was mediocre, especially considering the price tag.

Patrick Flannel

Best butcher shop/restaurant/market in Texas.

Janet Daum

So So. bad service. Good food but steak was cold.

Isaiah Ruffin

This place a great team and they are super helpful in getting the things you need in a pinch.

Robert Downey

Biscuits and gravy are amazing! Service was perfect, very kind waitress. Cool atmosphere. Food was very good. Left completely satisfied and bill was under $30.

Chris Kovac

Heard good things about this place figure id try it out. Went there to get some sausage wasnt impressed only had 3 different kinds ended up with 3 hot sausage and 3 (pork)bacon chedder kale sausage. the hots where just ok the bacon chz kale sucked meat was not grinded well and i even found pulled pork in them....who the hell puts cooked pulled pork in a sausage at the price they charged and the reviews i expected better

Fernando Santos

If you are looking for a Brazilian picanha, this is the place! You will pay more but will not get a better fresh meat anywhere else.

RJ Lizama-Reyes

Pricey Millenial style menu. Good for some, bad for some

Torsten Weirich

The best butcher shop in Austin, period! The restaurant is really good too. My favorite thing to do is go in, have a beer & snack while I contemplate my dinner menus at home.

DK Eller

Overpriced, small portions, pretty good food

Diego Benavides

Bavette was delicious

Clare Schleichert

The food was excellent, but the service left something to be desired... I felt like we were annoying her by even being there... :( I cannot explain how good the porterhouse and the ribeye were... absolutely delicious and still worth going.

Bryson McIver

All the food was great, but we waited 45 minutes after ordering for food. The service was great and made sure we were happy, but didn't really make up for the long wait time and forgotten items on orders.

Anton Cox

Good food good atmosphere but don't go there execpting to feel up on food, portion size are on the small size but fair.

Adindu Okoro

I had their Butcher Burger medium cooked with cheddar, bacon and fried egg on it. Pickles, ketchup, mayonnaise and bleu cheese dressing on the side. These sides were quality as well, nothing off the store shelf. It was a phenomenal culinary experience. The best burger I've ever had and I LOVE burgers. The burger felt alive in my mouth, and the beef fat fries were something out of this world. I didn't know burgers could be this good yet Salt & Time knocked this one out of the park. This meal was washed down with a Flat Brim 'Deep Down' red 100% Cabernet Franc - 2017 from Lake Chelan, Washington. It was a perfect meal will come back again.

Elizabeth Charles

Always a great experience! Try the odd bites!! Service and food are amazing!

Sarah Onions

Amazing experience at Salt and Time. The atmosphere was relaxed and the waitress was welcoming and knowledgeable. Above all else the food was sensational; beautifully cooked steak and the fries were outstanding! It's Austin, so we'd had our fair share of good meat but the bavette here was wonderful. I would genuinely recommend to anyone who loves meat

Samuel Mitchell

Little pricey but a real good butcher.

Can You See

Courteous, knowledgeable staff who know their meats.

Bill Norton

My favorite butcher shop in Austin!

A Anderson

Good food. Ok service

Chloe Hawkings

I’ve been waiting to visit this place for sometime and today we made it in for lunch. The food is outstanding! We got the muffelata (which is one of the biggest sandwiches I’ve ever seen) and the ham and cheese sandwich, both were outstanding. We ordered a side of the steak fries which came with their own ketchup. This ketchup is the best ketchup I’ve ever had and luckily you can purchase it to go. The service was flawless. I even left my to-go box in the restaurant and the server ran out to our car to make sure I got it!! This place is incredible, I would recommend it and can’t wait to come back.

Andrew Willard

A delightful space with amazing meats and cheeses!

Rick Lupert

Salt & Time is a nice new American style restaurant in Austin which also works as a butcher shop…so why would a vegetarian such as myself show up…well there were a few small plate options, a cheese plate and there’s always one vegetarian entree offered as well. After all, my goal is to not make everyone else a vegetarian, but have the best food experiences possible at the places where everyone else eats too. The staff here was super friendly. I’m from California so I think I’d describe our server as “Texas Friendly” which feels so large and I mean in the best possible way. The food I had was okay…I had the ravioli pasta (their vegetarian entree…this changes with their seasonal menu) I found it to be a little heavy tasting and not particularly filling. Feels like the size of this particular dish may have had it better placed on the small bites menu. (I’m a fairly small person too.) I also had the spearmint swim peas. Served in butter, these tasted really good and fresh. The spearmint leaves made the dish. I woud come back and try the cheese board. (As a lacto-ovo vegetarian I’m a sucker for a good cheese board…though overall I found the vegetarian options (which I was glad they had at all) a little limiting for my needs and the main dish a bit too rich in taste and not large enough to fill me up. Now to be fair it is a seasonal menu and glancing at their website now, neither of the items I ordered are still available…I do see “Sweet Corn Pudding with leeks”…that’s the kind of dish title that makes me want to fly back to Austin to give it a try.

Olga Lopez

My son took me for brunch and it was awesome.

Justin C.

Great quality meats at the butcher shop. I come here at least once a month to get ribeyes and bacon. Best ribeyes around.

Matthew James Germeyer

Great service. Tip well

Scott Collier

As regulars we love the burger (one of, if not THE, best in Austin) , the house-made cured meats and pickles, and the eclectic wine selection that emphasizes natural process wines and always a few carefully selected Texas bottles. The dedication to local sourcing is unparalleled and the quality and selection at the in-house butcher counter means there are always some great cuts to take home. Akaushi bavette is our personal favorite, cooked rare on the charcoal grill.

Felipe Bastos

I'll start with the fact that I haven't bought anything from the butcher on the side, but the selection looks fantastic. Waiters are good, relaxed and helpful. Good recommendations on wine and beers according to what we eat. Good explanations of cuts of meat that are available. Seasonal menu is always super solid. We had their butternut squash gnocchi some time in September/October and it was good enough for us to order another. We were deciding between getting a burger to go (very tasty, made from trimmings of different cute of meat) and getting dessert. Waiter let us know there was one burger left so we snatched it up - solid service there. Meat cuts are always juicy, Ribeyes and New York strips are great go-to's. Meat is cooked with precision, seasoned well. Their pickle plate is underrated as an appetizer (good for gut health while also expanding on what food we can pickle). Their fries are crispy and taste great. Their ketchup is insanely good.

Miranda Rogers

Excited to find dry aged steaks at a butcher

Noboru Akimoto

Amazing food at Austin's best butcher shop.

katie r

We’be Had GREAT experiences in the past but tonight... not so much. 1) an over cooked steak 2) the wrong steaks 3) 30 min wait to get the right steak 4) charged the wrong amount 5) I need another drink?! 6) defensive owner/manager with lots of excuses

Robert Braden

Very good Aukashi ribeye, one of the best I have ever had. Tastes almost like some 30 day dry aged steaks I've had before. Relatively quiet place. Definitely will be back.

David Tanner

What a great bar/restaurant/butcher shop. Great staff with a wonderful selection of wine and beer. A very bright and airy spot with wonderful quality meat. Nice selection of complimentary products including salts, sauces and cheese to go.

Brandon Hughes

Great quality meat not very option forward for guest during lunch but still good look forward to trying their dinner menu options

Annie Stendera

This place was a good gem to find. It’s a butcher shop that has a great vibe. We went on a Friday night and the place was busy but not packed. The food was absolutely delicious, meats were high quality and they have a good selection of beer and wine (no hard liquor). The meat plate was a must have! The staff was super attentive and welcoming. I’m glad we found this place, we’ll definitely be back for another date night!

Grace Teves

Their platter is good. Big enough serving to be an entree.

Lucas Kulhanek-Arenas

Unbelieveable food. Service could be more friendly.

Theo Lusardi

Top quality every time. Both restaurant and butcher. Highly recommend!

Nate Cooper

High quality products and friendly and helpful staff.

Kelly Tompkins

Steak frites is so amazing

Chris Snider

This place is always great. The quality of their butchers, meat, charcuterie and good never cease to amaze me.

Jen K

Delicious food and cocktails. Loved my burger, the quality of the meat really shined. My other guests were equally happy with their salad and sausages. I think maybe the sausage was my favorite.

Christophe Desaubliaux

Very good burger, service was ok but not outstanding: we ordered apetizers which were never served.

Benjamin Dwan

Amazing selection of all things meats on display here. Got some sausage and bacon for a camp out I was heading out to and they were able to help guide me on how to store it long enough till I needed it. I will definitely come back one day to come try the restaurant side of the business.

Emily Carrubba

The best burgers we have ever had!

Chris Kedroski

Excellent burger. The butcher shop is my favorite though.

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