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REVIEWS OF Otto's Sausage Kitchen & Meat Market IN Oregon

Senor Costa

Good hot dogs on the grill outside

Monica Mc Neal

Love their daily bbq dogs their the best meats are grade A. Be sure to go you'll love it to and you'll go back tome and again


Went there to get a xmas gift for my dad. They were super helpful and very nice.

Kahlua Mizrahi

Love you guys.

Michael Opperman

Absolutely hands down the best meat market around. Just had Ottos for the first time today, and you can bet I'll be coming back! All the staff are super friendly and awesome, good stuff. I would give 10 stars if possible! I'll recommend this place to everyone I know

Ryan Baez

The food was great and quick to get. The ordering system was a little odd. I recommend coming here.

Heston Kent

A must stop meat market when in Oregon. Good prices and delicious links, definitely worth more than one visit.

Brandon Hill

This place is a go to for sure! Old school BBQ out front everyday for the lunch hours. Check it out! While you're there, buy some excellent quality sausage and pepperoni!

Timothy Freeburn

We love this place. The best German meats, sausages, and whatever else you can think of in Portland. Do it, do it.

Joshua Greene

This place has a great selection of sausages that they make in house, and they are all excellent. If you need a quick fast bite to eat they have sausages on the grill ready to go out front, or you can buy some from the counter to bring to your next barbeque. No matter what you can't go wrobg with some sausage from Otto's!

Rich Stwart

In-house made weiners are delicious and fantastic sandwiches....make time to enjoy this jewel of portland

Ronald Thompson

Old market feel in the best way imaginable

Sharon Rousseau

Love this place. Great food! This is the only reason I go to SE

Kevin Grisell

This place has everything a meat-lover could want. We get our ground beef for making burgers here, they have delicious house-made chicken sausages, and house-made pork sausages. I have never had a bad customer service experience, here. This is a family-run joint that has been here for 3 generations, and they have good people at the counters. Their homemade sauerkraut and deli salads are also delicious- my personal favorite is the broccoli bacon salad. They're always cooking sausages on the grill by the front door, and then they also have a deli-sandwich counter where you can get made-to-order sandwiches

Don Voeks

If there's a better place for sausage in the Portland area I'd like to know about it. The sandwiches are incredible!! Sit down and enjoy inside or out, or take out if you must, but this has to be the best old fashioned sausage shop around.

John Bowers

Great selection of meats and BBQ lunch outside

Amber Murphy

They have quick service, the world's best bacon, and brats ready on the grill!

Geoffrey Holtsclaw

Really great little deli! Popped in to check it out and they had a BBQ outside so we ended up getting a sausage. They'll relish your buns. Delicious!

Tiffany Kelly

I love stopping in at Otto's whenever I'm in the area. Great selection of meats and other delicacies not found many other places. Their sausages (grilled right in front of you) are the best!

Richard Chambers

Best meat in this place.

Lisa G

The smoke pork brat was absolutely delicious. The line was pretty long but everyone knew it was well worth it. Friendly staff and great atmosphere. Grab a brat and head to New Seaons... grab a beer and enjoy at the treehouse bar. Fun!

Danni St Athens

Amazing selection of meats - and mustards! Love stopping here for a fresh grilled sausage and a beer from their bottles case.

Jess Ordower

I've Loved this place since the first time I set foot in there 15 years ago! Too many good things to list!

Meghan Betzold

Wow. This place has sandwiches that will blow your socks off. Haven't tried their outdoor sausage and hot dog grill yet, but it smelled amazing. They also have a ton of German chocolate, which is fabulous!

Shane Thoms

Nice place, great selection, helpful workers. Many bottled German beers. Sausages were bland to my taste.

Bri Norton

I gave this place 5 stars becuase great outdoor setting and ofcourse the grilled hot dogs, brawts and sausages. Cant get enough.

Jerry Clay

Food and beer was great.

Pamela Muir

Best sausages bar none Cookies are good too.

Robert Deppa

Otto's is the best place to grab a hot dog anywhere, either to eat there or to take home for the grill. There's a big selection of sausages to choose from, as well as excellent deli meat, cheese and a selection of wines and beer. They also have great sandwiches and beers on tap. It's a neighborhood institution.

Phillip Hooks

Particularly impressed with their fresh sausage. Thurigener Rost is my favorite.

Jen Pants

Great German foods and European candy. Super nice staff.

Abdi Chaichi

They know how to "smoke"! A couple of times a year I take Salmon to Otto's to smoke. Their smoke brine is great. Wellbalanced and without sugar. I personally don't care for sugar in my smoked salmon. They also have a great variety of smoked meat products. Love their Old Fashion hot dogs.

Gene Rachielug

good variety of hot dogs...


Costly, also good deli food

Schreiber Metal Dan

It's hand's down the best meat market in the state

Skip Gamache

Food is good prices are okay not a very big eating space places cleaning up what workers are helpful

Donald Clark

A little taste of Germany. The Ritter sport is slightly overpriced but they do have the largest selection in the area. The braunschweiger is tasty, fresh, and affordable. Their sauerkraut is divine. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Fresh made sandwiches. Growler Fills.

Bill Graffius

Spending, but pretty unique! Found some real old fashioned German braunschweiger I am really enjoying.

Jayasinghe Gunasekara

I enjoy their hot dogs they cook outside when it is sunny.

Roch Naleway

Good sausages. Get a brat on a bun for $5. It tastes wonderful. The only way to prepare their sausages home is on a BBQ. I tried to sear them on a skillet and they don't come out right. Great neighborhood place. There is always a short line, but they are moving it quickly. Old school.

Jodie Hale

I definitely love the outdoor hot dogs sausage quick bite to eat thing they have going on but it seems like all of their indoor food has this same weird taste. Tried to get a bunch of different types of sausage and pepperoni and it just was weird. I like the specialty stuff that they have there and most likely will go back for that only.

Jim Gotchall

Gretchen and the staff are always amazing. And the food is even better.

B Melquist

Otto's is my favorite for sausage of all kinds. The Italian bulk is fantastic and has very little fat. I like to put it in my spaghetti sauce or have it with eggs for breakfast. The Tuscan sausage links are excellent on the grill. On the grill I like to wrap them in foil first then finish directly on the grill to brown them up. It keeps them moist and makes the casing tender.

AJ Foreman

This place is awesome! From the sidewalk grill making perfect hotdogs and sausages, to the deli inside, this place is awesome! Great selection of grilled 'dogs. Amazing selection of wonderful meats inside. They even have beer on tap! 5 stars for sure.

Ben Herman

Some of the best sausages and samwhiches around! Great spot for lunch and a pint. A true taste of old school Portland.

F. Nieman

Husband loves going for walks now because we can swing by Otto's for a fresh hotdog. A+ selection of mustards.

Antonio Carlos Bacci di Capaci Fiallos

Great variety of smoked and fresh sausages reasonably priced

Jonathan Kellar

My favorite deli to go to the best pepperoni sticks everything is good there and a good selection of beer

Joshua Clayborne

Got some Italian sausage and their British bangerz from here and it was great! Highly recommend grabbing your meats from here.

yusaf jawed

Good. Buns could be better. Hit the spot.

Jason Irving

There food and service are amazing! You have to love a local shop that's been in our community as long as Otto's. Great ownership.

Richard Blanchard

This is THE place for sausage hands down.

Carolyn Scott

Great BBQ beer sausage with kraut and love the harvest pasta salad!

Mary Spooner

Wonderful! Can't wait to enjoy return to one of my favorite childhood meals.

Marc Adamo

Great spot, I've been back twice already. Grill out front cooking up hot dogs and sandwiches, picnic tables on the side, and lots of beer to choose from. Inside there are multiple fridges full of cans and bottles to grab. They also have taps too if you prefer to sample their draft beer selection. You can buy sausages and hot dogs to go if you prefer to cook at home. They also have a selection of deli salads to choose from (which was a great option for the vegetarians in the group). Very fun place and the food was great!

Glen DeWillie

Picked up 4 different kinds of sausage and did a mixed sausage grill...yummm. The Polish kielbasa especially has some authentic old world flavors.

Lisa Hoaks

Great quality food! Sometimes the sandwich orders aren't done correctly/efficiently because the person doing the order doesn't have enough help. But I wouldn't remove a star for that because this place is great!

Travis Dahmen

Everything is awesome at Otto's! Sandwiches, street hot dogs, wild game processing. They do it all to perfection.

Elliott Omlin

Hands down best sausage in town. Friendly staff always eager to help and deals on dogs out front.

Cody Weber

Best sausages in town. Good other stuff too. I usually dont leave there until I'm out of money.

Joseph Orr

Good beer great dogs and excellent service with humor and terrific outdoor environment

JR Namida

Had a Rubien sandwich, best sandwich on dark rye bread in a long while.

Helen G

Great sausages and cured meats. If you go you've got to get a hot dog off the grill they're the best

Josh Kirby

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff on top of amazing meats.

Ashley Jarrett

Neighborhood sausagery! Been trying to eat every sausage they make and enjoyed every bite! Great sandwiches, sides and beer selection too. Homies are out there grillin sausages every day, regardless of weather, even during Portland’s infamous snow storms of the last few years. Sausages make great gifts! One time financial institution froze my account because they thought it may be fraudulent when I attempted to buy $150 worth of meat for Christmas presents. It was worth the hassle.

Jeff Hofmann

Great dogs and sandwiches. Owners and staff are very friendly. Can’t go wrong stopping by this place.

Randall Pugh

Great sausages and wonderful lunch spot for their fresh sausage in front off the grill.

Dennis Titko

One of the best German butcher shops in PDX. That's for starters. The lunch counter is super dank and has even been feature on Diner's Drive-In's & Dive's and rightfully so. I haven't had anything that wasn't absolutely delicious.

Bee Talmadge

Favorite spot on the east side for buying sausages, lunch meat and grabbing a quick sandwich! They smoke everything in house!

Matt M

Delicious sausages, hunter sausage was amazing, seemed to be an incredibly popular weekend lunch spot during fair weather

Jake Aldred

Great service and great food

Daniel Silverman

These guys are a neighborhood institution. It's like a community center for meat eaters. And the quality and flavor of the meats is fantastic. Nowhere else even comes close.

Ricardo Diaz

This is the carnivore, he is not to be played with....... So full and so good

Justin Leverett

I love the sausage grilling station they have set up outside. On a nice day, it's a perfect place to kick back for a delicious lunch. All the condiment options are amazing too. So worth the visit.

Chris Dillman

Great wieners and a really good veggie sandwich.

Randall Hansen

If you are looking for a true deli, look no more, Ottos is the place! Excellent meats, sandwiches, wonderful service. You arrive and find curbside parking. On the front corner they have the grill going with a variety of links cooking. Ah, the aroma. You can order up the sausage with or without a bun, add chips and a drink and you have a great bite to eat before you go in to be amazed by the deli counter full of meats and salads. There is another counter where you can have sandwiches made to order. Also, a cooler wall with a large selection of beverages available. A few dining tables are inside if you prefer such. This place has been here for years and they truly know what they are doing. If you have never been here you are missing out, it is a wonderful deli.

Roland Fornatato

I love everything at Otto's from the hot dogs on the grill out front or some of the best hot sandwiches I have ever had served at the counter. It's old timey feel never gets old.

N Wallace

This is a can't miss metzgerei(butcher). Bulk pork and the Danish are can't miss. Sandwich area was underwelming.

Jason Zaslaw

Otto's is great! Always friendly crew, awesome meats, salads, and bevy selections and fresh dogs off the grill!

J Armstrong

Great selection and friendly staff!

Ghost Clan

Good food but get really packed

jeremy williams

I kinda expected more. Maybe just a bad day

Bernie Gomez

Best hot dog in town!

John Miles

Very friendly indeed, and have been in the business for decades. Family run, very knowledgeable but also willing to learn and try new things. Excellent British bangers and every other European sausage.

Lloyd harris

Probably the best German sausage you'll find in Portland and all the staff are totally awesome!

josh gruenberg

The best sausages, the best sandwiches, the best beer selection... You can't go wrong!

Alex Young

Amazing place the meats were spectacular and we got a hot dog out front and it was amazing

Jeri Corbett

Love the sausage dogs grilled outside. Great stop on a sunny day.

Cindy Thurman

During the day the grill is going and you can get your choice of a great fresh grilled sausage/dog with condiments and follow it up with a yummy ice cream sandwich from Ruby Jewel! And take home a great pie for later!!!

ralph patterson

have been getting my sausage from ottos for years always great quality of meat.

Angela Drake

Who doesn't like Otto's? Maybe a vegetarian though they do have a veggie sandwich on offer. We heartily recommend the Orchard sandwich made with Hunter sausage, two cheeses, and apple. Beware of any sandwich with horseradish! It's verrry hot! Before you leave, make sure to buy a pound or two of ground Italian sausage for your homemade spaghetti sauce!

Genie Young

Only giving 2 stars because the hot dog was pretty good. The service was terrible. So many people told us to come here so we drove across town to try it. No one who works there said a single word to us. We finally got someone behind the meat counter to wait on us and they were definitely not happy about it. The person at the register also did not say a word until he gave us our total. We paid and went outside to get our hot dog. The person on the grill did not say a thing to us. We had to tell him we wanted 2 hot dogs. The person in front of us got his buns grilled so we asked for ours to be as well. He opened the box with the buns and motioned for us to get the buns ourselves, open them up and put them on the grill. Terrible experience. We will never go back.


Amazing selection, fantastic sausage and meats! I make custom sausage myself and Otto's are great! Very helpful and friendly staff. A must do!!! Also grilling sausges on charcoal out front.

Diann Rogers

The Polish sausages are good the one on Woodstock

Jennifer Kimchi

Had the staff recommended fresh links of Thuringen Rosti Bratwurst. It was one of my favorite's from Ottos. The Bockwurst and Andoule are nice also.

Mark Porter

Otto's is great. BEST sausage ever

Lori Martin

I thought you had more European groceries. Everything else was great

kristie boles

World-class hot dogs at a family-owned, family friendly neighborhood spot. Doesn't get much better than Otto's.

John Cote

Looks interesting, haven't tried their sausages yet

Tamela Cantor

Bestest sausages in Portland! Great deli. Love the team and service.

david hickey

Such a lovely sausage.

Bruno Domingues

Sausages are one of the best in Portland, they have external patio that dogs are welcome and they also have a good selection of beers.

Tilm Alowishes

Nice little family deli. Worth the visit for authentic European and Russian delicacies.

Alan Olsen

Best Ruben I have ever had. This place is great. Great sandwiches. Growler taps including cider and root beer. Lots of curred meats and sausages. Good selection of drinks. You can get grilled sausages out front or hot or cold sandwiches inside. Worth making the trip. Now I am hungry again.

Stuart Hill

This is a great place forthe a wonderful meal. Great selection of brews and sandwiches. Also have a great meat department. Love this generational family owned business.

Katie Bretsch

Multi-generation family place sells and serves traditional style German-American sausages and cured meats, and sides. Streetside grilled sausage BBQ. Custom smoking.

Beverly Morton

What could be better than a BBQ sausage or hot dog. Locals line up at lunchtime to partake of the goodness. Never made it inside the shop itself, but im sure their product is top notch. Love coming down to Woodstock neighborhood. Walkable shops and coffee houses.

Marsha Willis

This place is amazing, the people are super friendly, and almost all items have NO ADDED SUGAR!! It is really hard to find sausage without added sugar and other stuff, and here the ingredients in every item are listed in plain sight for you to read. Employees are knowledgeable, and efficient. If you go close to a holiday, be prepared to wait, as they can get really busy and it is a small store. They also serve grilled sausage dogs throughout the day, as well as sandwiches I believe. Give them your business!! They deserve it.

Renee Langley

My favorite deli. All these years later and they still make and sell this harvest salad that I just love. My family also gets hot dogs, pepperoni, liverwurst, bacon and lots more here. Great food and great service. You can't go wrong here.

Daniel Leischner

Best German sausages in the Northwest! Wieners and pepperoni are amazing.

Cris Lupei

Excellent place I smoked my meat here multiple times and loving it very quick and great price amazing quality very pleased keep up the good work thank you

jason baum

This is one of my favorite places in Portland. It has been the same my whole life. As everything changes this is a wonderful touchstone.

Chris Karczmar

People from miles around line up on Woodstock to get an Otto's sausage. So who am I to critique, I've never had one! But I do frequent the store. Disclosure aside, this is a wonderful place. Select wines and beers. Fantastic family staff full of info and caring. Excellent customer service. All said and done for my taste, for price and value the sausages might be juicier. Only my opinion.

The Monkey Show

I love sitting outside during the warm months to enjoy a chicken dog and beer.

Randy Shaw

First time I had ever been there. They had a very wide selection of stuff. Things I had never even heard of. Excellent selection of beer as well. If your looking for a great hogie or gift this is the place to go.

scottquirico .

Went in for lunch and it was fantastic. Their Thanksgiving sandwich us the best of it's kind I've ever had, and it's something I seek out. The Orchard sandwich was also excellent. The pasta and vegetable salads were also very good. I live close by, and this will now be my go-to place for sandwiches. I'm looking forward to trying other sandwiches on their substantial menu, as well as the sausages grilled outside. Good service too. Great place!

Ben Simon

Great place with great meats! They grill dogs outside too if ya wanna try just one. All sausages made there I believe. They cure their own bacon too which I get regularly.

Mark Frey

Friendly staff great selection off sausages and side dishes. They have a grill outside cooking sausage and a spot inside for sandwiches. Great place we go in once to twice a month.

Dave Vann

They make their own sausages from quality ingredients. Many sausages in old Germanic traditions, but some new innovations and creations. They also make deli sandwiches, and grill sausages over a charcoal fire outside near the the front door. They have a decent beer and wine selection. It is an excellent family-owned store, with very friendly and helpful employees. Food to take home and cook. Food to eat there. My dog goes on long walks, but the route he chooses always goes part Otto's Sausage Kitchen, to clean up dropped scraps or to beg for grilled sausage.

Beau Havercroft

Super tasty beer sausage. Their spicy mustard is top notch and surprised me with how much kick it had to it. I'll be back most certainly.

Kefa Stuchlik

A most excellent store to satisfy your European culinary delights, with knowledgeable staff to assist you with all manners of purchases. But this is not the end of it, not by a lot, as they have something much more with which to tantalize your taste buds: an outdoor grill, where a variety of sausages are cooked, for you to enjoy hot off the grill along with a variety of mustards and other appropriate additions for a luncheon treat. Oh, by the way, it's worth the trip, from wherever you are. I'm heading there, very soon. I'll be looking for you all.

Brian Hester

Yummy! 'Nuff said! Pleasant and personable service. Great, great sausage!

Larry Palen

As seen on the TV show Diners Drive-ins and Dives. Was a great place to get a handmade hotdogs. Helpful and friendly service good prices.

Markay Havercroft

Love their dogs.

Nathan Lee

Food was almost as yummy as my company is.

Wayne Slates

I got 2 for the money, I feel you should get mayo, not be dry and not on a cheep Frans bun.

Imolene Eagan

Best place for a GREAT RUBIN, really all of their meat selection ( many), are fabulous!! Lived Kitty corner from them for years & the saddest of moving was not having Otto's closer!!!

Sascha O.O

Really love the sandwiches and sides. Pricey but worth it. The grill outside is your best bet for inexpensive lunch. No experience with the delis meat selection outside of their delicious sides and pepperoni sticks. Not a lot of inside space for eating so pick up to-go or enjoy outside at a picnic table, weather permitting.

Myrt Horton

Worth the drive for great food and service.

Britney Allen

Kitchen sink is the BEST sandwhich!!

Robert Blakeley

I love this place. great sandwiches and hot dogs in the neighborhood. prolly best hot dogs in portland.

Bob M

Fantastic sausages, pies and a bunch of other stuff. They have a grill out front with hot sausages and buns

win7 hslaw

Absolutely fantastic sausages. Especially love the bockwurst!

Kimberly Scott

Love this place and worth the half hour drive. My cousins owned a family shop like this growing and I've always missed the wonderful smells of the butcher. Fresh meats, sausages, smoked meats, and more. Everything has been amazing

Susie Ellingson

We love Ottos. Quality meats and yummy salads. We've been going there for over 20 years and have never been disappointed!!

Sue Utter

My favorite place for sausage and wieners


Best hot dogs on the planet.

Tillatha Thompson-Gort

One of my favorite spots, feels like home to me. They have the best sandwiches (pastrami for the win)!! Their smoked sausages are the best for grilling. Yum!!

David Young

Good smoked meats and a very good place for a meaty sandwich

amanda lane

Seriously good food here!

Robert Edstedt

A large selection of high quality meats.

Brittany Launius

Got 12 sausages for a camping trip. They were all a huge hit! My favorite is the pork sausage.

Graham Payne

Best sausage in Portland. Great sandwiches and vast selection of beer and wine.

Randy Reyes

Good sausage, good sandwiches, good grilled sausages. Come here if you want meat or meat in tube form.

Craig Ralston

Love their hot off the BQ Sausage on a Bun!

Dillon Hansen

Awesome selection of meats, very good landjaeger and sausages. They also have amazing sandwiches. This is a must go while in Portland.

Grant Williams

Great deli counter and hot dog/sausage counter. Always quick and friendly.

Vallie Lenzen-Debad

Always wonderful selection of Germsn and European, Canadian meats, homemade wieners, brunscwsgger, bacon, ham sauerkraut like my dad used to make from scratch.

Matthew McMillan

This place has been open for almost a hundred years. They don't need your business. You need their sausages. Sandwiches are great too.

Ken Mitchell

I just love how casual and friendly this place like being in a small town where trust matters. And the good

Lamarr Slider

Had a really good Reuben,the meat, sauerkraut mmmm, mmmm!!!

Michael Miller

The best sausages in the Portland area by a wide margin. You won't be disappointed with this store's quality on any product that they sell.

Luke Hatfield

Had the curbside Sausage and dogs. Good portions, condiments outdoor seating

Malinee Strowt

3.5 stars. We tried 4 different kinds. They are good but not great. I prefer elderwise

Leo Silverman

Quality service quality meats

Welborn Parker

Simply put Otto's is the very best around. You would be hard pressed to find anything that comes close to Otto's. They make their meats not only in the old school German way, but they use all the old machines brought over from Germany decades ago. This is a family shop that take great pride and care in their crafting of delicious meet. I send everyone I know to Otto's, and they all are amazed with what they get.

Samantha Willson

Otto's is great! They have great sandwiches, a deli counter, and fresh grilled hot dogs. This is the perfect place to grab a quick affordable lunch or fill up your cooler for a day at the park or beach. There are plenty of food and drink options for both meat eaters and vegetarians. If you haven't been you should definitely stop by!

Dr. Brandy L. Ethridge, PhD, MPAdm

Amazing chicken sausages that they grill right out front! If looking for a tasty non-pork they also make super delish chicken pepperoni which I craved crazily while pregnant :)

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