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REVIEWS OF Super Foodtown of Washington Heights IN New York


I’ve been shopping at this location since they opened and have been being racially profiled the entire time. Many people in the community share this same experience! To make matters worse, they let go all of the quality employees. Smh

roy rodriguez

Great store very clean and well kept. The store is misleading since it’s so nice but it really is priced fairly that is for NYC. By far my favorite grocery store in a few mile radius

Elena Rivera

All the products are fresh

Denise cherry

Love it . Everything is clean bright and beautiful . Has everything love the healthy stuff

Mely Mejia

(Greay grocery A++ )I shop here when I come home to my parents. Today at about 6:30pm, this cashier was so RUDE. The lady with glasses and black hair. She proceeded to fold my loaf of bread in half (which I don't mind) she was wearing gloves and folded the bread by using the tip of the bread ( direct contact of glove to bread) DISGUSTING!! She tossed the rest of my items into a bag which by the way was ripped. I wish the manager was around. I didn't see one in sight. Customer service - F

Bernard P.

Great supermarket, great customer service, all they need is the entire collection of AMYS ORGANIC SOUPS, and ALL THE BOLTHOUSE JUICES. But other than that, beautiful market.

Chrisalys Valerio

It just opened recently so they have some minor improvements to make. Prices are reasonable but for the neighborhood some items are pricey. I would like to see a floor manager or a person appointed to help customers find items.

Inbal Shree

Great variety, organic and healthy options available

Dino Roggiero

Great place to shop

Lisa Sostre

found old meat every time I go

Nina Krauss

This place has an amazing selection of beer, great sushi, and overall has everything I need. Produce is fresh and good quality, but on the expensive side. They loose a star because they used to carry the almond Enlightened popsicles, and they stopped and I haven't moved on emotionally.

Ken Rubin

one of the larger and newer markets in the neighborhood. somewhat upscale, some specialty products

Devon Baez

I love the selection and hours. A full service supermarket is hard to find and this one has it all. Two floors with a craft beer selection, bakery, seafood department, butcher, cheese section, and deli/ made meals. And open til 12!

Michael Medina

i special ordered something they ran out on...very nice friendly and courtious the item was ordered and i was there in three days as they said...awesome

Jafari T

I went in there to pick up a few things after work. This is one of the few markets that has everything I want. The store is clean from what I can see and the staff are helpful and friendly. Fresh veggies and cooked food. I'll always go back there.

Takeda Kiyoko

First and the only decent grocery store in the neighborhood. The only con was that the freezer was broken the other day. The ice cream I bought was all melted. I got a refund but what was sad was no one was going to dump all the possibly melted foods, it seemed. I don't but their frozen food since then. But they have great inexpensive organic foods. So I buy here every week. 2floors. Eat in space on the second floor.

Sayeeda Mentor

I like that fresh produce is the first thing you see when you walk in the store. Checkout is always fast.

Winnifred Lee

Awesome supermarket that has most things you need and things you didn't even know you need but want to try.

Hector Rivera

As a long time resident of Washington Heights, the opening of the Super Foodtown was good news. Much to my dismay, this Super Foodtown has been a mixed blessings. Consumer beware of the price signage and items on sale. The price signage can be misleading. The signage can indicate how much one is saving, but it does not include a savings from original price. Hence, one is unable to determine/compare how much is one really saving. Another thing to look out for is items on sale may not ring up at the register with the sale price, but instead at full price. Leaving the consumer paying full price or pressed to accept the full price when already at checkout. The consumer must be vigilant when it comes to signage and prices.

Sam-ちゃん Miake-Lye-様

Super Foodtown is really well run. The employees are all very helpful and friendly. There are two levels and the upper level has a great selection. Everything is really tidy and almost anything you could want is stocked.

Ben Guralnik

Prices are a bit high for the neighborhood, but overall very clean and great selection. Staff is generally helpful.

Paul Rigano

I love this place, so glad it came to our neighborhood. The main floor has a hot food buffet, pizza, etc, a great news section, fresh produce, all the stuff you'd want from a slightly upscale market. But the second floor has all your standard items at regular Washington heights market prices! Really can't laud this place enough.

Ozzie Montejo

Place had good prices on produce.

Jj McKnight

Great options and a friendly group of cashiers!!

Neal Sutton

I like this store more than the one that's near me. It has a larger selection in the prepared foods and deli department. Everyone that I've interacted with has been friendly and helpful.

jesus tiburcio

This place is great! Reminds me a lot of Whole Foods. Just wish they wouldn’t have so many things in plastic! Also wish they would have labels of the produce stating if they have pesticides or GMOs.

Isabel Tirado

Great store. Very good selection. Clean. No lines. Large.

Hassan Al

Good customer service very clean very fresh best in town

Thomas Daniels

Best supermarket for miles. Fresh meats, seafood, and produce. Excellent prices. Well spaced priducts and friendly service. 0 complaints. Oh..... maybe no parking.

Joyce New

I am so happy with the service and prices, as well as the staff they're very courteous as well as helpful.

Nicholas Vitovitch

Best selection in the neighborhood. Clean and spacious. Friendly staff. Take kindly to product recommendations. Have invested in the local community with events, parties, etc.

Sergio nyclatino

very good place to pick up groceries at a reasonable price fast service and good customer service recommend this place 80% peace

Matt Riese

The best in the neighborhood by far! So glad this opened up! Good warm food, too!

Mr James

I've been shopping here since they opened, and have had nothing but good things to say about this store until tonight. The cashier was extremely rude, would not speak when spoken too, and would roll her eyes of you tried to ask her something. Its employees like that that will turn off customers from shopping there.

Kuroi Aviator

Its an attempt at being "high lux". I'm impressed. I dont like the chicken feet "friendly hands" though. I also dont like the display of chickens with their legs feet. Its kind of kreepy. Im not a big fan of "Boys to men". I know what youre trying to do. You're avoiding music that is too offensive to any ethnicity. Christmas music is a start. Tony Bennett is good also. He's Italian. This business is going to last because an affluent mentality furthers it.

Paulette Schneider

Best supermarket in WAshington heights

Toni Perry

There are too many instances when I come in and have to check my bag myself while people are talking and joking instead of paying attention to there customers and the prices are high also.Come on people!

J Nancy

Good. Good. Ggggggg real. Good

Maryann Rosado

Beautiful experience, it has two floors of everything you would like to buy, every clean too, loved it.

Leonel Matos

Love the fact they offer vegan options. The Store is clean for the most part. The price is a bit high compared to Whole Foods Or even Trader Joes. Nice Backup Grocery Store For Sure.

yarot mendoza

Great selection big 2 floors clean and friendly

cheryl mccants

I love this Store Never a problem Service excellent I refer everybody come here Great Customer Service if you don't see Ask They will get it

Alex Alvarez

Lots of selections and pretty girls

Cheo Fajardo

Great butcher in second floor. Price are a bit higher but I don’t mind paying for quality. Let’s not forget the beer selection is amazing!!!

David Cruz

About time. Good source to find food when your vegan. It's not a wholefoods but it is good.

Christian Rendon

I like this place for two reasons, the sushi sold there is made daily on site and taste great. Second is the discount they provide to NYP employees and Columbia students.

salem matan

The best supermarket in the city super clean friendly staff

Joel Rector

Nice place

James Fender

Friendly people, decent prices, varied selection. What more could you want in a neighborhood grocery?

Kenneth Sikes

I've been coming since they opened. In the last few weeks I've left more than once without buying anything. Items aren't stocked where they are supposed to be, if they're even stocked at all. Staff aren't even able to find items that aren't scanning, so there's inventory problems on multiple levels. I suspect it's gotten so bad they don't even know when they run out of items, or at least I haven't seen an effort to restock multiple things on my regular shopping list.

Nicole Averescu

Clean, well stocked, great staff. It's a pleasure to shop here.

tatiana paulino

Efficient, clean, friendly and lots to choose from!!!

Dan B

++++++++++ UPDATE ++++++++++ I just reread this review and CAN NOT BELIEVE the escalator has really been broken for 8 months. EIGHT MONTHS! The stupid thing still doesnt' work. And the stupid store still runs only one elevator at a time (and both def. work since the operating elevator changes.) Down to 1 star. ++++++++++ ORIGINAL REVIEW ++++++++++ Consistently inconsistent. You never know what you'll find when you walk in. One day the aisles are clear, produce is properly labeled, and the cashiers are minimally engaging (I don't expect much but at least one word would be good). The next time I go in and it's absolute mayhem. At least one of the escalators is broken (& has been for a week), the aisles are blocked with boxes stacked on both sides & the stockers treat you like you are in their way, and the cashier is surreptitiously texting or chatting with her aunt over your shoulder. And what's the deal with the upstairs register? It seems like management doesn't want it used. First they stuck a 'cash only' sign on it. Which was a lie since I saw a cashier let a customer use her card -- but told me 5 minutes later that it didn't work! Now it's just closed all the time. Also, with the amount of traffic in mid afternoon why is only one elevator running? People are waiting and blocking the entrance every time you try to exit.

Viktor Dsign

Clean and neat please. Reminds me of a mini whole foods. Now its my new goto grocery story since they opened.

Sara Harms

Love the atmosphere, friendly staff, free delivery and the wide selection of quality food including organic and ready made dishes. So happy to have them in the neighborhood!

Andrew J Blum

SUCH a good supermarket. Perhaps my favorite ever. Whenever friends or family visit me....I take them to Super Foodtown. I like it so much. I give them mandatory, unofficial tours. I take them down every aisle, and I point out the deals. "12 limes for a dollar (with $25 purchase), that's a whole lotta limes (with such a reasonable condition)!"

lois fenner

I love this place. The cooked food at the salad bar is absolutely fabulous! The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is because they are expensive.

Lance P

Amazing supermarket in the Heights. Definitely a welcomed addition to the neighborhood. They have an excellent variety of produce, meats, cold cuts, hot bar, and frozen foods. It’s 2 stories tall, very clean and organized, and they even carry all the hipster products you would find downtown like kambucha. My go to supermarket for sure!

Mary Jean Murphy

An unreal beer selection. It makes no sense that this wonderful beer selection is here. But we don’t ask questions...

Timothy Alex

Love this location! Layout and selection is fantastic and the staff in particular are friendly, helpful and genuinely interested in being helpful! Keep it up!


This Store is always fully Stocked & Immaculate! Hot buffet style food bars. Upstairs shopping with working elevator or escalators. Staff is Effective, Friendly & Efficient from the Management, to The Cashiers on Front Line. A pleasure to shop there!!❤

Ahmed Amari

Great staff

Sonah Lee

While I was initially really excited a larger grocery store was coming into the neighborhood, there have been some issues shopping here when it comes to the quality of produce, accurate pricing at the register and professionalism of staff. Vegetables and fruits are hit-or-miss when it comes to freshness. Sometimes some standard vegetables aren't even stocked and only available pre-cut, with a cost premium added on for the labor and packaging. Watch out for produce that's in front and on sale, because it's probably old or overstocked and about to go bad if it isn't already. Oftentimes I've found that I get overcharged for produce that is rung up incorrectly because staff didn't know what it was or rang it up as an organic vegetable when it is not. There are also numerous times that something that I chose because it was advertised on sale will ring up at full price at the register and I have to slow down the line and ask for it to be fixed - if I even catch it at the time. Most staff are friendly and nice, but a select few have been rude at the register. Overall, no one seems to know how to bag groceries properly so I usually do it myself or have to redo some of it after I leave the register area. But to end this review with some pros: their in-store made products like salsa and hummus is great, they have a great beer/cider selection in the back and - away from any produce or fresh foods - the overall selection of most food items is plentiful in their stocked shelves.

Mark Hollinger

Super new spot with awesome deli, good fresh veggies and awesome selection. Best in the Hood!

Michael Luben

This grocery store is fantastic. It is more like a while foods, but with a much better price tag. I personally love the 2 aisles of all the different beers and ciders a person could want.

catherine Moncion

Wow this supermarket just the bomb! When I say this supermarket has everything it has it all. I love this market I hope it never goes away, also the bakery is really good and they make fresh bread & the sushi spot inside is to die for

John Goodrick

Pretty good selection of prepared food and produce; one of the best places to get groceries in the neighborhood.

Teresa Moran

Got my favorite yogurt I thought I'll never find it again

Melissa Reyes

Great selection, fresh products, friendly employees, and very clean and organized location. Not the cheapest, but when there are promotions they're pretty decent. Delivery is fast, professional, and convenient. Best of all, its free!

Kou Shepard

Excellent fresh vegetables, fruits. Hot plate made daily. Wide selection of on the shelf products. All cards accepted.

Jay Jay

Always a good experience

Saswata Banerjee

A huge store with varieties of foods. They sell raw vegetables, fruits, dairies, cooked food, meat, fish, and other groceries. Price is so so. The fruit section is very good, vegetables are not great in terms of variety. Dairy section is big. Cooked food seems to be left open for long time and you can sense it from their appearance. Sometimes there will be sale on different stuff, but the amount one can save per article is not very much.

smite007 .

the store is a++ but if you like to be followed around like you are a shoplifter and having workers stand by you win you check out and have the cashier slow down and question are you sure you whant to purchase items as if thay know you are a shoplifter next time i video my experience at Super Foodtown Broadway Manhattan and put on you tube for all to see

Sasha Walter

Accused me of stealing when i came in with other bags from a competing grocery store (c town). Very snarky and rude people that work here and This place is expensive regardless. Never coming back!!!

Wm Hirschfeld

Last 2 times I shopped there, I was charged full price for sale items (yellow squash 1.49lb in circular/1.99lb on receipt & pretzels $2 sticker on bag/2.99 on receipt.)

Mary Middleton

Good variety of products but on occasion there are a few rude employees that do not have good customer service skills. Makes it bad for those employees that do. The workers at 145th Street and St. Nicholas location are better.

Vicky Good

Great addition to my area. I love all they have to offer. We finally have a place that has a great selection of gluten free and organic foods. Their hot bar is pretty good too. The only thing i would change is their quality of meat, can't say it's that good.

Wilson Guzman

Awesome Supermarket that's open late. This is my choice supermarket, even though it is 7 blocks away from my apartment. C-Town doesn't come close to competing with the deals and the variety that Foodtown offers. Make sure to sign up for their loyalty card to get extra deals and lower prices on some sale items.


Good place for stables....except fish or seafood. The fishmonger is dishonest. He will tell you it's fresh while the fish REEKS. Made the mistake once, never again. Totally unacceptable.

Vik White

One of the best shops in the area.

Michael Bovee

Nice, BIG, CLEAN Grocery Store

Avi B Nagel

This grocery store is consistently dishonest and misleading with their pricing and sales. Their business practice is very questionable and they often do not honor their own sales or rewards. Be very careful that you are not overcharged.

Paulo Bud

The supermarket is good but prices on tag many times don't match the ones on the cashier.

Jason Miles

Good selection of food and beer, but cashier customer service was super unhelpful.

Jamie Jimenez

Great Super Market. Clean, close to home, great prices and they deliver

Megan Brattole

Convenient clean and organized. Great selection of products.

Jessica Rosinski

Amazing two story grocery store in Washington Heights. Welcome addition to the neighborhood!

Tom D

Best grocery store in the Heights

John Michael Sudol

It's sort-of the "Whole Foods" of Washington Heights, but not really. But you can find plenty of good fresh stuff, including organic and non-gmo.

Rebeca R

Great varieties of brands and is very clean and organized

Noelia Miranda

Everything is organized and fruits and vegetables are fresh.

Jamel Burgess

The best supermarket in Washington heights. Great seafood department

Thomas Cromer

I enjoy all aspects of this grocery store! It’s spacious, clean, and well lit. They have great weekly deals and fresh foods. It’s unlike any other grocery in the city and it’s right near me. They’ve got some fast checkers too. Be sure to grab one of their cards so you can maximize savings.

Jay Sup

Heard some dirty things from some employees who work there. Don't buy any of the foods they make. Dates also get changed as well

Howard Inman

Good choice of quality food

Cary Collins

Great selection, except for elevator being out of commission, the store is clean and my checker, very nice. I first walked in & needed an item , help was there. Thanks to you all!

Adam Watts

Huge and spacious new store with everything you could want and at competitive prices. Seems like they have a pharmacy coming soon too.

David Canales

Good place, it's very well equipped and has a lot of varieties, kinds, and food brands to choose, prices are ok, some times they got good discounts and offers. If it's near you, you can check it and look for anything you need. I think I will come back again.

Josh Rivera

My favorite grocery store in the neighborhood. Pretty good deals to help with high prices of groceries in NYC. It’s no suburban ShopRite, but it beats the rest of the grocery stores in the heights. Clean, easy to navigate and fast checkout.

Eddie Ali

Great place to shop

James Pritchard

Best supermarket in the hood! It feels like a supermarket you would find in a suburban town in middle-America, with the convenience of being in NYC. It has a great selection of food and household products, and it’s usually very clean. The staff are usually friendly enough, and most are bilingual.

Emily Chen

2 floors, lots of gourmet options (in addition to the staples) - and at a great price, great beer selection!

Mikey Tavarez

Let's cut to the chase here. This market is expensive, no way around that. Also while i suspect cleaniness counts for alot to the hipster caucasian crowd here, reviewing this place, it comes at an expensive premium. The C-Town 2 avenues away is much more affordable with REAL savings and discounts. This is A market strictly for the new influx of affluent caucasians moving into this neighborhood. That's pretty much the bitter pill right there...

Rafael Morales

Nice place

Alaney Parker

Great place to get healthy, affordable groceries! I just wish the staff was a little bit more inviting. I'll go up and say hi, and they just grab my stuff and tell me my total without saying a thing. Otherwise, good place!

Dylan Easterday

Great selection

Sandra McLean

Very convenient; courteous staff ready to serve.

Sharrell Mesh-Alexander

It was my first time visiting..I loved it... It has the feel of a Whole Foods... Everything was well placed and fresh...I will diffently go back.

Finis Williams

Best sales and service!!! My Favorite! Great Pokey & Sushi! All staff here are the best!

Gilberto Fernandez

Nicer than the competition

Cornell Jones

The Deli department has wonderful customer service

Arnell Benjamin

I was very pleased and i will shop there again.

Jim Hawkins

This is a very good store and a major welcome Uptown.

Official Hezi Hacks Jr

This is a really great place, not only do they have the most popular foods that everyone buys. But they have a decent selection of organic food, so you don't have to go too far to get essential organics that you can just get here. Also it's a very big store and the staff is nice.

Artur Elson

On par with a Whole Foods but better prices

Elizabeth Cruz

Fresh and appetizing, very clean, everyone was friendly and helpful

Lou Goitia

Very clean and great products..

Arturo Mena

Well stocked in a convenient location. Provides freshly baked bread, meat cuts, prepared food and some select products that appeal to the latin-american community in this neighborhood. Need to go to second floor for dairy products and cereal which is a bit inconvenient.

yirelis garcia

Very good with my experience , it's quite a good nuts..

Maria Julia

Best Supermarket ever!! They got everything!!

Jen G

Great food selection. Love the buffet style too so in case your not wanting to cook at home, you can pick up a whole chicken to go. Very clean and organized.

Yolanda Walton

I love shopping at super Footown at Washington Heights the food is fresh and clean and it's quality of food is excellent

Radhames Carela

Love the selection of fruit. Come here all the time for Honeydew.

Nunu Mansur

Always has great deals

Maribel G

My Son and I love to go to this Supermarket!

Tony Parodi

Everything that this neighborhood needed. Great selection quality and hours. Nothing in the neighborhood compares to it. It has a buffet which is pretty standard Spanish/American food catering to the neighborhood. The Deli area is top notch. The bakery area will have most things you might be looking for (beware this section closes early.) The butcher section is awesome, they will cut to your specification. Every type of Ice Cream you would have at W***e F**d. Great selection--two floors worth. I just wish the milk wasn't on the second floor.

William Champion

Love this supermarket. Huge beer selection

Ariano Gomes

The best supermarket in Washington Heights. Great hot salad bar. And don't forget to visit the cafe on the top floor.

Rosario De La Cruz

Great place to buy fresh food

Roman Panagushin

I love everything about this market. Especially large assortment of healthy foods.

Kelvin Kargbo

Great shopping experience.

Hanna Mosenthal

Pleasantly surprised by this supermarket. I used to go all the way to the 125th whole foods every week but this place has most of the products that I buy and good prices on produce

Diana Garner

Awful! Organic produce is always spoiled with mold. Shelfs are typically empty or stocked with expired food. Employes are extremely unhelpful and rude. I will no longer be shopping with an organization that feels old food is acceptable.

François Pierre

Very clean and organized

Albie Llada

They have a full variety of food. Maybe just a few brands not in the list. Mildly expensive, but they compensate with sales in all Dept.. At least the ones I shop at. The negatives are that they sell store baked cookies that are smaller in size from the 145th St. Foodtown store. They also tend to be poorer quality than the 145th St store. I bought some chocolate color, chocolate chip cookies that felt and tasted stale. And they have a salad bar that just went from 6.99 a pound to 7.49. The problem they always had and still have after raising the price is keeping the food hot in a uniform. There are hotspots, warm spots, room temperature spots. I complained about the price hike on the points of quality and heating of food. I was told a new chef started. I complained again directly to the chef about my concerns two days ago. Today, the same issues exists. I will say that some of their bakery goods are nicely priced, and some over priced. It will depend on your craving when you discover this. If you compare them to Food Emporium, you will know they really aren't that expensive. Great presentation. Unfortunately, you have to take an elevator if you are shopping with a shopping cart to see all groups scattered on two floors. They also have an escalator if you are shopping light that you can take. They also have pretty good pizza. They are not cheap with the cheese and tomato sauce like some other places for a buy more than one price. The bread tastes really good when you find you find out you ate the cheesy area and your down to the crust. Good tasting bread. Some pizza shops that use the word Famous to lure a customer have some of the worst tasting breads for their pizza. Nice place to shop overall.

Valerie Santana

Amazing place. Fresh food and very immaculate and friendly faces. I come here all the time. I

Martha Hernandez

I've lived in Washington heights my whole life, by far the best supermarket in the neighborhood! A bit pricey compared to local supermarkets BUT SO MUCH BETTER THAN CTOWN! Great selection of products, I was so happy to see dairy free products! Great customer service!

Starlene Moore

The best I have shopped at and is comparable to Wholefood due in Sushi, Organic products and a variety of gluten free products.

Chany Cepeda

I love to shop here! Super big ,nice and clean. You can get major savings with their club card too!

Take some BubbleJuic

It's one of the most complete supermarket in the area. It has an amazing bakery, and a great buffet. I love it!

Garo Agopian

The best part is that it stays open til midnight!


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Michael Kaplan

Wide selection of products, good produce section, clean, helpful staff. Moderate prices

selena smith

Not bad for a two level supermarket. Fresh produce, bread and a hot food bar is on the first floor. Take the elevator or escalator upstairs for the meat market/butcher counter, frozen foods, dairy and plenty of organic foods & spices. The staff is mostly bilingual, Professional, friendly and helpful.

UltiCurly Sophie

I really wanted to love this place but it keeps getting worse every week. 1. Be careful about the sale items they offer. Double check...triple check your receipt, you may get charged incorrectly! 2. My husband witnessed the produce employees picking out the bad fruits out of the cartons (eg strawberries, berries etc) and taking other berries from the cartons next to it to replace the bad ones they threw out. So if it weighed a pound you are now buying less for the same price. 3. Expired items everywhere! Beware! 4. The delivery is promised within an hour and I waited 2 1/2hrs for my items! When I called to complain there is no accountability for what happened and they were so eager to hang up on me before even taking my name to double check if my groceries were on their way. This is poor business. After spending our hard earned money every week to get service like this is deplorable! We will be taking our business elsewhere.

R. H.

Wide selection but be CAREFUL!! Expired items on the shelf... Not the best customer service (educated and unprofessional). However, the fish market is okay.


Good selection, decent prices.

Jehan O. Young

Operating hours posted as 7am-12am. It's 11:45p and it's closed. So much for the neighborhood grocery.

Aquanetta Wright

Very clean. Large variety if goods

Thomas Baez

Excellent Supermarket. Has 2 floors, personal carts can be left safely at the front. Has great variety of cheese, beers, fresh fruits, etc. Very reasonable prices as well!

Nakia Alford-Saunders

Every employee is helpful and knowledgeable

Bill M.

Good products, good service...

Tracy Gutierrez

Average supermarket

Sabrina Greenfield

very unprofessional and rude people that work here.

Angela Rizzi

I enjoy from here lots of things can't find anywhere and very clean


Very nice sized supermaket, with a great selection of food. The sandwich counter sells boars head meat and there is even a large seating area on the second floor if you wanted to have lunch there.

yolanda williams-pursley

Love this store

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