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2860 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507, United States

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REVIEWS OF Dr. Field Goods Kitchen IN New Mexico

Taylor Vaughan

The food here is so good and tastes super fresh. I loved sitting at the counter and watching the chef work the oven.

George Ogrady

Simply love me this place! Splitting a BLT with my sweetie pie. Then we are picking up fillets from their butcher block for tonight's dinner.

bobby k

Great food! Never dissapointed!

Michael Baker


Rodrigo N

The service was great... the food disappointed. It was highly recommended, and did not deliver. Had the Carne adobada eggrolls- they were salty and did not have the carne adobada flavors. It didn't work for me. Also had the green Chile soup- the queso fresco was a bit overpowering and the soup over all was just ok. Shrimp Tacos- The shrimp was very bland, the tortilla was not warmed properly and lead to breaking apart. The best thing about the tacos was the salsa and it had a 1 inch streak on top. The pulled pork sandwich- The bread was toasted too long and was a bit burnt. It had a smokey flavor but was bland and had missed the bbq sauce (lacked a complimentary sauce and flavor over all). Steak and fries- The steak was actually cooked properly and it was tasty. The fries were chunk potatoes.. enough said. Maybe their strong is the pizza, I did not have it though.

Jay McDaniel

All around amazing! Great wait staff, even better food. If you like heat get the goat sandwich, and if you don't get the bad@$$ BLt!

Jessie Privett

The Cuban sandwich and potatoes were pretty good, but overly salted. The pho was the worst I’ve ever had. Tasted like absolutely nothing. The table next to us had the same experience. I didn’t even take leftovers, but they didn’t charge us for it either. I didn’t even have to ask. They knew it was bad. Service was marginal, we never got refills on water.

P Browder

Ordered this to go on Friday, and this got my ENTIRE family horrible food poisoning!!! Beware, the last time we ate there a visiting friend got ill, and now we know why.

Terry Collier

Amazing takes on local dishes kimchi with potatoes, amazing

Robert Hernandez

Good food and great service

crashtestdummy52 g

A friend of ours recommended this place. We tried their bacon burger, fish and chips and fire roasted pizza. This had to be the best food for the buck in all of Santa Fe! Delicious, fresh, creative recipes and presentation. Definitely casual, but OH so delicious! We WILL be back!

Aaron Cordova

Amazing food that packs an explosion of flavor in every bite.

Frank G

Definitely in the top 5, of restaurants in New Mexico. 151 salute!

Zachariah Dorsett

Wow. I never give five stars but just wow. Highly recommend the yak, the skinny and the bread pudding.

clayton weber

The green chile enchiladas are outstanding.

Mark Sandoval

Amazing food. Great service.

Jacob Yeider

Tried to order three different beers and they were all off tap. Server looked at me impatiently so I just got a PBR in a can. Cracked it open and took a few drinks before noticing it had been dropped in the dirt. Literally had a dent in the can and there was dirt all over the top. They were a little busy, but the server was acting like we were an inconvenience to him and just being short and rude. Got the steak. Over-priced and had no flavor. The sauce it came with tasted like sugar. I ended up dunking it in ketchup just so it could have flavor. Ordered the bread pudding and not only was it cold and stale, but it visibly had pieces of raw onion and some eggshell. I guess it’s a new recipe. Over priced, quality of food sucked, server sucked. Would not go back.

Mike Hitt

Pleasant stop. The enchiladas were very saucy. I liked the chicken for excellent flavors the green chili really came through, buffalo not so much. Stew was good a but not standout from the rest of NM. Good selection of beers. Another barfly had the blt and raved. The Dr makes a bacon patty not to be missed per them. Pricey unfortunately.

Felicia Trujillo

Skip Dr. Field Goods Kitchen. First off this restaurant is very small, you have no space at all. Tables are on top of each other practically.. Second Service is not that great. Waited a while for our waiter to take our drink order. And they brought my husbands food and my friends food right away and my food like 10 minutes later. It was awful and no apology no nothing. Third the food isn't that great. It had no flavor and was bland and lastly WAY OVER PRICED. Oh and P.S. my stomach is hurting. I feel sick. Skip it!!!!!!!!!!


Delicious food and great service! I loved that we could watch our food being made. I highly recommend their signature sandwich, the New Mexican. I wish I lived here so I could go back!

Zev Guber

Just great everything, But don't tell your friends, or there won't be enough pastrami to go around. No kidding.

Edwin Schroeter

I am sorry to report that my experience was a complete zero. The buffalo enchilada that I ended up getting because they were out of my first choice, the chicken enchilada, was overcooked and it did not even resemble an enchilada. It was more like lasagna and sadly there was no definition of flavors, it was just a blah brown. I could not tell that there was any red sauce (which was claimed on the menu) in the concoction. I would steer everyone I know clear of this loud, overpriced, underserved and poorly prepared restaurant. Ed, Amarillo, Texas.

Jason S

Great food but prices are higher than most places. Odd menu but everything I have tasted is always good. The pizzas are great, but never cooked long enough. I never get a plate when served a pizza, very strange... Service is sketchy as per usual in SFE. For the price, I would expect a more comfortable dinning area. Feels more like a biker bar, which is why the menu seems odd.

Deanna Livingston

A favorite of mine in Santa Fe! Diverse menu and good tap selection. The salads are particularly noteworthy.

Oderus Urungus

Delicious, quirky, locally sourced dishes in a convenient location, try the Cubano!

Melissa Franklin

I'm from Texas here working for 3 weeks stopped at Dr.Field Goods first night had the green chili vegetable enchiladas, they were Absolutely Outstanding.... guarentee you I'll be back

Joanna Anaya

Great food, and awesome customer service.

Anthony Barela

Very good food

Bill Wiltse

Absolutely amazing food - so many good choices it was hard not to order the entire menu. For appetizers we had the Pappas Bravas and they were one of the best dishes I've ever had, and I don't say that lightly. For dinner, I had the enchiladas which were to die for. They're served in a 9" cast iron pan and you have to try a combo of both the green chili chicken and the red chili buffalo. Be prepared for leftovers because the portion is huge, but you'll be trying to finish it all, I guarantee it. For dessert, we had the bread pudding with Chantilly cream which (unsurprising by this point) was amazing as well. Every single thing we had was delicious and the wait staff were always attentive to us as well, rounding out a truly excellent dinner experience. I highly recommend coming here.

Jaydon Carling

Wide variety of foods. I got the pho. It really wasn't very good, and I didn't eat much of it.


Tried the Cubano and the Pato Loco. Delicious on both counts. The spiciness of the cuban-style pork blended well with the ham and slaw. The Pato Loco was a beautiful mix of duck confit, cashew butter, pears and orange marmalade. I'd get the marmalade on the side next time since it has such a pronounced taste and stole a bit from the other ingredients. The potatoes were overcooked and the prices a bit steep, which contributed to a lower rating.

Antonino Governali

Great food. Quality is there. Prices are a bit steep.

Brooke Fort

The Cuban is amazing!

Rachel Turbeville

[We shared the green Chile stew. Amazing!also had the Buffalo enchiladas which were delicious and the Carne adovado egg rolls and brussel sprouts. Everything was great!] - original 5 star post. We just left and they no longer have the Buffalo enchiladas which is the whole reason we went back. The bartender was nice and the environment was relaxed but we won't be returning. My husband's enchiladas were pre-made and pulled out of the packaging in front of us. It was disappointing compared to the first time. Hopefully they can turn it around.

Maximilian Upp

10/10. Love this place. They were pretty busy at dinner but we were seated instantly at the bar. The bartender took great care of us and our drinks and food came out quickly. The drink selection was great and plentiful as was the menu. We were told everything was good so we made sure to get a variety of dishes. We got the fish and chips, the Xmas enchiladas and the house made fettuccine. We were not disappointed. This was some of the best food I’ve had in Santa Fe and it’s now a staple in my book. I will be back!

Peter McWain

Soggy spongy food, half cooked dough, 4 onion rings; don't believe the hype.

Omar A


Nimeni Niemand

Reasonably good food. I liked the kimchi patatas bravas a lot, and my wife enjoyed the pizza they made for her. The vegetable burrito was deeply weird (it's a burrito stuffed with shredded vegetables, and utterly unlike anything I've ever eaten before.) Service was good, and they had plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. I think there prices are a bit high (12-14 for an entree) although they make a big deal about using locally-sourced ingredients, which are presumably more expensive.

Al Knutson

Had a fantastic BLT, would definitely go back again!! Definitely deserves 5 stars!! Thank You!!

Auto Angel

Out of bounds! My toddler loves the Roasted mushroom soup, I devoured the Fryed chicken special, local beer. The Pho plate was huge serving, and the kale salad Rocked. Excellent service, and fair pricing. We even slammed a dessert. All 4 of us left satisfied, the local dive is Awesome!

iris bryant

Food was really fresh and flavors well married. Big portions. Service was down home and friendly.

Jared James

The Cubana was fantastic - probably one of the best I have ever had!

A Richardson

Great food, and it's local too! (A little expensive)

Jim Siterlet

Really ?? I ordered $50 worth of carry out. They do not give you bags. You can either bring your own or buy one from them for $5. I hope you cheap pigs profit from saving the planet. You won’t be getting anymore of my money. I dropped the soup, didn’t like the egg rolls, and thought the pork sandwich was boring. The potatoes were good. But were mostly over fried skins. Everyone gives a bag for carry out. It’s just something a restaurant should provide. This place really sucks. And I hate it !!!

Joshua Francisco

I had the New Mexican sandwich for lunch. It was tasty. Service was friendly but a bit slow. Tough location for a restaurant but good overall. I'll try it again.

John H

Dr. Field Goods is still (after 2 years of living in the area) my favorite spot in Santa Fe. I love their Cubano, best I've had. Get the Patatas Bravas Christmas on the side. Their pizzas are good too. I even stop here on the way back from the ABQ airport to my house in Los Alamos, it's that good. Get a fresh made in-house orange soda or ginger ale while you're at it.

Mark Richmond

Excellent! Great food and great service!

Stephen Gunther

This is the best local hipster/ farm to table restaurant in Santa Fe. My recommendation would be to ask what's on special and order that. Since they do true daily specials that are never items on the menu you are going to find something new every time. If you do want to go on menu they have some of the best enchiladas in town, just be sure your ready to wait at least 20mins since they make them to order. They also have a very good selection of beer that is always rotating from some of the best local and Colorado breweries.

Aaron&Rachel Bickett

Please update your hours online. We drove all the way here on our way through Santa Fe just to see your new decision to be closed Monday. Today is Monday.

Livia Crowley

The food was very good. BUT It's a small place so not the best setting for groups of more than 4.

Jordan Romero

Food was great but the service was definitely lacking. We had a party of five and were given attitude when we asked that two tables be put together so it wouldn’t be cramped even though it wasn’t busy. The server asked for our drink order but not everyone was ready, he made a sly comment and walked away making us feel awkward for not being ready. We had another friend join us halfway through our meal but they didn’t even ask if she wanted a drink or if she wanted to order food so she just sat there and didn’t even get a glass of water. One person in our group ordered the fish tacos and then was charged extra for asking for some sort of salsa or hot sauce that I feel should be a given when ordering tacos, but that’s me. I worked as a server for years so I have a pretty high tolerance when it comes to giving them the benefit of the doubt but this place was no bueno in that department. Undecided if I will go back.

Andrew Jex

Fabulous food. Everything fresh, good selection of microbrews

Almendra C. Desmond

Great tasting food. Friendly staff. Good beer. Nice atmosphere. Soundtrack was 90s/2k Rock but not too loud. Never been in a place where they play A Perfect Circle, lol.

Angela Gonzalez

Atmosphere was nice but the food, although fresh, was pretty plain. Ordered variety of items including pizza, tacos, and burgers. Overall not a place I'd return, especially given it is on the pricey side.

Mehmet Guzelbeyoglu

It’s obviously not an Asian restaurant but they have pho on the menu with ‘home made bone broth’. Maybe the rest of the menu is ok but it was probably the most tasteless pho I had in years. Actually not even sure if you could call it pho with no basil no lime no sprouts and with raw button mushrooms and a broth that tastes like hot water. Some sort of bland soup I guess.


Great food great service a must go in Santa Fe

Elizabeth Ontis

Great food, good beer selection, great handmade muddled fresh drinks.

Christy Martinez

Great fresh food, fun menu, great local beer and wine.

Matt Jones

Delicious potatoes and New Mexican sandwich!

Arturo Urreola

Very good food lots of flavor, will be back soon

zazq Lastname

Eat at the butcher and bakery instead. Turkey ham bacon avocado monster burger!

linda williams

Everything we had was delicious. Went twice within a 4 day period. Loved the pizza

Diana Abeyta

Service was not very good, maybe they were short staffed! The shrimp bisque was horrible, shrimp tacos were good. Don't think I'll be going back.

Lesley Martin

Margarita pizza is fantastic. Got it with anchovies on the side and it was delicious. Had the fish and chips before and they were good. A bit pricey but great quality.

Carmella Hernandez

Great lunch deals, mushroom die for! Great job all around!

Henry Hutchinson

I have eaten here several times. The service is friendly and prompt. The food is excellent if you like fresh local ingredients. I have not had the pizza but the sandwiches are worth coming back for. Portions are large enough to share unless you are a big eater. This quaint eatery is on the far edge of the shopping center next to Cerrillos Road. DON'T CONFUSE IT WITH THE BUTCHER/ BAKERY IN THE SAME SHOPPING CENTER. They are both Dr Field Goods but the butcher shop (which also sells food) is not the same as the Kitchen. I think the differance may account for some of the poor reviews. Don't expect an economy priced menu, my buffalo burger was like $20. I recommend the BLT which was about $15.

Rafael Rivera

Great place! Awesome food and nice vibe. It might take a bit to get a table but it is worth it

Antonio Linhares

The Cubano and New Mexican sandwiches were awesome! Service was very good too!

Annika Rundberg

Diverse food of high quality. Yummy

Sam Lundberg

Everything was seriously delicious. We aware that the spicy sausage is actually quite spicy. But the pizza was thin and crispy and amazing.

Chris Trujillo

Jesus, this place is beyond amazing. I wish I could give it more stars. Friendly staff, too.

Alejandra Bonilla

We had all kind of different foods here. I had the Pho: so fresh, gigantic bowl and the meat was to die for. My husband had the enchiladas: delicious cooked in a iron skillet,. perfectly cooked, spicy and full of flavor. My boys had the pizza cooked in front of our eyes, the crust and cheese were delicious. Fish and chips nicely served, cherry limeade was freshly made, 2 Ales on tap and finally local vanilla ice cream. All highly recommended!

Catherine Jang

We eat here every time we visit Santa Fe. Consistently great food and service.

Bryce Landau

Definitely won’t be going back. If you enjoy food with flavor, this is not the place for you. If you like paying $18 for a $5 portion of food, Dr. Field Goods is right up your alley! Enjoy your $4.00, flavorless, homemade soda. The only enjoyable part of the pulled pork sandwich was the ciabatta bread, the rest of it was very bland. I should’ve realized that this restaurant was going to think it’s a lot cooler than it really is, when the cross-fitters walked in. The only people giving this place 5 stars, are hipsters that have to convince themselves that they ate “good, local” food, even though they paid way too much for it. P.S. This place sucks. I would have left zero stars if it was an option.

Cammie Maasdorf

Awesome food, awesome service! Best BLT everrrrrrr!!


Perfectly cooked filet mignon and papas bravas! Friends had enchiladas that also looked and reportedly were delicious.

Trent Brown

Cool spot. Just stopped in for a drink.

D K.

Good pizza and drinks

red rooster

I really like the food. unfortunately the service is poor. EVERYTIME I go there they make some mistake on my order, or forget to put it in and 30 minutes later they tell me why my order hasn't arrived. today my waiter never came to the table to see if I needed anything. I'll continue to go, but if my service is poor my tip will be too...sorry

Paula White

Great place...enjoyed atmosphere and food!!

Airu Zhang

The pho is a joke .

Lee Zimmerman

Love their farm to plate mentality. Awesome Veggie Burger!

Crystal Dove

Always amazing food. This place is a MUST try.

Christopher Epley

The food is amazing. Patatas bravas! Just get them. You won't regret it.

John Peter

Is it a Joke ? The locals keep bragging about them. Let me tell you our experience for lunch. While my wife was waiting for her burger they put my pizza on the warm drawer for 10-15mn. I m pretty sure any napolitano pizzaiolo would have been mad ! We also have ordered a limonade for $4 each. Did not get a refill and had to buy another one. My wife got a cucumber/menthe water for $2.50. Result $10.50 and a$50 bill for lunch We will not come back again, would rather get the real deal somewhere downtown or simply go to Fire and Hops

Omar Emilio Amezaga


Marz Tijerina

The #1 one hole-in-the-wall for the craft beer lover/foodie; I've had everything on the menu & I have never been disappointed.

Alexander Tomes

One of the best in Santa Fe. Oven baked enchiladas, amazing green Chile stew, quality beer selection. Only downside is the lack of cocktails.

Mary Wolf

“This is now one of my favorite foods.” Jackson, age 9, eating a pastrami sandwich Yummy! Great service and delicious food.


What a hidden gem of a restaurant! A quaint little place in a shopping center. Definitely family owned/operated. A full bar inside. Super friendly service. The menu is very unique and diverse. You can pretty much get anything there w a twist on flavors. The mussels were huge and flavorful. The pizza was simple, fresh and awesome. I wish we had one in Houston! We'd be regulars if so.

Christen Jones

Do not waste your time. Food was disappointing! The breading on the onion rings was bland and thick. I had the shrimp tacos and they lacked flavor and were generic. The pinto beans were flavorless and I had to add salt. My husband had badass BLT and not worth the money. Overall not a great experience. Over priced food that underwhelmed. Sad it was our last meal in Santa Fe.

Michael Oberlin

Great atmosphere, wonderful food

Longevity! Strength Training & Fitness

Delicious fresh food! Highly recommend for locals and out-of-towners!

Richard Taylor

Good food

Hannah Streeter

This place was amazing! We ordered the papas for a starter which were so good. We strongly recommend going for xmas as the were both excellent. The cherry vanilla soda might be my new favorite thing. Service was great and it was lightning fast but perfectly timed. A fantastic experience all around

Sally Charette

Admittedly, all I had was the Charred Caesar Salad, but it was spectacular. If I lived in Santa Fe, I'd have this salad at least once a week.

Justin Arthrell

Laid back spot, welcoming to kids, great music, friendly staff. Love the beer selection, and top notch sandwiches and salads.

John R.E.

Friendly customers and great staff interaction. Almost expect them all to sing they move with such precision. This is a well-oiled machine that cranks out handmade, locally-sourced dishes. Owner and chef Josh will tell you he doesn't stuff his plates. Hearty eaters seem to love it. Even light eaters appreciate the craftsmanship. There is happy hour with 20% off. Otherwise, if price doesn't matter, go for the gusto.

Sam Isinspace

It's okay, really. I don't know how it happens but every my wife and I eat here we end up with an insane tab considering we just had a few sandwiches and a beverage. In all honesty for the amount of $$$$ we end up dropping I'd rather eat somewhere where everything is going to be better. I am sure there is a great argument for why the prices are so high but in the end I know I can get better for the same tab. Not a bad local pub but for the price it is certainly not a great one...

Savannah Pipkin-Litster

Amazing service! We mentioned we were in a rush and the whole staff communicated with each other to get us in and out in 20 minutes! And the food was great!

Angela Romero

My husband I were had a horrible experience at this place. My husband ordered the chicken enchiladas and I ordered the red buffalo enchiladas. When I order arrived, I was given the green chili chicken enchiladas in which I don't like. I told the waitress that she gave me the wrong order. My husband's was correct. The waitress told me that it would take another 30 minutes to prepare the order that I asked for. She said that I would enjoy the chicken enchiladas if I tried it. I said, "no thank you, I don't like green chili chicken enchiladas". By this time my husband had taken a couple of bites of his food. The waitress was angry and took my plate looked at my husband and then back at me and said, "at least someone is enjoy the food"! She left and never returned to our table to see if there was anything else I would like or to refill our water. Jennifer has to this day been the rudest wait staff I have ever encountered! Because of her, I will not give my money to this place.

jman c2

Excellent food! Bring your appetite, the portions are large and they won't serve only half...

Marty RockyMtn

Kick ass food with superior atmosphere and service!

Angela Abernathy

Chill place with good food. I had the fish and chips and I had to go back for more before I left town. They serve a variety of foods including pizza. Seemed to be a popular place. There is even a butcher shop a few doors down where you can get fresh meat by the pound. The staff was friendly, place was clean and had a good atmosphere. Will for sure be going back the next time I am in Santa Fe.

mark dowaliby

My wife's birthday I brought her to the wrong place in a town full of great food. A hair baked in my hamburger bun and a weird B l t burger

DeJuan Brown

Great food! Great service! Great prices! It's really good! Trust! I dont even make Google reviews!

Mallory Wilson

Friendly staff. Seriously amazing food. Will eat here every time I visit Santa Fe!

Andrew J Baca

DR. FIELD GOODS, 2960 Cerrillos Road. Cited for lack of thermometers in walk-in cooler, no sanitizer in kitchen area, utensils not used properly, lack of protection for light fixtures, particle accumulation on ceiling, walls and floor.

Timothy Danley

Fantastic spicy potatoes, fantastic beer and cider options, and super friendly staff. If you're looking for a laid back pub this place is for you.

Gianna Niemeyer

the food is good but expensive. almost 40 $ for a burger and a steak plus two sodas is ok if you get large portions which is not the case here.

Paul Gerwin

Great food. Just redecorated. A very different restaurant experience.

SelfEvaluawarness MicroCosm

My glass was dirty. I could feel left over food when I went to pick my glass up to take a drink. Didn't make me want to drink my refreshment. Bartender took a while to say anything to me. Only 3 couples in the establishment and he made me feel like I should just walk out cause I wasn't good enough to be there. Barley made any eye contact. Bad attitude and seems like this place may not last long.

Betty Rose

Do. Not. Eat. Here. The service has been horrible for years and the food is consistently disappointing. I’m the last of my friends to continue eating here, and that’s over now. Last week- my last visit- the waitress openly made fun of my order to the other waiters (it was a burger on the menu- no variations), and for, I’m pretty sure, absolutely no logical reason. Nothing but freaks over there. Wouldn’t go if I were you...

Brian Wilson

It was inspirational! Sooooooo good. Glad I remembered it. Definitely going back again.

Julie Deery

Do yourself a favor and order a salad. My husband and I walked down from nearby RV park. We ordered the Kale salad to share but I think we would go back for just this salad. (Kale, roasted beets, fingerling pototoes, mushrooms,brussel sprouts, fresh red onion and miso vinaigrette)The woodfired pizza makes a good combination. Meats are house made and they have a large variety including goat Italian sausage. Lots of regular bar food like burgers, onion rings too

Jamie Aranda

Sooooo good. . . Like really really good. Stephanie is nice and super cool.

Emily M

Tonight I ordered the woodfired cheese pizza with caramelized onions, the green chili chicken enchilada and bread pudding to go. I was a huge fan of this place before I left the state for work and was really excited to try them again. It was a major disappointment. Dont know what happened, but this may be the worst pizza I have ever eaten. The crust was burnt, boarderline stale, and the sauce was a strange deep brown color with a fishy taste. I have eaten the pizza before and it was great every time. So I dont know what happened. The enchiladas were ok. Nothing like the pizza, but not great either. The bread pudding was the saving grace. Absolutely excellent and the only reason not to give this a 1 star review tonight. Really hope you turn it around because this was not the food you were putting out a few years ago. This will be my last meal at Dr. Field Goods.

Linda Sosa

Omgosh!!!! I'm coming back to taste everyone of their sandwiches! The best comfort food ever (besides my home cooked meals). This place is casual & comfortable.

Dean Hardy

Ate here twice on vacation. Great food. Great beer. Great atmosphere. Definitely recommend it.


Fish and chips was amazing! Those chips are divine

Chelanna Carter

Beware gluten free diners... This place is listed on gluten free apps/websites but had FAR less options than promised. We ordered 4 different things listed as GF and were not pleased with any of them. The menu does not describe the food well, so that was part of our issue, but we ended up leaving without eating our meal and it was expensive for the portions. The rest of the menu looks tasty but wasn't an option for us. So it's probably fine if you are not following a gluten free diet.

Bryan Roberts

The pizza is fantastic, but Bill the manager is exceptional!

Christiane Hancock

A totally relaxed atmosphere , no decorative frills but fabulous treatment of their meat. They have the best steak! Staff young and dynamic

Andrea Quintana

Food was delicious! Definitely recommend the pizzas. However I only gave 3 stars because service wasn't that great, they kinda made us feel like we were an inconvenience to them but definitely a 5 star for the food

Paola Nunez

I visited this place with my husband on a road trip and had the fish and chips, he had the tostada. Honestly, overpriced for what it was. My fish was so overcooked it was hard. Everything lacked flavor. Asked for ketchup, got a single one of those fast food sized dipping ketchups. Service was lax for such a tiny place. Only one person was actually working, the rest of the staff were busy playing around with each other.

Marylou Chavez


Dave Evanitz

My favorite hang-out in Santa Fe ... great food, drink, and people.

dale barker

Outstanding food, great beer selection as well. I got The New Mexican - pulled pork with green chile, jicama and green apple slaw was delicious. The fries were basically hand cut chunks of potato, perfectly fried to a beautiful golden crisp, they were perfectly sized to not be too much crisp and not enough potato or too much starch without enough crisp. These were made even better by dipping in some of the house made red chile. Smoky and a good balance of barely bitter and garlic and just enough spice, this red was some of the best I have had, and I am usually a green chile guy. My wife had the margarita pizza - the crust was a perfect balance of crisp and chew, good flavor profile. Toppings were great. Our dinner companions had the Steak Frites and the Christmas Enchiladas. Friets - chunks of super tender perfectly seasoned beef, served with the same perfect fries. These were even better dipped in the red chile. It came with a house made steak sauce which was good, but could not stand up to the red chile. Christmas Enchiladas - so many great flavors in this layered enchilada plate (actually a cast iron skillet), again I could not choose between the red with beef or the green with chicken, despite my green preference. This is what I will get next time in, it was so very tasty. Possibly with a side of the red (ok, definitely with a side of the red).

Chris Casey

Food was very creative, service is great. Flies are the only problem.

Kerry Young

We are so lucky in Santa Fe to have this gem! I heard about the shop from my neighbour who took them her great grandmothers family sausage recipe and they made them for her. I've looked for Linguisa all over the state and they have them. My mother makes an increbile mutton curry and I haven't been able to find ot and the owner Josh went out of his way to reach out to his providers. I love that I get to support a local rancher, a local buisness and have a fantastic meat on top of it!!!!! Highly recommend. Update: check out their pizzas

Aaron Zueck

Creative menu, local sourcing, nice local pub feel. Tap selection could be improved but all in all this place was great.

Timothy Hunter

Always love coming here when we are in Santa fe.

Brian Burke

excellent food, amazing service, great beer list.. hidden gem for the reals. utterly on point.

Kathy White

Absolutely the Best green chili chicken enchiladas Ever!!! And remember to add the fried egg on top.. Delicious!! We take everyone to eat there that are new to the area before any other Santa Fe establishment.

Mindy Sauceda

Ate here for the first time VERY GOOD FOOD.. TASTY TASTY...

RS Bagley

Best comfort food ever....creative menu, great selection of beers and wines , and always great service

Tyrel Tachibana

The food was some of the best I have had! I would like to go again. The only issue I had was they did not have enough seating for my family and were placed outside but the bugs got so bad it was a hassle to get us seated inside! I would recommend small groups for this excellent restaurant.

Carolena Quiroga

My mom and i went in and it was perfect! Great food, prompt service and ice water as soon as we walked in!

Steve Beecraft

Go for the Cubano and one of at least a dozen micro brews on tap. Wonderful food

Michael K

Dr Field Goods is one of Santa Fe's best, small, casual restaurants. It's centrally located on Cerrillos and has excellent Nuevo New Mexico eats. The Brussel sprouts are awesome and the typical food choices are very good. Service is excellent, and if you go by yourself, there are plenty of spaces at the bar. Go!!!!

Brianna Gutierrez

Dear active viewers, on a day I thought would be full of fun, good food and great experiences turned poor when we decided to visit Dr. Poor taste. We walk in not even greated with a smile or a “hello” we waited forever to get our drinks and even longer for food. The waitress clearly didn’t want to be there yet alone wait on our table, she wouldn’t smile or talk with us but we can hear her to the side laughing along with coworkers. Being the only table there we were missing food and when the waitress told the cook to make the food on the fly he still stood outside the kitchen chatting it up. While asking for a box several of times and still no box for 15 minuets we decided to walk up and get our own we were given dirty looks but still no words. Not a great experience and I definitely don’t feel good

Robert Edelstein

Drove all the way here to have breakfast around 9:30am on Saturday assuming they would be open since their hours are listed as opening at 8am on Saturday, well they were closed and we were told by a rude waiter that they don't open til 11am. Maybe they should update their opening hours online me thinks.

Dennis Francisco

Very good food and service

Roo Phillips

Never going there again. Showed up for lunch on Mothers day. We were informed at the door by some guy working outside for the camera crew that they were closed for filming. Nothing posted on their website in advance. My mother had never been there. She was talking about going all week. Really disappointed. Will definitely share my experience.

Kim D

Delicious food and drinks! Pizza, sandwiches, steak, fresh made drinks, burgers - so many good things! A little tricky for larger groups or kiddos as the location is smaller, but staff is very accommodating.

David Johnson

Blt is amazing

Greg Hammons

I was raring for a good breakfast burrito, yet all this place had to offer was a sausage drowned in thick cheese, wrapped in a tortilla.

Andrea Witzemann

I had the cucumber infused water and it was the best! I also got the steak frites and they were delicious

Jonah Miller

You wouldn't know it from the exterior, but this is excellent. It has a good atmosphere and excellent food. I had the goat torte and the carne asada egg rolls.

Andrew Rogers

Don't let the sketchy strip mall location deter you! The food in here is top notch. The menu is pretty diverse; southwest options, pizzas, burgers, etc. Good beer tap list also. It's pretty small so if you've got a big group you may be waiting a while.

Vicki Utley

Excellent food, large selection of appetizers, infused water, spirits, craft beer and wines. One of the best in Santa Fe!


What a bummer:( I wanted to like this place but it was a let down. It feels like somebody stopped caring about it. Dirty, run down, bitchy server, salty oily food. Pizza was decent, music good but otherwise no bueno. If the service wasn’t so crummy I would give it a second chance, but we won’t.

allen quintana

Delicious food and good beer

rick montoya

Fantastic fresh local source food. Ask about the specials.

Jodi Becker

This was the best meal we had in Santa Fe. We had the New Mexican and the El Cubano. So good, we would drive from WI just to get another one! Service and experience was excellent.

Suzanne Dyroff

The pizza was fantastic, the shrimp tacos wonderful and the el Cubano outstanding! Big portions and tasty house fries too! Will definitely be back!

Bones B

Hard to spend your money here when the food's overpriced and the service is terrible. Got sat at a dirty table, then the waiter proceeded to stare at nothing for 10 minutes while we waited for him to bring us water, was extremely rude, and then walked away after informing him we were going to order drinks without letting us order (without even bringing the water). We proceeded to leave and tell him to forget it, to which the waiter gave a snarky (but audible) comment under his breath as we walked out. Never have I ever been somewhere so unprofessional and somewhere that clearly does not care about its customers or customer service.

Susanne Sauer

Loved the food..ate there last night had the New Mexican..enough food..not to heavy or greasy..excellent service..would recommend it..

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