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1475 Main St #1, West Warwick, RI 02893

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REVIEWS OF Roch's Supermarket IN Rhode Island

Steven Robichaud

Nice small store! Great fresh

Hilbert Gibbs

Love this place great prices and meats

Arthur Greene

Much nicer place since they closed the produce section

John Bautista

Not bad they have a great selection but most of their products on almost expired..... Double check before you buy!

Trish Dermo

Great place to shop...vegetables and meats fresh...clean environment

Mark Paquin

I have been going to Rochs for quite a few years. Always friendly service and great prices.

Michael Reynolds

Went shopping for hot dogs and ended up with much more! Great products, services and prices.

Jennifer Dodge

Excellent local market with friendly staff and great sale prices.

Rui DaRosa

Great service great people stop by

Claire Kelly

Prosciutto is delicious! Prices are not too bad either.


Great meat and deli, but the rest of the store is lacking and dated. But the reason to come here, is the meat/deli counter!

Louisette Battey

Nice family supermarket ! Love the prepared food they make !

Maryann Adams

Great meats and sales

Steve T

Good store

Jean Laliberte

Better than stop& shop

Patrick DeVries

Good neighborhood market. Not as many choices as your normal supermarket, but a great place to shop nonetheless. It is weird that the produce department is it's own non-connected market, but they offer good produce at great prices.

Glenn Meade

Love it, go there when I go to my Moms now that I live in Warwick

myles steele

Great deli and deals

Penny Fuscaldo

Good food good quality

Nicole Padula

Rude unprofessional cashier laughing and joking about lewd subject matter. Females beware!

Christine Davis

The produce and deli are fantastic. The other items are a little pricey since it is a small chain

Joey Casiano

Absolutely L

Richard Caruolo

Great meats hands down there deli counter is amazing

Lauri Kaplan

Love the convenience and the meat sales

Supreme Salad

Awesome place with great and fast servive. Its my go to for awesome deals. I've saved a lot of money by going to this place.

Robert Vestri

Awesome meats and seafood, the best

Crystal Jordan

Love roch's!! Meat packages are awesome, and the seafood deli prices are great!! Visit this store and deli for best meat and prices... Other store items are over priced, so only buy deals or deli items..

Alice Callaway-Ridgewell

Clean as nd eady to shop.

Donald Shurtleff

Great the deli and meat counter!

James Pizzuti

Great prices and nice service. Local market with a good selection of groceries. The Angus burgers are some of the best I've had. A little bit lacking in the seafood and produce department. I go there at least 3 times a week and always come home with food for a nice meal.

Mark Foley

Thought I was going to get superior produce there. I was wrong. The apples were bruised and I threw half of the grapes out. Got better produce at BJ's.

Lilian Rose

Sometimes inventory cant be close on freshnass dates but the deli is absolutely unbeatable in this state!

makayla pettengill

Awesome meat selection. A little pricey on some things but a good store. To pick up odds and ends

Jeffrey Lessard

Good service fair prices friendly employees just stay clear of the greedy waste of spa e that does the meat order parts kages there and you will be fine never had any.other issue just that one stuck up supposed person

jacob horta

I like their prices and selection on meat. Good service and friendly people.

John Cardillo

Splendid place. If any complaint, it's how they spell Rocks with an " h".

Bill M

Prices = avg - bit overpriced- not a bad Delicatessen. some things are on sale usually .. Weekly. The do discount some things due to overstock like a lot of stores do. Clearance items not bad id probably revisit you some day??

Kathy Hubbard Johnson

Awesome Seafood salad and other store made food!!

Jenifer Luther

Helpful, friendly workers, good fresh food and good prices.

bob champayne

Limited choices but good

Anthony Chiello

Love it

Jennifer Lamarre

Can find some good deals here on deli stuff.

Chris Cardente


Jessica DaSilva

Staff is super friendly...

Greg McCray

Love the fact they make sandwiches

roland barratt

Nice and friendly people

Karen Warner

Best meats, great prices

Amarnath Roy

Very nice grocery..local supermarket

Paul Council

Good produce, helpful staff, and good deli...have to hand it to u...pretty good experience!!

Debra Rolando

I have been coming to Rock’s for awhile their freezer deals are good!!! As always I called on Wednesday 1/16 to pick up Thursday 1/17 (they require 24 hour notice) I order for pick up at 3pm. I arrive at 4:15 (mind you I took nothing out for dinner knowing I would have close to 70 lbs of meat to choose from to make). I am told it is not done and it will be an hour. I ask for the manager (who today I found out was the owner... she did not even introduce herself either day) telling me my order was put in the wrong place and no one knew I even ordered. I told her I couldn’t wait an hour and I wasn’t coming back tonight (I had a prior commitment) she asked what she could do for me. I told her I had no idea (I am not that kind of person). She said she would throw in a couple of extra pounds of hamburger. I told her I would be back tomorrow (1/18) she asked if it would be morning I said not early morning I had an appointment but later morning. I arrived at 12:45. To have the (male)cashier tell me they were just finishing the order and it would be 5 minutes. I am not happy. I ask for the manager again. He proceeds to cash me out for my purchases. The same women comes over... I state again it isn’t ready and she tells me I told her I wouldn’t be in early morning. I said correct I said late morning. As she argues with me at the registers with other customers there. Saying yesterday was their fault today was a miss communication. I tell her I have to get home, wrap all of the meat and get to work in an hour. No apology, she says she is going to go help them finish they cut meat fresh so it has to be done before pick up time. The 5 minutes turns into 25. When it is ready, I take the carriage. Any other time I have picked up my freezer packages, the male cashier has helped me to my car and helped me get it in. 2 male cashiers no ppl at the registers and neither moved. As well as 25 lbs of chicken was put into 1 brown paper bag and ripped my chicken fell in the parking lot. If there was a question on pick up time why wasn’t I called to clarify. Why would the owner argue with me in front of others. I realize mistakes happen, but this was just a one after another!!! Not sure I will be back. Which is sad because I spend a good amount in there.

Denise DiSano

Small hometown grocery store. Great deli prices, fresh meats. Nice quality! Always very busy!

Tiffany Ford

The staff is nice and helpful. Lots of choices and great quality.

Michael Hamel

Absolutely the best around. Great prices, service. Fresh cut meats and a great neighborhood store that's been around over 50 years.

steven stansell

Great store best meat package

Nichole Rotondo-Nichols

Workers are all extremely nice and actually happy to assist customers vs your average chain grocery store.

Samantha F

Kind of expensive, unless there is a sale. Friendly service.

Cassandra duCharme

Great ready to take home meals, when you need something on the go.

Kathleen Correia

Great fresh meat!!!

colleen beaulieu

My little Go To market! Great deli and awesome meats. A little of everything. And I love small business!

Erik Lambert

Great new store, good butcher.

matt morgan

Convenient and family owned

Debbie Vaccaro

I love this place. A small, family-owned grocery, it harkens back to a simpler time. You can't beat their meat packages, either. There's a size for everyone and substitutions are allowed.

Frank Palin

Great meat dept

Arlane Webb

Good little corner store, prices are fair. The meat market and deli is fair, not exceptional!

Jerry Jacques

Always love this place, some great deals and close to home

Bolivar Neira

Good quality meat and prompt service.

Tammy Collins

Neighborhood grocery store - excellent meat and deli counter, along with the expected dry and dairy staples. The Roch's own sausage, hot and sweet, is the best around.

Michael Glassey

Metal Supermarket great selection of meats fantastic sales weekly

Bobbie Lazar

Fantaatic deli. The produce half of this what store has shut down so what was the other half is now carrying some produce.

Danielle Brown

Great cuts of meat and the freezer packs are.perfect for large families

Keri Harel

Love buying meat here. It's always good and fresh. They have good sales and lots to choose from.

Grace Flanders

It is a staple of RI and everyone should check it out.

ann chamberlain

This is the only store in west warwick ri by lunch meat and cheese the other meats as well i would recommend it to anyone

Claudette Lawrence

not like it used to be

Dean Travis

Excellent. Get my prime rib there every year.

Mike Jordan

Great small store especially for their meat department.

T Feeney

I miss the old Rochs - quality and service just aren't the same

Nancy Gray

Rude no help for h andicapped No park9mg..ypu now ame it'

Seth Holbrook

Awesome in town grocer. We usually grab our meats here along with any last minute party needs. The meat specials are well priced and of good quality.

Dottie M.T. Joyal


Dan Vargas

As always. Excellent!

ryan mclaughlin

Nice store

Marco Vieira

Very nice selection and very organized. Slightly overpriced but very convient. Very exciting.

Fred Gavin

Great place cheep and very clean and nice workers very helpfully

Shirley Andersen

Meats are great if you want a good steak go here

sherri onorato

Not the biggest fan because I can't do all of my food shopping in one place but... Meat is great here and prices of meat are even better!

Madonna Joy

I will have to express my disappointment concerning the supposedly stuffed cabbage. I first saw the announcement of the stuffed cabbage on the sign outside the market. Entered the store, none in case, clerk pointed to the cooled food section, I did find ONE.. Simply, awful in taste!! Cabbage, uncooked, ribs of cabbage hard to chew. needless to say, if no person there can prepare this properly, you should not advertise, a huge disappointment.

Brian Oconnor

Now gets a 4 star instead of a 3. Finally brought in quality fruit.

Katrina Hamlin

Terrific meat deals. Nice selection of prepared foods. Only down side is produce closed.

John LaRoche

High prices old food

Alicia Castelli

It was fine for a local grocery store. I just wish the produce looked fresher. I really wanted to buy some berries and they didn't look good at all. Very nice to have a local grocery store rather than fight the crowds at Walmart.

Allison Brown

Wish they would update it. Smells bad in there and the floors need to be redone tile badly chipping and the pieces are just left there coolers are gross.

Stephen Pecchia

Great deli and meats! Employees are also great. May be time for a remodel.

Dawn Johnson

Suzanne Roch

Fruit and vegetables all looked great. Due to the hot weather, salads and prepared food was perfect. Tortellini salad. Torpedo meat. Chicken bites. All employees were polite, personable and efficient.

TitsTickler Thompson

The deli Turkey & cheese I bought taste great. I couldn't eat the sandwich I made fast enough when I got home. Great service in that place too.

Don Cunningham

Great place to shop for food

Lita Maloney

Really love the meats bundles

steve lafogg

Small Time Grocery Store. But it's really nice and it seems to be getting remodeled as well

David Benard

In and out good service and prices on sale items


Meat quality is really good, this is the only place I go to to get steak. Veggies are always good.

curtis kryla

Great Delu Nice people fresh veggies and fruit Plenty of premade meals with nice prices and total flavour!!!

Paul Ohneck

Very convenient. Kind of like the Benny's of grocery stores. Small enough to give good customer service but has mosr every thing you need.

Tina Evaldi

There are two places next to each other one for meats and the other for your veggies. The meats are fresh cut and you can pick from chicken to steak.. The other store has fresh veggies and they also have candies and nuts

Sherry Nardella

Rocks market is ok but prices are high,sales are best time to go

Brian O'Connor

Great alternative to those big chain marketplaces.

Eric Ciesla

They have really good sales

Nicole Christie

Always nice people

Leo Dauphinais


Kelli Lee

They treat all like Family & suggest foods to try

Robert Allender

The store was very clean and meet was nice and organize the guy behind the meat counter was really cool the cashiers were really cool you were in and out of there I like that store thank you

Marie Wilent

Good store

janice sprague

Great place for cold cuts and meats cut to your liking. Ordering big is not a problem except they need an advance notice for special orders. Good prices mostly crowded with bargain hunters

Ben Longtin

The best meat market in RI

Dale Stamp

It was clean and pleasing I will be back

Ann Sheriff

Good but too cold. Bundle up.

Denise Morgan

Awesome, great prices and nice meats

Joe Arias

Better than a convience store. Decent selection and pricing.

jon p

Great meats and fish. They have awesome package deals. Grab a flyer or check their website possibly. They have deals that start around $30 and go all the way up to $200 which would fill your freezer for months with chicken, steaks, hamburger, veal, pork, and more. Some frozen, some fresh but all great quality and a decent price. This is one of the very few mom and pop grocers left in this area. Please support them so they can stick around for another few decades or more.

Sarah Peterson

Great place to get good quality meat.

avatar panda

Good selection excellent meats both quality and price

Mackenzie Bertwell

Reasonably priced supermarket but their meat is questionable

Roy Barreto

Great sale prices on steaks there


Wonderful selection now with the rehab

Jeremy Smith

Nice place to get your groceries and deli sandwiches good food very good choices

Diane Graham

Really didn't like having to order meet packages and then having to wait a day to get it

Paul Chacon

Good selection

Jason McDougall

Needs some updating inside. Prepared food is decent. All around decent small market.

Jen C

Love their meats

Matt in RI

Small supermarket. In and out pretty quickly. Good meat deals but I find that the Chicken goes bad pretty quickly. I don't think there storing it at the right Temperature or there supplier is giving them bad meat. I will continue to shop there, but will be aware of when I buy Chicken. Eat it right away or Freeze it.

David Walker

Great meats and groceries for the home

Heather Hazard

Prices way to high, rip off, don't be a African American either, you get followed, place is unreal, sad unfortunately, but so honestly TRUE

Sue Roch

Fruit and Vegetables look wonderful! Renovations are near completion. Imp Enjoyed one stop shopping for my families meals!

Brenden Rocha

Good but mind of small

Richard J

Enjoy their prepared meals and salads. They have excellent deli meats. Everything is Fresh.

Belinda Plante

They have a great deli with very reasonable prices. It's definitely worth every cent.

Jeffrey Lloyd

Nice small market good quality food

Ernest Iannone

Love this place ! They always have great people working there, very friendly and helpful.

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