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10988 Gerlaugh Rd, Medway, OH 45341

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REVIEWS OF Copey's Butcher Shop IN Ohio

Mary L

Drop off for processing and went easy but received a call about picking up some items and the lady was super RUDE!!!! Didn't received any paperwork they claimed we should of received when we dropped it off.....

Kelly Ritchie

Great quality beats any grocery store. Always nice ladies to wait on you.

Rickey Baxter

Excellent place to buy meat. Good selection. A little pricey but great product.

Jeff Potter

Great food good cuts friendly staff.

Desiree Mangan

Ann-Charlott Slade

Very down home shop..great customer service...crowded but in/out in record time...will go back for samples too

Shep Dogg

Love Copeys!!

Nicholas Worley

teresa maxwell

Great butcher shop

Kay Lovell

Copey's is an institution of farm to table in these parts. Their beef and pork quality is wonderful. They always have a fully staffed counter and even if there is a line, it moves very quickly. They stock some unusual items such as gourmet butter and interesting jams. There are also plenty of meal completers to help for a quick weeknight dinner. Highly recommended!

Helen M Brown

Love my Corey's best meat in town

cynthia boyd

Ordered a brisket. Cut was good and meat awesome. Pricing is a little high.

K-BEE Images

Love this place good meat and pies.

Anthony S. Adams

Copey's hasbeen an institution in this area for as long as I can remember, and I love to go there. They have fresh, locally-sourced meats, all kinds of meat and cheese snacks, jams and jellies, prepared sides, and a wonderful, helpful staff. Do yourself a favor and go to Copey's!

Gary Shaffer

Treated with respect. Good service.


Questionable amount of product provided at pickup after butcher services... The cut techniques are quality, and the packaing is perfect, but pickups are always light. ...almost like the storefront is getting padded by the butcher side of the house. If a light return isn't a problem for you, the skills here are perfect

Karla Bowman

Great selection of meats and other homemade foods. I've always had a good experience when I shop there.Service is friendly and quick. I buy all my meat from copeys. They have great salads too. Its a wonderful place to shop.

Robert Lee

Very friendly, clean, and organized. The meats look very good quality

Lee Stamper

Nice selection of products and a great value. Very friendly staff.

Rose Elliott

I love shopping here very good deals and the meat is fresh and love the omish potatoe salad.

natay bishop

I love shopping at copeys meat market. It's the only place I like to get meat from, you know that it's good meat and not died red to sell faster like in the store. They are friendly and helpful to you when you come in. And will help you find anything and answer all your questions.

Bob Straz

Aaron Galley

Got 5 filets....cooked them tonight and they were excellent!

Lori Harris

My son loves their pie crust cinnamon rolls.

Scott Franks

Great place,great selection,good prices and a Friendly place!!! Highly recommend!!!!

Teresa Holobaugh

Such great selection

Amy Cowley

Great butcher shop!

henry hermetz

Love Copey's, great product, great value, great service

beth Hutchison

Great meat and the staff are pretty awesome!

Joe Gill

Great place. Great fresh meats. Good selection of each cut. All sorts of "extras" Fast efficient checkout. Clean parking lot. We travel 14 mi just for their meat!

Jason DeFrain

This is by far one of the best butcher shops that I have been to. For such a small store they have an easy to follow flow of traffic making the process nice and smooth. The quality of the meat is always top notch as is the quality of the staff. Quaint, friendly and worth the trip.

Theophanes Loukoumidis

Locally sourced meats and they run their own smokehouse too! Unbeatable quality and service from a true family run business that dates back to the 1950's. You will be amazed at the old fashioned family feel of this placed! Simply the best around.

Beth Barker

Rhonda Osman

Copeys processed meat for us last year. I was completely disgusted with the finished product. Improper cuts, tough steaks and greasy hamburger from a grass fed cow? I will not use Copeys again.

Holly Fernando

This place is super. Family owned, flying the American flag and very helpful. Got my 1/4 cow processed. Reasonable prices and very clean.

Patricia Keirn

We love their chuck and arm roasts and their ground chuck is the best!

vicky coffman

Family own. Clean. People very friendly

Rick Robbins

Great meat, always trusting quality.

Michael Sibole

This place is so clean you could eat off the floor. There cuts of meat home made pies packs of 4 and 20 frozen hamburger patties plus other frozen goods chips pop everything you expect home made from a butcher

Cheri Crothers

Great meats, service

Chris Schindler

Crash Bandit

Everything you expect from a small mom and pop meat shop. Great meat,cold cuts and pies. Very friendly service, even if you want something cut a different way its no problem.

Charles Lawhorn

nice place

Lorinda Ellis

Joshua Garcia

Friendly staff, and good products!

James Voline

Friendly service and fresh meat

Lola Centeno

Always so nice.

Brian Sell

Great butcher service, good packaging and pricing.

Sondra Snyder

wish they had an in season farm market/local veg & fruit then I would not have to go to big box stores

Steve&Kenzie Withem

Amazing meat and service. If I need meat i will go to copey's. Also they have very cheap prices. If you love meat and great deals go to copey's


Nice store. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Nice cuts of meat for the price. Pies are delicious!

Marlene Hays

This is the best meat co. in the area. Every piece of meat has always been the best. Only place to get good fresh meat.....

Frank Ireland

Great butcher shop! Highly recommend.

Vince Duncan

Our go to place for meat.

Robert Burrows

Was able to help within a timely manner even though they were extremely busy. Friendly people and atmosphere. Quality meats at its finest.

Dwayne Lockhart

I love thier meats. They got everything from meat to veggies to cheese, and cakes. Whatever you don't see they will pretty much custom make it for you.

David Plant

Very crowded as expected the last shopping day before Christmas but things moved along very well. The staff friendly and efficient. Customers were all polite and friendly. Very impressive!

lori moore

Always good food a d friendly people

Kathy Fulton

Everyone is super nice. & the filets I purchased were delicious!

Debbie McGrew

Not always able to pick which roast or whatever you are looking for. They want to give you what they grab. But still like the place

John Cody

it was so packed I couldn't even get in. I didn't have enough time to wait I was after ham but I just didn't have that much time to wait so I had to leave.

Jeff Lewis

Super friendly, really good meat. Little bit pricey but we'll worth it.

Mark Vernon

Clean facilities, good service. Nice retail area

Donald wolfe

Good meat shop and a lot more..

Lori Steen

Very friendly and helpful staff. Good quality and fresh.

Tim Wolfram

Great service. I love the Italian sausage and smoked pork chops(when they have them). I stop in at lunch and get their soup and made-to-order deli sandwiches. Prices on meat are close to the non sale prices in the grocery store probably within a dollar a pound.

Edith Newell

Great place to shop for meat

Donna Hickerson

Friendly, homey atmosphere with great quality meats.

Pam Marriott

I absolutely LOVE Copey's. It's my $100 store. Lol

Susan R

My girlfriend and I stopped by there today as our 1st time time experience we loaded up with great food Premium meats and awesome customer service. We will be back.

Janie Skillings

Wonderful quality meat.

tasha floyd

Best fresh meat around the Dayton area . Friendly service . Closed Sunday and Monday's.... wish they were open 7 days a week .

Nate Ludy

Amazing quality products, great hometown environment. Would recommend to anyone!!

Todd Aniballi

The meats are great cuts at a great price ... The bakery goods are to die for .... And the friendly service is second to NONE! On several occasions , they have even stayed open past closing time, waiting for my wife & i to get there ... just so we could get what we need! You won't get that service anywhere else! A big kudos to Copey's!

Alma Yancey

Great place wonderful food

G Johnson

Fresh quality meat indeed

PoppyTim Cahall


James Griffeth

great selections of meats and deli


Do not have your beef butchered here they are known for switching beef here for their benefit!

Doug Peterman

ARBUCKLE ANGUS Co. Has had over 15 years of great service from the Copeys team

Renee Bailey

Always fast and friendly staff

Gary Hedges

Good quality meat!

Bernard Winner

Copey's is the best! I bought 2pounds of bacon. The service was amazing. Their employees are always so courteous. Love their selection of meats and cooked goods. An incredible operation.

Kristina Metzger

Great food....

C Mn

I Buy all my meats here. Great quality and price!

Richard Sodders

I have to give Copy's a 5star vote on the Garlic and Butter marinated chicken breasts.

Bonnie Lynn

Clean and very nice people

April McIntosh

A bit overpriced but everything I've gotten from there is fresh and of good quality.

David West Sr.

Meat, Store, Help all great. Maybe a little over priced.

chrisopher Greear

Don't buy the frozen hamburger in the $60.00 pack. It's disgusting they must be grinding up organs and everything. Tastes horrible.

George Killian Lett

All the ladies behind the counter are awesome!

Teresa Hager

Great people and got out fast. Thanks so much.

Dan Waters

Friendly staff and great meats

Collette Friessen

This is by far one of the best butcher shoppes I have been to! The selection is huge and cuts are generous! The prices are fair and reasonable too! I do believe that this is where I will be getting my meat from now on as they are much better than the grocery store selections/prices.

Warren Willardson

Quality food at quality prices


There chicken salad and ham salad are the best pies are yummy also.

Shane Kennard

Peg Lambert

I love Copeys and the selections are amazing. However I had a very bad experience with a employee on Saturday 7-15-2017.My husband, granddaughter and I Was shopping for a disabled neighbor and she has a Ohio Ebt card and when cashier rang up the merchandise I gave her the card and she looked at her co-worker and rolled her eyes and said " omg can't believe this" . She has no idea of people's situations and to "Try" and EMBARRASS someone like that is not acceptable! I will let everyone know about my experience. I have receipt and hopefully the cashiers number is on there. Hope The manager can look into this situation, and let employee know that is not the way to treat lifelong customers since my father from 1952- til present. Incident happened approximately between 2:25-2:40 pm if you have cameras. Thank you.

Richard Pewitt

They are a clean place , they have a large selection of meats from bacon, steaks, ground Chuck, sliced meats, marinated chicken, and lots of other items such as chips, spicy mustard, different condiments, they also have breads, and other such items. I would recommend them for all of your food needs.

tianna tom

SUCH an amazing place to shop. they have a very wide variety of options whether its frozen, meat, or cheeses. Prices aren't too bad especially because it's all top quality and guaranteed fresh. Any problems are solved quickly and the customer service is outstanding. 12/10 for sure

William Hollar

Copeys is awesome .The people are very nice and are always there for the customer. Everything bought there is top quality. Thanks for being there.

Cheri Robbins

Love their meats and homemade salads. Only place I will eat ham salad


Friendly, great selection, great price

Girth Brooks

Great place for good quality food

Art Applegate

Wide selection of meat, got a beef bundle for $139.00 what a deal!!! Staff very friendly and helpful!!

amy shockey

As an adult, I remember coming here as a young child @1974. I still choose this location not only for fresh meat (not fillers like you get at the grocery), but also for traditions that don't change like their ham salad, cracklings and friendly staff. Great meat, and goodies too for the early birds. Fresh bread, blueberry pie, cookies, cakes, cinnamon rolls, Apple pies all great treats for the upcoming holidays. Love going here.

Bob Hale

Excellent customer service

Bill Madewell

Good. Specials very polite people

Janie Riggs

FRESH, any/everything sold here! You haven't eaten until you choose fresh butchered meats! Epic!

Willies Mom

For excellent quality meats and sausage, there is none better than Copeys. Their cheeses, sliced lunch meats and salads are great, as well. It's worth the drive.

Tom Spicer


Sharon Dodson

Very helpful, friendly staff! Best meat around, costly, but top of the line quality and taste! Ask about their bundle deals, lot's of bang for your buck!

linsy howard

This is a great butcher shop

Peggy Haun

The meat selection is great. The fresh backed goods and pies awesome. Friendly service. All fresh meat and local meat. Doesn't get any better than that.

Bruce Hewlett

Great meat ,other food

Frank Dalie

Good place to shop for meat

Julia Barr

If you want the best meat you can buy this is a place to go.

Jody Kopf

I go there every week, everything is fabulous, a little pricey but with it

garnet holliday

Always clean & helpful. Always busy!! Love Copeys!!

Patricia Fulgham

Friendly helpful..

Joel Hartman

I had some problems with my deer being processed differently than I requested. I talked to Mike there at Copey's, and he corrected the problem immediately, apologized, and sent me a gift certificate for my next deer processing. I will only take my deer to Copey's from here on out!

Kristie L

Very fresh, great selection, must go!

Robert Lyle

Great cabbage rolls nice selection of meats always good service awesome quality

Rick Bianco

The prices are not great, but I love to support local businesses if possible. The selection is good, but not fantastic. With that though, the quality of the products I have purchased have always been really good.

Scot Sinkhorn

Best meat on the planet copey's if you love meat you can't just drive by

Shannon Burnett

Love Copey's always have great meat that is always fresh. Great prices on meat bundles also

Leslie Long

Very nice,clean and friendly

David Burch

I brought my deer to Copey's to be butchered and packaged last month. Before I brought it in, I called to confirm that they would be able to package it in HALF POUND portions. I specifically asked for half pound portions because I live alone and cooking more than a half pound of meat for a single meal for one person is wasteful. I also went over my request with the lady that accepted my deer and took my order. I watched her write down HALF POUND under everything I ordered. 2 weeks later I received a call from Copey's asking me questions about my order, and I once again confirmed that everything would be in half pound portions. Another week goes by and finally I get a call to come pick it up. The staff was nice and friendly but the pricing was a little high ($143). I get home and start looking at the weights of everything, and I honestly don't think a single thing was packaged in half pound portions. All of the ground meat was around 1.25lbs, the steaks were around 1.5lbs, and the tenderloins were all around .25-.40lbs. I'm not asking for exact perfection but considering this is a business that sells meat based on price, they could as least ballpark my request. Next, one of the first steaks I open up and cook still had hair and fur on it! And finally I went to cook some of the Brats (which were also package way overweight) and the casing for the sausage is TERRIBLE. The casing broke apart almost immediately while cooking it in a skillet and almost "sheds" like a snake skin. Not only does it look terrible for plating but the casing also cooks and burns faster than sausage itself (picture attached). Needless to say, I will not be bringing any more deer here for processing and will be telling friends to stay away! PS- Their regular meat for sale is incredibly over priced as well.

Mark GAY Grogg

Best T-Bone steaks

m joseph

The best butcher shop around! They have the largest selection of meats!! Excited to try the pepper bacon!!!

Mark Roberto

Fabulous meats, when we want something red! Always great cuts, lean and cut perfectly, and always consistent. I've never had a better filet from a Morton's or Ruth's Chris steakhouse!

Keith Thompson

Like shopping here,friendly staff.

Greg Marano

AWESOME! Great place and super friendly people

Marsha Randall

Meat bundles are a good deal, ham hocks are BIG and awesome. But they carry more than just meats. Salads, jams, jellies, breads, pies, cheeses, pork rinds, beets & eggs, potato products, butter milk, mush, lard and much more!

Chuck West

Always top quality

Chad Pence

Love , love love this place! Always busy but line moves very quickly, best butcher shop in the area in my opinion. Frozen prepared roast with vegetables included amazing! Thanks Copey's!

Rock Dog Stevens

Excellent choice of Meat's , Treat's all in all an Awesome place to go for a Variety is Copey's the people are Respectful,Polite stay's quit busy

Kim McAfee

Excellent as usual!!!!! Best customer service around, let along the superior quality of products sold!

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