Reviews of Publix Super Market at Wedgewood Square Shopping Center (Butcher Shop)

1735 Heckle Blvd, Rock Hill, SC 29732, United States Located in: Wedgewood Square Shopping Center

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Where is Publix Super Market at Wedgewood Square Shopping Center?

REVIEWS OF Publix Super Market at Wedgewood Square Shopping Center IN South Carolina

Caroline Betz

Love to shop here.Great apple pies. Always find friendly employees here.

T'Keya Kemp

I came in at 9a looking for some fries to bring to work today (Superbowl Sunday). The Deli usually doesn't open until 10a. Mike, I think he maybe a manager, was able to drop a half pound in the fryer for me. If you see this or hear about it........THANKS MIKE YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!

Darin Brockelbank

Great place to shop with very helpful people guiding you every step of the way.

Randy and Jean L

Got a childs birthday cake that was great

Robert Goorey

This store is definitely a one-stop-shop. They stock all your food and household items you would expect a store to carry. Items are always well stocked and easily found. Customer service is the best of all supermarkets in the area. Always seems to be enough open parking in front to make easy entrance and exit. Checking out is a pure pleasure also as employees are well trained and courtesy.

Anne Davis


David Orr

Can't beat Publix

Debbie Lucas

Like to shop at Publix !

Holden LeCroy

Great selection of high-quality groceries and produce at reasonable prices. This store is very clean and like most publix, the customer service is exceptional!

Mary Coffey

What a pleasure to shop at publix!

Cody Millard

Quit bothering people in self check out. I go to self checkout so I don't have to talk to anyone. If I need help with the machine I'll ask. Otherwise, leave people alone. Especially when you're only asking them to donate money. We're already shopping in your store, quick trying to get more money for stuff we didn't put in our cart in the first place.

Artis Boyd

Very nice store food and service.

Linda Kennel

Friendly helpful people, good pricing.

Gladys Jackson

Wonderful customer service!

Kim Frasure

I love this Publix and all of the workers there!

Linda O

Great place to shop.

Melissa Utegg

I Love this store, right around the corner from my home. Friendly and great environment! I will not shop anywhere else!

Patrick Williams

Zene Johnson

I went to send a Western Union.It took 40 mins to send my transaction. There were issues with the CSM password being expired. She made a phone call...she couldn't help me. As a result some else had to sign on for an hourly associate to process the transaction. The hourly associate who assisted me was a recent new hire with little to no experience with Western Union. I was at the point where I was just going to leave but I needed to complete my transfer. Even though it was time consuming the customer service was ok. Everyone who assisted me did apologize but it was very time consuming. Not the best first impression.

Kim Smith

Super staff!

Ashley Pettit

Jerry Harris

Always the best

Cindy Franklin

My first time shopping at publix, don't believe that shopping is a pleasure because it's not. Very poor service and employees rude. I'll never shop there again

Julia Bivens

Great store! Friendly associates and great customer service!!! Can be expensive but their selection is awesome

Bill Binkley

Clean store friendly staff

John Frye

Pubix is what shopping should be great service plenty of smiling faces

Rebekah Cunningham

This publix is always clean and rarely overcrowded. Customer service is always terrific!

Lisa Fonbeh

Expensive but fresh and great


Amazing employees very friendly and helpful always leaved very impressed

Ashley Tedder

Never have what I want in Bakery. Other Publix do

Edie Kneeland

This used to be an awesome store but has totally gone downhill in past few months. Shelves empty, bag your own groceries, can't find anybody to help you, etc. It started out strong but has quickly deteriorated. Now shopping at Harris Teeter! Better prices and better customer service!

Denise Walker

Staff is always friendly and helpful but you pay for this level of service. Prices are higher then other retailers in Rock Hill so you have to shop their sales. Love the selection in their deli, one of the best in store bakeries and their prepared foods are great to grab and go for a quick meal.

Robin Sturgis

Marlessa Southern

I used to DREAD grocery shopping before Publix! I get GREAT deals between BOGO and their coupons! The customer service is exceptional! Always friendly and very helpful! This is my preferred place to shop!!

Leslie Schrader

Excellent selection fair prices

Dax Daniels

Rachel C. Willis

The staff is very helpful, but unfortunately they aren't offering the kids free balloons from customer service anymore. My 2 year old LOVES balloons, getting one when we go here had made Publix one of our favorite stores. Now I have to explain to her every time that they don't do that anymore, she gets so disappointed, and so I've been avoiding going. They do still offer other things (stickers, a page to color on) but it's just not the same

elliott worthy

A great place to shop! The food is fresh, LOVE the hotbar and the deli counter makes the best subs! Great employees always there making a difference! Meat counter cuts meat daily to your order. Fresh flowers and fresh fruits round out the total package. Management always there working in the store. A great place to shop!!

Nancy Baer

Always the best.

Rob Rickey

Great staff, very helpful. Nice new clean store.

Rachel Logue

*Always fully stocked *Friendly, helpful staff *Clean store

Jayson Loccisano

Love the friendly service! Great selection also!

Carol MacDonald

Excellent service as always

Jessica Long

John Bittle

Great place for a cake

Runnen' Rebel

Eric Brodt

Well laid out, friendly, helpful staff.

Tom Luke

Martha Mayfield-HOYNS

I had ordered a cake. It was ready on time and looked great. I was able to pick up flowers as well as wonderful sourdough bread.

Julian Secondino

Excellent store. Good prices. Great meat choices. Fish is fresh. Beautiful flowers.

Richard Camp

Robert Poole

Awsome store. You do pay a little more but great selections. Absolutely a top produce spot. The store is always neat and stocked. Great employees and always willing to help.

Angelina Murphy

Very friendly and helpful staff. Everything is bright and clean. Produce is fresh and plentiful

Holli Byrne

The friendly staff is wonderful. Their catering department is outstanding!

Armando Lopez

(Translated by Google) Excellent assortment, prices and good service! (Original) Excelente surtido, precios y buen servicio!

Carole Miller

Publix is fine. They have some different items. That said there are so many workers always watching me it makes me paranoid.

Hugh Hill

Disappointed! No fried chicken available for one hour. They had a big order to fill. So, the little guy loses. Got in the 10 items or less checkout behind a customer with 3 times that. Again, the little guy loses.

Steve Jennings

This is a great place. People who work there are great and very helpful.

Darwin Andino

(Translated by Google) Excellent service (Original) Excelente servicio

Rona Marren

My favorite

Jason Arp

It's crazy expensive here!!!!

Michael Simpson

Terry Carroll-Good

I just love this place so clean and instead of dreading going groceries shopping I know I'm going have a great experience build one in york sc so I can always have this experience

Howard Davis

Good service little high in price

Kimberley Blackmon

I came here looking for a certain icecream and pickles that noone carries around me anymore! And I found exactly what I was looking for and the associates were beyond amazing! They were very helpful and attentive! It's crazy when your kids actually want to go back to a grocery store! Too bad I'm to far away to visit more often because this would be my go to grocery store!

Al Nunez

Good service!

Brenda Crenshaw

Thank you Piedmont Medical and your.young.staff on duty 6/3/18

Àmanda H

Lovely employees. Nice layout. But crazy people in parking lot who don't have common sense.

Madeline Grimm

The store is very clean and there is always someone around to answer any question.

Ray Brakefield

Awesome. Best by far. Helpful clean great service. Love it.

Susan Dillingham

Friendly, helpful staff. They always have what I am looking for. Fresh bread, delicious hot bar and deli area. I am a BIG fan of Publix!!!

Bianca Jackson

The Publix store in Rock Hill SC on Heckle is AWESOME!!!! I would recommend that everyone shop there. The store is always clean, the employees are super nice and helpful. Big shout out to the young lady (Jessica P), she was able to assist me with all everything I was looking for and answering all of my questions with no hesitation.

Kimberly Adamson


We ordered a cake for my sons birthday. I made it clear it was a hulk themed party and wanted a hulk cake. Was told due to lisencing issues, they couldn’t do hulk himself but would do a city with hulk theme. Not a single drop of purple or green on the cake. None. When my husband picked it up this morning, he was surprised not even thinking it was ours and was told by staff that they weren’t told what colors to use so they guessed. I’m not sure what part of HULK THEME was lost, but apparently all of it. The only saving grace was the cake itself was tasty. $40 for something that’s not what we ordered is overpriced and coudve turned his birthday into a disaster. Will be making our own cakes from this point forward. It’s a shame bc the cakes taste good but if the people taking orders don’t know how to do their job it makes things difficult

Ria Forester

Very friendly and enjoyable place to shop..

Adele Ray

Exceptionally clean store. Friendly professional and knowledgeable staff. The food is always fresh.

Tod Z

Public is always clean, we'll stocked with great eats, the best sandwiches and friendly folks to make you enjoy your stay

Heather Moore

Great Store, but they are a little pricey

Phyllis Gaither-Montague

Fresh Food! Great Sales/Quality of Items & Awesome Sales!!!

David Rockholt

Great service and prices.

Matt Cowart

The only grocery store worth going to. Staff always friendly and helpful.

Marvin Long

Everyone there is nice to you. If they're close to you they greet you. And they always asking if you need assistance.

Keisha Setzer

Love this store and staff is very helpful!!

Biron Cusick

Awesome Deli personnel. Great meat personnel. Over all, a shopping pleasure.

Arno Hoerschgens

Publix is the best grocery store there is. All employees will go out of their way to help you find anything in the store. It's a pleasure to shop at Publix!

Daniel Fieldstone

Dude.... I'ts Publix. ... five star review complete....

Geneva Barber

Raymond Howard

Very helpful in getting 26 dozen doughnuts for First Responders on 9/11

Chelsea Mungal

Most of the times we've shopped have been stellar because of the customer service but the last 2 times we have encountered a cantankerous cashier who questioned the pricing of our clearance items and was very rude when asking to see my I.D. when buying wine. Last night we bought some pizza crust and when we got home and tried to assemble our pizza for dinner the crust was covered in black and green mold! My husband went all the way back to get my money back and they were very gracious about that. He bought Publix brand pizza dough and advised the staff to inspect the rest of the pizza crusts (in the pita and naan section). I enjoy the friendliness but the product quality has not impressed much lately. I prefer Aldi or Earthfare if I am looking for a consistent experience.

Vicki Canipe

Publix is an awesome store. The fruits and veggies are always fresh. The bakery has the best cakes and the meat departments meats are A1 grade. I love to shop there.

michael hansen

Good stuff


Feb 4 2016 I was highly impressed when I went into this location . Every employee I walked by greeted with a contagious smile and offered help. Have to say Liz in the Bakery stood out the most she was very energetic , knowledgable about all pastries for healthier choices and very persuasive that I made the decision to purchase an item. Thank you all for the excellent customer service which is very hard to find these days from others!!! Publix is crushing Harris Teeter! Keep it up!!

Robert Strauss

Very nice employees and prices

Kim Arlia

Excellent customer service. Great products.

Karen Grant

Store employees always greet you with a smile, and a hello. There is always someone to help you. When checking out your asked if you found everything. If you can not find a product they will help you find. Not just tell you where it is. If they do not carry item, they will do their best to get it. The buy 1 get 1 items. You do not have to get 2, the item rings up as half price. Love that, sometimes you dont need 2, its nice that you have the option of both or just 1 half price. Always fresh produce, the meat dept is nice. The store is very clean, which appeals to the eye. If a store is dirty, i worry about the fresh things. Also love the bakery, just wish i could get the cheddar garlic bread, that i get in NY. They did try, but not the same

Susan McLaughlin

Best customer service Great icy at the bakery Good cuts of meat and fresh produce. Love Publix!!

murl carver

Super nice people load you're bag into you're car .

Marc McQuillen

Excellent store with good selection and extremely friendly and helpful staff. Making old harris teeter store nearby looking worse by the day.

Phyllis Grem

Clean and friendly employees, but could have used help unloading my shopping cart at the check out counter.

Nicole Carter


Richard Crandall

The aisles are clean and bright, the staff is the warmest and most professional I've ever seen, and the variety of brands and foods is amazing. This and the Publix on Cherry Rd. are the best grocery stores I've ever seen! It's like Whole Foods without the smug elitism.

Rita Fichera

Connie Taylor

Jennifer oftheMosses

The staff here are amazing! They are always friendly and helpful, but not invasive. The food is high quality, and the store is well kept. They have lots of sales, but no loyalty cards. They have a self-checkout option, but there are also cashiers available at all times. If you go during the day through a register (not self-checkout) they will offer to take your groceries out and load them in your car for no additional charge. And they usually give you a coupon that you can use the next time you come in.

Van Bottomly

Unbelievable customer service

Jeanette Helyes-Guertin

Great people beautiful store and helpful staff.


I love IT. Never been to a Publix I didn't fully enjoy!

Seth Cooke

Publix is the best place in town to go for groceries - the stores are clean, the staff are friendly and there are never long lines at checkout. We can go stock up for the week and easily find everything we need.

Angel Blacker

Very clean store. Staff very friendly & helpful.

Ari Wages

Nice people nice service thanks.

Robert Strickland

Kara Berg

I absolutely LOVE this store! Everyone is always so friendly and helpful! I won't stop anywhere else. Great variety of products, great sales all the time and outstanding customer service!

Irish McCleod

All of the employees, from management to stock people, are very nice, friendly and helpful. We have made a lot of good friends at Publix - couldn't ask for a better grocery store .


Good food. Great customer services!

Melanie Auten

Sumpter Smith

Great people. Clean store.

Jason Forsythe

Clean store

Deb Davis

Marmot J. Marmot

Super! So glad Publix is here!

Lady T W

Great place to shop. Very courteous employees. Everyone of them speak to you on every aisle. They are so willing to help you. They are smiling as well. They make you feel so welcome. They also have the best Salmon.

Cynthia Underwood

Love shopping here the staff is very friendly and the store is clean and neatly stocked.

Jay Wilson

Always the best! I'm from Florida so I an no stranger to Publix, been shopping there for over 20 years. The deli in Rock Hill makes an amazing Cuban sandwich. The best I've had since leaving Florida. Despite not having a hot press. Have them toast it then flatten it.

Debbie Hyland

Loved it

Jim Bowers

The Best Grocery Store Period!!!

Al Nuñez


Karen Greiner

The thing that makes this super market different from others is how HAPPY the staff seem. The store is immaculate, and we'll lit. There are a great selection, ind often there are BOGO (buy one get one) specials. Great place to shop if you're not on a tight budget.

Krysten Franks

The store is always clean, and everyone who works their is genuinely nice and helpful. I won't shop anywhere else.

Kimberly S

Always friendly service and they have everything I always need!

Kira Turek

Good selection, great service. Just a little pricy

Cassandra George

Consuelo Hope

Friendly employees!

Lavenia Pride

Lori Bontkowski

Leeanne Brown

Great variety, helpful staff

Peter Beck

Another great visit to this store. Always the best prices, along with a great atmosphere.

Chuck Finley

Always have what I need...

mary chamberlain

Clean organized and everyone that works there is so nice!

Renee Arrington

Everyone there was friendly and helpful. Recommend shopping there.

JoAnne Turek

Love my Publix

Tommy Blake II

Hands down best grocery chain there is. Friendly staff & decent prices.

Yonnell Osorio

EVERYTHING is so well organized and clean. I love it!!

Sherrie Oliver

Luke Cameron

Dennis Ratchford

ms o.j. r)2

Kenya P

Good customer service and selection. The store is clean and organized.

Sylvia Mayfield

Friendly people

Herb Gillis

Publix is the best grocery shopping experience you could have. All the employees are genuinely concerned you find what you want, and if they do not have it, they will do everything to see if they can get it for you.

John St.Clair

Nice, clean market.

James Wood

Terrific store and great location. Very clean and well stocked. Helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Lorraine Krause

Holly Totherow

The customer service here is outstanding. It is always a clean and appealing atmosphere. It is rare that they do not carry something I am looking for, but if it happens, they are happy to start carrying it, if I need for them to. Visiting Publix is always a pleasure.

Nichelle Rawlinson

Leesa Pauling

Awesome. Meat dept worker polite and knowledgeable

Rush Adkins

Very clean and well lighted. The staff is friendly and helpful. The isles are wide easy to pass others.

Pamela Dunagin

Great place to shop. Staff very helpful and friendly.

Ruby stukes

Good place to shop

John Forkovitch

Top notch and best employees at any store anywhere.

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