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Where is Harry & Ida's Meat and Supply Co.?

REVIEWS OF Harry & Ida's Meat and Supply Co. IN New York

David Hao

I prefer Katz's pastrami - the pastrami here comes in cube and is drier. Not a bad place to go if you happen to be nearby, but wouldn't come from other neighborhoods to try.

Steven Roberge


Todd Levy

An old school establishment (100+ years) which serves an eclectic mix of quality products.

Edu Nobrega

(Translated by Google) Delicious (Original) Delicioso


Pretty good pastrami, slightly differently made than those served at Katz and Langer's. The shop's tiny, but I kind of like that. I also like that the pastrami slices were thiccccc.

Guoxin L

the pastrami meatball sub is a must.

Zach Wolf

Really great pastrami. Not your traditional NYC deli style. Larger chunks of very flavorful, nicely smoked pastrami. Very cool shop inside too.

Frank Davis

Best. Pastrami. Evah.

Ricardo Palmerola

Just tried the pastrami. Best pastrami I’ve ever had.

Brent Desjarlais

Pricey but nice! Great atmosphere, but could be hard to get a stool (only 4) during busy hours!

Keyur Mehta

Ron Lai

Harry & Ida's Meat and Supply Co offers a smoked pastrami sandwiches that's unparalleled. The Pop's Pastrami sandwich in particular is substantial, but they thankfully offer a smaller version too. Breakfast sandwiches are offered, as well as artisanal soft drinks. The space is immaculate and worth checking out, but keep in mind that seating is sparse.

Sean Moorman

Rebecca Regan

What a hidden gem! Thanks to textrex for recommendation. Got the squash /broccoli sandwich, and even my friends that got their amazing meat sandwiches loved the veggie one to their surprise! Definitely would recommend for quick lunch. There is limited room to sit. We got there just before the morning rush and took up most of the table space with the 4 of us.

Chris Doyle

Has the delicious chicken sandwich

Rafael Kaufmann

Best pastrami sandwich ever

Andrew Wong

Holy @#$& this is one of the best pastrami sandwiches in NYC which is no small statement. They also sell the pastrami by the pound too and imo THE best pastrami in the city.

Maya Amir

Michael Rocha

Forget Katz! This is the place to eat thick amazing pastrami in Manhattan! My personal favorite!

Paweł Kosiorek

The best pastrami sandwich I've tried in New York. Period.

TaKen .

It sucks like the food

Brian King

Not so good, A M A Z I N G ! ! family had the Ida's sandwich, cool place only a few chairs to sit but really good food!!! Above average food!

Robert Todd

R. Liiv

The best I have ever had.

Paul Wallace

Feels like a well curated smorgasburg with some of their own stuff thrown in and that's a great thing. The pastrami is some of the best in the city for sure.

Ori Inbar

The Pastrami sandwich deserves its fame - very unique

Noah Hill

The sandwiches are amazing here!!! You have to try the pastrami and the meatball sandwiches.

Daniel Nabavian

Yes. Best sandwiches in town. And great place to stock up on condiments

Nadia Mosquera

El sándwiches de 1/2 libra, delicioso, jugoso y sus chicharrones humm yummi

Daniel Chaparro

Eric Najjar

Rodrigo Sangiovanni Lima

The pastrami sandwich was one of the best things I had eat in my whole life!!!!!! Very friendly and polite staff, great decoration. Can't wait to be back in NYC just to have it again. They also sell the pastrami by the pound, and can give you free samples to taste before order. I believe they only have two or three tables there, but it wasn't crowded. Damn it.... now I want a pastrami sandwich...

Tara Mansfield

They do lunch specials where you can choose a sandwich, get some chips and a Boylans for $16. Really enjoyed the meatball sandwich - very filling and tasty. We didn’t enjoy the potato salad so much. It’s a small place with a few window seats and a bench table in the middle. They take card!

Nicolas El-Hage

John Kim

Very good sandwich...


Kristine Bulaklak

The service was great. They let us sample different types of meat. Also the pastrami sandwich was delicious and very filling.

Henning KO

Shatica Gonzales

Delicious smoked pastrami

Jean Jarvaise

Best Pastrami!!

Jonny Warschauer

Sandwiches here are straight fuego, get the white birch soda with it and you're golden

Christopher Salonia

What I really like about the pastrami is that even though it's in chunks, it legit melts in your mouth. My favorite part is the tart pickles that really add a nice balance between the bread, protein and mustard

Christopher Martinez

Damn good sandwiches!

Levi Austin

Absolutely delicious house-made pastrami and great assortment of in-house cured meats. The friendly, informative, and knowledgeable staff is a huge plus too - great find!

Jon Salz

The pastrami meatball sandwich with romesco sauce was epic — one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. (Too bad it's a special and not on the standard menu.) Their signature sandwich, the Pops Pastrami, is very good, but a bit complicated for my taste.

Karen Wickert

Etan Eitches

Delicious pastrami, pretty expensive store.

David Abbatematteo

Great sandwich.

Carmen M

Very tasty! They also sell really cool dry goods.

Lynn S

They now serve weekend breakfast from 9-11:30am, but please note that only the breakfast menu is available at that time so some of the stuff on the regular menu cannot be ordered. The pastrami sandwich is as good as everyone says it is. Also tried an egg and roe sandwich that was pretty unique.

Brandon Seils

Forget Carnegie Deli and Katz's. This place has the best pastrami sandwich in the city.

Alma Turull

Finally a modern and tasty pastrami sándwich!!

Jane & Jack Dougherty

Learned about Harry and Ida’s on a Sandwich Tour. Took my husband when we returned to NYC. Love everything about Harry and Ida’s. Our pastrami sandwich was gourmet. Appreciate all the ingredients and garnish. The place is charming- a real find!

Sasha Katsnelson

Expensive for a deli - but some of the best smoked meats and fish salad sandwiches I've tasted. Their Pastrami sandwich is innovative, filling, and very tasty.

Chris Blatchly

Charles Su

Jonathan Shlafer

I wanted to try this for quite some time to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I tried the smoked ell... why would you serve a hot pressed sandwich with just out of the refrigerator cold insides??? I ended up throwing it away. The pastrami is ok, but stingy portions for $15 put some damn meat on the bun... they did give me tons of fresh dill tho, yuck... if you want pastrami go to Katz or Mile End.

Erik F

Unparalleled pastrami. Presentation, flavor, goodness.

Pipsa Saarento

Forget about Katz’s! Here is where you can get the best pastrami in the whole of Manhattan. Absolutely delicious! Amazing staff, great food and spot on decor to match. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth it. You can also get your smoked turkey here for Thanksgiving. Try the eel sandwich - it’s to die for!

Maya Prokupets

Manuel Orlanzino

Really good pastrami sammich. Very tiny, cozy shop with only three seats, though, so keep that in mind if you intend to eat there with a group.

Steve McSpiritt

David Tattersall

Favourite pastrami sandwich in the village by far. Get the Pop's. It's not cheap. The pastrami is very thick cut and served only with cucumber and dill.

Gregor J. Rothfuss

Very limited vegetarian options, and they didn't even have all the ingredients available. The resulting sandwich tasted one-dimensional and wasn't worth the 11$.

Kevin Rabsatt

Sean Pham

Really nice and yummy ! The amount of pastrami is really generous

Bonnie Ramon

Harry & Ida's meat market is a little hole in the wall in the East Village on Avenue A and is near 13th street. It can get crowded very quickly because of the small but cozy place but their homemade pastrami is amazing! They could rival Katz's deli but Katz's pastrami has a little more fat and flavor. Other than that, the food is terrific. Worth the expense.

Evan Andersen

Came in specifically to have the Pop's Pastrami and it was probably one of the best sandwiches that I've had in NYC. Stands up all of the other great pastrami sandwiches available around the city. That being said, even though I knew what I was getting in to, the $17.50 price tag still seems a little pricey. Great sandwich, but it'll have to be a once in a while thing. I'd definitely recommend trying this place out.

Kristian Buchwald

Vivienne Van Do

I had no idea a place called Meat Supply would have a vegan friendly option! I’m not vegan anymore but it makes me happy to know their vegetables were so delicious that it compared to the pastrami! Food: soul warming and heart warming. We got the Joe Pastrami and the roasted Squash. The pastrami made me friend so happy. It looks so delicious. They make it in front of you. You smell everything. The roasted squash took some time because they had to cook it. It comes with cottage cheese you can easily ask to remove. I got it on a salad. Their fridge has so many more options like pickled vegetables, roasted brussel sprouts and more small sides. They also sell real soda and fresh bread. Atmosphere: laid back, rustic, warm, cozy. I feel like they brought upstate New York to the city. The vibe really plays with the food. It’s not rushed, pretentious, fancy. But if you’ve had other pastrami, you could say this one is a more gourmet and artisan version. Service: I only have good things to say. The tall guy made our sandwiches. I forgot his name. He’s younger and so friendly. They didn’t kick us out when we were close to their closing time. It’s very chill here. They use a lot of paper compared to plastic. That’s another good thing for me. I can’t wait to bring my cousin and brother to this place. They’ve been wanting to eat pastrami and this will be my first spot.

Jon Studer

Best pastrami sandwich, I have ever had. It is not the biggest pile of meat, but the tastiest. The dill and marinated cucumbers are a great addition.

Estevan Lucio

Friendly staff, Harry's Pastrami was great, and they play good music in here.

Moises Reyes

Amazing place! Friendly staff, and the pastrami is just delicious.

Jake Peabody

Incredible pastrami. Will be back.

JP Sistenich

Guillermo Wortmann

(Translated by Google) Better than Katz (Original) Mejor que Katz

Henrike Scharnhorst

This place is awesome. The pastrami sandwich the best I had in New York. I like the interior design.

Nihal Mirpuri

Super tasty! I wasn't too impressed with the price though, it seemed a little overkill for a $19 sandwich

Gabriel Lehner

Μάρα Ξανθογεώργη

It was the best meat sandwich I have ever tasted. Don't miss it.

Ray Morgan

Great Meatball sandwich. Very tasty and the sauce is amazing!

David Fischer

Amazing food and friendly people!

K Higa

Amazing pastrami and sandwich!!!

Ron Abileah

An excellent pastrami. Pastrami is served in chunks instead of slices.

todd sawyer

Amazing pastrami sandwich in a quirky storefront. Must go

Nolan Orgel

No answer, no voice mail at noon

Neil Steiner

Itai Varochik

One of the best quick bites in NY

Luccia R

While reading a review of another famous eatery offering pastrami in the lower eastside of Manhattan, the reviewer recommended Harry and Ida's Meat Supply on Ave A at 12 St. as the best in New York. We had to try for ourselves. The establishment is not a restaurant with table service. It's very small with a couple of bar stools and a counter area by the window. Most customers buy and take home. We ate our lunch at the countertop. When you enter there's a pleasant, light smell of smoke without being irritating. Nothing like bbq smoke outdoor. No problem, its food being prepared. We were told all preparation is in house from the pastrami to pickled cucumbers, smoked mushrooms, smoked eel, bluefish salad, chopped fresh dill and more. My husband ordered a half pound Pop's pastrami sandwich, thick cut (see my attached photos) served with pickled cucumbers and fresh dill. On the bread was some delicious mustard too. The meat was lean, enormously full of flavor, tender and a slight spice flavor too. I ate a quarter pound Ida's pastrami on a salad. Amazing pastrami. Go try. We drank a home brewed honey, mint, hibiscus tea.

J Kist

Love love love the pastrami!

Jannine Robinson

Just ate here - 3pm on Sunday. Stand up and eat on the go. D*E*L*I*C*I*O*U*S Samples, friendly staff & damn good food!


If you love Pastrami this is your place!

Senthil Sundaram

Awesome pastrami.

Richard Garnett

Lovely quick bite with friendly staff! The pastrami is superb and the decorations are delightful! Get locally foraged mushrooms, herbs, and other of ingredients! Pastrami is smoked for 8 hours, streamed for 7 to be nice and juicy. It was a slow night and the staff talked about their process.

Hillary Dovel

Daniel Luque

Not to big on large orders so I ordered the Ida size pastrami. Meat was delicious but was drowned out by the bread and cucumbers. Would of been better if I put all the meat onto one half of the roll. Then this would be an expensive 4 inch sandwich 12.50.

Anand Agarawala

Awesome sandwiches (pastrami thats thicker and juicier than Katz's dare I say it!) and super friendly staff that gives you lots of free samples. Very cool vibe inside the store too and even the sodas and birch beers were off the chain. LOVE.

Angela Morgese

Michael Moore

Different twist on a pastrami sandwich that works well. Please dont compare to Katz's, because they are two completely different experiences. Harry & Ida's will not disappoint, pastrami was tender and tasty served on hero bread w/pickled cucumber, dill, & tangy deli mustard

c wong

Great tender not heavily salted nor dry pastrami! No need to pile it high to enjoy a great sandwich. The cucumbers with dill and their own homemade mustard sauce were perfect compliments. The kalechee was a nice side to go along with it. No need to try any other place for pastrami! Plus the ladies at the counter on a Sunday morning were so helpful and pleasant

Idan Nelkenbaum

Joel Buchanan

Pricey but delicious pastrami sandwich. Pork rinds were a delicious and inexpensive complement to the sandwich. Having to buy bottled water instead of having cups of water was disappointing.

Wes Souza

Connor Beale

For the most part a sandwich is a sandwich. You can layer it, make it Instagram friendly but how does it taste? Harry and ida’s is hands down one of the best sandwich shops in all 5 boroughs! With an elevated twist and true control over flavor, it is a staple in the lower east side.

Justin Kastner

Very tasty pastrami.

Janfrederick Hurd

You can smell the smoke in the back. Tender and delicious pastrami.

Jonathan Seymour

Firstly, the space is very quaint and unassuming. The pastrami hero was delightful. Very good meat, the cucumber was great and the dill was a nice touch. A good amount of meat for the price point, and a very friendly staff. I would like to come back to try the meatball or bluefish hero. Overall, it definitely rivals Katz's, but the environment and composition of the sandwich itself are on very opposite ends of the spectrum. Go if you haven't been, you won't be disappointed!

Daniel Kravitz

Best pastrami in the world

Edgar Luna

Ivonne Ramirez Ramírez

Amazing pastrami! Meatballs were too salty tho. They have ear pigs for dogs so mine were so happy. The place is small, there are just a few sits but they accept dogs inside, we just need to wait for a sit. The pastrami is really tasty (perfect if I can say it) so everything worth the time :)

David Lee

steven maz

best pastrami sandwich in all of NYC

Jason De Leon

A must.

Juan Salvador Garcia

Parada obligatoria para los amantes de la carne.

Michael Jacobs

Tal Zigler

Raj Hathiramani

Delicious. Try the apricot chicken and classic pastrami. Friendly service with some counter seating too.

Christopher MacPherson

Sandwiches are good (although I feel like there are a bit pricey) but usually has great baguettes and other fun stuff in the store.

Abdul Salam

The pastrami sandwich is delicious and filling! The space is cozy and rustic

Alessandra Rimoli

Vance Winstead

Theodore White

Go here. Get the pastrami. Sleep for days afterwards.

Mmmuuuaahhh Mmmuuuaaahhh

Worst $15 pastrami sandwich EVER! Go to Katz! For $7 more.

Janeliz DIaz

Never had better pastrami.

Joanna Hung

I’ll go back to try the pastrami, but don’t get the sweater weather sandwich. About 1/8 lb of dry pork loin and very dry crumbly breaded eggplant. Sweet sauce made the sandwich taste like bbq. Very meh.

Carlos Medeiros

Sandwiches are good but there's no good place to start and no air conditioning. Drinks, non alcoholic, are very limited and no ice.

Peiwen Lee

Adrian Lopez

Not bad, Not to great either, the two girls working there last summer where not very nice ... Place looks great but service was poor. I'll be down to give it another go! but not rushing in to it.

Brett East

Harry and Ida's has some of the best pastrami sandwiches in the city and they come out of a cool little shop front in East Village. They make all of their pastrami in house with a custom blend of fish sauce and other flavours. Be sure to come in and give it a try. IG: easty_eats

Jeremy Blair

Probably the best sandwich I've ever had

green myanmar

Borui Gu

Ming De

The guy working the counter on Sunday morning was the nicest person ever. Seriously, I would invite him to my Thanksgiving. He knew so much about all the options and gave us a great sample of some of the meat. The store itself is adorable and has such a nice, relaxing, non-New York feel. I felt like I was in a rustic oasis. As for the food, it was good but (in my opinion) a little overpriced. I'm sure the price has something to do with the quality of meat, but it is hard to justify $25 for two breakfast sandwiches when you can go to other great spots in the area for half the cost. The sandwiches themselves were tasty and well-portioned. My only taste complaint would be that they were a little too condiment heavy. The bread was delicious and the combos were wonderful. I would come back again just for the customer service or if I wanted to treat someone to a great sandwich and avoid the highly overrated Katz deli.

Manos Xanthogeorgis

The best pastrami I've ever tasted in my life.

Ruby Christine

We walked by the night before after they had just closed. A shop of curiosities we couldn’t help but peak in the open door. The friendly staff offered us a taste of the famed hot pastrami. Who could say no? It was perfect. We came back the next day right at 11, ordered the Pops and Sweater Weather. Not for the faint of heart, the pops is piled with a gigantic amount of hot pastrami, pickles and fresh dill. It’s a monster of a sandwich, absolutely delish. Sweater Weather was great with a bright chutney that paired well with the mincemeat cheese, eggplant and pork! Highly recommend grabbing a sandwich to go and hitting the ferry!

uniknow .

For this meat lover, the best pastrami ever!!! Big chunky meat with pickles and sauce on “The Ida” sandwich. They smoke/finish the meat onsite using old-style methods, packing it with exceptional flavor and so tender! We’ll go out of our way to visit next time we’re in NYC.

Juanita Wichienkuer

Dangerously delicious. This pastrami is so addictive, I have been a few times and haven't been able to bring myself to try anything else on the menu... Even though the rest sounds tasty too! Better than Katz's.

Jacob Turner

Best pastrami I've had all day.

Eduardo Zobaran

Loja com produtos artesanais e um belo pastrami. Tem opções para quem é vegetariano.


Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

We came for the pastrami sandwich and it was very tasty indeed. I did ask for extra mustard. I missed the traditional rye bread a little bit, but it was darn good sandwich. We will definitely go back and try some of the other offerings. They also sell a lot of unusual food products like dried crickets. It's a fun little food supply company.

Luca Masud

Matt Mauney

Great pastrami, cool store.

nic boudreau


Incredible food, worth every penny. That's really all there is to it.

Joanna Szymanski

I usually try not to leave negative reviews on social media but we left this place upset and disappointed. It was the most flavorless and chewiest pastrami I've ever had. When I took the meat out of the sandwich, and stretched it like a piece of rubber, it didn't even fall apart. Unfortunately - and this is my biggest disappointment - the staff didn't seem to care much when we brought the food back. I actually asked why the meat was so tough and almost impossible to bite. I was told it was normal because "this is how they make it" but to me it just felt like the meat wasn't ready. No refund or apology were offered, still hungry we were forced to find a different place and spend more money on food that we had planned.

Dan Splains

I payed $14 for a tiny sandwich and now I need to find a cheap second lunch. Luckily they played hall and oats, bob segar, csny, and that one Jackson brown song Doctor my eyes. A real banger. The tiny sandwich was very good, but I am very large and very hungry and not very rich. I guess I should have just committed and gotta the slightly less tiny $20 sandwich. But ratio wise, considering what you get for $14, six dollars more at that rate isn't much going to do it. No restroom. Parade of tears. Night moves. Helpless.

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