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3718 NW 50th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, United States

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REVIEWS OF Halal Mart IN Oklahoma

David Hendrickson

Damon Gammo

Small selection but should be able to find a few not sold at normal stores spices from the middle east

Haider Ali

Hakan Olaşmış

Pretty much everything in this store is overpriced. One thing I dont understand is that he is not importing anything. There are wholesalers in the united states and thats where he gets his product. Why charge people lot more than it worth? Also, why would the price of the same meet differ from one day to another to another? Got the same meet 3 times and oayed 3 different price... I am not really sure if i want to go back to this place.

abeer piracha

Qasem Rateb

NOT a Halal meat be very careful . The owner of this store sells Chickasha meat. There are many expired products. I saw the Mexican lady who works in the meat section collecting the meat from the days before and changes the "Best before" date. Be very careful a lot of people don't know about his meat source but I personally saw him recieving the receipts from chicasha meat company guy who just walked in that time and handled him the receipt.

Tobin Thomas

Old guy with the glasses probably the owner of the store has no customer service. Overpriced product. Says it’s fresh but straight from freezer just defrosted don’t go here save your money and get your meat else where. Not to owner learn customer service before you start a business. Your attitude is what kills your business.

Plumeria N

Mounir Ouasfi

everything it very expensive at this store and if you wanna buy meat they give you what they want not what you want and the butcher guy he is very dirty and not good with customers for example if you buy dates from them its11,99 $ he buy the same dates from sam's club for 8 dollars

Lofty Ceesay

Lol the owner or wat ever his name is, he is so damm ignorant and had no clue of how customer service is done or handled. Probably which ever country he came from had no respect for customer service. His prices are ridiculously high. He should really close his business and go back to where ever he came from.

Md Alam

Summit Ghimire

Good products but super expensive.


الحلم الامريكي American Dream

Mohammad Almasri

If the owner would simply smile for customers.. all is good until one gets to the cashier (the owner),, all of a sudden, it feels like being in a public service office in... well, many countries.

Ayanna Rivera


sa mm

Leca Alvarez

They always have lamb at prices lower than most grocery stores and they will cut it to your specifications. A great variety of spices and sauce mixes.

Mustafa Khandhf, xz24y02 zk130dv

best place for fresh goat meat in okc

Umy Ahmed

Jafar Alshalaa

Mohammed Sultan


Jennifer Davis

They carry a good variety of items

Chris Proffit

Helpful, but expensive and didn't have what I was looking for



Ahmed Aljuzyr

Best halal Mart in OKC

m amoura

Dragos Sescu

Great selection

muhammad zafar


NACFamily .

My Cute Chihuahua

Best place! Best Meat! Best people! Tried their meat once and got stuck! Can't buy or eat meat from anywhere else! I find anything I think of! Love this place! It's always worth the drive!

Mohammed Al Hamdan

Very expensive

Khaled Mansy

Good options for Middle Eastern groceries. A very nice family-owned business.

Fawad Ahmad

Hussain Alrebeh

Mike Radonski

Haidar Alqadim

A little bit expensive

Waleed Alotaibi

Oh my god i couldn't find arabic store

Dalia Alawad

Satyendranath Das

Fevourite meat shop

manal manolla

arwa matin

Good variety of daal, and chocolates. Not enough vegetable items.

Anmar Alsaadi

Rude manager, expensive

Houssein El Turkey

I've been going to this store for six years. I finally moved to Connecticut but I still visit OKC often. I went to this store today to find out that the ground lean beef is sold for 7.99 dollars per pound while in CT I get it for 5.99 (halal lean beef). I don't understand why the store is charging two extra dollars especially that OK is full of farms and animals. I tried to talk to the owner and he basically told me " well go buy it from CT or Dallas". It is so overpriced and someone has to do something about it. It is not just the beef. The halal chicken breast in CT is 2.99 dollars but in Halal Mart it is 4.49 $ per pound. Moreover, the other canned food is extremely overpriced. The tomatoe paste jar is 5.99 dollars (I think more) but the same item is 2.99 dollars in CT. I also want to mention how dirty the store is. The floor is super dirty with blood stains on it, boxes everywhere, no sanitation whatsoever, and most importantly : no respect for the customer. He is clearly using Islam as an excuse to overprice the meat but this is out of hand.

no_friends344 .

Ahmed Awami

mustafa puyol

safa maraqa

Syed Adil Hussain Shah

Anirudh Varanasi

Yousef Dashti

يحيي عاشور

Ravi Teja

Fresh meet. Indo-pak spices, mixes and whatever and what not. Get down to see what i ment is real. Cheers!


Great and friendly staff

Ranch Man

Haneen Alhroub

They have great stuff , just a bit expensive

Talal Alanazi

If i can give him zero stars i would do it, this guy is a pig, a mank, i order from the butcher 3 pounds and he cut 6 pounds and the owner came and excuse me to take all the 6 pounds that the butcher cut and i only asked for 3 !!!! What kind of a low personality person to open a bussiness and treat people like that, discrimnation is not eligable here in The United States and he is such a horrible person, go somewhere else. as a person who has a background on the food he sell, In kuwait they sell them more cheaper then his store. He triple the price by 3 times excusing it to be imported and in the same time. Please please go some where else. Otherwise, be welcome to spend 3 times more the money then edmond and oklahoma city there are many stores that sells meat more cheaper then him and the Quality is perfect.


High meat price. I feel so uncomfortable going in here but hey I need my occasional halal meat. The woman will stare at you like you got something on your face. Thank God I do not have to go there any more. Found a better spot for meat with much better prices. Good riddance.

kishwar sultana

They make meat clean and fresh.


Riaj Mahamud

Halal mart is the grocery store where they sell halal beef and chicken. The price of halal meat is very expensive in this store. In fact most of the items such as spices, processed asian foods, and vegetables are also very expensive. The owner is not customer friendly and he lacks sense of customer service.

Hdr H

As soon as you enter the place you don't feel comfortable, i don't know why. The choices are very little, and their meat is all over the place, uncovered to air and bacteria. I talked to the owner who was working at the cashier, he was very tempered, rude, and had ZERO customer service skill. Avoid this place by all means.

rahat law

aditya mantravadi

Amir Ragab

like this store for their products also that it is open all week

Sarfraz Ahmed

Barbara Jung

Very polite people and always well stocked

haitham Bashir

Al Harris

Everything I was looking for !!!

Musa Alhashim

It is expensive

Gamal Awadelsid

Abdullah Waheedi

Great market. It has a very good variety of products. I totally recommend it.

Sheila Henderson

His stuff is extremely expensive and old compared to others never shop there again

Ayaz M. Ismail

Ken Thomas

Jigar Patel

Rabia S

Great customer you don't know why the ppl said things about the older man,he was very nice and we came from 2 hours away and found it to be great.

Ali Alhulaili

Prices are ridiculously high, I mainly get chicken breast and ground beef, not much of other choices.

LeighAnn Tilley

Great products from around the globe.

Safaa blue

Sameer Syed

Abdullah Hamadi

Sudip Roychoudhury

قناة فيصل

Waleed Mahdi

marjan satary farg satary ک ن - گگپج

The owner has no customer service, he's very rude

Muteb almetiri

sam ahmed

Mohammed Mustafa



Sahzad Saleem

Very costly grocery than other stores, chicken and meet also at higher price. The 3 stars are only for Halal Meat, otherwise nothing special.

rajendra subedi

Nice service and fresh meat.

Farida Naveed

Tania T

niyaf alkadhem

varma Dandu

Hina Ahmad

Heather Said

I love this store!

Ali Mahmood

Guns n Roses

Leg and and arm for chicken legs and wigs. Taking advantage of minority groups. No wonder people don't eat zabihah.


Sakeenah Basir

Shiva D Rathod

Junaid Javed

great Halal steak

Sardar Hassan Ijaz

Ali Alslaman

Hala meat and friendly sellers.

Fadwa Matlagaitu

Lila Melson

kerri walls

Masoud Kaidan

Shafiq Mohamed

Usman Ghani

Clean , small place

Falahe Darain

Bhargav Ram

Sudeep Kumar Saha

ernie hartini

greeshma reddy

Fresh groceries

Ed Laster

Hamed Edrees

Bin Jamal

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