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REVIEWS OF Dave's Fresh Marketplace/Cranston IN Rhode Island

jacqueline alves

Found everything polite cashier


Neat and clean market but very pricey

Wendy Andrews

Another awesome shopping experience at Dave's!!

Bella Angell

Nice selection and good weekly sales. Love there deli and prepared food sections.always new things to try.

Maf24label Tacci069

I have been shopping here since they opened and the experience has always been pleasant except for tonight. I was in a rush and late to make dinner so I stopped by Dave's and grabbed a large black plastic container and filled it with about 8 - 12 wings and I grabbed a few other things for the house. As I was checking out I see the cashier weigh the wings then I seen the price $26.18 so I just stood there thinking wow. So as he proceeds to ring out the rest of my stuff I asked him why the wings were so much money and he says because they are that good in a joking way. When I got home the wings weren't even enough to feed my 2 small kids. I was going to call the manager, but I decided not to. I will never buy any hot food from their buffet again. I usually buy a couple of pre cooked small chickens a week there for $5.99 each, but I'm not even doing that anymore. I'll just buy my food and cook it. I feel as though I was robbed for at least $16 buying those chicken wings tonight.

Vicky Wheeler

love Dave's. think of it like a midway point between big markets like Stop n Shop or Shaws, and fancy organic places like Whole Foods. lots of local & healthy food options. excellent prepared foods, huge salad bar, delicious soups for takeout. friendly staff.

laurel truesdell

Purchases from Meat and seafood depts are fresh and departments well cared for. Quality grocery products available for healthful eating

anwesha banerjee

Not bad.. little bit costly.. products are good.. whole foods is better.

Amanda Sutcliffe

Always clean and friendly staff. Never a problem when I go in

Janette Gregorian

This Market is so wonderful it's small enough to maneuver and you can find everything without walking for miles and miles. They have great specials. The staff is wonderful always available to find something for you very high quality food this store for us in Cranston is a godsend I love it

Joanna Dearest

The best produce, fresher and more reasonably priced than the chain supermarkets. Nice hot food bar and the bakery has a variety of cakes, cookies, etc.


Absolutely an amazing store, yes it is fairly new, the cleanliness of the store is outstanding! The store offers the freshest produce, much of it from local farms, as does the seafood and meat departments. The store has a wide variety of prepared meals, making mealtime so much easier for people of all ages. The most impressive quality I found of the store is how willing all the employees are to help it's customers with any issue, or request and will go over and beyond the normal, either by directing the customer to the proper person that could help them, or by helping the customer directly with any help or requests. The customer service provided by the employees of the store will certainly make it's customers realize how valued they are to the store and all of Dave's Fresh Marketplace locations.

Kell Bain

If you haven't shopped at Dave's, you're in for a treat

Tom Worthington

Superb service, fresh & delicious food, clean & attractive presentation

Donna Chandler

A place with a sense of neighborhood. ..soothing atmosphere for a grocery store. .good place for lunch also thanks for the free coffee Dave!

elba cepeda

Their fruits and veggies are fresh. Love their sushi and prepared food.

Susan Imbergamo

Excellent market, clean, organized, food is always fresh, prices are reasonable..

Andreas Hosemann

I have been shopping at Dave's Marketplace for many years it's my go to place to purchase all of my meat's and produce and general items everyone that works there are so Awesome and friendly the place is always spotless and clean and while you're doing your shopping don't forget to grab a free cup of coffee keep up with the Amazing and Awesome and Fantastic job everyone at Dave's

Elizabeth Bullard

I love this store! So clean and fresh and great sales!

Marcus Borch

Awesome locally owned grocery store. Place just opened up not too long ago. We did some recon initially and the prices seemed on par with Stop & Shop (where we had been shopping). Made the switch a couple weeks ago to Dave's and haven't looked back. Just the prepared foods selection alone is crazy.

Russ Ant

Clean store,friendly staff, I've never been disappointed with finding something at this location

Dina A. Ibrahim

Great place with great products. However due to the significantly high prices in comparison to other grocery stores - it is always my last resort. I have to watch cautiously what I am buying - or else I will end up paying twice or thrice my usual budget elsewhere.

Robin Bingham

Deli counter help as well as the cashier were very pleasant. Store was very clean.

Missy Martin

Hot food buffet is one of the best I have seen. Options change daily as well as some constants. Hot soup and pizza too. The staff is very helpful and cheery. I love the smaller carriage option. The produce is top notch. The store has many shelved food options and there is a seating area to eat.

Victoria Medeiros

I was in yesterday looking to pick up some braciole that I had seen two days prior while shopping. I went up to the butcher counter to see if any was up there and someone asked if they could help me (I believe his name is Julio). I asked if they had braciole and his smile told me they were out. But instead of saying so he stopped what he was doing, got all the ingredients and made me two fresh pieces! What amazing customer service. Already loved the store but I will tell everyone what a great experience that was. Thank you again!

donna gracie

Great place. To get grear meals on the run. Also great deal. I can trust them.

Robert Vestri

Everything is absolutely clean, fresh and delicious. Fantastic seafood Dept.

dawn nero

The customer service is top notch. This store is even better than Whole Foods

wild witches

Dave's always has the most to choose from. love it here

Melissa Acevedo

Awesome food store. Everything is fresh and the place is always stocked and clean

Chris L

Best quality meats and seafood compared to any supermarkets.

Anonymous Unknown

You cannot get better quality at any price. Their prepared foods are much more tasty and practically half the price of Whole Foods.

John Krieger

Truly enjoyable shopping. Everything you'd want of a location to forage.

Johnny Cruz

Good quality merchandise and everything is fresh

Jared Palmer

Very nice marketplace. I love the salad bar and other lunch options. Probably not a place I'd do my general grocery shopping as it is expensive, but still not as expensive as Whole Foods.

christopher brown

Great sales killer pizza and great cuts of meat

Nelson Pedro

Fresh and clean! Local neighborhood supermarket with all you need including prepared food. Don't forget to try the pizza...Awesome!

Joseph Lenk

Excellent selection of quality groceries.

Bryan Monaghan

It's gorgeous inside. There is seemingly no end to the variety, or the scope of their offerings. Perfect for a quick, cheap lunch. I recommend the pizza.

Frankie Marie

Amazing. Great cashiers great prorated food both Steve and John the managers are super nice And helpful I don't think a shopping experience could be Any better here. Customer service and the cashiers were very welcoming and it made me feel like home all which you can get your shopping done or just Grab a slice of pizza for a quick convenient lunch break !! Couldn't be better

Raymond Lussier

I absolutely love coming to Dave's in Cranston. It's a very attractive store with decent sales each week. Their produce is top notch and I love, love, love their pizzas!! My sons also love their prepared pasta meals. While their regular prices can be a bit steep, their sales cause me to make Dave's one of the 3 markets I shop at each week.

Sue Howard

Love all the delicious, quality foods, prepared or not. Exceptional meat, seafood, deli & bakery. Do NOT go in this store hungry! ❤

Tom Paone

Love Dave's market they are so considerate of their employees especially when the weather is inclement the food is always fresh especially the food that's made there and their coffee is fresh brewed

Jeffrey Cutler

Lots of pre prepared food. Good looking deli

Cheryl Williams

I have been to this location twice now and both times I was impressed with the cleanliness, the layout and the selections. The employees on the floor are terrific answering questions and offering their help. But during my last visit, my experience was soured during checkout. The cashier forced a greeting to me. She rushed through the checkout so quickly that I had a hard time keeping up with her in terms of placing my groceries on the belt. Because of this, I didn't notice how she was bagging, and I didn't notice what she had done until I got to my car. She mixed the hard goods with the soft goods. My bread was crushed because she placed cans in with the bread. I'm surprised my eggs weren't cracked because they were packaged with a host of other items. I mentioned it to Dave's in their commentary section of their website and I received only an automated message. I don't want anything except to know that they've addressed this issue with this employee (her name was mentioned in the private note) so it won't happen again.

Ray Lambert

Freshest around

nikki austin

A lot of the prepared foods are not fresh and kind a nasty tasting they use a lot of frozen vegetables , for instance frozen green beans in the garlic tossed green beans I know this isn’t an issue with the store per se but a lot of the people who shop there are racist , One elderly Caucasian man actually looked at his wife and said “ boy the time sure have changed” when I was walking in with my daughter and a lot of the cashiers will greet every white person in line and become silent when they rang up a black person no “how are you” or “have a nice day” and a lot of them are teenagers or young adults so it’s kind of sad that they are already acting like that so combined with the nasty food in the dumb cashiers they won’t be getting another dime of my money ✌

basma samira

Wonderful first time experience. An olde time market in new age setting.

Lyndsay Sears

Awesome Dave's! Sushi is incredible and fresh! Prepared foods are delish! No better produce in town!

Liliya Smith

Great place with excellent food variety, beautiful layout and outstanding customer service but extremely overpriced merchandise. Window shopping here is good, but I will never understand those who are ready to be overcharged.


Much better than the Seabra that was here. Food is fresh, prepared foods are awesome, quick in and out shopping and everything is clean...ooh and free coffee. Is a bit pricier for just about everything so I only shop here for sales and on occasion.

Debra Jodoin

I LOVE Daves. They have a fantastic selection of just about everything!

Leah Bell

Nicely arranged and fully stocked. Place was nice and so do the staff. All are cooperative and I like this place. Meals were nice and you will find almost everything here.

Tiffany Floody

I love having a Dave's down the tree from my house! The prepared foods are always fresh and delicious. The deli meats can't be beat. Produce is fresh and local. The sales are usually pretty good but prices without sales can be a bit expensive. I love the baked good, bagles, and muffins.

Colleen Maynard

Love this local market. Great selection, good prices. Fish and meats are high quality. Perfect place to grab lunch: pizza, soup, salad, sandwiches, sushi, fried chicken, etc.

Lorene Hamel

Rich the meatcutter is awesome. He is so helpful. The store is always so clean. The staff is friendly.

Ellen Fay

Really like this store, the staff is pleasant and their produce is always fresh. I was disappointed that the fish counter closes up early. Was in store at 8:04, store hours are til 9, but counter was empty and I couldn't purchase anything. I understand it takes a while to clean, but if you are open til 9 I should be able to shop til 9.

Lori Medeiros

Always the freshest fruit and veggies. Great hot and cold bar too.

Scotty D

First time at Dave's. Hot food bar and salad bar for lunch. It's a good deal and the food is decent too.

Santisima Abu-Mathanah

Clean and fresh fruits & vegetables, great food selection, and staff is always friendly and professional!

Herb Yarborough

Meats, seafood, deli and bakery are all excellent. Tons of prepared foods for those on tight schedules. Fast checkout.

Sarah Desrocher

Always clean and well-stocked. All of the employees are very courteous. Not to mention a great location. I love supporting a local business!

Simply Sarina

It's always a pleasure to shop at Dave's. They have a unique selection of brands that make trying new recipes fun. The hot bar is always a hit. Definitely a convenient option for a quick grab lunch or dinner. The Honey Wings and the buffalo mac n cheese are my 2 new favorites.

Luis Cepeda

Mira expensive market around but the best of all...

Gabriel Gambino

The store is clean but small. Not much for Organic Foods / Vegetables. Prices have a tendency to be higher than Shaws and Stop & Shop. Returns are hassle free. For most part, employees and management are very friendly and helpful when asked where something is. Dave's in East Greenwich, Rhode Island is a bigger store with a larger selection of products. Also, the EG store has the coffee grinder with a wide selection of quality coffee beans. Dave's in Cranston, Rhode Island does not have a coffee grinder nor do they have the wide selection of flavored coffee beans. With no rewards program, I am not sure how Dave's will survive moving forward. If this review helps you, please click LIKE Thank you

Sandra Arcuri

I can't stay away from there. Their hot food bar is the best. I think my husband thinks I cook all the stuff that I get. I hope they never leave the area. Also, the different pizza they offer is awesome

Susan Wilson

Love Dave's. Great selection clean customer service and quality. New Cranston location is fantastic

Christina Bellisle

Super friendly and crazy fast. Love this place!

Joan R

Love this market it's small and reasonable and the free coffee is great and staff is very pleasant and helpful.

Hacia Sanchez

Budget friendly marketplace. Quality with hospitality. Shop with ease.

Dee Chey

Very clean and organized. Many options available for hot food and pizzas are priced reasonably. Free complimentary coffee while you shop!

deborah leong

Lots of organic items. Clean. Great selection if cooked items. Soups are outrageously delicious!

John Burns

I love shopping at Dave's market. Their meats, fish, poultry and fruit and vegetable produce is always fresh and plentiful as well as their bakery and dairy selections. I love the cleanliness and friendly atmosphere and the prepared foods are outstanding and most excellent for catering a party. Dave's has a large variety of grocery products and their prices are reasonable. Dave's Fresh Marketplace has become a welcomed establishment to our community and I highly recommend shopping there.

Deb Pinky1

This Dave's cannot compare to other Dave's Markets. It's very small and has a very limited selection of items. It's good if you only need to pick up a few quick items.

Kevin Golde

Great selection of all kinds of foods. Friendly and helpful staff. My favorite place to shop for food. Free coffee, and tables are there if you want to eat your hot food right away.

Michael Sorensen

Love Dave's they sell pizza by the slice. I had a chicken honey mustard that was fantastic! I like having it so close to my house.

David Quinlan

Nice place to shop closer to home and free coffee.

Megan Haves

Fresh fresh. I think it is one of a kind. At every aspect. Love coming here, love the pricing and love the people who run the store.

Jason Johnson

I love their ready hot food. Also the bakery is light years better than the other chain stores.

David McFadden

Not a big as the East Greenwich store. Fresh fish good food options. Nice that it close by

Brian Bingham

Very neatly orhanized and well run store.

John Swenson

I would have to say this location is the best in the state. It's always clean and well stocked with the most friendly employees!!!

Elizabeth Souin

I love coming here to get sushi. It's a beautiful place and the prices are decent! I was very disappointed with the service I got at the front on Tuesday the 13th though. There were two young girls working and talking having fun. I went up to pay. I greeted the girl with a hello but she didn't respond. She didn't say a word to me and just frowned. Didn't even tell me how much I owed. I don't know if she was mad at me for breaking up her conversation during work but I don't think that's enough for her to give me attitude. Makes me a bit hesitant to come back because of that.

Shelley Brown

One of my faves I love their organic choices and their Pizza is awesome!!!

Ray Lussier

Awesome store, fun to walk around

Vincent Ferraiuolo

After a few weeks in Rhode Island, Dave's is the best I've been able to find for my normal needs. It isn't perfect, but solid food, good produce, and really good quick meals. The selection isn't incredible and there are certain products I find difficult to find here. Something as simple as a thick cut, mid priced steak. The people working here are always friendly. There are some products that you may want to look at the price before buying. The general prices are fine, but random items here and there are extremely overpriced.

Jaime Cherry

Beautiful stores great meat products wonderful sales my favorite

Leonardo Perez

Great place were you can buy organic and healthy food.

Mike Cardarelli

Excellent staff, Super friendly, and very clean. Most convenient supermarket in the area.

Jeannine M

Dave's Market is a good place. The store is clean and there's a good variety of groceries. You'll pretty much find what you're looking for. It can be a bit high in prices, though.

Gregory Jones


Nancy Benoit

Friendly and helpful staff, great products, immaculate, great prices, excellent customer service, never wait in long lines, huge variety of prepared foods, seafood, bakery items, specialty cheeses and a great experience shopping there!

Nancy Trask

This store rocks! Way more than a grocery store. There is hot soup, artisan pizza, and other hot food ready to go. Also lots of heat and eat food. Great layout and so many choices. I come here from CT., we don't have anything even close to this.

Lady Ace

Lapin and I came here to pick up dinner before heading back to our hotel room. The spacious store had a pizzeria, ready to eat, hot buffet, sushi, and seafood counter. The staff was polite except for one person. We got a few grocery items and the checkout line moved very quickly. The flatbread pizza and the boneless chicken wings were delicious and very affordable. They also offer free coffee while shopping in the store!

Debbie Palazzo

Found everything I needed. Very polite service.

antonio S.

I started going to Dave’s and I like it better than Whole Foods. It’s clean and the soups are excellent.

Howard Bussey

Big enough to have most everything we buy, small enough that those who work there still care. I love the seafood.

Anthony C

A new but a welcomed additional member of this great local company. I am impressed with the organized spacious parking area. The staff very helpful in finding what I'm looking for. The freshest quality produce and deli items. And not to mention the best coffee and tea complimentary.

james burns

Pricey , but great quality products !!!!

Richard Nocera

The feel of an old time 'mom and pop' grocery store with the selections of the bigger grocers. Excellent prepared foods, too, at reasonable prices.

Heather Thompson

Don’t walk in hungry or you might purchase everything. Great healthy groceries and loads of delicious pre-made food

Pat Moul

Love this store! Clean, and good fruits and veg

Kim Andrade

Dave's is great for their precooked food selections. In my opinion way better than whole foods. Food is freshly cooked with many choices.

Emmett Cotter

Best quality in all areas. Worth the extra cost

Howard Cimaglio

Depending where you go Dave's Marketplace on Route 2 in Warwick is excellent large variety the one on Post Road in Warwick near the airport is also excellent nice variety the one on Phoenix Avenue in Cranston doesn't have any selections too small not happy open your variety you need that family portions at this location to and a wider range of Grinders and Panini's Etc there's never anything there I'm giving you my point blank honest decisions on what is a good place and what is the bad place don't get me wrong I would like the food is always

Paul Verduchi

Dave's often has some great buys in their mid-week specials. Check their website.

Al Shayne

Dave's fresh produce is not so fresh get better quality at stop and shop or shaw's

Keith Oneill

Dave's always has what we need as shoppers. The premade dinners are great.

Susan Rasmussen

Convenient to my home and has great prepared foods, but too pricey for weekly grocery shopping.

S. Wasserman

Love the staff at Dave's! No matter what location you go too, the cashiers are always friendly and chatty.

Paul Chacon

Great shopping experience $$

Adam Villa

My favorite grocery store!! Friendly and helpful staff. Lots of great selections.

Otto Von Reyes

I deliver Martin's potato bread to Dave's market. I go in there and my nose is filled with good smells of hot prepared foods. Prices are good and staff are wonderful. But don't take my word for it . stop by and check out for yourself. You be glad you did.

Kevin Boyes

Really nice produce, awesome prepared foods, and a great bakery. Prices are in the high side, but the location (for us anyway) us very convenient. The store is always very clean and we never have to wait long to cash out

Shaun Hunter

Best market in state. Clean and always fresh. Plus in a bind can get prepared food. Healtjy choices too.

Bobby Vieira

Great experience, very clean, quality food.

Vivian Julier

I have loved Dave's since I lived in N.Kingstown and they opened the first store outside of Warwick! It's amazing to me how many stores there are now, but one thing that is really impressive is the consistency. I know I can find anything I want at any Dave's!!! ❤

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