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1089 W 1st Ave, Grandview Heights, OH 43212

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REVIEWS OF The Butcher & Grocer IN Ohio

Brian Perera

Where the elite meet to eat meat. Local farm, freshly butchered meats. Cheese, milk, syrup, salsa, beer, wine...all with connections to Ohio producers. Fantastic.

Adena Gwirtz

I stop by to grab some tasty treats for the dogs. I'm taking a whole rack of rib bones for $5. That's an amazing deal. If your looking for fresh meat being cut straight off the cow this is the place to go. You know it's good when you can watch them prepare the meat. I come here for the best deals and best taste.

Lisa Ayers

Best pastrami! Wednesday special! Do it, you won't be disappointed.

Joseph Beirau

Very cool spot. Knowledgeable staff, very high quality meat and lots of interesting new things to try on a regular basis. Worth repeated visits.

John Shaver

This is THE place for Ohio grown and raised meat. You cannot go wrong here. Knowledgeable staff and prime quality everything.

Stephanie Burley

This place is absolute tops! Their flatiron steak is amazing, and worth every penny for the quality and service. Also, the BACON!!!

Jenn Guzman

Can’t get meat any fresher in central Ohio and the staff has always been friendly and very helpful.

Karrell Yeagle

Wow! Your beef liver is outstanding. Just made liver, onions, mashed potatoes and gravy. Liver was very tender with excellent flavor. I always cook liver to pink, never over done. Thank you. We will be eating liver more often.

tracy williams

Staff very friendly. Everything looks wonderful.

David Brackett

Love this quaint shop on 1st Ave with a great selection of meats and Ohio’s finest libations. Friendly and knowledgable staff is also a huge plus!

K Liriano

Any cut of meat. Fresh Meat. Clean facility. Awesome people. This is where I pick up my lower pork knuckles for Crispy Pata. And the results are always brain cell numbing. There is nothing else I can say. Just go. Stop wasting your time and go visit. Walk out with something interesting. Start your weekend off with a smile.

Lauren Wawrzyniak

Everyone here is so nice and helpful and seem to truly love food and their craft. (It's great to be in the company of like minded people, lol.) They also make some of the best chicken sausages I've ever had. Blew me away!

Randall Gerber

Best place to buy phenomenal meat! Phenomenal people as well!!

Corey Dorsey

I go to this place every week. The quality of meat that you get here is premium quality. I don't buy meat from anywhere else. Grass feed, no antibiotics or fillers in the meats like at the stores. I don't shop at the grocery stores to purchase meat anymore. The staff is super friendly. Tell Tony that Corey sent you and he'll take care of you. You won't regret going!!!

Nicky Fried

Great eggs, great milk, great cheese, great grocery items, and of course the most amazing, fresh meats available.

Mary Ginny Strevig

I was happy with the customer service and knowledge. They treated me like 1st in line. Even though I was purchasing for my fur baby. Excellent cuts of meat


They are very customer focused, willing to try new things to satisfy your special needs or palate. Hooray for smoked beef tongue!!!!

Laurie Elsass

Exception products. Exceptional service. But Local, shop local. The Butcher and Grocer will NOT disappoint!

Chuck Rundio

Great products and very knowledgeable staff.

Stephen Crabtree

Fantastic! Love their specialty sausages. Quality is top notch.

Brenda Dinwiddie

I got some blueberry sausages...they are amazingly delicious...

Michael Farrow

Everyone here is very knowledgeable and helpful. B&G takes pride in sourcing foods locally and providing top cuts. Stop by and treat yourself to difficult to find tri-tips, bavettes, and chuck eye steaks and roasts that your chain grocers don't generally offer.

Alison Barger

I love buying meat here- so delicious and they are very helpful. I try to stop by monthly to stock up!

Nick Voss

Awesome selection of local fare, and top quality meat - don't miss out on the sausages here!

Brandy Lieser

We love the butcher! So happy we found this place a few months ago. The quality of the butcher’s meat is so much better than anything you’ll find in a supermarket!

Edward Horn

A real butcher, not a seller of the usual criovac-ed junk that passes for a butcher shop in most Columbus meat stores these days. They butcher their own meat and have many hard to find Brazilian cuts. I used to have to travel to …

dan plahuta

Very helpful and great cuts of meat along with house made sausages.

Amy Knisley

Amazing selection and service. Best pork I’ve ever had. And you must try the sausage!!

Katie Williams

Location is great. The place is very pretty inside-light, bright and fresh. Very simplistic style. Staff was very friendly.


The quality, the people, and the service are top notch. Everyone has such great knowledge about the meat and products. There are so many choices and cuts. I wish they open another shop in Gahanna.

Seth Kerechanin

This place is incredible! Amazing quality meats and helpful staff. Love this place!

Gregory Foulke

Fantastic place. Clean and friendly and the meats are beyond fresh and delicious. Be prepared to spend a bit more than for meat in a grocery store, but the quality far surpasses the price difference if price is not your #1 concern.

Sean Welsh

My go to for the best cuts of meat in Columbus!!! Service is impeccable and the shop is always immaculate!!! Can't say enough good things Chef Sean Welsh

Renee Addy

Fresh and wholesome beef, pork and chicken. I’m already thinking about Thanksgiving. When will you be taking Turkey orders?

Jason Prosek

Local neighborhood butcher that was long overdue in Columbus. Amazing range of cuts, a rainbow of sausages, fantastic beers with a bent towards sours from Athens, cheese, charcuterie, etc!

Sara Lindell

Excellent butcher shop, so happy to have this option in Columbus! Great meats, great service. Beer, too!

jeremy castle

Second time coming here, staff is just as friendly and knowledgeable than the first time. Glad these type of places are still around.

Kristy List

Love this place! I love buying cuts of meat I haven't heard of before. The staff are always super informative about their cuts and help advise on best ways to cook so don't be intimidated by their selection! Also the sausage is so delicious. And they have a great charcuterie section.

sheri Mount

Awesome place. Lots of local products. Great butcher

Max Arnold

I personally drive in from Gahanna just to go buy meat and cheese from here, and it's more than worth the trip every time. It's been fun watching them grow their selection over the last couple years to include more local products than just meat, like beer and wine. Also, the staff seriously could not be nicer.

Daniel B

Synopsis: A huge bone chip in my ground beef broke my temporary filling (and would have had seriously impactions had my 3 year old gotten it) and they're response was dismissive and literally nothing than "that happens sometimes". A nearly 1/2 piece of bone in their ground beef broke my crown. The fragments in the rest of the burger show it went through their equipment. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt so I brought the bone chip into their sure. I spoke to Dustin, the manager, said "that happens sometimes". Honestly, I expected a far more conciliatory tone. My three year old would have likely suffered seriously consequences. Even sure making that point, Dustin seemed to doubt my authenticity despite looking up the transaction and verifying what I had told him. He looked up the transaction from Sunday where my Dad bought the meat. He verified everything. Nothing about his behavior seemed anything other than dismissive and doubting my authenticity. I tried to avoid having to blast here. But Dustin had anything but a conciliatory response. He minimized the situation saying that bone fragments are unavoidable. That is a completely irresponsible attitude. Half inch bone chunks shouldn't "just happen". My grandfather was a butcher. I'm proud of those who are trying to revive neighborhood anchors like this place. But he would have never left this on the customer and would have at least had some kind of conciliatory response.

Melissa Walters Baxter

Just love this place. Incredible products and great service, what more could you want? We moved out of the area (25 minutes)but still go back twice a month to stock up. Our pup loves the smoked bones so much he cries in happiness when we bring one home. Try the Denver steak, or Nashville hot chicken sausage...grab a whole bird to smoke..and get some green chorizo to make a yummy breakfast hash!


The guys behind the counter were very friendly and knowledgeable. I don’t mind paying more to know where my food comes from and how it’s raised. When I say “pay more” it’s not a terrible jump in price from the Perdue,Tyson brands. From now on I’m only eating meat I hunt or buy from this place. Support your local butcher shop. They also have a small variety of local meats and cheeses for your evening cheese and crackers time.

Rose Marten

This place is really great. The meat is really high quality (you have to try some of their house made sausages!) but the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. They also carry a wide variety of local snacks, cheeses, condiments, beer and more. Can’t find a better local butcher!

Aaron Serfass

The go-to butcher for Ohio-raised grass-fed retail meats and eggs, plus local and regional cheeses and charcuterie. You might suffer from sticker shock at the prices if you're used to cheap meat; quality doesn't come cheap. You'll frequently find the owner behind the counter, and it's obvious that he listens to your needs. I went in looking for uncured bacon one trip, which he didn't have. A week later, uncured bacon was available in the display. Call ahead for special requests, and they will try to grant them. A lot of things are possible since they butcher the carcass in the store rather than stock meat cuts from a processing plant. They carry offal, just ask or call ahead.

Tom Vasale

The Butcher and Grocer is a wonderful wole-animal butcher where they do all of their own butchering in-house. Everything they sell is locally sourced. In addition to the best meat, anywhere, they sell local cheeses and an assortment of other tempting local products.

Tori Nolan

Absolutely, the best butcher shop in Columbus. Quality is out of this world. Worth the drive no matter where you live around the city. This is the only butcher shop I go to now.

Dollie Farrow

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Local Ohio meats, cheese, beer, wine, and other refrigerated and shelf stable items. The only place I know that stocks specialty beef cuts like bavettes, tri-tip, and pichana. The owner has an amazing story, but that’s his to tell. Shop smart, shop local! I’m in love with this place.

Ann Miller-Tobin

Great service. Delicious meats! Always fun to chat with the staff and sample s ok me of the tasty treats they offer! It's my meat heaven in Cbus!

Jacob Wright

Every employee I’ve talked to has been extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I love the quality of the meat and the atmosphere in general! Also, reviews always help local businesses!!


Not the best experience. The help is not overly friendly or helpful. They all semi-act like you are bothering them.

Olivia Maass

The butcher and grocer is a fantastic local butcher shop that always carries a variety of interesting cuts and delicious hand made sausages. 10/10 will visit again.

Rachael Saavedra

This is an amazing place to get grass fed, organic meat. They also have eggs, condiments, beans, and cheese. All locally sourced! And if you're on the keto diet, they have stuff for you. They'll even make bacon without any sugar. They are really knowledgeable about all of their products, as well as how to afford them if you're on a budget. Getting my meat here from now on

Heidi Hagan

This is the only butcher shop I will go to! I don’t eat a lot of meat but when I do I want the best quality and this is the place! Everytime I go I am greated by the friendliest people and I always leave with something wonderful! Don’t bother going anywhere else.

Tyler Fehrman

Best butcher shop in all of Columbus - these guys care deeply about their product, the quality of what you receive, and the experience each customer has upon arrival. Everybody wants “craft beer” all the time - these guys offer “craft meat,” if there is such a thing. Stop by and talk to Tony, the owner, and pick up literally anything - you won’t be disappointed.


Great customer service experience

Tim Martin

Really wish this place was closer to my home of Athens! Every town and area should have a fantastic butcher shop like this that is high on quality with reasonable prices!

Anand Patel

Local meat selection is amazing. The staff is helpful, its clean inside, and they always are bringing in something new (beers, diary products, vegetables)

PandE McKenna

Top quality meats at a price you would expect to pay for the best, but not over the top (comparable to Whole Foods). Fresh Fresh Fresh! Italian and Bratwurst sausages are out of this world. All the beef cuts you would expect and more (try the Bavette, trust me!). I will be making this a weekly stop.

Rob Ryan

Wonderful meat and cheese selection. My wife and I forgot what great steaks and chops were like until we starting going here. Nice beer and wine selections as well. And the staff are friendly and very knowledgeable.

Tina Blackmon

Two lady butchers, very personable. Clean shop and quick service.

Pearl Johnson

Very nice and welcoming team. the shop is very clean and organized. I would certainly visit again to buy lamb meat.

Ralph DiCaprio

Truly outstanding (proper) butcher shop! Whole animal ethic, excellent cuts of beef, pork that you will not easily find anywhere else in town. Staff is awesome! Also fine (but limited) selection of cheeses. Highly recommended.

john blewitt

Firsted once, very clean and very professional. I like the fact they have local specialty items. #supportlocalbusiness

Charlie Dobres

Great meat and cheese and amazing service here. I would recommend it to all my friends. Can’t wait to eat the meat and cheese I purchased here today!

Pavel Prusakov

It's a great local shop with a good selection of beef cuts and a few other meats/cuts. They also have cheese selection that rotates including a few varieties of curds. I always come in and find new things!

Ryan Stevens

Best meat in Columbus. Excellent staff, nothing but the best.

Rob Kincaid

Best (and friendliest) butchers in Columbus.

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