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REVIEWS OF Kroger IN South Carolina


Ths is my favorite Kroger. Staff is helpful even if they don't work in that department, they still help you.

Nancy Hammett

Great products and prices,clean store, helpful employees

Arthur King

Decent priced, high end foods. Always love shopping here. Staff is friendly.

Patsy Kirkey

Great help.

Dave Fauerby

Kroger is the best grocery in North Augusta.

Wyatt Friend

Too much emphasis on their own brands; thereby forcing favorite brands off of their shelves.

Robert Payne

They run some pretty good sales. They need to start fixing their carts.


Clean store, great sales, and friendly workers!

Audrey Boatwright

Great selections but only one meat man today with no one to wait on custoners. No bell to ring.

Mark Mosier

Love Kroger brand foods and good fuel discounts. Kroger in North Augusta is a very clean and well stocked grocery store. Polite and friendly service, always.

The Goddess

Kroger is the true roll back price store love this store

Cee Reese

Kroger always has superior standards. Quality in Cleanliness, quality in customer services, quality in goods and products provided. This visit all went well. The employee at the self checkout nearest the entrance and exit doors, was more than courteous and helpful. Explaination was given on the5e downloadable Friday and Saturday digital coupons. She explained that each week on Friday one must download the coupons in order to receive the Friday coupons. Also, that they last two weeks. This was one helpful detail that i did not know. Thank you for future references. Please note: On a visit prior to this one at the North Augusta location the smell hit me just as I was entering the opposite direction of the self checkout nearest. The smell was like an old dead fish and severe old dead something else as mixture along with it. This had never been at this location before and should hope it doesn't occur again. This date is based the receipt from the water purchased 01/10/19 @ 8:21 pm.

T Ladyies

They have revamped the store, some big, beer & wine next to the produce, some small, the spices moved across the aisle.... only 1 cashier but several self check-outs...clean store...great looking produce, meats.....and the sushi is made fresh daily

Larry Petersen

Kroger always have great price's a lot of mark down items: bread for 89 cents and its a med.. loaf -freindly staff a there to help you just ask"em

Latacia Campbell

Store was clean and everything but the associates weren't helpful at all.

Lucy Madison

I always shop at Kroger especially far my medcine

Mark Daytes

Good clean store. Favorite grocery store in North Augusta

Fran Kelly

Great store, great employees, has everything you need.

mark mosier

Very friendly and staff well informed of where all products are when asked. Everything very fresh, seafood, meats, cheese, produce, bakery and deli. Pharmacy also very good staff and store is always in tip top shape when I go in to shop..Kroger is my shopping place.

vonnell smith

Love the customer service

Mom Pratt

Easy peasy!

Robert Towson

I love the store but some of the Employees are the rudest people you will meet.

A. W.

Smh. Where do I begin? I will start by saying my recent experiences at this Kroger have been so bad, that once I just left my shopping cart where it was, and went to Publix. My experience today was the final straw. They rearrange the store what seems like every week, their produce section is a JOKE (lacking merchandise and fruit flies EVERYWHERE on bruised and gashed fruits and vegetables!), leaks in the ceiling, aisles blocked off, rude associates, creepy customers...I could go on. From now on, I will go to Publix, period. If I must visit a Kroger, I’ll go to Washington Road. Update: So, shame on me for going to Kroger again (Publix was closed). I have decided after this visit, I’m calling corporate. No improvement in the produce section, there are spaces on the shelves due to lack of merchandise, and that cashier Nicole had the WORST attitude I’d ever seen for someone working in customer service - the eye rolling, and that annoying smirk on her face. No need in making management aware, because they’re pretty helpless themselves. I am BEYOND done with this place.

Mathew Ballard

Always have good sales and the store is very clean. Excellent meat Dept.

christy singleton

Customer was fair but it could of been better

Chris Carver

I used to work for this Krogers and the employees that were hired were taught to have manners other wise they would loose their job. But now employees are running around with ear buds in don't know even how to say excuse me, dismiss customers as if they aren't even standing right in front of them, and all around treat customers as if they are an inconvenience. This place has seriously gone down hill.

Xavier Seawolfe

Kroger has become my favorite grocery store in recent years and this one fails to disappoint. Very clean, good selection, friendly staff, free samples - has it all. Lines move quickly, too. Self checkout always seems to have one spot open. With the Kroger card, many items are less expensive than at Walmart.

Goth Babe

Not 24 hours opens at 5-1Am so that needs to be updated cuz when I came around 2Am you all we're closed

Jessica Tillie

Very crowded today but easy in and easy out.

Eric Barnett

They need more parking.

kendra ross

2 lanes open. But clean and nice staff

Samantha Mcclure

Customer service is good. Tends to be crazy busy and can be difficult to navigate.

LeeAnn Horton

Lots of registers open but No Baggers!!! If I wanted to bag my own groceries , I would use self check out! Might just have to start going to Publix where they have plenty of registers open and plenty of helpful staff!

Pamela Hallman

I love Kroger. I rarely ever go there that I cannot complete my shopping list. Its common to find everything on your list. Great place to shop.

maria corbitt

Great shopping

Anthony B

Rarely do staff welcome or greet you. Staff and Managers use to be seen all over the store greeting and talking to customers. Rarely do Staff or Managers do that. Most of the bag boys need to be retrained on bagging and manners. Produce Departments is improving compared to earlier in 2016. Always seem to be short staffed or staff members more interested in their phones then interacting with customers.

Heather Terry

I love Kroger. Very friendly & usually have everything I need & want. No problem w/ getting a raincheck if unavailable. Fast & friendly.

Michelle Mitchell

Awesome customer service and product selection. However, they tend to be out of stock often.

Jason Parker

Store has had problems keeping the shelves full, but I have spoken with managers and they are working to resolve. Store is clean and staff very friendly.

Katie Williams

Had exactly what I needed.

Alice B

Super grocery store! Very kind and helpful staff always!! Love coming here!

Michele Golosky

The pharmacy department is very helpful.

Suzanne Hilburn

I am a loyal Kroger customer. The employees are pleasant and always helpful. Their prices are reasonable.

Celia Nelson

This is my regular grocery store. They have the best prices and sales in the area and I'm part of their fuel points program. They've been expanding their deli into a sandwich restaurant and they take custom orders. Highly recommend

Sybil DeVore

great store,super nice employees

Guadalupe Vazquez

It is horrible service they all have bad attitudes and they treat less fortunate people awful and disrespectful, they think they are royalty and only treat you a certain way when you have money or dressed well.

April Turner

They have changed alot and it was the worst experience ever with the pharmacy!

Brenda Garcia

Love to shop here. Get all my meds filled here also

Ray Hamilton

Remodeling, couldn't find napkins

Myran Hunt

Self check out is a pain!

Deana Leopard

I love their pick up/online order program!

Tina Blackburn

Place is clean and has a great selection of organic and gluten free products. I try to go early mornings or late afternoon to avoid the crowds. This store is usually crowded

Bridget Scott

Make sure you sign up for an online account and link your Kroger card every Friday they give away a free item for you to add the coupon on your card and you have 2 weeks to redeem

Rhonda Jackson

I love the scan and go concept where you scan each item and bag them as you shop and just pay as you exit the store.

Sister Thomas

Love this place!

Bill Barnes


Charles Key

Excellent. Fresh meats and vegetables.

Susanne Harrison

This was the Kroger I shopped at when I lived in North Augusta. It was always clean and the staff was friendly. Their natural / organic section has a great variety.


My wife and I shop at Kroger religiously we just moved back to North Augusta from Augusta on Washington Road. The North Augusta location has just went downhill and we will now drive all the way to Washington Road even through Masters traffic of which I just did to grocery shop there. The quality of the meat has went down the selection of sushi is usually old or non-existent. Just normal everyday food items aren't on the shelves a neuron a truck that's on the way I understand how businesses work and pouts her in the back you get deliveries but compared to when the store first open I just have seen it decline. The employees are very pleasant it's just the store itself, kudos to them especially dealing with the rude customers on a daily basis that are unhappy because they cannot find what they came to look for.

Anne Milo

They have moved things around and it was hard to find what I was looking for. Need to put up new signs.

Elizabeth Raborn

Pleasant service. Good prices

Chris Stephenson

Great place to shop

Cheryl Davis

There were 7 people in the deli , I had to wait 15 mins for anyone to even acknowledge me, the excuse was, they get paid by the busey eating the cookies that just came out of the oven...

Kris Scheets

Out of an item I was looking for, customer service was great tho.

Shirley Price-kripps

Always a pleasant place to shop

Diana Gardenhire

Beautiful store. Clean with clear aisles.

Kevin Thomas

Used to be nice clean grocery store but now they keep changing the store around and it's a complete mess.

Sheryl Merritt

Drive through was so very slow. We had a drs appointment and stayed in line for at least 15 minutes with 2 cars head of us.

Shannon Sims

Always a good variety!

Nicole Nickerson

The lady who was helping with the self checkout lanes was very helpful

Sheena Smith

Great prices. Always clean. Checkout is fast. Employees are polite and helpful.

H. Webb

The self-check out requires that you indicate the payment type rather just proceed after you've already inserted your card. It will tell you it's processing, but it waits until you select that payment.

A Sky

This is a clean store. Most of the cashier's are always friendly and helpful. Things are in stock and they are willing to help if needed.


I bought a bag of Tyson chicken nuggets but realized I left it in self checkout as I put my bags in the car... I went back in immediately and it was gone. The attendant, Eddye, was super unhelpful and rude and basically told me there was nothing she could do. So basically an hour of my life was stolen from me. Real cool.

Rogue Vegan

This is my go to grocery store, just wish they had better produce. I've sent a few emails, etc, over the years... at least the flies arent add bad there anymore. The pharmacy staff and gentleman that works in natural foods are tops and have been a huge help to me on many occasions.

Randy Gagnon

Good deals and savings.

Brandi Gibson

Great!!! Everyone very friendly and super helpfully. Especially Ashley and Kasey and the people on the front end..

Teresa Davis

Great place to shop, always has a good sale

Marty Coleman

Kroger's my favorite place for groceries, but they also have great deals on vitamins and all kind of clearance sales. I know where the food is located they don't change locations very often and they have such good Kroger specials.

Robert Cooley

Store is a mess. No less than 10 empty pallets on the floor and carts everywhere. Many aisles were blocked by these carts or the staff stocking the shelves. I understand stocking but ADA compliance must still be followed. Staff unwilling to assist in the aisles. At the self checkout I was unable to get assistance when the prices rang up incorrectly because the employee was too occupied with their cell phone. I left my merchandise there and walked out. I will never go back to this location. UPDATE: After a week and receiving no call from the store I contacted the hotline again. I was connected with the store, by the hotline, who stated they had not heard of my complaint and hung up on me. Wow, I have never seen a company to this length to hide from feedback. Shame on them.

Amber Rahman

I really like our neighborhood Kroger: great pharmacy, great customer service, gas station and fuel saving points. My only criticism is that the produce section has been a little sad on occasion. However, the produce section has a wide variety of veg and fruit, including some international rarities like jack fruit.

Jonathon Dobbs

They took out cashier's to use hand scanners. It won't be fast I'll tell you that...

Edwin Kennedy

Never going back they have gone down hill in my opinion took out alot of registers took forever to check out.

Charles G. Harris, Jr.

As I stated before I love to shop Kroger, great place to run in and get something you need right away, they now have two lanes of Self check-out which makes it even quicker. The only thing I see but doesn't hinder me, is the store is now no longer open 24 hours a day, closing time now is 1 am.

Debra Mikell

It was joyful shopping at the store I found every thing I neefed

Clay Stallings

Good product, selection, prices with friendly staff, but they need to clean their restrooms!!

Paul Gibson

I looked for "Better than gravy " Chicken or turkey flavor, but there was only beef flavor. This is the second time in a month.......please have more backup of this product. Other than thst, I love your store and the employees are awesome. Give t hem a raise!!!! Thanks, Paul

Duane Anglin

Used to be a great store well run and always clean. Since about a year ago has gotten bad never have enough help always running out of things on shelves and deli has no one who cares to wait on you wish we had another store here to go to.

Veronica O'Berry

Kroger has implemented a new system, which has significantly decreased the customer experience. I understand that things change; however, it's the first of the month! Your data didn't show that you need to have more than one main register open in the evening? People are standing in self checkout with overloaded shopping carts, and the one cashier lane is 10 deep. Look at your numbers, when are you experiencing a high volume of customers, what time each day, and any specific days each month, ie the 1st and 15th, then adjust your cashier lines accordingly. If I wanted to shop like this, I'd go to Walmart.

Mary Huskey

Fresh meat and seafood clean restrooms friendly cashiers


Everything here is alright, the food is good and the workers are nice, I hope everyone goes here and find what they need

Patrick Zoeckler

They may not have the lowest prices in the area but they certainly do have the widest selection of items.

jeff gilliam

Sale items have not been available since the ad came out January 2. Employees not helpful and seem to be bothered by questions. My experience was with the produce department. This store has been on a decline in customer service over the past years.

lucinda mcintosh

Like it because it's local and I have been shopping here for a while. The people are very nice and helpful.

Tina nelson

Very nice store

Joel Brickner

Stop moving groceries around in the store please! We were back in there today and you’re moving grocery depts and areas around again. It was chaos on a Saturday. I don’t know if you’re having shoplifting issues given an expanded clientele so you see this as a deterrent or what. Or if your regional management is making you do it for the second time in 12 months. We can’t stand the Kroger on Washington Rd. or shopping in Augusta generally. So we’re devoted to our N Augusta Kroger. To boot, the metal bench by the front door where my 90 yr old father in law usually sits when tired had a bunch of junk on it. Lastly, the cashier was hurried and rude and crushed our eggs. Again, stop moving groceries around. Leave stuff where a devoted local Kroger shopper can find them. Thanks.

D Shuler

Kroger parking lot very littered with papers and fast food wrappers. Really lettered to the right of the store in the corner by the wall.

Joyce Stevens

Everything I needed and more fresh vegetables, fresh meat and dairy. The prices are compatable with other stores

Sally Zaun

Ads are not the same as the stores stock ie 24 Coke can case are not stocked but charge the price for 20 can cases not like Pepsi products that are 24 to a case with the same price . .Have to check what's the best deals .

Ronnie Collier

Very Friendly And Courteous Manager, And Staff

jim jordan

Knox Ave Kroger in North Augusta was not overly busy tonight but they only had 1 register open (and he seemed very slow) with at one point seven customers with carts in his line not to mention a couple of customers with baskets or holding their items in their hand. There were 5 or 6 "self check out" registers and they were backed up at one point with at least 5 people waiting in line. I finally used a "non paid employee" register to check out which was not pleasant to say the least. Especially when the darned machine kept telling me to "put the scanned item" on the check out table, which I had already done. Finally an actual employee who had been busy trying to help other customers came over and assisted me in finalizing the transaction. Had they had 2 qualified and speedy cashier's there wouldn't have been near the wait to check out.

Miriam Benson

There were 2 registers open on a Saturday morning at 11am. One of those 2 cashiers said she was closed. I notified the manager on duty and he presented a careless attitude. He suggested calling 1-800-Kroger. I will be shopping at Publix where customer service is upheld and still important.

Giovanna Hill

Great store but they really need more parking.

Veronica Dingerson

For a grocery store they have a good selection and decent prices. Unfortunately they recently MOVED EVERYTHING AROUND. So if your expecting to male a quick trip don't plan on it. Nothing is in the same place and personally I think the new set up doesn't make much sense.

Robert Wunderlich

Very clean store. Employees are professional,friendly and knowledgeable .I will definitely shop there more often.

salasha Singleton

Love the Click List Convenience and the team of people who cater to that. Always a great experience here.

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The newly remodeled interior Kroger on Knox Ave North Augusta is superb. The gripe about the new layout actually is not that difficult Much ado about nothing! The staff constantly updated the overhead aisle signs to reflect the relocated inventory. The deli, produce, bakery always come through for our business needs in providing tasty options for all our staff meetings and quarterly appreciation luncheon. Competitive prices and multi brand options. Thanks Kroger NA!

Michael Adams

Bathroom closed. Shelves not completely stocked. Only one open check out line at 9:00 AM on Saturday.

Wayne Self

Fantastic store only place I get groceries

Riley Baughcome

This Kroger is our go to grocery store. It is always clean and well stocked. They have a decent gluten free area, as well as organic/local foods. The staff is always helpful, also.

Trish Beasley

We used the pharmacy and it was awesome people were very nice and helpful. After we went to get gas that price was great 2.63 with our Kroger reward card will be back

Catriona Crawford

Good store with better prices and occasional markdowns(especially on seasonal close out) no starbucks.does have an olive and cheese bar.ends of cheese sold and are a great cheaper way to try new cheeses.has handicap accessible, wheel chairs with basket and electric wheelchairs with baskets.good customer service.specialty butcher counter and also fish counter.great vegetable selection with weekly specials.vast frozen food selection.

Marianne Wenzel

Great people and great prices. Produce is always fresh!!

Melody Moore

Downloaded coupons and they wouldn't take the money off talked to manager who handled it in a completely wrong manner. Just bad experience not going back to North Augusta one I will just stick to my Wrightsboro Rd one where they are respectful.

Shani Elliott

Layout is not great, and the lack of fresh prepared foods was really disappointing.

Jessica Stokes

They are always friendly even late at night the stockers keep to themselves and also they get to know you and become familiar and it's like a neighborhood grocery experience no matter what time it is.

Laura Galipo

Found what I needed an was out quickly

William Puckett

The deals are good and there prepared and ready hot food is great.

Matthew Ryan

Constantly sold out of produce, fruit flies on newly purchased fruit.

Hal Addison

Kroger never was my go-to for grocery shopping. This location changed that. I've been coming here weekly ever since I moved to North Augusta in 2015. The meats, produce, and deli are always fresh and high-quality, and the selection is awesome. Employees are always very helpful and nice. Plus it's 24 hours!!!

liquorpye .

Easter busy today

Karen Jensen

Usually well stocked. Polite staff and really good sakes. Private Selection brand products are high quality..

Linda Brown

Great place to sopping

Rhonda Baynard

The hot food was delicious until i noticed they had flies flying all on the food without protecting it with a covering. That is just disgusting and should be against regulations.


Clean. Friendly and good prices. Often many reduced price or clearance items that are excellent bargains. Innovative technology to speed things along. They now have handheld scanners that allow you to scan items as you place them in your buggy while shopping.

John Taylor

Clean.... well stocked...and quick checkout

Linda Benson

I know almost everyone here and some of them since 1985 in their old location. Almost all employees have good attitudes and are quick to help. I treat them well and they treat me well also. Usually get all the help I need.

Laura Harriott

Buggy full...and a young man jumped in and helped me unload, then bagged and reloaded. Thank you so much Martise!

Mary Carroll

It was a rewarding and very pleasing. The cashier was very pleasant and respectful. I enjoy shopping at Kroger. The employees and the cashiers are always very helpful. I will always shop at Kroger anytime I am near one and I Will recommend others to do the same.

Hattie Reid

I love the atmosphere in this store. It has a lot of specialty products. It just take time to explore all that they have to offer.

Sara D

Excellent customer service, spotlessly clean store, and fantastic selection!

Jen Rodgers

Wonderful store, I would give it a five star if the Pharmacy wasn't so slow

Crisjess Winoff

Cleanly organized . Customer Service was pleasant. Lines were plentifully open . Quick checkouts.

Aunt Patsy's Crafty stuff

Got in and got out!!!


Better than Walmart

Jeraldine Greenwood


Liz Greene

I had one of the nicest cashier's I've ever had at Kroger or any other grocery store ever! Took a look on my way out and looked at her name tag. Here name is Sherry. Kudos to her. It's a rare experience these days.

Tracy Swann

in and out with the new scan system...great!

Alison Moulton

Typically not a bad place. The other night I went in to get a rotisserie chicken. Was ignored for almost 10 minutes and directly ignored when I asked the clerk of I could get one of the 38 chickens she was bagging at 7:30 pm. After that I dropped my cart right where it was and went to Publix down the street where I was welcomed and helped immediately. Sorry I wasted my time at Kroger instead of going straight to Publix.

Joe Cargile

Best Kroger I've shopped at. Large aisles and super clean. You name it, they've got it.

courtney favors

Weekly store and I love it. The managers are always around. Walking, talking to people and making sure the customers are satisfied. The bakery gives kids cookies and that is the first stop we make. My son loves the deli chicken salad. It's fresh made in house and grapes and other good stuff.

Jimmy Proctor

Wasn't able to get oil or free item. Glad to get the sugar on sale and cookies

Harmony love

Love this grocery store. Great employee Dalton is hot

Debra Robinson

Love Kroger in North Augusta, always go there more than other Kroger stores!!!

Arlene Parkes

Today was not a good experience. Only three cashier's open, bagging without help also! There were 5 self service open and people in line with me for 40 minutes were upset too. Not everyone likes the self service but it seems your store is choosing to drive valued customers to do it. I love your store and everything about it but today I was very dissatisfied.

Jennifer Brandon Walker Thompson

Very nice store people are friendly and employees are helpful. Overall a good grocery store.

Mike Mizell

The food there is good. I use my Kroger Plus Card for digital coupons. Save quite a bit periodically. Plus use my 4x feel rewards... Fill up for $18 in South Augusta! BTW, the people there are nice. They help you!! =)

Javier Morales Cabrera

Great Kroger with excellent customer service. Putting in some upgrades like a new cheese bar. Also has a fantastic healthy, natural food selection area.

P Piper

Out of water. Nasty store. No bags for doughnuts. I and a woman in wheelchair could not reach item she needed and store people still nasty watch out for expired cheeses and soup. Some over 60 days past expiration

beth allison

ALWAYS great service and the gas is cheap with the card


Kroger's in North Augusta has been a favorite for the locals over the years for the various food products they provide,that's unavailable elsewhere, as well as the awesome Customer service they've upheld, and cleanliness of their store...always our choice to shop..

Toni Adams

Employees are friendly and helpful!

Chip Fulmer

Total disruption for me and many other shoppers trying to find items with the completely assinine reset/ redo of pretty much the entire store except meat and produce departments. Numerous out of stocks. This total screwup of the store has been going on for weeks. Went else where to buy items not in stock. I have addressed this via their survey which comes on receipt but don't think they care. Don't mind change but hate stupidity.

Michael Kaney

Everything about this grocery store is basically perfect. They have an amazing selection and somehow with the top quality, are able to offer almost unbeatable prices. If I am looking for unusual ingredients, I go here. There canned vegetables are super cheap as well!

Phil Hadley

Clean and freshly changed the layout is more logical.

Raymond Barron

The employees that I came in contact with 3 in total, one was very nice, one acted as if I was bothering her asking her questions about the salads in the deli and the cashier acted as if I had leprosy and made me feel very uncomfortable.

Shanita Thomas

I don't like the random checks... I pay cash for my groceries and im a regular customer ... I do nott appreciate being treated like a thief with the self scan....other then that clean and nice environment... Just felt like the random check was racially motivated..didn't see no white ppl going through a random check...

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