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REVIEWS OF Whole Foods Market IN New York

Siobhan Armstrong

Love this place. It IS crowded but the lines move fast, and the quality and variety of the food is outstanding. Last week I got a Loki fish wrap from the food cart that is in the food bar. The Indian man running the cart told me (proudly) that this was his own recipe, and gave me a taste. It was delicious! Get the Loki Fish Wrap!

Frank M

Great place to shop or grab a meal. Lots of selection. They can prepare you something fresh or grab something of the shelves. Lots of checkouts to speed along the process and even tables so you can eat there. Prices are reasonable and the quality is great. If you need something quick, this is for you!

Ida Pacheco

Great food. Have a delicious cup of coffee while you shop.

Margeq McI

Nice place if hunting organically and local grown produce.

M-C Montreal Local - Food Lover

Amazing selection, fresh and clean food, great service

Barb T

It's probably the biggest Whole Foods in the city. They have large Cannoli cream filled Lobster Tails (pastry) that I love. Please note: They cost $4.00 each and don't always have them :( They have someone new (June 2018) at the pastry area that isn't very nice (she may jump over the counter and punch you). I almost didn't go back. If she does something again, I am getting the manager. I spend too much money there to feel threatened. If you don't understand what I want, ask me again. They have most of the groceries I buy. Just check your receipt before you leave because I once got charged for something that I did not purchase and it wasn't even in the bag. Weird. They need to give out numbers at their pastry area since there is no line.

Alyssa Wu

The staff at the 5 items or less needs to get with the program. They don't care how long the line is. Their rather be on break while they are still in the front. No One helps and lets the one and only cashier deal with everything else! I see them talking trying to look busy but in all reality their just letting time pass by. ! Help the customers and your coworker. Take your Break in the break room not by the cashier so customers can be confused !

Melissa Fisher

Always busy due to it's central and convenient location in "the basement" of the shopping mall at Columbus Circle. However, the employees are helpful and checkout is efficient. Whole Foods offers everything from the usual groceries to sushi, salads (both prepacked and a salad bar), soups, sandwiches, baked goods, a variety of cooked foods (prepacked and from hot food bars), and more.

Muhamed Jones

Great variety of food to choose from. This whole foods location in particular has heavy foot traffic. 59st Columbus circle in my opinion is worst than Times Square 42nd street.

F Garcia

The guy on flowers was great, but the Spanish guy at the sushi counter was very rude, so even though I liked the sushi I would not go back for sushi. The store is a little compact and dark, but overall a nice and convenient location.

Anon ymous

I am so so disappointed with Whole Foods since Amazon acquired it. Whole Foods used to be my go-to shop. Amazing flower shop, they assemble the flowers for free with your purchase and they do the best job of any other flower shop. Amazing. They have the best variety of breads, milk, and dairy products including the best cheese. I love love their spray organic hand sanitizers. The seasonal fruits and vegetables that I loved sampling. Why then did I give 1 star? Amazon has completely ruined it. Now fruits are not as fresh. I cannot believe the number of times fruits and vegetables have gone rotten in my fridge fast, compared to previously when they lasted longer. Today I got moldy Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, absolutely unacceptable. They don't keep a stock of milk, the one that I want they usually run out of. I am so disappointed that Amazon has completely ruined this brand and store. My friends also don't find the food as fresh anymore. I also miss other organic fruits and vegetables that are not Driscoll's! The pomegranate seeds are not as fresh, mixed greens are not in stock, oranges came stale once. Perhaps they are saving on inventory costs by stocking more things, but it is affecting quality big time. I now have to look at Foodkick and Fresh Direct, and I don't even like those websites that much, half the things are not in stock. You can get delivery at Whole Foods for $5 which is amazing. Instacart delivers too but if you do order with instacart so many things are out of stock, and the general feeling is that the person shopping doesn't want to find stuff and keeps replacing with something else. Overall not the same experience that I used to have, and have had for many many years.

Beth Walker

Good selection but evpensive..

Nicky ann

I like all the updates and choices here. Its almost like a buffet breakfast spot in the mornings with everyone enjoying a coffee and pastries. Super clean, often low key but great service. Such a reliable place to get a quick lunch and a do it yourself salad.

Susan Levy

Great location znd good vhoice of food. The produce section needs more space

Max R

They pretend to recycle the trash and yet they end up mixing all of them in one big trash can during pickup.

Manuel Gonzalez

For the most part of your standard Whole Foods. It's in the basement when you immediately enter through the front of the Time Warner Center. the selection is a slightly smaller than your average Whole Foods. The layout is a little wonky. But surprisingly lines are not so bad considering its location. They look long but everything moves pretty quickly. If you're going to the park for a picnic it's a nice stop for some food.


No security in the entire building including Whole Foods which is in the basement. This is a big security issue.

Jeremy Will

Customer service was no help..seems like she have no training..has very bad attitude.when u ask a question.

Leonardo Torres

After purchasing a load of groceries, it' nice to be near a major subway station like 59th St to get home fast.

J. Wanjiku Ndugu

Too crowded these days with Amazon grocery shoppers for delivery. The sushi bar is great and very happy team although no sitting bar space. Good groceries and more discounts for Amazon prime members. Nice space upstairs for eating deli food etc...oh, the deli is good plus very well priced organic rotisserie chicken, rarely found in other grocery stores.

Andrew Milano

This location is understaffed or poorly managed. Was here this evening and as the line continued to grow around 8PM they were pulling staff off the register for the end of their shifts. Management didn't seem to care that customers where getting upset while this was raised to them by multiple people. Ended up taking 30 minutes to check out from the point we got in line.

Edward Kowalski

Great selections, always jam-pack crowded and surly cashiers.

Matthew Drutt

Now that Amazon owns the company, there is good reason to be apprehensive about the business practices a resources within thew company. Still the best grocery in the area, but how much of your income go to a company that has labor issues with its workers?

Carla López Castañeda

Whole foods is great. Good variety of organic and healthy options, great produce, fresh bread, prepared food. Avoid evenings when is more crowded.

Zahid Nabi

Amazon has done a nice job here ... One of the nice groccery store

Eli Eli

Super crowded but they seem to have it under control. Good service.

Madelene Feliciano

I love the bulk section, what a great variety from dried fruits to wild rice. You can choose what you need, I am on a budget but, I get a little of everything and totally enjoy. Hot food selection is great whether at the bar or ordering from the chef stations.


Nice range of food. Staff very nice

Alex Luong

My favorite place to rest

Luis Diaz

It's Wholefoods. Incomparable.

Shubhra Dutta

Nice experience. Can find anything for your need here. Starting from food grocery within reasonable price.

Beverley Delay

Love the produce. Still pricey. Difficult to shop when it gets busy which is most of the time.

Arin Canbolat

Great for the prepared foods. Good spot for lunch or dinner. Healthy options at good prices.

Daniel Rhodin

Great location for getting your picnic food! Large selection, but rather expensive. Be aware though that you can’t buy any wine in this store. There’s apparently a stupid rule that you can’t sell wine and food in the same store in NYC. There’s a wine store close by at Columbus circle and Broadway (Columbus circle wine) that can fill that need though.

Pietro Faiella

For fast meals it's the best one....

Eva Zibell

One great whole foods!

Seth Guthartz

Always take a deep breath when I go down into the belly of the beast, but this place never ceases to amaze me with great staff, and lines that move. Sometimes I find too many Instacart shoppers clogging up the place, but generally I can navigate the place pretty well. It helps that I am a regular and know where my items live.

Grace Perez

Customer service is very bad and they are overrated, the workers are nasty and unprofesional.

Ryan Heddins

Nothing is fresh. Employees are trash and not knowledgeable. Food safety is frowned upon because it takes too much time. Prices are ridiculous.

Victor E.

This is one of my favorite Whole Foods in Manhattan -as long as you go off peak hours ( opening until 3 p.m. / 8:30 p.m. till 11 p.m. closing) . The other times in between are crowded with very long lines physically but they always move fast. Be prepared for bumping carts. just to be clear it's located on the sub one level right at the main entrance of the malls. Easy to spot if you enter there but easy to miss if you enter from any other side of the building. Even so, anytime is a good time for the prepared food section. I call it Sushi Pizza because you can pretty much get anything with anyting on top of anything else and I must say the food is outstanding. Fresh sushi, great comfort food, variety of interesting rectangular pizza cooked fresh from brick ovens, various cuisines such as Spanish, Mexican, Indian & Asian, a huge make your own fresh salad bar, and of course the infamous desert section. I often come here just to get a little taste of everything and they charge by the pound not by the type of cuisine. There's a seating area with ample seating which fills up during peak hours. But you usually can scout and find a leaving person or party within 5 minutes. Don't be shy sitting across from a stranger- everyone is too into their food and devices to notice. As far as the aisle shopping, it's your standard Whole Foods: a great selection of fresh and non-perishables at prices higher than I'd like to pay. I usually head up the ten blocks to Trader Joe's for much better prices albeit it less selection. Though it's hard to complain when you have things like a massive cheese display area with selections more than you need. Checkout can sometimes feel painful when you first get in line but it's surprising how fast it moves. All in all for a very Central and tourist heavy Whole Foods I've always had good experiences here.The staff here are particularly friendly and helpful. Bonus: There is a self-serve Amazon locker package pickup in the front of this Whole Foods. Nothing better then grabbing your items safely stored in a ocker(not on your stoop or in your doorway), getting a little snack from the prepared section and opening your packages while you nosh!

Bradley Baker

Not my favorite Whole Foods. It is in the basement, a little hard to find my first time there. I've only been after work on Sunday, and it's been packed every time. The lines seem daunting, but they do move quickly. Selection of non-dairy items is not as good as Bryant Park or Union Square. But they have solid options for what I need.

Agatha C. Melvin

Good layout, easy to navigate. Less catering to Prime customers.....a real turn off.

Michal Satransky

Fine assortment but not enough sweets.

Bill Abrams

If you like organic or have dietary needs, this is the place. Good meat market, bakery, and produce. Complex salad bars also sushi bar. Not bargain level prices.

Damaris Elizabeth Bautista

Great variety of healthy and sustainable stuffs.

Jené Simmons

Great place to grab lunch!

Sissy Ichinohe

When it’s busy, the line at the cashier gets super long. And I didn’t like how they cook Brussels sprouts here (too specific, I know. But I expected something way better and tender but this one was too hard and not delicious.) Other than that, I love coming here to buy something for house parties, lunch, dinner, etc. They have pretty much everything.

Kenneth Cheatham

First: Is inside the mall. once you go in, it is downstair. The whole food has so much plenty of good food. so much choices. I like the buffet that they have because those hot food are amazing. They sometimes switch things up to make it interesting. Hours: If you wanna get some food for lunch time best believed that is it very crowded. The line is pretty long but do not be scared because it goes pretty fast. They also have a food sitting were you eat and has a bathroom. i would recomment this for everyone. the price is kind a expensive but its worth it.


The price for food is really expensive, and there are lots of people around. But the selection and varieties of food sold here is amazing! There is also a section to buy salads / different types of food and put them on a container to-go.

Alrick Collins, Jr.

Probably Mr all-time favourite supermarket. I love the focus on health and wellness.

Unknown Panini

The food is yummy in my tummy!

Xuefei Chen

The carts are designed badly - so hard to maneuver in the cashier lines and the lower part so easily hurts your legs

vivek verma

I have going to this location from the last 4 months and every time I have had disappointment. They are out of fresh vegetables and associates are of no help. They try to avoid you. I have decided no to visit this store any more. Last week I was in line waiting for check out and there were people randomly breaking the line while the person meant to coordinate was chatting with other employee. Really pathetic Whole Foods store I have ever seen! They need complete overhauling of their working team.

Dima Semensky

The tap room - wanted to get a beer - 6 people in line - 30 min later still in line - turns out people are checking out their shopping - quit the line - no beer no business for Whole Foods - fix this

Sandy Qureshi

Very crowded but, service is quick and the staff is very helpful and polite.

Miss G

My rating is based on cashier customer service. Wholefoods, please train your cashiers to be more polite & courteous with the customers we are spending our hard earned income on your over priced items & would like to be treated with decency. On June 16, 2019 around 4:50pm the cashier at register 29 had a very nasty rude attitude. I approached the register n greeted her with a smile and said good afternoon, she didn’t respond or smile back n proceeded to scan my groceries, I was fine with that. However, while she was scanning my groceries, I went through my phone to pull up my wholefoods/Amazon Prime app so that she can scan it for me, but as I’m about to show it to her, she tells me in a loud mean voice “I SEE IT! “ but didn’t scan it right away. I just stood there waiting for her to finish scanning my groceries which weren’t much btw. Once she was done than she scans my app and slams my two grocery bags on the counter with a very nasty aggressive attitude. I dont know what that woman was going through that day but it shouldn’t have to be taken out on your customers, wholefoods!! My fiancé and I are regular wholefoods customers and we’re also Amazon prime customers for over 20 years. Wholefoods, I suggest you take some customers service training tips from Trader Joes. Their cashiers are always very polite and always eager to assist their customers, on top of their food also being healthy n Cheaper then wholefoods. Please fix it WHOLEFOODS!! Thank you!


A supermarket with spacious layout , good assortments, but subpar freshness for the cut flowers and very chaotic and unorganized check-out lines. Wilted flowers remained putting out for sale. The screen of calling number is not properly aligned with check-out lines. So many confused customers slow down the check-out speed and the single dispatcher is not helpful for so many lines spreading far apart.

Ali Griggs

Go see Nae Nae in customer service. She’s the BEST!


My first Whole Foods experience and i gotta say it's my favorite place to hang out haha! I love buying here more than shopping. Their prices are reasonable compared to Paris, and even the most expensive ones are still cheaper than the restaurant. They have a very large selection, I love their vegan products I will missed them!! Staff members are kind and helpful. But it was tricky the first time to check out.

Sarah Lederman

Wonderful variety of delicious, healthy food


This Is just for bakery area. Went at 7:05 to pick up a sheet cake for one of my employees. Lady behind counter looked at me and continued with her closing of bread bags. After 5 minutes she stopped and asked what do you want. I told her. She took another 10 minutes to write on cake. She brings it out And doesn’t know how to use sticker machine. Finally once I’m handed cake it is Cracked all around bottom. I show her. She rolls eyes and gets another one. She comes back and writing isn’t as nice and this cake is also cracked. Her response was that they must just have a problem. No offer to give a discount or try again. I spent almost 30 minutes for a cake that does not look it’s best. I work in area and will never buy cakes here again

Henry Parrott

Pretty good grocery store. I come here almost every day. If you possibly can, try not to come here during peak hours as it gets extremely busy. If you come here at certain times, mostly after 4:30pm on weekdays later in the week, they’re out of almost all produce and are very slow to restock. That being said, most of the time it’s a typical Whole Foods, and what suburbanites might call outrageously high prices, here in New York it’s a pretty good value. Other grocery stores in midtown have comparable prices for inferior produce.

James de Koning

This is an amazing store with a great range of products!! It is a busy store but it's never an issue.

Marisol Diaz

Great place and array of foods. It includes a dinning area. Warning those check out lines are tricky. If you have not use to the line system it can be frustrating to say the least.


Nice staff, not always knowledgeable re: stock but willing to assist. Same as other WF l visited... tasty hot food, self serve & made on order, not too pricey. Good coffee Bar on 125th St. site

Mara Ramos

Excelent prepared food and there are tables available to eat in. The price Is good. There are many types of food depending on you want.

Sebastian Doe

Great Whole Foods with loads of stuff and friendly staff. The place is massive, and in a perfect location for Central Park and Columbus Circle. Definitely come here if you need anything.

Adam Finnefrock

This is the most chaotic Whole Foods. Not only crowded, the store has poor design and flow. The lines to checkout seem clever, but confuse some shoppers leading to conflict. Good news: you can order online with Amazon and skip this store.

Nick C

Tourist Trap. The store is constantly crammed with too many people. It never lets up, ever. The staff are not happy to be there and the store is not a pleasant experience. It’s consistently a 10-15 minute wait in the lines at the cashwrap. I miss the days in 2006 when this store was a luxury to visit.

Derrick Damions

Whole Foods Columbus Circle NYC Wake Up Call! The busiest WF in the world is using PRICE TRICKS, selling LAB FOOD, and so incredibly jam packed at times the fire code is clearly not being enforced.

Wanda Parris

Always clean and food is fresh


Do I love this place? Definitely. It has a wide range of products on offer and there's always something new to discover and try. On days I start late I drop in after my run round central park to pick up groceries for breakfast or dinner. If I'm lucky they'll just bring out some freshly cut fruit to try - which always is a small treat after a run. The bakery has seasonally decorated cakes - which look fun if you have kids. It can get very crowded at times, queues can be long and the system looks confusing at first, but cashiers are swift and friendly.

LM Marsh

My experience at WF this morning makes me never want to shop here again. I dashed in for three things, ended up with six. There was no express line open so I joined the other 50-or-so shoppers in line. Tempers were hot because there were only three lines open. Then they "open" three more lines, but no more cashiers. How was this better? I tell my cashier people are furious about the wait and she said "What's the problem?" clearly oblivious to her surroundings and the yelling people. She forgets my bag credit, so i stop by customer service and mention the line. The customer service person says they don't expect crowds on Wednesday mornings. So, they open the store, but don't expect customers. My mistake was committing to paying higher prices for convenience. You've lost me Columbus Circle Whole Foods.

Charles Bouillon

Mostly organic with a great selection, since the Amazon acquisition, the prices have dropped. Good place for flowers and pre prepared food. The deli counters are full and rich. The fresh meat and fish counters are the best bit in my eyes. Overall highly recommended.

Francine R

I have been to a number of whole foods markets around the country. This one is one of the best for prepared food. Large selection in the hot bar and salad bars and a good espresso based coffee. It is right beside the Columbus circle subway station which makes it very convenient. There is a large lounge with seats and microwave and water if you wish to have your meal at the store.


Hidden undergound to keep throngs of tourists from discovering and overwhelming for many gourmet choices for all meal options and snacks. Already very busy but lines move. Seats and be limited but not to take out to CP in nice day. If you want great bathroom options do not go here but go to main level and take elevator up to several floors which are uncrowded, clean, for the fancy shoppers and diners above the fray.

David Eiglarsh

Great food store.

Jesse Hidalgo

Great store with a variety of items for purchase. The sections are easily set up so you can easily find what you need. Plenty of food, drinks, and health products inside. I was able to find a specific set of multivitamins at a very reasonable price. The store is well staffed and they will help you with whatever you need.

ofek zfoni

Good food, maybe the best, but the store always too crowded it hard to move around

Jean Kuni

Super unorganized lines. Unprofessional and untrained cashiers and managers on weekends, who turned blind to those not sticking to the lining system and jumping the lines. Customer service call center doesn’t take any suggestive feedback and argued back. Avoid the mess and go to the alternatives nearby.

Audrey Sherman

Great store.... but so busy

Alexey Dvornikov

My favorite store ever

María V. Calderas

Buffet food is always warm and the dinning area is always cleaned and organized

Dragonmilk X

This place gets packed, but has an amazing selection of...everything. The ready to eat dining options are meh, but I've not tried them all.

karen j

Produce here is much better than Trader Joe's and Fairway. The customer service is rough, although I have seen the staff get treated very poorly on occasion by some customers. It must be tough to keep up morale when you have to deal with a lot of extremely entitled and irritable customers all day. The prepared foods are not great. I can't wait for Wegmans to open up in Brooklyn this fall. Wegmans is light years ahead of Whole Foods in all categories and will be my go to, even with the extra commute.

Jérôme Renevey

I like the buffet concept and the fact you get alot of healthy organic food. I wish there was such chain in Switzerland too.

usfuturec usa

Amazing grab it yourself foodcourt with space to eat-in !!!


Great supermarket, just always very crowded.

Hailey Xu

Staff had become very unfriendly and the butcher ignored pretty much all my questions and requests. Then the cashier is very rude. It’s a disappointment after having coming here so many times.

RDS Kidon

Excellent food and produce, but very expensive. Still I love to shop here. They have excellent meat.

Angelique Josette Olmo

Best whole foods in manhattan. even had a dessert bar.

Milly Appiah

Very busy store, abundance of items, and their ready to eat selection is very diverse!

Jam Yoo

I go to school right next to this Whole Foods. I come here often to eat sushi at genii sushi bars. It is right at the left when you enter the market. I always get miso soup with California rolls. It is always good and fresh and the sushi chef is kind. You can easily eat at the bar and pay at the bar without going through the long registers. Sushi is always freshly made on the spot!! Always good pizza as well!! Right on the right of the sushi place. Reaaaay good pizza!! We personally haven’t grocery shopped here but Barbara D has! She likes everything. It’s always busy since it is located at Columbus circle but never toooo crowded because the halls are wide. Good food section ranging from strawberries to broccolis.

Germanie Hart

I frequent Whole Foods quite often, even the state where I’m originally from. I attend school 5 minutes away from Whole Foods, so it's very convenient for me. Up until today, I enjoyed shopping at this location. I experienced unacceptable customer service coming from the Wellness Department. The sales associate in particular, Dawn. I had been researching a particular item in regard to skin care, so I decided to ask someone in that department about the item. As I was searching for help, I ran across Dawn. I attempted to ask her about one item, her response in return was very dry, unpleasant and unprofessional. I sensed that she didn’t want to be bothered. I understand this location is very busy but at the same time I am a paying customer with a need. Since they were sold out of the item, I told her this must be a very popular item, her response once again was very dry, rude and unprofessional as if I was a bother to her. She attempted to give me a sample, to which I declined, because it wasn't even enough to sample. (Not that I was looking take with me the entire bottle) She proceeded to bash me in front of her fellow coworkers and customers. As a human being and a paying customer, I was not pleased about her demeanor, attitude and unprofessionalism. This entire experience was unacceptable because I enjoy shopping at Whole Foods overall.

Lourdes M.

The fish is overpriced, they have fruits that are very expensive and not ripe , like the sour soup and them you buy them and they get spoiled, the papayas are always green, the grapes are expensive and the strawberries are always getting spoiled. The vegetables are middle range . The milk and the yogurts and the cereals are ok. The home made breads are good. The food they sell prepared is always the same and very expensive hot and salad bar . The prepare food to take home is not good, very expensive and is from the leftovers of the salad bars.

Andre Tchen

Standard whole foods, somewhat above average, includes a bar pub with good local beers, large selection of prepared foods.

Fred Alluso

This is a great While Foods Market. It is always well stocked and quite clean. The employees are usually quite busy but always strive to smile and provide good customer service. That said, this place has become increasingly difficult to shop at due to the number of customers and the insanity that ensues on the checkout lines.

Tammy Reyes

I remember when they first open... Friendly staff. Sadly that's no more and the rudeness is spreading in all of NY Whole Foods :(

chris lietz

Amazingly crowded but checkout lines weren't too bad considering. Physically difficult to navigate so make sure you know what you want to get ahead.

Theresa Wright

The prices are much more reasonable than before and the food is always fresh.

Asyah Azize

It's not Colombus Circle variety but it's good enough ish I'm not a fan of the store lay out . Do yourself a favor and go check out upstairs its way faster.

Edward Larkin

It's very spacious with a wide variety, & the market associates are very polite, knowledgeable, & helpful... Although i like Trader Joe's better. I think i will frequent here more often...

David Alishayev

Good selection. Prices jumped up after Amazon bought it.

Mariela Tomaghelli

Fabulous place! There is a huge variety of organic food! I visited it several time in my last trip to NYC. I will sure come back!

mayu h

I used 4h guarantee delivery service. They did not deliver on time. They did not contact me. When I called the store, the store changed to multiple people. When I spoke with a manager like person, she was telling me to wait for 10min. She said she would give me a free delivery next time. Then she said she would give me $25 credit. But of course... after 10min, my items were not delivered. I did not need such treatment but just my shopping items!! Whole Foods is now owned by Amazon. They should do a better job.

Kiya Edmonds

Horrible first experience at Whole Foods!! The cashier was really helpful though. I'll be going to a different store from now on! Hopefully their better than this store!

alexei lifa

Great verity of meats

Linas Zajankauskas

This store has good turnover so the food’s fresh. Staff’s attitude is good and rivals that of Trader Joe’s. Maybe it’s the music, or the crowds.

Warren A

Great location. Lisa of food to choose from for breakfast to lunch to dinner. Hot food is cooked fresh and is really tasty. Very busy here so lines can get a little long

Nishka Dhawan

Nothing really wrong with the store or the selection but I have never ever experienced security staff as rude as the people you hire. I won’t be returning.

Mihail-Gabi Damian

One less paying customer for Whole Foods after more than 10 years of shopping there. This is my today story at this store and it will be first and last one. I usually don't write reviews but I will, now. It was myself my wife and 2 kids + my friends from Connecticut with 2 kids wanted to eat something at Whole foods after a day in Central Park. We picked the food. My wife stayed in line and I was sitting with the strollers next to the line when an employee came up to me and said that the line was not where I was standing. I told him that my wife was in line to pay and it was not possible to go with the strollers and the rest of the group. The problem was not him. "The manager" was passing by and stoped to see what happened. She will not listen to what I had to say. The manager said that I " came at the employee " and started yelling at him and than at me. She asked me to leave the store and asked the security to walk me out. She did not even know what happened and not listen to neither of us. It was embarrassing in front of my kids friends and other customers. I said I will not leave, I did not do enything wrong. My family and friends were sitting and eating and I had to leave because my wife was in line paying for the food. I was not in line because my wife was . When I asked for a manager to make a complaint she said I am THE MANAGER and that is when she asked the security to MAKE me leave and I did not. Why this attitude and unprofessionalism? The security from the store said that his manager told him to kick me out of the store. He will not even care of what happened, he only knew what "the manager " said . He than called another gentleman I guess security, it had a blue jacket with LPD initials, very professional, work it out to sit down with my family and friends. I say thank you to him for listening to what happened and understood the situation. Do you think we were able to enjoy the food.....of course NOT but its OK. I will make sure all my friends on social media know about how The Whole Foods at Columbus Circle treats their customers. BEWARE, if you go in group you cannot have one person pay for everything, each one has to stay in line and pay for its own product!!!!!!!

Joanne Johnson

The associate managing the checkout lines was accusatory and handled managing the multiple lines of waiting customers poorly.

Donald Christensen

Another popular mystery. Who enjoys this experience of limited choices, high prices and an excruciating check out process? A long wait time seems to be built into your attempt to pay. Is someone watching with cruel delight to see people being so miserable and patient?

Rafael Sanchez

The meat and seafood section is amazing. I have never seen such a varied selection of product with high quality to choose from. Fruits and vegetables galore, baked goods of all kinds. It's a gastronomic adventure.

Fernando Carrera

Good quality good prices good offerts

Jessica H

I love this place All section is amazing. Great location. It just fresh and clean Perfect

Guzel Fatkhulina

I used to buy a food there and order it online all the time. Last time I had to throw away cooked octopus and fresh cod burger because it was slippery and smelled. So disgusting! Bread was row inside. And this is in one of the fanciest groceries! They probably became too popular and don’t have to care about consumers anymore. I am more than disappointed.

Rodney Jackson

If it wasn't for the idiots who can't figure out the color coded register line I'd give it another star.

Helene Kaminsky

We better improve from money co.

nyc ttocs6973

This Whole Foods is in a great location. We stopped in for a bite to eat before heading upstairs to Jazz at Lincoln Center for a show. The space is massive, busy and crowded, but you can still navigate with relative ease. The lines move quickly so you're in and out.

Gary Hiltz

Great selection of fresh products Good choice and the line goes fast.

Ricki Byrnes

GYPSY ALERT IN WHOLE FOODS COLUMBUS CIRCLE.....INDIA. SMALL, FRAIL, THIN, CASUAL, GRAY HAIR PULLED IN A PONY TAIL...SHE'S FAST, CONFINDENT, AND WILL TELL YOU SHE WAS DRAWN TO YOU BY HER SPIRT GUIDES.....YOUR ORA IS AMAZING...SHES GOT GOOSEBUMPS......LIKE A GREAT FIRST DATE THAT TELLS YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR....(a little humor) UMMMMM....She'll ask which session you want, after great distraction...she does two..185 or 250...then ask you if you have money...and points you in the direction of the nearest ATM.... Shockingly, there are blogs about her....why Whole Foods would not have the precautionary measures to keep her out of the store...? Beyond me... I am a New Yorker, brightly dressed in athletic gear, with a backpack...the perfect target....she thought i'm sure that i was a tourist...she''ll create fear, nervousness, and make you question whether walking away from her is the right thing to do.... walk away...probably to the nearest security etc....she's squirmy , and a pro so by the time you realize...shes gone... BTW...The blog or bloggers say her cell phone will go off in her bag. It did. Probably designed to detain you further...but thankfully...the ring woke me from her gypsy spell.. Whole Foods although i appreciate what you do for the planet... this will make me think from here on...WHY don't you have this "notorious" women's face posted? or in general a sign at the register ( i believe thats when she approaches her target...making sure "they' have money..) Also it very very confusing at the registers with tons of impulse buys... more distractions...Plus shes small....perfect;y hidden behind the lines and shelving.... I will think twice before i head there again..maybe she's working with others....maybe they follow you...who knows......BE CAREFUL INDIA IS WATCHING YOU....

Timothy Killilea

It is a great Whole Foods, however, the breakfast bacon was a little disappointing. This Whole Foods lies in the basement of the Time Warner Center and is accessible via elevator and escalator. On a Sunday morning, you should be able to browse easily enough without bumping into many people, but on other times, it gets pretty busy. The dining area was clean and welcoming. There is a juice bar under the escalator and a lot of other stuff available to eat, too. Enjoy!

carol green

So many choices, such a beautiful array of produce and wonderful prepared food! Love this store.

Tres Williams

Smaller Whole Foods that is almost always super crowded in the lower level of the Time Warner Center. Very good beer selection. Izakaya and beer bar behind the cashiers is a secret gem. I almost feel like I shouldn't be writing this to spill the beans but...head there for a laid back experience sampling from a large selection of local and super crafty beer options paired with reasonably-priced Japanese kitchen food. One less star for the dangerous escalator exit in the busiest area of the store where crowds congregate. They need to add staff to keep people moving away from the escalators during busiest times....

sexy angel

Save your money and go elsewhere otherwise you'll wait for an hour in line to pay. And if you want to eat from their buffet expect to not only wait an hour to pay but you'll struggle to find a table or chair to eat your cold food at. Best to order from one of the truck venders outside and quicker, cheaper too.

Wendy Castillo

Short line, they still had hot food. The fried fish was really really good, chicken not as much. Good eperience over all.

Shirin Peykar

Don't buy their fish!!! I purchased their wild flounder fish recently and when I opened the package at home I found worms crawling all over! When I went back to return it, the customer service representative was not alarmed by this at all and simply gave me a store credit. Seems like a major violation of health code. Truly disgusting!

Makhoul Google

Very nice grocery store, wonderful buffet to go or to eat there. Howvwer, very bad that they generates tons of non-recycling waste even when you eat there.

Anna K

Having worked at a grocery store myself when I was in school and currently owning my own business I am accustomed to understanding the importance of good customer service. To my disappointment this particular Whole Foods store is one of the worst when it comes to this. Staff working on the floor is ready to beat you up if you dare need anything. If they walk around you, it’s like you don’t even exist. They will literally run through you if they could and then give you an attitude for even being there. I understand this store is a convenient location for many in the area but customers shouldn’t be treated this way. The tags in the produce department often don’t match the items so you have to be careful you pay the correct price. Many cashiers will just put your food in your bags with little to zero consideration as to which items are cold/hot/light and heavy. The shopping experience is so unpleasant and stressful that Id rather go a few extra blocks to a different store and get my money’s worth than be overcharged and walk out with a headache and a feeling of anger.

H Rubin

Overpriced. Watch more Graham Stephen show to learn save with your glocery bill at trader Joe's.

Crystal K

Going to stop coming here. I never liked it but it was convenient. Now I would rather walk a little further because it's just a waste of money when most of your fresh produce will go to waste due to BAD quality anyway. Quality of fresh produce has diminished drastically especially over the past month. Yellow spinach, basil that went bad the very next day, bananas that were severely bruised, cucumbers that were frozen (no you cannot de-frost cucumbers), broccoli that was already way overripe, parsley that lasted one day. Variety of organic produce is also ridiculously little. Fairway is much better. No organic limes, no organic asparagus. Organic potato selection is very pitiful. Organic onions bad quality. Staff at check out have abominable attitude. For example, whoever was working yesterday on til 30 at 6.30 pm yesterday (4th June): the number went off on the screen, I went to the til, she did not acknowledge me and instead for a few minutes was trying to find out what a produce was for her neighbouring colleague. And then had the nerve to roll her eyes and get annoyed at me when I was annoyed! But this is just one instance. Also for an 'eco-minded' company, I wonder why they still have plastic bags for fresh produce. It's so bad. I think you should start selling reusable fresh produce bags and ban the plastics altogether.

Diane Washington

Could be better, there's a lot of items they don't carry any more.

Anna Stein

This store is huge and has everything you need in one place! The staff in the store is great. They are helpful and nice despite being very busy. However, I feel like they tried to fit too much stuff in one place which makes the aisles relatively narrow. It can become an issue during busy times and if you have no other option but to shop on the weekend, prepare to spend some time on shopping.

Duncan Morgan

A great selection of foods across a broad spectrum. Its a very busy place but especially in the early evening after work when commuters pop in on their way home. They do make use of paper bags for purchasing but tend to use too many for small items. Take your own if you are into saving some resources.

Daniela Datcu

Busy all day, huge lines and unfriendly staff. At the bakery people are always chatting and let you wait minutes before noticing the customers.

Kevin Carlsen

Fair disclosure when we visited it was valentines day however, even with a reservation we waited about 30 minutes just to be seated. The waitress was kinda rude and the bread was hard as a rock. The knife could barely go through it. The appetizer was extremely small but the redeeming factor in it all is that the food is good. The steak was increadible and if the restaurant had tood service it would be a whole different ball game. For the amount of great steakhouses in NYC I would go elsewhere

Oleg Vinogradov

Ashay at the coffee bar is rude

ablo sow

Best organic foods ever, and super clean

Josef Schaffer

It's whole foods, know what you need, a good place

Leila Souza

Not too crowded even during busy times. Great selection. Gostei.

Marc Pitzke

Very disorganized, long lines, rude staff.

Sean C

Great place to buy groceries! It's usually very busy and you see some interesting people shopping there.

Amy Chen

I usually come to Whole Foods for a quick bite at the buffet. This store doesn’t seem to have a very good or big selection at the hot foods area. I can’t tell if the food is fresh but there were definitely a bunch of fruit flies by the salad dressing station. At least they have plenty of seating upstairs.

Dimitry Roginsky

Worst managed and staffed location that I’ve ever been at. Half of the registered were not staffed, cashiers are extremely slow and ineffective. It took John 20 minutes to ring up one cart. Shift manager in red vest did not take ANY action to address the issue. Took 55 minutes to check out around 8pm on 8/17. 11 items + line barely moved. Just unacceptable.

Gretchen Berger

Prices keep getting better every time I go. Love the hot and cold food buffet. Prime members now get special discounts on various items. Sweet!

Jean Berquin

Nice place just wish they have more vegan options


Very poor service at the fish department, a total lack of knowledge of the product, and oysters were not consumable, dry and bad smell.. not cheap and had to through them away ..

Betsy Kohler

We got an Uber from Brooklyn to Columbus Circle because their page on Google clearly stated that they are OPEN today (Christmas Day). There it is, big orange letters. Open. In contrast to other locations which say they are closed for the holiday. Get here, and its 100% stone CLOSED. Fantastic! We wasted a couple of hours and the expense of 2 Ubers just because whomever is responsible for Whole Food's Columbus Circle pags on Google Places could not be bothered to update the page to reflect the correct information. God knows how many people did the exact same thing as us and wasted their time.

Richard Schagrin

An amazing store. Probably Whole Foods biggest and busiest store. They have an incredible selection of everything, meat, fish, produce and a huge amount of prepared foods.

Jared Yorkston

The food they had on offer was extensive in variety, and delicious. It varied from deli items, sandwiches, soups, salads, beverages etc. I thought it was a bit expensive, however the portions were big. They have a variety of gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and meat filled meals. Their checkout system was based on an assigned colour displayed on a tv screen. This took some getting used too.

Adrianna Christmann

I really like this Whole Foods. Super busy in a good kind of way. Great to grab a tasty hot meal on the go with lots of choices from the food bars. I like that they have a big variety of foods and for me the food has always been fresh and never old. The staff really knows how to move fast too because even with longish lines, the actual wait never is very long.

Nikki M

You can find anything you possibly want in Whole Foods. Great variety of healthy options as well as indulgent items. Just be prepared to stand in a confusing maze of lines. Luckly there is a line moniter

Louisa De Barra

Very busy whenever I have been there. Good selection of products

Elizabeth J

This is the original Whole Foods in New York City. I think it is one of the best. It is large and airy compared to some of the other locations. The staff is friendlier here than the other locations.

Anagha Dalvi

Amazing awesome place to buy fresh vegetables and organic food. They have a great selection in every section. They also have a supplement section. Fresh fish and meat. Sushi bar and deli section. It takes more than 30 mins just to look around. We love to even hang out because of the amazing feel. They have small restaurants inside.


If I could give this store zero stars I would. Disaster, packed, can barely walk without hitting people. I got run over by a employee doing online orders. I wont be going back. If you enjoy feeling like you are stuffed in economy on an airline, or enjoy paying premium prices to then wait on line for 25 minutes behind 200 people, this is the store for you. I left the two items I wanted after much too long finding them and then seeing the longest super market line I have ever seen. No express lines either. Thanks but no thanks.

Isabelle Tran

The selection of foods is good. But it is the service that needs improving. Came late at night and there were crowds of people queuing to pay - simply not enough cashiers. Worse was the person managing the queues was not helpful and quite rude/overwhelmed/annoyed.

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