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220 S Congress Ave Suite 010, Austin, TX 78704, United States

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REVIEWS OF Rosso & Flynn Modern Butcher IN Texas

Richard Santucci

It took me a minute to find an affordable, convenient source of 1)local 2)grass fed/pasture raised meats in Austin. Amazing! Order online before Thursday and its free delivery on sunday. All the meat is really attractively wrapped, and fresh. It freezes well if needed. I have to tell you there are at least 3 things here that I have found to be "best in class". The Red Wattle pork chops are amazing. If you've every wondered if "good" meat really tastes better, experiment on this stuff. The whole chicken is also some sort of flavorful "what grandma used to eat" bird. Finally, I love the sirloins at about 12$ a pound. Many cases these are better than MUCH more expensive commercially-produced steaks (like NY strip) even though its "only sirloin". I also order all the crazy stuff like tongue (instapot!), marrow bones (Pho broth!), shanks (Osso bucco!) and "ox" tail, which is really fun. Haven't ordered too much of the widely-available Wagyu beef on the site but it looks amazing, online at least. I was surprised that at Austin farmers markets they had many meat sellers, but asking $20/lb for sirloin, not the $12-13 Rosso-Flynn wants.

David O'Meara

High end restaurants buy up all the great cuts of meat and the grocery stores are left with the rest. Rosso & Flynn makes the effort to make connections with local ranchers to source those great cuts and because of their order-delivery model you get them as fresh as possible, unlike traditional butcher shops. Their Ibericus pork in particular is really special. It's pork with the marbling and depth of flavor like a high end steak, but with a really unique nutty flavor. Cook it hot and fast, medium rare, so good! A great staple at a great price is their regular ground beef, it is far better than anything you can buy at Whole Foods or Central Market. We love the variety of items available seasonally, like the almost too cute to eat quail we had last night.

Trent Smith

I hardly ever write a review but this butcher changed the way I shop! Weekly deliveries fresh is one thing....but the quality of meat blows away local grocers. It was like eating chicken for the first time! New favorite cut of meat; wagyu flat iron. Affordable price and as much flavor as a ribeye. Salt, pepper, cast iron, done.

Zach b

Can't say enough good things about Rosso and Flynn. The meat is always fresh, well packaged, and the price is fair for the quality of the meat. Their customers service is awesome as well so I highly recommend Rosso and Flynn!!

Chip Malt

Some of the best meat I've ever tried. We've ordered the chicken, steak, and pork chop repeatedly. Love it all.

David Williams

Easy ordering from a really nice selection of quality local meat. Beautifully packaged just like (or even better than?) from a brick and mortar butcher. I tend to get a lot of the ground stuff since it’s great bang for your buck and it’s versatile for the kids. Like that they tell you where it’s from and a bit about the producer/breed, and that they actually have ground pork and chicken (the chicken is so good) in addition to beef. I’ve gotten more expensive cuts a couple of times as well and have been happy. On the other end of the spectrum I was able to get several pounds of grass-fed wagu beef fat to render at home at a great price. It really is like our own little Austin online butcher shop. The delivery system hasn’t missed yet. I forgot to leave a cooler out one time and they loaned one to me free of charge!

Brian Marver

Sam Whiteside

Very thankful for Rosso and Flynn. I no longer have to worry about the quality of my meat from the store or the price/availability from the farmers market. The service works about like you would expect - order online and they deliver reliably. This plus CSA plus amazon equals no more trips to the grocery store and 20% less cost in the grocery budget. Thanks technology!

Cris Guhman

A butcher that sells the best cuts of meat and delivers it fresh to you home. They have an amazing service and the packaging is great. They even send you some herbs for seasoning

Sam Gaddis

R&F is fantastic. I love that we can get super high quality cuts at the same price we'd pay at WF. I also love that they keep adding new options like pre-seasoned fajita meat.

Phil Dixon

I have ordered food many times from here and they are second to none. The beef is so fresh and wonderful to grill. The pork is out of this world, you really can taste the acorns in the meat. Manuel and his team are there to help and listen and I hope they keep up the excellent work they do!!!!

Allie Guest

Dixie Goins

We recently received our first order from Rosso & Flynn. The whole experience was easy and quick - from ordering to getting details about delivery, and the delivery itself. The meat was delivered fresh and packed in dry ice, and its was all handled very professionally! Our favorite item so far is the Wagyu Bavette - oh my gosh, so tender and amazingly delicious!! Plus the whole idea of farm to table is such a great concept - we love it!

Rebecca Gaddis

Rosso and Flynn is the best when it comes to meat! I ordered the wagyu flatiron steak and it was absolutely delicious! The process was super easy and my delivery came on time. I also love all the recipe tips and advice they give, super helpful. Overall, a very high quality product and great experience - can't wait for my next order!

Caitlin Hawkins

Daniel Garcia

Hands down the quality is top notch. I like to pick my steaks out in the super market so I can see what I'm getting, so my biggest concern ordering for the first time was "Are they going to pick a good steak for me?" And the answer is 100% yes! I even ordered my Thanksgiving turkey from them last year and the difference in quality is like comparing apples to something that you wouldn't even eat. Even the packaging is all hand wrapped like you would get from a nice butcher. I have never been disappointed with my order. The definitely seem to really care about delivering the best quality and local meats.

Jake Kalick

Unmatched quality. The best product i've tried anywhere with great customer service.

Desiree Gutierrez

Rosso-Flynn fills a need! I don't think we truly realize the difference in life that QUALITY food creates in ones life! From the ease in the ordering process to beautiful and timely delivery .. I have enjoyed everything Rosso-FLynn! The quality in the meat has made the cooking even easier... one doesn't need to add much to the meat... it is that amazing alone! I recommend Rosso-Flynn to everyone I encounter who loves food-- that makes it EVERYONE!

Arash Zafarnia

Thoughtful selection, expertly curated. Delivered fresh and on-time. Better priced and more convenient than Whole Foods. Win. Win. Win. Win.

Mark Strode

If you want restaurant quality meat and poultry with the added convenience of FREE home delivery, give Rosso & Flynn a try. No matter where you live in the Austin area now you have a local butcher. The quality has consistently been top notch and the customer experience is first rate. Highly recommend!

James Goins

Look out Kroger there is some fresher and taster beef in town!!

Kim Whiteside

Selina Eshraghi

I used to be anemic all the time due to the low iron intake I had because I *thought* I didn't like meat. Turns out, I do like meat, but only high quality humanely raised meat. :) The wagyu brisket, chicken wings, and skirt steak are my favorites and I will never buy scary grocery store meat ever again!

Paul Jespersen

Great customer service, great selection of awesome, local meats!


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