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REVIEWS OF Rhett's Meat Market IN Oklahoma

Cruz Perez

Keith Branscum

The ownership is horribly unprofessional. And they have the family pets in the store all of the time. The health inspector should look into this place. If you don’t like people you are in the wrong business.

Derek Hefley

This place is beyond epic, but Rhett is a bit of a moody one, a bit soup-nazi-esque. Rhett only carries USDA Prime, 30-day wet-aged beef and only 3 cuts. Filet, Ribeye, and NY strip. And he cuts them right from the rack as you order, according to your thickness preference. Rhett's has some frozen specialties but they're just a few vendor items, nothing extraordinary there, but take a look if you'd like. Rhett doesn't suffer fools, I bet that's responsible for most of his less than favorable reviews. For example, if you ask for a cut less than 1" thick, he'll probably tell you that you're making a mistake, (while I agree with him, his delivery probably won't be sugar coated), same goes if you ask for a cut too thick, likely he'll aggressively make sure you know what your doing if you're attempting to grill a 3" tall ribeye steak. If you happen to confide in him that some of his product is going to be prepared medium-well or well-done. (which I agree is an atrocity for this level of quality beef) he'll likely get an attitude. All of these things said, I'm not suprised. Rhett is operating a beef palace at the top of his game. It gets no greater. So he's a bit of a narcissist about this, it's probably a necessity to be this good at it. Rhett's gets my 5 stars.

Josh Grellner

Best steak I've ever had!!!! Owner is super friendly and helpful. Lip

Rodger Stevens

Quality of steaks don't make up for the treatment of customers. In the day and age with so much competition for a small butcher shop you'd think that the owner would combat this with excellent costumer service. NOT HERE. Owner could not be more rude and unappreciative of the business. I have been coming here for nearly a decade and will now be going to Whole Foods.. Sir, you are in the service business treat it as such or you'll continue to lose loyal customers.

Kyle Brimberry

I used to love this place but the customer service has gone to nothing the past few times I've been in. He has been beyond rude 3 times now. I will not be back. You can buy the same quality meat other places and not be treated rudely

Sam H

Really the best steaks you will every have. I'm not a good cook but when I make these they are amazing. Just melt in your mouth. Must be the best quality from start for me to make such a good finished product.

Ezra Hunt

Nolan Fisher

Guy working behind the counter had to the weirdest, creepiest human being I've ever met in my entire life. Not to mention he was intentionally rude.

Sean Parks

Just called to ask if they had pork belly and they said “No, I just do steaks. Bye.” And hung up before I could even say thank you. I WILL NEVER GO TO THIS PLACE!

Bhavin Naik

Ric Corman

I go to Rhett's weekly for my beef and it is hands-down the best beef I've ever had. I read some of these reviews and there are several that complain about the lack of good customer service. My jaw dropped reading these and I wondered if they were actually talking about the same establishment. Rhett and his wife own and operate this little business and they are some of the friendliest people I've ever met. As stated, I am in there every week and I've seen them interact with many customers, and I have NEVER seen anything like what was mentioned in a couple of these reviews.

Josh Tremain

Great service and unbeatable meat. We’ve been using Rhett’s for years and our friends and family rave about the steaks and burgers. He makes us look good!

David Meara

I have purchased numerous cuts of beef here and they have been of the highest quality. The owner is always polite and works very hard to satisfy me. A great place to do business!!!

Michael Purdy

Holy cow the NY strip steak is AWESOME!! I didn't expect it to be the best I ever had, but it was. I'll definitely go back for special occasion steaks. It's more than you'll pay in a grocery store, but it's worth it if you're wanting to impress. Very tender, aromatic, and top notch flavor (I used Rhett's rub, seared in olive oil and butter to rare). I think they use daily markets for their pricing, so ask before ya have Rhett cut your order. Friendly folks with excellent product, I will be returning!


As far as a meat market is concerned, this is more of a "some meat market." No sausage, lot's of packaged meats "shipped in from Chicago." Seriously, some of the meats are pre-cut and shipped. Wife complained that the steaks we got tasted "funny," but I didn't notice. For the price and selection, we won't be going back.

Chris Topher

If you want a prime steak this is your place. If you want anything else that a “meat market” would carry, this is not your place. Very one dimensional place

Makenzi Burget

john rice

I have been looking for a great butcher shop since moving here. Bought two NY Strips just two try Rhett out. The steaks were everything i had hoped and the optional seasoning is great. Also free mashed potatos (which are awsome)when you buy a steak ! If you want to eat like your at ruth chris at home ..then go to Rhetts and get some dam good steaks

Nate Burleson

I've only had their Fillets, but they are AMAZING! Try the rub too! He offered the rub and I took it with no intentions of actually using it because I have my own. Wish I would have bought some more, it was that good. I will be back again and again. Prices are very reasonable. Quality is A++ Don't snooze on this place

Jeff Campbell

I lived in OKC for 4 years and the best thing I discovered while living there was Rhetts! The meat Quality is Outstanding!! And I grew up in a family in Kansas City with ties to the Stock yards! So we grew up with top notch beef! I now reside in North Texas 3 hours away, but I order and have it shipped overnight or plan a road trip to pickup an order! That may not sound so astounding to most people but I am a Disabled Veteran in a wheelchair so the drive is a bit harder, but Oh so worth the effort!Thank you Rhett !!!


Top 2 steak I've ever had. Possibly the best. Very reasonable price for steak.

Jo C

Bone-in ribeye was AMAZING. I showed up today about a half hour prior to closing and the gentleman minding the store (I assume the owner) was both friendly and knowledgable. I'm not sure what issue other reviewers might have had but my experience was pleasant. Took my ribeye home, defrosted it and grilled it as instructed by the owner, the result: the BEST steak I have had in Oklahoma! Will be buying steak from here again

Frank Wilson

Bad customer service. Very short. Save yourself the time and go somewhere where people are happy to help you.

Paul Coffey

This place is amazing. Great cuts of meat. They will send you on your way with some mashed potatoes that are awesome!! If you are buying streak you need to have it put in the house special rub.

Bo Cox

Just ate a NY Strip that was as good as any I've ever eaten!

John Perry

The meat here is absolutely wonderful. They offer to put their house rub on the meat and the rub is excellent as well. Also, your steak will come with mashed potatoes which is a plus. The reason I give this place a 3 star rating is because their customer service absolutely sucks. Rhett is not helpful and won't answer your questions without making you feel stupid. If you know exactly what you want then Rhett's is a good place to shop. If you don't know exactly what you want, then go to Kamp's where the guys are so much nicer and can help you out.

J Might

I called to ask if they had a specialty item and the lady that answered the phone was rude and dismissive, and Rhett himself was terrible. He even hung up on me. DON'T WASTE MONEY ON THIS COMPANY WHO TREAT THE CUSTOMERS LIKE TRASH!!!!

Paul Rissler

I've always received the best steaks and the best customer service.

Mrs Febs45

This place is the best! I am very particular about my filets and Rhett's is awesome! My husband and I recently moved to Tulsa from OKC, but we still make the drive to pick up Rhett's steaks. We tried a meat market on Harvard in Tulsa that was supposed to be good, but the cut of meat for the filet was terrible! I also love the rub that Rhett's seasons their steaks with! I've never had any issues with Rhett... he has always been very kind in person and over the phone. Anyway, try them if you haven't already... best place in Oklahoma for a good filet!

Jenny Dahl

Outstanding quality and outstanding service. I've never been treated with anything but courtesy and respect - even when I didn't know exactly what I wanted. Even if I had experienced less-than-friendly service, I'm not there to find friends; I'm there to get the best steak possible - and that's what I've gotten every single time. When I want the best and I want it already aged, I go to Rhett's.

Tom Seabrooke

Best Filet Mignon in town, mashed Patatoes are pretty good too

Collin Walter

Owner is very rude. I was inquiring about a pork belly and was brusquely informed they only carry steaks. Not much of a meat market if you ask me.

Ross Allen

Best bone in ribeyes in okc. You may have to order in advance, but definitely worth it.

Lon Townsend

David Shear

I think some of the best fresh cut meat in OKC!

Seth Williams

Rhett's is fantastic, I successfully managed to be the preferred steak griller in my group of friends, with my marinade, etc for a very long time. However I've never gone back after getting a ribeye with rub from Rhett.

John Boyd

I have to.say , some of the best beef n okc ..u gotta know Rhett, he can be a Lil harsh and it's about his time not yours but the product is amazing

Tom Rueb

Really awsome hand cut meats. Prime steaks, porter house, rib eye, etc. You can get steaks as thick as you want. Easy in, to get on May Ave. Best to go out south end of parking lot.

Michal Mowdy

Called this place once. Whoever answered was an ass an acted like they didn't want my business. I was simply asking what quality the meat was and what cuts were offered. He hung up on me.

Daniel Parker

I am glad I gave this place a 2nd chance!!!! I have grown to love the place and genuinely like the owners A LOT!!! Rhett's is the best for steaks. If you want anything other than the best then go somewhere else. Everyone crying about feelings on their reviews should go back and buy some steak from here it will make your tears taste better.

Maria Sweten

I do not recommend this market! As Mr. Perry mentioned previously, Rhett is surly and unhelpful. I inquired about whether the frozen meats, like burger patties, were gluten free and he replied that he had no idea. I find this unacceptable and feel that he should know exactly what is in every product they sell. Furthermore, I would expect that a high end butcher would refuse to carry meats with filler, so I feel the answer should have been an adamant no. I chose some bacon wrapped beef end steaks they had and while he was wrapping them I inquired about what everybody was getting with their steaks and he said they were potatoes but that they were ONLY for persons who were buying hand cut steaks. I wasnt asking for a handout - I didnt even realize they were complimentary with a purchase - I assumed people were buying them. So when I asked I was asking out of curiousity but he certainly responded haughtily like I was peasant. The steaks were good but nothing special so it is certainly not worth the price or dealing with the lack of customer service.

Beth Howard

Best meat in OKC!!!


I have been buying steaks from rhett for many years I remember when he has at the Indain Hills resturaunt Maybe 30 years ago . Went there on a Saturday the older lady was yelling and insulting the older man cutting the steaks ( Rhett was not there ) The whole time i was there she was yelling and insulting the older gentleman cutting the over priced meat . the gentleman in front of me ordered a 8 oz filet and the butcher told her .5 of a pound she did not understand what a half a pound was and kept yelling and insulting him . She finished his order and said let me give you extra mashed potatoes . I went to pay my 147.00 dollars for 5 ribeyes I politely said can i have some extra pototoes as well because I am feeding 5 people .She replied and I quote I DONT HAVE TO GIVE YOU ANY POTATOES! i was shocked I told her I DONT HAVE TO BUY YOUR MEAT EITHER! This Older woman taking the money was RUDE RUDE RUDE RUDE I will never give them another dime of my money YOU LOST MY BUSINESS!

SC Marler

Everything Rhett sells is the best you will find in the state of Oklahoma.

Dee Smith

Best ribeyes ever!!!!

Debbie Kjelshus

The owner of this place is so rude!!! His people skills are seriously a ZERO!!! He has been rude every time my husband and I have ever been in this place. We always brushed it aside because his steaks are truly wonderful. However today picking up our Christmas steaks he was extra rude!!! I will never give this man my business again nor will I ever recommend this business. There are many places to get great meat that are friendly and kind. RUDE RUDE RUDE!!!!

Michael Foster

Brad Mason

I purchased steaks here back when I was in OKC for training with the FAA. My fiance and I still talk about the steaks we had from Rhett's. The quality and flavor was the best I've had anywhere. I currently live in Atlanta and I've tried buying from several of the high dollar custom butcher shops here and nothing has compared. The seasoning Rhett's uses is delicious. As far as the comments below about "burnt pubes, and butt seasoning" I wouldn't believe that for a second. First off its a butcher shop where are "burnt pubes" coming from? And furthermore if it were pubes how were they burnt? Hair burns and disintegrates. As far as being rude....never happened to me in the 7 or 8 times I bought steaks from them. In short....Go to Rhett's you won't be disappointed.

Larry Evans

Keith Stroud

Amas Tenumah

Avoid this place, owner is rude and not in a charming soup nazi way

Geoffrey Hunter

Anytime I want a great steak and tasty mashed potatoes I go here. They have the best steaks in OKC hands down. If you want to impress someone with your choice of steaks then go here.

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