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REVIEWS OF Dickson's Farmstand Meats IN New Jersey

stefano tamburrano

(Translated by Google) A butcher with excellent quality meat, try the hotdogs proposed, very good. the price is a little higher than the average (Original) Una macelleria con carne di ottima qualità, da provare gli hotdog proposti, buonissimi. il prezzo è un pò più alto della media

Neven Kmetic

Tasty hot dog with really quality sausage. Very crowded place but line is moving really fast.

Christopher Ryan


Larren Lee

Fernando Ribeiro


Lucien Van Elsen


How could this be rated less than 5 stars? Not really sure what the comparisons are, but this is the best new generation butcher in Manhattan. The staff is very friendly and the whole animal butchering is done on premise. The meat is phenomenal.

Joel Gladd

The maple-glazed carrots are intense but tasty. They also have a sipping broth that made me want to make my own.

Alex Konoplia

Roasted chicken was really good.

Floraine Le Jeune

Veru good hot dog. The sausage was really tasty.

Haha Lasr

Hipster rip off

Matthew R

My sister signed me up for the Whole Hog Butchery for Charcuterie class here for Christmas and I'm very glad she did. When I walked in I saw the biggest hog I've ever seen split open on the table. The two guys who were running it were super friendly and knowledgeable. There was beer, wine, meats, cheese, and bread to snack on during the class. They first took us through all the different cuts of meat you'd normally see at a butcher as they broke down the first half. They then took us through some of the difference types of charcuterie that could be made as they broke down the second half. For 3 of the cuts they had a volunteer come and rub down the meat with seasonings. They also had examples of the final product for several types of charcuterie. At the end they gave us a pamphlet with some recipes and answered any questions. I really enjoyed the class and am considering taking more. I also plan on shopping here for when I need good cuts of meat. They clearly know what they're doing and everything looked to be great quality.

JamesandAmy Dearman

Brussels sprouts and jagerwurst

Emmanuel Zuaznabar

Claire Wen

Had a pastrami sandwich from the Chelsea Market location. It was saltier than what I would preferred. Not a big deal. But they burned the sandwich and made it salty and bitter. On top of that, the pickle was also salty and stale. That's why Dickson's only gets 2 stars. Considering the options for food in the Chelsea Market, can't say that there will be next time.

Dustin Lynch

Excellent selection of choice meats and charcuterie. They make an awesome house made hotdog too!

Rodrigo Amar

Ye Aung

Amazing meat/sandwich shop!

Alberto Lovigne

Great meat, everything looks really clean. The hot dogs are excellent, they have one called the big fred which is double the normal size.

Bijela Ptica

Great lamb pastrami! They make it combining two lamb bellies.

The Corcoran Group .

Daily rotating lunch menu of hot and cold sandwiches including awesome roast beef, house-made sausages and pulled pork.

Linus Gaertig

(Translated by Google) I ordered a normal hot dog with onions and sauerkraut. The service was fast and very accommodating. The hot dog tasted really good, great meat. Also the sauerkraut and the onions were good, but it was a little hard to load ketchup on this overloaded hot dog. The price, however, with 6 € for a hot dog (and especially for different toppings) not exactly. Nevertheless, do not harm try! (Original) Ich habe mir hier einen normalen Hot Dog mit Zwiebeln und Sauerkraut bestellt. Die Bedienung war schnell und sehr zuvorkommend. Der Hot Dog hat wirklich gut geschmeckt, super Fleisch. Ebenfalls der Sauerkraut und die Zwiebeln waren gut, jedoch war es etwas schwer Ketchup auf diesen überladenen Hot Dog zu laden. Der Preis jedoch lädt mit 6€ für einen Hot Dog (und extra für verschiedene Toppings) nicht gerade ein. Dennoch schadet ausprobieren nicht!

kevin kiernan

יובל וייס

nice sandwiches (i took the spicy italian abd it was amazing)

Anders Carlsson

Love this place. Had a hard time to choose were to eat in Chelsea market when I saw this place and they serve just what I was looking for. This place is all about meat, I tried the hot dog with sauerkraut and roasted potatoes. It was a great lunch. Also the staff was friendly and helpful. Only bad thing about this place is the lack of seats.

Tyler Hamilton

Great place. One, they don't have beef tartare on the menu but they made some for me anyway. Delicious. Two, they were playing one of my favourite albums by kaytranada on some decent speakers. Five stars.

Jon Salz

Pastrami was way too lean

Daniela Pfleiderer

Doug DeCarlo

Aside from farmers markets, this is my go-to butcher for carefully tended meats. Everything I've had here is first rate, butchered expertly (unlike some of the farmers market stands). All the meat is labeled with where it came from, which is not far away. They aren't going to wheel out a carcass to do your chops like Florence does, but they have a surprisingly wide range of cuts to choose from. Mostly I'll get various cuts of beef, whole chickens, sausage, and their duck confit (way better than citarella's). Stuff is expensive but not excessively so for what it is (and still cheaper than going out!), and the staff gives great advice for cooking, and is always delighted to hear how stuff turned out. I haven't tried their sandwiches.

Carolyn De Melo

Quality meat at a comparable price to Whole Foods. I was especially impressed with their in-house beef jerky and simply the way the entire store smells. Their filet mignon was decent, and their bacon-ground-into-beef burger, while a little frustrating to cook, really does have an uber umami flavor. The staff is exceptionally friendly, well informed, and open to questions/requests.

Prita Das

Top dog hot dog.

jim nikolouzos

Awesome pastrami sandwich.

Abhilash Mohanty

Joshua Vogel

A fantastic selection of interesting meat. I got an assortment of their sausages, all of which were great. I got a hot dog in their store, which was a nice treat. I think my favorite item of all was the lamb pastrami. Interesting and delicious. We got a beautiful ribeye here once, and it was one of the best steaks I we ever made.

carlos borges

Came here for a butchery course purchased through CourseHorse. It was worth every red cent. The butchers were respectful, interesting, informative, and enthusiastic about the presentation. Dickson's values heritage meats and promotes a relationship between the farmer, the butcher, and the animal. I learned about general and butcher's cuts that were specific to the US, Argentina, and the butchers on premises. The crew cuts up a tartar from the animal. It was extraordinarily great.

Adwit Tumuluri

Juan Hernandez

I come here for my special meat needs! (Anniversary, birthday, just because)

Bryan Schonheiter


(Translated by Google) Hot dog is simple and delicious (Original) ホットドッグがシンプルで美味しい

Kurt Brown

Outstanding friendly and knowledgeable service. I had the best hot dog I've ever tasted in my 56 years alive here. To die for.

Marc Jaffe

Jeffrey Yung

I was enticed by the Big Fred. It was ok.



Andres Payan

Pastrami sandwich FTW

Celeste Fagioli

Imperdible el sándwich de pastrami!!!

Rolando Gonzalez

This place makes everything in house! Anywhere from take-out raw bacon, steak cuts, etc. They also have food to-go or eat there (although finding seating is a mission). I ordered the Spicy Italian sandwich was the freaking bomb. I wish I could have savored it slice by slice. It was simply delicious! It had so many things in it. I also ordered the half chicken was also amazing, the bag our food was in smelled so so good! The chicken was the most tender I've ever eaten. I had the duck fat potatoes but they were really greasy. The maple carrots weren't my favorite either. I could've skipped these two.

Brent LaDoux

Full service butcher shop with great charcuterie.

Evan Schladow

Very limited seats and often crowded. Meat is good, but comparable to many other places, some of which are better priced. Prepared foods are limited, and overpriced for moderate quality. If you're willing to brave crowds and want rotisserie chicken, go for Eataly instead.

Frank Maguire

Probably the best rotisserie chicken I've ever had

Chris Vazquetelles

Excellent place, service, FOOD & atmosphere! If you ever come to the Chelsea Market you have to visit them. Forget about their hot dogs (which are great BTW) you have to try their amazing Rotisserie Chicken, exquisite Mac&Cheese and their delicious Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes! Definitely coming back!!! Kudos to the Chef and the Staff!!

Jessa Mittleman

Dickson's in Chelsea Market has long been my source for the best bacon and obscure cuts of beef. I discovered last week that they've expanded their line of sausages to include merguez and a really amazing boudin containing pork and duck.

Will Fleming

Kaz Yamaguchi

Zephyr Liu

Olga Blyednova

Great place, I always take roast beef sandwich and love it there. Haven't tried anything else but will definitely come back for a hotdog.

Joela Joseph

Alfonso Melendez

Park Joonsuh

Friendly staff, great quality. They also have their own pickle store in the market :)

Tom Bozell

I have had generally good results with this market which you would expect considering the premium prices they charge for their meats. However, recently I purchased some bratwurst sausage for a party I was having and they were inedible. So much salt in these that everyone at my table took one bite and put them down. I Emailed Dickson's but received absolutely no response. My advice star clear of the "homemade" sausage from this butcher.

Ernesto GZamora

Craig Corbeels

I'm already excited for the next time I get a sandwich from Dickson's. I made a spur of the moment decision to grab lunch here after walking in and smelling the smell of this place. If you like good food, it smells like absolute heaven. The mix between the meats, the rotisserie chickens, and everything else cooking is just glorious. I went with a Spicy Italian sandwich, and even though their entire menu looks great, this sandwich was so tasty that I think I'll get the same thing again next visit. The sandwich had ham, capocollo, salami, cheddar, onions, and chilies pressed on a ciabatta. It was cooked just right, crispy, and packed a massive amount of flavor. Other than that, they have a huge amount of meats, sandwiches, sides, rotisserie chicken, and house-made hot dogs. I know Chelsea Market gets absolutely packed and can be a pain, but I highly recommend giving this place a shot. I'm sure I'll work my way through their menu and try a lot of different stuff - but only after I've had another Spicy Italian.

Alex Robinson

Had a hard time to choose were to eat in Chelsea market when I saw this place and they serve just what I was looking for. This place is all about meat, I tried the hot dog with sauerkraut and roasted potatoes. It was a great lunch. Also the staff was friendly and helpful. Only bad thing about this place is the lack of seats.

Jaime Porta

Si eres fan de los sándwiches debes pasar por Dickson's farmstand. Nos tomamos un sándwich de pastrami que no lo podíamos creer.

Olivier Manhattan

Meat lovers, stop everything you're doing and come get real meat here. Thin-sliced peppered pastrami, juicy beef and bacon patties, ridiculous dry-aged ribeye steaks, lamb meatballs, pasture-raised chicken, pancetta, sausages, etc etc. Too much good stuff! For hot dishes, I love their hotdogs, crispy pork belly, and fried potatoes. I'm also a regular consumer of their bread-and-butter pickles.

Mark Rushie

Roasted chicken is on another level. Giant hot dog was I retesting not a Santeria bit mor artisanal

Christofer Johnson

The meat was fresh and tasted amazing. My only gripe was that the staff wasn't wearing gloves while handling meat and one member had to hold my phone to redeem a coupon

C&S Bayer

After spending roughly $80 on 2 Rib Eye's, which in the case they looked great and cooking them to a very nice medium rare, we were extremely disappointed to find them mostly tasteless and a bit chewy. With my local butcher I know I could have returned them for a credit. As these were bought after a weekend in the city on our way home to PA, not too much one can do. Charging about $28 per pound, not sure how you can get an 'off' piece of beef.

Sam Wilson

Pretty good rotisserie chicken!

Bonnie Lee

(Translated by Google) Hot dogs are delicious, and many people come over to buy roast chicken. In addition to pork, chicken and sausage are also sold. (Original) 热狗挺好吃的,还有很多人过来买烤鸡。除了猪肉,也卖鸡肉和香肠。

Rob Vucinic

This is a real hot take that I get into heavy arguments about with friends so here goes. Dickson's has the best pastrami sandwich in the city beating Katz's Deli. It's the perfect sandwich and like half the price of Katz's which is a bit too big for me anyway. Dickson's is pricy and anyone can tell you that, but their sandwiches and sides are excellent. Their beef jerky is also perfect. It's very dry but super flavorful. If you like jerky you can't go wrong

Z. Ryan Crunkleton

The pork was a little rare!

Brian Haffner

Best butcher in the city. Get there. Do it.


Stefanie Meyer

Awesome Hotdogs in classic and modern versions. Very delicious, I loved the hotdog with kimchi.

Virgile Benoit

Extremely tasty and fresh but quite expensive (between 12.5 and 15$ for a sandwich)

Ashley Ashton

First time customer: the cashier helped me choose the perfect lunch meal and was very patient. The food is well seasoned enough to satisfy a southerns girl tastebuds. Made to order and very fresh.

Carol Resstom

Best chili hot dog in NY.

Rosa Santonicola

The best shop ever! I had an hotdog which was so tasty and yummy... I couldn't have a burger because it seemed way too much for just me, but it looked delicious. Highly recommend for the meat quality and the quantity when you have your meal at the shop.

Gauthier ///

Worst piece of meat ever... I came for my christmas meal, what a mistake ! The lamb was as much expensive as it was disgusting...

Jerome Uy

rosa avivar caceres

Increibles hot dog


A very pricey shop. There are other shops with the same quality but with much better lower pricing in the neighborhood.

Isabelle Abrard

(Translated by Google) We will taste (Original) On va déguster

Alexander J

Tim Liu

Tried the hot dog and corn beef. Both were good as per New York standard.

maayan kaufman

Lulu Goodyear

Dicksons Meats is one of the only places in NYC that raises and processes their own meats. I had the hotdog and I have to say it was absolutely delicious. Paired with the mustard - it was possibly the best hotdog in New York.


It looks more interesting when you walk in than how it taste, don’t get me wrong but they have really good stuff (meats, beef jerky, chicken, cold cuts, really good jams even rabbits!!) the sandwich’s, Mac and cheese was good and different but this place is really cool, I like it

Josue Polanco

Make sure to get the duck fat french fries. The beef short rib is to die for. Tasty AF looks like something out of "The Flintstones". Yaba Daba Do!!!

Ebelin Leiva

Mark Benigno

Fantastic quality. Helpful staff. This is my go-to place for locally sourced meats.


Roasted Chickenは安くておいしかった・・

Howard Jones

Great Meats!!

Collin Knotts

I had their food last week and I had the ham and cheddar sandwich and Mac and cheese or should I say duck fried roasted potatoes because these trash workers don’t pay attention and just grab food and they were cold and hard like they been sitting out for an hour and they didn’t really care they just threw the food out to the customers with out being nice and showing respect I know this is New York and everything because every one is a butt. Plus if I could if this zero stars I would. The ham and cheddar sandwich gave me a headache and the taste was like eating spoiled ham.

Jamie Dumbill

Luis Samboy

Their hot dog is an out of this world experience

Brooke Morris

Was there today for lunch. Came for the hotdog, left for the racism. No one on line to order, black woman steps up to two separate cashiers, talking to each other, both who ignored her. There were no other customers waiting. Black customer said hello, still ignored. White customer steps up, both cashiers jump to attention and ask how they can help to white customer. Needless to say the city’s best hotdog left a bad taste.

Strawhat 845

Jessy Yokole

It's at the same time a butcher shop with meat "sourced from small, family farms in upstate New York", a "house-made charcuterie" spot and a lunch place with Rotisserie, Sandwiches, Hot dogs and Sides. I had the Pastrami Sandwich which Apricot Chutney, Cheddar & Mustard on Multi Grain. The pastrami was juicy and the combination with the apricot delightful. It's really great pastrami but I still prefer Katz's. I was dissapointed by the size of the sandwich (see picture) as I expected something closer to a hero than a grilled cheese. So don't expect it to be enough for a lunch. It comes with a great pickle though. Therefore, I'm tempted to say it's overpriced but the"meat is raised without added hormones, prophylactic antibiotics, or animal by-products - and is always 100% feedlot/CAFO free." so I'm guessing that's the price of quality.

Mafer Casco

Rachele Grasso

Buonissima macelleria proprio all'interno del Chelsea Market. Si puo comprare carne locale allevata senza l'uso di antibiotici. Buonissimi anche i loro piatti fatti con la loro carne freschissima. Consiglio il "pastrami burger con albicocche e senape " o il panino con il pollo. Personale molto disponibile anche ad aiutarti nella scelta del taglio di carne.


Un excellent poulet fermier pour 2 personnes avec des petites pommes de terre roties... un vrai régal dégusté sur place dans la boucherie.

domenico notaro

Expensive but really tasty hot dogs in the middle of Chelsea Market

Vanessa Gaspar

I have experienced amazing thing on today. There was tattoo girl who is a worker of there. She was a only worker to do something for me, others are busy. But she didn’t look at me, even I say to her, and I had said two or three times but she had ignored me, and I had hand up , then she had seen me then. And When I had paid, she had said the price, but I want to be sure how much it is, So I had asked again, but she had not answered, and I said “halloo” then she told me the price, but at last, she had thrown out coins to my hands, and coins had gone out from my hands, but she had put coins again, and she again threw to my hands coins. That was biggest rude what I have seen in NYC. She was like a crazy person.


(Translated by Google) Hot dogs are too salty, but juicy and delicious. Roasted white broccoli is delicious. (Original) 熱狗太鹹,但是多汁好吃。 烤白花椰菜好好吃。

Thomas DuPlessis

Decent food, rude workers

Michael Sargent

You must try the duck fat roasted potatoes!



Roman Bediner

If on the go, great spot for bone broth. $5 for a cup, daily. And nice spot to grab last minute burgers for the grill or cast iron. Steaks are pricey, but quality is great. Service is okay. Avoid lunch hour tourism. Large selection of beef jerky somewhat reasonably priced to quality. Their downstairs location in Chelsea Local is less crowded, but smaller selection.

Ayumi Sasaki

Loved the loaded meat and the melting cheese. Best sandwiches and hat dog in town.

Austin Betz

Outstanding Roast Beef sandwich, very friendly service!

Isanuk Barry

excellent sandwiches.very small-not of lot of places to sit,just a few bar stools.Very friendly service

Henry Wu

Thanks god, thanks Dickson, the grill chicken is so delicious. We're so lucky get it for free and happy new year ~

Maestro Ilook

Dickson’s offers a unique selection of artisanal meat and meat products. They really care about the customer and their farms. Very tasty sandwiches and an excellent mac and cheese. Excellent service too and very professional.

Kirolos Shahat

John Barron

Best hotdog I've ever had, period.

Ethan Moeller

The best!!!

Leonard Scioscia

william leymarie

Si vous voulez manger le meilleur hot dog de la ville , n allez pas plus loin......... beaucoup de monde et la viande ( que je n'ai pas gouté) à l'air divine. ( voir mes photos)

Dominique Carter

Nádia Lamas

This place is awsome! I could never imagine it was possible to eat a delicious sandwich inside a butchery. The side dish was duck fat fried potatoes, simply delicious. And a soda that tasted like Coca cola with much less sugar.

Ilona Melyokhin

If you're looking for some serious quality meat or some nasty bits like I often seek out, this is your go to place. All natural, hormone free and the very best in animal sourcing, Dickson's Farmstand at Chelsea Market will deliver! I recently decided to make a rabbit terrine. The type they serve at high end French place at serve $25 a portion or $10 per 1/4 lb. I needed some caul fat and other bits that you can only find at specialty butcher shops. Not only that I also wanted it all natural and grass fed. I called this place and not only did they tell me that they could have everything I needed, they told me when the whole animal would be delivered, when I can pick it up, the various ways they can package it for me and gave me a multitude of options. The remembered me from one call to the next and never got frustrated with my more than overbearing self. Their customer service is beyond anything one can ask for and having been a customer their and tried their liver pate and all types of raw meat from chicken to beef to pork and even beef jerkey, I can say with absolute certainty that you can't go wrong. You will pay top dollar, but you will get your money's worth, but remember that you are getting the best quality product and what you put into your body is your health. You are what you eat, so I say pay a little more and get the very best and really it's not that much more when you really look at it.

Tiziana Niespolo

(Translated by Google) this butcher finds himself meatpack. in addition to the possibility of buying really superior quality meat (for the area) it is possible to eat locally at the moment. The hot dogs are delicious (other than the plastic ones by Nathan's praised on all the tourist guides!) Highly recommended (Original) questa macelleria si.trova all meatpack. oltre alla possibilità.di acquistare carne di qualità davvero superiore (per la zona) è possibile mangiare in loco al momento. Gli hot Dog sono buonissimi (altro che quelli di plastica di nathan's decantati su tutte le guide turistiche!) consigliatissimo

You Me & the Sky Travel Blog

The good taste, fine texture of meat, right buns, and perfect price. Nothing fancy, but it gives you everything you need. I had a hot dog at this place and left with full satisfaction. Definitely recommend for a quick stop for a hot dog.

Aharon Rothschild

Mic Bisa

Sandwich ottimo con carne scelta proveniente da piccole fattorie nei dintorni con animali allevati senza estrogeni e antibiotici, solo con alimenti naturali. Consiglio il sandwich da 15 dollari.

Kieran Blight

Best hot dogs in town!

Maria Eduarda da Silva Rodolfo

Very Nice Hot-dogs!!!

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