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REVIEWS OF Sun Asian Supermarket IN North Carolina

Alecia Phillips

They have everything you need to make Thai food, Indian food, Japanese food, whatever you want. Lots of good snacks and some fresh made stuff. Their homemade kimchi is awesome.

Felicia Ireland

Just left this place. It was awesome the owner helped us find what we needed. They already had fresh fish sliced to go in sushi. The staff was very friendly. Will definitely go there again.

Lolita Deng

Is very good and close by in my way home

Mia Kaleiwahea-Perry

I've been going here for a while now. I grew up going to markets like this when I was young. This place never disappoints and the owner is always open to suggestions. If they don't have an item let them know and I bet you they'll have it the next time you shop there.

Cassandra velez

They have everything you need and the owner is super nice


We stop here at least twice a month. The best place to stock up on rice, noodles, Korean and Japanese alcoholic beverages, and imported desserts. Sea food is always very fresh and they have the best kimchi in town.

Eric Sutton

This is a great place to find all kinds of Asian food and items at reasonable prices.

justin grady

Go to spot for Asian groceries. The fish market there has amazing crab, fresh fish, and delicious shrimp.

Byron Myers

I have only been here once, but there was variety of foods and goods.

Nicasia Amor

They have all the kit Kats!

Sally Jones

Great little gem for Asian groceries...thai, vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Even Hawaiian with an awesome little fish monger! I get the freshest sashimi here! (AHI)

James Swann

Great selection and great prices. Family owned and operated so service is good and friendly. Love the fresh selection of seafood.

Evita Reyes

They just have everything I need. Super friendly too.

Lee Hye

Great service. Great selection. Some wait time to check out depends on time.

Andy Garcia

Loved the fish market. They cut it up for me and everything

Jeff Chesne

Great and varied selection despite small size. And great prices that are cheaper than other stores around.


Cool stuff here

Dalene Hepburn

It has a good amount of product. It is like so many other Asian markets that the aisles are small and the product is packed in. The vegetable area is pretty small, but they do have a fair amount of selection. I thought the staff was helpful and the store was clean.

Angelique Boozer

Father (owner) and daughter always helpful and friendly.

Allen Catalan

Love the variety of the asian foods, the quality and the prices very reasonable!

Donyelle Vela

Our first time going today! Got the ice cream Mochi and it was so delicious! Definitely going back for more!

Ed Welch

Great folks great place

Deborah Akerson

Great place to shop if you like oriental Food! I make my own so I frequent this shop regularly! Workers are very helpful! Owner is super nice & always smells GREAT!

Lillian Baker

They have various culture foods and a great fish market.

Maranda Brayall

Best store. Friendly people. Alway busy.

Antoinette Shelton

Love this market. Best in Fayetteville as far as variety

Jennifer Gates

An amazing store with a variety of Asian products that you can't find anywhere else.

Nature Fox

A lot of Asian candy/snacks my favorite was the candy especially since I'm Mexican I don't really experience this but now I want to learn more about cultures

k berg

Just nice clean store it has most Asian you would want , plus good looking cashiers.

krisane hyatt

Looooove this place I go at least once a month

Tonya.T Early/Davis

Love this store. I love trying new things. I go an get different spices an try different Noodles they don't have in regular grocery stores. Plus they have a seafood department. An kitchen decor. Like rice cookers. Asian dinner wear. I love going hear. It's a treat I give my self once a month

Kenberger Berger

This place has more than food , a lot of kitchen gadgets . it's above average in cleanliness and ease of finding items on well stocked shelfs. The fresh sea food is very well stocked and staffed. I like it !!

Walter Winn

Great Customer service. The people who work at the fish market are very friendly. Highly recommend you stop by. Check out what they have . Great variety.

Jennifer Ingram

Love this Oriental store. You have to try the jumbo shrimp may cost more but we'll worth it, they are like having lobster as far as taste. Only place I have been that I can get everything I need for making Chinese food. The seafood guy is very nice and helpful and the store cashier's are nice also. Great Store.

Julia Clark

Very nice market for something new. An array of new groceries to try.

Techno-Virus 757

... Sketchy surroundings.


Clean and very well stocked market. Everything you could wish for making and a variety of Asian dishes. This store is filled to the brim! One section is for cooking tools and household items like woks, cute tea sets and knives. Great place to gift shop! Cooking pantry essentials and specialty products like a huge selection of dried mushrooms

William Pendergrass

This is the place to go if you want Asian food. They have everything you need to cook a great meal. I was very impressed and surprised to find Japanese and other oriental cuisines there and cookery.

Rene Monterrosa

Great place

Matt Bloomfield

I love this place. Primarily I look for Korean stuff, they have most everything I look for. Their 반찬 are not the best, but quite good. Their 김치 is great. Lots of variety with other asian and polynesian foods, from what my friends tell me. The prices are reasonable, and it is always quick at the checkout.


If you need specialty items for Asian cuisine start here. The pricing and selection is much better than big box stores.

jason kiernan

Great selection low prices. Get my wonton wraps here.

Glenn Petersen

Great products. Greater staff. Always willing to help.

nikki Cain

Very friendly, clean and they have soju

Angelika Morgan

Very interesting place. They carry a super variety of Asian food. I had no clue, but the staff is very nice and helpful.

Bertie's Retro Boutique

Great prices, had many items I miss from Hawaii❣

Rikkita Santos

Service was amazing! We drive an hour and 30 minutes to this establishment just for what they have.


This is the definition of awesome shopping. I was there today and was looking for pu’er tea. The workers went above and beyond to help out. The owner even came over with suggestions relating to the tea I was looking for. Yes, they had the pu’er tea. They have just about, if not everything relating to Asian grocery. They also carry Kvass. Love this place

John Hamelin

Lots of wonderful things in the store. the staff is very friendly very knowledgeable.

Jennifer Reliford

They have a lot of variety, and awesome vegetarian food.


Neat place to get stuff

Wesley Dodd

Great store excellent customer service lots of great products

adam sayre

Has great products and fresh fish

Francis Murphy

Good place to buy Asian food and other things; the staff are very informative. The only problem I had was that some shelf labels were missing or in the wrong place compared to the items that they were for.

Beauty Boss

The service was very friendly and very helpful. The store was very neat and organized. They had a variety of items to choose from. Pricing was very clearly posted. The employees were very helpful. Check out was easy and fast.

Bill Hudon

This place is the best I've found in the area for 90% of what I want. Most of the time I want ramen, but they have soup kits for things like Sam Gye Tang which is awesome if you're sick. They have fresh deserts, pastries and if you get there early enough, fresh Kim Bap. They have Soju, Banana milk, Pocky/Peppero, and all kinds of cool kitchen utensils, bowls, plates and cookers.

Jason Perdue

Best asian market in cumberland county. Employees very friendly and will help with anything. The fish market in here is also amazing with the best customer relations I've seen.


Best Asian store in Fayetteville and surrounding area ..

Tammy Aurelia Harrison

Sales Hawaiian ingredients and Hawaii condiments etc...sales rice cookers and great supplies for cooking..Asian style ..

Tammy K

They have a wide variety of items and foods. I love that they have some foods, drinks, and seasonings from Hawaii, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines.

B. Wheatley

Love the selection and while I fully understand that some of the items are hard to find the prices are almost extortion. Especially on the seafood.

Al Capers

Your go to spot in Fayetteville for a variety of Asian tings. I get all my sake, plum wine, fresh persimmons, chopsticks, lychee flavored everything, I can go on for days. There's seafood to the left in the back and fruits and veggies. My parents get their betelnut and leaves from here. My brothers haunt this place for the Lilikoi & kingcar. This place is no longer a secret, once you find the thing you're looking for, buy it. Don't balk at the price, it costs money to ship this deliciousness here

Jennifer, Minnehan

The owner was do nice and helpful. All the workers nice and they had items I missed.

James McCalla

Great place to shop for food products.

Kim Turner

Nice but has a distinct odor to it. Prices were nice.

harold schurr

Good but need more Philippine food items

Karen garcia

Always helpful in finding what im looking for. Very nice and friendly staff.

Hannah Crain

I always like shopping here for fresh seafood. Selection is always great.

April J White

Shopping here has been a blass..things you cant find in regular groceries stores you definitely will here...

Liza Wesley

Nice store but very tight place

Doug Baer

Good selection of items. Need more space. Hate driving to Grand Asian Market. Nice staff and very helpful.

V. Johnson

Very welcoming and helpful. Many options. You will not leave empty handed. Will definitely be back!

Garry Nelson III

Even crowded, love the stock.

Alexander Raborn

Decent selection, but a bit pricey. Wish there were more korean frozen dishes


Best place around to get asian food cheap and with great quality

brad ygz

Friendly staff. Good variety in fresh water fish and fresh ocean fishes. I mainly shop here for seafood. They have fresh produce also.

Mr. Choco Cake

Amazing store! I just wish I knew when they always have fish coming in

Lilian Villareal

I love their produce selection. The fish market never disappoints either.

andres crespo

Is the best place to find fresh

steve schmidt

Employees were nice and readily helped with questions. Lots of items to choose from

Bonnie Hair

Great variety of Asian foods. Love going to this store! It is so big I still haven't looked at everything yet.

Sergio Torres

Excellent place to find any Oriental ingredients.

Kit Ram

Great little store with international foods and snacks, kitchenware and little Knick Knacks that you can’t only find here. They also have a good selection of fresh vegetables.

Quran Mack

One of Fayetteville's gems, if you love cooking you have to try this spot out. Oh and best fresh Seafood in town

Crystal Felicetti

Love this place!!! It is huge but everyone who works there are always helpful. Huge selection of food and various products!

Sk Pk

Out of all the Korean markets, this is the best one in Fayetteville. It is small and packed, but it has everything you need for Korean food. I know that they have some other Asian products too. Don't expect to be impressed by appearance, to be honest most small Korean groceries all look like that on the inside.

Karena Casteel

My favorite market. They have fresh seafood and an extensive inventory. Prepackaged foods, all ingredients for scratch preparation, and the tools to do the cooking, not to mention, they are some of thr friendliest folks...

Raizíl Tokashi

I LOVE THIS STORE! I only come here when I visit my sister in NC and let me tell you I STOCK UP. This place has everything! Honey butter chips, ramune, cute chopsticks and bowls, udon, instant noodles, dried squid, YOU NAME IT!!! Best Asian market I've seen so far between south Florida and NC

Philip Riddick

This is a fantastic market. It has a great fish market inside. This is where I shop for ingredients for many of my YouTube videos.

Miss Dee

Excellent place for Asian Cuisine so many things to choose from from Asian kitchenware to food fresh seafood spices and my go-to place for Asian snacks.

Heather Boefanning

Amazing store and great prices and friendly staff

Joseph Keiser

Had everything I wanted and then some. Staff was very helpful and friendly. I would recommend this Asian market to everyone.

Quel Cullinane

Great place and great choices.

Rosalie Murwin

Love the snack aisle and the Korean pancakes

Garrett Maurice

A little small and cramped on the inside, but packed full of just about everything you'd ever want out of an Asian supermarket. We got our monthly stock of seaweed snacks and aloe vera juice from there, everything was great!

Rebecca Ozment

Love this place! They don't always have the same stuff but it is a wonderful selection! Definitely check it out!

Bonnie N Clyde

They have mostly what u need. But they don't have cheddar cheese bar (eden or quezo)

Fayetteville Bail Bond Services

Great place to get supplies for cooking oriental

Alyssa Kaopio-Lopez

Out of the few Asian markets I know in the area, this has got to be my favorite one. My family and I are always coming here for local flavors of home (

Dianne Butler

This store has a variety of Asian groceries and merchandise. The store is clean and well stocked. The prices are reasonable. The associates are pleasant.

Just to be Cleare

I always leave l with things I didnt intend on buying lol.


Awesome place

Harold Shablom

Excellent selection. Staff was very helpful in finding everything that I needed.

GrimKhazi .!

Great choice foods to make some exotic dishes and a place to get food stuffs you won't find anywhere else and cheaper than online

Antonio Brown

I can purchase most of the items I use to eat when I lived in Korea. My wife loves this place.

Sharee Kallie

This is by far one of the best supermarkets in the area. It's products meat the need of any shopper at great prices..

Shillina Williams

Nice people, great selection. DELICIOUS kimchee

Blue & Green Traveling Team

Small, but they carry just about everything you need that's Asian. Great customer service!

Sonya Sandler

was able to get everything i need and all the help u need

Life's A Snore

I love this place!! Especially the ramen noodle variety. I'm excited to go back soon

leonard Averitt

Good prices. Nice selection

Miriam Hunt

We really like shopping here.


Didn't have much for seafood and they were more interested in helping thier own family then us.

peglc legg

Great selection but a bit pricey

Alyssa E

Lovely little Asian supermarket! They have a wide selection of items despite their small size and each time I visit I find something new! They have delicious Asian desserts and snacks with pretty decent prices for produce. Will definitely stop by again!

Christopher Pryer

Best Asian market in Fayetteville. Always a fun place to visit and reminds me of Phnom Penh. Friendly and helpful staff. Very good prices and unique items.

rocky bell

Love this place they were open when hurricane Florence hit Fayetteville.....they had everything I needed from food to gas burners... Thanks Sun Market

Jess E

Maangchi from youtube sent me here "The Korean Grocery Store". She has a series of videos explaining all the main products in a Korean grocery store and its always helpful anytime I go.

Flaming Croatan

Good place a little cramped but good

Rande Thorman

Large selection and helpful

Claudette Bowden

Will be shopping here more often

Amber Risser

Love this place! They're well stocked, and the people are super friendly and helpful

Raf Z'te

This store sells Oriental food and hardware associated to several Asian countries but I was there specifically for the Korean items. Their prices are comparable to other local Asian food stores and their fruits and vegetables are typically fresh. I have been to other International food markets where the prices are slightly lower but you'll need to travel more than 50 miles from this location to get there. The people that run the place are friendly and always have been willing to assist in locating a shelf item. On occasion they sell super fresh seaweed rice wraps which I find delicious.

Aria Bodden

It's always an adventure to visit this market! The employees are always polite and helpful. They have a great selection of products, and it's fun to walk down the aisles and pick up something new. Some of my favorite things to get are the green onions, as they are always clean and well-priced. The fresh kimchi is also delicious. Whenever I buy a container, it's eaten in days. I also love the Korean beef dumplings from the frozen section from the brand Bibigo. They are so easy to cook and taste homemade. The pastries at the checkout counter are amazing, especially the red bean bun. It's delicious with a warm cup of milk or tea. But honestly, all the pastries are super yummy, so I'd recommend them all! Sometimes they have dumplings and other Korean dishes that are freshly made, but they tend to sell quick, so go early! Since I started visiting the market more often, I find myself wanting to cook more Asian food and explore different recipes. It really is a great market.

Rick Sebald

This is where I go for everything Asian in Fayetteville. I've been going since they've opened and there's nowhere better for Korean food, cooking utensils, or fresh and frozen Asian goods. I've had conversations with the owner several times and he's friendly and helpful (and gave me a great recipe for 김치 치개).


Ohhh so many delicious types of seaweed and kelp. Teas and spices to boot. This store is adding 10 extra years to my life by providing the health food I can't find anywhere else.

Sabrena Clayton

Fantastic place to get stuff from overseas that you can't find locally! Staff is friendly and they will order stuff for you as well! Even from Hawaii!

Susan Fowler

My friend from back in school took me to this Wonderful place. Will definitely be going back.


This is a great asian market. However, buyer beware, you can't buy asians here. Seriously though they have great selections on asian food and alcohol and also have asian cooking tools. Tools for cooking asisn food not asian people. There is a seafood market in the back of the store that is the best seafood market in the area. The seafood market is a different owner than the asian market so you will have to pay for those items separately.

Gerard Manibusan

Supermarket is always busy, nice selection and pricing isn't bad either. Visit the supermarket at least twice a month

kenshu renyerk

Got everything here for Asian goodies and stuffs

redd bone

Friendly staff , plenty of items to choose from with great prices. My go to Supermarket.

Sabella Watson

Wonderful place for good authentic Asian products, primarily Korean but definitely plenty of others as well. The produce section is a little small but amazing quality and the fresh fish is superb. Huge frozen/refrigerated section as well.

Grace Jobes

I like it. They r nice


Greatest Asian market in Fayetteville!! They have alot of variety goods. I decided to make some Ichiraku ramen

Joe M

Great local Asian food store. Very good selection of Asian and other foreign country foods. Also very clean, nice and friendly staff.

Bernard Ebo Aggrey

Very affordable and wide variety of groceries, structured parking space and tolerable staff

Lloyd Harrison

Love South Korea while I was stationed there so to find a market that is authentic to the culture is very satisfying to me and I'm very grateful for them.

Davelyn Donoho

Need to come visit..good place to get Asian stuff..other grocery Dont have....


I love coming here to shop for items. The staff are always so friendly and helpful! Everything is reasonably priced.

Christian Patti

Great selection and friendly staff.

Pastor Jacobs

Great place for good Cultural foods...

Gretel Lores

Love this place. Got everything I need here and they even carry Soju. Plus plus :)

Meagan Tucker

Great selection, low prices and good customer service. I especially love the fresh fish selections and the assortment of ramen.

Brian Wolff

Need some little niche Korean cooking item, this place is pretty good.

Mark McKenzie

Always easy to find what om looking for. Staff are knowledge patient

Sarah Michelle

Very friendly and I always find everything I need!

Cielo Ordillas

Best Asian store in Fayetteville..lots of varieties yo choose from

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