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Ben Mineo

So far we've only stopped in for breakfast, but it was enough to leave quite an impression. We spent over $30 for an adequate but not over-the-top amount of food, but every penny was on the plate. Everything is made in-house, and everything is amazing. My wife got the Biscuit, Gravy, and Venison Breakfast Sausage. Each of the named components was the best version of that component I've ever tasted. Giant flaky square biscuits, rich cream gravy, and unctuous gamy sausage were absolutely outstanding. I got the Dai Due Breakfast - brown rice with kimchi and collards, fried duck egg, and raw marinated venison. It was utterly satisfying. I cannot stop thinking about this place, and I can't wait to go back for whatever meal i can eat there. Also, be sure to check out their butcher shop up front, I was only able to sample the beef jerky this time, but it was up there with the best I've had.

Amelia Herman

I'm from out of town so I might be easily impressed, but Dai Due's commitment to their philosophy really is impressive in every way. The atmosphere is rustic, but clean and polished. Members of the kitchen and staff were incredibly knowledgeable about their craft, very approachable, and attentive to whatever the guests may need. The menu isn't overbearing- plates are generous and feature takes on hearty traditional cooking- but everything is geared to compliment and showcase the meats that are prepared and dressed in-house. Vegetables, condiments, breads, and virtually everything else is prepared in the kitchen from start to finish. Overall, this is a place that knows what it wants to do and does it flawlessly.

Amber Tipton

I ordered a burger medium rare & it was well done. I'm really disappointed.


That burger on Tuesday is to Dai for.

George Carroll

American food, yeah, super yummy. Everyone at our table was quite pleased. Definitely worth a return visit. I can see why they have a lot of good reviews.

Kori Draughter

The Supper Club dinner is the best for 2 people providing a very generous variety of meat. No complaints!! Everything was great!

Kyle Marshall

My wife and I loved dinner at Dai Due. We sat at the bar and enjoyed conversation with all the staff that passed. You can feel the excitement and passion in everyone. The food was amazing. If you see their grilled sweetbread tacos on the menu, definitely try them! They're simple yet fresh and flavorful. The drink menu is limited, yet carefully thought out, so you don't miss having more of a selection. This is a place that we'll definitely visit again!

Stu Barrett

The overall vibe was very nice, but it was for a late lunch so it was quiet. Service was excellent. Good selections of beers. My pastrami sandwich was most excellent! However, my friend $20 Wagyu hamburger was cooked medium well even though we asked for it cooked medium. Criminal to treat good meat like that!!

Daniel Perez

Awesome spot for some really good, fresh food and drinks! The menu is simple offering different featured dishes throughout the week based off of what is seasonably available. They have daily dinner specials that tend to run out pretty quick, so it's a good idea to start early if you want something unique off the menu. The Wagyu Beef Burger was absolutely fantastic, and I believe it's a Tuesday night special. It's perfectly grilled on the outside with just a touch of char to give it a nice crunch, even if the burger is done medium. It was also very well salted (but not too much) which, with the char, almost made you believe it was a bacon burger. For dessert, we tried a Basque cake with strawberries, and it was very soft and buttery with almost a flaky kind of crust on the cake. Definitely recommend for a nice dinner!

Paul Benoit

The food here is amazing and unique. I got the Pastrami sandwich and Venison hotdog. Both were awesome! I went back for dinner the other night and it just as great. The 1/2 chicken meal and pork chop were superb! Great job. Also, get the mesquite bean vanilla soda - it is super unique and tasty

Carla Jenkins

Love this place! There is no menu in town more locally sourced than Dai Due's. The food is delicious and thoughtfully prepared. Don't miss it.

Ashley Schmied

The menu is interesting and ever changing, but the flavors and plating are all pretentious and overpriced, so I have to admit I don't see the point. The homemade bread and butter were far from edible never mind delicious and despite trying a multitude of entrees, sides, and desserts I found a SINGLE dish worth the price. Skip it!

Gaby Kraml

If you go for brunch you have to get the grits!

Geoff H

Excellent food

Mike Rodriguez

(Rating 1 lowest / 10 highest) Thursday 620p The waitstaff: rating 7. They started slow and then they picked up the pace. The smoked lamb with potatoes empanada: rating 8 If you love lamb this will be good for you. The lamb taste it is strong. The chutney and yogurt compliments the empanada very well. I would recommend it to those who really enjoy the flavor of lamb Wagyu double cheeseburger: rating 9 The roasted potatoes: rating 0 with the burger a 7 if it was with a pork chop. I highly recommend this burger if you like a fatty cheesy burger. They failed to as me what temperature I like my burger (medium rare for me). They cooked it medium well/ well done. No complains it was great. It was very juicy. But I believe it’s because of the fat. I will be coming back on a Sunday to try the fried chicken and A Wednesday for the fried fish.

Inna pevzner

Great place, best steak I had in austin. The deli is filled with amazing options to take home. The brunch menu could be much more creative. Service is slow. Prices are high (but worth the high quality you get) so be prepared.

Willie Lott

Best lunch I’ve had in a while!

Jerry Tucker

First time visit when I attended a retirement dinner for a friend. The hosts had secured the entire restaurant and although parking was a challenge, once inside the atmosphere was great and food was plentiful. Lots of grilled meat entrees were served family style with a flavorful salad and hominy casserole. I don’t know what the service is like during normal business hours but the service and attention to detail for this special event was wonderful.

Terry Cole

A great EXPERIENCE for carnivore's. You can go wild and spend a lot, but you can also eat moderately here. Whatever you choose, it's worth the price. Everything made on site and local. I can't emphasize again that it's a foodie experience. Ask about off-menu items, too! Disclaimer: A family member works there.

Christopher Snell

Very friendly wait staff handled our group of 7 professionally and quickly. Very good cuts of meat and prepared well and with helpful recommendations from staff. Comfortable but nice decor. Went with family, but would definitely go with/for a date.


Lunch: Pastrami very on point. The best I’ve had. Everything from the biscuits to the bacon and eggs as well as the paired spreads hits right over your expectations. Will return for dinner soon.

Mara Kennedy

Definitely went above and beyond expectations, everything we had was incredibly good. The flautas, wild boar confit, grits casserole, potatoes Caroline and succotash are not to be missed. There are also great champagne cocktails! We had a large group and the service was excellent. A very great dinner, reservation recommended.

Barry Lee

Great food and atmosphere. A great place to hang out with friends. The head butcher is a weirdo though.

Izabella Moreno

A top spot for delicious American food. Super place to meet and chat with coworkers. Reminds me of a place in New York I loved to visit.

Rich Allen

A GREAT first impression! On May 25, Dai Due apparently had issues with their phone and were not answering my phone calls. I made my way to their website's contact page, and sent a less than kind email asking about a particular product I was hoping they had, and insulting them for not answering the phone. Today, I checked my spam folder (MSN unfairly marks business emails as spam, until the domain has enough people click not spam on emails from them, which I of course have done.) Caroline had responded eloquently within hours after I sent my message. First answering my question about the product that I had inquired about, then explaining the situation with the phones, and even apologizing for something that was in no way their fault.

Jae Jerrols

Great farm to table restaurant. Great ambience, better food.

Reagan Jamail

I was very impressed with the service, food and atmosphere of Dai Due. The owner stopped by to deliver a few dishes to our table, explaining each in detail. My favorite dish (which was initially off-putting) was the venison ceviche served with baked sweet potato chips. I can't wait to go back for Ladies Steak Night!

Adam Chow

Excellent food! Cold cut board is tastety and healthy.

Rick Petri

Came here for brunch and would definitely love to come back for lunch or dinner. Brunch has a good mix of savory or sweet and breakfast or lunch items. We had pancakes, tamales, a pastry, and a pigs in a blanket kind of roll. Everything was delicious! The pancakes had a great crisp crust but light and fluffy inside with a delicious honey and orange syrup topped with fresh cream. The tamale was incredible filled with wild boar and wrapped in collard greens, also they had a great green hot sauce that went perfect. The pastry was also delicious, light and fluffy. The other pastry was incredible with a venison sausage with so much flavor.

Patrick McAteer

Absolutely delicious and very well prepare, ,hearty food.

Christopher Schaum

I ate with a group of friends here the other week. We ordered up half the menu, shared it all and nothing disappointed. Everything was amazing. All the way down to the details.the sauerkraut, mustards, sauces etc were on point. Plus a good selection of Texas wines. This is a great place to check out.

Michael Thomas

Presenting the familiar with such skill as to shock the senses. Is this more like going back a century before we ruined food, or forward a century having figured out how to save it? Maybe a bit of both.

Jason Kichamu

Just great!!!

Dave Ryther

Dai Due has a butcher shop in front and restaurant in back. The food is pretty dang good but also pretty pricey. Free parking is a bonus but parking would be a headache if the lot, which supports a few other businesses, was full.

Lyndi Thomas

Awesome food and drink selection. Service was fast and super friendly. It’s a great spot so make reservations to be on the safe side. Also, parking is limited so give yourself enough time to park and walk.

Walter Rock

Very good but McDonald's is cheaper.

Kendra Ryan

One of my favorite locations for tasty american food.


I consider myself a huge foodie. Most of my travels are centered around food and this was one of the must memorable meals my boyfriend and I have had. We are really big on meat and the wild boar steak and the 20 oz wagyu exceeded our expectations and were well worth it. The pickled tomatoes on the charcuterie board were a nice surprise. The service was amazing, staff is very attentive, the food was amazing. Our favorite dinner in Austin.

Kris Umlauf

I would not have gone here expecting wonderful seafood (given "butcher shop" is in their name), but on the evening I went their super club menu was seafood.....and it was amazing. The starter course was a delicious and zesty seafood soup. The main was a seafood platter, with a seafood sausage, fish (pompano), soft shell crab, plump shrimp, grilled corn and asparagus, was a beautiful plate to behold. Everything on that plate was excellent. The grilled pecan sourdough bread went perfectly with the soup. They have a nice selection from our hill country's best wineries and micro-breweries.

Q Beck

Always excellent. Trust the server's recommendations, even if outside of your comfort zone.

Jamie Mcbride

First time visit when I attended a retirement dinner for a friend. The hosts had secured the entire restaurant and although parking was a challenge, once inside the atmosphere was great and food was plentiful. Lots of grilled meat entrees were served family style with a flavorful salad and hominy casserole. I don’t know what the service is like during normal business hours but the service and attention to detail for this special event was wonderful.

Natalie Tran

My husband and I have always had an enjoyable experience here. Our most recent visit was during brunch and it did not disappoint. Started with a kolache that has a great yeast flavor. The Cobb Salad is top notch. It has the most perfect combination of tender bacon, egg, avocado, strong cheese and the quail has a great marinade. The biscuits and gravy with a venison sausage is done right, definitely add the egg. We typically dine during dinner and their supper club is always the way to go. Sunday is their fried chicken dinner. It’s otherworldly. We love that they butcher their meats and make everything in house.

Stephen Niemeyer

Delicious food, attentive and knowledgeable servers, in an intimate, romantic setting. My wife had the supper club menu, with pompano fish on succotash with tea and a bread pudding dessert; I had the Wagyu burger with Stryk cheddar cheese. Yum!

Fabian Dohmes

Went here for lunch, fantastic food at reasonable prices. We know Dai Due from its early supper club days and they have stayed true to themselves. We love buying from the butcher counter because we know we're getting great food, and the option to also eat at a brick and mortar restaurant has been a great addition to their offering.

S Park

@foodgreenville I can’t explain half the reasons why @daidue rocked a late lunch. Could it be the intensively local and wild offerings or that everything apart from flatware and fixtures are brought in raw and then artistically transformed to cuts, slices, drinks, and meals. #CemitaAhogada #tallowcoffee #pecancake #yeahthatgreenvilleTXstyle #ATX

Kelli Byrom

The food was wonderful and the service was outstanding. The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been a full bar for my dinner guest. I very much enjoyed the supper club selection and would happily come again and again.

Michael Korman

I don't know why anyone would give this place less than 5 stars. I can here for brunch and got the wild boar burger, I have never had a burger that was unique in it's own flavor and so perfectly complimented with all the toppings. Highly recommend this place to anyone and I am going back again tomorrow, that is how much I love this place!

Barbara Finlay

Excellent food and service! Wednesdays they have wonderful fish n chips plus dessert special. A little pricey, but worth it. Maybe a bit loud, but after the weather cools, there are outside tables in the garden that should be quieter. They also have their own sausages and meats in the butcher area. Love this place!

Blane Todd

We showed up not long after opening to find out that they just sold the last Wagyu Ribeye. Seemed a bit odd considering the onsite butcher shop. Service was good. Grilled broccoli tasted like a cigarette. The cracklins were burnt. Good wine selection. Relaxed atmosphere.


Best pork chop of my life. And I'm old.

Anthony Fletcher

Entered near nine, it wasn't busy. Next time I'll be back with my relatives. The place has a good atmosphere. This place has positive reviews for a reason.

Jennifer N

Went here for brunch with a friend, it seems to get super busy and crowded on the weekends. There is a good selection of food items, a little something for everyone. The biscuit here is outrageously enormous! Very doughy. The bacon was cooked to my request of extra crispy. They don't do poached eggs so that's kind of a bummer for me. The Biscuits are gravy side that I got was good, I wasn't a huge fan of my friends meat on his actual biscuits and gravy dish. This place is a cute little place on the East Side.

David R

Best donut in history of mankind. Meats are great too..wonderful cuts and attention to detail. Fresh. Staff was top notch. Great vibe

Lydia Vasquez

american food... very delicious. normally i would have posted a pic but food looked so good i couldn't stop. service is typically above par. the bill was appropriate. feels like a place in los angeles i liked.

John King

I love places that truly cook within season. We went in during a rare hard winter's night to find a menu based on hearty meats and root vegetables that perfectly matched the chill outside. And the pork chop. Oh the pork chop. The Dai Due pork chop is every bit in the Austin pantheon of Franklin brisket or Taco Deli salsa verde. I will one day be in a situation where I will have to muster every ounce of fight in my body to go on: It's very possible when that happens, I will keep an image of the Dai Due pork chop in my head to find the strength. Worth every penny. Edit: After eating here several times afterwards, I am floored by the quality and consistency. Easily one of the best restaurants in Austin.

Joshua Rhodes

This place is absolutely fantastic. The staff was very friendly and welcoming and the food was unbelievably good. My only complaint was my waitress forgot about our drinks and we had to tell her what we wanted again. She then brought them right away and was very apologetic and the rest of the service was on point. Definitely going to make this a weekly brunch destination.

Amy Thomas

Fantastic atmosphere, consistently great service, and the FOOD is exceptional. Always a pleasure!

Joe Spencer

Can't say enough about the quality of people and food from this establishment. I should've written this review long ago, but better late than never. Best customer service I've received from any business. Friendly, courteous, responsive and genuine people. Oh, and the food is just as great...

DJ Phung

Always a great place for food. Have not been in a while and still very impressed with the quality of food.

Rich Kaplan

I always get the Centex Breakfast. There's just something about their bacon, eggs, potatoes, and toast that I can't resist. There's grits and housemade jam with the meal as well, but I'm not a fan of grits. A couple of guys that I've gone with have ordered the wild boar burger and liked it a lot.

Michael McConnell

I can’t wait to go back. Everything is presented so nicely and cooked perfectly.

Yamil De La Torre

Doesn't get better then this in Texas. Open fire cooking with great chefs and service. You just need to come and see for yourself, you will not regret it.

Lindsay Rohler

So good!! We visited on a Sunday which is their fried chicken night. The chicken was crispy on the outside with a slight hint of sweetness and it was super moist and flavorful on the inside. We also had a crab louie salad and their wild boar dish. We were pleased with everything. It was a little on the pricey side, but the portions were large so we left feeling satiated and happy with our purchases. The atmosphere is comfortable and cozy. Great for a date night or an intimate dinner with family and friends.

Anna Sedlacek

Meat is great but dishes not totally complementary. Desserts are incredible, though; probably worth going just for that.

James Moorman

Amazing amazing food. I got the wild boar patty melt and my wife got the butcher shop hash. Unfortunately by the time you read this the seasonal menu will change, but I don't think you'll find a bad thing on the menu.

Zen V

Carnivor Heaven, Vegans Welcomed! Love this place! As close to farm to table as you can get! Wonderful seasonal food, the freshest possible meats and amazing jellys. The rare place you can have amazing veggies for every meal!

Tom Richgels

Fantastic dinner! Outstanding food! Will definitely be going back! Thank you!

Robert Snyder

Dai Due is outstanding in every respect. Linguine with venison and mushrooms was amazing, as was the wild boar confit. Basque cake stole the show, which is saying something considering how stellar everything was. Best dining experience I've had in Austin hands down.

Shannon MF

Farm to table, local, and delicious. The venue is small and host the meat/deli market as well. The staff are welcoming, knowledgeable and friendly. There was nothing on the menu that looked bad. We had to get a meat board with the various in-house butchered, meats, pates and sausages. Great flavors. The smaller plates are enough for each person to have a few bites and the entrees are massive. There's plenty to go around.

Sally Shapiro

First time eating brunch -normally we eat dinner here. Just as good as every dinner we've had and just as unique and as varied menu. Delish!

Apollo Chang

Came here for Valentine's dinner. Surprised at the amazing level of service and great food.

Javier L

A meat experience, a culinary journey, a taste exploration... Haha a really great place for lunch and dinner. My wife and I usually share the supper club, it's always amazing. But you can't go wrong with their ribeye or pork offerings.

Brian Baldonado

Get their Ruben. Life changing good.

Harold Ortiz

My favorite place for quality American food. The service was very helpful and observant. Prices were average for the menu.

Anita Robertson

Serve yourself coffee while waiting for brunch! Seriously was the high point for waiting for brunch. It was delicious coffee and it was so nice to be able to refill it and water while waiting. We ordered the Pan Hous, pork cornmeal cake with an egg on top which was delicious! We also got the tamales and the typical American breakfast. Everything was delicious! I have been there for dinner too and it was all excellent. Love this as a new brunch spot!

Amy Raskin

The ambience at Das Due is worth the trip. It's sort of rustic modern, with an open kitchen and fireplace. The food is a little hit or miss, or at least it was the one time we went. The venison sausage was yummy, but the biscuits were tough and chewy. I'm sure the meats are more healthful than average, such as non nitrite-laden bacon. And they specialize in good sourcing.

Jarred Maxwell

If you wonder what Central Texas food is, this is it! Other places have amazing food, based on other areas and they do it very well. But, if you want to see this place on a menu, on a plate, truely understand the region, this is your place.

Gavin du Plessis

Great spot for brunch but don't go during brunch. The narrow layout forces tables crammed together, so don't expect a relaxed quiet atmosphere. The food though is excellent. Everything is locally sourced and seasonal with good vegetarian choices. I highly recommend the $20 Centex Mezze. The deli and butcher section is also worth a visit.

Cyrus Baty

We ate at Dai Due last week and were very pleased with the experience. Food was delicious, the best we've had in a while. The service was attentive and courteous, knowledgeable. We had the Wednesday fish and chips special, not your average f& c. Outstanding! And it comes with choice of dessert. They also serve good wine and beers. It was a little loud (very popular), but the garden seating is probably quieter when weather is cooler. Overall, a 5-star experience!

Jennifer Phamstar

Enjoyed them at the farmers market and the brick & mortar is a lovely place to wine & dine

Jack Nebs

Amazing spot for a nice lunch

Chaz Hinkle

Ate here over a year ago so this is a little bit late. A really terrific place! Some of the best fried chicken ever! Super courteous and prompt service and the chef signed our menu! A very very terrific evening.

Margot Salsman

I have been to Dai Due twice, and have been overwhelmingly satisfied (Is that a thing? Because that's how I felt) both times. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and chic without being ostentatious. How nice was it to walk into a "Hot & New" Austin restaurant and not feel like I was drowning in a sea of pretension? Lovely, but not as lovely as the food about to come my way. On my first visit, I had the chicken supper club menu and my boyfriend got the boar. Both main dishes were scrumptious and interesting, and so filling for the price! That bang-for-your-buck theme continued on my next visit, where we paid $44/person for a 3 course meal + coffee/tea. And this wasn't just any meal, it was a savory ciopinno-like seafood soup, a large plate piled high with high quality fish, squid, and shellfish, and our choice of two desserts. We were both stuffed at the end, and we can eat a lot. If the seafood is great at a butcher shop, we can only imagine how good the butcher-supplied supper clubs are at Dai Due! Will definitely be back for a 3rd round.

Julian Scarmana

Really an amazing burger. Definitely my current favorite in Austin. Wagyu cheeseburgers on Tuesdays only, and please do yourself a solid and add bacon. Truly satisfying experience.

Logan Harrell

Wild Boar Burger was great!

Brad Fogle

My Wife and I got married last weekend, but could not afford to take our honeymoon yet. We decided instead to go out on a nice date, and just celebrate. After looking around online for nice dining spots in Austin, my wife found Dai Due. Now I do not normally write reviews for places, but she and I had the most wonderful time, that it has become our new favorite place to eat in Austin. Our waitress Tracy, was an absolute gem, and the meal was amazing. We enjoyed their Supper Club meal, and the meat had some of the most amazing flavors that I have ever tasted, and their vegetables did not fall behind. I highly recommend trying them at least once, as I know we will be back many times in the future!

Molly Lawrence

What a positive experience all around! What I am most impressed by is the integrity of this place: the sourcing, processing and pairing of such thoughtful and interesting ingredients. We visited on two occasions and the service was excellent and attentive, down to earth staff that are very knowledgeable about the menu as well as pairing recommendations. Food was outstanding for one omnivore and one vegetarian - charred broccoli with fresh ricotta for the win in my book. Would be nice to see a few more vegetarian options on the menu for entrees- the mezze platter was very tasty, but not an optimal entree option for me...

Alan K

Came in from Dallas and now I really hope they open one here! Phenomenal service and an extremely unique menu. We had the beef ribs, chicken hearts, liver mousse, and an amazing cut of fish. I'd like to try the supper club next time, but unfortunately most of the items in it contain pork. If I had one recommendation to the restaurant, it would be to have a few more non-pork options. Would highly recommend. I actually thought I'd go into a food coma after eating what seemed like such a heavy meal, but the food was actually very fresh and light.

Morgan Purcell

We loved Dai Due. It was my husband’s first time here and upon first looking at the menu we were intimidated by the flavor combinations, but we ordered the boar confit and supper club entree (1/2 tallow fried chicken with lots of sides) and they were both amazing!!! Flavors blended together so well, everything cooked to perfection, attentive service, it was all great! I will say the supper club meal was a much better value since it came with a biscuit and gravy + 2 or 3 sides, so we’ll likely order that again next time. But even the other entree was so good, we didn’t mind that it was smaller since we shared.

Mi-Mi Maloni

Great service, knowledgeable staff, and fantastic food! I came into a nearly full restaurant and was sat immediately, served quickly, and never rushed. I sat close to the butcher side and got to watch them break down (was I assume was) a cow into cuts. Cute interior, great for dates or a solo experience. They source most of their ingredients from the Austin area, so it is a great way to taste the city.

David Sanchez

Food is always amazing, the combination of flavors and eclectic ingrefient combinations make it a must

Gavin Booth

Dai Due's brick and mortar has arrived and it is fantastic! They took all of the elements of their local and tasty food at the farmers market and put it in a tiny restaurant that gives you an amazing log cabin open fire feel. The food and butcher are both fantastc!! This place is a must.

Bo Tucker

Excellent farm to table farmhouse(ish) cuisine. The lunch/brunch is arguably the best in town and the reasonable price makes it a great value. Cannot recommend the lunch enough. The dinner is a bit more pricey, but is also excellent. Perfect execution using local, seasonal ingredients. The pastries and deserts here are some of the best in town as well, and very creative. Butcher shop sells mostly pork products, but frequently carries chicken. Beef is not generally available.

Russ Hunt, Jr.

This place is wonderful. With a constantly changing menu and always warm and inviting atmosphere I always love the entire dining experience at Dai Due.

Vance Ely

An unexpected trip but totally worth it! I've been before and maybe that was why I turned in kinda like autopilot! So we ordered a massive pork chop and the wagyu beef steak. For side we ordered winter garden vegetables, the hominy and grits, and a salad just for extra dietary health insurance. And then we dug in our heals into our barstools to brace for a wild ride. We enjoyed every minute of it. The kitchen staff kept an eye on us and our waiter stopped by every so often just to make sure we hadn't stopped breathing. For two guys we can put away some food but this was a challenge to polish off. Not sure if you could say it was a deadly sin that we ate everything or if it would have been a sin to walk away from such well prepared dishes? We have lived another day so we will be there again soon. Oh and on the way out we shopped the butcher for jerky, meat sticks and bacon. Just saying, you already have a parking spot, go for it!!!!

Kyle Bender

Came in for lunch and was greeted with a brunch menu, which was not what I wanted at noon. That aside, perusing the menu the only item that seem a little interesting was the collard green wild boar tamale. The service was "okay" at best, with the end was me sitting around waiting until the waiter could come and bring the check. As to the collard green wrapped wild boar tamale I'd recommend a hard pass for future patrons. Once the collard green cools down it's just a cold and soggy mess. I will not be back as there is a lot of competition out there and this place did not "wow" me. I cannot recommend this establishment. Strictly reviewing my experience at "brunch" and not their dinner menu.

Rick High

FANTASTIC PLACE FOR CARNIVORES!!! My wife and I started with the cold meat board($26), she enjoyed the knackwurst and smoked pork rillette. I really liked the bread, pickled things, mustard, and roast beef. For our entree, we decided to split the Wagyu Ribeye($69) with the Potatoes Caroline($8) and beer & bacon braised collard greens($8). My wife has not stopped talking about the potatoes Caroline, going so far to suggest that next time she’s gonna order JUST the potatoes Caroline as a meal. The beer & bacon collard greens gave really good sweetness and much needed acidity to the meal. The Wagyu Ribeye was perfect, ordered medium rare+, and the most melt-in-your-mouth cut of meat that I’ve ever had. Compliments to the chef and wait staff, our date night was perfect thanks to their hospitality.

Sharon Mineo

The best compliment I can give to Dai Due is that the biscuits and gravy and eggs reminded me of how my parents used to do it when I was a kid (which is the entire reason I'm always trying b&g&e at various establishments - to recreate that). Only the venison sausage keeps me from rating it higher - it certainly was not bad, just not really my cup of tea. Atmosphere was great.

Florian Koenigsberger

For the meat lovers out there. Wasn’t overwhelmed by any given dish, but the overall quality of the meat is solid; the beer list is the right balance of long and varied and; the staff’s good-humored nature brings this experience from 3 to 4 stars.

Adam Santos

american food, very tasty. food was super flavorful. staff treated us so kindly. it has an awesome atmosphere. this place has many reviews for a reason.

Robert Liu

Beautiful place! So much natural light, just an absolute pleasure to dine at. Loved the open kitchen/butcher shop central to the dining area. Food was fantastic, service was wonderful, an absolute must visit for any Austin visitor or resident!

Arren Matthews

After passing by this place for so many years and even having friends/co-workers working here, I finally tried it. We ordered the Wagyu burger that I've heard so much about and honestly, it was good. What I was not impressed with were the "french fries" they had a funny taste to them like the oil hadn't been drained and replaced in awhile. They were also over cooked and dry... The other thing that was dry was the service. My server was clearly (her body language and demeanor) not interested in serving us; she was passive aggressive in her tone and attitude. When you go to a restaurant, you are paying for (in theory) the entire package. You're paying for the atmosphere, you're paying for the food, you're paying for the people preparing your food, you are also paying for CUSTOMER SERVICE. However, at most restaurants around town and especially Dai Due, you'll get servers and maitre d's who pre-judge you and will treat you like we were treated today. Pre-judged, preconceived notions, with sprinkles of authorized passive-aggression. No thanks.

Corina Kellam

Absolutely loved my meal here tonight. Starter and main were perfect, as was whipped lard appetizer. Dessert wasn't amazing, but it was still good. Great service and ambiance. Very happy tummy.

Kevin Vaughan

Amazing side dish, but the wagyu sirloin blew my mind.

Miranda Rosso

Welcoming and fun atmosphere. Great food and reasonable pricing. Would definitely come back and I'm glad I got to eat here while visiting from out of town!

Ray Rodriguez

Always enjoy my time Dai Due. The food is so unique with crazy good flavors. Definitely a must while in Austin, the food is to "Dai" for.

Vicente Andrews

I'll comment on the food, and I'm not a foodie :( Check it. Worth your while.

Stephen Mueller

The food was fresh and very tasty. Will be interested to see the movement of items on the menu. The boar confit was amazing.. Will definitely come back.

Annie Stendera

We went here for breakfast and the food was delicious. I ordered the biscuits and gravy, but the other food looked so good I want to go back and order everything on the menu! They have a meat market in the front and a restaurant in the back.

Shelby Morgan

Fantastic food, awesome service.

April P

Good quality food for sure. Very nice staff and prices weren’t as bad as I’d expected.

Austin Texas

Really pretty Mexican girl with nose ring. Super foxy

Elena Zeidman

Super delicious. Brunch is a great way to access this upscale restaurant in a way that it totally affordable. The sopes was awesome, biscuits and gravy memorable, and the rotating specialty pastry (a pear doughnut) to die for. Don't miss this one.

Robin Feffer

The moment I walked into Dai Due, I felt welcomed by the warm, friendly staff. Unfortunately, as we walked outside to sit down, my daughter tripped and fell. She got a deep, painful splinter. The waitstaff was so helpful and genuinely concerned. They brought us a bowl of warm water, tweezers and antibiotic ointment. They brought my daughter lemonade and made me a drink--which helped! The manager was extremely accommodating and gracious. I had to take my food to go, and as the manager brought it out, she informed me she took care of the bill! The meal was superb! The fish was prepared light and crisp, with a delightful lemon aioli that wasn't heavy and complimented the arugula salad. I'm considering returning tomorrow for brunch and the full dining experience! Thank you Dai due staff--we will be back!

Pinaki Ghosh

Awful service - everybody (I mean the staff) in the restaurant seems to be angry - we had some kind of a sandwich - soggy and drowned in a sauce - which was terribly hot - the total price for 1 sandwich was $20 (after tips) - the server never came back to ask about our experience or if we need anything else - I eat in restaurants all over the world (especially Europe) - good restaurants always allow the subtle taste of the meat to be exposed - here it's just the opposite. Finally, the food can be good or bad - but if you have servers who never smile or come to the table to serve then you have a challenge - after all this is a service business. Again, this is my experience and others may have quite different experience - I do go to french restaurants where chef the cuisine comes to the table to ask about the experience so I am not impressed.

Susan Cook

Meh. Food was edible. Bacon mediocre flavor, mixed greens in a salad had an overabundance of radicchio, quail in salad was overcooked and dry. Bisquits were really good but was served with about 1 tsp. Of orange marmalade. The orange juice mimosa was outstanding. The service was decent but our waitress had her shirt unbuttoned too far and rather than button up her shirt she would hold her hand to her chest which brought more attention than having her shirt unbuttoned did. Loud restaurant.

Whitney Riggins

Only Texas things on the menu here. From beer to beef to the greens in your salad, everything is sourced from within the state. Elegantly cooked, great drinks too!

Terrance Rivas

Outstanding location for tasty american food. I'll return family next time.

Sandra Clark

This place is so cool. Loved the decorations, and the food was absolutely phenomenal. Had this about 6 months ago when visiting and still talking about it with friends. Edit 8/20/19: we went back again and it was once again absolutely amazing. We got the soft shell crab po boy and it was absolutely the best po boy I’ve ever had.

Paloma Salas

Dai Due has a great, intimate and relaxed environment and the food is extremely delicious! We tried blue crab with corn, green beans and potato tossed in chile garlic sauce, grilled confit chicken hearts, and red snapper. The summer melon sorbet was a perfect finish to a memorable meal!

Dave Kaplowitz

Love this place! Very inventive food with a friendly and helpful staff.

Reid Beck

Amazingly fresh dishes with great atmosphere.

Jeffrey Keller

Nice place to think about business. Prices were fair for the quality of the food.

Amber Williams

american food and the feeling here is very good. I wish there were more places like this around town. There was quick, helpful, and friendly service. It has a great feel to it. Reminds me of a restaurant in Philadelphia that I enjoyed.

w strong

Our meal tonight was somewhat a disappointment. I read the great reviews and thought we'd have a really good juicy home-cook style meal. No fried chicken or burger on the menu. Just expensive cuts of pork or steak ($74 ribeye). Guess we should have gone at lunch. We got the pork chop and the pork porterhouse. Both were tasty but kinda of dry. I could have grilled them much better. They needed a sauce or something to go with them. If I'm going to spend $120+ for a meal for 2 it should be terrific.

k Leigh

Really tasty fresh food...all the menu items are above average..only disappointment was bitter coffee... wish they offered esspreso or even pressed...

John Tucker

One of my favorites. Great farm to table and local, seasonal, well-thought out menus. Great staff!

Susan Glass

Sunday night dinner is a great deal especially when sharing!

Michael Sierra-Arévalo

Beautiful, warm space, and the staff makes you feel welcome and at home. Fried chicken is unreal, and the grit casserole is tasty if a bit salty. Overall a great dinner experience.

Chloe Hawkings

We came here for dinner yesterday and overall had a really nice experience and aesthetic is really nice. I had the burger which was incredibly large but a little too salty. We also ordered the supper club menu, it was really good particular the venison for the first course. Although it was good we felt it was missing something special and the the dessert wasn’t particularly memorable. The service was quick and efficient but didn’t feel very personal. The prices are very reasonable and I would definitely be interested to return for different dishes.

Michael Wolfe

Amazing food and ingredients! The combinations are fresh and the staff is very knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend this spot to any good lover.

Joseph Grant

You will not be disappointed at all. Excellent food, I had the porterhouse chop and my friend had the pompano fillet. Both were excellent. I would say take it easy on the sides because we didn't and now have a lot of left overs (which isn't a bad thing).

Paulo Nascimento

Awesome experience, had two main courses. Make sure you get some meats as well, the chicken liver mousse is incredible.

Lita Schule

Slow food fine dining at its best.

David Littlewood

Great lunch - a pastrami sandwich with all house made ingredients including a side of pickles.

Rick Palaia

Full review to come, but holy cow that brunch...

Sameer Rao

A restaurant which also sells locally sourced meat, most of the items on the menu is locally sourced as well. It is surely pricey, brunch average is $15 per person plus any additional for drinks. Service was okay, a tad slow. Serves dinner as well. Had the Biscuit and Gravy with venison sausage, the gravy was lacking kick, venison was a bit on the dry side. Biscuit could have been softer, will give it another shot and try something else on the menu the next time.

Steve Roese

Sometimes you need something old, slightly new. This sandwich is perfect.

Rachel Stokes

Way overpriced for what you get. The biscuits and grits were good; the bacon, which was an excellent cut of meat and should have been delicious, was burned. Yes, burned. It was inedible. A very small (think shot glass) glass of watermelon juice was five dollars. Add that to the butcher-shop smell and lackadaisical service and I don’t recommend it to anyone, ever. Also—put some higher-watt lightbulbs in the restroom.

Gabor Takacs

Great atmosphere, super nice service. I loved the quality of the bartop, chairs and tables. You didn't see this very often. They have vegetarian options and the DAi Due breakfast can even be vegan. Super tasty. Loved it.

Mark Driscoll

Extremely fresh, local food and drink with great service, what is there not to like? Highly recommended! After always having a great experience with Dai Due at the farmers markets around town, I was excited to be able to taste first hand their brick and mortar restaurant. Not only are the ingredients local at this restaurant but the beers and wines are too. And while I generally have a knee jerk reaction to Texas wines, the one that was suggested to our table was good (not amazing), but complimented our food very well. The ambiance was fantastic as well! I will be back again soon to try out the butcher shop portion of the restaurant soon too.

Tanmay Kayande

Dai Due is a great spot for a Sunday Brunch. When you sit at the bar, you see all the food being prepared in front of you. The venison sausage is one of the best I've had soaking up the sweet flavors balancing the smokey tangy taste imparted by the sauce and the chef.

Vivian Chang

What probably speaks loudest about the wonderful things coming out of Dai Due is that my bf and I have been 3 times in the 4 weeks the restaurant has been open. We've had our share of both butcher shop items and hot food from their Farmer's Market days, but Dai Due having a permanent space and business on a daily basis has truly elevated the food and drinks to another level. Dai Due has a daily changing menu based on ingredients that are in season and local. On the wall are rows upon rows of canned, dried, pickled fruits and herbs and nothing is just for decoration. They all make their ways into the items presented by both the kitchen and the bar. From the bar, I am especially in love with their shrubs and herbal tisanes (who knew basil, cinnamon and orange peel could make such a delicious after dinner combo? apparently bartender Justin did..) If any place embodies the spirit of serving good food, always local, it's Dai Due and the team Jesse Griffiths has built. And I've found my perfect neighborhood restaurant.

David Minear

One of the most creative places I've ever been

Amy Ma

Tasty butcher shop with fresh entrees and sides! The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable.

Robert DeWitt

we were seated promptly, it helps if you make reservations. all of the food was excellent, we ordered alot and shared. The reason for 4 stars the booth seating is uncomfortable, everyone had a stiff back and sore butt

Kimi Vu

This place was so delicious. Parking was not great but the food far than make up for it.

Todd W

If you’re scootin around town having a good time looking for a place to eat don’t bother trying this place.

Frank C

the service started out extremely slow but got better after i told a different server that we were ready to order. we got there at 6:15 pm and they were already out of several menu options. the food was only ok. i doubt there will be a return trip. too many better options in Austin at this price.

Tony Llongueras

Sunday fried chicken supper club is incredible.

Tim Hazelmyer

This place was great!!! Anywhere you can get a tray of meat for breakfast I support 100%. The wild boar roja was delicious. And in Austin on a Saturday morning we hot a table with no wait.

Cole B

Awesome experience at Dai Due. Really great attention to detail. Every ingredient was fresh, well seasoned, and very high quality. The atmosphere was great with a nice patio area that we ate in. You could see where they grow their own lettuce which was great on my sandwich and my SOs lettuce wraps. Our server, Carley R, was fantastic as well. Very friendly and attentive. We got the fried quail sandwich, wild boar lettuce wraps, potatoes Caroline, and a fig and blueberry pastry. The portions are very large so the side definitely wasn't necessary. I highly recommend this place. Unique while still being incredibly satisfying. It was clean, friendly, and high quality while not being outrageously priced. What more could you ask for?

Garrett Breaux

Every dish was delicious and perfectly done. The green beans, potatoes, sucotash, shrimp toast, flautas, and wild boar all exceed expectations. Wonderful but limited cocktail menu.

Jesse Sampson

They have a focus on Texas terroir generally which I love. Not many places can match the vivacity that they bring to the rich set of Texas ingredients, both land and sea as the name implies. The essence of good cooking must be mastery of quality ingredients and that's why I keep coming back here.


One of my favorite spots to not only dine but shop for meat as well. Would highly recommend the Wild Boar and Pastrami Sandwich. If you can’t find parking up front, go around back. Super friendly staff. Great butcher meats, would recommend the venison sausage.

Johnny FD

You can ignore any review that starts with "Triggered...I complained loudly" Dai Due serves fantastic, tasty farm to table food with a butcher shop right in front of the restaurant! Great for people who want to know where their food comes from. Definitely not cheap but super tasty.

Michael Solis

This is by far my favorite restaurant in Austin. Everything is locally sourced and made from scratch. The tomahawk pork chop might be the best thing I have ever had.

Jack Lee

Interesting meat house with the main restaurant on the back, you would be lightly confused with the entrance by the street however the hostess in by the rear entrance. Food is tasty, I had the wagyu burger, didn’t disappoint but nothing out of this world. Service is great and friendly

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