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36 Railroad St, Methuen, MA 01844, United States

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REVIEWS OF Thwaites Market IN New Hampshire

Alex Quinto

This is my comfort food! Love all of their pies! Great service, prices, and of course food!

Go see For yourself!

Been coming here since I was carried in the door ! The best authentic food.. oh my my the pork pies!!!

robert darnell

Danielle Penney

T. Dunne

Skyfire Jay

Too good for mere words. Their meat pies are off the charts, and their sausage is second to none.

Shannon M.

Best English pork pies and homemade sausages around.

Todd Morin

Traveled from Worcester after seeing on the Phantom Gourmet and all we can say is it's worth the drive. They pack a ton of flavor into each little pie. We will definitely be making the trip back soon .

Simon R

Mecca for expat Brits, according to the staff in this neigbourhood grocery which has a huge range of English meat pies (pork, steak and kidney, lamb) plus some more local flavors such as kielbasa. Pies can be bought hot or frozen, and they'll be happy to take your order if you call ahead, as they often sell out at weekend. There's also a good butcher with home-made English style bangers.

Richard Brown

I love this place. Great selection of home made pies and fantastic sausages. They also do a pretty good Scotch Egg, well worth picking a few up!


Small convenient store and butchery. Small but fresh selection of meats and sausage. Warm and ready to eat pies are very tasty. Scottish eggs are my favorite!

Tony Leonardi

Always great when i visit.

Juan Lopez

Great pies!

David Sclamo

Meat pies are wicked good

Julian Capadose

Fabulous - why aren't Thwaites Pies as widely available and well known as MacDonald's Burgers or Oscar Mayer Hotdogs

Katie P

Carrie Anne

Mimi Peterson

alycia Burnham

Wilfredo Acevedo

Love there chicken pies!!! I'm from Connecticut and every time I go to visit my mother in law right across the street we buy them.

Mark O'Brien

Love this place. The English pies are a real treat and every year we get our Lithuanian style sausage here for Christmas. The Family and staff always treat you right and are happy to see you.

JD Darlington

My father hung out there after the War. Best pork pies in Mingya Valley!

Steven Fournier

Great small family owned business. Great chicken, porkn and other meat pies.

Daniel Jackson

English meat pies, sausage (try the kielbasa!), red potato good as it gets. If you haven't been, you're missing out.

Mary Joyce

We come back from a state away to get the pot pies, they are my favorite.

Rick Cockram

Always make a trip here when I am up from Houston TX. These pork pies are the genuine article as the owner is from yorkshire.

Fran Nault

Very friendly,fast service,good pies and fresh meat What more can you ask for

Bill Muti

Always a fantastic selection of their famous pub pies.

Angel Rodriguez

The best spot to go to for the pies and once you get some you will come back for more

Richard Sideri

Excellent! Homemade goodness!

Jason Pujo

Mmmmmmmm. Their signature mini meat pies are AWESOME!

Frank B

Always awesome. All kinds of meat pies!!!!

Albert Wilkinson

The only place to get English pork pies, sausages, English bangers and meats.

Mike Callahan

If you live close enough to this place and have not had the chicken pies, you're making the wrong choices in your life.

Brian Lavin

Family owned business takes us back to when the United States was great. Hard working americans putting out a product to be proud of. I go every chance I have.

Dana Freeman

Kellie Eppa

These owners may actually not even care but my Husband who is from here, loves their pork pies and my dad have been waiting and talking about these pies for two days. We finally get there and as I get out of the car and into the store, my bladder is so full that I can barely stand up. They refused to allow me the use of their restrooms , said it was for employees only. Needless to say we had to go somewhere else for me to empty my bladder and upon me doing that, my father made the decision to not spend his money in this establishment. Very sad!!!!!!

Veronica Rodriguez

Bethany Gillespie

Tru Scorpion

Zan Hecht

Small market with lots of French-Canadian specialities. I love their homemade sausage, dozens of varieties of miniature meat and savory pies, and gorton. They have a small selection of brand-name food as well, but the real attraction is the stuff behind the butcher/deli counter at the back of the store.


Thomas Steele

Great pies and sausages

Courtney Bowden

Shannon L.

Mouth watering unbelievable meat pies!

Lion's Gate Martial Arts

Delicious homemade food with consistently excellent quality. Everyone there is very friendly. It's a small butcher market and grocery store that has been in business for over 100 years. They specialize in British delicacies such as pub pies, scotch eggs, and tomato sausage. Make sure to ask what the red thing is outside. You'll love the answer!

Charity Murray

c squidy

This is a hidden gem. Do NOT miss out on this if you are around and I am super serious. The store is known for their pot pies; on Mondays they do Mac n Cheese pot pies (one of my personal favorite). But you really can’t miss on their huge menu of pies from hot to cold as well. For just 3$ a pie they are personal sized and really pack a lot of flavor. All of the pies have this signature ring crust taste that you can’t get anywhere else. The pies alone got them the prestigious Phantom Gourmet visit and sticker on the front door (they also have a video review on their channel) Few things for the outsiders; they do have some weird hours and they close early in the afternoon with one noon close so check the hours!! They have an instagram you can follow which is a weird flex. Though they are known for their pies it’s still a small market so when you walk in it’s like you walked into a convenience store but they have food supplies so check around to see if you need anything. They are a little more decked out than a convenience store which means they have meats, a few groceries you might need and personal drinks. Parking is small, 6-8 spots but people come and go quickly so chances are you won’t see it filled up. Finally if you are an outsider, fun fact there is only one Methuen city in the whole world!

Raymond Ouellette

victor antunes

greatest pies ever hands down sausages are the tastiest also meat 100% customer service A+ what else can i say

Danielle Ascunce

The workers are very friendly,and the pies are AMAZING!!!

Max Jones

Kyle Svetly-Berg


I have been going here for 65 years. Always the best!

Sara Diaz aka

Bobby David

Amazing pies

Dennis Muldowney

Love this place!! Pork pies are crazy DELISH!! The Thwaites are awesome, us Muldowney’s have been coming here for over 70 years.

Gary Curtis

The best pies ever

Flav Caceres

Linda Childs

Count Cocoafang

Grew up eating their chicken and pork pies and they're always as good as I remember. Staff is always friendly and willing to go above and beyond. A Methuen institution and an inseparable part of our community identity.

Jim McComas

Great pies, meats and service.

Gordon Wills

Dana Wainwright

Great meat pies! Love the pork meat pie

Erin Perry Willis

Jeff Davis

Douglas Dyghton

Best pies in Boston

Gerard Donahue

Excellent spot to get their famous pies

Michael Soucy

Lee Su

Pork pie chic pie tomato sausage wachusetts potato chips low price

Pablo Aquino

Tony Bilodeau

Kyle Sinclair

Awesome little market! Went there to pick up some pork and lamb pies and ended up getting some sausages while I waited! Great prices and friendly staff!

J.P. Arsenault

Thwaites was there when my parents brought me home from Bon Secour Hospital, and my parents went shopping there all the time, in fact, they lived right across the street, when they first got married, (according to my parents, who told us,and we remembered, almost everytime we drove by Thwaites, on our way to Kealey Farms in Salem,NH) My Grandfather would make "Gorton" with the pork butt my parents would pick up at Thwaites. We would spread cold pate-like "Gorton"(A French Canadian Specialty) on cut slices of the Italian "sticks" (Italian version of a baguette) from "Tripoli"Bakery we'd pick up every Sunday after mass, (So Good!!) We'd have "Gorton" in our school lunchboxes! They'd also buy their meats, ie; pork chops, hamburger (ground chuck), Roasts,Beef Stew Meat etc.,there, even though my Dad worked for "A&P" Markets for 30 years, and could have picked up these at work! I'm sure they liked the idea of a Butcher Shop right on the corner.....An Old Fashioned Market, where you can buy quality foods for the family, and not have to deal with fluctuating prices of the big Supermarkets.... The Cost of living wasn't as high then as it is today, and you also got "More Bang for your Buck!!"My Grandfather would also make "Minced Meat"Pies(another French Canadian specialty) with the meat from (you guessed It!)Thwaites ! Even when they moved from the apartment across from Thwaites, and moved to Washington Street@Broadway Ave in Lawrence, my Ma & Dad would still shop there.....I guess, they were convinced, that they were the Best! Don't get me wrong,we'd shop at "A&P","Demoulas''(Market Basket),"Purity Supreme", "Kealey Farms" and others that were still in business at that time..... Looks like Thwaites out lasted at least a few of the these, at least in my old neighborhood...... In Loving Remembrance of my Ma, Dad, Nana, & "Bampie".Their all gone now,but my memories of them, and my sister and I,and our years growing up together, live on forever..... I'll see them all again in Paradise, Joey

Javier Barroso

Marshall Alie

Phenomenal food and service.

Scott Heffernan

Steve Wilson

Amazing meat pies and friendly staff eager to take orders.

Megan Townsley

Delicious pies for sure! Saw them on Phantom Gourmet and realized I live 10 min away. We bought an assortment of pies and ground meats. So far the chicken is our favorite (the pork was a little under-seasoned). Very friendly back counter staff that we're helpful and eager. The cashiers could use some coffee and a smile though. Would definitely come back.

Ray P

The meat pies here are fantastic. Great for a quick lunch or bring home for a tasting dinner.

James Delaroy

Incredible selection of meat pies.

Jim Anthony

Great local business serving excellent home cooked food for take out.

Sean Martell

I'm a service tech. I was working in the kitchen and was able to meet everyone in this place. What used to be a hidden gem, until the owners daughter Abby really put this place on the map. She's the one that takes care of all the computer end of the business..advertising with FACEBOOK, WICKED BITES, TRIP ADVISOR, GOOGLE etc. She also is always in the kitchen cooking right beside her dad. Everyone here enjoys and loves what they do. I will tell you in this kitchen where all the magic happens, everything is cleaned and sanitized they don't mess around at all in there. Ken the owner (great guy) he is the best! He puts his heart and sole into this place he really cares about each and every person that steps foot into his place. Ken's customers and staff are treated with the utmost respect. In the kitchen...His mom (by the way if you see her give her a fist bump

Lisa Hudson

Cloud Strifer

Una bodega familiar muy peculiar, pie de diferentes clases y muy ricos :)

Molly Swanson

Fantastic potpies and sausages every time I go. The place hasn't changed for 30 years other than adding new flavors. Always a good place to go.

Toni Durfee

Home baked foods. Awesome.

Alfred Gigli

Awesome chicken pies

Thomas Brady

I am a long time lover of Thwaites meat pies. If available, don't miss out on the corned beef hash.

Emily Ogle

Always love the English pies. Been eating them my whole life. I regularly make the 45 minute one way drive from where I live now to pick them up.

Denise Crosby

Love love love there tomato sausage yummmmm

flat luigi

Stephanie Franz

Certainly the best place for pies !!

Nancy A

Best food

Bill Berry

Edwin padilla

Visited for the first time with my best friend. I'll be coming here more. Freshly made pies of all kinds!

Harry Howarth

I'll be back first time was a good one

Andre Sanders

The meat pies are to die for. Particularly the lamb one.

Michelle Torres

Meeshka Godin

Tom Ralls

Five star establishment. Clean, friendly family owned staff, and great food!

Shawn Phoenix

This place offers the best meat pie you will EVER eat! Family owned super friendly and worth every second it takes you to get there.

Sherry Ritchie

Excellent pies! Very nice and helpful people in the store.

Peter O'Brien

Fantastic snacks. Nom nom nom

Kelly Butler

Anna Coco

Al Lemieux

Staple of the area. Absolutely incredible. A touch of the old town. Top notch.

Victor Yee

Simon Ditcham

Bridget Alicea

I love the pies! Been going to Thwaite's for YEARS! Everyone is very pleasant!

Chuck Malone

I love this Market, been going there for at least 40 years, LOVE THE PORK PIES

Frank Caceres

Bob Duquette

Marilyn Fortin

Hidden jewel. Great small butcher, plus,Pork pies, & chicken pies too. Excellent. They take orders also. Holidays are especially busy. Order early. ENJOY!

Ray Hall

Dino Pintzopoulos

not much to look at at all, just go in and get a couple pies. sooo good.

Michelle Makin

Loved it since i was 10!!!

David Towne

Great meat pies and sausage variety. Awesome family run business for decades.

Daron St.Jean

Steve Paris

Best meats and sides around!

Lesley Cotter-Joseph

Mark D

This place is outstanding! Their chicken pot pie is amazing, on second thought all their pies are amazing. The sausage is also fantastic. My family has been going to this store since the 1930's and my dad has great memories of when he was young and his dad would bring home pies from here.

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