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REVIEWS OF Belmont Market IN Rhode Island

Paulo Almeida

Very nicely stocked market, good prices, great produce section A+++

Allison Petro

This is my favorite grocery store.

Kenneth Silver

Upscale market with prepared food available. A bit more expensive than most, but the freshest fruits and veggies.

Cherie Binns

The freshest produce and cuts of meat available anywhere. Organic foods. Gluten free foods. Herbal skin and hair care products. Florist and Bakery all with a very manageable size of retail area. Pricing is lower on some items than the chain groceries and a bit higher on others. Local family run business.

Ryan Northup

bonnie begos

Jamie Murdock

We buy all our groceries at Belmonts. Ginger's kitchen is quite good. They don't have mint chip Klondike bars. Go to Shaw's for that.

David Hajifathali

My go to supermarket for great meats or gourmet options

Dave Tetreault

Belmont was many years ago just a fruit and vegetable store. Great selection and quality. They also served local stores. When several super markets folded they expanded. I find the store a little dark for my aging eyes. That is the only complaint I have. Definitely a keeper

Edward Canfield

Pleasant staff especially deli girl Lynn very accommodating.

Beth Hill Ross

AWESOME!! Happy to see so many hard to find items!! ♡

Cshore11 CShore121

Paul White

A ridiculously expensive store I'm surprised they don't charge you$3 extra just breathe deeply I never buy anything at Belmont and the only reason why I go there is because I'm driving someone who is dumb enough to go there and buy something

Mark Beveridge

Quality food but pricey

judy bucklen


Tom Auer

Solid, local grocery store with reasonable prices, great local bakery, fresh produce, and a diverse selection of grocery items. Prices are good too.


Better than Shaw's

Alfred Speredelozzi

Belmont has delicious fresh fruits and veggies. I'm not so keen on buying packaged foods here, but the fresh stuff cannot be beat. Also, the staff is exceptionally helpful and friendly. I shop here once a month or so.

Korinne Peterson

Walter Davis

Good grub!!!!!

Annie Neumann

Love Belmonts Market.

Hossain Elahi

Fresh vegetables. Little pricey. But i like it. They also searve hot foods.

Shelley McWha

James Hays

Nice market - very clean and nice selection of natural foods. Nice produce section and pizza station. Visiting from out of town, the other store right up the street was nice enough but seemed a bit worn down and hard to find things. Belmont's was a nicer experience.

Corinne Adams

I was sent the most beautiful fruit basket as a get well wish, delivered from Belmont's. I have never received a more beautiful basket ever! Everything in it was perfect and delicious! Asian pear, Snapdragon apple, pineapple, to name a few (there had to be 20 different fruits!) Also nuts, cookies and candy. It was glorious and we ate all of it! Thank you Belmont's and thank you Emma and Caroline!

Colleen Sardelli

We were there to shop for ourselves and again to pick up turkeys for the Community food market. Everyone is helpful and friendly always. This is truly your neighborhood store with great products.

Leslie Montagne

Belmont is a smaller upscale grocery store with a deli and bakery. Because I often only need small portions and don't want to do a lot of cooking, I can find great pre-made healthy food. Everything from freshly roasted meats and hot entrees that are ready to eat, to pasta/Italian dishes, to a fresh salad bar and so much more are here. Very nice, fresh produce and seafood. Friendly customer service. Easy in and out for shopping. Belmont is my favorite market.

thomas papa

Rosanna Jones

Elias Meyer-Grimberg

High quality selection of essentials, tasty high caffeine Zest Tea!

Jeff Manning

I love this place! I go here every morning before work. Excellent prepared foods and the staff is beyond friendly.

Andrew Rich

quality food, wish they had more sushi but I guess 5 sushi restaurants in town takes up all the demand

Jack Cook

Do not buy the store made clam chowder. It is the worst we ever had. Most of the staples in this store are overpriced. Produce is okay.

Bethany Campbell

Delishious mashed sweet potatoes

Glen Johnson

In response to the owner, he is typically right when it comes to the sale flyer, however, the daily prices of food that are not on sale are typically higher than most surrounding stores. And you need to be on your toes when comparing Flyers. For instance sea scallops cought out of Point Judith are $19.99 on sale at Belmont. Shaw's has sea scallops on sale for $12.99 and they are caught in Canadian waters, processed in the United States. All scallop boats out of the Northeast fish anywhere from Labrador to the Outer Banks, so anything out of these waters could be considered local. Both Flyers started May 31st. I do shop at Belmont, I like to buy my fruit there, however you need to be careful, there is a reason he doesn't want you tasting the grapes. This is the one product I never by there. And when it comes to prepared foods I must recommend Dunn's Corner Market in Westerly. I was at Belmont just last night and their beef stew, well it just wasn't. Most of their food is good some of it's only fair, however it is a higher-end store overall. But the prices do reflect the higher-end, much pricier than other stores in its category. Dave's is much more reasonable but much further to travel.

Don Wilcox

Angela Thomson

Love Belmont. Produce is always fresh. Easy in and out.

Shelly Way

Their oranges are the bomb (plus everything else). Large variety!

Raffaele Rotondo

Bernie Szarek

John Cassidy

Pricy on most things, great place for produce and fruits though, good selection throughout the store as well.

Eileen Baker

Excellent produce and fruit. Good deli. Italian section with fresh made pizza, calzones, stuffed peppers, lasagna, etc. Great butcher and seafood section.

Steven Lawton

I was approached by the "loss prevention" officer for Belmont for sampling the produce prior to buying it. I was told "I was on camera and to not do this again." I was humiliated, esp. after telling him I am a regular daily customer who was happy with the market prior to this incident. I told the manager about this and he didn't seem to care. I am now shopping at Shaws whose prices are better and they have organic produce.

Ben Pigoga

Super fresh produce and cold cuts

Sharon Henderson

Fresh food market

Louis Martin

Great food and fast service!

Raymond Dufault

Excellent deli, fruits and vegetables

Amber Dyer

Mack Tietze

Very high quality food, awesome sushi station and sandwich bar. Pricey, but you get what you pay for.

Kim Daigle

Thought prices were high and the quality of the lunch I ordered was not worth it.... Dave's is much better!

Heather Owens

Nice place

Shirin Torabi Kasbi

I love it's italian kitchen and it's backery and chewbacca breads , but unfortunately there are some rude employees who could not act profionally and one if it's manager just saw me at Dragon resturant and said to his wife that i do not live very well because i have a thinking problem and I can not work and get a job then Mr. smart why do not i get disability benefiets ??? Or because I am surrended with bunch of racist people or with people like you who have thinking problems ir mental health problems.

Monica York

Love their produce selection as well as their gluten free options. The smoked salmon that you offer is the best!!

Anthony Van Slyke


Full of wholesome, fresh, organic and non GMO foods!

Gaudencio meneses q.

David Warner

Lee Palmer

High quality market. Nice selection of fresh produce, premade foods, deli, very clean

carol stanzione

I Love Belmont. They have wonderful produce and breads. Also great guacamole, which they make their own. They sell everything else as well. Store is neat and clean. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Bradley Nystrom

Margaret Koch

Best place in Wakefield...a delight.

Sumeru Nayak

nice place overall! lots of varieties! a bit pricey though

Scott Durocher

Best market in south county, hands down.

Clifford Sambrook

Just great

Michael Gagas

Kaitlyn Reynolds

Denis Burton

Eliezer Hurtado

Me fascinó ese lugar, es muy original y parece tener un es still propio...

Ray Gaboury

Brooke Rodgers

Kurt Ehler

Awesome, a great variety of fresh foods

Tonya Wilson

Robert Fredette

Pricey but clean we always stop there on the way to the beach

Chris Lee


Dr. Lin

This grocery store has a variety of beautiful flowers for sale and since I eat all organic I noticed they stock a little bit of organic in every food category for people who are interested in avoiding poisonous and toxic pesticides in their food. Kudos to Belmont Market!

Carla Cerino

Eliza N

Very nice prepared foods. Excellent selection of natural and organic beauty products.

Frank Robinson

Great little market with good prepared food and sushi

Tax In



Prices are out of my league,, lots of nice stuff, but things i buy reg. Are 1.50 and above$$ if u got it great place to shop, lucky you !!!

Camo TheWorld

Best place to shop !

David Brown

karen bliss

I love the fresness friendly service in every aspect of the store.. especially the seafood and deli employees..they are excellent... Karen Bliss.. Thanks again.

Jon Cone

Lisa Brown

Love Belmont ! Staff and produce are the best !

Abbey Gendron

Quick checkout, organized floor plan and a variety of different foods other stores do not sell. I would compare this lovingly to the Wegman's at home in New York.

Jeffrey Champlin

Fantastic selection of products, produce is top notch!

Susan Myette

Belmonts is the best for donating to worthy causes. I work at the Y, and for two years in a row Belmont’s has donated a huge, beautiful gift basket and four $25 gift cards for our raffle. The event is at The Elks on Saturday, September 14, to raise money for our local Rock Steady Boxing Program for those dealing with Parkinson’s Disease. A very worthwhile event. Again, Belmont’s is so very generous to charities and local events. Thank you!! We’re going to miss Brian when he’s totally retired!!!!

Minas Constantinides

I've watched Belmont grow from a small vegetable stand next to Newport Creamery to what it is today. How sad to go to the meat dept yesterday to ask a question and be brushed off by a local who could not give me the time of day. #toobigtobefriendly #illtakemybusinesstostopnshop

Jenny Fisher

Sam SR

A cut above your local supermarket. Higher prices with better quality

Mike Millen

John Ault

My favorite market. Clean and a wonderful staff.

Mandy Watts

Good food

Nancy Trask

We came here to get lunch. The first thing I grabbed was a warm loaf of Fred's olive bread. Then we picked out vegetable lasagna and chicken wings. There was a cheese tasting and we picked up some herbed cheese. There's barrata mozzarella and fresh ravioli and the sauces to go with them. Great deli and produce

Fred Beauchaine

Freshest produce in the state! Great deli and excellent customer service too.

D Me

Really nice first time there and they have amazing stuff ad really good prices

Evan Morrill

Cristina Gil

Jim Crane

This review is specifically directed to the meat department -the remainder of the store is generally excellent. First of all, you can't buy a Prime cut of meat at Belmont. They sell a well marketed Choice Angus cut at Prime grade prices. Secondly, the butcher only knows one thickness on his beef steaks - 1 inch! And third, when I showed up to purchase a rib eye steak at 4:00 p.m and asked the butcher to cut me a custom cut, I was told that the machines had been cleaned for the day. When I looked astonished and was standing there speachless, he told me that I would just have to get there earlier in the day! How is that for customer service. Obviously I did my research on other local markets and found prime, custom cut steaks when I need them.


Sharon Marino

My favourite grocery store. Smaller, no junk aisles, high quality brands, very fresh produce, delious ready to warm foods, fish primo, Chef Shawn cooked foods very good , and his sauces for fish and meat very good. Everything their is dated and fresh

Silas Houser

Good place and good people

Gordon Jones

Always have unusual produce, cheeses and other items to spur my cooking creativity!


women fashion charging and data cable

Olga P.

Love this place. Fresh food, great variety of products, and I'm very happy with the selection of iced teas (especially the Japanese ones). Always a worthy stop when we're in Rhode Island, and it was a nice easy walking distance from our Airbnb last time. The fact that they take Google Pay is great since I was able to pick up a few things even though I was just out on a walk and didn't take any cards with me.

Ricky Potts

I tried Shaw’s, and wasn’t impressed. Then I went to Stop & Shop and wasn’t impressed. Belmont Market, though, seems legit. Great selection of grab and go sandwiches and sides. Not far from home and affordable. Think of Whole Foods but just not as expensive. This might be my new favorite grocery store in town.

Brian Palmer

Short lines and great service but smaller so more limited selection.


Nice local business

Rebecca Allen

Very nice and very big! A variety of everything. I like Belmont Market place

Dominique Engome

Ron Cowie

Terrific service and produce. It's the local grocery store and if I have an issue, I can talk to the owner. That goes a long way with me.

Olivia Nugent

Super good supermarket with wonderful sushi, pastries and soups.

Karen Escher

This review is for The Herb Wyfe which is located inside Belmont Market. The Herb Wyfe used to be located in downtown Wickford on Brown street. I use tinctures and dried herbs daily. The Herb Wyfe is an excellent place to find the tincture you are looking for. Especially if you just want to try it before you make your own. Tinctures are sold in one ounce dropper bottles. She carries Herb Pharm and Apollo brands. Cost is $14 for 1oz. As for her dry herbs, i use dry herbs for infusions not teas, so the small packets are not at all economical for me. A friend broke her got this winter and i was out of dried comfrey leaf, so we went looking there. The small bags of comfrey were not labeled as to the weight, so we had to guess how much to buy to make a few infusions for drinking and poultice for her foot. Once we got home, weighed bags, they were less than an ounce (.7oz). The comfrey inside was not as"fresh"as I'd prefer, color was not bright green like my own dried seemed old. There were no use by or expiration dates on the packages either. Bottom line buy your tinctures, especially usual our hard to find ones there. Go elsewhere for your dried herbs.

Rebecca Flynn

Lovely, clean, and bursting with wonderful smells & colors -- the freshest produce, seafood, meat & bread around. Staff are so nice and not invasive/overbearing. Prepared foods are a huge bonus.

Tom Pica

Good non-chain market with fresh produce, Italian specialties, etc. Not Whole Foods or Fairway but ago to for this displaced New Yorker.

Noram Funkywagon

Love Belmont's

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