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5900 E Andrew Johnson Hwy, Afton, TN 37616, United States

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REVIEWS OF Snapps Ferry Packing Co IN Tennessee

Lester Hamilton

Loved it people were as nice and friendly

cinna shaker

Samantha Denton

We took our last and final cow to them due to our family friends saying they processed a lot of their cows here. We called back to give them the details of what we wanted cut. My husband went to pick up the meat yesterday and there were several items missing from the order and more ground beef than we should have had. When my husband went back to talk to a manager, the guy was rude, acted like it made no difference to him, and didn't even offer an apology. This was the last cow that we raised, we won't be doing it anymore due to moving. We had blood, sweat and tears invested in this animal and they absolutely ruined it. They also took the liberty to cut just about all the fat off of it, even when my husband asked for extra fat. Nothing they did made sense, but for them to not even care is discouraging and unprofessional. We also want to include that the smell was completely horrible. It just smelled unclean. I debated on even writing this because I'm completely heartbroken at the complete disregard for customer service or any semblance of compassion from these people. Shame on you Snapps Ferry. I hope your owner takes these reviews to heart and one day soon, will make.changes.

Matt Price

Not very happy with the processing of a steer. I requested an appointment, made sure I would be able to have it processed that day, but when I showed up,they had animals packed in holding pens with sheep, pigs, and culled cows with hardly no standing room left. I dropped it off anyway. I told them how I wanted it cut, and while I was there I overheard one of the employees say.... "We can't hold anymore" This concerned me a little. Once I picked my beef up a week or so later, I got home and the T-bones had been frost bitten. I called back to speak with a lady that just said..." Our shrink wrapper just doesn't vacuum pack it well." I am about halfway through the freezer with this beef, and I am beginning to see that more than likely, I got part of someone else's beef also. I am not sure what happened that week there, but a 90 day grained steer should be much better than the trash in my freezer. I will not use them again.

Justin Elbe

We have been buying our hamburger meat from this company for quite sometime now... They are always extremely helpful and very curtious... I just wish they were closer to us... We purchased a half of beef from them without having the first clue about how to have it cut... We've never done this before... One of the extremely friendly people took us back and showed us everything possible that we didn't know about the cow... We will be back this year for another... I have no problem spending money here... They are also cheaper than the grocery stores for the most part and everything they have is LOCAL... Thanks Guys for being the company that you are!!

Anna Sue Trammell

It is a great place

Crystal Austin


Donna Hensley

High quality meat and services

Tracey Love

We aren't happy with anything there. The place isn't clean. The meat on how it's packed is not vacuum tight. Glad it was only the first time and last time. Always trust your gut.

Vicki Fowler

They only way I will buy meat from grocery stores is if snapps ferry is closed. Snapps Ferry will always be my first choice when buying fresh meat. We have also bought deer meat. Haven't eaten any of that yet but it is available at certain time of year.

Karen Ottem

Matthew Silvers


Phillip John

Very helpful on telephone calls. Helped select cuts. Helpful to my meat customers.

Two weirdos in a truck

We go in often and buy sausage and ground beef. Most of the time it is good, but twice we have gotten spoiled ground beef. We live an hour away, so it not like we can take it back, and sometimes we freeze it. We have never had a problem with the sausage. It is very good.

Dls chnell

January 2016 Snapp's Ferry had a recall for their beef that made several people critically ill. The FSIS Dept. of Ag did research do to the customers illness's and traced it back to Snapp's Ferry Processing. 5 lb packages were recalled back in Nov, 20th 2015 do to E.coli. You can google this yourself for additional information. The meat tested positive for e.coli. Now ask yourself are you willing to have your livestock processed here and take the chance of your family becoming critically ill? We took our steer in before we knew of this event..we weighed him before taking him in because they don't have a live weight scale..isn't that convenient. He went in at 1135 lbs and after processing we got 279 lbs worth of meat! Upon going in ..did you notice their meat counter where they sell beef..where do you think they get that meat? Do you think they are going out and buying a calf to put in their meat counter? Not a chance. they have been accused per google reviews that at times they loose a whole calf..or a whole hog..and have even lost a whole deer !Wow what a coincidence that they sell meat..and loose whole calves? Now whats the chances of that. I would not recommend ANYONE using Snapp's Ferry, well unless you don't mind e.coli or eating someone else's calf ..or looking at the meat in the counter knowing the meat in it is most likely yours.

Susan Bright

Jon Moncier

Great place clean friendly feel like family after 1ist time great family business

Eric Van dyke

holeshotnot01 .

Best meat around, great to do business with. I would not take my livestock anywhere else. Thanks for all you do.

Becky Rollins

I love going there for the friendly service.

Justin Garrett

Ruined a steer I had raised for 3 years. I don't know what they did to the ribeye or the new York strips but they were all screwed up. 1.25" thick steak weighing less than 8oz? It should have easily been 12-14 oz.

Michael Knight

Nice & courteous service. Always appreciated!

Abraham Hernandez

Poor service. Very rude lady. :(

Fred Deakins

Got a quarter of a beef a friend had slaughtered there. His meat was fine, ours was not fit to eat, very gamey with extremely small steaks from a supposedly full sized beef.

Jason N Amy Collins

Bridget Spears

I just have I say that they have the best beef jerky and best steak ! The homemade sausage is very delicious too!!!!

michael poulsen

Nice people/staff. Order was prepared as requested. Would do business with them again.

Mike Winegar

Troy Clark

I need to say first if I could have put 0 stars in my review I would’ve. I killed a deer on opening day and took it there to have processed. I called a week later and ask if they had it was done and the girl said they were doing some deer now and she would call me when it was done. I called them a week later and they was “working on it”. I then went there unannounced and looked in the cooler where I had put my deer only to find my deer at the bottom of a pile of deer that had came in after I had took mine there. Remember I took my deer there on opening day and there was only 8 deer in the cooler and that was counting mine. There was more than 40 deer in there when I went to see if they had even started on mine as she said they had. Oh, I do need to say that it was on day 22 when I went unannounced. I cut the head off of my deer and left! I didn’t want to eat rotten meat!! If you buy deer meat there you are probably buying a deer that has been left behind there like I had to do mine. What a waste for me and my time!!!!! Did the deer die for nothing or is someone buying the rotten meat?

James Taylor

S.M. Shields

First calf that we had processed was very good. Then we gave them the next calf and when picking the meat up we only ended up with just barely 300 lbs, What I asked is this. This calf was almost the same weight as the first, same breed same quality health as the first and we got almost 600 lbs from that steer. Good Lord, where was the rest of it? Not taking another back to them at all. The word I've always heard that if the butcher sales meat then don't use em. Well, they sell plenty of meat so I'm assuming someone really enjoyed my wife and I's hard work in raising that calf. Needless to say my son n law was not happy and I'm done with them!

Ambre Torbett

Ruined two heads of steer - coolers are too hot, did not hang meat long enough. Ruined, not fit to eat. Now they will not return our calls to make things right. Do NOT use them.

Elizabeth Gill

The service was ok

Jordan Couch

Do not bother taking your deer here to get them processed. This was my first deer I had ever killed. I googled places to go for processing and this one I had heard was good. I was wrong. Upon arrival, I walked through the front doors and asked where to take my deer. I was abruptly given an, "around back," like I was supposed to know where to go. Keep in mind this is my first experience with this ever. So, I go around back and there's no one there. I go looking around for someone and open a door to the back thinking there would be someone who could help. Unfortunately, there were only two gentleman who spoke very little english. After one of these men explained what to do I filled out my tag, and made sure I had done everything I was supposed to. Then, I Ieft anticipating that I would get a call shortly there after saying that my venison, which I had so proudly collected, would be ready. I killed my first deer on Dec. 1st 2012. and have made several calls over the past few weeks to see if it was ready. They continuously told me that it wasn't ready yet, so I waited patiently. It is now January 25th, I called today, and they have no clue where it is or what I killed. Their excuse was, "Well the tag must have gotten wet and we didn't know who to call." This is why you should keep a notebook of your customers names, numbers, and the day they brought their deer to you instead of just putting a tiny tag on the ear and saying we'll give you a call! This is very disappointing to someone who was looking forward to putting the first deer they killed in the freezer.

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