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361 Liberty Hall Rd, Goose Creek, SC 29445, United States

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REVIEWS OF D.C. Burbage Retail Meats IN South Carolina

Maria Charm

I love burbage! I used to go with my mom as a little girl and I found my way here as a woman. The quality of meat and customer service is exceptional. I will not buy my meat anywhere else :)

Mike Green

Fast, I placed my order over the phone and it was ready when I arrived. The store is CLEAN and doesn't smell like a slaughter house, the prices are good, the people behind the counter were happy to help and very service oriented. I would give a fifth star but they do not accept credit cards. :)

Jeffery Gray

Great selection but their customer service leaves a bit to be desired. I had called before going to the shop and had told them I was new to the area. This would have been a great time to tell me they do not take Bank or Credit Cards! When I spoke to the manager about this she just gave me a funny look and pointed to the ATM in the store (from which I suspect they get a nice percentage of the fees). There also had ben nothing on the www about cash only. I understand a business not wanting to pay those absurd Bank Card fees to use Master Card, etc. But Burbage's could have done a better job of letting people know they only take cash. A good, tech-savvy butcher could easily come in and out these nice people out of business.

Carly Short

I was impressed. Very clean, attentive employees, competitive pricing.

Tonya Murray

I like going there,you can pick out your own meat,better then getting meat from the supermarket. It's worth going,money well spent.

Linda Moden

Always helpful and always wonderful fresh meat

A Cor

VERY clean, friendly and GREAT prices!

Jay Bash

This place is awesome. I don't go to the grocery store for meats anymore. The meat here is always great grade A meat, it even looks ten times better then what you pick up at your local grocery store and is allot cheaper. I will continue to come here until I can't anymore.

John Rentz

Friendly Staff. Quality meats. Fair prices. If you've never been here know that you will have to pull a number to be served. Debit & credit cards not accepted. Cash, approved check or EBT. There is a ATM by the checkout.

robert pettijohn

Pretty good pricing for quality meats

Henrietta Burkes

My family, & I have been shopping here since I’ve been a young girl. My father shops here for his store as well for bulk orders for his hot table, as well as orders for his kitchen! love them, the husband and wife mr & mrs burbage are so sweet, the staff is awesome and always fast paced. Never waited more than 20 minutes for my order. I’m always in, and out.

shakira washington

I love this meat market it's clean great customer service.. prices are good and good quality of meats I would rather come here then get my meats from the super market.

eltracie sinclair

Variety of meats. Reasonably priced.

Sabrina Phelps

If you like meat this is the place to go. It has over a hundred foot long display of meats. They also serve whole pigs for large gatherings. In addition they have some additional products they sell at the register. Be aware this place is cash only. That's the only thing that makes this a 4 star. There's an ATM on site though.

Amy Cheney

Great meat. Fast service

Mitchel Sinclair

Excellent service excellent selection very nice people to deal with and very quality looking products and I might add they're very tasty

cheryl stroble

Fast and friendly service. Excellent selection of meats at an awesome value for my money!

Thomas A Taylor I I I

Most important thing...CLEAN! no smells

Jacqueline Potts

Warm and friendly people. Been shopping there for years

Chris Barrs

My wife is from Goose Creek and this is where she always went. It is an amazing place. Everything is fresh and the people are very helpful and friendly. I am from the country 2 hours away and we have nothing like it...not even close. We will definitely make the drive just to go to Burbages. Best meat market ever! We definitely recommend it.

Chelsea Moore

I try my best to go every month and when I do , its always a great visit . Great deal and great prices !! The only place I buy my meats and stuff at !

freecottonman .

Great quality meats and prices

Frank Behee

Great prices, cash only, good cuts of meat, great hotdogs!

Tim Slade

Great prices on fresh meat.

Juan Valdez

Best place for fresh meat ! Fast and courteous !

Barbara Sweat

Always the freshest poultry, beef,and pork. A Goose Creek favorite, I have been a satisfied customer for 30 years!

Alfred Papillon

Excellent all around

Renee Skipper

I love shopping at burbage's Meat Market the meat is fresh,the people are friendly and the prices are really reasonable ..I've been coming here for 20 plus years... the owner I love her to death she's such a sweet lady...

Judy Bollinger

Freshest meat around. And their prices are very reasonable!

ashley .

Edited to bump from 4 stars to 5. We've been going regularly and have been 100% satisfied with everything we've purchased! We've only been here twice but we love it! The meat is great quality and worth the price, especially if you're one who prefers meat that hasn't been processed with chemicals and preservatives. The staff has always been friendly and very helpful. We look forward to coming back time and time again. I don't foresee us buying meat anywhere but here.

Harry Toomey

Everything was fine except for the ATM


I love this meat market. I can get the usual meats the big box grocery stores carry at cheaper prices. I can also get unusual meats like rabbit and gator. The employees always treat me with respect and kindness. The quality of the meats is the best.

Leroy Godfrey

Great selection, great Service

Donald Northrop

Best meat at the best prices! Been going there for over 35 years. The courtesy and service has never wavered. I heartily recommend Burbage's to everyone.

John Pauldine

Love Burbage's. Have been shopping here since the late 80's.

Joey Nicholson

Pretty good prices. Always busy m

julius gregg

The customer services was outstanding

Tomekia Flowers-fayall

Always fresh meats Wonderful experience each time I go

Crystal Rose

Used to love to go here but its gotten so bad. The meat was freezer burned and the pork was so poorly cut there were holes it in the chops. They have very rude people working there. I wish I could give a better review. I've been going to Burbages for years but they have been going down hill and getting worse the past few years. The senior staff is still good and the checkout ladies are still friendly and helpful.

Ionie Whorms-Garrett

Friendly customers service...fresh service Note: Do not take debit nor credit cards..only cash or cheque

thomas cousar jr.

I'll tell you what, my wife and I just moved down here from Pittsburgh and are delighted that we came across this phenomenal establishment. The assortment is unmatchable, the prices unbeatable, and the staff is very attentive. Honestly, I will not buy meat from anyone else. This place is a prime example of how a business should be run. I will definitely be back! Kudos DC, please keep up the great work!

Alfreda Davis

They always have fresh meat and friendly workers SHOP THERE FOR OVER 15 YEAR'S NOW AND COUNTING!!

Jonathan Frisby

Great selection and great price!!!

Kellee Carroll

The girl who helped us didn't understand that we wanted steaks cut at 11/2" and she kept saying "you want 1" we had to repeat several times. We always love the meat quality and price

Christopher Haynes

Nothing but fresh meat good prces

Alfonso Castejón Moya

Is a good retail store where you can find common and rare cuts. Last time I had the ox tail and I took a whole pig head -I was looking for pork cheeks and jowl-. Prices are very reasonable and the quality of the meat is pretty good.

Dennis Costa

Fresh beef chicken pork and other meats. Don't be afraid if it looks like a lot of people because the line moves fast! All employees are friendly and very knowledgeable. Prices are also great. Open limited hours so call first.

Kim Miles

The best place to get all meats.

Damita Watson

My Husband and I love getting our meat from here..Very Clean

GAM da Rockitboi

I have been in North Charleston for three months and my neighbors just hipped me to this place. The meat is fresh, the selection is total and the staff is amazing! If you get the opportunity you must check it out!!!

Arthur Pedcin

Meat market in Charleston the best

tellerfan .

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff. Great prices, just remember that they don't accept cards (but have an ATM on site).

Barbara Ferrell

Good place to buy your meats great prices

Robert Williams

This place has excellent customer service even when it very busy. The employees are very patient, neat ,polite, helpful, and has very good knowledge about what being sold

Suzanne Updike

Great service and selection no order is too small. Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Won't go anywhere else.

Peggy Greene

I love coming here. Beautiful cuts of meat and a lot less expensive than I expected for all the meat we purchased.

Mark VanHaelst

Been buying meat here for 30 years. Still the same family. Still the best product!

Marlo Infinger



Very good service. Lady was very helpful and friendly.

Jeff Harris

Very quick service, nice selection, great looking meat.

Michelle Ravenell

Super clean! Quick and friendly service, very informative about the cuts of the meat, and prices are reasonable. Walk in, grab a number, a friendly face will assist you with your meat selections, he/she will place your items in a bin near the register, and checkout

Laura McNeely

Love this place! It’s better than Sangaree meats!

Elizabeth Morgan

Wonderful place nice the meatmarket and the prices are reasonable. I will always shop there.

George Kotowski

This place always has a great selection of meats. The associates are always very helpful.

Terry Hill

Great meats good prices

David Gonzalez

Awesome Selection!! Please be aware that they DO NOT accept credit/debit cards. Cash or Check only!!!!. There is an ATM inside for your use if you want to pay the service fee to use it.

Keith Wucherer

Look forward to enjoy shopping here.

Alphonso Garris

Great service

GlamouristTasha .

I just left there and I had a older female server and she was not nice and rude. Didnt show no interest in helping me with picking my meat. I believe customer service is the key to any business. DC Burbage needs to make sure their servers are polite no matter the circumstances of having many customers to serve.

Alexsis Fuson Green

Favorite place to grab some meat since moving to the Charleston area, we always go buy in bulk and head home to our food savor to freeze for future meals! Good prices for great quality.

Edward Kelley

I finally made it here and all I can say is "WOW". Some of the best cuts of meat and definitely the best prices around. The staff is very helpful and willing to spend all the time you need to get just the cuts you want. Like someone else said in their review, I will never buy my meats at the grocery store again!

James Hildreth

Excellent selection and service. Very good and fresh meats.

valerie ferrell

The meat is always fresh. The place is always clean. I love going to Burbages.

Cindy Morgan

Great and friendly place with prices that walmart and other grocery stores can't compare to. My last visit there I got 5lbs ground beef, 3lb roast, 3lbs pork steaks, 3lb flank steak, and 3lbs of chicken legs all for about $60. I just wish they were open 7 days a week but I understand they need to close to get the meat ready to sell. Keep doing such a great job!!

Hannah Lawson

Great products! Great prices! Amazingly nice people! We will definitely go back many times.

Melanie Murray

I've never bought from a butcher before but I will never buy from the grocery store again after buying meat from Burbages. The quality, the taste and their service will convince you to work around the fact that they are only open Wednesdays through Saturdays. They are willing to answer questions and help you in any way that they can. My kids even complain if I buy from the grocery store now and can tell the difference. We certainly are very happy with the experience.


Always good service & lots to choose from.

Shelly Neace

We love the different deals they have. The service is always friendly, we don't mind the wait if there is one.

Justin Emily

They accept EBT but not debit/credit cards. Went to get steaks at the beginning of the month, they were selling USDA Select grade ribeye for their normal price (which is still more than what Walmart or grocery stores charge for USDA Choice angus beef) and Select is basically the lowest/poorest quality of beef. I feel they're taking advantage of EBT users and in turn affecting people coming to shop with their own hard earned money by selling a lesser product at their normal price. But only at the beginning of the month. When people get their food stamps. At this butcher shop that only accepts cash and food stamps. You do the math.

Kenneth Traylor

Fantastic meats and service bar none!

Thomas Mcdowell

Hectic and annoying. Probably won't be going back.

Gina Haskins

Absolutely love this place. All meat so nice and fresh. Prices are not bad.

Tyavonya Snyder

The best meat market in SC


A shame. The quality and prices of the meat are excellent and the Meat Market is my family's first choice for meat. Unfortunately, the quality of customer service I have experienced has been extremely poor. Ridiculous. On the first occasion, the behavior of a female employee was quite inappropriate. Perhaps the management will take action to correct the deficiency. An apology would be acceptable for the events today. This afternoon, a male employee behind the counter literally snatched the bag of items I was holding out of my hand. The fairly aggressive behavior of "snatching" an item is inappropriate for adults and children. It might not be significant to some individuals, however in any business environment - it's absurd. Retail and customer service can be high-stress. Lots of industries can relate to this demand. However the employee and their behavior was absurd. Self-control and maturity can go a long way. So can an apology. Based on my experience, I will certainly will not be returning to the establishment or recommending it to anyone without communicating my experience.

Robert Lavergne

I grew up in Goose Creek and a monthly trip to Burbage's was a must.Now,even though we live by Columbia,my wife and I go as often as we can because they are still the best value for the money and they have the best product.Well worth the trip.

Leonard Smalls

Fresh meats curtious service.

Catie Crookshank

Love coming here. It's close to home and they have a huge selection with decent prices. We like to load up for two weeks. Make sure you read the hours because they are only open four days a week.

Jamari Manick

Excellent quality!! Very down home feeling everytime i visit..

Raleigh Hamilton

Fresh quality meats .fair price's. Helpful staffs personal.

Margaret Dixon

Always great meat and great deals!

George Thompson

I love them for their quality, awesome pricing and amazing customer service

Ed Brailsford

The best selection, fresh cuts, and great people.

Jerri Hall

Very friendly! Steaks were awesome!

Ann Mcclenton

Great place to shop for meats, the owner & his wife and the people that work the are very pleasant and respectful, truly goes out and beyond to give you wonderful service, and the food is price reasonable. I love this place. I highly recommend anyone to shop there.

Julie Markham

Hands down the best meat market in the Lowcountry. Meat is fresh prices are great and when you walk in you cannot smell anything but fresh meat no blood no yucky smells. The service is exceptional. I always tell people to come here for their meat the prices on most everything is comparable to a grocery store but the quality is 1000% % better.

Margaret Morrow

Awesome love Burbage get my meat nowhere else

Mike Burbage


Reace Johnson

Only place I get my fresh meat! Love it

Donna Lampkin

Fresh clean friendly staff. Great service in and out most times.

Peggy Brown

Clean and great selection of meats!!

David Jenkins

It was fantastic good service good meat go there every month

gwendolyn babridge

I went with My cousin for the first time. I Luv it ,Luv it, Luv it. It reminds me,when My father and I use to go to the Meat market every weekend. And end up at the farmer Market. The meat is Grade A #1. I live in Columbia,SC And we drive down once A Month. You have a Customer for Life. The meat is Great, the people are friendly and the Place is immaculately Clean. . . . Thanks Ena

Alex McAslan

Can someone tell me if one can purchase a whole cow or whole pig from Burbage? I'm looking to get a large supply of meats at a low cost per pound of meat.

Ketrice Perkins

Always great selections and pricing.

Rodney Yon

Great deals, best sausage in town


Love this place. High quality, great tasting meat. Excellent customer service.

Heather Solos

Excellent service, this is a butcher, not a bar. The chorizo is made in house and is a family favorite. We visit here about once a week.

russ smith

great meats with quick and efficient service

Kerry Bateman

This place is great. Super-fresh, mainly local meat and poultry of all types at more than fair prices, with some great bargains to be had, as well as specialty cuts that can be hard to find at the grocery store. With an abattoir out back, you know you are getting meat that was walking around hours or days before. The place is always clean and smells fresh, and the employees are always friendly and helpful. More petite shoppers, myself included, may have trouble seeing the employees over the high counter, but the display cases are tall to make viewing all that gorgeous meat easier. Just wave your hand and talk loudly. Pointing is totally acceptable, and saying things like, "The third one back, towards you" is encouraged. The quality of the red meat they sell is far superior to that I find at the grocery (less fat, smoother muscle, and more flavor when cooked), and the chicken wings are the meatiest around (not fatty). The house-made sausage is fantastic, especially the chorizo, sage sausage, and onion sausage links. The onion links grilled and squirted with some mustard are heaven on a bun! The packaged goods like bacon and frozen veggies are priced lower than the grocery store as well, and they have some fun convenience foods like corn dogs and mini-pizzas. Be aware that they don't take cards, only cash and local checks with ID. I am lucky to have this place minutes from home, but even if you're from "away" it's worth the drive for the quality and value for your money.

Johnny Ellerbee

Prices are very reasonable, customer service is great and your in and out pretty quick

michael brown

I've been multiple times and have been treated with courtesy every time! Can't beat the prices and the meat is delicious!!!

Andrew Marabella

Huge selection of meats. The staff was very helpful.

Mandy Aytes

I refuse to buy my Meats from the grocery store anymore. This is the only place I'll go. The quality of the meat is better and you can't beat their prices. I stock the freezer with every kind of meat/ cut I'll need to make any meal every time I go. You don't have to buy in bulk though, even if you buy one or two steaks the price is still better than the grocery store. The staff is awesome and organized. I just can't say enough nice things about this place you have to go!

Christian Cox

Fast and friendly service. Great quality meats

D Flatt

I get all my pork and beef here: 1. Top quality cuts, taste, and selection. Cant be beat. 2. Prices are the same as store retailers but quality of meat is superior 3. Good, friendly service 4 Just be prepared to wait in line. It is a busy place 5. Dont buy chicken here, not good

Mark G

Best place to get fresh meats! Cash or local check. ATM inside

James Estep

Always GREAT service

John Kessler

Great local butcher with good prices.

J Lee Turner

Great service at cash register about goat meat.

Steven Watford

I've been buying meet from these folks for 15 years.

Jessica Afriyie

Love it. Best tasting meat here in SC. Clean nice ppl fast service.

Dwayne E Cousar

Always friendly always fresh

Tammy Baile

Went Friday 11am. FABULOUS butcher! Prices same or LOWER than all food stores, outstanding selection, butcher cut my bone in Prime Rib to order as well as 1.5" thich pork chops, fantastic ground beef. All around this Jersey Girl was impressed, & I will only buy all meat here from now on. Outstanding customer service as well!!

John Griesbach

Sometimes the wait may be long but have always good good meat from location

Carolyn Merrithew

Go there every week. Meat very good.

Sarah Clark

Best Meat Quality,

Angelo Hughes

Great deals and the staff here are awesome. I know where I am going for now on.

Jereme Hardy

Meat! Pretty nice meat market with a great selection. They have package deals ranging from $75 to $300+, which can really save you some money. Staff is super friendly and they're always busy, so you know nothing is sitting in the case for very long, which means it's gonna be fresh. Bring cash or check, they don't take credit or debit.

shana buck


Priscilla Felder

Fresh meat, good quality and fast service

Alicia Cooper

Great prices very clean place doesn't smell everyone is awesome and friendly

Carl Gorton

Best place to get meats. Great prices

Gail Jones

Love this place! I go and stock up on meat once a month and put in the deep freezer! Amazing quality, taste way better then meat from the grocery store. Also they have a better selection than other meat markets near here. Reasonably priced, clean, great customer service

Tammy B

Never ever disappointed here! Amazing quality, prices & service. Will cut anything to order. Last week butcher cut 2 London broils up for me into 1/6" braciole no problem!

Joshua Williams

They have such a vast selection of products to choose from.

Douglas Archie

The owner is very mean...i hated to force my money on her...never again...

prinsesa soñadora

Exelent services

Justin Williams

This place is only open Wed - Sat but its well worth the trip. Lots of different types and cuts of meat for your choosing. Very good prices and high quality meat. I enjoy getting meat for cooking out here and everything I have had was well worth the price. Stop in and check them out. Just make sure to take cash or check since they don't take debit or credit.


Great prices. Great meat

Fratbrotherj USC

It's amazing the quality of the meat compared to the big chain retailers, I only buy my meat here.

Tammy Schank

Best place! Very clean and well run!

Tim Reese

Good Prices, Great Selection. I've been twice and the selection and price is hard to beat. I especially love their varieties of sausage and pork to go along with the great beef and chicken. I will make it a habit to stop here for meat before anywhere else.

Chris Duvall

Awesome experience! Very busy, but the staff was great!

James Rife

Best meats in town at best prices


Great Prices and Friendly Services!

Travis Rodgers

Great place to get a hog for your next pig pickin'. good selection of steaks

Kat Shields

Great price for the meats. All the staff was helpful and friendly.

ciera ladson

Always good, I live 5 minutes from a meat market and I still prefer to drive 20mins to burbage!!!

Nolvy Saint

Went there for the first time, good service. I went to buy oxtails, I noticed they were flying off the freezer before my number was called. I was lucky and got to purchase mine. I bought chicken and turkey as well for good pricing. They don't take debit cards, there is an atm machine inside. I will take cash next time.

Dewayne Champaigne

I absolutely love coming to this meat market it's always clean and the people are so friendly. Not to mention the meat it's looks good and the prices are so kick a**

Lisa Bennett

Love the service the store is nice and clean, well stocked and the quality of there meats are superb.

Laurie O'Neill

Best place around. Everyone is so nice and courteous, they work really hard to keep the numbers moving when it is busy. The meats are oh so good!

Ray Bergman

Fantastic local meat store

Angi Duckwall

Great shopping experience! Friendly staff. My only complaint would be that I wish they accepted debit card. Ran into some problems with their ATM, which held up the line. Otherwise, an overall great experience!

Cherry Anderson

Great prices, excellent service, great products!

Ron Corbett

Best tender meat in the area. Good prices.

keonia burns

Love it...Been going here for a number of years. Ox tail prices are AWESOME!!!!!!

Sean Anderson

Great quality meat at a great price

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