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89 East 42nd Street Grand Central 73 Grand Central Market, New York, NY 10017, United States Located in: Grand Central Terminal

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Where is Murray's Cheese?

REVIEWS OF Murray's Cheese IN New York

Lisa p

This shop is located in the Marketplace in Grand Central Station, so it's selection is not as vast as a stand alone shop, but they still have an impressive selection. Staff is friendly & helpful. Prices are high, especially on items like olives & other accompaniments

silvio garola

One of the best shop in New York

Marco Bernardi

Incredibile assortimento nel cuore di Grand Central. Merita anche solo dare un'occhiata.

Samuel Howard

I actually prefer this Grand Central terminal outpost of Murray's Cheese to the original downtown. It has the same knowledgeable staff and reasonable prices (cheaper than Whole Foods), but it's almost never as crowded and overall it's a bit less overwhelming. There's a vast selection of cheese, but it's still well curated. But it's not *just* cheese. They also sell a variety of cured meats, salami, etc. There's also a few sweet items. It's a good place to buy honey still on the honeycomb. If you're a frequent visitor be sure to get their frequent buyer card which offers you 10% off your 11th purchase after 10 visits.

Cristina Arola

Twice a bought cheese that wasn't right there! First time I thought was me but second time was with a cheese from my hometown that I had since I was 12! Try the cheeses before you buy them!

Enrique Monteagudo

Jean-Louis Leroy

Jennifer Lau

Great selection!

Livingston F

Todd Daviau

Heliany Kay

Sandra Wagner

Hasan Ashour

All cheese

Hopson Review

Troy Jones

Absolutely love the staff at this location. 100% customer satisfaction.

Guy Morita

Mike Hynes

Great pesto sauces and other specialty foods

Jason Hsu

Jeremy Loyd

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Pricier than I would have cared for, but I knew what I was getting in to

CorreyHope Kustin

$$$$ it is too expensive and the same cheese can be purchased in a supermarket like Whole Foods for less. The staff is very well trained on cheese-It's like they went to the University of Cheese! I had a few samples and wanted to buy some but it was about $14 a pound.They have quite a selection and I never heard of some of the brands. They also have crackers, mustards and other sauces. The aroma as you pass by will make you stop for a taste.

Shaak Shatursun

chris martinez

Athena Chang

I bought a picnic bag from Murray's and it comes with 3 cheese, cold cuts, cookies and some olives. I just tried the aged cheese and it is so stinky!!! I can still smell it on my fingers but strangely, it is quite addictive! I had to cut more to satisfy my craving. I am going to try other cheese and the cold cuts! Hopefully they are as good as this aged cheese!

Linda Yap

Lots of fruit varieties there. Love the juice store.

Stacey Pedone

francisco tehozol

Andre Dunkley

Sadly, they do not make sandwiches at this location but the staff is friendly, the selection is great and the service was quick. Unfortunately, it is a bit hard to find if you're not familiar with Grand Central terminal. I would go here specifically again unless I was passing through. It's a great quick stop on the way home though!

Jules T

Convenient stop for some excellent and unusual raw honeys, especially when the farmers markets are not open

Sinna Myles

I've been going there for years love it go back as often as I can

Luz Briceño

The best place for cheese...


Monte H

Outstanding service AND the buffala bleu cheese is incredible!

Francis King

Sheep cheese the best ever

Robert Quarles

Carole Ondimba


Stop by and pick up.

Amy Watson Sanchez Cuoq

Good selection of cheeses and knowledgeable staff

jerome cardon

Joe Antonuccio

Loads of cheese to choose from.

Doyeun Kim

Kimberly Grant

Thea Aslamazishvili

Dang Truong

Love this place. Fast and friendly for some cured meats on the commute home.

naivewiseman .

Great selection, friendly staff, not too pricey.

David Dilena

Definitely many yummy options to choice from!

Alex Feintuch

Gustad Mody

For all your cheese and cured meat requirements, you will it here.

Joseluis Gonzalez

(Translated by Google) Excellent.surface.of.cheese.and.good.prices.for.any.quantity. (Original)

Jennifer Evans

Best cheese shop around with lots of options including meats, breads, olives etc

Marko Hurst

One of the few and great cheese shops in NYC. Lots of great cheese and knowledgeable staff.

Leo Sokolin

Alba Yis Lopez

if you need cheese or cure meat go to Murray

Brent LaPointe


This place is awesome. i brought some cheese and bread for my ride to upper Westchester. "Hit the spot."

daniel savage

Jean P Mosquera

td3ny .

German Geti

Cheese & charcuterie, I love this place at Grand Central and the one at Bleecker St.

Kelly DeMasi


Aarón Sánchez

Mmathari Mashao

Any type of cheese you wish to eat, you may find here

Laura Hamilton

Servers are extremely knowledgeable and helpful

danielle lesh

Imelda Haber

German Fragoso

Great selection

Jasmin Song

This place, located inside of Grand Central Terminal has all the exotic, imported cheeses that I was looking for. I cannot eat cow cheese and wanted a cheese that still gave me that same flavor. The people behind the counter gave me samples of both goat and sheep cheeses that really hit the spot for me. I no longer feel deprived of the cheese flavors that I have loved all my life. They're more expensive, of course, but I have to buy what I'm not allergic to and thankfully, Murray's has many options. Who knew this tiny little gem was inside of Grand Central Terminal?

Michelle Ng

Matt Lyle

Kelly May

Loved this place!

Caroline Flynn

You want cheese? This is your place in grand central station.

Igor Nuk

Samuel Solomonov

זו חנות שהייתי רוצה לגור בה ולאכול בלי הפסקה אין מה להוסיף.

Cara McIlwaine


Rodrigo Muñiz Durán

(Translated by Google) Variety of cheeses. (Original) Gran variedad de quesos.

Volodia Cottiaux

Aleksandr Plyushchay

Very expensive but very worth it.

silvia maclaris

Wayne Brokke

Emma S

Simply the best cheese shop in NYC!

Ricardo Micco

Mike Welch

Great selection of good stuff. Smells like a cheese shop should.

Hilary Hardy

Zeljko Tomljanovic

This place has best meats in the city. Avoid the after work rush hour, but other times ... The service is awesome. You can taste anything you want . Pricy but worth it

Katrina Zlygina

Thomas Oliva

Best cheese game in town

Jessica Nicole

MK Cruz


Mark Robinson

I love tasting cheeses and meats to find the perfect combination.

JaTonya Phillips

This cheese was great an they do let you sample before you buy which was helpful because I tasted one that was not to my liking. I bought some white cheddars back to Jaccksonville for my aunt and she loved it also. I may order online for special occassions.

Martin Roman

Perfect aged Roomano for pairing with reds.

eric gandt

Great cheese decent prices

Paul Winters

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Jack helped prepare cheese and meat pairing sets while tasting along the way.

Louisa Bouzid

Gregory Leo

Awesome cheese and very helpful staff. Highly recommend.

Fachtna Ó hAodha

Ana ana dheas ar fad

Patrick McIlwaine

Peter Morris


The embodiment of your love for cheese

chiz miz

Keke LiBron

Matt Chin

Helpful cheese mongers. Great quality. Describe what you're looking for, get a taste and experience new flavors or go with what you know.

Куандык Мамырбаев


(Translated by Google) Very good products (Original) Muy buenos productos

fen war

Great selection of meats and cheeses.

francesco lalli

Patricia McIntire

Miguel Ortez

(Translated by Google) Spectacular (Original) Espectacular

Brenda Bell

When visiting New York City, a must do!!!

Winter Coker

Franco Silletta

Wow! Great selection and flavors.

A.C. Antonelli

Ryan Cola

Went to this hidden gem yesterday. The people here are very knowledgeable also very friendly. Will return because they have a major selection and are located in grand central which is very nice.

Angel Then


A terrific cheese and charcuterie resource.

Jonathon Rivait

Janice Leung

William Lucey

An exciting trip to an old world market place

Natali Mejia

Great cheeses. I usually go here for high plains cheddar.

shaninrocks .

Great market. Don't eat in the food concourse hit this spot first! If you can't get happy here, go to Shake shack and wait in line.

Antoinette Johnson

Delicious Drunken Goat cheese

Michael Ellis

I love Murray's cheese. They have a great selection. Service can be a bit rushed at grand Central but I ignore the crowd and casually read the labels, ponder my pairings and select with great care.

Thomas Mauro

Great selection and helpful staff

Vladimir Zakharov

Liza Gonzalez

Everything is neat! Friendly & helpful staff

Gustavo Campos

Ted Winglass

Neely Moked

Lee-on Pedahzur

Triney Gurl

Murray's being at Grand Central Station is just iconic NY; and the cheese is scrumptious

Richard Singh

Nice selection of cheeses

Joseluisgonzalez Gonzalez

Mitchell Jamel

Great selection

ana maria Dominguez

Ant Gonzz

(Translated by Google) Very nice and delicious (Original) Muy bonito y delicioso

Duffee Maddox

It's so expensive but just the best quality

Ryan Fisk

Finally, my nearly three-year quest for the coveted Gjetost cheese has come to an end! After sampling this fudgy/creamy cheese sliced paper thin over apple slices, I've been endlessly hunting around NYC looking for it. After walking into their bigger, original location, I found out they didn't have what I was looking for, but that didn't stop me from grabbing one of their signature cheese melts before heading to their Grand Central Market location. Delicious! Overall, their staff are very friendly and accommodating, and they're not hesitant to offer and give out free samples of their cheeses by weight. Prices are reasonable for your more "regular" cheeses, but if you're looking for something more exotic, be ready to pay!

Jose Rivera

Caitlin Hawke

Always finding new and delicious items at Murray's!!

suzie mathurin

Walter Lewis

galdino tonini

(Translated by Google) Great (Original) Ottimo

Paul Mackaluso


Ed Hala

Cody Heffner

Allan Benamer

Best cheese in the city

Larisa Litvinchuk

Superb selections! Knowledgeable staff. Excellent experience!

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