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136 Sea Island Pkwy #2, Beaufort, SC 29907, United States Located in: Island Square Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Ole Timey Meats Beaufort IN South Carolina

Lara Appleton

Most delicious filets! Can’t wait to ship for our next meal. Fantastic team, knowledgeable and happy to share it:)

Charlene Crenshaw

Awesome ribs!

Odessa Millidge

Quality meat and great customer service

Mike White

Great customer service. Best in Beaufort...

Carol Rayburn

Clive Greaves

Just had, for the first time, their English Bangers (Sausages): best I've had for years, even in my native England.

Masauko Lipato

The place is clean and staff is friendly enough. I was there to buy goat meat. I think the goat meat was pricey, but I chalk it up to location. Goat isn't a popular meat. But I love it

Frank Jackson

Great boneless center cut pork roast which they butterflied for stuffing and rolling. Finished roast had great moisture and flavorful taste. Rolled with pancetta,rosemary,garlic and lemon zest, unfortunately we didn’t have any leftovers to share with butchers!

Duane Hooper

Very helpful folks, and they carry a large selection of meats. Glad they're here!

John Bruner

While at the Island Shopping Center, check out the Island Meat Market, a butcher store that is definitely "a cut above". Known for years by locals for its superlative quality and selection, the store offers virtually any meat that a discerning customer could want. And delicious sides and condiments will add to your culinary delight. The store is kept meticulously clean by owners Julian and Lynn who will gladly make custom cuts and special order. Go once and you will be a customer for life.

Michael Dery

Wow!!! The difference in quality of meat is beyond compare. The ribeyes were perfect. I won't buy a steak from anywhere else in Beaufort again. Thank you Ole Timey Meats.

Michael Ryan

Amazing selection of meat from alligator, bison, goat and ribeye. It's all there with a friendly old fashioned butcher shop feeling.

Ashton Sullivan

Mike Shay

Outstanding products and service! Check em out!!!

jeremy stansell

Emily Hulsey

Terry N Drawdy Jr

Christine Dattilo

I found this butcher by accident and boy am I glad I did. Not only do they have the usual items, but they also have freezers full of everything from Ostrich meat to Elk burgers. I left with some homemade veal stock (which would take me all day) and some great steaks. I'll be back for the fresh homemade ready-to-go meals and weekly specials. Be sure and get on their email list - every week I can't wait to go back.

Linda Majors Lathrop

Kayla Michelle

Awesome place! We always get our meat from here when we come to visit

Mike Hale

Very clean, very friendly, and good quality meats.

Courtney Brockbrader

March 1st I made a visit to your Beaufort, SC location at approximately 4:00pm to pick up my typical order that I have been getting since this establishment opened back up. I was greeted by George, a tall, white-haired, mustached man who rushed me along. I told him I was there for the special in addition to a few other items and that I needed a moment. Everything was going as planned until I asked him about the box of smoked wings that I purchased during the super bowl, which were phenomenal. He proceeded to shake his head and repeat over and over how I must be confused that they have never sold that before in a rather condescending tone. I tried to ask another brunette gentleman to which George would interrupt me every time I even made an attempt. When I finally was able to speak between George’s huffs, puffs, and eye-rolls, the kind young man said he’d look in the back but that they no longer carried it but AT ONE POINT they sold the box of smoked wings that came in the same boxes located in the freezer at the back of the store. George proceeded to treat me like I was crazy, making comments about never hearing of such a meat at this store, and how I am wrong, I must be mistaken, I don’t know what I’m talking about. After numerous interruptions on his part and me remaining silent, I finally stated that he didn’t have to be so rude and that the eye-rolls and insults were not necessary. The entire time I was stating this, he was raising his voice and interrupting me. He proceeded to slam my package on the table and say “have a nice day” in a condescending tone then strutted to the back of the store. There were several witnesses there who could attest that all I was doing was asking for a product yet was made to feel insane for even suggesting that Ole Timey even carried such a thing as smoked wings. As a customer who has gone only to this small business for her meats since they opened back up, I felt his attitude and the way I was treated by George was unacceptable. This was not the first run-in I’ve had with George, in fact, if I walk up and see this man I purposefully walk away and go another day. The last encounter I had during super bowl, George made the comment when I was looking at the different cuts, figuring out what I wanted to cook for super bowl “take your time, the longer you stay the more money you’ll spend.” The purpose of the small business is to be financially stable but to say that to a customer made it seem like his values weren’t towards taking care of his customers but to make money for himself. Regardless of whether it was an off day for George, his behavior was not the standards to which this company has branded itself to be.

James Alford

I would and do recommend this place to everyone . we bought all of our meat from bilo and we started noticing that there need was tough as hell no matter what you did and the I t her meats were just blaaa . old timely has our business as long as they are open I r we are are breathing .

Christopher Green

Roger Smalls

Michelle Seefried

GREAT meat packages and I've actually asked for a different piece of meat on occasion. They are more than happy to give you what you need

Chris Fisher

So, I'll start by saying, they should not of been allowed to take over this review page from the island meat market when they took over the store. I have been using the butchers here for a number of years, usually it's once every 4-6 weeks, and I take it home divide everything up into half pounds and put in the deep freeze. This passed Saturday was my second visit in a row with them being out of ground sausage of all things. They did find me some prepackaged already frozen in the back, which is a pain given that I always freeze half pounds at a time. The older gentleman there always comes off rude, and doesn't seem to care about anything other than getting people out of the store so he can step outside to hit his vape... Out front.. By the door. Really feel he should take that out back. I Vape .. It's just a professionalism thing. They definitely have not carried on the tradition and feel of the previous proprietors here. I miss the friendly atmosphere, being able to take my time and browse without feeling rushed, being able to ask questions without being made foolish because I didn't know something. Rating doesn't reflect the meat, it's 5* all day long Too bad the service has fallen to what it is.

CJ Cooper

Love old timey meats! Wess took me in the back and showed my how to dress a hanger steak, and let practice myself! It was a great learning experience and gave me a greater appreciation for this cut of meat. This was my third time there and every time has been a five star experience. If you haven’t been, you need to go. Whole animal butchers are becoming harder to find, and the folks at old timey meats, are definitely doing a great job.

Dale Goodrich

Great service and quality products, special order or great variety of in stock products

Phyllis Conrad

Crab cakes are delicious. I was skeptical, but they are all crab meat.

Bonnie G

Pat Mann

Great place.

MrHubris1 .

I love it there. Finding a quality NY strip steak, that you can cook yourself is no easy feat. Well, this place has it! And the best pork chops I’ve ever bought too. I’m building a home in Beaufort SC, and I’m happy to see them here. I’ll never find another Lobster House in Cape May for seafood, but I’ve found a fabulous meat market. The food stores don’t even come close in quality to this place. And, the people that say the help is rude???? What? I’ve never found that to be true, or even close to being true. Get a grip on your attitude if you think that about this place. I could stand in there and talk for an hour. Great meat, great place.

Laura Van Wettering

Gary Wilson

Earl Burnsed

Sarah Klein

Great quality meats for a good price, very friendly staff, clean.

Daniel B. Walsh

Joe Nehila

A variety of nice cuts, different butcher package options, and a few unusual condiments make this shop stand out. We decided to try the tomahawk steaks with friends, and it convinced all of us to begin frequenting this establishment. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly - even if they will try to push some specials and their expensive product. I cannot really blame them and they do recommend good options. Aside from meats they carry a small amount of fish, some scallops and salmon. There is a decedent sized freezer and sometimes they have more meats in the back if you ask. Pricing is fair, sometimes a little high and sometimes shockingly good. Aside from the steak, we have had some excellent thick cut pork chops and a variety of more banal cuts.

Jenna Bird

Alex Simmons

I was so happy to see a locally owned meat market. Great service, great prices. Went in for a few things left with dinner for a week! Also the chicken salad is to die for! And the shrimp dip! You know what? No matter what you get its going to be fantastic!

John Webber

No cell phones please!!!

Crenshaw Eric

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