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REVIEWS OF Eastside Marketplace IN Rhode Island

Zito Medeiros

Great supermarket that is very customer centric. Great prepared foods and cheese center. The deli is phenomenal.

vanda fortes

One employee working check out and register was giving her issues at 8:45am, left the store at 8

benjamin kibbe

Nice local market.

Gretchen Wright

Great selection, decent prices, everyone is nice and helpful, and there's a student discount!

Diane Brander

Had a wonderful salad from the salad bar.

Jorge Ramos

Great selections at great price. A very good whole foods alternative

Michael Segal

Just moved to town. Heard about it from many friends. What a nice surprise. This will be our go-to market.

Magnum Pi

Great market

Jason Anglyn

It is a bit overpriced and since it changed ownership has lost some of its charm. The produce is fresh and the cafeteria food choices are interesting however some of the product variety is low. This is a cheaper alternative than whole foods and is better quality than the providence stop and shop.

Cody Siegman

If it were not for the fact that East side is open an hour longer than the Whole foods a block away, they would never have my business. Everything I have ever bought here is either already expired or very soon to be. The produce is rotten, the bread isle is stale and the employees care somehow less than the management. I truly believe the only way they stay in business is being next door to a store that sells alcohol in a college area. If Whole foods is closed I say just wait til tomorrow, East side isn't worth it

Ramen Noodles

Lots of choices on all items in stock. Need little more smiling and at least pretend you like your job. Interaction is sad. Paper,plastic, is the amount okay?

Mike Hunt

You can get whatever you want prices are good staff is friendly helpful

Andrew Brown

Used to be an independent market, with a great staff and a selection better than the chains. Since it has been purchased by stop and shop, all the products have been converted to stop and shop selections and the staff doesn't appear to care very much any longer. The better bet is to go a street over to whole foods which carries a better quality selection of products. I miss the old Eastside marketplace, however that ship has set sail.

Diane Derobbio

A little above my price range

jessica pouliot

Nice and clean. Employees r very nice...

Dragan Golijanin

Needs organic grass fed meat section. Not only nonorganic fresh meat. Needs organic bar make your own sandwich.

Chris Oliveri

East Side Market is a pretty good supermarket. They have a decent selection of modern, pricey items that appeal to the dietary restriction crowd... I'm actually on the fence as to how I truly feel about this store. I've been there scores of times over the past 10 years and yet nothing about it beckons me except for its convenience for me. Yet nothing turns me off either. Maybe it's just that it's a decent market and that's all. Obviously, that's just my 2¢ and take it for what it's worth because I know that many people feel this is the best market in the city and area.

Gurcharan Gujral

good selection of produce. Prices are on the high side, even more than Whole Foods unless some of the items are on sale.

Tori Weinstein

Great local market offering a variety of brands. Great value for decent prices.

Israel Godoy

A very good food shopping store

Jonathan Wellington

This place is super convenient to me, and I keep wanting it to be great, but it just isn't. I'm always looking for something that they don't have in stock, is less expensive elsewhere, or because of the layout, I just can't find. It's too bad, but makes me hop in the car to drive across the bridge to shop instead of staying on my bike and in town.

Sharon Kennedy

It is terribly disappointing to see how the market has gone down in quality since it has been sold. Workers look down-trodden & selections poor.

Paul Pina

The ladies at the bakery we're too busy talking instead of waiting at the customers

Lauren Rosenberg

The prepared food is great

Michael Barrett

Great market, many nice premium products, but too bad it's being absorbed by Stop and Shop.

cliffe 99

Great selection and staff

Amy Macedo

I am so sad that this is now just a facade of a neighborhood store and is really a stop and shop. All the great boutique products are gone and the selection is disappointing. The service is fine and it is clean. But, it is over priced and missing the mark on being a worthy quick trip. The reduced prices, because of Amazon, at the Whole Foods up the street makes that a better shopping trip now. I can find better products for the same prices. So sad.

mike cory

Nice shopping place

Brian Piotrowski

Well-stocked, well-lit, and clean grocery store.

sylus truesdale

excellent produce and has everything one may be looking for in addition to excellent customer service, buffet service and delivery. Excellent

Sugandha Talwelkar

I am moving to a Zero-waste lifestyle and I am scouting stores that come up in my Google search. Pros: 1. Bulk produce available. 2. Free Reusable bag at checkout. Cons: 1. Plastic produce bags only / paper produce bags not available 2. Only Plastic Milk Gallons available. Not the best bulk store I came across.

Rachel Howard

Best market in Providence East side. Quality products and curteous service.

Jayson Salvi

A convenient market, yet since stop and shop took over the service and prices have become inconsistent.

Bernard Miller

Convenient to reach, and the hours aren't bad. Their prices could use some work, but very friendly service.


What a great, local grocery store! They've got everything you need. Organic or standard/conventional items that all come together to make it your one stop grocery shop. Very reasonable in their prices, the layout of the store is easy to get a hang of, excellent customer service. I will be making this my go-to store in the future

Debra Obinna

Eastside Market is where I would take my son to do his shopping when he first got to Brown. This market has been the only store in the entire area I was able to find hand towels that had a Providence design. I love them and they go great in my 'ocean themed' bathroom. That's not all thats great about this market, It's always clean and has a fantastic display of fruits and veggies when you walk in. It might not be the biggest but they have a great variety of all sorts of things.

Kristen Almonte

Excellent quality food. Nice customers.

Dwight A. Ernest

Nicely decorated. Well organized. Knowledgeable, cheerful staff members. Great selection. Helpful loyalty program.

Timothy Boardman

Nice place to go shopping. Nice selection of organic foods, but unlike whole foods, you are not limited to only off brand natural selections. It can get busy during peak hours and the aisles are narrow, so they get jammed up easily.

Roz Rustigian

This used to be jewel on Pitman Street is anything but shining. Goods that were reliably available...or available in a variety of sizes are GONE. Many quality cheeses...gone. And just try and find Orzo. But to my latest. Had 25 people for dinner on Saturday. The previously reliable meat counter only had packaged top round of lamb for my needs. The label said it was butterflied....but NO ONE had ever taken out the silver skin or the gristle. Inexcusable...these people know how to run a profitable market but have NO CLUE as to how to run a quality operation. So...that...will be that....

Lilly Schr

Always go there because of the convenient location on the East side

Michael Fischer

Large, modern super market. Love the fact that organic fruits and vegetables are the same price as conventional.

Nabila Hassan

I just had the worst experience at Eastside Marketplace! The market had reached the lowest point. I called to complain about the service, and they hang up on me. I said hi to fish department person and the cashier, they did not reply. The first one had only a dull-witted look on his face. They had my frozen yogurt and my hot meal in the same bag. One of the most attracting point was selling organic and conventional products priced the same... not any more!! .. Seriously!

Helen Buffery

Lovely store, enjoyed the experience, & found everything needed. I will continue shopping there.

basma samira

Love the culinary variety, but a tad pricey.


This Market is very clean. There is many different items that are hard to find anywhere else.


Use to be amazing, locally owned. Now it's been purchased by Stop & Shop. High quality products have been replaced by cheaper alternatives. The entire inventory is changing. We're taking our business to Whole Foods.

Sara Colon

I cannot praise them enough!!! Ordered my son’s 6th birthday cake from their bakery dept. A difficult and detailed cartoon was hand drawn by Donna the cake decorator and came out IMPECCABLE!!! It tasted just as good! So many compliments and questions of where the cake was from by numerous guests. I’ve ordered birthday cakes from “the best” cake shops in RI and none have been this affordable, tasty and perfectly decorated as this one. Thank you Donna! We will be back! (With an easier theme I promise, lol)

eve pires

On mothers day they had flowers where as stop and shop and shaws had none or anyone in flower dept. Outstanding job. I work two jobs and grateful for the service they provided.

Joseph Capaldi

Great food choices, friendly staff. Good prices.

Cate Massey

Great grocery. Wide selection of local and specialty items, caters to gluten free and organic seeking shoppers. Prices were moderate - not the cheapest place to shop but plenty available at different price points.


A wonderful little place with the best of everything.

mark mcnaught

They have a few products I'll pick up once in awhile, I use the customer service desk for paying Bill's alot, because I still like to deal w humans. Alot of the same stuff as stop and shop nowadays.

Kimberly Szczepaniak

Love to shop here everytime I visit my nephew and his family! I can walk to it

Fleur Defries

This is a good local supermarket but was bettee before corporate Stop & Shop took it over.

tracy schumacher kanno

What a great selection of fresh produce!!! Deli choices are great! Can get something for everyone here plus organic or locally procured.

Fish Chikin

Smaller selection than other stores in the area (besides that tiny Whole Foods), but good variety and great prepared foods/bakery. Meat quality pleasantly surprised me as well

Scotty D

Nice little market. Produce looked nice and fresh, bakery was good. Will go back when I'm on the east side again

HJ Gimenez

change in service Seems no longer can one pay a utility bill at customer service without paying a fee. While I understand that staff, which is paid, needs to assist with this service, it's disappointing that there's a fee. Otherwise, the store is fine.

Lynne Mitchell

Excellent neighborhood supermarket featuring elegant home baked goods, unique and lean deli, hot foods ready to eat, quality meat and fish. Best place to purchase bagels, challah and ethnic foods; particularly for holidays.

Bruna Bordoni

Not the best prices, but it's right around the corner and they usually have what I need. Place is clean and organized. Nice staff.

Stephen Day

Great customer service

Sean G.


Èric Roca Fernández

Good supermarket in Providence. It offers a great selection of products, both fresh and processed. It is also possible to find some international food (Italian, Mexican and Asian, among others). Good quality, great presentation and large stocks from a large range of brands. Staff in great, skillful and helpful.

Stephanie W

Only has a very small selection of Spanish food and itams seasonings

Glenn Civic

Found everything I wanted on flyer. And the one thing out, pork loin, employee got from back and honored sale price! Great service!

Steven Wierzbicki

Great place good food, a little more expensive than most places. But it's way better than most places

Claribel Kean

Really liked it. Good variety of GF foods.

Garth Tirrell

Used to be good, stop and shop bought them...

silly syl

I gave it a 4 cuz its just not the same after stop n shop bought it.. Shame really cuz it use to be my favorite Market..

Justin Natale

Love it. The staff goes out of their way to make sure you are completely satisfied. Could not think of a better market.

Mary Beth Stamm

Ordered online for pickup, but had difficulty setting pick up time, A lot of items chosen from their listing we're not available.

Sarah Emmons

It is clean, and carries both regular & organic foods, prices aren't bad. They usually have a good sale going on. Small town feel.

Amanda Woodward

East Side has become my 'go to' place. It carries many of the brands I normally buy at Whole Foods, local produce when available, great bread selection, organics plus the basics that are too expensive to buy from Whole Foods such as toilet paper, sodas, etc. The meat and fish selection is decent but not great. Prepared foods tend to be heavy and old fashioned.

Karen silva

Slow service at hot food counter and also customer service

Mike Benway

Very sadly, the place has declined noticeably since being picked up by Stop and Shop. Gradually, the selection has changed as items are replaced with house brands from stop and shop (although only the logo is displayed, not the actual name.) Many of the same items as are found in a Normal Stop and Shop are here, but at higher prices. I have been happy to continue paying a premium over the last year for a good experience, but it seems now that they are trying to reduce costs on staffing. It had always been a pleasure to meet well-chosen, bright and engaged kids working there. This has really taken a dramatic turn very recently. Sadly, I may as well just use the Stop and Shop on Manton Ave, since it is now actually a better experience and with lower prices. Or perhaps Whole Foods when possible. This was once a great place with a real community vibe. I am sad to see it change like this.

Spencer O'Neill

It's an hour before your store closes and your deli shut down for the evening. What is this?

jason spooner

It's kind of like a whole foods store in east side market place. They have a lot of good products.

Caleb Clark

Just as I expected, just like Stop n Shop!! This is not a compliment!! A man named Hector who claimed to work in seafood said he was covering both meat and seafood. When I asked him to cut a piece of meat he gave me a hard time. He also told an older woman that he couldn't cut any of the fish. I have a feeling he was more concerned with what looked like his closing process. I may typically pay more money at Whole Foods for my groceries but the service from their employees makes it much worth it. Horrible experience!! Won't be shopping here again!!

Irene Caprio

Stopped in coming back from a doctors appointment. Just needed a few things. Very nice store and the employees and the cashier very pleasant

Debu Tante

Good for necessities. I wish they had more deals

David Goodfellow

Nice they say: traditional or whole food selections... checkout a little slow, but I was in a hurry...

Pete Fine

Great store. All sorts of good food. Great deli, cheese selections, just enough organic foods to live off of and really good meat counter. Good line of Everything. My favorite grocery. Better prices than Whole foods.

Nancy MacDonald

Always fine unusual things.

Anna Ferreira

A variety of healthy foods and pleasant atmosphere

Stanley Moten

Didn't find what I wanted nice store

Tania Emi

I loved the Tiramisu cake we bought from there! Very well organized and clean place!

Josiah Strandberg

Still a great store.

Sam Berman

I enjoyed my experience this afternoon at the Eastside Marketplace. The people that work there were very nice and went out of their way a couple of times to accommodate me. I highly recommend the Eastside Marketplace. It is Top Shelf.

Clifford Gendron

I recently found out that Eastside Marketplace is owned by Stop & Shop.

Christine Chester

Nice market with lots of ready to eat food. Nice food court where you can sit and eat there and choose from the great selection of food. Service is outstanding with excellent choice of fresh meat, fish etc. With all these extras expect to pay a lot more for all groceries. The convenience may be worth it but if you want to save money this is not for you.

wyatt d

Great place! My friend threw his phone on the ground and broke it here! Right after breaking my other friend's phone at a separate location! Very good store!

Robert DiFante

As always great quality, selection and prices!!!!!

Edward Ziegler

The store is well-stocked and has good produce but the staff serving the prepared foods and Deli counter are not as good as they used to be! Good

Ian Barnacle

This market used to be a very good local market. Now that it has been purchase by Stop and Shop it has turned into a thinly masked corporate grocery store. Fortunately, the employees still evoke the East Side Market spirit, but lately I am finding much more of what I want and need at Whole Foods.

savage fontes

The customer service is amazing


Best lox available in the area. Lots of other interesting meats, cheeses, and all around good grocery store.

Stacie Nicholson

I love this store so organized like stopping by for dessert after eating pizza from fellinis

Don Coxe

Stop and Shop ownership is having a sad affect on this formerly great grocery. What a shame. Items we love are no longer available. The deli systems have been thrown back to the stone age. Darn shame.

Christian Garcia

Great supermarket

Noah Luogameno

Our favorite grocery in Providence. Cheaper than the fancy places but still has great selection and service.

Gwen Edgar

It's a fine grocery store. Costs more than I think it should but has a good selction.

susan dando

Since this market was sold, it has gone downhill in everyway. Also, they no longer carry Cabot Vanilla bean yogurt and many other things that ESMarket used to have. The staff is also very rude. Not a good experience!

Rick Fart

“This place is the best! The hot lunch is delicious (my son especially loves the wings!) and the staff there couldn't be nicer. All the food there is fresh and they carry quite a selection of different brands to chose from. The bakery is always yummy, and the staff there will listen intently to you and your suggestions. My favorite market! Definitely a three star, I would give it four starts if I could!”

Debbie Krous

Lots of items they no one else carries. Kosher like foods with a rabbi to certify some foods. Clean, helpful people, and a deli with hot and cold foods. Great salad bar!

Seth Whitman

clean place. great service.

Carlo Lolli

The people there are very nice..super stop and shop bought the place same name but you can tell its owned by a big chain..

adam sinel

Used to be independent, then was owned by stop and shop, but still kept independent brands and house made food. Now full blown stop and shop, BOOO!

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