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2525 NW Ritches Ln, Prineville, OR 97754, United States

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REVIEWS OF Butcher Boys IN Oregon

kelly mcguire

Richard Siler

Great place

Дмитрий Beast

Tony Kutsar

Need to be open on Monday’s. And smelt a litto Racism in the air

Michelle Pfannes

I always get the best service here (& dinner too)! I absolutely love this place and am super happy its not far from home so not ever out of the way to stop in on my way home!

G. Kim Taylor

Best jerky anywhere, bar none. So good it has become our Memorial Day tradition. If I forgot to get it I would probably have a mutiny on my hands. Real recognizable meat, just enough spice. The rest of their meat is amazing. The best country style pork ribs, very lean (for pork). Their sausages are so, so delicious. I have never had a subpar cut of meat from there, ever. Their value packs are just that, a terrific value with great cuts of meat. And the helpful staff is beyond compare. I drive up there from Scappoose and it is worth the drive.

michael martin

dun died & gone to heaven!

Joni Foster

The quality of their products, their prices, and their customer service is superb! It's the only place I buy meat and poultry. The chicken cordon bleu is yummy!

Gordon-Lee Falise

Great service, knowledge and the best in Clark County.

Lucinia Borgen

Ryan Tracy


Their product is good. I couldn't complain. But the customer service is poor, I felt that race issue moment. Bythe way I'm brown and citizen of this country almost my life. They serve 4 white peeps behind me while I was in line ready to pay. I couldn't believe how I was serve and treated. Also I have to check the lbs to what I bought. I was in a hurry today and I think they over charge me. So please double check what your buying.

Joseph Weade

Shizune Hakamichi

Jason Murray

One of the best butcher shops I've been in, make their own deli meats in house. Their double smoked roast beef is awesome.


Mike Davis

Terry Davis

Marc Gates


Alina Lukomskiy

Best grass fed beef ever!


This place has the best meat in Vancouver. Their pepperoni sticks are absolutely delivious, and they have a large selection of meats. The staff are very helpful, and kind. I would definitely reccomend coming here!

Scott Stebbins stebbins

Fantastic service and friendly employees. Quality of product is the best as well as pricing. Highly recommend to everyone.

Chuck Green

I recently bought some nice sirloin steaks at Butcher Boys for a July 4 BBQ. I have never had so many compliments from my family as I got when I cooked up the Butcher Boys steaks. Now my problem is my family wants more! I would definitely recommend BB; while the prices may be higher, you are getting prime meat and it will be well worth it!

Megan Hester

Travis Blue

Great selection!!! And most helpful staff. They were very knowledgeable and experienced in all I asked.

Levi Vegan

Michelle Porter

Clean fair price

Michael Hatch

I honestly don’t know why I hadn’t tried them before. I’m halfway through the first piece of meat I’ve bought from them (bacon wrapped tinderloin) and I am hooked!

Renee Hatch

Aaron Brown

Great service!

B. Dezziel

Just left Butcher Boys. Picked up some pepperoni sticks and jerky. Wow... stuff is good! The jerky is Damn good! Customer service was good, didn't have an issue.

Brandon Toops

Love this place! Only place we buy our meat!

Phil Navin

Friendly professional staff, very clean, good selection, observed good sanitation practices, good prices.

Sheri Lum

As always, great service, great meats.

Deborah Sprague

Have used them for years. Have always had great cuts and service. Sadly the last two hogs we had processed after the sale/purchase combining Redmond in with Prineville the bacon and hams tainted with a smoked fish taste.? So horrible was inedible. Having to throw them away. Cross contamination with whatever was smoked prior . Beef was done very well. But having raised, Fed, butcher fees to have to throw away prime cuts unexceptable

Wesley Mansfield


Connie Bennett

Mary Gates

Quality, cleanliness, customer service always on point. Great business good people.

m t

Benjamin 626

Delicious choices. Fresh quality meats. A bit on the higher price side but definetly worth the money. Love the jerky!

Steven Gunn


Butcher boys always has the best foods, least fatty foods, and have always been great with helping customers and very very kind. I love getting great quality foods from there and i love the selection and the people that work there! The business and the people all get an A+, a perfect 10, or in this case 5 stars!

Roux TheDay

Always excellent meat quality. The staff is always knowledgeable, patient and willing to help.

Noneya Biznez

First time in and will be getting my meats from here moving forward. Selection is awesome, staff is friendly (can't say the same for other butchers in Vancouver), and the quality seems top notch! Dry curing some dyno ribs now and my family so excited!

Meredith Goodwin

Caleb Kitchen

Butcher boys is the best for local meats. These guys are always super helpful and go the extra mile in service. Their prices are fantastic and hard to beat. Combo that with good meats, good selection, and good people and you've got one amazing place !

Hannibal Woodward H.F.

I grew up on a farm butchering our own or going to locals with large animals. They have the best selection of cuts available, the staff is great, the store is clean. Get those rare treats you never see in a supermarket. So happy to have them local

John Borgen

I've got a big family...and they've got a big appetite for meat. Butcher Boy's comes through time and again. We buy two pigs and one cow a year and Butcher Boy's process the animals for us. They do the BEST job with curing ham and bacon that I've ever seen. Simply the best. They're friendly and they obviously know what they're doing.

Bruno George

These guys are the best. Their prices are great and the quality of their meat is great. I usually need a custom cut and I get it with no problems.

Roita Larsen

I have been going to Butcher Boys for years.... 20 at least. Their pepper ham is the best. I always go pick one up for holidays and special meals thoughout the year. It's always a hit.

Kitty Prouse

Dawn Hoffine/ Anderson

Love this place, fresh meat great prices. Friendly fast service. Nice hospital place to shop.

Marge Bare

Great service!

Annemarie Downey

Large selection of quality meat products from beef to chicken, sausages to steaks, fresh to frozen. They will butcher wild game for you also.

Erin Wheaton

Great food,great people

Sam Wilson

Business 101, don't paint sports teams on your windows because you will lose customers based on your opinion, like me.

Mr.n.Mrs. J.Chinn

Ben Blackburn

Shelly Toops

Ken Green

dean jurmu

deer meat pepperoni made me cream myself

Carmen Burgin

Great guys very cheery and helpful. Love going there

Frank Wilson

Always great to see you guys, like spending my money on great food and a buffalo pepperoni stick

Michael Elmore

Chad Fields

Our family Loves Butcher Boys Ground Chuck. It has the Best Beef flavor and makes even the average Bar-B-Que cook look like a genius. Don't throw your money away on Grocery Store Hamburger. Buy the BEST Ground Chuck or Ground Round Hamburger from Butcher Boys. You won't be disappointed!!!!!!!!

Sarah Libby

Very good selection of uncommon meats that you can't get at a regular grocery store.

Karen Kotowski

Tony Veditz

Outstanding with my game. And have quality meats and service with a smile

Anthony Tanner

riley bondurant

Pixel 2

Always a good selection!

Laurie Krowczyk

I love this store

Brandon Boyd

Great quality meat at a fair price. As well as excellent customer service.

Richard Grindland

Best marinated Tri tip in town.

deborah white

Chuck Hampton

The meat is always fresh and they are friendly and make many different kinds of smokes meats

Jess Larsen

Mathew Cobb

Friendly service. Choice meats.

Jerry Cepican

I get my Christmas ham here every year. Bone in, Shank End. Great local company.

Kelsey Delashaw

Awesome meat!

Gregory Davis

Best butcher in Vancouver. The staff is super friendly, extremely helpful, and goes that extra mile. The selection is off the charts. The price is usually right. Most importantly, the quality is top notch. We make a point of going every Saturday so we have our meat for the week. They have my business and I highly recommend them.

Jason LaHuis

Jason Simonds

Every one is nice, and they always have a great selection

Shirley Neiger

Best butcher shop!

Link Hyrule

I keep trying to purchase jerky meat from them. I'm very clear about what I want. Thin flat wide pieces of steak. I distinctly say it's for jerky and every time I get these super thick cuts of meat that I cant use for jerky. Just spent 50 dollars on meat I can't use for what I need to use it for. Have to go to safeway today to buy cheaper lower quality meat. This isn't the experience I want for my $ you would think a specialty butcher shop would understand what is needed when they are told think wide cuts of meat for JERKY.

Erin Arnett

Monique Coleman

Great quality! Pretty good service but not be prepared to wait.

Jesse Jones

Open up your doors on mondays you lazy asses.

James T Wood

They are my go-to place for meat. They've hooked me up with pork belly to make my own bacon, pork shoulder for smoking and fat back for making sausage. We regularly buy food and bones for our dog and they are always helpful and happy to see us. Great store.

Ashley Baker

Laurie McCarthy

The experience was great the staff was welcoming helpful their meat is delicious try there Teriyaki and and other stick see a buffalo stick good I'd recommend it highly

Genie Young

We had a great experience at Butcher Boys. The entire staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. No question is too dumb. They make you feel comfortable and offer helpful suggestions. This was our first trip here but we will definitely go back.

Sherri Watson

Love this place. Best meats around!


mary stephens

Great selection. Friendly staff.

Tiffany Paige

Very nice people

Brian Alder

Amazing service, amazing quality. Enuf said, oh, the bacon wrapped filet is so tender and delicious.


Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Had a great experience.

Jeff Stevens

Adam Fischer

Best butcher shop you could ever go to, friendly people over there!

Cynthia Smith

I love this place! Super yummy meaty treats! Very fresh and clean! Awesome customer service! We love Ernie!!

Matthew Ostrowski

Michael Baker

Par. Food was nothing special; reminded me of the food you would find in a small-town pizza parlor. Decor was cool.

Tek MeOut

I went in today and stood behind another family being waited on. Another man comes in. There person ringiny up the family in front of me finishes up with family ahead of me then immediately asked the man whom just walked in "how may I help you". Not even asking "whow was next?" Although I don't immediately assume someone is being racist but these things can be suttle. I made the cashier aware that I had been waiting but you know something I have a choice were I choose to spend my money, instead of arguing about service. I made the immediate decision to not spend my money at an establishment like that. My people of color don't spend your money were you are not treated and respected as a paying customer. My money is my power.

John Glass

Their smoked turkey is amazing.

marta May

very bad Prime rib for Christmas what we buy there, Never we will shop again in this store

Jay Pack

Butcher shops are just cool anyway, and this one is exceptionally so. Well stocked, well layed out, plenty of friendly staff to make sure you're well taken care of. We were helped by Levi, a very personable young man who was the icing on the cake of our shopping experience. Prices are very reasonable, in fact, one item was cheaper by the pound than WinCo! Just go. You'll love it.

Cameryn Biersack

Love Butcher Boys!!!!!!


John Henry

Excellent service, excellent meat, great selection, and very good prices. What is not to love.

Peder Golberg

Donna Major

Stephen Knapowski

Excellent steaks, sausages and hot dogs. (that's all I have tried thus far) it maybe a bit more expensive then some of the big box stores, but in this case you definitely get what you pay for.

Nicole Motil

Shirin Triglia

Very helpful staff, great customer service, good selection of meat and reasonable prices. They are willing to work with you if you purchase meat in bulk size. (Ex: for parties, receptions etc etc)

Aaron Marlow

Great staff, great meat, can find Venison, Bison, Lamb here

Zach Girod

Great selection and service

Smith on News

Huge selection. Great neat. Very friendly

Kohn Jelly

Best in town hands down been going there since I was a kid! Best service and products!!

brad zizilas

Just picked up another 1/2 beef from butcher boys in Prineville. This makes my third experience and every single time they have been thoroughly impressive. Every staff member is always there and willing to help. The cuts are great and everything is always made as ordered. I look forward to the 4th, 5th, 6th visits. Don’t hesitate to use butcher boys their services are excellent!

Doreen McGregor

Always do a fine job with our beef. Teresa is very helpful, the best ever.


This meat there is splendid absolutely delicious. And best prices in prineville with absolute guarantee for quality meat and customer satisfaction

Matt Jungfleisch

John Straight

Annie Ernst

They worked with me so I could stay within my budget.

Rich Pieczynski

Best meat in town!!

Comercializadora Livsal

Jessica Kraai

Best meats in Town !!

Sharon Morse

They always have what I want. Bones for bone broth. Goose for Christmas. Even a favorite mustard, Beaver Coney island! If they carried veal chops I'd give them 5 stars, but they did tell me where I could find them.

Josh Pierce

Awesome service! Will answer any questions. Super friendly! Try the pepperoni sticks, one bite and you'll say "wow!"

Punky Doug

Great meat, nice folks!

Phantom Storm

Excellent meats!

Justin Chase

Charles Brown

Robert Trevitts


Tanya Holcombe


Jesse Ojalehto

Amanda Inouye

I love this place, the only gripe I have is that I wish they were open more hours. They close about the time I get off work and are not open Sundays.. I often end up going to other butchers because of this... but quality wise best butchers around.

Megan Flohaug

Everything is amazing....

Scott Peterson

Butcher Boys is a wonderful meat market on fourth plain. They have a great variety of meat and I always leave with some of their pepperoni sticks!

Robert Amrein

Very rude. I will never use them again. Very short. They made me feel like i wasn't needed and that they didn't want my buisness. So i won't give it to them.

Kay L. Kelley

The quality is superior the service friendly and fast. I would have given 5 stars but it's recently been pricey it used to be very competitively priced.

Allen White

If you don't know; then you are missing out!! The Bacon is the best I have ever had!

Patti Jones

Their meat is great quality and service exceptional. A bit expensive for folks on a fixed income.

Autumn French

Love their food and their staff, customer service goes above and beyond, only butcher shop I will go to. Only downside, they aren't open on Sunday and Monday...


Try the hickory bacon. You'll never eat packaged bacon again.

Todd Hall

Ana Monter

Toni Killough

Colleen Stevenson

Catreena Thorp

Always satisfied with their product.

Leanders Cooper

I tried to give these guys a chance and be a repeat customer but i think i never do this but some of your customer service personnel are racially discriminating certain costumers!!!

Devin McMasters

William Jones

Crystal Mitchell

Igor Taranov


Best butcher ever

Keith Scott

Our family loves this place!!!

Ivan Hand

Number 1 place to buy the best meat in Vancouver.

Steve Harris

Horrible customer service. They were nothing but rude to us. Will never go back.


The meat isn't bad quality for how much my complaint is that the website say a different priced compared to the store. Yesterday I went and order a deluxe economy pack the price online is 147.00 well the total ended up being 187.00. Forty dollar difference and when I pulled up the website and show it to them all they had to say is the website isn't up to date and in the process of changing it.. Whatever happen to a company to would go by what is advertised and not change it.. Never go back there again.

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