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REVIEWS OF Fairway Market Kips Bay IN New York

Richard Seaman

Very nice store , good prices,friendly staff, good selection of products.

Rachel Shulman

They strictly enforce closing time. Also, I couldn’t find vanilla extract for less than 17 dollars. Highway robbery. But they do have the largest selection in the neighborhood.

Benjamin Black

Expectedly expensive, but they do have almost everything and they send me coupons. Wish there was just one queue, never know which one is going to go faster until it’s too late.

Claudia U

They have a huge variety of everything, from hot plates, fresh ruits and veggies to flowers. The only downside, lines do tend to run long.

Noella Fe

First time u get to see all the meats out there, u only get that pleasure in a upscale store

Melissa Houghtalin

Still one of the best grocery stores around

sharilyn cumberbatch

Fully stocked with so many food items to choose from.

Alex Levine

When you cant find something at tjs or wf this is a good alternative. However, since the opening of tjs in neighborhood their market share has dropped which has left their produce sitting around past its peak

mill kud

Great hours and selection of produce, olives, meat, fish, cheeses, dairy. For many things kind of expensive.

Antonio Serrano

Fairway is a great local grocery with an amazing selection of vegetables, meats and fish. I like to stop in because they carry the beyond meat products and an amazing selection vegetables. If you decide to go during a busy time be sure to download the mobile check out app on your phone. You scan your items while your shopping and pay at the iPad next to the registers. Essentially skipping the line.

howard Linker

Being going there for years great store, friendly employees large varied inventory reminds me of Whole Foods

Lora m. Kelberg

Find it has a few items I.particularly enjoy such as a store made garlic bread baguette. It is also at a super nice price of $1.99. As I wander through I often find quality items in produce as well.

Casey Venet

This place is great for quality for a marginally premium price.


I love using the mobile checkout option!

Douglas Cranfield

A little pricey, but, great selection and friendly service.

Dave Rubin

The store is convenient and I like the selection. The checkout people are almost uniformly polite and there used to be a young man in the dairy department named Dana who was an exemplary employee. However, the fish counter has the rudest, most unprofessional workers to ever wait on you. If I could get sliced lox and smoked fish at Trader Joe's I would go there.

john a Painting

Great store in Kips Bay Great produce,bakery,cheeses and general groceries...a bit pricey but it is NYC east side

Nicholas Taltos

Better selection than the Chelsea location. The employees usually seem unhappy or reluctant to genuinely connect with customers.

Boaz Sedaghatfar

Nice selection. Lanes, move fast! Cut the line now with fairways new check out app! Really helps you getting in and out of the supermarket makes it so much easier and refreshing to shop again in Manhattan's busiest areas They have a great selection Seafood/fish Meat Coffee Bakery Kosher food Meals ready to go A huge gem !

jozef pioro

Incredible all in one spot. To shop you must be familiar with pick- time. Long, long line to cashier. I pickek up a few items and speedy moved to the line. Happy after 20 minutes I was on the street, left many shoppers with carts full of goods.

Tony Wu

Great supermarket with affordable price

Elvis Nunez

I have no idea why I don't venture more to this market that's big on fresh and appetizing

Demetrius Alston

The customer service people were convincing about where and what the product I asked for was really right for me.

Susan B

Kips Bay/Today 2 big problems shopping there: 1. A VERY AGGRESSIVE, verbally ABUSIVE "customer care" rep. named Avery refused to assist me with problem # 2 (stated below) and insulted me. Very disturbing. Doubt I'll shop there anymore. I don't need to be belittled, or have her finger pointing in my face, as her way of stressing her offensive remarks to me! 2. 2 items were not at advertised "Sale" prices:. First: Entrance signage stated "SALE price: "$3. chips" had signs also quoting "sale price" as "2 for $7" on shelf! Second: "SALE $1.99 Georgia peaches" on flyer had only stacks of peaches at about "$3.99", w/o Georgis at all. Turns out I was supposed to know to read the tiny tage on all the peaches, to decipher which and where the sale ones were, even though no signs proclaimed what was where for $ sale! As a senior lady, I felt I was an unpaid worker, in danger of overpaying for mislabeled "SALE" items there...who may be insulted, verbally abused, gesticulated at violently and criticised by the refusing to help "Customer Care" rep. named Avery. If she's still employed there, I and my family will forever avoid the franchise, + I'm advising my friends and neighbors to do so also!

Lorenzo Brantley

Very nice and very well stock

Lisa M Ronco

Love this store. Lots of vegan options

Alfredo Guerra Guevara

Great assortment of options!

Dan MacAndrew

Good price on high quality turkey for Thanksgiving, although the pre-ordering was not well organized and they didnt have all the items I ordered.

Shakira Robinson

Some many options for fresh groceries

Rik Lee

Fair selection of good food and specialities. Sadly, they seem to have removed most of the British food lines which were pretty much all I ever went for.

Susan Levy

Very good butcher. Prices are higher than they used to be.

Fred N

One of the only places to buy boxes of chipwiches :)

Francis King

Staff are excellent ,talkative xx helpful, and cheerful The place to shop

Jasmine Forsyth

Very good nice place. The meat & seafood quality is superb.Great selection good customer service.

Ricardo Ramirez

Courteous, helpful staff. Stop making the line and use the Fairway app to pay for your purchases quickly.


I always find some good deal here!

Bryan Margaca

Great food selection. Produce prices fluctuate quite often IMO

Christopher Sawyer

Quality food and fair prices. Usually has what I'm looking for, no matter how obscure it is.

Monique Isaac

It's a market with chi chi chic items. While at work I will go there. Got nice buffet dinner last week. I'll be back.

Villiage Lions

This location has a wide variety of products on both levels of the store. It can be a competitive store against gristedes and Trader Joe's. Definite recommendation.

Ant Oine

It’s a fairway, classic supermarket in the city. Our favorite part was the butcher area. They have fantastic patties to make bbq. We had the spicy chicken patties , spicy and delicious with a little bit of heat. We had the cheddar patties and also blues cheese ones. The blue cheese were fantastic and quite delicious once grilled Unfortunately, the cashier forgot some of my product to put in the bag and since I live quote far I did not go back but it was disappointing.

Kirkland Campbell

It was a very spacious store with all the groceries you could want and has more with a lot of vitamins, beverages that are nutritionally-densed, and some organic food available. I liked the Bai5 coconut drink that I had bought; it was delicious and pretty good for you too.

Michael Turner

Nice market, but gets super crowded and the lines are way too long. The app helps but theres never enough staff to get everyone checked out fast enough. I only go during less busy times or else will be stuck in line for at least 15 minutes just to checkout.

michael demeo

Great variety. Great prepared selection. Food for aisles!

Daniel Gomez

I go to Fairway anytime instead of Trader Joes. The upper west side is the classic to go for a New York experience. If you leave in the area give it a try.

Linda Moreno

I was very happy to find this store.Quality service and items altogether.Shop here frequently.

Arturo Gonzalez


Luca Carraro

Great most of the times but they need to do something in the deli. Sloppy service with possible contamination between cheese and meats. Every time I have bought uncooked chicken breast and cook it the next day I find out it has gone bad.

ashish yerunkar

Very nice. It has everything what you need from bakery to cheese to softdrinks to veggies..the price is at par and quality is very good.

Håkon Larsen

Good range of grocerys. Cashiers need to learn to smile.

Jeff Roseman

Great selection of foods. Many unusual selections including a dedicated cheese bar.

Steven Davis

I've been shopping here for two years. As of today, I'm out. They're not openning express lines, no fresh turkey and I encountered water on the floor in two aisles. You would expect a Saturday to be the best time. Trader Joe's and Todaro!

Ljupco Hristoski

Cold inside and high price.

Sem Cruz

Big supermarket. Good prices.


Awesome store. Very clean and most things I needed were on sale. Very friendly cashiers. Wish I lived closer.

Diane D

Better pancake mixes than trader Joe's

Tee Ash

Decent store. Items are not easy to find. Needs more carts. Process of Recycling cans/bottles is bad getting worse

Doug Aronson

HUGE selection but a bit pricey on many items. Another grocery located in a HUGE basement (the new Manhattan trend?) accessible by two large elevators and escalators. By far the largest (by size and selection) supermarket in the neighborhood (and beyond.) Also offers delivery. They have an enormous produce selection and separate fish, meat and cheese/deli departments that are each bigger than most small shops. So if you're willing to pay a little more (than already expensive Manhattan prices) you'll find just about any item you'd find elsewhere, and a whole lot more of exotic and unusual other items as well.

Timothy Bambrough

Great store with wonderful fresh veggies and fruits. This store also has a great seafood and meats department. With a huge selection of cheeses from all over the world and a deli section with all kinds of premade dishes to take home and warm up. I believe you will find what you are looking for in this store. There are some things I couldn't find but have always been able to substitute it with something else. Large selection of fresh olives, pickles, and peppers. This is a very large store, especially when comparing to other local grocery stores. Well worth checking out and the prices are not to bad.

mari rio

clean, helpful friendly employees. Lots of fresh and different variations of fruits and vegetables

wilmer veras

Great fresh products especially from their bakery. I buy a loaf of bread everyday for myself and my co-workers

Lisa Bradshaw

They have great bread. Cheese's coffee, fruits vegetables. A great hot plate to pick out food. I adore their olive oil selection. And I love to take the bread that they provide and try the different kinds of olive oil. I've enjoyed every olive oil I bought. And I bought a Lambrusco vinegar it was expensive but was just divine

Daniela Cruz-Rivera

Great selection but the wait on line is crazy.

Joyce Sulahian

Great neighborhood market, in the chain of Fairways in NYC. Prices very decent for a specialty store.

Agatha C. Melvin

The space was larger than I thought. Clean and crisp. Staff were thoughtful and courteous.

anr fi

This was the first time for me going to Fairway and it seemed to be a great place to shop for food . Oh ! It's a very clean store with friendly employees , i will be back

Timothy Killilea

Well stocked, this supermarket is also as cool as a refrigerator, which is wonderful for those hot, humid, garbage-butt New York days. You know those days, the ones where the smell of freshly sprinkled ammonia permeates the air. But, enough about the middle-of-the-day environment of the city in the summer. Let's talk about the stocked items in the store. There is a lot to buy there, at a good price for Manhattan. Let's talk about the quality of the food. It's good! Let's talk about the employees, who were super friendly! And let's talk about the escalator you might have to take to get down to the floor the market is on. A great place, grab a meal and some guac here!

Green Shamrock

I consider myself a client of Fairway, it does not have the best prices, but if true that the market carry products that are of good quality, and have variety, other supermarkets do not have them, or are much more expensive. I had good experiences of customer service in the branches of the Upper West Side and Harlem, today July 27,2018 ,I did my shopping in the branch of 542-580 of Second Avenue , NYC, and it was very unpleasant to waste my time with part of their staff. The big loss of time was when the cashier Nathalia ignored the products and asked other cashiers, including the product manager and the manager of the branch Araceli, none of them distinguished string beans of snow peas, or fava beans, confused escarole with spinach, the worst thing that they chose the most expensive product to replace the price of the products they did not know. I lost time it was irritating, the company should employ people with knowledge of the vegetables or train them properly, a list with names, is not enough because the names do not have pictures so they can distinguish the product. Although I tried to explain to them, I had to go and look for the price with the name on the shelf so that they would realize that I was talking, Still, they insisted that I was wrong, instead to be open and learn. The manager of the product area was very disrespectful, he didn't know either, he did not give me his name and when I asked for the presence of the branch manager ,Araceli said that she was the manager, I saw her working as a cashier, I think it is an inappropriate strategy that works as a cashier and in the same time being a branch manager, since she does not have time to cover her two roles properly, and definitely lacks knowledge of the products, and leadership. Training, respect for the client, admit that we are wrong when we are and apologize, produce good service. Is it so easy to get a job that does not interest them to keep it, to make a career, to be recognized for its effectiveness? that little self-love and pride for having a job. The employees who were restocking the shelves were very attentive and there were changes, in the market, however every time I asked for guidance on a product they indicated the correct location. Unfortunately, often when I go to the supermarket I have to train the employees, at my cost of time and energy, because if I do not do that I lose money, and they go by like flies.

Isaac Nelson

Usually a great selection with decent organic options, but could be better. Line usually moves quite quickly, but can get quite long. Do run into some out of stock issues with no nitrates and organic items at times. Generally, this is the best grocery one-stop in the Murray Hill/Turtle Bay area. Also, much bigger and better selection than the Chelsea store.

Chelsea Jason

Always here trying new things to buy excellent place great people here

Luis Puente

Excellent selection of products and good service.

Nigel wallace

Great produce, you need a thick sweater if you're going to buy meat, the meat area is located in a freezer

annaphil32 .

Great healthy food choices. Extensive variety

Alexander Gramza

Good place. Reminds me of Wegmans.

Milena Alexandrova

Lots of choice, good quality, ok prices for Manhattan. It was one of my go-to stores when I was there.

Daniel De Jean

Great products at great prices

Alex Ortiz

Great grocery store with wide selection of food. Favorite grocery store in the city, hands down. High quality food at reasonable prices with a good combination of local products and international ones. They've got like 40 different types of whole bean coffee that they will grind for you there and offer a lot of bulk food items. Not all Fairways the same, some may sell loose greens while others may have exclusive Fairway products. Also have an amazing hot foods bar. Download the app and get lots of coupons and discounts.

Alys Corbin

If you like watching the employees eating from the food bar, picking on the food and ignoring customers this is the place for you. It is a shame it is so poorly run. Their product uses to be good. Don't buy anything that isn't securely wrapped!

Tee I

They have a lot of variety especially if you are vegan and love organic. The only downside is they are almost always busy and have very long queues. But if you are fortunate to get in when its not so packed, its always a lovely experience

Loretta Jones

Always reliable assortment of organic foods

Ali Vidler

I have a supermarket across the street from me but walk 10 blocks here to get some fresh sliced cold cuts and awesome delicious treats. Sushi grade fish in the fish department?! Yes please! The staff is pretty cool here but there is a crazy amount of bros clogging the aisles. The lines are VERY long and could easily be compared to a trader joes line during after work hours. I do really like the store lay out and the awesome selection.

Satu Värri

App did not work, friday evening and I wanted to skip the lines...

Natashia Shields

I love fairway. When their deli section is packed, they offer samples. They have discounts and special offers weekly! But occasionally things seem out of place, like putting bananas in front of the cereal.

Maribel Duarte

Very good,I find everything $$$$,but very good

Pinky Parks

Good store but overpriced

Yoshita Childress

Small but a good shopping place ita a little pricey

Arlene Rose

Less expensive than most local supermarkets. Carries products I use.

Aracelis Pagan

Used to work here they have a great variety to produce n foods from all over. The only thing is they treat the workers like slaves. Once u working for them you have no kind of life. They schedule you however they want.

Seadon Shouse

Great baguettes. Usually still warm

Alexander Poh

Friendly and helpful staff. I always make friends with the checkout clerks.

Roberto Molina

Great place..better prices than D'agostinos...but the latter had better Rotisserie chickens

Zone One - Lee

Best selection. Excellent selection of aged beef cuts and knowledgeable staff make shopping here a pleasure (when the crowds are away). The register queues have gotten better which suggests that staffing is reaching an adequate level. My favorite aspect of this market is the selection of fine 100% arabica coffees from around the world.

Dave S

Great selection. Lots of things you wouldn't expect if you just take a look.

Leo Lopez

Outstanding place, excellent service.

Anthony Chester

Good selections, not full of pretentiousness like other nearby places, ain't that do Joe?

Lynn Narvaez

The staff was Extremely helpful. I will definitely be shopping there more often!

cecelia warner

Wide selection, mature crowd-nice

Shira Hoshen

Good selection of products and some good deals, but the worst customer service and checkout experience. Shop here 1-2 times a week because of specific diet needs but almost every single time have bad experience at checkout. Feel like this supermarket or this store in particular has problem in their staff training or being friendly and helpful is just not in their culture. I love fairway but really can’t enjoy shopping here. This is my honest opinion. They can do better.

Dave Frank

Need to shop there more often because TJs is hurting it but they have somethings that TJs doesn't have like excellent tomato sauce and bagels and Ben & Jerry's

Aura Voicu

I do my regular grocery shopping here. I cannot imagine what i will do without them. They also send in the mail box vouchers. This is the only place I had found fruit RAMBUTAN that I absolutely love it.


Famous grocery store in New York City, Fairway. There are many store location in NYC, this store is very big store. I visited this store everyday during my stay in NYC. They sell many Fairway's original brand foods such as bagel, yogurt, cake, chocolate, and so on. I bought some cheese cakes during my stay, every cheese cake was excellent. And you can buy local cheeses at this store!

Kerry Fitzgerald

I love fairway, fresh produce and meats.

Aury Zemla

This Fairway has an unmatched inventory of fresh high quality imports but meats could really be a lot better in terms of freshness. You might get a tray of chicken and find it sour in the fridge after just two days, or fund that the ground meat goes brown a day after purchase. This market has the freshest produce in the neighborhood though. I' d never seen brussel sprouts as green as the ones sold here, and their mushrooms are always plump and very tasty. Their organic produce will also last you more than Trader Joe's organic produce. Another perk is their selection of Mediterranean fare: wonderful Olive oils at amazing prices, freshly ground coffees the world over, and flavorful cheeses and prosciutto, have me skipping restaurant appetizers and cooking at home more often.

Daniel Cortez

Not much of a selection this supermarket is starting to look neglected staff don't look to happy .overall boring.

Carlo Criniti

Good products, but very poor service

Michael Federman

Wonderful place great staff and delicious food

Trixie Monte

Local grocery hotspot. The only reason I didn't give this location five stars is because there aren't enough staffed checkout registers, there is almost always a line of more than 10 customers. Beware of lines at weekday lunchtime and after work. You can get all of your intended purchases and try your luck at the register at the salad bar (street level).

nora fraser

Great store. Clean and good food

Kevin Castrillon

Loads of stuff that u can hit after a movie. It's got stocked foods that can compete with other super markets in Manhattan.


Fairway Market's shortage of cashiers borders on criminality. The long and tedious waiting to pay make shopping there a near impossibility and end up sending everyone to shop at alternate stores.

Sergio Montengro

Very nice staff,many choices of groceries avaliable.

Ted Cohen

Pretty good for the size I have. But nowhere near as good as the giant Fairway in Douglaston, Queens.

Nairi Esayan

Well stocked. Really busy most nights but the line moves quickly.

Jamie Noval

Great supermarket great deals hugh selections of food and snacks good prices

Ryan Donohue

Lots of good stuff. Coffee and olive oil selections are what they’re known for.

Keisa McNeil

Love their fish collection & Friuts. I love coming in Fairway

Ayanna Benn

Best supermarket in town grate for a lot of organic produce and products

Martin Mistretta

Can't buy coffee because there's no employee to assist the customer. Can't do it yourself because they don't allow self serve. So the coffee just sits there. Interesting business strategy.

Rita Silbernagel

Best produce with lots of options!

Ericlynes39 Crestor44

Not bad!

Adam Sarr

Biggest one I've been to thus far and I just enjoy their varieties of products.

Domi Thompson

Big choice of everything

Liz Tarducci

An incredible market, a combination of European gourmet market and local supermarket... I am here at least 3 times a week!

Gero Gc

Too cold but good stuff

M Papaya

Not the best Fairway in the area. The store is larger than some of the others, so they carry a wider range of products (some good quality imported and specialty products like olive oil, sea salt, smoked fish, etc.) but I've had problems with the quality of the fresh seafood and produce. Last time I shopped here, I had to sift through the jalapeno peppers to find one that wasn't shriveled or starting to rot. I also ended up with some cod that must have been minutes away from going bad when I bought it, because when I went to cook it less than 24 hours later, it was completely rancid and I had to throw it away (both a waste of money and a major pain to discover in the middle of preparing dinner). Fine for staples and shelf-stable items, but I definitely won't chance buying seafood here again.

Full belly fat pockets

This store has a great layout

Harish S.C

I love their mobile checkout. I never had to stand in line after it was introduced !


Very clean store. Great produce. Versatile selection of basics and gourmet items. A bit expensive unless sale items.

Walter Levy

Lovely store. Fantastic fish counter - fresh red snapper, filleted while we waited. Recommended!

Maria’s Reviews

Had everything I wanted for today’s big game! Wings look perfect too!!

Richard Jackson

Good service. Cought good prices. Lines weren't long this time (Usually around 8-9 pm). But they due try to get customers out quickly.

Frank Chung

Really hate when I have to go here. The staff is a mixed bag of kind or dismissive. Checkout is really slow. The regular line is almost always faster than the express. They certainly take their time ringing you up, never have they handed my receipt to me without me asking for it (and when I do they just take it from there machine and place it on the counter near themselves instead of in the bag it even close to my hand), all this inefficiency you'd expect a little small talk, but nope. Interesting selection and definitely has nearly everything you could possibly want.

crystal wallace

Good fruit selection

Virginia Kaycoff

Fairway, my fave market for fruits and vegetables, smoked salmon, soup, olive oil, cheese, etc, etc. So glad there's this East side branch! (You can save money on lox and nova by getting the salmon trimmings. Just as good!)

Serg Kazz

Huge store underground level. Nice variety.


Not enough cashiers open

Laurisa Peter

Long lines but good selection of products. Cashiers are nice.


The staff is very nice and it's a clean store....BUT, it is a bit overpriced...the produce department should be of much better quality for the price that is charged.

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