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424 Dover Rd, Toms River, NJ 08757, United States

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REVIEWS OF Luigi Deli Meat Market IN New Jersey

Mateo Ramos

I grew up right down the street from here, and this place has gone leaps and bounds from where it was when I was a kid. Far from just a convenience store, you can get good quality food, produce, meats, etc. Their sandwiches, breakfast, lunch or dinner, are good. Plenty of prepared foods. Bakery goods in the front, great tasting coffee too. Sort of expensive as a grocery store, so I do grocery shopping elsewhere. But the rest of the place is good. Home feel because people working there will be your neighbors. Some people there have been there for years.

Kathleen Planz

Excellent Italian foods. They have meats to desserts. Worth the stop.

M j

Awesome place ..I buy my turkeys and sausage here!

joseph pirozek

Good food, fast service. It's a great spot for a pork roll sandwich

Bill Polera

Excellent quality food. Great people I always enjoy going there

tom wall

The best meats in Toms River, although a bit pricey!!!

Susan Scandiffio-Arp


Rachel R

Sausage pinwheel was outta this world.


P.E.C S.P.K simply the best.

Keith Glende

Excellent service

Tom Wolfe

Best place in area! Tons of choices, great food, great staff.

Steven Raabe

Amazing selections and quality

Raven Williams

Makes the BEST breakfast sandwiches

guesswho 22891

Great food, and awesome deli

Wayne Roehrich

Decent but pricey.

Christina Robledo

I've been going to Luigi since my grandparents moved to south Tom's River from Queens Ny in 1980. My papa and grandma past away recently and I recently purchased their house around the block from Luigi and the Deli is still the Best!! Lov Luigi Deli. Than you for being a constant staple in Toms River.



Marc Middleberg

As good as a sandwich can possibly be! Great bread. Love the eggplant parm hero. Salads are top notch too. Friendly crew too.

Lindley Drake

Wonderful butcher. Plenty of awesome selections

Amie Lynn Scuorzo

great food all the time. colds cuts are boats head for those who are gluten free

Logan Streit

I love their cheesestakes! A++ and their samwhiches are just as amazing. Also a very convenient market for all your needs. I find a way to get there anytime I'm in the area. My favorite place to get hot/cold samwhiches in ocean county. Period.

Michael Treadway

High quality meats for a great price

Chris The Gamer

I love Luigi's! I go there ALL the time! The people there are very nice! They have great deals! (35 cent icecream) If you want a friendly, quick, and GREAT convenience store, go to Luigi's Deli!

Steve Howard

Best real Italian deli for miles

Thomas Wood

Great food products. Friendly staff. Best meat around. Great Italian products.

Domonic Mann

Best deli around hands down

Richard Holliday

Love this place! Great fresh cuts of meat.

Jason Cotellessa

Food here is amazing. They have so many options. Nicest workers with fast great service. A bit pricey for items found way cheaper in the supermarket but I love this place.

Keith Fernandez

Full array of choices for breakfast and lunch, as well as a full deli, and butcher shop. Great food and knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Kenya Damon

Some of the workers seem a bit prejudice..

Annie Kerzic

Best Place for Filet Mingon $8.99 so for whole one between $45.00-$60.00 ALWAYS NICE & TENDER!!!

Maria Pansulla

Great value, food, and service. Best meats in Ocean County.

Joseph Conticchio

Mozzarella cheese was horrible

Barbara Moser-Ward

Great butchers, fresh meat, cut to order. Plus cannoli ... Yum

jeff3785 .

Awesome breakfast sandwiches. Food otherwise is alright but nothing special

Laffin Buda

Nice. A little pricey but they have what seems like excellent quality.


Great Italian Little Deli I love it everytime I'm done I stop

James Gray

Adjusted hearing aid

Barry Dugac

Luigi Deli Meat Market has a long history of serving top of the line food. Food Prices are reasonable to the area. Employees are very friendly and helpful. Deli section has very long lines during the summer time thats how popular this place is.

Nancy Filingeri

Great prices. Italian's r the best! Very fresh bread. Great

Frank Liso

Pick up the nicest beef ribs ever.

Michael Weiner

Amazing lunch meats of all kinds. Huge selection.

Jason Hoger

Great sandwiches and meats

bone fork

Its pretty neat they have lots of things,never that busy there either

Sandra Brooks

There meat is great...chicken stuffed with sausage is the want a treat try their meat.....Sandy

Gloria McCurdy

Excellent beef, chicken, and pork. The beef is the best in Ocean County. Their prices are good also.

GerriBeth Abowitz

Very good fresh food can get meat packages there or subs

Regis Idec

Great place great staff, you pay a little more but your getting better quality so it's worth it.....they have everything.....

Jo Kikkert

Cute little deli, not cheap,good help

Robert Gallagher

Love the porkrollj egg and cheese sandwich

Lari Stark

I happened upon Luigi Deli yesterday as I got off the Garden State looking for a gas station. Lucky me! The charming young man behind the deli counter recommended the California Cheese Steak, and it was 100 x better than Pat's or Geno's in Philly.

The Robbins Nest

This store is FANTASTIC! The variety of specialty items coupled with the amazing desserts, beautiful meat counter, deli and fantastic staff makes it a must stop for anyone when in the area. If you need that special meat for a dinner party, bbq or family dinner, they will have it.

Maria Czarnik

You can always find anything you need in liugi's

bobbylinkin .

The best pork roll, egg and cheese in NJ period.

Ryan Everett

Great sandwiches such as subs & pork rolls. Very inexpensive & they have a great butcher selection of meats.

Blu Xo

Best Food Ever

Stephanie Slevin

I always buy ALL of my meats there!!! Only there!! Always fresh and cut perfect!!The butchers are the best! Definitely worth going to!

Arlene Damico

Love all the fresh meat and great service vinny is great

Laurie Damrose

If you are looking for home cooked Italian classics,you belong here.Quick breakfasts and lunches too.

lottawork631 .

Over priced

Mike Gordon

WORST COFFEE I HAVE EVER HAD, but they make the best deli food so I guess they cancel eachother out....but seriousely, the coffee tastes like mud Edit: also the parking lot is a 10 car pile up waiting to happen. seriously though just make a designated entrance and exit.

Denise Thompson

Meat quality is fresh

Jeannine Dobies

Best Italian sausage I've had in Ocean County!! I'm originally from New York and haven't been able to find good sausage till now!!

Margaux Pickell

Friendly staff, great butcher.

John Farkas

Every thing u need

anthony sierchio

Always a great place for lunch or dinner and even breakfast. friendly staff. Amazing catering options also. highly recommed

Bill Jeffers

Plain and simply the best deli in the area in both price and quality.

felix fuentes

Really neat and clean..I'm a vegan, but they always have fresh fruits and veggies..

Sergio Rodroguez

Nice sandwiches nice people

Lora Altman

The best porkroll egg & cheese in Jersey

Mark Long

Great meats and good prices. Our go to butcher.

Elizabeth Papagni

Meat is always good..Workers are so nice..Great place to shop for all your needs

Michael Zakar

Good breakfast stop....

Ryan Bauer

Great place to stop in. Lunches and dinners to go, deli counter, and a good selection of produce and essentials.

Billy Dee

Great neighborhood store with meat, sandwiches and cold cuts to order. Rather large selection of fresh veggies and frozen food, too.

Howard Syvarth

A perfect balance..throw back to a neighborhood general store

fred pucylowski

Great mini supermarket, clean and a great selection. Fresh meats are top notch, and you gotta try the breakfast offerings. The desserts look outstanding!

Timothy Metz

Love this place. It's your usual deli with great food.

Eric Underwald

Best Damn deli in ocean countu

Amie Vieira

Nice store. Pricey tho

Carol Anderson

Who doesn't like this place.

Denise Schwarz

This place is Faaaaaaabulious!!A++++++! Wonderful service at Deli great team nice guys! Ordered a bunch of delicious deli for my dad then found the ultimate prize Italian hotdogs bread. Amazing! At check out the 2 gals were so kind and helpful and carried my bags to my Uber as it was pouring buckets of rain in terrible storm. Great place and people. Owner should be proud of the staff yesterday.!!!!! Thank you Dede Allure. Fashion designer. Xo

jennifer mann

I love this deli / butcher they always have great ideas for last minute dinner great food great service great place

oscar viera

Nobody beats Luigi's. The butcher's are amazing. Excellent place.

Larry Imbro

Great staff in all departments. Wonderfully prepared salads and meats. Butchers are so helpful. Cashier's are friendly. Everything from soup to nuts.

Mary Kapandais

Very good meats. Fresh made foods daily.

ridingroy .

Ugh. Paid $8.00 for three pieces of eggplant rollantine. Eggplant was like shoe leather. Poorly sliced, poorly peeled and barely cooked. Either they don't know how to make it or don't care. My first trip to Luigi's was my last.

james tullar

Good quality food. Friendly staff.

Adria Aumack

Great deli and butcher


Mmmm good food with a price


We go to Luigis everyday!! Ill be sad when i move

Roy Mater

Not happy with this place lately I don't mind paying for something good but the last month food has been Horrible. Bought stuffed shells got home took a bite cheese was spoiled left a horrible taste in my mouth all day . Got a cheese burger get home no cheese. Again got a cheese burger fried onion and barbecue sause.. no barbecue sauce? ? What is the problem you are more expensive than other deli, s and should be better food .. I don't mind paying for good food but this is getting redicoulis. . You have lost my business it's a shame used to be good ! Anyone asking about your food I will not recommended it!!! Well again few months later I buy a cake eat some then see mold all over IT AFTER I ATE SOME !!! YOUR FOOD IS NOT GOOD ANYMORE. ..

Jessica O'Rourke

Very nice place, will definitely return and use the catering!


Yeah this is a great place. Subs are the best. Meats are great too. Not the cheapest but you definitely get quality.

Richard Greene

Excellent Deli. Famous for Pork Roll egg and Cheese sandwiches. Great assortment of salads and a full butcher!

Jon Tyler

Very good place for take outs. Have it your way subs and other deli foods...

Jeannette Marcelli

Great food all the time! From sandwiches to soups to fresh meats, everything is good!

Charles Mcbride

Good food. Great people!

Scott Hrubic

Reasonable prices for gourmet like food.

Christopher Wanko

Excellent sandwiches, good prices too. I'll definitely come back next time I'm at the Double Trouble State Park.

Cathy Rodriguez

Great food, fresh meats, cold cuts and friendly service

Matthew de Rouville

Lots of selection, including beef bacon.

Sue Pluta

Wow.....great variety of food, prepared and to cook meals....

Virginia OConnor

Can't say enough about the quality of the meat Dept. Great friendly staff. Fantastic salads and sandwiches

Kaitlin Lupiani

Cute place! Clean! Great friendly staff.

Fran Flanegan

I wouldn't shop anywhere else for my meat,They are the best .And they have a nice staff Doris is number one No doubt

Elaine conde

Great place for everything you need...great breakfast sandwich and subs!! Awesome meat display and fresh food...friendly and helpful employees...thanks Mike!!

Thomas Gallegan

Good old-fashioned Deli that's been there forever I grew up watch to grow that big r a place to go p

Rober Bair

Great place to get breakfast sandwich,and good Italian food for cookouts.

Kathleen Urban

Ok deli and meat market nothing special

Thalia DiPalo

Awesome family run location, prepared food is always great, fresh meats, pretty much stocks anything you could need to finish dinner real quick.

Mark Brennan

Great local market experience. Staff is always friendly and helpful. You can get everything you need to cook a dinner or a dinner already made that you just heat up. Good selection of household essentials as well. Not for the bargain hunters but prices are reasonable and you save so much time compared to the super markets.

Gloria K Frato

I will sum it up with one word. YUMMY!!

Karen Reuther

Sorry for the rating but I ordered chicken caesar salad and the chicken was inedible. If I didn't live so far away I would have brought it back for a refund.

JCnME 4ever

Good sandwich. Fast service. They have ordering down pat. They've been at it quite awhile.

Christopher Mann

No matter what you get here its always fresh. Sub sandwiches are awesome and there meat selection is outstanding. Service is quick and helpful and the people are super nice. Its a gem in the local area.

john silva

Nice smoked meats. Everything else ain't bad either.

Hector Seda

Great good food. Wonderful staff!

Margaret Jelcich

I've lived here for 3 years and have been looking for an authentic Italian deli -- and here it is. A nice family run business with friendly and helpful staff. Why didn't Google tell me about them 3 years ago

Larry Nisi

Serves fresh meat, chicken cooked or un cooked...


I love shopping here mostly because the selection is a variety of foods and drinks so every day of my birthday I like to come here

Rowland Villarroel

Love getting my sandwiches and deli meat

Nicholas Koff

Love this place friendly and welcoming staff as well as great food

Dan Webb

If you want butcher quality meats,this is the place for all those needs,barbecue only the best quality food for your summer grilling,so many pasta dishes salads and catering is among the highest in jersey

Cassandra Coles

Good food good service

Carole Leone

This is the best deli in this place whole lot..<3

Greg Covi

Great meats & subs

Thomas Dipasquale

like an old time mom n pop deli you used to see just about everywhere, you can get it all here especially if you looking for Italian foods. meats, dairy, produce and a bakery. precooked grab and go meals (that's home cooked) hot and cold sandwiches and a few isles filled with Italian goodies. friendly staff as well !

Ricardo Foster

Good for meat and sandwiches

Bruce Gardner

Best sausage around!

Scott Thomson

Very good sandwiches good meats and homemade products

Just Me

Unbelievably excellent food sandwiches a real Italian Market very happy with all their products I would definitely advise going here especially if you like Italian food

Patricia Glover

Luigi deli meat market is like a country store with a little bit of everything. Hot and cold meals , and fresh cut meats a bakery also fresh salads and produce and fruits.

Mary Curtis

Love this place for fresh meat and deli.

Robert Woods

Good subs

John Garcia

Great prices Great people. The selection of food and other items are plentiful the sandwiches are HUGE

lovee nicole

Great food great service... friendly people... love it

Angela Richardson

Awesome breakfast everytime!!

judy Betancourt


Judy Belisle

They have great food and great baked goods. There is a wonderful selection of other items and I will deff go there Everytime I'm in the area

John Earp

I don’t like to leave bad reviews but this place seems to be going downhill last three times I’ve ordered there the food was not good. This will be the final time I order there.. on this occasion they completely screwed my order up, I asked for a California Chicken cutlet sandwich and ended up with an Ice cold chicken California cheesteak that looked and tasted like they scraped it off the parking lot.. I went as far as asking for a refund. It’s probably not going to matter because there ain’t nothing else in the area worth going to either...

Thomas Carrington

Great sandwiches

Mike Nilsen

The best Italian Deli in Ocean County

Karen Kliemisch

Breakfast sandwiches are great. You can call your order in ahead of time n it's ready when you get there are is delisious. There filet mignon is fantastic. I don't think you would be dissatisfied with anything GREAT PLACE, PEOPLE N FOOD

Edie Cowper

Great cold cuts, fresh meat. Very accomodating staff. Love to shop there.

lynn c

If you like Jersey tomatoes and Everything bagels? Then you have GOT to try an everything bagel/toasted a bit dark, with cream cheese and sliced Jersey tomato. IT'S SO GOOD YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT. (this is MY signature sandwich, I've eaten them for many years, but Luigi's bagels are SO good. SO good!

probablecause reasonabledoubt

Great food decent prices! Love the hard rolls & bread!

John Stracensky

Awesome place! Great food and friendly staff!

Ron Shaffery

First time here, impressed. Place is clean and has a great variety of choices. The meats are excellent. The fresh bakery items were excellent. The staff was friendly too. I've probably passed by dozens of times but never stopped in. Not sure what I was waiting for, you will be pleased by your experience as well.

Donna Forlenza

I'd like to start this review by saying I've actually never been there. I'm giving it 5 stars because my mother and sister shop there on a regular basis. They moved to whiting in April 2017 from Florida. In Florida they always shopped at the local butcher shop and searched for quite a while up here to find one they liked. They love Luigi's! I eat at their house once a week. I have had Luigi's steaks and their ground beef ground sirloin and Italian sausage hot and sweet. Everything is excellent! I love the hot Italian sausage! You can just tell it's homemade. Luigi's is a little far from where I live and that's the only reason why I have not visited there yet. I highly recommend this establishment.

William Frey

Great food, Mike and his family are super friendly and extremely helpful

Jeff Huber

Best place for the top notch food ben going there for years outstanding food at a reasonable price the people are awesome

Rose Buchanan

Home town favorite!

Jessica Lynn

Great pork roll egg and cheese and the deli items are pre made good spot to stop for lunch on the go or even for catering large parties

Ken Grossman

Absolutely the best around hands down winner

Lauren Jurski

Delicious deli! Helpful staff.

phyllis g

Best hot italian sausage in ocean county and quite possible NJ!!!!! The hottest I have ever had. The sweet sausage is great no fennel seeds and not a lot of fat.

Daniel Krause

Gods kitchen longs to be as good as Luigis' is.

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