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Blake Rogers

Butcher Bar provided catering for an event at our Manhattan office this summer. The team was very helpful and timely, and the food was an absolute hit! In addition to the excellent catering service, I've been to the Astoria location several times and it's also really great! Definitely recommend!

Sparthy X

Good portions at great prices. Really enjoyed the meat lollipop appetizers alongside the burnt ends. Pulled pork was on point though I feel the beef brisket could have used a bit more smoking. As for the sides, the fried brussel sprouts were on point. The sauce drizzled over them made each bite a real treat and gave it proper pop. Our beet salad was cool and refreshing, perfect contrast when you've got large amounts of meats to go through. As for the Mac n Cheese? Just no. Whatever it wants to be, Mac n Cheese it is not. Too milky, not enough cheese flavor and just runny and unappealing. Our waiter was attentive and table service was pretty swift, less than 10minutes from order. Overall, good stuff.

yamelia rodriguez

This has been my favorite place to go for a year now, there are so many restaurants in the Steinway area but I honestly can say this is the best one. I order the philly cheese religiously every time I go and my Fiancé orders the 1/4 pound meat candy( which I always take as well) You don't know BBQ till you have come to butcher bar.Oh and did I mention they have by far the best Brussel sprouts I have ever had

Adrien Etienne

As someone who comes from Florida. I fell that I have pretty good palaet for good BBQ. Unfortunately Butcher Bar doesn't. I was looking for a nice smoking flavor and Butcher Bar did not have that. The corn bread was chewy (never had chewy corn bread) and corn bread should never be chewy. BBQ sauce was water down and flavorless. Had the sweet and spicy (it wasn't sweet or spicy). And not sure what they were trying to do with there apple cake.

Beth Casey

Best brunch in Astoria. They always give you your money's worth for bottomless, and the atmosphere has consistently been warm and welcoming. 10/10 would recommend checking it out. Ask for Nick!

Mani Katana

House slaw was expired or at least tasted expired. Mac n cheese side had no flavor or texture and had a foul taste. Brisket sandwich was totally dry and bland had no seasoning I'm talking no salt, pepper, or sauce. Butcher burger ... Took one bite and it tasted like the smell of a petting zoo in my mouth, I could not eat the burger it was so dry and flavorless. Butcher bar, how can u get a burger wrong? For the money they charge I expected something half way decent which were the brussel sprouts I ordered. Other than that, this is just another restaurant whose price point is based on random interior decorations. Won't be coming back for sure.

Ashley AuPont

Friendly and fun staff! The food is good too!

Chris Anderson

Two words: Meat Candy. I'm from Kansas. My favorite BBQ spots are Q39, Oklahoma Joes & now BUTCHER BAR. Parking is a bit rough in the area but be advised the parking lot a block up from the restaurant is FREE on weekends - grab a spot there. We tried a short rack of ribs that slid gracefully from the bone. Wowzers. Our waiters also let us try a piece of Meat Candy (burnt ends) prior to ordering our meal. Let me tell you about this something kind of wonderful entree - sweet, savory & smoked to perfection on the softest toasted bun with an assortment of wonderful BBQ sauce. I'd recommend the sweet & spicy as it activates all the best flavors of the meat. Honestly we walked in skeptical, KC BBQ loving snobs and walked out believers. Try this spot out, it has a great vibe, very kind staff & incredible BBQ.

Cheryl C

Great food, quick service, awesome atmosphere!

Sean McIntyre

Wow. The ribs fall off the bone and the corn bread is the best. Must try

Jason Sacramento

Very nice staff, good drinks and the best burnt ends

Andrii Popov

Absolutely amazing service. Unfortunately we couldn't taste NY steak because of running out. However Gimme Plate was just perfect . As well it tastes much better with whisky apple pie . Coming with nice selection of sides like baked pork beans, sweet wedges etc. I strongly recommend you to taste a fried pickles. Something absolutely unexpecteble. Love it!

Jessika Garcia

The food is amazing. Irene was very nice and helpful. The service was great and quick. Everything was fantastic. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Oskar Oskarowski

Came across this place and first experience was great. Food was delicious, drinks awesome and friendly staff. Definitely coming back to try more food.

Mini Kim

With a name like Butcher bar, you won't be surprised at the meat-heaviness of their menu! The service was extremely quick and friendly. The meat... oh man! Soft, tasty, tender, everything that you want from a place that claims to do meat well. We had the Beef Brisket - amazing; meat candy - amazing; mac and cheese - surprisingly well done and not overly cheesy or salty; cornbread - delicious. The spicy sausage was sold out, we had the other one which was good, but not as special as the rest of the food. We had beer, but the whiskey selection is generous and something to look for, if that's what floats your boat. Just beware that you will not be passing any cholesterol health assessments after a visit!!

Krystina M.

My absolute favorite place for bottomless brunch in Astoria. The food is amazing, the drinks are refreshing and the staff is wonderful. The Butchers BBQ with pulled pork is my number one go to for brunch or the Monte Cristo. You can thank me later

Jordan Terry

Went here not long after a trip to the BBQ Mecca that is Lockhart, Texas (home of legendary BBQ joints Kreuz, Smitty's, and Black's). This restaurant, though, was objectively terrible in every way possible. Maybe at some point it was good, or good enough for Queens, but this place isn't even in the same league as Hill Country, nowhere close. It's embarrassing for this place to claim they serve BBQ. Details: went on a weeknight, maybe 1/3rd full place at most. Waitress was bad in every way except having an OK demeanor. Food took forever. Came out like it had been sitting under the heat lamp for a long time or it was warmed up and overcooked in a microwave. Brisket was cut super thin, and while the rub was OK, when you cut it so thin, with overcooked, flavorless, too-lean meat, it's like eating cardboard. Ribs were mediocre, at best. Just so disappointing, would be great to have a decent BBQ joint in the neighborhood, but this most definitely is not it.

Billy DeVincentis

Saw the owners of this place on Fox and Friends yesterday for their annual barbecue on the square. Had to give this a try and we are sure glad we did. Barbecue sandwich was delicious!!! You have to try their apple cake!!

Dwight Smith

The food was pretty good. They didn’t have any more of the burnt ends so I didn’t get to try that and it seems like that’s the best thing to try on the menu. I had the ribs, brisket and pulled pork. The brisket ok, but the pulled pork was really good. This is definitely a spot I’d come back to. The waiter was chill and the staff was friendly. Was seated quickly as well.

Darryl Nicholson-Sansani

Great meat. A hint of to check Groupon occasionally there are deals. Burned end tops and burgers are great

Alexis Bassler

This place was phenomenal! My plans were to go to a place across the street, and I wasn't familiar with the area but my plans were ruined when the place was closed... Yet what do I find across the street? This lifesaver butcher bar and the most delicious food I could ask for along with the best service. I was immediately addicted to the food and the atmosphere, and I wish it was closer to home! I definitely will be back and I highly recommend this place.

Juan Correa

Great food , Great Staff, Lisa is a great and attentive bartender, got my order just right!

dennis clougherty jr

Butcher Bar never fails to impress. The Burt Ends can't be beat. Get them before they run out. Best BBQ. Shout out to our server Manos. He was on top of everything. We'll be back!

Lady Ruiz

This place was amazing... The drinks... And the food, Friday night staff is super friendly.

Denise Ogaz

The beef chili is hands down my favorite in all of NYC, and I do not say that lightly. The fall off the bone ribs are also great and the burnt ends are a MUST TRY. But make sure to get there early as the burnt ends tend to sell out before the end of the day, especially on weekends. The great food plus the great service make this place one of my go-to restaurants in Astoria.Two thumbs up!

Hyun Hong

I was there for the first time on Saturday I was very excited to go after tasting their burnt ends at a Yelp event. I got there around 8:30, had to wait 20-25 to be seated but it was worth the wait. They were out of the burnt ends and sweet ribs so we ordered a 1/4 lb beef brisket, pork belly, and pulled pork with a half rack of their dry rub ribs. Along with that we ordered 2 sides, string beans and Mac & cheese. And our waiter Chris hooked us up with some corn cakes and free shots. service was great despite the fact that the tables were all full.

Michael Prager

Great food and drinks at very reasonable prices. The place itself is cozy with a warm, southern smoke pit feel. Friendly and attentive wait staff. Will come back for more.

Katie V

I've been wanting to try this place out for a while now. So the day finally came- boyfriend and I stopped in for brunch... and it was so good! We both got the brunch burger. Definitely a good choice. The burger was juicy and amazing. The home fries it came with were some of the most flavorful home fries I've ever had. And the salad was also nice as well. We loved their sauces and would mix it with the habanero and try it with everything on our plate. The brunch also comes with a drink! I ordered a Bellini and my boyfriend ordered a mimosa. Both were delicious. They have a brunch happy hour (I unfortunately forgot the times) but it's $6 each for the brunch drinks, after the one that comes with brunch. We enjoyed our meal and I definitely want to come back to try dinner!

Super_Justin01 .

This steakhouse was AMAZING the ribs were just so good and flavorful and the beef brisket was just so juicy I wish to go here again DEFINITELY RECOMMEND.

Theresa Zawalski

Great great service very tasty food

Dinorah A

INSANELY GOOD!! The beef platter is sooo good and filling. The beef just melts away in your mouth. I have never been more in love❤

Lisa Neumann

The food is fresh, served hot, and so good. Had brunch " the country Benedict" with the sausage. They paired well with the corn bread! The potatoes are seasoned just right & portions are huge!

Susan Knipper

Start with very friendly greeting and staff. We had the fried pickles and the Mac and Cheese apps. Both were good but I think the Mac and Cheese was a little pricey. We got pulled pork and beef brisket which were both very tender and delicious. Corn bread and fries as sides were also good. They have a great selection of cocktails including ones that are just $6 during happy hour. We had apple cake for dessert which was warm and had caramel, quite good too. Overall very good quality ingredients, great atmosphere, and delicious food. Well worth the trip!

Hee Ran Huh

I been wanting to try this place out long time ago & finally I went there about 3 weeks ago. I read good reviews online and most of the reviews said the burnt ends was good! My partner and I went there to have lunch. My partner ordered a steak with a salad. For his salad he asked for Italian sauce but it never came with it. I ordered Gimme the beef. I loved th corn bread, mashed potatoes it was bland. The brisket was soft and delicious but the burnt end was disappointing. It had more FAT than Meat! The food was great but the wait time was very long time. Almost waited nearly 30 min waiting for the two dish. The waitress was friendly but the person at the front who gives a menu didnt say hello. They were busy talking to each other. Overall my experience with them was okay not to perfect about it. Will come back next time in the future to try other foods

Luma Ramos

Amazing food and great staff!!! Recommend it

Gus Koutroulos

My girlfriend and I absolutely loved the Butcher Bar!! The Monster sandwich was perfect, pulled pork and brisket combo!! Desert was also excellent. Katerina (Kathy), our waitress was great, friendly and fun!! Will be visiting again very soon

Yisroel Forta

Not good. Everything but the pork belly was flavorless. The ribs were far from tender. The brisket and pulled pork were terribly dry. The mashed potatoes were lumpy, and the gravy was weak.

Ralphie G

Very good experience. My wife and I walked in, they let us choose where we want to sit. The server was very friendly, attentive and helpful. Food was fairly authentic to real southern BBQ. We were just looking for a snack so we ordered brisket. I would go again if given the chance.

Gg Gg

Had some pretty bad experiences here over the years. They can't master the temperatures on their meats so a lot of times when ask for well done or medium well they’ll bring you either rare or medium rare, blood dripping greasy patty and all. WAIT STAFF are very nasty and rude. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE !!! Waited about 45 mins for our burgers and left because a very pleasant waitress for being smart when we asked to check how much longer it will be. STAY AWAY NOT WORTH THE STRESS ! ! !

Lin K

This place is amazing. The food is delicious and our wait Kyle was hilarious! The staff are really sweet and accommodating. Will come back for sure.

Stuart David

The wait staff was fun and energetic. Knew what they were talking about when asked questions. The entire visit was a blast. Went with my friend who had never been there and turned him on to the fried pickles, which are a must. The ribs were cooled perfect and I would definitely suggest the habanero sauce; it has just the right amount of heat to sweet that makes you keep going back for more. The sweet tea was the perfect beverage to wash it all down. A must when on Astoria!

Christopher Neubauer

Had a fantastic bottomless brunch. We ordered the burnt ends (get it while you can), and the hash platter. Cocktails were of good quality for a bottomless brunch, and the food is fantastic. It was so good we're looking at coming back for dinner! Matthew, our server, made sure we had a great experience from start to finish. If you're in the neighborhood and looking for a fantastic brunch, bottomless or not, you should definitely check out Butcher Bar.

Adam Sawo

Food was great. Even on a busy Saturday night it came out quickly. The hostess looked uninterested in being at work and was terrible at seating guests and ensuring tables were cleaned and ready for the next guests. I would recommend the place for the quality of food though.

Fredy Pinto

This place is awesome for a nice meal with family or friends. The food is very well done and delicious and the service is outstanding. Irene is the best, just a hint: ask for her friend Jennifer!

Jon Lemke

Do Not Eat Here. Ever. After a bad experience trying to use a Groupon here, I left a negative review elsewhere. The owner replied with a rude, insulting, dishonest, and foul mouthed tirade. The customer may not always be right, but there is never an excuse to be rude to a customer. The one star is only because I have to; I'd chose negative 5 if I had the option.

Sydney Savino

I would have never thought I would eat good BBQ in NY, but my husband found this place on Yelp and persuaded me to go and I'm glad he did! I had the monster sandwich which is half brisket and half pulled pork covered in slaw. My youngest had the pulled chicken sandwich and my husband had the gimme the beef platter which consisted of burnt ends and 1lb of brisket. We also ordered the roasted brussel sprouts for a side. Every drop of our meal was phenominal. We all were 100% satisfied. The sprouts were the best I've ever had, but really everything was most delicious! The service (waitress and bus staff) was really good and management also came by to make sure we were happy. We got to try grandmas apple cake for dessert and my family enjoyed it very much... Not really my thing but it was good for what it was. This is a must try place!

Mirla Pereira

Delicious food, nice atmosphere and good costumer service. We will definitely be back!

Rachel Reid

I'm so surprised at even one bad review for this place. I went with a friend yesterday just for some bites before a concert. I had a great time. Staff is very friendly and accommodating. Very knowledgeable about what is on the menu if it's your first time and you haven't been to their Astoria location, which I haven't..I had the candy meat which is a sweet brisket which I HATE. However this was the best brisket I've ever had. So delicious. I also had the cornbread and the baked macaroni. I could not pick my favorite of the 3, that's how perfect it was. Definitely will be returning. Crowd was good. Service was good. Place has a nice aura. I went around 6:30pm on a Tuesday if that helps anyone

richyrich1008 .

Amazing, give me the meat + berry good time. Wow!

Remi O

Falls off the bone type good. We ordered 3 1/4 portions of the burnt tips, dry rub ribs and the brisket. The best one with the most flavor are the burnt tips! Highly recommended when it comes to choosing a meat. Mac and cheese was ok but was a bit cold when it was brought out. Fries were crisp and tasty. Will definitely come back to this place again when I'm around in Astoria again.

michelle cedone

Tasty Food and friendly staff

Bethany Muldene

You guys! This is authentic bbq :) Finger licking good.

Tamara Castro

It was great. The burnt ends and pork belly should be on a plate with the baked beans by themselves. The brisket, ribs, and pulled pork are all really tender but lack seasoning and go with the smoked "flavor" only. I suppose if you put a sauce on it it's great. The mac and cheese lacks a kick. I wish they had potato salad because it balances the baked beans. The corn bread was not memorable to me. Though this can all be because I come from a cooking background myself. The drinks are good and strong, and you don't have to order it with an extra shot or anything of the sort to enjoy drinking. The jalapeno margarita and long island ice teas great. We came with a Groupon, and will return, staff was attentive... UPDATE... The day after we went here which is 1 day after I posted my initial review, my husband and I suffered from bad headaches and stomach pain. My stomach rumbled and felt hot for 2 days following eating here. My husband was on the toilet that next day for most of the day. Not sure what exactly we had that would've naturally caused this much, or if it was everything, etc. I can't pin point what it was and for that reason, I likely won't return.


I would have given 3.5 stars if the option was available. My experience was mixed because some of the cuts of meat were juicy while others were dry. Overall the meat was under-seasoned and the original sauce was too sweet for my taste. We ordered the following items: - beef brisket: this was pretty moist, but the meat itself could have been seasoned more - pork belly: surprisingly dry even though this is a fatty piece of meat; lacking in flavor - saucy fall off the bone ribs: we got this with the sauce on the side since some reviewers mentioned that the sauce wasn't great; the ribs were a bit dry and didn't fall off the bone - dry rub ribs: these were more tender and juicier than the saucy ribs; this was my favorite dish of the four we had Sauce review: - original sauce: good for someone who enjoys sweeter, more mild sauce without the tang - spicy sauce: decently spicy; would be great if it was a twist on a traditional BBQ sauce flavor (vs. tasting like a hot sauce) - sweet and spicy sauce: more sweet than spicy; it may have been a mix of the original and spicy sauces

Anthony Escoto

As I am writing this still tasting those ribs with the habanero sauce

msjaxson125 .

My first visit there tonight. The food was great, the atmosphere was cozy and welcoming. And our server Chris was absolutely delightful and warm. He made the night extra special.

Ariana Nunez

Best meal I've probably ever had. The meat is cut perfectly and everything, everything is handmade. Most importantly, the service excellent. I will be returning again soon.

johnny white

Super fun place! We legit were just walking by looking for a bar to go to and the owner called us off the street telling us there was a shot and beer combo. I was like well how much are whiskey sours and he gave us a discount ! so fun and nice loved every second of my time there. Very funny/ fun country themed steakhouse-y place. def will be back !

Sallie Coley

The staff and food was great. Not a fan of their drinks


I'm just in love with this place. First off I want to thank Matt and Chris for always making my visit here so amazing. Now let's talk food. This is not a BAR people. Yes they may serve beers but this is a restaurant. A very family friendly restaurant at that. Once you walk in you will feel comfortable and see families eating or friends hanging out grabbing a bite or maybe even people having a business lunch or dinner. It's that kind of vibe. Now for the food. To die for. I always get "Gimmie the Beef" it's burnt ends and briskets with some other things but it's just delicious. The Mac and cheese here is also very good. Usually to me it's just cheese but this places forces me to treat Mac and cheese as a decent side. Oh and their chicken wings, I am honestly just impressed.

Rae M

When we lived nearby, we loved the Butcher Bar and headed there or ordered for all the best occasions -- passed tests, work successes, Tuesdays -- and they've always been very good. We came back on a vacation and they continue to be delicious, and I feel like they've stepped up their mac&cheese game along with the really good meat that drew us in the first place. We think this time the waitress was new, but we didn't think it was nearly as big a deal as they feared, and as always they hire sweet and enthusiastic staff at every level. Thanks for a taste of home again, guys!

Amanda Pearsall

Love Butcher Bar! Last night was my first time here and I will definitely be back. Food was great (burnt ends are a must!) and the service even better. Our waitress was Christine C., she was really knowledgeable and very friendly. Better experience than I expected for a rainy Tuesday night out.

Marcelo Torres

Worst brisket ever!


I’m surprised at the consistency of the quality of food here—their service has picked up drastically, as well! With locally sourced organic meats, this place is by far one of the best bbq spots in the city. Over the years they have really built a solid reputation on their quality of meats. A tad on the pricey side but for the quality, it’s well worth it. Their meat candy burnt beef ends are a superb—along with their mac n’ cheese and fried pickles and other dishes. Definitely a great place to bring your friends and family!

Tajme Alam

Great bbq spot.. mostly order online but ate there a few times , seemed like a good atmosphere and definitely friendly staff.. food is always on point and fast deliveries... i always get beef burnt ends and brisket which they make really well but yesterday i tried the chicken wings and they were also amazing.. also the prices are okay... no complaints..

kyle tripptree

Awesome BBQ spot! Quick and super friendly service. To start, we got the "meat candy" appetizer of burnt ends which were tender and delicious; practically melted in your mouth. Definitely recommend! For my entree I ordered a Monster 50/50 which comes with a side of slaw and pickles. The burger was delicious and has an awesome kick to it because of the jalapeño. (Literally forgot to take a picture at first). Amazingly both the pickles and the cole slaw were also delicious. I also ordered a Mac and cheese (which they forgot initially but promptly served once they were notified) on the side and it was creamy and decadent. My date got the pulled BBQ chicken carvery and a side of the cornbread and honey butter and said she really enjoyed it as well. The pulled chicken has a lot of BBQ sauce and the cornbread was very moist and not dry. To top it off the waitress offered us a complimentary piece of the Grandma's Apple Cake as dessert which was really nice. Good cake but not necessarily something I would order on my own. Overall, it was a great experience and our waitress, Gina, was very sweet. Will definitely be back.

Izzi lyn

Ok who does not love BBQ ?! So I saw and I went in I ordered the Mac & Cheese yum yum ! Cheesy and it had bacon awe bacon makes me happy . The waiter expressed the portions were large so to order with that in mind. Well I was disappointed because I told him this girl can eat ! When I saw the portions I was let down. My Burnt ends was mouth watering with a side order of Brussels sprouts yasss add vegetables please , it was delish. I washed it down with a Moonshine Mimosa I mean why not it was also very good ! I wanted more food !!! The grilled chicken as they say so so ! The burger well it was just a burger !! All in all I will return for burnt ends and make it a triple !

E. Mauricio Garcia

I absolutely loved the service. Their food was great and the waitress was amazing. They had great attention to detail since I have some food allergies they took great care of us. I would definitely recommend them and eat their again.

Yanna Bueno

Incredible food... the burnt ends are incredible. The moonshine is DELICIOUS, but strong, so beware! The staff is knowledgeable, friendly. Overall a great experience.

D Nguyễn

We were in the mood for BBQ but wanted to try a new place from our usual joint in the city. Butcher Bar came up and menu looked good. This far flung restaurant all the way in Alphabet City. I really dig the interior of the space. It wasn't too loud and was a bit tight in seating but wasn't uncomfortable. Service was good and friendly. We got the BBQ meat platter. To start the fried pickles was stellar. It had a great crunch. I could probably eaten more of it but had to save for the entrees. The BBQ platter came with pulled pork, ribs and brisket with corn bread side. The brisket was drier than some but still plenty good The ribs was fall of the bone tender.. They didn't have any sauce with it but I didn't think the meat needed it.

Chevy Bee

We had such a great time. It was my first time here but it's been on my list for a minute. The food and service we're amazing. Chris, Emily and Daisy were such a great team of servers. This food, the service, the great atmosphere, you must come here. There is municipal parking a block away from here and street parking as well P.S. check out Groupon for their deal


Amazing food

Mary Bates

Wow! Just all around excellent! Great service, great ambiance, and the cuisine was wonderfully tasty! We will be back!

Hosnel Guerrier

The food was amazing!


Overcooked and DRY. Service was subpar. No intention of returning

Nurija Taipovic

Food is amazing but the service is very very slow. Staff is not so welcoming!


I love this place! My favorites are the smoked bbq burger and the chili mac and cheese. Their sauces are great and coleslaw is also actually pretty good. Service is also usually great with the exception of some delays on weekend nights when it's busy which is expected but the food and employees make up for all of that.

Caiden Murillo

Great food, friendly staff, consistently fantastic ambience. They charge reasonable rates and the food quality is great. Kudos.

J Gomez

The meat candy is amazing

Jeff Warren

This place is incredible. The brisket is legendary

Ryan Courtade

I stumbled into Butcher Bar two years ago on the chance of enjoying a Sunday brunch on a trip to NYC. I wasn't used to brunch establishments and wasn't sure what to expect. Brunch exceeded my expectations. I raved about it for weeks, still remembering my first meal at Butcher Bar, the Country Benedict. Now, I've since moved to NYC and frequent Butcher Bar often. It's become by go to place for a great priced drink and excellent meal. Not to mention the service staff and managers are all very friendly. Lisa begins the bar always welcomes everyone with a smile. The managers I've met, Christine, Chris, Gina always go out of their way to make everyone feel like a valued customer and to ensure complete satisfaction. And the food... it's amazing. Whether you're looking for a healthy salad or a plate full of meat and sides, they have everything you are looking for. I rarely give out 5 star reviews, but I HIGHLY recommend the Butcher Bar.

I. Rivera

Food,Service, And Amoshere Were Great. We were a party of two on a Sunday arriving at 7:PM and was seated quickly but larger parties approximately wait 45 minutes. Delicious cornbread!

Farrah Saeed

Shoutouts to KATHY!!!!!!!!! She is such a great energy to be around. Her drinks are also on point! Would highly suggest this spot. Very fun vibesssssss. Would suggest the "Bourbon made me do it" drink. I will be returning.

Katherine Ragazzino

Love their Sweet Sausage Links with a side of Mac & Cheese....Delicious

Brandon Parizek

The meat candy makes me happy.

Stella Kim

We ordered two popular sandwiches. One was really tender, but I didn't like the brisket thing that much. but both were good tho.

Seamus Light

Of the smokehouses in Astoria, Butcher Bar is my preferred spot. It's a bit on the small side, but has a cozy bar to sit at, which sure beats the benches you get at most places. Anyway, the food was exactly what I was in the mood for. I got the burnt ends sandwich and its accompaniments, as well as a free side of string beans with the Yelp check-in. The sandwich was fantastic - crispy smoked skin and juicy insides on a nice, firm bun. The pickles, sweet coleslaw, little piece of cornbread, and really nice table sauces were great additions. The string beans were fine, though could stand to be salted. And I also got the "apple pie" moonshine cocktail which actually tasted a lot like apple pie filling, and made a great dessert drink. Lisa the bartender was chipper, and service was shockingly fast. Not five minutes had gone by after placing my order that the food was in front of me. I'll definitely be going back the next time I'm in Astoria.

Erika Guzman

The Best BBQ Joint In Queens! So I needed to arrange a surprise 40th dinner for my husband. I sent an email request & within 24hrs Kathy responded. She was very accommodating and helpful and she helped me come up with a menu to the amount of guests who were attending. She totally knew what she was doing because there was an abundance of food. Everyone was very pleased with the food & the variety & we had plenty of doggie bags to take home. On the evening that we were there Chris was in charge of our table. The service was even better than the food! Himself and his staff were very attentive. Our drinks never ran out & our food came out in a timely fashion. & not once were we rushed. It was an amazing experience from beginning to end! Thank you Kathy! Thank you Chris! You've made our first experience at Butcher Bar memorable, it definitely won't be the last! I couldn't ask for anything more. Kindly, Erika

Marisol Cooper

Service was great and the food was delicious. Very satisfied customer, M Cooper

Brian Ferdman

What makes really good barbecue? A really good rub. What is this barbecue lacking? A really good rub. If you've never been to Kansas City, Austin, or North Carolina, you would probably think Butcher Bar is great because you probably think barbecue is all about slathering sauce all over the meat. Sure, their sauces are flavorful, but I don't go to a barbecue restaurant to drink sauce. I want to taste the meat, and this meat is criminally underseasoned. Is it terrible? No. But is it really good? Also, no. There are better options in Queens.

Azul P

The sandwiches and service are great and tasteful the steak is soft and the bbq sause is really good

Bill Perrotta

Pretty good but small portions and a little pricey. I had the Gimme the beef platter. All I can say is "Where's The Beef?"

Owen Walcher

maybe it was a bad night, but we saw our waiter only once,when he took the order, which was messed up when delivered. the ribs were so overcooked they were crunchy, not falling off bones as advertised. no toothpics in a meat restaurant? are you kidding me? nobody asked how our meal was. this place gets great ratings, but sheep are sheep. this place sucks and there are plenty of other overpriced alternative from which to choose. go somewhere else.

Diane Choi

Things to try here: everything. But really, the drinks and food here are top quality. I highly recommend the Chef's Queso and the Mac & Cheese for sides & the beef brisket and the 'Meat candy' for barbecue. Try the Rum Runner for drinks - the bartenders here are so friendly and talented! I definitely want to come back here & try everything on the menu - thank you Butcher Bar family for a great experience!

Andrea T.

Friendly, casual styled restaurant in Astoria. If I come here I always have the rib eye it is so delicious! They make it perfect and juicy, yummy! Once it happened they overcooked it a bit but the manager changed it and made sure we get what we wanted, the staff is really nice and attentive. What is also very appealing to me, they use grass fed beef. Anyway the rib eye is a perfect portion for sharing. The service is excellent and super nice! If you want a really good, aged steak, at reasoneable price and with a good time, I highly recommened this place, I love it!

Beth Robison

I love this restaurant. Food is excellent. Burnt ends are a must. NY strip steak is outstanding for grass fed, except the occasional small tendon. Sauteed spinach is too salty for my taste, and the sauce on the Brussels sprouts is too heavy. But the baked beans are divine. Service is average.

Lena Wu

Outdoor seating was great for a cool, early summer meal. The half baked macaroni and fried pickles (slightly too much breading) made fun starters before the meat platters. Pulled pork was least impressive, but the 20 oz steak was fantastic as it was well marinated and tender. Lots of beer on tap and bottled. Server had a great recommendation for a light beer to go with our meal.

brian marvel

Loved it. Fun great food

neostefanides .

I have to compliment the owners of Butcher Bar on everything! Service is A+, Food is A+, Ambiance is A+. I love the great steaks, the brisket is superb, the Burnt Ends are to die for. My new favorite is the "Crazy Good Turkey Burger" and it's name fits it! It is CRAZY GOOD! My brother is obsessed with the pork chops… always cooked to succulent perfection. I love going there to eat and shop! I always pick up a little something. Cheers to Kathy who always makes me smile! What a great owner. She always has something nice to say! The ribs are the best in NYC!

Nedessa Silvestre

Amazing service and experience! Kathy was lovely it wasn’t until after we came back for the second time we found out she was the owner! So humble and seemed like she was servicing the whole restaurant. If you’re in the area stop and GET THE BURNT ENDS! They make everything in house and when they’re out, they’re out! Happy hour is great moon shine and a huge menu for all appetites. Tried Brussel sprouts for my first time EVER there and LOVED them!! All in all a must eat place with a family feel.

Sean Taylor

Maybe first ever restaurant review. Never felt compelled. More than enjoyed this spot. Worth the shout out. Go here!

Samuel Cho

Visiting from Virginia. Barbeque spots are sparse unless you go into DC. Butcher Bar is outstanding. Cozy spot, great beer on tap. Meat was phenomenal. The "fall off the bone" ribs literally come off when picked up. Burnt ends were top notch...truly the first time I enjoyed the cut. Great mac and cheese is difficult to find when eating out, make sure you get some here. Briskets were tender and moist, buttery melt in your mouth mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... 10/10 Butcher Bar is exquisite.

Alex Christopoulos

Great food... Great price.. Good service. Irene was our waitress and she was awesome.

Panos Apostolopoulos

Great food and great service.

Chris White

Having lived in Texas a state proud and known for BBQ this place was absolutely amazing. The meat candy was something out of this world good. Atmosphere was great not to loud and not to quiet. We had a large party and it was well accommodated. Service was great. Definitely a place I will be back to!

Eric Borlaug

Former someone who used to live in KC, it is hard to find good burnt ends around here. This place delivers.

Chris Brown

Had the burnt end sandwich with slaw and pickles on the side, added a beet salad and everything was fantastic the burnt ends melted in my mouth, you would think you were in the Carolina's!!

L Ding

Food was alright but the BBQ sauce was too watery and they run out of good items fast so you can’t go late

Khumoyun Turgunov

Food was okay service was good, brought some chipped plates not a big deal for me just FYI, overall place was Okay.

reagan b

Great food, great service. Get there early enough for dinner so you can have the burnt ends! They usually run out as the evening progresses.

Mark Kibler

Great service and a friendly staff with even better food

Samantha Micciche

Love this place!! Food is incredible, staff is great and I love the different options for food. I usually split a bunch of different things with friends and I love it!

John Brandt

This place is great, the staff if informative and friendly. I came in for a quick blood test and everything went beyond sm

chanho yoon

Quality of meat is excellent. Love the smoked pulled pork sandwich. Fyi, I prefer less fatty and salty foods so Butcher Bar fits me well. Service is very good too.

Pedro Galindo

Good selection. Not salty and great happy hour!

Juan Lopez

Delicious food and great service as always

L King

So this place was nice and service was great, BUT the meats had no seasoning! It may have been a fluke situation, but everything except the veggies was unseasoned.

Nikko Pigman

Barbecue was extremely okay.

Dalia Garcia

Good food, great great service I love it, parking near the restaurant. Good prices

chase yoshikawa

This is the best bbq I've ever had. We had the mixed platter thing for two, with pulled pork, brisket, and burnt ends. The meat was so tender and flavorful. We chose the Mac and cheese, Brussel sprouts, and sweet mashed for our sides. They were all so good! They gave complimentary cole slaw, cornbread, and apple cake. All for under $50. Christine was our server and she was amazing. Very helpful and friendly. This place was a real breath of fresh air after being in the city all day surrounded by jerks! Will definitely come again.

Francisco Leonard

Great bar great food and great service

Ramon Marmol

It was a really cool ambience, the burnt ends were amazing they have a nice sweet and spicy bbq sauce which had a very nice and tangy flavor not to much of a spicy kick for someone who likes spicy food like myself we also had the pork belly which had a very good flavor, the mac and cheese was very good and the corn bread had this nice little butter that went great with it but I must say the Russell sprouts and bancon gave me a whole new look on Russell sprouts since I wasnt a big fan of them before

Ches Emanuel

No wait time for us and the food was delicious/fresh and customer service was attentive! LOVE it!

Sandra Cernuda

My boyfriend and I would go to the LIC flea just to have their pulled pork and brisket sandwiches. Then one year they just stopped coming. Total bummer until, I found out one day they were locally in Astoria. So one day out of a "you are taking me out to dinner Mr.!" we went on over. Not knowing were we were going, upon arrival my boyfriend goes "wait are theses the guys from the flea?" And I go "YESSSSS". The smile on his face for the rest of the night was priceless. I had the burnt ends and he had the pull pork sandwich and we had happy hour drinks which made it so much better. Our waiter was actually at the flea a few times. Unfortunately he didn't remember us it kinda bummed us out but we got over it lol. In a nutshell we just can't wait to go back!

Ira Oneal

One of my main spots to eat. great location, well kept, and great customer service. Highly recommended!


Went in for some quick bite. Sat at the bar, very spacious and calm atmosphere. Definitely try the Space Dust IPA.

Jim O'Toole

Great food and service. At first seemed too expensive but large portions and included my beer.

John Hsieh

For a restaurant that serves up such awesome Texas styled BBQ, Butcher's Bar is awfully not crowded. I believe if this restaurant was opened anywhere else besides NYC, the line will be out the door. Butcher's Bar advertises the fact that they only use grass fed cows, which people in the meat industry have known to possess inferior marbling that typically results in less flavor and tenderness. Despite using "inferior" ingredients, the BBQ at Butcher's Bar is still on par with most BBQ places across the country (but seems to be in short supply in NYC). On this particular visit, we ordered a farmer's market salad, burnt ends, pork belly, sprouts, and the "animal" burger. The staff is friendly and the decor is typical BBQ restaurant that screams "this is 'merica".


What a great find!! So happy I was in the area and decided to stop here to have my hunger fulfilled. Great setting and very quick service. I didnt expect to be seated, stuff our faces and leave in just over an hour. Place had a line out the door as we were sitting so I'm sure we just got there at the perfect timing so no complaints from our end. People waiting in line were patient as well since they knew they were about to have a great meal. I'd gladly wait in line for some more of those awesome Brisket ends they said were their beat sellers and I can completely understand why.

usbagels .

Good food, good service, and good atmosphere. Went around 7 PM on a Saturday with another person, and waited for about 10 minutes. Seated at the windows, so wasn't as loud, but a little cold, as did our food.

gisela rijo

I've been to butcher bar many times and the service and food are always great and pleasant. Today was the first time we waited almost an hour for a table and then halfway thru our meal, the hostess came by our table looking to see if we were done and did it a couple more times after. This is my first disappointing experience here. I know they were busy but at least let us eat our food. We definitely rushed to finish and close out. Still love this place and would go back again!

Leah Zayas

This is my second time visiting this restaurant and neither time disappointed. I came here with my family for an afternoon lunch. I ordered the one of the Beef Butcher's specials/platters? (Sorry I don have the menu in front of me and I'm kinda buzzed from the hard pink lemonade). It came with Beef Brisket and Burnt Ends, coleslaw, pickles, a side( I had macaroni and cheese) and 2 corn cakes. My husband had the sweet and spicy wings, fries, Mac and cheese and my son ordered the Children's quesadilla and Mac and cheese as well. We all shared and the food was absolutely delicious. Seasoned well but not overwhelming, tender and high quality. Our service was great and the environment was cool. I don't eat red meat much but when I do this is a spot that I don't mind occasionally indulging in. I highly recommend.

Magda Papageorgiou

I am ordering regular from this place, either from my place or from my friends place, because they have a very good quality of meat! This time as always, I have ordered their usually pretty big Bone-in Rib Eye that they have, and instead, I got a regular size Bone-in Rib Eye, like the one I bye in the supermarket for $44.00!!!!!! This is a disgrace!!!!!!! I called and they didn’t even offer a store credit for at least half the price !!!!!!!! VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!!!!!!!!!

Emanuel Remilus

This spot is one of my regulars. Had the opportunity to bring some co-workers here recently, and they LOVED it! The meats are superb. The meat candy beef burnt end sandwich is always my go to, but you really can't go wrong with whatever you get.

Jay Sean

Butcher Bar is the bomb! Let me reiterate that this place has some of the best tasting barbecue meats and side dishes that I have consumed in a long time. Their philly cheese brisket is simply phenomenal!! The regular brisket is also so good! everything is so juicy and delicious and the price is more than reasonable! Good spot if you are in the area!

lizzy stone

The food is authentic and phenomenal. A truly delectable experience!!


We all know this is a meat lover's paradise. What impressed me most was our server and host Nicholas who seamlessly took on many different roles on a busy Sunday evening. I had to take care of my very elderly parents and Nicholas and his colleagues couldn't have been nicer to meet their physical and social needs. Upon entering, Nicholas was very kind in telling us what the anticipated wait would be but then he did something few people in our society do nowadays. Rather than exaggerating for the sake of making empty promises, he said he wanted to be transparent and let us know what menu items were not available. Given the late hour on a Sunday before the workweek, it was totally understandable that burnt ends and the "fall off the bone" ribs would not be available. Then, upon noticing another menu item just sold out (given the freshness of the products used), Nicholas couldn't have been more flexible and kind in doing right by us. He was generous, extremely courteous and a master of public relations which was always impregnated with respect.

Never Tell

After a 40 minute ride on the train, and purchasing a Groupon over a month ago, the waitress LITERALLY told us: “you can use your Groupon literally any other day of the year except today”. Not. Kidding. You just can’t make this stuff up. The fine print on the Groupon said you could not use it on Valentines,,, not MLK Day. Should have asked for a manager but we just left without ordering. They didn’t even have any customers in there. Not sure why they didn’t want our business but we are a lesbian couple so maybe that had something to do with it. I’d rather eat mcDonalds than return to this empty restaurant with rude staff. I do not recommend to ANYONE.

Kamille L.

Awesome atmosphere, delicious food, friendly staff and awesome drinks. Pricing is reasonable and there’s a municipal parking lot down the block. Mac and cheese kinda tastes a little like Stouffers Mac and cheese but the burnt ends and brisket is bomb! And their drink menu is good. Definitely worth coming and experiencing at least once. But come here more than once because this place is absolutely worth the trip!

vadim dyadyuk

Good service... good cocktails.. amazing burnt ends!!! All else was ok .. not the quality smoked meat we expected

Olivia Lau

I've been living in Astoria for years now, and finally decided to eat at this supposed neighborhood staple. We visited after the dinner rush in a weeknight, and I noticed that our waitress had a friend come into the restaurant, which normally would not be anything to write about. However, after our waitress "took" our order (i.e. tried to memorise it), she then proceeded to have a lengthy conversation with her friend as she was putting our order into the register. So of course, our order came out wrong! She messed up our drink order, forgot to add the extra honey butter for our cornbread, completely forgot an entire entree, and put in the wrong order for ribs. She was unapologetic about it, and even had a bad attitude when we pointed out what was missing. Oh, and these ribs... apparently the "Fall of the Bone" St. Louis-style ribs are nothing more than the dry-rub ribs with BBQ sauce poured on top. Anyone with an inkling of barbecue knowledge knows that St. Louis-style ribs are supposed to be finished on the grill with sauce, and not just have the sauce simply poured on the top afterwards. And they certainly were not falling off the bone at all! Horrible waitress and bad bbq ribs. At least the mac & cheese and garlic broccoli were decent - hence 2 stars...

Dilsa David

I went over for brunch and ordered the meat candy with scrambled eggs. Portion was pretty big with home fries, toast and salad. I also tried the corn bread which was absolutely delish! My friends and I visited mainly for the meat candy and it was definitely melt in your mouth delicious!! I'm definitely visiting again soon.

Eunice Anorve

I ordered a burger . Added mushrooms and caramelized onions (my favorite on a nice burger) but man as that a mistake. Upset my stomach so much i threw up my whole dinner

Tyler Gileski

Butcher Bar is by far and above the best bbq in and around Astoria. The brisket was fantastic, had just the right amount of smoke and clearly pulled apart when slicing into it. Their double smoked beef burnt ends are beyond words. You have to try them to understand why I will be coming back again and again. The service is prompt, with smiles on everyone from the bartender, to the waitress, and me by the time I left. You cannot find a cleaner, friendlier, and tastier BBQ joint in town. Period.

أحمد المنصور

I went in to dine solo a few nights ago. I waited about 10 minutes at the door to have someone to even talk to me. They had no hostess. Finally the bartender came and sat me down at a table. I ordered the beef platter. The burnt ends were good, but the brisket was cold and dry and tasted really bad. I brought this to the waiter's attention and all they did is just give me a complimentary apple cake, which I didn't even like. Definitely a one-time-visit restaurant!

Jesse Taylor

Roaches in the food. Really need to know more?

George Espinal

This is the best place in Astoria to get good BBQ! There are others but this place is the best! It is real expensive but they work hard on the meat and it shows!

Yvonne Koo

What am amazing time my friends, family, and I had here yesterday. Over the summer I reserved a table for 25 for my rehearsal brunch and Kathy did not miss a beat. She responded to all my questions and was very accommodating. A friend of mine canceled last minute because she went into labor and Butcher Bar did not make a big fuss. I initially had 2 small kids and needed high chairs, but day of they didn't come, and again Butcher Bar worked with us. These might seem like small things but not for a bride-to-be who's planning a million things and nothing is going accordingly!!! But that's not even the best part ... the best part? Well there is no one best part. The food was delicious. The day of service was WONDERFUL. The drinks just kept coming. To say we were full is an understatement. Good thing I reminded people to wear their stretchy pants because food coma happened almost immediately AND we had plenty to go home with. We devoured everything before or phones were able to eat but we loved everything: fried pickles, butcher bowl, Mac and cheese, baked beans, chili cheese nachos, chili cheese fries, animal burger, gimme the beef, pork platter, corn bread (which was still warm and toasty!) and the list goes on and on and on! I highly recommend throwing your next shindig at Butcher Bar - or at least stop by for some delicious food and great hospitality. Thanks again for everything Christine!!!!

Ariel Santamaria

Food was very good but service could be faster. Maybe 1 more waiter? Just seemed to wait for everything and other as well.

Sharon Rogers

Amazing food and great environment.

Alan Mayo

Had the Ny strip and baked beans, best meal I’ve had here in Ny

Mitchell Brown

Fantastic food. It’s no Memphis BBQ but we loved getting some good Texas brisket, pulled pork, and pulled chicken in Astoria, NY of all places! Helps get our BBQ fix. Some happy southerners.

Emily Gregor

This is one of my favorite Astoria spots. My boyfriend always wants to come here when he visits. We're lucky if we get the burnt ends, but if they're out, we're happy with the ribs, the pulled pork, and the pork belly. We love the side options and the drink selection as well.


Candy meat sandwich and sangria were great

Dana Busching

Food is delicious, and the staff is awesome! Burnt beef ends and dry rub ribs are where it's at. Kathy is amazing! Super hospitable and always attentive. Listen to her recommendations! Love butcher bar!

Lauren Rocco

Local to Queens, I'm always looking for my next food moment to share. Popped in Butcher Bar to get some tasty eats ... and tasty they all were! Yes, I'm a vegetarian but I can respect the love of meat and BBQ. We started with the house-made guacamole and chips, which everyone is on the avocado high! The flavor was spot on and the chips were perfect - crispy, but not oily or salty. I of course rocked the veggie burger - thick, crunchy and loaded with flavor! Topped with their quac and lettuce and tomato... I added cheese! The bun was perfect ratio, too. One of the best veggie burgers I've had. I got a side of mac n cheese, which was bold in taste and cheeses - macaroni perfectly cooked. The feature craft beers, homemade sodas and carving station for those meat enthusiasts. All was priced pretty fair, as were portions. My only 2 recommendations... it would be nice to have some seafood options because that is big BBQ, too. And the burgers come with slaw and pickles - might be nice to allow a sub of fries, even if it's a $1 fee - I mean burgers are a classic with fries! All in all I was very happy at the end. Cool spot with not too many tables to overwhelm, and it was clean. Service was top notch. I'd recommend all to check it out.

Sophie Evans.

A great rustic, casual bar to hang out with friends. The food was was great and they even accommodated our vegan friend. The staff are very easy going and helped us surprise the birthday boy.


Amazing BBQ, had the $10 lunch special 1 meat (pulled pork) and 2 sides (Mac n cheese, cornbread). Fresh, tasty, came out quick. Highly recommend, 5 stars.

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