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REVIEWS OF Bare Bones Butcher IN Tennessee

Timothy Barrett

I love this place. Amazing butcher shop. The dine-in food is off the charts. My favorite burger in Nashville, by far.

Doug Hale

Best butchers around. Happy to go to them for all those weird cuts we Brits hanker for.

John Scott Major

We had quite an experience! Not only was the burger "old school" awesome, we had a “Debris” New Orleans style po boy, and a roast beef sandwich, the delicious "beef fat" fried potatoes, and the greens. We also scored some house made beef jerky, a slab of pate (which is really head cheese) and a pair of beef cheeks to make at home later. In addition--they sell whole tanned cow hides! It seems they bring in about 1 cow per week to butcher and sell--and in the process they send the hide for that cow to be tanned to sell! We bought the hide! Again--quite a score. We also picked up a jar of strawberry preserves. We had a great meal, got some home decor, bought tomorrow night's entree, and some other "essentials". This is the type of establishment that if we wandered into this exact same store while on vacation, I would think, "why can't we have a place like this in Nashville?" Well, now we do!

Mary Chittwood

When I called they answered all my questions, so I drove there immediately. The gentleman behind the counter was quick to help me and happy to do so. I recomend this place highly! I bought bones to make broth and broth because I couldnt wait 24hrs.. :) I hope to be back many times.

Marsha Simmons

Excellent quality ingredients combined deliciously. Worth the trip to West Nash. Beer (cider) was great as well.

Chris Murdock

The BEST burger in Nashville and a great bunch of people.

Jason Grime

Have a beer while they custom cut your order! So glad to have this near my home.

Mike L

Nice butcher and market with just outstanding sandwiches. The meatball sub was one of the best I have ever had. Fresh local bread, delicious meatballs, and I loved the crushed tomato style sauce.

Nick Johnson

I've started coming here more & more. The meat is obviously great. The difference maker for me is the guys. In a dozen or so visits, I have never once picked up a hint of impatience or negativity from any of the guys working here. The customer service is crazy top notch. I really, really appreciate that. I always feel so welcome and valued. The meats are definitely worth the price. And I highly recommend grabbing a bite here as well. I think the cheeseburger is one of the better cheeseburgers in Nashville. I can't recommend this place enough.

Jason Turner

You simply can not go wrong here. Buy steak and pork to go or sit down and grab a beer and sandwich. Try the beef fat fried potatoes. You will not be dissapointed!

Heath Haley

Where to start. First off, Patrick & Wesley get it. Top Shelf at every level. Not to mention their team knows what they are talking about and are always willing to take time with each customer no matter what. One of if not THE best cheese burgers in town. It is perfect. From the bun/meat/cheese ratio to the condiment/pickle combo-perfection. If the tongue sammie is on the menu, do not be afraid, order it. Probably the best I have ever had. After you eat, ask the guys to cut you a nice 1 1/4-1/2 tomahawk ribeye and go home and make some magic.

Eric Hollihan

Steve Delle

Incredible. I've been in several times on the butcher shop side, but had just never sat down and enjoyed the restaurant side. That all changed today. After filing my taxes, I figured I owed myself a beer and a burger. Wow! The burger and the fried potatoes, accompanied by a Bearded Iris Homestyle, is one of the best lunches I've treated myself to lately!! Do yourself a favor and pop in for lunch while you grab your protein from the butcher. Fantastic!

Bill Toups

Purchased two Ribeyes, one fillet and two sausages. It was a bit pricey, but well worth it! Steaks were fantastic! The butcher informed us that the beef is dry aged for thirty-five days and it had great flavor! Well done, Bare Bones!

Alden Griffus

Timoteo Hernandez

If your within ten miles of this place and want food. EAT HERE

Cory Williams

Great local butcher and fantastic sandwiches. Also, really good collard greens.

John Bickley

Jordan Qualls

While it was quite expensive, it's worth it. The burger definitely was the best I've had in Nashville.


Joey Brown

Kelly Heyen

HOLY COW the beef fat fried taters are incredible and the sandwiches are amazing. They also have a nice little selection of dry goods, cheeses, veggies, etc. for your next dinner or charcuterie! One of our new favorite spots on the West side.

cubbies1967 .

Love Yourself

Madison Anderson

Ty Smith

Awesome...the dry-aged meats make the difference...i order a burger made in-house, get a blood-orange cider while I wait, n shop for meats as I leave...doesnt get any better than that as a Texannative

Jeffrey Toys

Great Place, Great Food, Great People. Check it out, It will not disappoint. Grab a burger for lunch and a steak to cook for dinner !

Tara Wells

Incredible ribeye from Bare Bones! *Update: Bare Bones is my favorite burger spot in town. Not just in the Nations. All of Nashville. Order it with a side of beef fat fried potatoes.

David Wit

Nathan Morgan


Dean Anderson

I have never had a bad experience here and the guys working at this shop are talkative and friendly. Everything is delicious and the pastrami is tied with the roast beef but both are 10/10. Pricey but rightfully so and absolutely worth it. This isn’t a McDonald’s, it’s a butcher shop.

Jeremy Kuss

Great people, great meats, and an excellent burger if you're looking to eat in!

Lisa Wood

The cheeseburger was $10 and worth every penny. The BEST cheeseburger I have ever eaten.

Amanda Barnsfather

Kel S

Stopped by for lunch and had a hard time finding a spot to sit at first due to it being pretty hopping for a small place! The food was amazing; I'll definitely be back for lunch when I can also bring home some cuts of meat. It seemed like there were a lot of regulars in there, and I can understand why.

Aaron Caudill

John singer

All selections of local meats.

Caleb Williams

Food is fantastic. Service is fast. Great experience overall!

Erica Fetterman

Super friendly spot with a bar to hang out at or tables to sit at. Very tasty food that delights my belly.

McEwen Group LLC

The guys & gals at Bare Bones are super friendly and have superior product! Burger and beef fat fries are off the chart good, roast beef is best I've had! Basically everything I've had from this establishment is A++. Just go give them your $$

Chris Kelley

Luciano Scala

Excellent service. Outstanding meat and local products. Always fresh and delicious.

James Hale

Stopped in for a bite at the lunch counter. The beef tongue sandwich and beef fat fried taters were delicious. I picked up a couple of pork chops on the way out. The butcher was kind enough to Vacuum seal the chops and throw them on ice for my long drive home.

Ethan Levine

Awesome atmosphere. The guys are super knowledgeable and nice. The meats are amazing and prepared sides are yummy!

Malcolm Johnson

Deborah Lorraine

Old fashioned good service with local farmed meats and eggs!

Matthew Eskridge

The burgers are amazing.

troy olige

Cheeseburger was delicious!!!!!

AJ Smith

I don't eat a lot of meat but the pork shoulder I bought was of high quality. Their meat and produce are sourced close to the shop so it is good to support local farmers.

Joe Toste

Best sandwiches in Nashville they have an amazing ham and cheese with fig spread and garlic aoli that's a must try. They make a killer burger here too.

Ahad Dhanji

Hicham Kadiri

Excellent butcher, their corned beef is absolutely amazing!

Max Abrams

Hands down the best burger in Nashville. Nothing comes close. Great staff and service. Beautiful space. Walkable in the neighborhood but also convenient parking.

Vaughn Granger

Just had lunch here. Great cheeseburger. Make sure to get the potatoes for a side. Awesome staff.

Tyson DeMeyer


Stefan Engstrom

Knowledgeable and fun guys running this new butcher shop / sandwich & beer place.

James McSnames

Went here for lunch today. Got the pork sandwich and a side of fried potatoes. It was quite tasty. Sandwich: The pork sandwich was oozing with juices and prepared with braised greens which made it feel more southern than just a sandwich full of high-quality meat. The bread was good. The sandwich portions are not large for the price, but I feel that this is to be expected at a local butcher. I do wish they had cut the sandwich in half so that it was easier to handle (or served it with a knife to allow me to cut it). Some of the meat fell out of the bottom of my sandwich because it was difficult to hold. Sides: I got the fried potatoes. They were darn tasty. Fried to perfection and salted just right. However, I feel that the size of the sides was too small given the cost. I got perhaps a handful of potatoes for $4. The gentleman next to me got a small cup of chili (as a side) for the same price. He raved about the chili, but he too mentioned that the cup was small. I would not buy the sides again unless the portions become larger or the price gets cheaper. Beer: 6 beers on tap. All non-domestic. Reasonably priced. Staff: The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. At times they seemed a little disorganized, but I imagine that this will be worked out as the shop gets more experience under its belt. Interior: The interior was industrial-chic, which I am getting a little tired of, but I feel that it works well for a butcher shop. It gives the feeling of cleanliness and efficiency. If I remember correctly, they have 4 small tables and seating at a small bar. I had no issues finding seating, but I imagine they might run out during lunch rushes. The wall next to the bar is a glass garage door leading to a patio which I expect to add seating in the summer months. Butchery: They said for now they are pork and beef only and will be adding cheeses soon. Prices are not posted in the display case, which would be a nice addition. The prices of the few items I inquired about were similar to Porter Road Butcher. Store: They have homemade chili and beef stock for sale. They also resell local dairy products. They have another (very small) section for local produce. They list which farm the produce came from too, which is nice. Overall, a nice addition to the nations. Glad to see them join the neighborhood.

Foster Azmodan

Chris J

Great to have these guys in the neighborhood. All locally sourced meats coupled with excellent customer service. This is exactly what West Nashville was missing.


Fresh food made from scratch, soo good.

Joe Mccoy

Allison Brewer

Best smoked chicken salad EVER!

Sarah Felter

Barbara Marshall

Ian Brugman

Ross Hunt

CODEElDiablo .

I love this place. The staff is super helpful, knowledgeable, personable, and inclusive. That whole "local butcher" sensation that we all think is lost maintains here, undoubtedly. A little pricey, but you get what you pay for. The fact that hot food with local products, and beer, is sold knocks it out of the park.

Charles Caskey

Jody Markle

Great butcher shop. Friendly people who know their product. A little pricey, but amazing food.

Van Garrett

It was really good. The burger is up to it's hype and the fried taters are awesome.

Ryan Nowers

Best burger in Nashville! Burger and Fried Potatoes are the perfect combo.

Brian Messamore

Great selection, reasonably priced, great advice on cuts and had a beer while I waited. What else can be said. Been 3 times and never been dissapointed.

Blake Baldassari

The meatball sub was phenomenal. Made to order and totally worth the wait. They gave me a water while I waited.

Luke Carter

Joseph Sikon

Seriously the best butcher in Nashville. All locally sourced ingredients and a personal shopping experience. Cannot give high enough praise.

David Chunn

Jean Weaver

Limited seating but excellent sandwich.

Cassandra Wit

Paula Gonzalez Ericsson

Liz Cat Fitzgerald

forest sponseller

Wow, I never had such a good hamburger! And they aren't huuuge, which is a really good thing. Not everything in 'Murica needs to be huuuge. Potatoes are yummy as well!

Ryan Davidson

Victor Albright

The best no frills burger in Nashville, and a great local butcher.

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