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62 Lowell St, Manchester, NH 03101, United States

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REVIEWS OF Gauchos Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse & Butchery IN New Hampshire


I've been going here for years and everytime I've gone, things have gotten worse. Today was my last time. 45 mins and only got served 3 portions of meat. Over cooked, small cuts and would serve one table at a time and then they would shoot back to the kitchen. I am not one to complain as I understand sometimes it's a timing thing but this time was just ridiculous. I complained to the manager and got nothing in return. Well other than a 'sorry', 10% off the bill and a free coke. Are you kidding me? You need to do right by your customers or you will continue to keep losing business. WILL NOT BE GOING BACK. SAVE YOUR MONEY.

Victor Marcotte

If you like endless meat go here! Multiple kinds of meat brought right to your table and slices cut off right for you. Excellent staff and friendly.

Charles Early

Food was amazing!!! Staff was super friendly, great atmosphere. Very clean, definitely going back!!!

Angela Bettencourt

Amazing food. Manager was extremely friendly.

Robert Hones

Well, there’s nothing Brazilian about this place. As my wife is from Brazil, we thought we’d give it a go. On arrival we found American-style food on a spit, nothing more. Hot/cold bar was also American. No feijoada, no grilled pineapple, no sirloin. We were disappointed. Only two stars as the meat they did have was flavorless and burnt.

Mark Cook

Amazing place to eat food was cooked perfectly cant wait to go back

Danielle Bass

Fantastic assortment of food, great customer service, and an incredible environment! Will be back soon!

Mike Lawando

Not to bad. Slow service if you go late after7pm.

Kristen Largess

The salad bar was okay. Not that much of a selection, just your usual greens, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and olives with 6 or so choice of dressings. There were 5 or so cold salads that were okay as well. Nothing had that great of seasonings or wow factor. Along with the salad bar were hot sides but again, just okay. The only meat that was good was the sirloin and chicken drumstick. The prime rib and short ribs were chewy (keep in mind I eat my red meat medium rare to medium). The bill for 2 of us was 81 dollars and we had 1 Sam Adams beer and a glass of house Chardonnay. Not worth 81 dollars. Won’t be going back again.

svirac82 .

I went there with my wife who is Brazilian herself. I have been married to her long enough to know that Gauchos isn’t even close to real Brazilian food. It’s not fair that the restaurant is fooling the average Joe and portraying itself as an establishment serving authentic Brazilian cuisine when in reality they’re serving things like mashed potatoes, pasta and meatballs on the side. The rice they serve is almost like a store bought vegetable and rice mix and it was hard I almost broke a tooth! No Brazilian seasoning on anything. Way overpriced and for a place that call itself a “steakhouse” there was a bunch of different chicken being served, some lamb and I got two peaces of actual steak, which was hard as a rock. Wait staff very slow. Big miss presentation of the true Brazilian style steakhouse. If you want the real thing, drive to Somerville, MA and visit Olivera’s Brazilian Steakhouse they will knock your socks off. Never going back to Goichos ever. ** When we questioned the authenticity of the restaurant our waitress actually told us that not one single person ther including the chef was Brazilian and that she understood why it was a big let down**

eric ricker

People are great food is just as good

Patrick Joyce

Second time here and will be back. Food was great as was service. The only reason I knocked a star was because the chicken hearts never came around. But everything else was spot on. The filet wrapped in bacon was tender and rare. New drinks always brought out before yours ran dry. Top notch place.

Cassandra Clement

The food was cold...... It was not busy, and it was basically one person every 10 minutes that came out with cold meat. Not the best place to go for an anniversary dinner. Super disappointed for the HIGH price.

Randy Cobleigh

The food is much better under the new ownership.

Tim Gray

The food is excellent. Meats come out often and with enough variety that you can eat your fill before they come around with anything for the second time. Brunch is a highlight with omelets made to order and a chocolate fountain in addition to the wonderful meat selection. We've had some cocktails from the bar and all were to our satisfaction. I highly recommend this as a weekend indulgence or any night for a meal big in portions and flavor.

David Vela

This place really gets the meat sweats going.....enjoy

Christina Kallelis

Wouldn’t recommend visiting. The meat was below satisfactory and the lamb tasted like it had gone bad. Drinks and service were below average

Cody Keniston

The gauchos were constantly skipping our table the meat was burned they had very little desserts left. I recommend not going

Darrin Black

A little disappointing, just average ! Didn't have a bad experience however having tried numerous other Brazilian style Churrascaria, Texas de Brazil, Fogo de Chao we were left thinking hmmm ! The meat was a little under seasoned. On the plus side the Caipirinha and other beverage's sampled were very good.

Helder Pimenta

The place and the food are good, but the caipirinha was terrible. They used the cheapest Brazilian rum called 51 and charge $9 for it. The taste is horrible.

Dave B

Looks like it is under new ownership and this last time we went the food was fantastic and the dining room had gotten a much needed facelift. Went for lunch on Saturday. They have a smaller meat selection but all of my favorites were there. The price couldn't be beat for what we were served. I look forward to bringing all my friends back here in the future.

precilia kasongo

Very nice i love that place

JR .

The food is great the place is very clean and the staff is very friendly

Kara A

The food is so delicious!

Michael Garcia

Great food and even better service. The rotisserie all you can eat meats are delicious. The salad bar and desert really are also good. Definitely a must go in Manchester and fairly priced as well

Daniel Kramer

A unique and fantastic experience. All of the food was delicious and the at least 8 different staff which visited our table were all friendly and attentive. New meats came out so frequently that we could barely keep up. Can't wait to return!

Alexandria L

Such a fun place to eat and overall great experience! The service was wonderful and the food was delicious!

Nicholas Jackson

Sooooooo good. Competitively priced for Brazilian grill. Staff was attentive. Buffet was clean and fresh. They lost money giving me unlimited steak! Haha

Jim H

Excellent place during the week for lunch. All you can eat for less than 10 bucks, YOU CAN'T EAT BETTER for this money. Great place for dinner too, a bit more money but still all you can eat plus they bring lots and lots of great meat. You are missing out if you do not try this place.

Gail Berry

Delicious!! The meats were cooked to perfection. All of the sides were on point. Moderately priced. Dinner for 4 adults with 3 sodas and a beer ran $150 + tip.

Tamis Schenk

Went on a Sunday, brunch time... It's a buffet, and not a very good one, limited selection, low end of average. Yes, the servers come around with various meats. Some worse than others, nothing particularly wonderful or special. Facilities are a bit worn. Service was decent, but it's a buffet... Restaurant lacks any sort of ethnicity. Look for a better option...

Monica Elliott

Amazing food every time! One of my favorite restaurants.

Mohammed Zaki

For the price for sure you getting more than you are paying The meat was super fresh professionally grilled all cuts test wonderful I love the flank cut for more than test Salad bar exceeds my expectations a good variety of olives and fresh mazoralla, I also loved the grilled red paper Staff was more than freindly Additionally I went there at Monday, they do have a band play music every Monday and it was very enjoyable and relaxing Thanks for everyone runing this business to please foodies like me

Jorge Schaart

Great place to eat, excellent and delicious food, variety of traditional Latin foodl. Super delicious 10⭐.

Michael Philbrook

Phenomenal food. Beautiful restaurant. Great service. It is buffet style only. The salad bar is huge and has more than just lettuce and tomatoes - you can definitely make a meal of the salad bar alone. Gauchos walk around the restaurant offering prime rib, bacon wrapped chicken, salmon, short ribs, lamb, and more. Buffet is outstanding and included two soups (the clam chowder was the best I've ever had!), meatballs, pasta and chicken in a tomato sauce, mac & cheese, and several other items. We left extremely well fed!! Excellent experience but... it's pricey. We each had one beer and dessert - the bill came to $115! We'd love to go back but we'll need to save up some money for the next time.

Melanie Anne

Great food, nice atmosphere, good service, and overall a nice place to take family and friends to.

Jonathan Kiley

This place is fantastic, but go hungry. It's pricey for just a casual dine in. You can choose from many delicious items in their buffet and salad bar, but the real magic comes from the Gauchos. (cowboy of the South American pampas). You have a little cardboard disk, one side is green (go) the other red (please for love of God no more). They bring a skewer of various meats one at a time and slice you off a piece. You take your tongs grab a hold of it and put it on your plate. They have sausage, chicken drumstick, sirloin, flank steak, prime rib, chicken heart, bacon wrapped steak bacon wrapped chicken, scallops wrapped in bacon, salmon with a caper sauce, pork loin, lamb they had garlic bread on a skewer! I was impressed with the roasted pineapple rolled in cinnamon on a skewer. Wow. We had a party of ten and it was pretty empty at 7pm Monday night. You can find some coupons online to reduce your price but this spot is worth every penny. Service was excellent, the atmosphere is calm and warming. We left after about 2 and a half hours.

Frank B

Awesome food and service

Wendy Jimenez

Fantastic service and food.

Chris thurston

Phenomenal array of meats, worth going again

Sheila Kullgren

Great food. Great service.

Sharon Eddy

This place was amazing. Wonderful staff, service & food!

Ceelo L

Not what it used to be... It changed ownership, so its on a steady road past mediocre. The place tries to have a semi fancy atmosphere, but it short of that. The smell in the dining room is not great. The food? Well bland, under cooked or over cooked, dry etc etc. So save your thirty something dollars and go somewhere else.


Amazing Flank steak, the lamb is also amazing when they pull it at the perfect time.

Tammy Skiba

This place is great! Love the BBQ meat that constantly comes to my table until I deem myself stuffed enough to say stop. Food is delicious!

Adam Westgate

LOVE gauchos! Best place for meat lovers in Manchester. Constant barrage of polite waiters bringing an array of fresh cooked meats. From pork loin to salmon, sirloin, flank steak, and still a open salad and side bar. Often has chocolate fountain or desert bar. It's a nice night out for 2 for around 100 dollars.


So...this place has a brunch buffet on Sundays, which is what we went for. Food was great, I especially loved the whole roasted pineapples that they served on skewers, in addition to the regular meats that they served. Not a huge selection, but lots of desserts, which was great. We would go back, particularly because there aren't a ton of brunch buffet options in Manchester.

ryan varela

Great meats. Friendly staff. Overall a great experience.

Mary Royer

Food was good but service slow. We had to ask our waitress to send over the waiters with meat

aira nisse

Excellent food tastes and great customer service

Michael Larocque

With new ownership comes big changes.. the service was impeccable I'd highly recommend giving this a try. Believe me they will not let you down.

Dennis Theriault

Very bad experience. With tip it costs over $40 per person without drinks and the buffet style food is below average, the meats were dry and over cooked, service was incredibly slow leaving me with with an empty glass for long periods of time and this was while the place was almost empty. We waited so long for meats to come out that we finally just decided to get our check and go. This place is nothing like it was a couple years ago. Wish we went to McDonalds instead for a better quality meal at 1/10 of the price.

Jennifer Wentworth

Had a great visit and dining experience. Ben made our visit extra special, our server was fantastic and the meats were all so juicy and tasty.

Criss Montenegro

Great place, great delicious food, live music, excellent customer service..., best place to go... Good job!!

Dague Clark

Great food, but go very hungry.

Michael Panneton

The food here is excellent. The staff are always friendly and the atmosphere inviting. The buffet style section includes a salad bar with many fixings, and a good amount of side offerings such as rice, mash potatoes, meatballs, and veggie options. The meat options include such things as lamb, sirloin, salmon, chicken wrapped in bacon, etc. I would highly recommend Gauchos for a good meal with great service.

Maxx Kilbride

Terrible. I went there for Fathers Day with my father, my cousin, and his father. It's 32$ a plate. We were seated 20 minutes before a server could get us any drinks...massively overpriced as they were. It took them around 15 minutes for one of the "Meat servers" to come by. When they did they cut off about quarter sized slivers of dried out, tough meat that my father couldn't even chew. I was shocked. The amazing reviews of this place, the need for reservations, the incredibly priced items on the menu... We were there for around 90 minutes. We spent the first half of that starving. We had all 4 of our green cards showing almost constantly. When they did come around with some Prime Rib, Sirloin, Flank steak, ect, they would say we could only have tiny slices - they were about two bites to finish. This was waiting 15-20 minutes before they'd come around again. I get profit margins...but I could've gone anywhere else and had way more food for 32$, and as good or better quality. They hyped up the chocolate fountain, only for it not to be there. On top of that, they were out of ribs, prime rib(after we'd had one sliver each), no strawberry for my dads desert, they were out of a ton of stuff we asked about. Not acceptable for this kind of pricing. Considering you have to make reservations to get in; on how many people, what times they'll be coming in, excuse to run out of anything. Also considering the meager portions you get, they must not have much at all in the back. They have a "Hot and cold" section, which is basically a Salad bar with some store bought salad dressings and toppings, what have you, as well as generic items they want you to fill up on like pasta and mashed potatoes, dried and poorly tasting. As no desert of any kind is included in the price, and it was Fathers Day, I decided to splurge further and get desert for them. Only for it to take another 15~ish minutes, for my dad to my told they didn't have Strawberry, so he said Blueberry, cue another 5 minutes. It cost 8$. It was half the size of your average places cheesecake slice. I myself went for the Brazillian Brownie. 9$. Brownie + Vanilla Icecream. 9$. When I saw it I almost told the waitress she made a mistake. There was two small scoops, about the size of gumballs - yes, the ones from vending machines, and a thin brownie that was about 3/4ths the size of a slice of American Cheese, and it had also been microwaved to be "hot"(I could even overhear the Waitress saying she had been avoiding giving them to people because the person who made them LAST WEEK...Last week! Made them too thin). So poorly made and a week old, microwaved. For 9$. Robbery. All settled with tax and tip, the end of the night was 200$ for 4 people to eat, and go home hungry enough to snack...from a buffet. The chicken was also some of the driest I've ever eaten. The only way to get chicken like that is to cook it for hours, I know that from my own cooking. It was so bad I had to chew it with gulps of water. I wanted to make it a special Fathers Day, but honestly anywhere else for a third of the price would've been better. We would've had better food, better service and better quality. Oh also whoever designed the eating area is stupid. We were nearly back to back with complete strangers. We had all not eaten for a day before to build up an appetite and left hungry after 90 minutes at a buffet. That's insanity.

Diane Maclean

Wonderful meal and attention from the owners.

Tammy Morel

Went on Sunday with my daughter for the first time & really enjoyed it

Joseph Pellegrini

I really ended up enjoying this place although I will say its not quite worth the 1.5 hour drive it took to get there from my location. The location is nice and the interior looks pleasant. The salad bar selection was good but fell short other other locations that ive been too. One of the best features was the hot appetizers being self served which ive not seen at other locations. If you are looking for a Brazilian steakhouse and are in Manchester you wont be disappointed here i wouldn't think.

Amanda Daigle

I’ve been here on many occasions and have loved both the experience and the food. This restaurant is now under new ownership and has gone way down hill. The food tasted like it was all store bought or frozen - nothing tasted homemade. The best part of our dinner was the cooked pinnapple. I will never go back.

Nicole Weldon

Drinks and salad bar options were great! Prime rib and filet mignon were fantastic! Not enough chicken options. Short ribs and Bacon wrapped beef were too tough. Desserts were not as listed on the website.

Chris Frechette

This was by far the best steak I've ever had!

Sabine E

The service was horrible we waited so long for the meat to come to our table, the waitress did a poor job that's actually the 3rd time it happened. I used to enjoy dining there, not sure i will go back.

Doug Smith

Oh my what a extornary dinner experience. Food five star Service five star! It was very busy had to wait 30 minutes just walk in but what a great bar.

Benjamin Jamer

We were wondering why we were slowly getting meat.. alot of the guys werent even stopping at our table apparently we werent given the right plates and didnt find out until we were almost done.. Also had to track someone down several times for drinks. Service could have been a bit better. Either way food was still good..

Barbara Adduci

The food was good and staff very attentive. We were there later in the evening and they kept coming with food

Operator K

If you like never ending meat then this is the place for you. I love the concept of flipping over a card to green and that signals to the wait staff to serve you meat until you can no longer eat. The meat is fantastic and is worth the money. The staff is friendly and complimented by life music which helps bring out a great atmosphere even when it gets busy here. I would highly suggest a reservation and a visit if you happen to be in the area.

Jacques Jaegi

First time brazilian bbq. Very nice.very good. People are very nice. Cokker funny. As said George....what else?

Seth G

Went for brunch. Service was good. Meat was all super-salty. Sirloin was tasty. Prime rib wasn’t really prime: tough and sinewy. Chicken and pork were too dry to eat. Non-meat options were mediocre. In the end, OK for quantity, not quality, like most all-you-can-eat places.


Gauchos has changed since I went here almost a decade ago, when they were in the basement on elm street, and I understand why they changed a few things, but also don't like the changes on the whole. The all you can eat grill hasn't changed, and continues to be just as good as it ever was; but the decision to go buffet on the sides has cheapened the experience, and a lower quality is noticeable though there are more offerings. I also liked the ambiance at the former location better, with dimmed lights, and a more cozy setup. For the price (somewhere in the 30's), I would like this place to go back to a more refined experience.

Derrick Kimball

Quality foods made to your liking Excellent experience

Stephen Priest

I was seated without a reservation right away, though, for larger groups I would recommend it. This is not your typical restaurant. A buffet and salad bar are available immediately while servers go around asking if you would like the just cooked meat or fish. You don't receive much, but that may be because they will come around again with more food. Food tasted good. Salad bar was standard. Buffet was good. I had chicken marsala with rice . The chicken that was brought around tasted good, but, you either got a piece with a lot or not much meat. Steak was a little rare, but, tasted good without a chewy texture. The salmon was the best, it melted in my mouth. I had two people as wait staff, the manager and the new owner! The manager acted a bit stressed but was friendly. The owner was nervous, it was his first weekend, but, was very nice. The manager was a little hard on the owner:). Live music that was a little loud, but okay. He was a little off on"Ragtime", but I liked his version of Van Morrison's "Moondance". Parking free on weekends. Wifi available. The experience may not be for everyone. But I had a good time. I liked the new owner. Four

Steven Janocha

The best meat place in the world. The kids always love it here. Great atomsphere. Great food and awesome buffet.

Seacoast Reviews

This is my go-to special occasion place, yearly on my birthday. Beautiful restaurant, excellent meats.

Mike Spenard

This is not really Brazillian. I took the Brazillian side of my family and they were very disappointed. As it's an American buffet with meat on a spit. This establishment has simply high-jacked the Brazillian steakhouse experience and combined it with food NH folk won't be confused by (e.g., baked beans) and kept anything that might scare them away (e.g. chicken hearts) off the menu.

jimmythwrench .

100% better now it's under new managment. Been there before and it was good. Now it's like a completely different joint. Awesome service and atmosphere is way better.

Miles Kanode

The food is great, the staff is friendly and accommodating. Also very consistent (the same servers for years). We've been dining here once or twice a year for the past 4 or 5 years and it only seems to get better every time.

Laurie Bradley

Absolutely amazing. Delicious food in a beautiful, astounding clean environment. The staff really go out of their way to make your experience one to remember!

Dianne Winchell

Good food, they come around to you with food items however they do miss tables.

Stan G

Went with group of 17 guys and really enjoyed this restaurant! Very high quality and clean! Very nice and friendly staff. Food was delicious, plenty to eat and choose from. Loved experience of gauchos coming and bringing/cutting meat. Very enjoyed it and highly recommend!

Jenn Wentworth

I wish there was a 10 star option. I couldn't say enough great things about our visit to Gauchos Steakhouse in Manchester, NH last night. When I made reservations, I was asked by Ben if we were celebrating anything special. I shared that we were enjoying an evening together as a family before our son leaves to join the Air Force. Upon arrival, Ben greeted our party and son with a send off wish for the best of luck, and thank you gift box of beautiful chocolates. That led us on to our journey of the most an amazing culinary protein feast! I was sad to have to turn my table card to red and stop the arrival of the most tender, juicy, perfectly cooked meats being carved onto my plate, but I was just too full to eat another bite. Our favorites were the Flank Steak, Prime Rib, and Steak Wrapped in Bacon. The servers were attentive and returned frequently. It was absolutely the most enjoyable dining experience we have out together as a family and I can't wait to go back. Even our picky eaters were inspired to try the different meats. Top Notch, Guachos!!! And Thank you Ben, for your generous, and thoughtful gesture. It meant so much to all of us as we prepare for this send off. As for arriving and parking, there is a reasonable, safe, well lit paid parking across the street, but easy enough to find street parking as well, the location is on a side street off the main drags of Manchester. We will be back soon!

Wendy Henry

Took my mom and pops here for Father's day. Tough choice as where to go as they are both hardcore foodies and cooks. They LOVED it! Another big plus is they take reservations, a huge advantage on a busy day like Father's day.

Kristin McIntire

Meat, meat and more meat! Cooked beautifully and an amazing selection! Don't forget the salad bar, with a variety of antipastos, and sides as well. Be VERY hungry when you come here. Prix fixe.

Kayla Corcoran

Let me start off by saying that I was a huge fan of gauchos and I loved the restaurant. I have been there many times. However, a few months ago my fiancé and I went here and he got food poisoning. He had different meats and things from the salad bar than I did, so I did not get food poisoning. We are 100% certain it was from Gauchos, as he did not eat much that day and 8 hours later he was throwing up. I did not post a bad review initially because 1) I thought Gauchos was a great restaurant and 2) I had spoken to the new owner about it. He took notes on what my fiancé ate and promised to send us a gift card. Honestly, I don’t think my fiancé will ever want to go there again, but we never received a gift card either. I really think this shows carelessness and lack of responsibility in the new owners. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

M Stark

Excellent brunch. The food was delicious. Lots of choices. There was live music also. I would definitely go again.

Ryan Driscoll

Food was great. Staff was attentive!

Krys Kenney

Had a mediocre experience here for Valentine's Day. The host literally would ignore the people waiting in line to enter their names or give their reservation until the waitress came to get the next party. The line was out the door. However, once we were seated, the waitstaff was very friendly and attentive. The meats were all pretty good, but a bit under seasoned for my taste. The hot buffet was a mess, with food splattered all over the fronts of the warmers and labels. The menus were all tattered and covered in dried sauces/meat specks. While I expect a little more from an upscale restaurant, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt due to the Valentine's Day rush. I would give them another try, perhaps on a slower night.

Miguel Medrano

Soooo delicious.

Kevin Donahue

Wonderful service and fantastic food. Incredibly friendly staff and live music make the location a great once in a while location.


Gauchos is less of a restaurant and more of an overall experience - a super fun one! I was surprised given the nature of people constantly walking around that it didn't feel chaotic at all - everything seemed to flow very smoothly. Gauchos come by often, the waitress was attentive, and there seemed to be multiple managers walking around too. It was clear that they've got plenty of staff and are on top of everything. On top of that, the food was all great. I'm not the biggest meat eater but I was surprised that my top favorite item of the whole night was the flank steak. Absolutely incredible. Definitely check it out. It's a really memorable dining experience.

Shalimar Encarnacion

Great food. Sad that the lunch buffet is gone, but awesome food and service, nonetheless. $$$

Sidney Crosby Ice God

I've had fantastic food and great service here every time. Lots of scrumptious and satisfying meats and sides prepared with a variety of techniques. They are constantly bringing around more food. Bring an appetite, this is a big, hearty, satisfying, protein-filled meal. If you are vegan or vegetarian, there are better options (try Cafe Momo!). For everyone else, it's a feast.

Norm Cousins

Don't have a bad thing to say. It was better than expected.

Marty Smith

At the price point okay but mid week may not be best for good supply of favorites. Got s nice Porter on tap though.

Frank Laratonda

Tonight we brought my goddaughter and her boyfriend in for her BIRTHDAY and they had an excellent time as we did also...Everything was exceptional,everyone in the New England area needs to experience this dining extravaganza, and once you have you will most definitely return. Also the new owners are there to make sure everyone is happy.... Thanks again...see you all soon...and the carvers are the BEST and very professional !!

Peyton Moodie

My boyfriend and I have gone a couple times now and I am super impressed. The owner Ben is always on the floor and is friendly and helpful! Food is fresh and gives you a little taste of everything.

Scott Guzman

This is a truly phenomenal dining experience. Great atmosphere, the place is decorated with pleasant mix of art, wall treatments, and lighting.The staff is very courteous and helpful. The salad bar, antipasto, fresh fruit, soups, etc. are just the perfect starters to the many choices of meats to come your way by the gaucho servers. these gentlemen are great, bringing you many choices of the best meats, be it Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken, even Salmon. A must try...

Scott Langlois

Under new ownership, food was fresh and tasty.

Taylor Owens

Ok- I have no idea why this place has such good reviews. I went with 7 other people for a birthday and did the meat buffet for $30 a person. We each got a couple drinks and the rest soft drinks. Our bill was $450. They included gratuity. The waitress just ran us the drinks... we get our own food and serve/clean ourselves. The sides were not good- only pasta and potatoes. No vegetables. When we arrived there wasn’t much food left- few potatoes and pieces of fruit. We stayed for 2 hours and during that time not once did they switch out the food pans. I used to work in food service and it’s against the law to have it out for more than an hour. The rice was very, very stale. The meat was just ok. I did not want to make a scene with my family there but I will be going back tomorrow to speak with someone. For $450 this place was absolutely terrible. I’ve heard such good things it’s a shame :( hope to give it a second try next year.

Erick Bryant

Go on an empty stomach. You'll eat a lot. Salad bar will fill you up.

rachel tether

Very impressed with the news owners! They are bringing light back into this place. Looking forward to what's to come!

Michelle Wells

We just enjoyed an amazing birthday luncheon here today. The food was fresh and amazing. The Gauchos were very friendly and brought our favorite meats to our table and remembered everyone’s favorite one. I would highly recommend this restaurant!

Andrew Hubbard

For a Brazilian steakhouse, this place has a small menu for meat. The salad and soup bar was good though.

Ron Santorella

The food was fresh, very tasty, and a beautiful spreading full of choices. Reasonably priced, and even cheaper with a coupon for half off! Service was fantastic, very attentive to our needs, and even live entertainment, a soft elegant sound of a harmonica while playing acoustic guitar, it was a treat! I may have eaten too much tho lol

Amy McCusker

Wonderful service, good food and knowledgeable staff. Most food is gluten free to!!!

Shannon Allen

The food was really good and our server was amazing. There were a few times the Gauchos overlooked our table, and it wasn't busy, but I believe that falls more to us not placing our markers for 'gimme foods' strategically.

Ghita T

The meat was delicious and the service was great as well

Bill Alber

Great food and a great Manhattan. Catherine and Marti were the best servers ever

Andrew Desmarais

If you like meat, and I mean lots of meat, then this is the place for you. They always have a great variety of different meats they bring around to each table. You get a button that is red on one side and green on the other. As long as the green side is up they will keep bringing you meat. Flip it to red when you want a break. They also have pretty good desserts.

Lindsey G

Good place to go if you are meat lover; pick RODIZIO. The cold and hot buffet other than the fruits brings you taste of desperate!!! Desert charge separately.

Rose Marie

My favorite high end restaurant

Doug Coombs

A different experience for sure. Plenty of meats, but in small servings at a time. Buffet approach for sides and salads. A little pricey if you want to sample a wide variety. I'd go back, but I'm not in a rush to do so.

Orly Buchbinder

This is our favorite restaurant. Great food, great service, great atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Nathan Letourneau

I love meat and this place has it

MacKenzie Ferrer

This place is terrible. If there was a 0 star option I would choose it. The food was terrible! A member of my party ate dirt in his salad. The bathroom was dirty and we didn’t get an apology for the dirt in the food. The service was terrible and they didn’t care at all about the incident.

Paul Migliozzi

Very clean , for the number of people being served and the frequent table settings. The service was congenial , attentive, and.not rushed. Water glass never below half filled. Food was plentiful, very tasteful, and great selection. The live music, solo guitarist, was excellent. Not loud, good voice, played requests, and smiled. Parking was free , along the street ( saturday evening) and at the door. Great dinner for four people. However, a great environment for large groups..

Janet Brennan

Food is amazing. Quiet place. All you can eat.

Chris Cantwell

This place is awesome.

M Vaillancourt

Meats were good. Side dishes were not so great.

Daniel Buchbinder

Great South American food. Loved it.

Kizito Paganini

Great improved hospitality. Nice experience.

Michael Harkeem

Excellent lunch or dinner destination. Also now offers entertainment at night. Healthy lunch buffet with full salad bar for $10 and if you want all you can eat meat on top of that it's only $18 during lunch. Love this place. For the price of a sub you can get a quick healthy 3 course lunch that's amazing.

Keith Champine

Never been I was amazed how good service and the food were

Mary watt

The food and service are fair. It is often loud which makes enjoying the meal with friends a bit more difficult. But overall when your goal is the meat sweats, this is the place!

ruth gessner

Wonderful went for a sunday brunch

Lance Thebodeau

Great place, excellent service, nice atmosphere. Been here many times and I've always enjoyed it and been treated wonderfully

Joe Barnes

Pricey. But soooooooo good

James Garlow

Carnivores wanted!!! If you like meat, come on down! Great food and service.

Call me kitty

Excellent food and service. Make sure you're very hungry.

Michael Jacobsen

We were there for lunch. Our first time there. We were impressed with buffet and meat selections. Nice atmosphere and server was courteous and friendly.

Gess Homsany

Great food, great service, great price

Benjamin Hiscock

The restaurant itself only earned two stars. The guys bring the skewers around brought it up to a three. We went on a Saturday night at peak time which is always the best test.The seating hostess was disorganized and forgetful having to ask the waiting name three times during our 30 minute wait. The bar tender was quick and friendly during our wait at the bar even though he was obviously very busy. After being seated I went to the salad bar with the over abundance of brown wilted lettuce edges, selection of air crusted dressing and air dried veggies. The meats ,while flavorful were a bit salty and elusive after the 15 minute mark which seamed to be managed movement. The waitress was almost non existent leaving me and my dining mates thirsty. The big saving grace was the demeanor and friendliness of the gentlemen with the skewers. They were warm and sincere with every visit even though they seamed puppeted in their avoidance after the 15 minute mark like previously mentioned. Glad I went but I won't likely be back.

Wobble The Hutt

Staff was attentive and friendly! And the meat was cooked perfectly!

Jacob Ketola

Decent food but definitely the worst brazillian steakhouse I've been to. I guess you get what you pay for. If you're going to spend the money, make the drive to Boston and find a better place.

Elisa Chang

Amazingly had a ton of vegan options in the lunch buffet and price was reasonable. ($20)

Peter Fischer

New owners are great! Very nice. Better flavor and atmosphere.

Alex Brown

Pricey but great food

Justin Weitenbeck

Okay food and expensive

Curtis George

First of all we almost walked out after looking at some of the reviews while waiting to be seated. I am glad we decided to stay. The buffet was excellent. The waitress was very attentive (Diane). The meat was also flavorful, I am not sure what the other reviews are referring to. Also there was live entertainment, the overall experience was great.

Myndee Murray

Gauchos was a great experience. My advice is go extremely hungry and don't eat too much from the buffet. That way you get a good bang for your buck. All the food was delicious and fresh. We didn't get much from the Gauchos though. We kept the card flipped green for some of the delicious looking bacon wrapped chicken, but he passed right by us. It's worth going at least once. The negative thing I can say is the terimesu was not good. Then again it is a Brazilian restaurant, not Italian :). I'm glad we went.

Dan Mares

Go Hungry! The ideal place for a carnivore with an appetite. Several different, tastily prepared meats (beef mostly) on skewers circulate with "Gauchos" going from table to table (typical of Brazilian steakhouses). Supplement this with a fresh but somewhat limited salad bar and an interesting and varied buffet of soups and sides and you will definitely not go home hungry. Since new management has taken over, the prices have gone up and the selection of meats available during any one dining time has been reduced (advertise 13 different but have only seen 7 or 8 in last 2 visits) but still a good choice for many types of dining - date nights, families, business meals, etc. Decent live entertainment on weekends adds to the allure as well.

Scott Rowland

Very good, salad bar is exceptional. Come hungry!


Pulled pork was dry. Salmon was dry and over cooked. Prime rib was chewy. Sirloin was okay but still kind of chewy. Short ribs were chewy and full of gristle. Chicken was great. Their normal was the equivalent to my worst grilling haha!

Chris Rabideau

We live about an hour away and make it a point to come at least once a month. Whether it be the location in Manchester or Nashua, it's worth the trip! Wonderful staff, awesome atmosphere, and fantastic food! The sirloin and lamb are by far my favorites but in the end, every cut is delicious.

Luke Johnson

Food was alright, it sort of comes across like a restaurant that was extremely successful at one point in time but has taken a turn for the worst. I've been the Churrascaria Plataforma in Manhattan, this isn't that. Not even close. But you don't pay big price. It's actually sort of reasonable. But the food just isn't that good. Service is great and the guy playing the guitar was even better.

James Leuchter

Wow what a lunch food was great quite time with the wife. Staff was very helpful

Sean Christie

It was our first time visiting the restaurant. Waitress was very attentive, atmosphere was wonderful. Food was delicious! You start off with a spread of various hot/cold foods along with a salad bar. Then as you return to your table various wait staff mingle through out the area carving meat at your table.

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