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REVIEWS OF Larry's Great Western Meats IN Nevada

Naomi Jacobs

Really cool place! I came here to pick up a pig to spit roast. They had 14lbs and up which is perfect. Cost about $120 for 14lbs. The store is more than just meats, though they have plenty of that. I saw a lot of house made sauces, rubs, salsas, they had what looked like salad dressings. BBQ sauce etc. great selection. As to the price of the meats, seemed reasonable. The cuts are obviously much nicer than your grocery store. Definitely want to come back. And staff was super cool! That’s always a plus, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. There’s no need to be rude to someone like that. The staff was helpful and dint make me feel inferior for not knowing.

Ari Zahavi

Keith Sheppard

Got the $169.00, meat package and for 2 adults, we are good for a while!!! I'll be back to get the barbeque package real soon!!!

Santiago Acosta

Great place for quality meat. They also have fresh grinds everyday and there own store made sausage and jerky

Rosemarie Hughey

The name Larry's should be removed as the meat quality does not meet Larry's standards however of course it depends on the individual's knowledge what good quality meat should be

DawnLV .

I have lived in Las Vegas since 1991 and Larry’s has been a staple of Las Vegas well before me! They have the best cuts, best quality and the best service!

Everett Williams

They carrie exceptional BBQ sauces Everetts Tequila bbq sauce Their Hamburger patties of Rib Eye are excellent

K.C. Cummins

Mike Yantis

Great customer service and cuts. Got everything from burger to ribeye.

Patrick Ofenloch

The first thing walking in we were greeted at the door then was given a tour of all the fine products it felt like the red carpet was rolled out for us this place is our one stop shop for meats

Wade Lozier

Are you guys series you close at 3 on a Saturday. I needed 9 t-bones and you guys lost that sell.

Bianca Phillips

My favorite place in Las Vegas to buy meat...

Sterling Broome

Jonathan Kirkpatrick

Joseph Lavietes

Great place to get different meats and other s

bloxy Doxys

Amy DeCuir

Went with a friend (cause that's what we do) to check this place out. OMG it was amazing. The guys behind the counter are awesome and funny. The check out clerk (younger lady) was nice and helpful. Since it was our first time there they were extra helpful and nice! I love this place!!!

jenny hammers

I come here when I want something for a good price and I can't find it elsewhere. I bought a lamb shoulder for $20.83. It was a decent size cut, almost 6 pounds. I also got seasoning here. It was definately worth it.

Michael Hendricks

Best place to get a good steak. It's a butcher shop.

April Tracey

I will not buy my meat feom any other place in town. This place has the freshest meat. You go in once and u will never buy ur meat any where else, trust me. The people that work in this store are so nice and are the best. This place is clean. You can lots of good meat in large or small quanties, love it. You can even great fresh cut bones for ur dogs. I know are dog loves them. Trust me this is a must go in place for good fresh meat and nice people.

Sky Moore

Outstanding quality meat love it!

Doreen Nolan

Justin Parrish

Tinman Sir Galahad

Lynn they wear gloves while touching beef,u rat beef,not dollar bills

Lynn Matthews

It's nice to wear gloves when you're handling meat for a customer, but when you turn around and handle the customer's money with the same gloves, that makes me want to run! Money is the dirtiest thing you can touch! What's wrong with these butchers? Didn't anyone ever teach them about sanitary methods? Makes me wonder what else goes on in that place!

Happy Cancellaro

I am a regular at this store. Today I came in after work, ordered my meat, and the "owner" rang me up. As she handed me my receipt she didn't say thank you or nothing. As I was walking out she called me racist and said I am not allowed to come back. This is so absurd. I have NEVER had a customer experience like this before. I will not be returning and all my friends and family that I referred will not be returning either. I still can't believe the customer service I just encountered. I am flabbergasted to say the least

Maurice McDonald

Knowledgeable my first visit the young lady behind the counter educated me on the meat I was purchasing. Real simple this is why I came. Going to a Butcher's shop is something that has been lost. This place brings that back. I want to go to a place where people educate and sell you a good product. I'll purchase all of my meats and poultry here. Done deal.

Shelby Temple

Meline Ounjian

Since we have found Larry’s we don’t shop anywhere else, they have the quality beef, pork , lamp and chicken and the prices are very reasonable as well, this year I ordered our turkey from them and it was so delicious. I would recommend them to anyone . P.s all the guys know us , staff is very friendly and welcoming.

Michael T. Ross

This is the only meat I purchase in town. The best I have ever had. Larry's Meats exclusively!!!

Robert Walker

Foods look great not much variety and very expensive

Mat Ishmael

One of the larger but her places, super nice customer service, and everything from Rocky mountain oysters to turtle meat.

Gino Deangelo

The reason I give this meat place five stars is because they have very good service there the people that work there are very knowledgeable about the meat they sell they tell you ways on how to cook it correctly and different ways to cook it

Barbara Bishop

This place is the BUSINESS!!

Linda Kennedy

Only place I've found with decent meat.

Fort Apache Store

Chris Hoolihan

BY FAR THE BEST MEAT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! its been my dads favorite meat shop sense he moved here and now all grown up i go there pretty often as well. for Christmas i wrap of a 8 boned prime-rib last year think im going to be getting filet mignon this year HIGHLY recommended

Marlene Larkin

The dog food and marrow bones my dawgs are addicted to. And I'll sweat by their steaks too. And I just called after hours and they actually answered the phone and my questions. A+ for service.

Nick Sansone

The customer service here was amazing. Everyone was very friendly and very helpful. Even gave me one of my steaks for free!!! Also love that they have a cork board with pictures of different dogs and do a contest for cutest dog. Huge brownie points with me because we are huge dog lovers LOL looking for to trying the meat I bought for Easter tomorrow. I don't think I will have to change my rating cause it looks very high quality. Thank you guys!!!!

Mike Stevens

Larry's is better than the very Best! Tender melt in your mouth meats. Every item in the shop is top notch. On a scale of 1 to 10 Larry's is a 20. Always great friendly service.

Melanie Altman

Always beautiful steaks


Fresh Meat, good quality!

noreen montalvoalexander

Always a pleasure, love the stuffed porkchops

Aaron Kotyk

Best quality meat for retail outlet

Ray Ybarra

Best place to get fresh meat.. Staff is great too.

Brandyn Elliott

Bought a top sirloin from here at a great price. Some of the best meat I have bought around town. The people who run this and work here are very helpful. I highly recommend this meat store!

Pattrick Potter

Great service

Ron Phelps

Great selection of meats. Friendly knowledge staff. Was able to get a great looking prime rib for the holiday!!! Can't wait to go back...

Charmeena Wilson

Stopped by today and dealt with (REMY), today and got much better service and great fresh meat

Illania Edwards

Ashantia Carter

Patricia Weatherford

AWESOME meats and great service!!

Tom Marquez

Friendly and great service!

Elie Khoury

Lisa LaDelfa

Great service and awesome meat!!!


Candi Glam818

James Gomez

Deb Cheney

Great meat plus they make fresh raw dog food!!

Brian Smith

Hannah Winn

Basil Manzari

I was going to become a Vegetarian, but in luck I found Larry's Great Western Meats and now I go every 2 to 3 weeks . EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE THANK YOU. BASIL


Berry Ruffin

Great store service and Nice Owner excellent selection and prices huge selectio . Something for everybody

David Habegger

I will never go here again. This place is worried more about closing for the day rather than helping customers. I tried to have some steaks cut because everything that was pre cut was too thick. The guy told me he couldnt cut to my liking and thats just how they cut them. He also tried to sell me a new york cut as a ribeye. These people are terrible

Terri Goldstein

Vaughn Kalawa

Patricia Kurschinski

Great place to get meat! They also make ground meat DOG FOOD. We started feeding our 100lb rottweiler when she was a puppy. At 10 yrs old, she has no health problems!

Elyse Phoenix

The knowledge and kindness of the staff makes every experience there absolutely wonderful. The quality of the meat, is hands down, the BEST in Vegas!

Chris Veit

This place is AMAZING! We had just moved out here and were staying at an Air BnB while house hunting. One of our dogs had become ill so we took him to the vet only to find out he had cancer and had to be put down. Came here and they helped us with some awesome treats for his final night with us. I can't thank the staff enough for helping us through such a hard time and for making sure our small family member had a great last night. SO often now a days successful businesses like this get too big for their britches and forget about customer service.. Not Larry's!

Gloria Rae Vasquez

Wonderful service, awesome meats. Been going here for years. Love them. I posted this few months ago. I went to Larry's on 08/09/19 In over 39 years I have never been disappointed until today! I spent over $128.00 and because I brought my own bag into the store the young lady that took my order and rang me up would NOT put my purchase into MY bag. I said excuse me....but just for future reference you should put the purchases into the bag. The YOUNG lady told me it's YOUR bag and walked off. When I got home the Ground round that I purhased was not labeled on 4 of the 5 packages. I also requested LEAN stew meat. The YOUNG lady informed me it was ALL lean. As she was packaging it, only the top layer of meat on the tray was lean. Customer service is not what it used to be. After all of these years, very disappointing Quality of the meat from Larry's is terrific. Customer service has diminished.

Linda Holpuch

Adam Grant

Love this place, I buy most of my meat here, they blow the local Smith's out of the water. Great quality and selection, always helpful and friendly. Just wish I had a bigger freezer.

john Mckinney

Great meat and prices, good service,and the package deals are great...

Cynthia Smith

Manuel Trevizo

Erica Campbell

Love their selection and service.

Shane Tracey

Robert Vasquez


My daughters and I shop there weekly. The team behind the counters are friendly, always smiling and welcomeing. As for there selections of meats and the service they offer they are on point. The pricing is reasonable and I wouldn't shop anywhere else for meat everything we have purchased and tried has never left us dissappointed. My daughters enjoy the beef jerky the most and the variety of seasoning flavors offered. They also sell mesquite smoked wood chips and others we have yet to enjoy grilling with! Thank you, Larry's team & Meats. God Bless!

Dennis Oliver

Kelly Willett

Everyone was very friendly and helpful! Glad they don't have extra additives in their meat! I will be returning!

Selale Okten King

Their meat is the best! I recommend their rip eye burgers!!

Kawena Lee

Charmed Amnesty

Great service received today and I was especially happy that this location has focused more on serving customers and establishing long term business relationships. Remi was there and I previously reviewed this location less than 5 stars after continued visits they have shown they truly do care what their customers think. I appreciate that it shows me our relationship is bigger than any dollar value. Thank you again ! I’ll be enjoying those delicious steaks tonight

Julian Khoury

My first impression while I walk to the store was superb. As I walking into the story I was greeted by a good morning by the owner and cashier while a gentleman named mark served me 2 of the best t-bone steaks I have ever had. Even thought the price is a bit higher than expected the customer service and quality made up for it by far. 10/10 review I would definitely recommend anyone to go and check it out.

Chad Brox

I'm a meat kind of guy and look for the best meats when I host dinners. I have gotten meats from all over and have never considered price as the thing to hold me back from getting the best. Great western meats has a quality better then prime cuts and the service was knowledgable and friendly. The best part about these guys is the bang for the buck. You cannot find this grade of meat at a better price and always cheaper then costcos finest. I consider this place a diamond in the rough.

Katie Olsen

My family and I have been finding it be a challenge to afford to eat healthy financially. Our babies would always get the best of what we could afford, but my husband and I haven't been able to do the same for ourselves. I found this place on Google with great reviews. I compared prices with other stores and you really can't beat the high quality, great price, customer service, and freshness of the meat they carry. I came in with my twin 2 year olds on my hips as they just woke up and refused to let me put them down. The gentleman at the counter had someone help me asap. They answered all of my questions and made me feel extremely welcome. They even helped me out to my car! Thank you so much for a great experience and I can actually better afford the food we all should be able to eat. It shouldn't be a luxury to eat healthy. Thank you for making it possible! The meat had absolutely no smell. I even gave some to my dog who has refused everything I've tried giving him, but inhaled the grass fed ground beef mixed with fruit and vegetables. This will definitely be the only place I go to get my quality meat. Thanks again!


Just found this place and love it already ordered 4 meat baskets. The meat is amazing.

Lee00000000 J

The help is uneducated on cuting meat and management was unprofessional and forcefully selling products to customers when I went exchanged a product baldheaded 4 eye white guy acted like he had a attitude never going ever again

Maureen Dymon

Eric Gyenes

Brooke Ewen-DelMastro

High quality, meats you can't find elsewhere.

Cheryl Gardner

Great personal service. I buy all my dog food here and bags of marrow bones for my best friend to chew on.

Jack Tierney

Geogria Peach

Helpful. Super friendly. Great variety.

Alicia Robin

Diane Riccio

I have been to Larry's meat several times to buy meat. it is also a great place to buy dog bones. the butcher cuts up the meat bones and it provides doggy entertainment for hours

David Schwarz

Good meat and friendly butchers

David Barnes

Excellent selection of premium meats. Great service and friendly employees.

Keith Mayn

MAY 1, 2014 Larry's sold ownership to this business. If you ever thought anything bad about Larry's Meats. The new owner is worse. The newest thing is extra poor service. I shopped for 15 years at Larry's. Now I will not shop Larry's anymore.

Miguel Martinez

We stop eating meat and chicken for 3 months After I decided to eat meat again I found this place Before i spend top dollar at Whole Foods and sprouts, but Larry’s meat is so far the best meat I found, their staff was so nice,and their meat is real good. Thank you guys for your integrity

Joel Avery

They have everything for a great cook out

Judas Pato

There is no other choice for meat in Vegas. Larry's is the perfect old-school butcher shop. The quality is superb and the service is always friendly and knowledgeable. Skip the supermarket and get your meat from Larry's. My only complaint is that they break down the back a bit early, so if you want a custom cut, you need to get there more than a few hours before they close.

Doris Kleckner

Bailey Denney

Some what Pricey. But good product.

Claudia Castelo

The best meat in town.

Rose Cummings

Very clean store very friendly environment will definitely shop there more often

Juliana Velez_torres

Marie Long

2nd genereation customers. Went in to buy a strak package today. The one I always get there for $299.00. Only now it contains half the meat for the same price. Must find a new butcher. Very disappointed.

Steve Schroeder

Great selection of quality meat. Fair prices. Will definitely stop by every time I go thru last Vegas.

Jeff Jensen

The best choice of meats

Bob Birdman Bird

The heavyset dude that was helping me seem like I was putting him out by asking him a couple of questions regarding his Meats won't go back there

Kirsten Layher

This place simply rocks. I love the fact that they have various types of wild game meat. One of the things I missed the most from my childhood was eating wild game that my family and I would go out and hunt for every year. Every time I go into this place it brings back all of those wonderful childhood memories.

William Polk

Friendly dock staff, drivers if you're delivering here with a semi truck they have one dock that can be a challenge to back onto. Small parking lot to maneuver in and Valley View Blvd is a busy street. Recommend being there before they start receiving at 6am.

Shawn Elfberg

I am literally shocked and shaken at the response I just received when walking into Larry's to buy meat for our Sunday BBQ today! Our family was just returning from a day out and we checked the website to see if the store was open today. To my surprise, the page said "OPEN", "closing soon", hours, (9:00am-3:00pm), may be affected for the Easter Holiday.... I thought I would stop by and check? The door gate was closed but not locked, the glass door was , (obviously), closed, but not I walked in? This terribly rude man at the desk in the office behind the counter..."JUMPED" up, covered something on the desk and YELLED at me.... "WE ARE CLOSED"! I pointed out that is was not 3pm yet and the door was OPEN? He then continued to yell at me... The door is F@@@@@g locked, can't you see my F@@@@@g sign!!?? When I explained that the door was NOT locked, he became more angry and literal chased me out of the store while continuing to verbally abuse me???? I want to know who this man is to be comfortable treating customers like this and what's going on there that he was so surprised and angry about, at a customer walking through an unlocked door during regular business hours? Who is the owner and does he know what is going on there?

Danielle Parra

It's like i died and went to heaven

Daniel Ollman

My wife and I went for the first time the day of our anniversary to pickup some nice Fillets. They cut them off a huge side 1.75 inches thick around 12-14 ounces. They were perfect and the meats color was awesome. The taste, incredible. The staff was super friendly and when they found out it was our anniversary they gave us the highest quality meat (Center Cut) at the lower cost (End cut). Our 9 year old son was not feeling that well and the staff took their time to wish him well on our way out. Friendly, professional staff and the meat is outstanding. I am going back today for more. I will visit Larry's from now on for the finest meats in town. It doesn't get better than this!

Sherry Robertson

They no longer have large turkeys. They could not find my reservation. And were none to nice about it. I was 4th on the list. I won't be going back. Sure do miss Larry!

Shawna Demes

Last year we drew a bull elk tag here in Nevada. It was our first elk hunt! We invested close to 10k in equipment and scouting trips, drawing a bull elk tag in Nevada is almost a once in a lifetime event! We were successful! (And by we I mean my husband.) My husband took our elk to Larry’s for processing. We started using the processed meat in late December. Between December and June I used about 5 packages of ground. Here is where the problems start. In our ground are chunks of cartilage. It is unchewable. I had hoped it was a fluke, but by mid-June I gave up hope that the quality would improve. Larry’s did not properly trim the meat before grinding it. For a $10k elk, we now have to go by hand through every package to pull out small chunks of cartilage...they ruined our meat. I contacted Larry’s. They responded that they recommend grinding three times. It would have been helpful had they recommended that when we dropped the meat off with them. Instead they did a standard one-grind. They did offer to regrind it now, but as that would require thawing about 60 pounds of meat that then cannot be refrozen it is not a workable solution. I requested a partial refund, as they did not do a satisfactory job. They refused that as well. So, moral of the story is please go somewhere, ANYWHERE, else with your game.

Rick Jones

Best meat in this part of the planet. Good people. Now open on sunday

James Jones

Classic Vegas meat locker. The best meat for the best prices.

Darren Reinhardt

It's just a great place to get meat...friendly staff...I get my dogs bones from there as well

Tiffany Kjsarch

Justin Henderson

Randolph Martinez

So this was the best Top Sirloin at the right price unless you want to drive to Stater Bro's in California. Trust me. I searched out all meat markets in Las Vegas. Average was at best. Albertsons slightly below average. So Larry's is the best. Randolph Gucciani

Gareth Junior

This was a terrible experience! I should not have gone here!!! Never again when I'm in Las Vegas!!

Gaylene Mackey

Larry's Great Western Meats has the best meat in town! I've been here in Vegas 50 years, and you just can't beat their quality, prices, and friendly and helpful staff.

Jo Jimerson

Friendly service and best quality meats. Never go anywhere else. Try their chickens. ;)

Helen Arnold

Awesome meats, huge selection, outstanding customer service!

The Spook

Some of the NICEST people I've met in some time. They were attentive and eager to answer my questions. They NEVER pushed ANYTHING to me. The meat was of excellent quality. They say their meat is choice, but it looked more prime to me. I will ABSOLUTELY go there as often as I can.

Bryan Ishungry

First time customers. We were only going for 2 Ribeyes. Could see quality of meat. We bought a package. Supposed to have ordered it day before but he put it together in 20 minutes. Our freezer is full for the great beef shortage of the future.

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