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REVIEWS OF Kroger Marketplace IN South Carolina

Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen

This is a massive store! it is a grocery store, so they can typically be rated on 3 factors: cleanliness, variety, and amount of staff. I don't rate them on customer service because due to the size of the staff, there will typically be one bad egg. This Kroger passes all standards! Very clean, large amount of variety, and I noticed staff everywhere. If I needed help, it would not be a hassle to find someone. So essentially, it's worth a bit of a drive to get here.

Fa Cl

Provides good selection of products ranging from fresh produce, deli to bakery, nuts and grains, also carries clothing and accessories as well as health and beauty products. I found the aisles to be clean, shelves well stacked and arranged appropriately with products.

Tom Harmon

I walked out. Stocking carts all over the place, 4 lanes open and every lane is 6 deep. Shelves are out of items I needed. Screw that store! Won't be back. [Only reason there is one star is that there is no option for zero]

June Campbell

I am blown away with this kroger!! I needed a.few items and was pleasantly surprised with so many options!! It's better than walmart!!

Yuhanna Muhammad

Hands down my favorite place to grocery shop and earn fuel rewards

New Castle

New super Kroger. They're selling just about everything here, ha! Even clothes. Good craft beer selection, and good meats. You can even get sushi! And they have Starbucks.

Patrice Kornickey

Produce area stays dirty! Seafood dept. employees act as if you are bothering them....instead of providing you what you want they point you to the freezer to buy! Use to be friendly faces. Kroger has got to do better. When they opened they were great, now Walmart is the place for better customer service...can you believe it

pianogal 100

Today I was at this Kroger location with my mom. The meat manager, Chris, was incredibly rude to my mother. When my mother asked Chris if he was being rude to her because she was woman he simply laughed and said "yeah." The store manager did not seem to care that Chris was so rude and sexist. I really loved shopping at this Kroger, but I will now take my business to Fresh Market where the manager is always friendly and gracious! It is truley unfortunate and disappointing that my mother, who has spent lots of her time and money at Kroger, was treated so poorly.

James Baker

Busy, lots of customers, clean, lines moving fast at the moment

B Coston

The best grocery store in the area. Pretty nice produce selection and a great meat and seafood department. Even sells name brand clothes like Carhartt.

Michael Biel

We shop at this Kroger once a week and it's been a good experience. The store is always in good shape and clean. The deli, which we visit every week, is great. I like the meat Dept, which you can get fresh meat and the amount you need, or prepackaged. Overall the prices are not bad here either.

Christina Bishop

Kroger on Killian Rd is my favorite place to shop. Employees are all incredibly friendly and helpful as well as the manager. Store is clean and well organized.

Johnnah Crocker

They always have my quirky snacks. Going in here, always gonna find something.

Alexis Beavers

I just sat in the car but the outside looked nice and very clean

Ashley Williams

If I could give a negative score I would. Julie who worked this afternoon in the main self checkout was extremely rude. I was having issues with ringing up produce, most of the Plu stickers did not match. I needed an item removed from my order, so I pressed the Attendant button. Julie (employee) was on the other side helping someone else. When she finished, she looked me dead in the face and WALKED AWAY. I rationalized that she must have not seen that I pressed the Attendant button. She finally returned and was very curt/abrasive. Her rude service was sooo bad that I even acknowledged it to her. Once she fixed my order she walked off once again and I left the store after paying. I ended up returning 5 min later because I forgot one item for dinner. I was hesitant to return to self-checkout but it was the fastest line. As I finished ringing up my second order, Julie RUSHED UP ON ME from behind and reached in front on me to grab some receipt someone left on top of the register I was using. No excuse me or anything. IT WAS INTENTIONAL and confrontational. I almost felt the urge to push her away because she was too close. On my way out she reveled in her rudeness with a coworker. She is completely unprofessional, hates her job and needs an attitude adjustment!

C Carter

I love this store, but they almost never have cinnamon coffee creamer! I'm sure their system doesn't order it often due to low sales, but if it's not in stock... it's not going to sell! In the last several years, I've only been able to buy it TWICE, and I bought all they had. I'm sure others are doing the same and compounding the problem. Kroger's brand is the only one that even makes this flavor. I would at least like the option to order a case to be sent to the store or my home, but the website isn't made for that.

Olivia Plaskett

Didn't know kroger sells clothing

Domimick Williams

Good customer service and nice items

Tonya F

I love Kroger.. My favorite grocery store ever.. I go in Kroger twice if not more weekly. They have the best prices.. Download the Kroger app on your phone a clip the digital coupons.. Also the have the Fridays- Sunday deals on select items but get there fast cause it will sell out quick..There 10 for $10 is the best deals.. The kroger cards helps you build points so you can save at the gas station. The card also take off when there are sales. Workers are friendly and helpful.. There cakes are good also..

Crystal Coleman

I had a good experience at this Kroger. A very helpful lady named Dawn help me find a lot of things because I am not as familiar with this store. And, I saved a good deal of money also!


I typically like Kroger, however, the seafood at this location is awful. I spend $30 on a wild-caught Alaskan salmon filet and asked the butcher to cut it into portions. When I got home and opened the plastic it was encased in, the fish smelled weird and still had all the bones in it. When I cooked it, as I always do, it was inedible. I will definitely be going back to Publix or Walmart, moving forward.

george burley

Kroger has a good selection of items, but there are several departments that do not always restock in a timely manner and I often cannot find the items I go there for because they are out of stock.

Marlo M

I love all Kroger stores, but this one is my favorite. It has everything you could possibly imagine (except Tigernut Flour ☹) and then some. Clothing, grills, patio furniture, toliet seats, pet beds, and of Prices are good, sales are better, and their selection of healthy, non-GMO, natural, dairy free, gluten free products is excellent. You can even order your groceries via their app and come park in covered parking and get your groceries brought out to you.

Christey Tuff

This is my favorite place to grocery shop in Columbia. Always clean, great customer service, well stocked, clean bathrooms, and love the fuel rewards. The flower shop is really nice good quality and prices are very responsible.

Deborah Reid

My favorite Kroger spot, except during peak traffic hours. I like the store and that gas is nearby.

Beth Carpenter

Friendly, helpful employees, good selection of products, and most private label items are just as good or better than name brands. Phone app is fairly easy to use, especially to load e-coupons to the loyalty card.

Carina Guthrie

I used to love this Kroger. The first few years that it was open were fantastic. However, the last dozen times I have been in this store, I have had to bag my own groceries. I get that this happens every once in a while, but it has been the last 5 times now. There have also been several times in the last month when there was only one full sized lane open and it was backed up 6 to 7 deep each time with lots of employees wandering around saying that they had no one else to run a cash register. I waited in line for almost 30 minutes at noon on a weekday. There is absolutely no excuse for this. If things don't change soon, I'll be shopping at Food Lion or Publix instead. I spend $500 a week here, so I hope things turn around.

Het Heru Mer Djehuty

Friendly folks and great discount prices!

Crystal Nyman

This store and their staff are AMAZING!! Always friendly staff and good prices. We shop here at least once a week or more.

MsRonnie Tooyou

Had to make a late night stop for produce and walked up to the register and the attendant was having a conversation with coworker. She didn’t acknowledge me and when I needed help, she was not helpful. This is the second time that I’ve stopped by and received poor customer service.

Gladys Zeno

This supermarket is very nice. The aisles are always fully stocked and clean. They have the best selection of products and produce. The meat is a little pricey but they have a high selection to choose from. They also have a clothing section with styles that are close to what you may find in some of the higher priced stores. The employees are very friendly and very helpful and well trained. Located near another super store, I'd say they are giving them a run for their money.

Dale Bohler

Parking lot a maze to maneuver thru. Customer service called produce assistance for me, but no one showed for 10 minutes. One cashier without bagger & long line. All self serve lines open & in use. What's next - customers unbox merchandise?


This review is for Lester in the Seafood department and him, ONLY! I love this Kroger, prices are amazing and the food is always fresh. I came in today, to get crablegs. The crablegs that was on display was nasty and old looking. I asked Lester if there was anymore and he said that was all they had. As i began walking to my car, i turned around to make sure i heard right and wanted to confirm. I went back inside and another woman was asking the same question, without hesitation, Lester went to the freezer and grabbed a box of fresh crablegs for a woman to serve her by the pound. Luckily, David came and assisted me. So grateful for him. The service Lester gave me was pointless and I didn’t appreciate it!

Brian Farmer

Found everything I wanted.

mrgoatlives2003 .

Great selection, friendly staff. Very busy when we were there, they needed to have more than one checkout line for people with more than 15 items.

Paige Lowrance

Best Salad/fruit buffet in town!

Mazahir Clipwala

It was an awesome experience visiting this store as it has everything that I needed. Nice, helpful and friendly staff makes it my favorite. However restrooms needs some work in terms is sanitation.

Kesha Horton

This place is wonderful! The have Starbucks and even clothing & shoes for the whole family. Their groceries carry a lot of different and unusual brands that u don't find every day. And make sure u get a card so you can get $.03 off of the gas station there. Love it!

Stacey Ray

Had to change rating standing in line and there are only 2 cashier s open.

Mark Whitlow

Store seemed very busy today...not many shopping carts actually inside as MOST seemed to be in the cart corrals outside. It was raining today so I can understand why most carts were still outside.

Michael Mendiola

It was awesome I loved it.


Seems to be a friendly atmosphere and a great location!!!. The employees seem to be happy and/or satisfied, and this is extremely important to me!!!! However, there are several areas that seemed to be overlooked. I'm thinking that in time the areas will be corrected. In the meantime, I'll just avoid them. Thanks for asking!!!

Gil Young

Produce isn't great unless you get organic. Meat's good but the selection is weirdly limited if, like me, you're to shy to want to deal with the butcher. You can get enormous amount if chicken for like a nickel Great dairy items and prices on many goods. The sushi is pretty good and the folks at the Starbucks are always sweet. Also, it is darn near spotlessly clean.

David D.

This has to be the best grocery store I have been to in forever. When I walked through the doors it was like a choir of angels started singing. Inwas walking around finding everything I has searched for and could not find at any other store and stuff I did not know I was even looking for. It was like the store manager punched the company accounts in the face and said shut your damn mouths we have patrons to serve!

Olivia Kennedy

Very clean! Nice variety of products! I highly recommend!

Natasha Aiken

Friendly service, wide variety of organic foods and clearance items

Karen Gilyard

Really good fresh food selection

Shirley Bergeron

Great place friendly people

Coleen Pierre

Great store! Very large with diverse products. But the sucks. Very expensive meats. Inadequate training for the deli Clerks. They can't seem to slice meat the way it's requested. That is if you can even find one to wait on you. Once they get to you you can prepare on waiting quite some time because they're very slow. So I really love this store for the rest of their products but I won't buy my cold cuts there anymore.

Thomas Bush

Happy. New. Year

Kolor Kreations

Clean 90% of the time. Decent prices. Prefer going here over some other places, but they don't carry one Item that I need. Still a great facility!


This Kroger is amazing! They not only have groceries but also toys household items and clothes. One amazing thing is they have a kids free fruit box. I love this because every time we go to the grocery store it doesn't matter what time of day my daughter always says she's hungry. We usually would let her eat fruit out of what we were going to buy and felt a little bit guilty because we knew the weight would be less. Now with this free Fruit option we can do it guilt-free.

Lisa Thompson

A great store with great prices. It was well stocked and prepared for the need to cover necessities for our storm. Kroger providing for the community.

Louise Knott

It was my first time going to this Kroger and I was disappointed. Their produce section was wiped out and I didn't see an employee to ask for help. Hoping my next visit will be better.

Anne-Marie Beighley

Superbly laid out with great shopping selections, remarkably stylish and clean, with a Starbucks. A total delight with the quality of food and great prices too! Can hardly wait to use my Kroger app again!


My wife and I order a lunch meal for the both of us. Food did lack flavor in seasoning department.. The temperature was warm on the foods. Clean environment and friendly service. My wife and I shop at "Kroger" on a regular basis, mainly my wife, however not purchasing the lunch meals from the hot bar. Gds.

Farontha Booker

Nice clean facility with decent parking and prices on certain items..

Monika Caroway

Fresh produce milk coeaj aisles and quick check out with more lines open than other stores around. Starbucks inside I wish they use the app to pay for coffee but you can sit inside and the cakes are good. Plus they have ice cream I cant find in other stores.

Koren Pringle

Great selection of groceries and household products. I also found cute tops (shirts) ... they sell clothes too; for me and my daughter.

Leilani Hurles

The pharmacy was amazing...thank you Pharmacist Kristen...she went out of the line of duty to help us. We are from Houston and we're delayed in the hurricane. She made sure we had our pills. Big relief. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Miriam H. Samuel

Nice and friendly Employees. The store is clean and Has a variety of food.

Jean Dixon

Love the shui, but out of my hot cauliflower

Wanda Baker

Love Kroger. They always have good prices and great deals. I like that they monitor your shopping and send you coupons.

Peggy Fulton

Conveniently located in the area of work. Can shop for home items and get lunch at the same time while on lunchbreak.

Gail Crissinger

A very large grocery store - What i call a Super Kroger. They have a huge supply of "drugstore" type items, i.e. shampoo, razors, vitamins, etc. Plus they have clothes, shoes. And of course all the normal grocery store items plus a salad bar, bakery, deli. They make sandwiches and pizzas and have ready to eat soups and salads etc. Plus chicken. A pretty awesome store.

Tomeka Lockhart

Great experience, I hate grocery shopping! Today I actually enjoyed it. I loved the atmosphere and the friendliness.


I love this Krogers and i never was a kroger person until this one. The only thing I hate is when they have deals and like All for $1.00 they try to limit you even if u have more than kroger acct The deal dont say 5 per household

Travis Burrows

It's huge. Great selections and friendly customer service

Edward Murphy

My first time seeing a Kroger with clothing. NICE

Josh Waters

If possible to leave negative stars I would. Ordered online for pick up. After waiting for over an hour in parking lot with multiple calls into the store finally order was delivered. Get home and half of order was wrong. Called into store and manager offered me $5 gift card. Really two hours of my time is worth only $5?

Jana Dehoff

Very appreciative of all the employees help and greetings. Produce always look fresh. Best pharmacy ever.

John Gross

Well-stocked and reasonably priced, and the location is really convenient to those along the I-77/Killian Rd area, but what keeps us coming back are the terrific staff. Almost always get a friendly smile from multiple folks, and they're very quick to offer help if needed. Management staff seem engaged and present, and nearly all the front-end staff and stockers alike are exceptionally nice.


Very nice grocery store and place to get lunch. The one downside is the outdoor seating area always has people smoking in it so you can't really sit out there.

Norma Sims

Great shopping experience. Look forward to shopping Friday and Saturday deals...

Elementalist Dragon

It is a big store, some say it's like Walmart. They have a floral department, produce, bakery, a deli area, a spot for sushi and pan Asian foods. They also have a Starbucks, and an apparel department. They also have a lot of friendly employees who will try their best to help customers.

Meg Martin-Gray

Great selection of merchandise from clothing to food. My only complaint is the cashier that checked me out. She was rather short and rude especially when we asked for another application for a Kroger card. She seemed annoyed and her customer service was horrible enough to potentially turn me away from ever shopping there again.

Sdc Clt

If you want to know where something is quick, you gotta ask someone

Teresa Turner

They have a great selection of merchandise and a very clean store.

Melanie Pace

Great store, good quality items and a large variety.


Very nice place to shop at

Karen Hopkins

I love the Kroger at Killian Road. They carry everything from groceries to pharmacy to clothes and just about anything else you want to buy. They are 10 times better than Walmart ever thought about being and the prices are good too.

Debbie Dusseljee

Too big for my preferred shopping. I do like having more grocery store choices near Blythewood. Produce section lacks a lot of local and organic produce. Good cheese selection, decent deli selection. Pharmacy, Starbucks, and dime-store stuff.

Rhonda Lewis

I prefer shopping at Krogers any day over shopping at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart seems like they will hire anybody who's got a pulse to work in there stores. In other words, the more "ratchet" the better. I refuse to stand in long lines in Wal-Mart, only to get horrible customer service and rotten,and expired food. Krogers has some surprisingly good deals when I do shop there and their stores are kept clean and organized for the most part. Very huge differences in my experience for both stores..Kroger wins hands down.

BMI Training

Only stopped for one item and did not see much of the store, just the front. Seems well stocked and clean. I will make a point to go back. The brief time I was inside I was greeted by 2 employees and was pleasantly impressed. The cleanliness and courteous staff deserve the high rating. Hoping my next visit will be as good of an experience.

Rosina Marini

Fantastic service, clean and well-organized.

Maurice Gray Sr.

I very pleased with the service that u get there an u have employed to help u find the things that u are looking for u that my Kroger

Ronald Mangum

Got gas at there station and was hacked they stoled another 50 bucks and it’s been over a month and still no credit , you would think better of them ,thieves

Brent Wunderlich

Nice store. Odd entrance. Disappointing wine selection and rather pricey. Liqor store across the street offers more for less.

J Tong

Biggest and best kroger ive ever been to!

Arielle Mazique

Love the store very accessible. Never out of stock. Not lots of brand options mostly kroger brand. Quick lines and lots of sales. But it does try to sell you expired food so check dates before buying.

David Land

I was in there this morning at 11am, there was only 2 lines open 1 was the Express line, the other a regular line, the lady in the Express line had No customers and the other had 10, I asked her if she would help , she said no because I had a few more then 15 items, and stood there doing nothing, what kind of team does this store have, no other lines were opened! I will Never shop there again and let everyone know to do the same! Publixs treats you like family!

Chris Shaffer

This Kroger is SUPER!! Very clean, friendly employees. They have a beautiful vegetable and fruit selection. Toys, clothes, shoes, make-up, housewares, even towels! Their whole milk is almost always $1.39/ gallon. You can’t beat that! Lovely flower arrangements and assorted plants. The only improvement I would suggest is in the bakery. More variety of cakes, pastries and breads. Their gas prices are always lower than elsewhere. There’s a Starbucks inside if you want a coffee while you shop. They also have a variety of prepared foods, pizza, Chinese, etc. I highly recommend this grocery store.

Billie King

I love Kroger the produce are always fresh and delicious. Store is clean and staff is friendly and helpful. Great prices and coupon friendly.

Krystal Magallon

The best grocery store ever

Jo Balkema

Nice sale going on with great prices. Very clean well stocked store. And helpful friendly employees.


This store is in a convenient place right off I-77 Killian exit 22. Built off the right place just off the interstate. You can stop pick quick item that you need or forget to make your dinner for the night. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Store is always clean. Most importantly you have a Starbucks there if you need a boost or pick me up from a long day. You can also call and pre-order both coffee and groceries.

Renate Marek

Most of the time items are in stock, most employees are great. Upgrade from Two Notch location that seems to be slacking a lot.

emaxwell2 .

Nice store & they sell clothes

Missy Greenwalt

Hard to find anything and only 2 checkouts open at 3:30 in the afternoon!

Cassandra Spell

I found everything I needed. The cashier/bagger was very nice and fast in ringing up my groceries. She could have used some help in bagging the groceries.

Peggy Rankin

Kroger Marketplace make shopping enjoyable. When you walk in the store, the atmosphere is so pleasant and wonderful you just spend hours shopping. Great PLACE to shop.


Watch out Walmart ! The better version of you has moved in down the road. This store has it all... quality food, service, & even clothes ! At night I feel safer in the parking lot & the cashiers are still smiling at 9pm.

Scott William

Better then other krogers / grocery store. More selections actually. Always have good sales and discounts going on. Staff is friendly. Clean. Love the Kroger gas station also.

Gloop Gleep

Everyone here is always so friendly. The store is visually appealing and everything is easy to find. I was especially impressed with the Kroger Chef Jr series and the employees who were in charge. Great experience for my family.

Dayne Peterson

1200 on a Monday. One cash register open on but wait I am closing you must use self check. Carts full of groceries and kids all over the place struggling through self check. I should have gotten a discount for doing all the work. We drive out of our way because we love this new and updated Krogers. Sadly the poor service overwhelms everything else. And by the way I grew up in ohio and with krogers. Not anymore!

Todd Yarboro

Nice. Has a little bit of everything.

Christian Manganelli

Nice shopping experience. The store is well stocked and prices are pretty good.

Cordelia Dreher

Love the great week end sales & The have Wonderful Customer Service..

Steve Barnett

This is by far the best grocery Pharmacy and household item store that I've ever used. Their clicklist program is the most amazing thing for me and my family. We are able to order all of our groceries online, set a schedule to pick them up and can pull in and leave with groceries in the car within 5 to 10 minutes at the most. They have by far the biggest and best selection of all grocery items and the best prices in our area. I would recommend this store even if they're closer ones nearby as we travel past two or three to go there every time and it's well worth the travel.

Angela Williams

The store is bright, clean and well managed. They even have online ordering and pickup service!

Teri Starkey

Love this store. Get anything want from apples to t-shirts

Leon White

Love it can find about everything you need plus more...

Patricia Weldon

Its have all your grocery need s and more

Ladibug B

Love it, clean, customer service could be better, vegetables always fresh, excellent sales....

Mary Jordan

Very convenient stop for me. Easy in and out access.

Ginger Smith

I love my Kroger!

Ms. Werk!man

I just witness the cash register attendant named Shawn Take somebody's money they left in the self check out That is the kind of store and the kind of people they employ it has gone all the way down Hill

David Aschemeier

The Taj-ma-Kroger! They have everything you'll need!!

Kathy Stori

Too many vendors, managers helping put new prices up, too many people standing around observing the store. There were aisles impassable because of store people standing around and in the way. The dog food aisle had an almost empty cart in the way. I got some awesome deals this morning but wasn't able too finish my shopping. I may do it at Kroger or go to the commissary. Need to get fresh vegetables closer to the holiday as well.

Nathan Starks

Awesome place to shop. Stopped to get food on the way home. Made fresh subs. Soup is delicious, had Starbucks while I waited. Excellent customer service.

Nick Smith

I love this place! I'm a regular customer with no complaints! Y'all are complaining about silly things! The issue is y'all because y'all don't read. Before shopping here, know the coupon policy, sale requirements, and if you don't know how to work self check out you should go to a register. Do NOT download digital coupons as you're shopping (this is something that needs to be done at home). If you really don't like shopping here for whatever reason please go to another grocery store. Save yourself the time, energy, and money.

Jeffrey Kehler

The store is well stocked, clean, and the prices are fair. The staff are pleasant and anxious to help. A pleasant shopping experience.

Dean McCaughan

The layout of the store often doesn't make sense to me so it is a challenge to find what I'm looking for. Discovered tonight that you can search on the app and it will get you close. Difficult to get help. Open until midnight but customer service shuts down at 10 pm so it's pretty much self service for two hours. Great beer selection. Great milk prices. If you can learn the layout of the huge store you'll be ok but difficult for a quick grab and go trip.

cheryl s xavier

My daughter lost her phone in the store and they wouldnt help look for it. The pharmacy is soo slow and forgets to order extremely needed medicine. Dont get medicine from here.They need a new pharmacist BADLY!

LaShawn Niles

Wonderful place to shop for everything and every one in your household!

Linds Fabbro

Always a pleasure shopping there. Such variety & everything is so fresh. With sales & coupons you can't go wrong.

Thomas Barket

Good place to shop and to set

Lovely ReRe

This place is absolutely great

Trixxi Starr

Lost one star for not stocking Jarritos sodas


I love the food quality, vegetables, and meat varieties. Better customer service than Walmart and they price match. My favorite store hands down.

Gail Corn

I enjoy shopping here and feel safe and comfortable shopping early in the morning.

Abby Wyman

Love this place! Best Kroger!

Ken McClendon

Restrooms are nasty no matter what day or what time I come in here.

Horace Jennings

I always have a great experience at Kroger. Friendly and helpful staff!

Maureen Stahl

Huge... loved it.

Charisse Dunn

Ehhhh I loved the store as a whole .... just some employees gotta go..... and DO NOT ORDER A CAKE and have to get to a party at a certain time ... you will be waiting.

Ricardo Sherard

The best salad bar in Columbia!!!

Tracy Ferguson

This store is horrible! Two weeks ago I bought a box of oysters and they were gross. They smelled really bad, had bugs in most all of them and quite a few had nothing but mud. Don’t buy oysters from their seafood section. Today I went in and grab about $85 in food and it wasn’t a large order. This store is about 30 minute drive from my house because I live in a remote area. When I get home I discover they cashier had forgot to give me two packs meat that I purchased. On the way I called the store and customer service said they had the items in their cooler and I could come to customer service to pick them up. When I arrived back at the store there were 10 people in line at the customer service counter so I went to the front of the line. Normally I don’t cut in line in front of people but this was very frustrating having to drive 1 hour more for the fault of the cashier and at this point it was after 5o’clock so traffic added to my frustration. The lady at the service desk was very rude and told me she wouldn’t help me because I needed to go to the back of the line. This made matters more frustrating that I had to wait on people buying scratch off tickets before I could pick up an item that I already paid for. Not impressed with this store will never give Kroger my money again.

Serenus Lux

Pretty much the only grocery store I ever shop at. They have pretty much everything from food to pharmacy items to even clothes! It is very clean and well organized. Stocked well and offers a large variety of items including a great assortment of vegan items! Which is so nice because it's so much closer than Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. The staff is always polite and helpful as well.

Ivy Sherard

Great deals and awesome digital coupons!

Richardson Hinder

Great shopping experience at this location and the employees are very kind and helpful.

Ashley Smith

Your glass bottle milk upcharge sign is gone. Yet when I got to the cash register still trying to charge me a surcharge on the glass bottle. No sign. No charge. But I didn’t press the issue. I just want you to list the price as is. That’s fair. Not list it for $4.29 and then tack on extra money at the register. That’s not being honest. And the sign isn’t noticeable even when it is there.

Heather Boney

Love this Kroger. So glad I have a nice grocery store not too far from my house

Jo Ann Roman

I love this place. The people are nice and helpful.

Cynthia Berry

Great place to shop. Nice and clean,great prices,and friendly staff. Costumer service gets an A.

Debbie Sullivan

Always polite and smiling. I use the click list shopping . Today I got free chocolate truffles for Valentine's Day. Thanks Kroger for the little extras

Cara Robeson

Cashier was amazing and very considerate. I forgot my wallet in the car and realized this she is ringing me up with a line of people behind me. I start to panic, get embarrassed and over explaining. She told me not to worry she would help and she did just that by bagging up groceries and putting aside while I retrieved the card. It was nice to have calming reassurance rather than the typical roll of the eyes and impatient attitudes.

Bonnie Barte

One of the nicest grocery stores in town. Best selection. Fast check out.

Timothy Henderson

Excellent food store also including clothing, hardware, etc. They have an included gas station with some of the best prices in the area. They offer discounts on gas as reward for shopping there. They have a nice deli with take away food. Pizza is good, and I'm told the sushi is also good. We tend to shop here more than other grocery stores in the area.

Megan Tone

Terrible customer service. I had some issues with rude staff and management at my last visit. I left almost in tears because of the way they treated me. Management never acknowledged my emails about the interaction and customer service refused to take action. I would never go back. If you ever have an issue there, they will not fix it. They do not care about their customers. Go to Walmart or Publix. They'll treat you better there.

Shannon Blake

Some of these are stock photos. I've never seen mozzarella sticks on the bar or corn. On the other hand, I absolutely love Kroger! This is my go to place for almost everything and a lot of the cashiers know me personally. Definitely, must to shop there.

Rick Hoggard

Pretty great grocery store. The service level has definitely gone down over the past year or so, but it's still a solid store. Hopefully the customer service issues are short lived.

Stephen Weber

Amazing Selectuon and Prices

Kay Jewels

Kroger’s is good, it’s the Starbucks inside of the Kroger’s that is trash. The female was rude, it was 8:56pm and I suppose she was salty because I came 4 minutes before closing. I say Hi since she didn’t want to greet me and she just stand there with this dumb look on her face. So I ask my friend well are they close??? And the worker responds you have 4 minutes. (I’m thinking... no you have 4 minutes!) so I place my order and she’s just doing the most while preparing my drink with her attitude. I’ll return to Kroger’s but never again to that a Starbucks.

Beelas Mom

Clean. Great employees whom are always helpful. Well stocked. And barely any long checkout lines!

gabriel lopez

This place has everything you need and at times at better prices.

yankeefan42A .

Outstanding. Great products. people. prices. parking, gas only $1.80. Very happy. Clean, safe, interesting.

Jason Bellotto

Great first impression! Very clean & organized. The produce section & specialty areas are amazing! The whole store is arranged so you can find what you're looking for! We will be back!

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