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100 Oak Point Ave, The Bronx, NY 10474, United States

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Currently this business has a score of 4.2 out of 5 and the rating was based on 172 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Restaurant Depot IN New York

Lee Jean

Geoffry Thomas

Everything for a restaurant , bar , or home in bulk !!!

Mintu Patel

Làrry B

Credit card machine broke additional wait after check out

flora pllumbaj

Yadira Valentin

carrie dager

Super resource for our non profit organization! Mind boggling place...this is no COSTCO or BJ's, way beyond!


Great selection and hours but the workers/cashiers are so damn slow. Your best options are the Maspeth and or the College Point location. Don’t even get me started on the Brooklyn location!!!

Gianluca Sirianni

En Li

Rude service.

edward christman

Great inventory great selection and pricing

Rick Strickland

Great place to get supplies for your resturant. No one was ever rude to me when i asked for assistance, they should add delivery.

Kayb Boa

Adnan Ail

Raul Gonzalez

Albert Hechme

It's not what it seems!! When they tell you wholesale it should be cheaper than what you would pay at a supermarket. I'm buying from a local farm in Emmaus PA now for my restaurant and going to Sam's Club and Bj. Also there are a lot of employees there that hardly speak English Wichita is sad cause when you need help they can't communicate with you properly.

Valerio Cerda


Saul Savinon

Happy Pelwaan

Allways Check your prices on the receipt. Sometimes you buy single item and they charge you for whole case. Be very careful and again check your receipt right after you pay. Other then that people are nice they help you when ever you need help.

Chris Tragedia

Amazing.. Screw these reviews by typical hater Americans....

Leo1976 HH2802

abimbola olusoji

sherif elshagery

Awesome store but the store hours are so bad specially for the weekends

Bilal ahmed

Good customer service and all worker is well prepared for helping they are customer. Thank you

Mahamad Keita

Big place. Lots of stuff

barry sullivan

Elizabeth Abreu

Gibril Saidy

shopon talukder

Lanni McCall

Jaime Wilson

Great value

Wendy Burgos

Rasista!!pedí hablar con una persona que habla español y me dijo que el no savia hablar y no me quiso ayudar..

Craig A. Smith

Janser Coronado

Oscar Alcalá


Amazing selection

ebrima jobarteh

Very positive.

Samuel Elias

Short on special order. Quantities from my order were sold on shelf to supplement stores short stock. Had to pay my prep help for second day when additional product came in to prepare for an event.

Paul Gordon

justin zayas

Z Vaughn

Thiago Novo

Overdue products and bad Customer service. After try to get a better product with 3 people, no one moved to do anything. Manager prefer to accuse me for throw the bad product than try to fix their problem. Employees without knowledge and managers without sense of urgency to fix problem. Another customer had to wait so long for someone bring him a product that never came ... The last "manager" also prefer to kick me out of "his place".

Yemen Knight الفارس اليمني

Shopping carts are broken... Workers keep using the f word over everything.... I wish If my business was closer to the Brooklyn location.....

Patrick Murphy

I always find something new and exciting in this place

Theodore Wilson

Ben Komis

Too dirty at warehouse

Antinio Rosario

Donde ahí de todos y buen precio

Isidro Paulino

(Translated by Google) Fabulous (Original) Fabuloso

victor Lopez

zakria hadwan

Huang Yang

Asad Bajwa

maurice johnson

denise dell'alba-bright

Harry Snover

Love this place

Bryant Bryant

Brian Hahn

prices are good, check out is a nightmare. everytime i go the cashier just cant manage to count my order correctly causing me to waste an additional 20 minutes or so waiting for them to figure it out,,,then after all of that you get counted at the door once again,,,SMH,,sometimes not worth the savings.

guangming zhou

angel lorenzo reyes

Oc cifuentes

This place is great and the people are so nice

Tom Shafer

Selection, price, wide aisles, clean.

Alphonso Alexander

Beautiful thanks

Dan Kunkel

Greg Cooper

Chris Spengler


Natashia Taylor

Brandon Ho

FaZe canchola1003

ibrahim cholakov

Arshad Abrar

Cesar Vazquez

Lo que buscas Esta aqui

Sandra Flecha

Steve Catechis

In and out at 4am

Carlos Velasquez

narciso García

(Translated by Google) good ones (Original) Buenos

Sanel Alesevic

Great store great staff

manuel Montero

(Translated by Google) The best place for. To buy (Original) El lugar mejor para. Comprar

george norris

love this place

Chris Jiménez

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Owen McFarlane


Very good services...

Moises Amigon

Katie Reichenbach

I don't know why people wouldn't like this place. You may have to wait in line for a minute or two but everyone is polite and helpful (if you ask) and prices and quality are great!!

Steven Baker

hanif saber

Great personnels great manager and friendly

Fer Limas

Jim Niedosik

Totally awesome.


Always great prices.

sami nasser

Sams club is away better with service and prices

lizzy and jasmel

Marion Williams

Kaitlyn Smith

Andrew Drumfire

great guys at the receiving , quick in & out , overnight parking available .

Falconry Essentials

The older Gentlemen working in the Seafood Department was very friendly and helpful. This store was cleaner and more organized than previous visits. People need to understand, this is a wholesale location, not Whole foods. Good prices on bulk items.

Daddy Bear's Cooking

Not wholesale pricing but great service from the men working in the isles and the front check out very friendly atmosphere 5th star I cant give because of prices 12 pack of bounty towles can get cheaper at Walgreens

Xyon Smith

Place is always pack with folks buying, you can find just about anything food related in here. Services was good, I was in and out in a good time.

David Senecal

Fast downloads surprising cuz I was late

Dell Padgett

If you're small restaurant the depot is for you, you'll definitely save money on some products

Haddy Coker

Very helpful staff...however, I didn't find everything that I went in for.

Marie Senatus

I have nothing to complain, very clean affordable price love it.

Kerr Berr

They have practically everything you need to run a restaurant here. It's like a Sam's club but with more of a selection for restaurant needs. The guys in the mini fork lift thingys drive like madmen but drive with incredible skill. If you take the time to look at prices, they are good and bad. Great prices on some things, pricer on others. I think the theory is that if you are there with needs, your not coupon shopping. You get what you need and sometimes over pay. The bigger the restaurant, the more you visit, the more you spend. Use your distributors, they compete for pricing.

Edward Wyatt

There to make a drop. Everything went well. Relatively easy access

James West

I work here. It's a great place and we look forward to helping our customers

Laura Reaper

Open at 6. Always someone available to answer questions about availability or placement. Efficient, check out service.

Mahmud-Ul-Hasan Monim

Very resourceful and well organized. No one can beat their price!

Stephany Blackwell

I'm discouraged that i could not get my own card.. Providence Fire Department, the individual MEN have their own card on my job.. I buy food for the station too.. I'm Not happy i have to get a TEMPORARY piece of paper each time I go

John Wilson

Was very nice place to shop

Tanya Kilgore

Great place for stuff in bulk.... Must sign up to shop there tho

Philip dunn

It was good

Julio Molina

Bad working crew not helpful if they don’t like their job don’t take it on customers just leave.

natie bee

A necessary evil.

Armea Mikhail

Bad working crew not helpful if they don’t like their job don’t take it on customers just leave.

Mikhail Malyuta

Some stuff that you can get here pretty cheap, but some of it very expensive.

Dominic Comunale

Sunny Singh

Very nice

Douglas Morrison Hoskins

Reana Huber

Great place if you own a diner or restaurant. You do need a membership to purchase items here though.

Chef George Gray

A giant store of all your restaurant needs

Okil Hunte

Steve Baker


Doris Acevedo

We at Steelworks buffet and Grill appreciate that they open early and customer service is awesome!

Manuel Lucero

Sandy tran

The guys work in sea food department are rude and dishonest when I buy fish, always charge me over prices until I caught them so many times. I hope the general manager have to look and tell them not to do that again.

Ines Pena

Quyen Tran

They make a mistake in charging me wrong and i have to come to them to correct it..they have a attitude and not even say sorry !!!

jian feng Pan

Good service

mark nolan



puck30 .

Nice prices but beyond rude customer service.

Will Shade

Tomas Cocotle

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno

cracka lackin

horrible service. takes 30 minutes to get a product drop. need improvement in service

safina nauth

Roxs .


Alvaro Márquez

Guadaalupe Sosaa

Wholesale place

Mohamed Kassim

No One Of Importance

Felipe Barrera

(Translated by Google) Very good service (Original) Muy bien servicio


Nice people at the receiving got me unloaded quick.

Leisure Time Travel

Always busy,but worth it.

Jose Contreras


Rudy Alcantara

Judy Wotasek

Clean, well stocked, friendly people.

Xiaofei Zheng

Jimmy Rogers

It's a great place to shop Fresh Products been shopping with them for years

Kaytee Doll

honestly one of the worst shopping experiences i've ever had. front end staff was beyond rude and unhelpful. wouldn't recommend this to ANYONE.

jacques boden-stein

Very good

Adel Yafai

Staff is not very helpful You will not find everything you need

John Byun 욱


K Fineran

Good quality meats and produce. You must have a business license to become a member.

Donald Long II

Ameen Binalhag

Michael McNeely

Great place! Great stuff! Great service!!!


Steve Black

Eric Washington

Good place, but the lines are always so long.

Marco Puerto

excellent service

carmelito sosa

Israel Garcia

alaa samara

ed petruccelli

Great place to get emergency product

Javiel Gonzalez

Musa T

David Lubold

Good place to shop if u have a restaurant people are very helpful

William Parkinson

Abdoulaye Diallo

maria arias

Is great


michael giordano

That's right they are the Sh!! Love that place freezer is auwsome in the summer time

scottdelisa .

Michael Milonas

Delfino Mejia

Mohibul Anik

It's okay

Paolo Grisafi

matthew reichard

I was gonna give this place 1 star but decided on 2 only because, on the whole, they do have a wide variety of products and prices are pretty good. However, getting out of the store in anything that could be considered a timely manner is near impossible. They have, I believe, 12 registers. Rarely are there more than 2 or 3 open. When you go in to grab an item or two and have to wait behind customers who have 30 items, it gets frustrating. Even more frustrating are the 4 or 5 employees standing behind the checkout section. Joking and laughing, or playing on their cellphones, generally unconcerned with the clearly agitated customers. This place seems like more of a hangout for their employees than a job. That stems from poor management. But alas, this review will fall in deaf ears (hopefully not) and we'll continue to shop there because there's nothing else like it. I just hope someone reads this and takes action.

khalid moore

Artur S

Not open , it’s 2.27 am

Mike Grabarits

Salvatore Barretta

Rose Moore

Omar Rossi




Auckland Duberry

Jere Adametz

When you buy in bulk there is no where else to go in RI.

Ozgun Oncel

weak customer service, unorganized, to get to an item you need to go through an obstacle course. very un-userfriendly shopping carts, you need to choose a good one before you start shopping. discontinuity of the products is another aggravating factor. and the cashiers.... usually understaffed, 25 to 30 minute check out time on rush hours.

Chris Poulin

No footprints on their toilet seats. And their toilets flushed with vigor and force Al Bundy would have wept

African Music

Love to shop here!

lore Salas

Good prices, but customer service is horrrible. The managment seems like they hate working there, Go there so often hoped to find at the very least friendly service!!!!!

Pedro Fernandez

Shipping and receiving super fast

joe wildgoose

No deals. Expensive retail prices. Waste of time.

Robert Frechette

Love it. long lines but its expected. I get all my cleaning supplies in one place. Great prices on all kinds of items. Great new seafood dept and you can beat the prices on meats.


The best cash and carry for food service!

Varghese Mathew

Very nice Thanks

Ed Clavette

Great for non-profit religious organizations.

ricky wu

The vegetable forklift porter has a bad attitude, the fresh vegetables are not allowed to be bought, and the swearing is done. The wife at home must be very fierce.

Jacqueline Wilson

Easy and convenience Shopping Center

Silvia Lopes

Prices for cash and carry are great for many products but not all. The staff is just awful, there may be 1-2 people there who are actually pleasant. I'm always trying not to get run over by a forklift driver and the cashiers share all their personal business while your waiting to cash out. I go there for the products but if they had better customer service I wouldn't dread it every time.


Dirty place. Equipment in bad shape bad quality

Milagros De La Cruz

(Translated by Google) Excellent. (Original) Excelente.

Faisel Almontaser

nice place has every thing but the waiting in line is to long

Ivan Wade

It was great,, but need more cashier's

Nelson Herr

They have a serious problem with having stock on hand in the beginning of the week!

Michael Rasile

Arthur Skrzenski

Huge lines at checkout and terrible customer service. They won't quote prices over the phone. Make this your last resort when planning your restaurant activities. Bethlehem location anyway.

Ahmed Mohamed

David Keeney

Very dirty in refrigerator area

Ing. Patricio Montalvo Bermeo

Excellent place to sell and buy fruits & veggies.

J&L Production

Great prices, the people working there are friendly and willing to assist the shoppers if needed.

Samantha diaz

Muy buena buen servicio

Elbis garcia espinal

Orlando Franco

Sfoglia restaurant

Place is huge. You'll get lost inside or run over by a fork lift driver if you aren't paying attention. But very helpful.

Vinette Codner

Very good

alfredo abdelhady

This place is great to save a lots of money One week ago I picked up a leg of lamb off the reduced price shelf Not only it was bad but the manager on Sunday morning 12/18 Gave me such a hard time almost like he did not believe That the meat was bad And when I looked at my receipt I found out he didn't even give me the discount for being Of the reduced shelf I ended up returning it for the full purchase Anyway The Ward sorry from the manager when I returned it will Ben great instead I get unnecessarily remarks maybe you want to talk to that manager and make sure he will be a little nicer with the customer I learned my lesson never pick up any thing from the reduced Shelf

Winsome Barrett

Wilton Jemenez

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Charanjeet Kaur

berkis diaz

Amy Basantes

Alex the store manager was super helpful and willing to engage

Danielle Hubbard

Edward Rodriguez

7 allow ul on 8ooll look on z

antoinette respass

Samuel James

Very cold in freezer sections need to provide courtesy Long Coats.good prices on all items easy to find goods and location.

Terra Café

poor customer service, poor management, always lines at the register, no reaction.

Rose Adamitis


An hour to check out and nobody to help you find what you're looking for

Ivan Vidal

Patrick Sterner

Aidan Wells

Loly Almarante

(Translated by Google) Very good services Ami something happened to me I had a heart attack and I got a lot of smoke from the employees gave me first aid (Original) Muy buenos servicios Ami me pasó algo tuve unpre infarto yme alludaron mucho humo de los empleados me dió primero auxilio

Nelson Muniz

It's convenient for you to get the things you need, fair prices, quality food, the down side long wait on line otherwise good restaurant depot

Hector Perez

(Translated by Google) Good place to buy (Original) Buen lugar para comprar

Awalikiye Nuhu

Robert Ramos

Carts are all broken hard to shop with broken carts workers use good carts to hold orders no good!!

Ogari Mattera



Wendy Strauss

Jorge Nurena

Tom Tran

Sea food department guys are sooo rude and dishonest. Hopefully store manager makes 100% on those guys.

Tanvir Bakal

Jovontay Walker

There's a lady who answers the phone and put you on hold for 30mins , and keep hanging up and won't put the managers on the phone and is always eating when u call I called on Thursday at 11 hopefully they find out who's being so unprofessional it's disgusting

Kenneth Fletcher

Juan E. Martinez

Self service venue, quality products at competitive prices!

Afshin Oroojlooy

Great quality

Joost W

Juan E

Richard Roche

#1 cashier/ mangr karina...

pedro rosario

I do all my Restaurant Shopping here

SHABBIR Hassanali

Maribeth Sanchez

George Green

Ebrima Dukuray

Good customer service that good food

Ricardo Santamaria

Kelston Bascom

Jose Encarnacion

I love this place, Martha at the entrance was a classy women ! As a Vietnam veteran she was very informative and welcoming ! I'll be back, gracias Encarnacion 5 stars

Mike Geary

Customer service needs work

Percy Ahene

Good selection, most service is polite. But if there is an issue or trying to get in and out forget it. Expect to be waiting a long time.

tum mongkol

Olena Stanko


Jose Mora

Julia Flores

Edward Rupert

Not open to the public. Have to own a business to be a member.

muhammad riaz

HPS Hart

The cleanest of the ones I've been to has everything we need for our events

Jose Rodriguez

Roberto Santos

Jonahtan Méndez

Erickson Reyes

Lorna Amobi

Shuja Zaman

Mir Khayet

I buy lot off staff a good price

Debbie Majewski

KettleCornPop 13

Scott LaBar

Alot to choose from, but not easy to find and all over the place.

Nic Rose

This Place is awesome for those people putting this place down. Sorry but I and my brother had a great time and the people were friendly and helpful. Great prices saved us like 100 dollars first visit.

Kenneth Rahn Jr

I really like this place. It's a members-only warehouse of most everything a restaurant or caterer could need. The staff is usually helpful and friendly. Sure, you get some who would rather be elsewhere, or who have other priorities, but for the most part they are very good. Today the people were nice, and I got exactly what I needed quickly. Pro tip: This is a warehouse, literally. There are no fancy touches, just product, in bulk, at great prices.

Lee Timmothy

they have some of the best deals, usually pick up all my supplies for my business here. been a member for nearly two decades now

Evan Reisfeld

Where a large quantity restaurant supplies and foods can be purchased in one place. And the dirtiest place on the outside I've ever seen

Malik Turner

Decent size dock yard.


Best to dbl check your price on alll sale some things may not be updated in computer POS guns. Pastor Robert R2P2

Angela Agwunobi

I have nothing to complain about. Keep up with the good job

John Gregorio

Great place for s businesses

Clarence Raymond Snead Jr

Always the Best for Food Shopping for everyday Festivities.

Rich deSilva

Awesome place...huge inventory...

Siamphone Sitthirath

Men employees are with bad attitude...cant understand them...if thet don't like their job there shouldn't be working! Specially in veggies and seafood department!

Mark Wilson

Everything you need for a restaurant or food service operation, busy with forklifts, bring a coat for the chill area. Good looking seafood.

Camo TheWorld

Horrible for over 7 years. No consistency in stock so running a menu out of this place is MORE than difficult. The prices in the seafood are retail...lobster 9+$/lb ? Buyer BEWARE 20% of the items in store are at...or above retail price. The produce is rat chewed so look ALL your items over. It will take you longer to check out than it is to shop. Too many people have 0 to do with the industry, many "public shoppers" sunder around, obviously using someone card. The place can not keep a manager and GOOD luck trying to work with them. The potatoes, use CAUTION ! You will find sprouted potato and usually (monthly) rotten potatoes in the box and yes, with maggots (why there was fly in the kitchen. The onions, watch out and look them over. Usually a few good bags bit like the tomatoes, better off going somewhere else. I could go on and on but what I will say is...USE CAUTION and look everything over.

ridha alabdullah

Jay Santana

This place is awesome for every reason you could imagine... I can't think of 1 bad thing to say about the Bronx store. I'm the head chef at a very popular strip club in Brooklyn and for a year I've been going to the Brooklyn Restaurant Depot. Mainly because I don't drive and it's only 30 blocks away from the club. I live in the Bronx and a friend of mine took me to the Bronx store and since then I've been paying him every week to use his truck for my delivery from the Bronx store to the club in Brooklyn. The Bronx store is the biggest Restaurant Depot I've been to (I've been to 3) and I found that not only is it always fully stocked, they also carry a bigger selection. They have things the other stores don't carry. Sorry for such a long comment... Bottom line is the Bronx location is in my opinion the way to go

Manuel Young


James Julius Spell

Nishit Bhalala

Worst customer service .We shop here multiple times a week and spend hundreds of dollar yet they want us to pick up chicken from a broken box on floor and serve it to our customers. They always have an attitude as if they are giving us the stuff for free.

De TOCHO morocho

Ali Taylan Arslantürk

Lucio Gonzalez

roberto iodice

Karim Hamroun

Ramel Adams

kamrul hasan

Everything you want for your restaurant is here love this place

Erik Leon


Always nice, lots to choose from, good price, and friendly people

Luis Zuniga

(Translated by Google) Very slow service (Original) Muy lento el servicio

Veronica Peltz

The amount of money i save is unreal! Thank you resturant depot! The staff is ok they do not always no the information needed to answer our questions. Check out could be quicker. But all and all im very happy with this store.

Rickey Burrus

Great Price on Products

Gamaliel Romero

Samuel. Reyes Reyes

Muri Dgorov

Alex Edwards

Excellent Place

daY Flores


More varieties and clean store

Jean Corrigan

Manuel Abreu

Love the web site .

James Chase

Always with the long check out lines.. why can't you get that right? Always

basyouni amir

Great price. Great verity I recommend it

Rob 3D

This place is huge...really, you'll get lost inside this place or run over by a fork lift driver if you aren't paying attention.

darell wilson

david camacho

Me Encanta Depot

Briyitte Montiel

Lee Cooks

Great prices. Huge selection. If you have a food business this is the place to go to for all your needs.

Alex Abdul

Restaurant depot and Jetro are not the same as It used to be back then. Items are always missing in all sections. Another thing is the the wagons or the hand trucks, 95 % of them are broken. I have Been shopping there for 30 years. It's getting worst an worst

Prudential Flori

Michelle Brake

One of the guy in the seafood area is unbelievable RUDE!!!!! Yelling at customers all the time!!! Very very poor customer service. Don’t go there!!! Especially on the seafood section.

Mohammad Hamid

yousef al-amri

From all restaurant depo i go to , this is the worst ,when it comes to customers service, and product availability, and professional service, I started going to NJ .or mount Vernon my second choice.

Bossville Rhoden

Ricardo santos

Always have some one to help us. Am from NY and the staff here should be in NY. Here. Always asking if you need help

margaret kihonge

Love it's prices and quality

Ski Bischof

Tomi Carlin

Maybe you should update your hours so people will not wake up in the middle of the night to get some emergency items driving 2 hours just to find out that you are in fact closed....

Tashia Dylan

Not as big as the other locations and the selections are limited

Scott London

This is where all Grocery Store and restaurant owners go for their supplies food and equipment.

Yemi Ortega

Went with a member to take a look at the store, and was not impressed. Prices are only good for raw materials (ex. large quantities of chicken). The more processed and finished the item, the lower the difference between a conventional store and this (ex. soda or juice). Some items were even very slightly higher than a regular store. Layout is a little cramped, and the selection of items could be more diverse. Employees were very low quality, both stockers (especially the freezer area) and checkout. Expect to wait quite a bit of time for checking out. Shopping carts are functionally fine, but look like they're 20 years old. Location is good, but I expected more parking. Overall, extremely mediocre.

Laylee Gonzalez

If u make it to shop early u avoid long lines...nice it opens at 2 am

kwame whittaker

This place is too crowded and does not have enough cashiers and should have an express line if you only have a few items. There are people who come to the line who are extremely RUDE and other people who are professional place in line holders. This place is too stressful and too chaotic and their needs to be some element of control in there. I wish there was a competitor that made the shopping process easier.

jay dee

Halim Kh

Nice store

Mona Yassin

Lois Amoah

Yonah Neiros

A wide variety of products and amazing deals.


Very busy aggressive Restaurant Depot

Josel Vela


Betsy Abril

Benie Seno

Troy Rush

mal gosia

Christine Tripi

Much cleaner as better organized than some other outlets.

Gael Sterner

christian kribs

I think this is one of the cleanest!!!!

pedro hernandez

Nice people fresh product fast service.

Kevin Hennings

Absolutely fantastic, the attitude and helplessness of the employees is great ,I seems like a great place to work,,very positive

Jo Pal

Prices pretty good, staff just okay

Andy Montes

Jiankai Ke

Service so bad

Raju khalifa


Stephen DeLucia

Michelle Webb

Quick unloading, fast paperwork retrieval. Friendly, helpful people

Junan Suny

Great place. All the supplies you need can be found here. Prices are definitely better than retail since it is a wholesale store. The store is massive which is a good and bad thing. It will take a long time to get shopping done, but the overall savings are worth the time.

James Petrella

Super lazy workers I called up to see if they carry an item the women could care less and with out checking said we don’t carry tvae. I went too the store sure enough they carry kraft miracle whip.

Nilesh Ganatra

Very friendly staff. Well maintained although a very busy place.

Cindy Larcher

Great prices. Everyone was very friendly and polite.

Joe Saggal

It seems the company does not pay the employees well. They are always disgruntled and miserable.they stock the place while people are shopping instead of during closed hours. Guess they don't want to pay the's an accident ready to happen the way they operate those forklifts. The place is full of mice droppings.

Rick Frechette

Fast paced place to buy supplies!

Steve R

Quite the place make sure you bring a jacket for the cooler it's 0 in there

Maryanne Guertin

It is a good store in that the prices are better than other stores in the east bay and the selection is strong. There is not much customer service. It is a service yourself operation.

lidia alves

Great best place

Monssif Nexus

Rude employees from the entrance.

Israel Parada

Wow that's awesome store

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