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2649 Lemay Blvd, Ellsworth AFB, SD 57706

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Where is Ellsworth AFB Commissary?

REVIEWS OF Ellsworth AFB Commissary IN South Dakota

Sam Dream_Tv



Great service and quality shopping.

Jennifer Herman

Great prices, checkout fast and courteous

Paulette Hayford

Shopping was good but the check out was a little lengthy. But no complaints

christopher hastings

Clean, great variety, produce could be better


Great military commissary!

Mina Normington

Good selection of basic foods

Gary Schaum

First time back there in 15 years. No changes and no updates! Not crowded, but only one register open, so long checkout time. Save money, shop at Walmart!

Patricia Williams


Matthew Gorman

Awesome prices and products!!

Joshua Cleveland

The commissary is for military shoppers but offers a lot of really good deals that most stores in town cannot beat.

Jan Tharp

People always so friendly and helpful.

Thomas Sutterer

Outstanding service,,,


Staff is always friendly and helpful. Selection seems to be shrinking. Hit-or-miss on things being in stock also.

David Bamburg

It was great

Casey Giardino

I cannot shop here but I deliver here, they're prices are AMAZING. Best deals in town

Ronald Edel

Excellent services offered to Active, Retired and Disabled Vets. I'm a big supporter of Military Services.

Bill Bradshaw

Military visiting Mt Rushmore, stop here to buy all your water and snacks!

kill or be killed

It is awesome the bust

Marlene Cox

Found everything that I needed and the best thing, I love the amount of money I spend. Great prices.

John W Mccready

Great place to shop

Hassan Cole

Vegetable selection sometimes is a bit meek but other than that its fine

Chris Sweat

Ebony Toland

Small but decent prices and fresh produce

jeremy friedrichsen

Decent size for as small as the base is.

Gerri Lynn Owens

So happy to grocery shop at Ellsworth...Always clean and I especially appreciate the friendly people!

Sara Fitzpatrick

It's a smaller commissary, but well run.

Don Theye

Always a good shopping experience.

Shelby Billing

Shawn Compton

Better prices on a lot of things, especially meat.

Patricia May

Nice quiet place to be, see deer all day long

Steve Moran

Very nice store. Prices are amazing as well

Mary Beck

Very friendly. Always clean.

Jon Jcc

Great place to buy groceries and other products, friendly staff

James Petersen

Darius Boomsma

Very good deals on meat sometimes and in general. It is cheaper for some items in Rapid though

Jeffrey Banks

Excellent choices, and excellent prices! Picked up a couple of really nice ribeyes!

Paul Dadah


Jim Seavey

Every thing you need.

Francisco Dima

The best place to shop for groceries in town. The prices are unbeatable. Love it.

wilson suz

Baggers and scanners were excellent. Missing items were a nusince.

Steve Dutton

Great prices but, you have to have a military ID to shop there.

Lee Marie Oliver

Great store.

Rita Huffman

Variety of products and good customer service

Terry Walston

alway out of everything

William Clayton

Our favorite place for grocery shopping!

Mac Simm

It was my first time shopping here and I will never return after my experience. Shelves were not stocked and couldn’t find many items we needed. Produce section was not good in quality. To top it all off I was rudely approached at self checkout by a female employee who was disrespectful and had a horrible attitude when I did nothing wrong. The people in there had no manners and I will be going down town for future shopping.

Waylon Larvie

Not to bad

Steve Lemke

Outstanding place way more cost effective then out in town.

Danielle Swihart

Tends to have what I need for groceries, prices are ok. Cashiers seem annoyed most of the time..

Kent Bryant

Great place and friendly checker.

David Cy

Better organic selection please

Sherry Scudder

Great prices, good quality and excellent service.

Miranda Ruesch

Great prices but it was very busy

Derrick Boegel

Good job

Deborah Breining

Always enjoy going to the Ellsworth commissary

Jt Owens

Sandra Lynn Hocking

Convenient location for me. Good prices on a lot of items (Although some are cheaper downtown.) Hours could be better though as they are closed every Monday and Holidays. Only open until 5 on Sundays, 6 on Saturdays and 7 from Tuesday through Friday.

Jason Smith

Great service most of the time.

John Grotluschen

Clean base. Great shopping at Exchange.

Jim Hodgson

Always seems the Commissary is usually out of half and half. There is usually fat free half and half available. Have asked folks that work there about the problem and the answer is always the same. "Must wait for the delivery and they have no control on what is delivered". This has been a problem for at least the last 3 to 4 years. There is a definite stocking problem when a product that is always available (fat free half and half) and a product (regular half and half) that rarely is available. Maybe the commissary should order more regular half and half and less fat free half and half. Is there really such a thing as fat free half and half any way? Other than this issue the commissary does a fairly good job of stocking items.


Pretty good selection of items. My complaint is that the produce goes bad within days & there's no lactose free yogurt. There's a ton of yogurt but non for lactose intolerant people.


they have lots of choices, and taxes are nonexistent there :)

Genevieve Cruz

It's okay for a commissary. Incredibly small with limited selection but okay.

James Halterman

Meets our needs.

Maggie Melanson


kari Roblewsky

Chris Tennyson

Great prices

Clarence Newsam

Always find what I am looking for

Len Pugh

A little on the small side but a great selection.

Eric Gor

No tax so it's much cheaper but produce seems to expire much much quicker. And I'm not sure where they get their avocados but they are awful. And it wasn't just one time... I've never had good experience with their avocados

Mori Totree

We routinely shop at our local commissary in CA. Once a year, we come to the Black Hills to visit family. This commissary is smaller but makes a good faith effort to stock the usual and customary items. The produce department in particular presents well and provides a good variety. All the employees were super friendly and helpful.

David Bruce

Great prices on meats and products

Rich Bobo

Commissary and personnel are great but what's up with all the reserve parking, about half would do, maybe some for our older veterans.


great selection, checkout lines arent bad. deli makes some pretty good sandwichs

Eugene Cote

First Class Commissary !

Renese Rivera

Clean store, friendly employees and great prices. Produce and meat are great quality.

megan sohlberg

Clean, nice and helpful staff. Only reason I have it 4 stars their produce could be improved.

stacy sanders

Great product great prices

Patti Tweedy

They had everything we needed.

Deb Picard

Always go at least once a month love it there

Jess A.

No tax, great and helpful staff.

Alan Anton

Great for military

Jeremy Black

Small but good

Nancy Smith

We always shop there. The prices are great and everyone is very helpful.

Ed Eide

Great place

Albert Tooker


Rod Anderson

Great store with good prices. Good selection of products.

Katrina Alphin

Love to shop here!


Ronald H

All the shelves were pretty much full, very well stocked. Cashiers were efficient. Baggers were cheerful. good selection

Slyder Green

Great prices

Gregg Wooten

The commissary is the commissary is the commissary. They have what you need, in most cases. Reasonable and competitive prices and the staff there is always ready to help I've found. There are some better deals off base from time to time but by and large, this is the better value and it's an earned privilege.

Brian Reichert

Friendly service and shopping

Nicole Bearheels

c t

Very friendly people work there.

Bill Williams

Great stop for November. Electric and sewer still available and cheap.

David Bond

Great store. However, there are better competitive stores off base.

cordel shields

Horrible produce ...

Bryant Bair

The commissary has had issues of late maintaining adequate inventory in the meat department.

Stanley Thomas

Great place for military food shopping,.

Dustin Ferreira

Best price of groceries any where only down side is the quality of produce for some reason their produce is not vey good or what I mean is that it's didn't last very long

Gayl Rouse

I appreciate the prices, just wish selection was mire consistent. The staff are always attentive, polite and helpful.

Mike Kerver

Has everything we need!

Verl Diro

I had no problem. The personnel were very helpful as I am handecapped. I would recommend it to anyone. The thing I would like to see is Italian roast beef in the deli. Thank you.

Jonda Bennett

Great selection


Great selection of meats.

Richard Roland

Nice base

Jessica Young

The baggers have great customer service. Thank you Mr. Desmond and team!

bill sylvis

Small commissary with a small selection but good prices

Matthew S

Can't beat the prices.

Robert Saenz

Great money saver.

Ken Farnham

Great prices, could use more variety

Cat Benedict

Good prices on beef cuts! They also have a decent selection of international goods.... thw sushi is pretty good too!!!

Ted S

Small but with a very helpful staff. The only problem with this commissary is the produce, it's always bad. Avocados are weeks away from being ripe and fresh mushrooms are almost always bad. Seasonal products like corn, Mandarin oranges and potatoes are usually good, but the non ripe, $1.00 avocados are my biggest gripe.

Big Simp

Not the biggest but staff very helpful.

Hannah King

I love they have vegan cheese and cream cheese options.

A.E. Tweed

Didnt hwve everything.

Michael Jass

This is a great place for military families and retirees to purchase their food. The prices are sometimes as much as 50% or more lower than the local economy. It offers a nice Deli and bakery. Plus you can buy bulk at the commissary.

Dede Farrar

Great place for my retired army dad to buy groceries.

Jason Cautrell

Great value and always friendly workers! Might not have everything you need, but you save a lot on what they do have.

Timothy Ayers

Good deals on some things, not so much on others. If you're a thrift shopper and don't mind shopping for good deals, then this is right up you're alley.

Jody Weiand

Great prices.

Kathy Anderson-Raymond

It's just as Expensive as any other turist spot.

David Green

Love to go there it's just 5 hours away the only bad thing

Jason Hager

The employees over filled the plastic bags and threw off the scale which errored on almost every time we bagged. Then just stood their inches from us advising us on how we didn't know how to use self checkout. I'm sorry, we use the self checkout at every store that has them. It is you, commissary employee, that doesn't know what they're doing.

Randy Jensen

Has become increasingly expensive over the last couple of years. Surcharge of 10% more than negates tax saving. Tipping of baggers, also cuts into any savings. coupons and specials, have also declined. Good for meats and specialty import food items.

Christina Loveless

This one is really big!

Joni Burgess

renae zackey

Nice to use privileges earned by my husband and save money

Rachel Hernandez

Purchased carrots that said good for 10 days out, they grew mold and slime a day later! Overpriced and poorly managed produce. Get your dry goods here and fresh stuff elsewhere.

Rebecca Cermak

Very friendly and helpful

Jerry Sullivan

Well stocked and kept clean and friendly! For this retired traveler, greatly appreciated!!

Andrew Randazzo

Always clean and the staff is friendly. It's not a huge store, but it is about the size you would expect for the size of the base.

Palmer Gulch

Seems like Elsworth is more expensive than Offutt.

Tony Rhodes

Seldom a crowd, always a bargain or two in the aisles.

Danelle Mullenberg

Very clean nice environment. Very very well mannered employees

Sandy Ryan


Dorothy Wood

Ok, could not find fresh mozzerella ball.

Wilma Gauthier

Always love shopping at the Commissary. Every one is so friendly and so willing to help you

Holley Gorman


Roxann Janz

Everything I need to buy is there and the employees are the kindess and most helpful in any way. Even the customers are eager to help.

Kathy DeLong-Anson

Great selections

Karl Thomas

Best place for me to shop, really close to home. Works for me n many other veterans n active military personnel. Thanks ever so much for doing your best for others.


One of the better AFB facilities

Laurie Schlecht

Staff is helpful for finding items. Love the seasonal section.

Robin Prior

Love shopping here.

Sarge Graham

Since I'm military retired I always enjoy going to a commissary and the post exchange. there are many bargains to be had if you are military.

Pug_ Face

Its great

Barry Tremble

Small place but great service and prices.


The people are nice

Michael Souza

Produce and meat seem to always be about to expire. Force bagging people are annoying. However, the sandwiches and sushi are great for lunch and pricing on other items are great.

B. Peffer

Out of some items. Otherwise very reasonable. Only military connected personnel are authorised to use.

Lydia Kowalchuk

Friendly staff, wide veriaty, great prices

Bob Hartman

Better than the one at Dover AFB.

Jerry Anderson

James Lenneman

Good prices, but not stocked well. Lots of gaps on the shelves. Some items I buy regularly disappeared for 4 months before showing up again.

Chuck Barnhart

Nice Commissary

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