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REVIEWS OF The Chop Shop Butchery IN South Carolina

Mike Maki

Rob cut me the most beautiful steaks today. The end result was exactly like what I wanted. The entire staff is so friendly, so accommodating, I felt like family. AND, they had fresh-cooked steak and sausage samples on the counter to sample while you waited on getting your order wrapped-up. I will be definitely be back!


Special orders for everyone! Specialty cuts are their daily routine. Plan ahead, order ahead and enjoy!

Chelsea Zappel

Love, love LOVE The Chop Shop! We use their products for our restaurant in downtown Asheville (Pete's Pies) & they are nothing but a pleasure to work with - staff is incredibly nice & quick, the quality of their meat is top-notch & they've been great at getting us custom orders which isn't always easy to do. All & all - they rock!

lenimmon1 .

Wow! Very disappointed. I was super excited to buy meat locally...purchased two ashevilledeals for $20.00 ($20.00 for $40.00 worth of meat, so half off) They had an expiration date of yesterday, September 30th, 2015. It is MY fault that I let them expire. However, I called out to their shop twice this am. The first time I left a message. The second time I spoke to a gentleman. He told me that it would be OK to use my coupon and to come on in. In fact, he told me that the USDA made them have a six month expiration? (Didn't ask questions) I went out of my way to come down there and started to order. Once I mentioned my ashevilledeal the lady told me it expired yesterday. I proceeded to tell her that I spoke to someone this morning and that they told me it was ok. She asked me who I spoke to. I told her I was not sure but that it was a male. So, she then got the owner or manager's attention and asked him if it was ok to use it. He told me NO, that it expired yesterday. I told him that I called there before I came out that way and they said otherwise. He told me that whoever I spoke to told me wrong!...that there isn't even a way to type it into the computer. He was very short with me and spoke to me as if I were making a fuss about the situation. He was not polite by any means. I understand that I did not use it before its expiration. However, I believe they should honor whatever their employee tells a customer! Not to mention he could have at least offered the $40.00 I spent with them without giving me any promotion! I will never return there and I think that is unfortunate considering there aren't any other chop shops in town. What a waste of my $40.00.

Jeff Mendelsohn

Ian Joyner

Ashley Butler

Boutique butcher shop that hits you with a waft of scents upon entry. I was gandering at a Tempranillo on the wine wall when Uriah approached me with his thoughts on certain selections. I work for a wine a spirits distributor so I immediately had heart eyes when he was so chipper to ask me, “What do you like to drink?” and continued to educate me on the selections at hand. We chose a la carte meats and cheeses along with a bottle of Tremenda to make a lovey lunch paired with City Bakery Ciabatta out on our AirBnB terrace. Learned a bit about some of their speciality in house creations and took some homemade jerkey to boot. Would love to come back upon our next arrival and try so more out of the box options like the head cheese samples we tried!

Bill Davidson

Super friendly service! Thursday wing special is great. The wings have great flavor! The Bresaola melts in your mouth and the pork chops were very tasty. The sausages were a bit grainy for my taste. I look forward to attending one of their classes the next time I get to Asheville.

David Amelung

Best Ever

Christopher Mansker

Mary-ellen Marx

Top quality meat, pleasant staff

graham hassell

The Chop Shop has been one of my favorite spots since 2012. My Instagram is littered with pictures of goodies from this place; steaks, chicken, rabbit, head cheese. The first time I had foïe I bought it from this place and prepared it for myself. They've made me porchetta, I've had their in house bbq which is absolutely fantastic. Their dry aged steaks are the only ones I want anymore. Had a 52 day dry-aged porterhouse that was out of this world, worth every penny. The seafood is exceptionally fresh, the charcuterie is second to none. Need I go on? This is literally one of my favorite places in Asheville. Everything about this place is so welcoming, the locally sourced products, the aromas, the staff and the environment. This is the one place I always recommend!

Douglas Lucas

What a gem!! Amazing local meets. Definitely check it out.

Heidi Kirschner

My boyfriend is a Chef in Charlotte and once I brought him some of the amazing meat from this shop he was sold. The highest quality product from a place that truly takes pride in their product! He now places orders on a monthly basis and Cannot get enough!! There's really No comparison!

Sean Henderson

I cannot praise this place enough. I’m SO grateful that they are here in Asheville. Always selling local, pastured, high quality meat all year round. Helpful staff. Just a great quality butcher. Most people in America are not fortunate to live in a city with a butcher this good. They are also employee owned, which is cool. I wish they would be open on mondays, though, because if you go camping all weekend like a normal person, you miss the Saturday farmers market and then you get back and your fridge is empty and there’s no where to buy local meat and the chop shop is closed until Tuesday so it’s inconvenient. At least this happens to me a lot...

Ashley Deal

Their Ham Salad is delicious!! to die for!!!

Benjamin Porter

Excellent butchery with very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Healthing Yourself

Picked up a pound of prepared pulled pork yesterday. Pig was from HNG Farms--instead of smothering it in sauce, they let the pork speak for itself-- righteous!

James Smith

Classic butcher shop with boutique offerings. Definitely a jewel in the crown of Asheville. Will exceed expectations. Great staff with impeccable service. One of my favorite places.

Jason Hernandez

Awesome place, first time here will definitely be coming back. Nice atmosphere, very nice employees working there n very helpful. Prices also are very reasonable for the quantity of fresh meat.

Brent Kiser

Took the lamb butchery class. Very informative. PJ and his team were great. Big thanks to the Chop Shop.

Jake Mohl

Excellent service and the staff was extremely friendly and exceptionally knowledgeable.

Greg Goodman

Prices are high, but the bison rib eye steaks are probably the best cut of meat I've ever had

Rachel Edwards

This is the best place to buy meat and the only place I buy meat. You know the farms and how the animals were raised and treated. Everything is local and pastured raised. The butchers will also help you with cooking tips.

Tony Ubertaccio

Love it. Sneakily the best lunch sandwiches in town. And the dry aged beef, heritage pork, and fish are in a league of their own. I first saw this place while visiting Asheville on a trip in 2018. I loved the look and the staff clearly knew their stuff. I wished that I had a Chop Shop in my neighborhood and —now that I moved here— I do!

Jason Jeffords

Bought a pound of perfectly sliced bacon sourced from Warren Wilson college and it's delicious and reasonably priced. The people were super friendly

Lisa Scholz

Asheville Charlie

Jeff Anderson

Pat Poole

Absolutely love everything we have tried. Great food.

Dave B

The best selection of local meats in town. Perfect location and a staff that knows what they're doing. I highly recommend it.

Lee G

Best meats I have found in Asheville,missed the selection of Atlanta,NOT anymore :)) TOP NOTCH!!

Eric Linne

Rose C.

Very Exspensive! Parking not good! I asked for smoked slab bacon and not sure what they gave me! Will Never go back!

Larissa Hernandez

Amazing employees who are very knowledgeable and are able to answer any questions you may have. Very clean. Delicious cuts of meat ... Pricing is a little more than something you would buy at a grocery store but what can you expect? You are getting high quality cuts of meat! It's worth the $$$$.

Taylor Keenan

Absolutely some of the best customer service you can get in this town in any capacity. They’re trustworthy, informative and sell great product. Worth the extra stop on grocery day.

girmscheidb .

Usually come here for meat as it's super fresh and beef is butchered in front of you. Most beef is dry aged, just had the ground sirloin which is also dried aged, I grilled it med rare with just salt and pepper and whoa. It's like a buttery heaven. Great staff, super friendly, and hands down best meat products I've ever had...great work guys!

Matthew Mauney

On a recent weekend trip to the mountains, about an hour an a half from Asheville, we called an order in for 3 dinners and 3 breakfasts from the Chop Shop for 7 people. We all thought the bone in pork chops were excellent - just enough fat and cooked great on a grill. North Carolina farmers are unmatched when it comes to pork! We also ordered rib eyes, ny strips, short ribs, bacon (which had a great smokiness to it), and breakfast sausage. The butchers reserved very nice cuts for us and everything was ready when we arrived. The shop is just of the highway and we were back on the road in 5 minutes. Because of the long trip ahead of us they even provided a couple bags of ice. I wish I had a butcher this good were I live. Asheville is lucky to have this place.

betty cotton

The best meat... The best staff.

Mary Carol Koester

Superb meats but this butchery is NOT Gluten Free. If you have autoimmune Celiac Disease or are highly gluten intolerant, ask carefully about how meats have been prepared/handled to avoid cross contamination with flours used in prep area.

Alternative Clinic

Great staff, great product. It's the only place we buy meat in Asheville.

Larry Gowen

I was looking for a good butcher in Western NC and found a great butcher in Asheville. The customer service is excellent. They didn't have what I wanted in the front case (bone in ribeye). However, when I asked if they had a bone in ribeye, the answer was an immediate yes. The butcher went to the back and prepared two beautiful steaks. They grilled perfectly and tastes amazing. I will be back the next time I am in Asheville.

Liz H

Kurt Perschke

The best butcher in Asheville. Imagine a place where the head butcher is also an owner, can tell you where each animal is locally sourced, and has personally been to each farm to check conditions. That is the Chop Shop.

Nathan Wurzbacher

Incredible meat. Incredible service.

Hill Teas

Our family enjoyed the most delicious tenderloin for Chritmas dinner! Thank you Chop Shop, we will be back!!

Al LaRotonda

Michael Poplos

Quality meats at a fair price. Very courteous staff.

Juan Aguirre

The Chop Shop Butchery is a jewel! The community of Asheville must walk through the door of this business.My wife and I just spent the weekend at The Grove Park Inn and came across The Chop Shop Butchery by chance. We purchased two different (totally amazing) types of salami and their beef jerky. I only wished I had my cooler so I could of takin home some of their cuts of meats. We then drove to the Asheville City farmers Market and purchased some peaches, black berries, gluten free chocolate chip cookies and iced coffee! Talk about eating local, we had a great lunch under a tree. Don't let another day pass by with out going to this great place.

Cody Terrell

1st time there. Love it! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Amazing products. Will definitely return.

Sarah Richardson

Hands down the best steak I've ever had. By far. You pay for what you get so don't expect to walk into the store and pay what you pay at walmart . Amazing staff and extreamly helpful . We were in town to finalize our lease and stopped by to buy fathers day steaks to take back to charleston. Staff was super friendly (charles I think? Prob wrong ) and he packed ice for us to last the trip . Butcher shops are a dying breed and ones that are locally sourced with such a good product are even more scarce. If the price bothers you then a word of advise when it comes to meat ; quality over quantity . But in all honesty they are priced well for their product .Will come back again and again yelling "here take my money!" .

Laura Lefèvre

We love this place for so many reasons! To list a few GREAT meats, try roasting a whole chicken and steak is out of the world! You'll never buy another deli roasted bird again. Matt, Anne and everyone there are full of knowledge which is priceless and to top it off they're just plain great people. So they've got fresh quality products, and they stand behind everything they sell. Remember you get what you pay for and if I'm paying I want it good! You will NOT be disappointed, give them a try!


Told them I wanted a pork shoulder cubed with bone in. Said they could, then they separated meat from bone! Told them again I wanted it cubed with bone in, they said okay again and gave me a boston butt and steak cut it, saying they couldn't cube it with bone in! I brought the Boston Butt back when I realized what it was and told them again that I wanted the shoulder. The guy said it was different only in name and was the same thing. In reality, the shoulder has bone running through it and the butt has minimal bone. The bone is for more flavor for the Caribbean dish I'm preparing as I explained but I got tired and just took the pork butt as I had already given them my money. Then I got mad about the lie I was told and just left the 8.5lbs of pork at their doorstep because they had closed. I'm not cooking with that. Curse of being a perfectionist. Question. How does one work at a butchery shop and know nothing about butchery? Really butchered that one. (had to say it) Also, don't act like I'm being difficult when you're just being incompetent. If you don't know how to do something just say, "I don't know how" and all would be well, because I know a butcher at Ingles who does.(they just didn't have the pork shoulder for sale) That's an over $60 mistake I won't be making again thanks to their incompetence. Like most tourist destinations it's overpriced and that's supposed to cover up the fact that it's just not worth it at the end of the day.

Mark Johnson

If you like an overpriced product and poor customer service, then PJ, Uriah and Rob will take care of you here at the chop shop. Their overweening attitude shown displayed how pompous and insolent people come off when they feel as though they have done very little wrong. I was double charged for some meat and pointed this out to them. By the time I got my money back (5-7 days later) I had time to realize that the way they worked with a first time customer was enough reason for me to take my business elsewhere.


Very friendly people. Paid $31 for a fat New York Strip. Walked out [almost literally] kicking myself at the cost. All exaggeration aside, it’s the best steak I’ve ever eaten. Kicking myself for not buying two. To the Chop Shop: Eh... well done?

Big Chocolate

This may be the gem of the Asheville culinary scene. These guys offer the best selection of meats and charcuteries in the region. Everything is top-shelf, affordable and is presented beautifully by a knowledgeable staff. You won’t be disappointed!

erik greenhagen

Have been ordering and using the services of this fantastic shop for the past three years nothing but the highest quality fantastic place with the best quality

Monty Learn

I've been on The Chop Shop mailing list for several months. The store is nice and they have good meats if you want what they have. I.E. twice I've received an email showing a picture of an awesome steak and after making the 30 minute drive, what they have for sale is nothing like the picture in the email. Most recently the email was sent on Thursday and I went to the store at 1PM on Friday, their explanation: "we sold out of what you want".

Sarah Dowling

I am always impressed by their charcuterie selection, as well as their cold-smoked pork chops. The staff are friendly and incredibly helpful. We also attended one of their sausage-making classes and it was SO much fun. A fantastic butcher shop in Asheville and on the East Coast!

Russ Johnsen

Great shop. Best steaks I’ve had. I also asked for a pork flank steak (which I have only had at Cutate in Asheville). They pulled out a half a hog and cut it for me on the spot. And it was really delicious!! I have never seen this cut anywhere before in other stores. We live in Cashiers and make the drive to go Asheville every 2 weeks or so just to go to the Chop Shop (1 ½ hour drive!)!

Peter Brezny

Best selection of local, farm fresh meats in town. Expensive but worth it.

Tara Ward-Burgess

Very helpful staff. Lots to choose from. We purchased a ribeye, sirloin and ground chuck. This is by far the best meat I have ever had. I wish I could have it delivered weekly. Absolutely Amazing!!

Adam Reinke

Good meat and selection but the pricing is ridiculous. About 2-3X other store's price points! Can't do it again...

Barbara Landwehr

George Collier

High quality and wonderful staff

Stef Silvano

Awesome place, great staff, great products! Worth the trip.

Brian Ewbank

Quick and friendly staff. Great visit and neat environment.

Laura Lewis

Amazing local 21 day aged steak I've ever had. The staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Brian Adler

Joshua Criss

Awesome meats! Smells delicious! Tylers pretty awesome!

Cindy Lloyd

Great quality, great selection, and great service!

Matt Scull

Incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff, and excellent meats!

Keith Kunstmann

Rhonda Sachais

Always delicious, extremely helpful and polite staff, they give cooking advice, fabulous selection. So thrilled to have them here.

Robbie Mitrani

Jeff Snoots

Great place and people! We've ordered meat from them and the quality has been off the charts. Looking forward to our next order and experience at the shop!

Tom Hunter

Love this place. I went to the butcher class taught by Matt, which was fantastic. His passion for it really showed then and every time I go there. Highly recommend this to anyone who appreciates fine meats.

Dale Bogucki

Amazing! Charcuterie, sausage, aged beef, fresh fish, and more! Always delicious!

Adam Grassette

You simply get quality like this elsewhere in Asheville. The crew are always happy to spend time and help with anything possible. They also hold butcher classes that are informative and FUN!

Kimberly Coleman

I love this place. When I cannot go direct to a farm, I stop here. They will cut your meat to your preference and they are knowledgeable about the best cut for your meal plans. I cannot say enough good things about this place and the staff! So glad you are in Asheville!

Meg Ruegsegger

James Byrnes

Absolutely perfect experience. Lovely, helpful, accommodating service. My new butcher shop :-)

landon williams

great customers service. can answer any questions about the meat they have. if your in need of a butcher shop this is the place to go

Aimee Ellingsen

Superb meats and a fantastic staff; they are very helpful when I need to special order items such as pig's head and feet for making posole. I also like that they specialize in ethically raised meats from farms in the vicinity; everything is very flavorful and tastes noticeably better than what you'd get at the Whole Foods.

georg efird

Top of the line meats and great service.

Jon Pilkington

Great place for the carnivore in you!

Christine Ogle

Great quality meats & the great staff cooks up something good everyday so dinner can be delicious in a snap! And pick up a nice treat for the fur kids while your there!

Scott Finney

Wow what a great shop first time in and received great service. Bought two Denver steaks which I had never heard of. They were outstanding and the staff explained exactly what part of the cow they came from. The butcher had a skirt steak in his hands when we walked in and I have not been able to find real skirt steak in NC. They also have Tri-Tip which you don't find west of the Rockies! Great experience.

Georg Efird

One of the owners cut this to order right before my eyes from a fresh hog harvested that day. They also dry age their meat, make in-house charcuterie and so much more. The smell of smoked meats when you walk in the door of this establishment will make you a customer for life. The quality of their meats are far superior to any local butcheries/farms that we have experienced in the area in the last 15 years. Check these guys and gals out!!

Vega-Maris Gentner

I have always had an excellent experience with the quality of products and the wonderful staff.

Sam Panther W.

The one stop heavenly shop for omnivores! Products: Fresh and local rotating selection of various fish, chicken, pork, steak, bones to roast for marrow and stock, jerky, turkey, and more. Ps: House made brisket on Fridays (you're welcome!) Quality: Best in town, always fresh and local. It's easy to be a great chef when you're working with great products. Awesome Staff: They cut everything down in house. Very knowledgeable about each piece in the case, including occasional cooking tips. Sustainability: This is THE way to support sustainable animal agriculture! The prices reflect the quality and local availability - its not always easy for small farmers, especially in today's economy. There will always be people that can't/won't be vegan. I have so many food allergies, including to the all too common legumes (soy, peas, beans, etc).

Nathaniel Ward

Fantastic shop, what every local store should be like. Best in class knowledgeable staff, friendly atmosphere, and top shelf product. These guys are really committed to nose to tail butchery and sustainable agriculture and they are a great resource for learning about that stuff.

Lauren Utvich

Lou Rawls

Peter LaPointe

Their bacon is excellent. Had their tenderloin and boneless chicken thighs, everything cooked up fantastic

Matthew Kuhlers

Ambar Sexton

Curt B.

Great bunch of folks, fantastic meats. They know their stuff!

The Reviewer

Gina Spillari

Evelyn Baker

Today is Thanksgiving and I want to give thanks for the Chop Shop, It is a snowy day out here in the Burnsville Mountains and I have the wood cook stove going. I took a Smoked Pork Hock out of the Freezer (One that we got at the Chop Shop) and I am making a delicious broth with it. With some onions carrots and celery, when its done I will take out the vegies and cut up the pork hock and add some new carrots celery,potatoes and onions then add some lentils that are soaking right now, and I will have a delicious lentil soup just like my German Oma used to make.. We are having Our Family Thanksgiving on Saturday. Thank-you Chop Shop for smoking that delicious Pork Hock! Evelyn Baker

Benjamin Hamrick

Marc Thomas

Huge selection of really high quality meat. Jerky, cold cuts like roast beef and beef pastrami, aged cuts, ribs, sirloin, beef and lamb available. Beautiful presentation and a quite knowledgeable staff.


Closed 3 days next week for renovations for better customer experience. 10% of today while they are open. 1/27/2019

Evan Israel

Marina Curac

-p Catalano

My wife and I discovered this place accidentally about a year ago. Great meat, great staff. Well, we recently returned and they outdid themselves! Their customer service is top notch. My wife suffered a back injury, but no longer had a walker, so getting to the shop was difficult. The gentleman at the counter brought out an office chair for her, and I was able to wheel her around to shop. Meanwhile, he called around and located a pharmacy that had a walker and printed directions for us. After we paid for our items he even offered to fetch the van for us and pulled it directly to the front door. Love the products they offer, but the way they went out of their way for us really makes the Chop Shop Butchery shine!

Peter Villano

He has the best meat around

Cagey B

Great butcher shop, quality meats, attractively displayed. Treat yourself to some pastrami while you are there.

Mimi Hock

Chad Rogers

Ray Nash

My son bought me steaks from The Chop Shop for Father's Day,and It was the best present ever.

Matthew Hester

Davis Taylor

Great butcher shop

Mark Griffin

Great people , they do 100% to severe you and the Beef Rids, and the age hamburger meat were the best I ever came across

Josh Mitchell

This place is special. Anywhere, even a butcher shop, can be cool when the people who work there are passionate about the business. These dudes know a TON about meat. Buying ingredients from them erases a whole level of anxiety I never even knew I had about where my food comes from. The butcher is so good. Really fits in Asheville as this is still an art form.

Carol Jackson

Wow! Just ate the best steaks I’ve ever had. We were visiting Asheville, NC and stopped in the Chop Shop. We bought some meat to bring home and it was great!! Very friendly service! Can’t wait to go back!!

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