Reviews of Publix Super Market at Rosewood Shopping Center (Butcher Shop)

2800 Rosewood Dr, Columbia, SC 29205, United States Located in: ATM Rosewood Shopping Center

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Where is Publix Super Market at Rosewood Shopping Center?

REVIEWS OF Publix Super Market at Rosewood Shopping Center IN South Carolina

Southern Solidarity

Great store!

Robin Weesner

Fish and oysters are is great!

D Johnson

Fahryn Leagones

Greatest grocery store ever!!

Jonathan Wilson

Well staffed, great bogo deals, always fresh produce and meats

Mike Hartman

Clean and friendly

Jay Rajendran

Their RCA lightning cables stopped working after two months. My fault for getting RCA but still.....

Antonio Summa

Definitely the service is efficient but it's little bit pricey

Leslie Broome

Love to shop at publix on Holly and Rosewood. Every person working at this store is more than just helpful. They are SUPER friendly. I feel good when I leave.


The deli department needs some customer service training. I was unable to get any wings because the three employees at the hot bar were too busy having a conversation with their backs turned to customers.


Great deli lots of fresh salad an chicken, great wine selection

Bradley Trogdon

Always squeaky clean. Friendly staff. We like shopping here because they give the kids a cookie when we walk in (at the bakery). Granted by the time we get to the produce the sugar has set in and they are full force ready to create havoc, BUT they normally have someone making little plates of food they want you to buy the ingredients for and that settles them down. Produce looks like the employees actually care about what you are buying.

Michelle Benton

Dwayne Cunningham

Leroy Johnson

We purchased a fruit tray and a ring which is sandwiches, and it was delicious. Our guest complimented us on the food. Thank you Publix for making me look good!

sandy jenkins


Alexis Stockard

You find everything you need at Publix's great neighborhood store

Jayne K.

Nice store however it is on the small side for a Publix

Nicola Clarke-Morgan

They provide a wide variety of product great discount and awesome customer service.

Olga Turner

Rude bakery person


Elisa Hankinson

Love Publix. Hate this one. Waaaay to small , narrow and crowded. The staff is awesome but this store is in serious need of a revamp.If it weren't so close to my house I would make the Publix on Trenholm my preferred store.


Good store for buying

Sam Lourie

Great people. Sandwhich makers take wayyyyyy to long.

Kenji Long

En Xu

Aya swing by the store an hour before Super Bowl and was shocked to find that even though the store was extremely packed with people the staff was very friendly and the tiny assistant deli manager with a pink shirt was so kind to get me hot wings straight out of the fryer! I was just so happy to see that even though the store was so packed they were very rapidly trying to help everyone

Joanne Funderburke

I was going to a gathering stopped in to get a flower to take with me and my daughter bought a good lemon pound cake service good and buy their pound cakes lots can't make them for that price

Christa Patterson

James Cook

Friendly service... great deli and produce... many BOGOs

Beth Santos

Best chicken

Patrica Johnson

Matthew M

Best Publix in Columbia near the University. If parents come in to buy you food, take them here. It's larger, roomier, more selection, and better parking. A pleasure to come here and it feels safe as well (at least during the day when I come). This is a better Publix than the Gervais Street one, albeit farther away.

Rickie Good

Austin Riley

I come here multiple times a week. Always clean, produce is great, the bakery is awesome (though I wish they had more single slices of cake out each day). Boar's Head lunch meat. Awesome grocery store overall.

Beth Crawford

Shannon Knox


Jennifer Jones

I visited the deli to purchase a sub. I am very disappointed and livid about the service. First I had to request fresh lettuce. One container was empty and the other container’s lettuce was old dry and withering. To top that I ordered the Italian 5 grain. The bread was stale and hard. Never ever will I purchase from the Rosewood deli again!

Ned Rivers

Deli under staff, waited 20 min for pre made tenders

Patricio Aravena

Steve Peake

Great shopping there

Joe Horvath

Jack Williams

Gotta love me some Publix...great place to shop even though the prices are a little upscale

Stephanie winford

The worst bagger's ever! My produce is always bruised.

JaQuan Riley

Went to grab a few items today and ran into my old managers from Bi-Lo. They are two great people I enjoyed working for them both. Thanks for the excellent customer service today. Daniel Jones and Garrick Steadmen!

Barry Boland

great Service!

Michelle Gibson

Valerie Lowman

Publix on Rosewood Dr is always clean and everyone is friendly. I love the sandwiches they make along with Publix brand Southern Potato Salad and deli fried wings.

Mike Sierra

Tammy L

Great assistance from deli!!

Peaches walker

This nice young man name Lamar in the deli department showed great customer service with a sweet smile.


(Translated by Google) Service more (Original) Service plus

Elyse James

Really prefer the one on Gervais. Was able to pick up a few things that I can't get at Wal-Mart

Morgan Roberts

Clorindianico Moye

Food was excellent

Debbie Godwin

Karl Heinmiller

Publix as a whole is a great chain, but this Publix is particularly good when it comes to the customer service at checkout. It's my go-to grocery store. Except when I need tea or Marmite. Then I head to the Publix in Forest Acres because they have a British section.

roshunda McCants-Ashford

Greg Gee

Great shopping experience fresh meats and vegetables and buy one get one free sales. The deli and bakery is the best..

Cynthia McCloud

Bridget Shine

Lee Pelumi

They have sushi specials on Wednesdays. My friend got vegetarian sushi for just $5! And the staff is always so helpful, whether it's helping you put your groceries in your car or just showing you around the store. My only real issue with Publix is that they had some avocados for sale but they were over-ripe; I cut them open and they were brown inside. But Publix is such a great place to shop!

Eva Johnson

tye block

Convenient location. Great for short shopping trips.

La'Netta Miles

moto man

Very friendly and courteous staff.

Marty Parler

Great deli

Tony B

kids toys

Great place for shopping. They have great products with competitive prices.

Nina Burns

Sims Hannah

OMG the subs are great.

Named Nameless

Mike Simon

Good place to shop.

Pedro Domingo Rodriguez Rojas

Richard Stansill

Very courteous employees! The food selection is virtually unbeatable. Cleanliness? You bet it's clean. The pricing is very competitive. My only issue is that usually upon request you can get paper bagging. The last several times I shopped I was told that they don't have any paper bags. I was under the impression that plastic was not a good thing to use due to a multitude of issues. So bring back my paper bags.

RB Munnerlyn

When Publix chose to put a store on Rosewood Drive as the anchor for the new shopping center, it was a windfall for the community. The store is well-managed and is a model small-footprint store that's become a beloved essential hub for the surrounding neighborhoods. My only criticism is that smaller carts would work better for daily shoppers in the somewhat narrow aisles. Also, I wish they'd take the empty adjacent retail spaces to expand their seafood offerings and fresh-cut flowers/gift plants which sell very well in the store. Love my Publix.

Sheila Coleman

Love my Publix! Great produce, wide variety of products. The staff is very friendly and helpful. My favorite grocery store.

Skyler Shealy

Traveling For Pennies

We shop here for either the deli or bakery. On this particular visit, we came in for a cake, told the Baker what to write on it, but she never asked what color or offered any suggestions. She ended up writing in baby blue icing Happy Birthday when the icing is navy blue, yellow, orange, red, and green! She also had the nerve to have an attitude while explaining the icing color policy. Never in all of my 20 years of dealing with Publix have I had that type of service. So instead of her scrapping the icing off and making it correctly, she took a light yellow icing and wrote over top of the first writing. At this point, we didn't have time to go back and forth. Hopefully management sees this and will correct it.

Gail Dupuis

It was awesome! Every employee asked if I needed help. They even offered to take me to the item rather than just giving an aisle number. The store was clean and neatly stocked. At the checkout, the bag person took all my stuff and put it on the counter for me. The cashier asked if I needed anything else and they would be pleased to get whatever I needed. The bag boy offered to take my purchases to my car for me. I tell you, I was impressed. I complemented the manager. He said that's just the way they treat everyone. I am a convert to Publix. Thank you!!

Apryl Campbell

Great customer service as always!

LS Hales

Don Marshall

Clean but crowded

Will Livingston

I had a great experience until I hit the checkout line. A young man named Will was bagging the groceries for the customers ahead of me and answered a customer's question hinting that he was just about to get off. He seemed very polite but he had to go before I checked out. The cashier, Brooklyn, seemed apathetic. When she scanned out items, she acted like there was still someone bagging them. She bagged a few items, but food cans, 2 liter bottles, and other items were left unbagged and sitting on the counter. I had to reach over the counter and bag them myself when I realized that she wasn't going to bag them. On my way out, there was another employee rounding up carts who was very polite and offered to take my cart back.

Michaela Myers

Sean Sproat

Publix is amazing and has everything you need

Barbara Bessman

Very clean store, also the employees were very attentive and helpful..

Just Kiesh

there are currently 2 black ladies with short hair working in the deli that obviously hate their job. sneezing, spitting and having loud conversations OVER the customers standing right in front of them to talk to other employees in the store. The lady literally frowned at me as soon as I walked up to the station as if I was interrupting their conversation. Please remove them from handling peoples’ food. I think they would be better suited on cart return on stocking. Just rude.

Nick Jones

Isaac Wallace

Kimberly Clarke

Their red velvet cake is so good.

Kayjay Outen

Usually I love ordering from the deli but today my server Ashley was very slow and absent minded she messed up my sandwich next time I'll just wait for someone 3

Charles Coleman

Great as always!!!

Francisco Miranda

Betsy Neal

Best butcher in town! I have always heard rave reviews about the Rosewood Publix butchers. Today, we were in search of cubed lamb for our Easter lamb stew. The butcher cubed the lamb for us and saved the bone for our dog. All in five minutes. Exceptional customer service!

Jon Blake

Everything was great except the checkout experience. The associate Gabby was having a conversation with other employees which is fine. But all she did was say "hey" when we walked up to the register. Not a single word was spoken from her again. She handed my receipt while looking away at another associate to begin talking again. I said thank you and again I received no response. She needs a lesson in customer service.

jwlamb63 .

Sunny Scott

Great place to shop !

reese green

Carolyn Jones

Frederick Bonsu


Misty Boyd

Katelyn McNeal

Jacqueline Derrick

I've always enjoyed shopping at publix. I usually get wings or a sub if I'm not grocery shopping. A guy named Terelle makes them and he is super friendly and very personable. I am also always greeted by the same cashier (don't know her name) She is super nice and always has me leaving with a smile. Awesome place to shop!

Michelle Campbell

Great place to shop. Publix is a one stop shop. It is truly a pleasure to shop.

Joseph Azar

A popular place. Even with a big parking lot, it is usually full in the evening after work shopping time. It is kept clean. The employees are mostly friendly, greeting customers. No other grocery store is as friendly. Deli has a wide selection of meats and cheeses. Unlike many other stores, the deli is open until the store closes at 10p. They will give samples in the deli and open a new wrap of meat or cheese if the sample given may be dry or not up to previous taste. With a few exceptions, the deli staff will do it cheerfully. Products are generally of good to great quality, but often more than the competition in price. Ice cream specials are good with a new 2 for 1 every week.

Mike Newham

Deli is horrible. Bread is always stale. Employees in the deli have the personality of a rock and zero sandwich making skills.

Justin White

Vida Loca

Friendly helpful staff; great quality.

Keith Schafer

Very good

Mr Adams

They used to have fresh moist chicken in the deli. Now it's dry and hard. I won't be going back there anymore for hot food. This is my third time getting chicken that should have been thrown away.

Paul Woodall

Very helpful and great location,close to university of south Carolina

belinda baker

Debbie McDaniel

Everyone is so friendly and more than willing to help with whatever you need.

joshua payton

Very good customer service

Charles Lang

A very popular Publix. There is ample free parking and the store features a bakery and deli. Friendly staff that is very helpful.

Sharon Baughman

Vincent Van Brunt

Great as always

Levi Nuelken

Great place, good food, friendly workers, a lot of options, I go here for all of my grocery shopping.

David Burns

Always higher than Walmart except for BOGO sometimes.

Sonya Stewart

Publix is my favorite grocery store. The staff is always so helpful, no matter where the store is.

Esther McCartney

Went to this Publix today and picked up an order of fried chicken. At the checkout counter, the box of fried chicken came open when the cashier picked it up and chicken went all over the ground. The cashier said it was the second box today to do that to her. The girl bagging went back to get another order and came back and said there would be some fresh in 6 minutes, so we paid and went back to pick up a fresh order. We were then told it would be 30 minutes. The lady at the deli counter was rude. Twice, we had to get a manager for this issue to which the lady responded "yeah, you go get Josh (manager)." We eventually agreed to take chicken tenders instead. I'm from Florida, and I always shop at Publix because I believe they have the best customer service even if they may be a bit more expensive. I pass three grocery stores on my way home from work, but I go out of my way to shop at Publix. When I asked to write a complaint about this women, the manager told me he would talk with her. I noticed in the reviews of this store that there are several other complaints about the women at the deli counter, so talking with them about customer service is not working.

Evelyn Taylor

Everything was easy to find...Great prices... and my cashier Henrietta was polite patient and awesome!!!

Jatin Gupta

John Tatara

Barbara Wilson

Great place to shop



James Rowland


I was able to find every thing. Everyone was every helpful and courteous.

Aaron Vinson

Publix is great, especially the one on Rosewood! The staff is always helpful and friendly.

Gordon Laveaux

Uber-snooty employees and customers. Much better prices and selections found elsewhere.

elaine taylor

Publix never disappoints. While this is a smaller store, they had everything I needed to hunker down waiting on Hurricane Florence to do her thing! Thanks, Publix!

Kati Holland

Great selection, produce, and service to your car.

Dalia Wilmore

Always great service, clean store and well organized. Every body so friendly and no wait at registers!

Berthina Short

Mary Bolton

I love shopping at Publix everything clean and in order my favorite grocery store

John Welborn

narrow aisles

Kayla Speer

My husband and I go to the deli quite frequently and they are always out of something and always slow. Last week they were out of chicken tenders? And I waited in line for a sub for twenty minutes. Today I placed my order online so I wouldn’t have to wait. I walk in and ask where my subs are and they haven’t even started making them even though the email I received says they will be ready and the time I came in. So I still had to wait and they were out of pickles? It’s a grocery store. Go get a jar off the isle? It’s sad and it’s ridiculous. It happens so often that it has to be a management issue. We will be going elsewhere from now on.

Sanjeev Kafle


J.T. Martin

Love it

Denny E

Has some character

John Wade

Great store, friendly people we shop there all the time.


Fresh food, great customer service and this store is always so clean and organized.

Sheryl Tillman

Very friendly staff and inviting atmosphere

Karl McCollester

DeVahndre' Moore

Faye Thomas

I always get a good deal!

Jonathan Hardin

Jordan Cowles

Ashish Lirani

Very tight spot but has everything one would need!

Michael Eleazer

I get lunch from the deli here fairly often - the subs are wonderful. Everyone is pleasant and the facilities are very clean.

Shirlette Davis

love shopping there, everyone so friendly and helpful. clean atmosphere

Matthew Bishop

Clean property and friendly staff.

Casey Jenkins

It's a very good Publix. I certainly prefer this one over the Publix in the Vista. It's always clean and well-stocked. The staff is typically very friendly. I've had some great conversation from staff at the cash register and received excellent customer service! My only issue taking a star away is the occasional staff member that is so persistent about taking my cart and loading my groceries. When I say "no thank you," I mean, "NO." I have had to tell baggers to leave me alone and raise my voice because of this excessive persistence, and I am not the type of person to bring about any negativity in a place of business. It's always males, and it makes me terribly uncomfortable. I appreciate the sentiment, but not allowing to take "no" for an answer is not the best way to handle customers. It usually keeps me from coming back for a while until I forget how that happens to me from time to time.


Great Publix! The best BOGO deals. Very friendly staff!

Allana Belton

It was great experience showing my dad around he has never been to a Publix before.

Casey McMillan MD

Great store. Only negative is that it is smaller than other Publix's, so occasionally a few rarer things won't be available, but you will find 95% of what you're looking for, with consistent quality and friendly staff. I happily pay the small price premium for this store vs other chains.

Michael Kennedy

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