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3730 Thom Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89130, United States

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REVIEWS OF John Mull's Meats & Road Kill Grill IN Nevada

Keith Sheppard

Excellent food, enough for 2 days!!! You GOT to try the brisket, full flavor excellent!!! Side dishes are very good, I recommend the Mac and cheese, greens, 2 or 3 meat dinner, you won't go wrong. Always a waiting line so have patience, it's worth it. Kind of hard to find, use navigation if you have it. It's located on a residential street

Nate Stark

Great food !! Best tri tip in town !!


Best Vintage BBQ hands down. If you don't eat here, your missing out!!!!

Lucas Timmsen

So delicious. Worth the wait. The burnt ends are to die for.

Cindy Wallace

Best place, friendly people. Off the beaten path but worth the drive. Enjoy the outdoor eating area for lunch then go and buy your meat to take home.

Broke N Famous

The Website is not very descriptive on the variety they offer. The staff was a little bit on the edge but all worked fast and efficient.. the food is delicious no complaint there.

Heather Padilla

Greatest Saturday in a long time. Fantastic food and great live entertainment.

Samuel Riley

Good food almost as good as Kansas City BBQ (almost) need more meat on ribs

Alexis Castro-Oistad

First time here, this place was FIRE. Great atmosphere and good ol' BBQ

Philip Burns

If your looking for barbecue this is the place to go. They have the best barbecue in las vegas, don't even think of looking anywhere else. Outdoor cooking on weekends with outdoor eating. Line can be long but don't let that hinder your cravings it's worth the wait. Go for it!!!

Alan Lokke

BESTEST BBQ! Just go. It's completely worth it! The Baked Beans are a Must side dish along with the cornbread and potato salad.

Yvonne Hernandez

Based on my experience here the food sucks. Why waste $40-$100 bucks on food when you can go somewheres better that make it fresh. They save their left overs from the a long morning shift an use it for the next morning..

Jeff Humphrey

Great bbq. It's worth finding them.

Cort Stephenson

First time here. I split a 3 meat combo with my son. We had ribs, pulled pork, burnt ends, mac and cheese, baked beans and cornbread. The ribs were really good, but the pulled pork and burnt ends were some of the best I have ever tasted. The sides were amazing as well. The cornbread was too sweet for my taste, but still good. You do eat outside at picnic tables under a large tent with spray misters to help keep you cool.

TMR Snowyy

The Meat Was Very Scrumptious.. Ribs Had Fantastic Cooked Meat,It's Just We Saw Them Dumping Deer Blood And The Dead Deer... Very Disturbing.

Robert Nimmo

Wow. Great BBQ. My first time there, and did not expect it to be smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood. For the lunch rush, they had a long line of people. A little bit of a wait as they were very busy. Took the food back to the office, and couldn't wait to try my tri-tip dinner with green beans, baked beans (they add ground beef to the beans!), and cornbread. They offered spicy or regular BBQ sauce...I opted for the delicious spicy. All I can say is that if you want BBQ, you gotta check out this place!

J Raine

I hate to be the Debbie downer, but the quality of BBQ just didn't meet the hype. The brisket alone should be cause for alarm - it's like middle school cafeteria line "roast beef" sandwich meat. Aka it comes out soaking wet from a hot tray...but they still charge you like it's real brisket. The ribs were similar. Looked and had the texture of steamed meat. The chicken was pretty good though. Quite a paradox. In short I just don't think it's worth anyone's time or money.

John Adler

The best barbecue in town highly recommended the atmosphere is great . The employees are awesome and very nice and the people you meet there while you're waiting to get your food her always happy then again this is got to be the happiest place in Las Vegas. I can't get enough burnt ends and brisket and oh yes some ribs LOL yes it's that good keep up the good work

Brianda Moore

I'm re rating my previous 5 star review to a 3 star review. The food is still very good but it's become a mad house. Wait times are insane, employees don't seem to know what's what, they have such a tiny place where people have to squish inside to order food. They have become a very well known establishment and I highly suggest getting a bigger place to accommodate everyone.

Drive Anais roy

This place is awesome!! Food is delicious and staff is nice, the outdoor sitting is well kept cool and fans are always on with misters!!!

Anthony Galati

OMG! This place is the most amazing find yet! Talk about bang for your buck! Hands down the best BBQ I've ever had, Wonderful and polite stay AAA++

Rachel Schlarman

Painfully slow service. I stood outside in a line that only moved twice in 10 minutes baking in the heat, before leaving. Maybe, the food is fantastic but, I'm not going stand roasting in the heat for 10-20 minutes just to find out.

Kenneth Lowe

Come hungry and enjoy Amazing staff super friendly and helpful Always a must stop when in town

Keith Hubert

Killer food! I got the pulled pork sandwich which ended up being huge! Collared greens and Mac and cheese, which were both amazing and felt very and truly southern! Found this fun off the beaten path divey little place and the food is true southern soul food! It’s so great! If you love flavor and deliciously rich bbq this is the place to come! They don’t have any inside sit down tables, but plenty of tables outside so bring a coat or take your food to go! The food is definitely the whole 5 star experience! The staff is awesome and the environment is a fun hole in the wall experience.

Damian Smith

I've just moved to Vegas about 4 months ago and driven by this place countless times, lt took my sister to come into town before l finally pulled into this place. It's safe to say if you live in Vegas or are just visiting make sure you make a trip here. The food is great!!! As wells as the aervice on the butcher side of the store. Hands down you can't beat the price and quality of service that you receive here. 5 stars all the way around.

Irma Paz

This place is awesome. My husband and I got married. And everyone at John Mull's Meats & road kill BBQ we're awesome they had everything prepared. They catered to our entire party of 50. They set up heaters for us we had great tables restrooms accessible I truly recommend this place for any event and specially to eat there they have great food so tasty and always fresh love it.

Dale Gordon Jr.

Amazing as always. We love this place.

Aj W

The food is delicious and the prices are good. They do charge an additional $1 for a drink when you get a combo. However, the taste of the food makes up for that. They close at 6pm daily as well.

Devvonn Jones

Great food great service and great prices.


They had live music don't know if this is going to be something that you're going to have regularly. You get lots of food for the money. What I like a lot about the places you can bring your own drinks.

Genesis Hyman

I had to take it slow. The food is rich in flavor. Overall good experience. I like the live band, Girl Scouts were sellin cookies, and the line wasn't too long.

roy flanagan

I have been going to John Mull's since it was just John Mull's and a slaughterhouse Shack. My grandfather would take me and my uncle hunting and on our way back in he would bring are Catchings to John Mull's and mr. John would cut the meat up for us and always seem to have something cooking in the back or some deer jerky that he wanted my grandfather to try out I can honestly say I've never tasted anything there that I didn't like even when I didn't recognize the meat. He would always laugh at me as a kid because he knew I didn't know what I was eating but I liked it. At 46 years old I still go there for my meat and they still know how to cook I mean brisket and barbecue. I argue with people all the time especially when they come here from another state that John Mull's has the best barbecue hands down.

Molly Harsh

Now this is real barbecue! All the meat we tried was really good but my favorite was something new to the menu they call it burnt ends sooo good! As for the sides we chose mac and cheese, baked beans and potato salad, the mac and cheese was my favorite but I didn't care for the potato salad only because I don't like relish in it. The staff was friendly and helpful, we even got to meet the owner 4th generation family member to own the place. Overall a very pleasant experience!

Andre L

Simply amazing bbq. Also very friendly staff.

Kathy Treants

1st timers came at the end of the day and unfortunately they were out of potato salad and mac & cheese. The yams were liking eating a dessert. Wasn't sure about the corn muffins at first but ended up loving it. Only meat we didn't get was chicken but loved everything else. Surprising gem!


This place is fantastic. Best in the entire West Coast. Been to many place in California and had to come to Vagas to find good BBQ.

Jabbar Watts

Food was excellent. Top Notch BBQ

Cruz Mayfield

There is simply no other place in Vegas this good!!! Best customer service ever!!! Every employee treats you like family here, the couple times I’ve gone, not once has an employee walked by without striking a conversation with me. The food you simply can’t describe it! It’s so amazing!

Patrick Jessup

Pretty good! Had the brisket dinner. Generous servings. Brisket was good. Potato salad was awesome. Cole slaw was a little bland. Will definitely return.

Erik Sissine

Well, came out to John Mulls RoadKill Grill... and these are the results The brisket was a little too dry, and lacked a full flavor. 7/10 I've had better pulled pork at so many places I cant count... 5/10 The mac and cheese was average at best, but had good flavor.. 6/10 The collard greens were some of the best I've ever had. 11/10 And the peach cobbler was on point. A little heavy on the seasoning (too much cinnamon) and would've paired well with ice cream =( but there was none to be had. 10/10 (should take a hit for missing ice cream, but it was damn good) 39/50 food The service exceeded my expectation greatly everyone was pleasant, kind, and they even passed out bottles water while we waited in a rather long line. Service gets 10/10. Total about a 49/60.

Angela Woolsey

Wonderful food. I love the picnic tables.

Adrian Hendley

This was my once a year birthday visit. For me it's a treat for myself and a friend. As always the Bar-B-Q was on point. John Mull's Bar-B-Q is the closest to home prepared that I have found in Las Vegas, and I look forward to my next visit. Thanks to John and all of his staff for making this something special.

Holly Eighmy

Food and service are always amazing! Also, a great place to have your deer processed.

Melissa L

No kids menu. The kids split a corn bread with me. Sweet plain corn bread tasted more like cake. Different than I'm used to but still good. One kid said they wanted their own all to themself next time we come. Kids both got a side of mac and cheese but not what they're used to so they ended up not eating it. My spouse and I ate it and it was good. Chunky cheesy with some seasoning. Would get it again if I wasn't on a diet haha Dinner roll that came with my spouse's meal was good to dip in the juices of the meat and beans after he finished eating. He got the brisket which he enjoyed and the kids ate it too instead of the mac and cheese. The green beans were good. They are the mushy/soft kind so keep in mind if you aren't in to that type. The side of beans were good. There was hamburger meat (?) mixed in with it and seasonings. First time having something like that. Would get again. I got a side of potato salad. Was better than I thought it was going to be. Would get again. The lady behind us I overheard her say it was nothing special. The line outdoor was long in 90 degree weather but luckily there was wind enough to not be too warm. Lots of small cans of cold sodas to choose from...coca cola, sprite, strawberry sunkist it looked like..others I dont remember. To-go bags and plastic utensils with place mat and wet wipe at the end of the line. The picnic table we were at was clean. One fly. We parked out on the street due to having a trailer with us but there was a good amount of parking spots available for everyone else in their 2 lots. This was around noon on a Saturday. Overall, pretty good. Would go again to try the chicken and coleslaw and my spouse would try the tips.

Jessica Anguiano

The food was good. Had to wait over two hours. We ordered food while in line, however the food order was wrong. Went back to correct the order twice, and still received the wrong order. Staff was uncoordinated. Service was not good the food was.


Now this is a place I'll go to maybe once a year to see if anything has changed.It was my favorite barbecue spot. Now I really dont have one in Vegas anymore. The food looks and taste like its stored and reheated from the night before. Side taste horrible peach cobbler wasn't sweet at all, I was so let down. Chicken I guess was the only thing they couldn't mess up. I need a new barbecue spot

Alex Dombek

Awesome place! Food has great flavor and the menu is well thought out. Great music selection. The wait staff was amazing. Will be coming back.

Johnny Thomas

The chicken is very nice, also the green salad and mac cheese!!! We would like to try the ribs next time!

Tracy Cook

Super helpful, I dropped off a pig to get cut and wrapped will eat at road kill grill when I go to pick up my meat

The Gas Man

Oh man what an absolutely delicious meal some of the best barbecue that I have ever had and the sides are none too shabby either. Little hole-in-the-wall that you walk in place your order your order is filled you pay for it and then all the seating is outside. Just an excellent little place that you have to know about, now you know go get you some.

Bestie Entertainment

In the mood for some BBQ? Come to this family owned business and enjoy a Great meal served by a friendly and courteous staff. The cooks are amazing and the food is always delicious and hot.

Bill Burns

Myself and a friend had lunch at John Mull's today. I had the two meat combo, brisket and pulled chicken two sides baked beans and collared greens. My friend had a two meat combo with brisket and ribs tips two sides baked beans and yam's. The food is great the service is great. The only problem is seating for wheelchair user's. Both myself and my friend are paraplegic and can not stand. They use picnic tables with built on benches. The do have a bar type rail they use for eating it's probably 18 inches wide and is very tall to stand and eat it would be perfect. It's not deep enough for a wheelchair to to pull under, we had to sit side ways to eat. Everything else was wheelchair accessible and I would give a five stars if not for the lack of good wheelchair seating. We were there at 11am when they opened for lunch and just did beat the crowd. At times they had as many as 20 people waiting outside. If you go plan for a wait. The food really is delicious and worth the wait.

jason nadler

One of my fav spots. Food was delicious there was NO waiting time. We also found the wait staff to be very efficient and friendly. We enjoyed much the stay.

Morgan Weddle

Get off The Strip and get HERE!! The food here is so amazing! I seriously don't know what they put in their baked beans, but it was out of sight! The brisket and pulled pork were amazing too. And the corn bread tastes like cake. Divine! The dining is outside and laid back. It is a chill place to eat and hang out with friends on a sunny Vegas day. There is a reason that Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives came here. I'm going to be coming back here to get some meats for my home here soon.

Josh McElroy

Don't let the location fool you, it is in a residential area. This isn't your typical restaurant, but that is part of what makes it the best. I have had BBQ from dozens of places in different states and this is still my favorite barbecued meat hands down. The beef ribs, beans, macaroni salad, corn bread, and spicy BBQ sauce are the best. ALL of their meat is delicious and worth trying! Get there early, there's always a line. The staff are always friendly and funny.

James Simpson

The food there is very tasty well-seasoned and the people there are so very nice and kind courteous.

Kim Koster

Service is outstanding and staff super friendly. The food is amazing! Don't let the interior fool you.


This Barbecue was Delicious! And I'm from Texas . People very nice, organized team players made the wait very smooth. Will be coming back for more dessert & cornbread that melts in your mouth. Lol..

thomas boyd

This place is awesome! Some of the best food I've ever had, the baked beans are delicious!

Amanda Goodavish

So delicious. Everyone there is friendly and helpful. Tri tip on Tuesday and Thursday is NOT to be missed. Try the peach cobbler for dessert. Yum!

william hill

They fixed the problem Trey if I spelled it correctly apologized for the issue that happened with the cold food and offered to comp us 1 plate thanks trey

Gary Thompson

Cooked Delicious food & quality meats

Marie Powell

BBQ, my favorite treat. Visited at eight, it was not full. The place has an awesome atmosphere.

Gerry Warren

The food was fantastic,and we are back again before we go home tomorrow. First time here they treated us so good we got the full tour of the place luv it!!!

magurka Martha

You will be deceived but the appearance of the place, but if you can ignore it, the food here is so delicious! We had the three meat combo (ribs, links, & pulled chicken) with potato salad, and green beans. However, you can't go wrong with anything you order.

King's Pool Fencing

Believe the hype it’s real!!! They have the bomb bbq here. Best pulled pork ever, brisket and burnt ends are great. Everything we had was delicious!

Dana Rubin

This place is about a 30 minute drive off the Las Vegas strip, but it is worth it. After overpaying for your meal In the hotels, you can come get some serious comfort food that will fill you up. People are friendly and will let you try a little sample if you are not sure. I ordered the 3 meat combo with 2 sides and with tax was $18. I ate half and was stuffed.

Kent Willis

Just tackled a 2" cattleman's cut Porterhouse for my birthday, OMG amazing

Anonymous Anonymous

Great food should baked the mac n cheese a bit longer

Joseph Meads

Man the burnt ends off the hook. Good job guys. Keep on rolling!

Gene Waggoner

You can't say enough about the food here. It is the best BBQ I have had. Even my wife loved the Burnt Ends!

V. Farnsworth

Probably my favorite BBQ spot anywhere. I love the small business atmosphere, and most importantly, the food. Very big portions, enough that you usually have enough for a second dinner when you are done. Definitely get some pulled pork, macNcheese, and the Yams. Absolutely amazing!

Roscoe Sullivan

The tri-tip though...Omg. If you have not tried it, you need to.

Thomas Halliday

Excellent Chicken and Ribs. Mac & Cheese rocked also.

Shaun Davis

My girlfriend and I had the 3 meat combo with mac and cheese and collard greens. She doesn't care for pork but the beef brisket and the barbecue chicken she says was very tasty. I enjoyed the ribs and love the beef brisket. The greens and Mac & Cheese we're also very good. If you like barbecue and you're in Vegas you got to come here. It's out of the way but most worth the trip.

earthboundfan15 .

You're gonna get alot of meat for an adorable price. Some of the best BBQ in Vegas. Only wish they served the Coblers Ala mode

Amber Mahrou

I had used their butcher shop before, which is also great, but I just went to their restaurant for the first time. It's nothing fancy, there are no tables inside, just covered picnic tables outside for you to enjoy your food. And chances are, you definitely will enjoy it. It's so good!! I tried the rib tips, hot link, brisket, beef rib, Mac and cheese, potato salad, and green beans. Not thrilled about the green beans as they were too soft for my liking, but that's the style. Everything else was great. But I have to say, you need to try the beef rib. It was the best I've ever had. Fall-apart but not mushy, flavorful but not covered in sauce, even my 4 year old couldn't get enough of it!

Char Xxxxx

Best Mixed Plate BBQ spot I know.

Eric Doucette

Dry, and tough bbq, some of the worst BBQ I've ever had actually. Disappointed. This place has so many good reviews, it must be for the atmosphere because its terrible bbq.

John Casillas

Seen this on food network so in Vegas me and my wife tried this place out 5 stars for sure anytime I go to Vegas this will definitely be a stop nice staff and great food

AmArA Cortez

This Food is amazing reminds me of when I was kid and ate at Philip's BBQ in Leimert Park. SO GOOD


Love them food is always tasty and satisfying will return just wish you guys stayed open later lol

Brittany Porter

The environment was unreal so amazing everyone was so friendly it felt like I was around family. The food was just as good if not better. The meat was so tender and the flavor was perfect. The ribs were so good!

Hali Prestage

Unreal food, service, atmosphere!! We drive from Alberta through Vegas just to stop there every time.

Janet Lenox

Always outstanding! Burnt Ends is my current go to, but Ribs and Hot Links are terrific, too. Do yourself a favor and have the Mac and Cheese. Frankly, anything you have will be a winner.

Sparkle Blu

As I hear one say "decent"...Oh boy, the secret out on this historic meat market hidden inbetween a neighborhood of horses and mules, it is a neighbors nightmare and barbecue fanatic wanting more.

Carl Tiefenthaeler

Don't know where to start. In the middle of a neighborhood, almost thought I had made a wrong turn just seeing houses and then this place pops outta knowhere. Does not look like much from the outside and the inside is the same but the line of people standing out the door waiting to get in was the sign to stop. Amazing barbecue is all I can say. No place to eat inside, all outside covered picnic tables but very comfortable. If you like eating with other people like the Houfbrau House, you'll like this. Nice people and food is awesome. Can't wait to go back when I am visiting Red Rock Canyon area again. A Diners Drives and Dives place for sure in a good way.

Ashley Williams

If you love bbq this is the place to be awesome service,awesome workers that work very hard even during the busiest time. Most of all awesome food❤

Operations Support

Awesome original Vegas spot with lots of history and not a chain or tourist trap

Joseph Roberts

Brisket was great, burnt ends were good - smokey but not as burnt as I am used to. But the cornbread was amazing, second favorite cornbread in the country.

Tonyia Pritoni

Food was amazing!!! Get here early, the line is long, but worth the wait. We tried the burnt ends, pulled pork, brisket, potato salad, beans, and corn bread. Outdoor eating, under a tent. Would definitely recommend.

Gina S

I saw this place on diners drive-ins and dives. I knew when I made it back to Vegas that I had to try it. It did not disappoint. Portions were great and the owner Chuck was extremely friendly. I loved the backyard feel. I definitely recommend this place!

Patricia Henderson

With that said, the food and the overall experience was awesome! You can tell the guys taking your order and working behind the counter work quick and want to keep the line moving.. but they're also very friendly and joke around with the customers. Their combos come in huge servings, and there's almost no way around it. LoL. Their meat is all very tender and flavorful. The cornbread is moist, and all the sides compliment the meat so well. Very traditional.

Joe Petris

Great food, love their ribs and smoked sausage. Just make sure you go in the cooler months because the seating is outdoors

Jan Kalajian

Great staff, great food and best in town!

Elie Morris

What a great experience. On top of the food being unbelievably tasty the atmosphere is fantastic. If you don't want to stay and eat buy your steaks or burgers or whatever you want and take it home and grill it yourself. I prefer to eat right there. Enjoy!

Sarah DeHart

I'd been wanting to try this place forever, and finally stopped by today. It was pretty busy, but well worth the wait! I got the brisket, pulled pork, and burnt ends. Oooohhhhh so good, definitely lived up to the expectations. Pulled pork was the best I've had, brisket was tender and flavorful, and those burnt ends, omg. It was my first time ever having them, and I'm now a huge fan! The potato salad was very yummy, and the collard greens had a good kick to them! I'll definitely be back!

Glenn Mundo

By far the best BBQ food here in Las Vegas, Hands down. I love there whole entire menu, also the portions they give you are huge not like the other BBQ places. Best customer service, best food, they even have there food at one of the gun ranges out by 215 and Decatur. Come down to John Mull's and enjoy the best BBQ food here in town!!!

Arthur P. Andreas

In this world there are business owners and there's barbecue. Often times you don't run into a place that's got there a game going 100%. But John mull's meats, Knox it right out of the park . Best dog gone Q in Vegas. Period.

Michael Sandoval

This food was off the hook. Everything was so tasty. You have to try the chili beans with corn bread!!!

Greg Kerr

I recently visited relatives in Las Vegas. On 5/15/19 my cousin suggested some bb-que for dinner. Now I am 65 and live in I like barbeque....which is generally pork. Having eaten some western barbeque I was thinking brisket. I agreed, but frankly, with my experiences eating some fine southern barbeque ,I was just hoping the place would be decent. Surprise Surprise! I have had the equal of Mulls but not any that was better. One of the key things to look at involves the sides. I order a combo beef/pork plate with mac-n-cheese and collard greens. The sides were damn outstanding! And so was the pork and beef brisket! I only had one minor complaint........and that was that the cornbread was sweet. I am used to buttermilk sour cornbread which I prefer and thinks goes better with the Q. Ordering was cool as well. You go into the kitchen and order in there. We were getting ours to go and when you've ordered you go out the back door of the kitchen and back around to the parking area. There were outdoor picnic tables shaded by latticework if you were eating there. If there was inside seating in the A/C I did not notice. There might be...the place seemed pretty sprawling. 100% RECOMMENDATION! oH..AND THE PRICES WERE VERY REASONABLE!

Gregory Rugh

TOUGHEST ribs I've ever tried to eat. Scrawny too, barely any meat

George Roberts

Tues & Thurs are Tri-tip days. Get here early as they open at 11am. There is a line almost immediately but well worth the wait. Great portions and 2 sides with each dinner. Every time we hit Las Vegas John Mull's Road Kill Grille is a MUST do. Meats and sides are top of the line. Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives featured this business and we see why. Owner is very friendly & involved in everything there each day. We will always stop there when in Vegas. You should too.

Andrea Walker

Amazing flavor! I loved all of the food. Everything was so delicious. The burnt ends were the best I've ever had. The yams were perfect and the cornbread was great too! They also did everything they could and went out of their way to make my picky happy.

Sascha G.

I am a BBQ Pro from Germany and i ordered there a 3meat combo with 2 sides, my wife a 2 meat Combo and my son a PP Sandwich. The facts: cool guys there, authentic true and very tasty, wonderful meals there available. Low and slow cooked Brisket, pulled pork or Ribs. A really secret tip!! When you visit Vegas, you must eat there.

Patrick Brock

Five star, but you will probably be waiting. This is some of the best BBQ I've had. Sides are all exceptional. The meats are obviously the star. On site meat processing and butcher adds to the charm and authenticity. Its probably a love it or hate it place. Here's what you should expect. This isn't so much a sit down restaurant as it is a takeaway joint. Covered picnic tables outside, but the store itself is a counter service type experience. A line out the door and a 30 minute wait is common. The staff is friendly and focused on moving people through as fast as possible. The locals in line were all friendly and chatty. Everyone wants to share their favorite dish recommendation. Between the friendly staff and the shared wait with others the time in line moves pretty quickly. One other note is that they have a great pickup catering and butcher menu. This definitely seems like the spot you should hit up for a group gathering.

Tonetta Harrell

The best barbecue ever all the sides great loved the candied yams collard greens corn bread everything was wonderful big portions

Sunny Redd

Busy but very slow. Good but not worth the wait, went to Famous Dave's, not the same but quick and easy

david barrett

This place is everything that a bbq place should be. EVERYTHING is off the hook, slap your momma good lol. Staff is super nice. All the meats are quality cuts. The prices are really fair and they give you very generous portions. I'm honestly beyond impressed with this place. If you're gonna try one bbq spot in Vegas, this is it.

Robert Roan

Excellent, probably the best backyard style barbecue I have ever had. The wait is long but most definitely worth the wait. If ever in the area or even close dont come, you will only make the line longer if I'm there.


The barbecues is tasty and delicious specialy the brisket even their side orders too i like most the potato salad. The price is so cheap compare to the barbecue restaurant.

Todd Hodgins

That place where heaven meets earth is found here. The rainbow ends here with the trays of bbq succulence waiting be be savoured aftr every bite! Everything is good .... no great here. Many bbq joints have no problem winning me over with award winning smoked or bbq meats, but when I say everything I am also referring to their side dishes. The collard greens; wonderful. Their mac and cheese; really good - although if I was going to be slightly critical the mac and cheese might not have the same review if its not fresh, but thats all about what happens to this dish if sitting too long. To be clear, what was served to us was VERY GOOD and had the freshly made taste and texture, but as it cooled, I noted that it started to get lumpy. Again not reflecting on their recipe or service, only a natural outcome of saucy cheese sitting too long as we savoured the bbq meat. As a bonus, we ordered a bbq beef rib which is a special order and takes extra time to prepare; we knew that and were willing to wait. 20-25 minutes later, we were served the huge portion of meaty goodness. Which was followed by a small tray of blackened tips as a gesture of goodness and pride for the quality work by John Mull’s family (pictured bellow) - Thanks for making this a memorable experience, we will be telling everyone of our wonderful experience and you know We’ll be Back!

Yulian Suarez

First thing, VERY busy. Line was at least 35-40min long. But VERY worth it. They are really organized, and gave us free water while in line. The food is delicious, never had BBQ that good, and no exaggeration they have the best Mac & Cheese I've ever tasted.

Michael Sparks

I love BBQ and I really love Southern down home cooking. This was my second time at the Road Kill Grill and I have to tell you if I could go everyday it would get better and better they do not disappoint. The servings are ginormous the flavor is out of this world and the friendly service keeps you coming back. Do yourself a favor, the next time you're in Las Vegas go to John Mull's Road Kill Grill.

Natalie Jesse

This place was amazing! My boyfriend and I absolutely love BBQ and this place blew us away! The food was quality food and all the meat was right off the grill it was so good. Everything was homemade and just tasted absolutely amazing. The line was super long because this place is so popular but the owner gave us free samples of ribs while we waited on our food. We love this place we want to go back super bad.

Mike Arb

For me just OK, not worth the hour wait, missed the smoke ring around brisket had the meat hot links, both were ok. Could get the same quality at home. But hey at least I've tried it.

Jacy Blades

Got a rib tip "sandwich," which was bone-in meat on a roll that was literally too tough to pull off the bone. Also held the door open for a disabled veteran and was yelled at to close it because the staff didn't feel like checking why the door was open. Then harassed him for having a service dog but no ID, and refused to bring him his food outside.

Glen Rollins

The food is always Great!!! When they add something new to the menu its just a good as the items that have been available from the start i ordered food for a large party and was able to pick it up in less then 24 hours. And was very pleased with the Quality and the price

Kimberly Miller

This is best bbq - I ordered the bbq chicken with mac n cheese and potato salad. The staff goes over and beyond to make you feel welcome. Went on Memorial Day and for waiting in line they gave away hamburgers and hot dogs with fries. Great place!!!

Molly Papazian

Absolutely a must if you love barbecue

Valley Reviews

Best BBQ in Vegas. Good friendly service.

Fly Gurl

Very great customer service and I even met the owner that was working frontline . Great portions, great prices, and great tasting food .

Darrin Kaplan

Great local BBQ spot. Excellent value for price and tasty fresh made food. Excellent for lunch or dinner!

Daniel Reiness

Fantastic BBQ. Great butcher shop too if you're looking to make your own. On a ranch style plot in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Expect a long line, but it's worth the wait. Great prices. Dinners are good for one, but better to get a sampler platter. Brisket ribs, and rib tips are excellent. Great burnt ends deal

Annette B. Love

My experience today was extremely poor due to customer service. We were misquoted an appropriate time to pick up a bulk order- instead of the staff (specifically the African American gentlemen behind the cold counter) being apologetic, they indicated "that's unrealistic" "who told you that" etc etc. Him and his colleagues further thought it was funny and shared a laugh when I requested to pay for the food once it was out. I could have engaged in an argument with the staff but instead I paid for the food and left. I've never had such an experience in any place of business and needless to say, I will not be back. I will be sure to let my friends and loved ones know because believe it or not customer service is more important than the quality of food when it comes to spending your money.

Christal Hunt

Amazing bbq. The green beans are the best.

Byron Crockett

Good to see Anita wasn't able to see Chuck. Good business

Mama Bear

This place is amazing! Now that I know it exists we will be there every time we visit Vegas. Wow. Incredible! Keep doing what you're doing - you're doing it right! This trip we got ribs, pulled pork, mac n chz, yams, green beans, and corn bread. Good Lord, they were all amazing!

Karuna R

Every single thing is great! The outside picnic benches are great when it's not 100 degrees outside. They have the best mac and cheese and apple cobbler

Michael Robinson

Excellent food. Excellent service.

shay shay

Always a parking spot, Always Good Customer service, and the Food is Amazing. I had two meat special (Rib tips- Links) with 2 sides green beans and baked beans... Soooooooo good.

eric rebollo

Great family style BBQ joint. Great BBQ and sides. The people that work there are very nice and welcoming. Very unique old school location. I highly recommend the pulled pork or chicken and the collard greens.

Christy Sanchez

This was a great find from 'Diner, dives, and drive-thru's'. The service was fast even though the ordering area is very small. And the food was really quite good. I suggest you get there just before they open to get in line. If you are not a huge fan of barbecue sauce just let them know so that they can ease off when scooping over the top. Very nice people too!

James Moore

I had the pork rib tip dinner with candy yams and bake beans. So good the I eat 1/2 in the parking lot be for living. I plan on making it bi weekly stop. Until I work my way through the menu and all sides.

Melissa Glover

I was referred here by my friends from CA. Spot on. This place is awesome. The food is great and the service was outstanding. There was a line but well worth the wait! Please do not let that discourage you. We had ribs, rib tips and brisket! Both the ribs and the rib tips are "anointed". We also tried all the sides. Sending everyone I know here when they visit Las Vegas. We even purchased 10 lbs of rib tips to bring home.

S Alrawe

The food and the service were amazing! The tri tip was to die for. We will definitely be back!

Boogie Down

THE BEST BBQ in Vegas... HOWEVER.... they need a better way to be in line than in 105° degree weather!! I'm sure they make enough money to build an enclosure with a/c for the people spending their money. And they deliver but not of the regular menu... try need to hook up with Uber Eats, GrubHub, Postmates something. Again the food is great but standing in that heat for over 10 minutes makes u walk away and go elsewhere. I watched 10 cars pull off when they saw the line today

Karen Terry

I love this place! Their meats are fresher than the local supermarkets. Staff is very friendly and professional as well!;-)



Melissa Jackson

Never dissatisfied! Large portions, delicious food, and wonderful picnic style seating. They always seem to have an event or special guest when we go, which is exciting. If you haven't been, you are missing out!

Ava Martinez

the food was decent but the customer service is terrible. the time i waited i probably could have burned off the whole meal. never again will i stand in the heat for an hour. definitely not worth the wait. i would rather spend the same amount of money at a high end restaurant with AC that wouldn’t have an unbearable wait time.

minding my own business

The service was great and the food was delish i ordered the rib tips with greens and macaroni salad the greens were fire the cornbread taste like cake , i also ordered a chicken dinner that looks like it's going to taste good can't wait to eat the peach cobbler , too full right now lol , i also purchased a flat of eggs for $5, what i went there for originally was the hamburger patties they were reasonably priced can't wait to cook them

Robbin Jamison

I will be eating here every Saturday, The food is soooooooo yummy!!!!

Jazmin Ramirez

Great barbecue place delicious food long lines sometimes but it is worth the wait :) great customer service as well!

Tracey Pennington

This is the place to get the best meats and grilled food I town.

Aliciyia Sanders

WHAT IS YOU DOINF JOHN? Why does it take 45 minutes for me to get inside & then 30 mins to fill up my tray? Why do yall have one worker doing food & only one cash register with an employee flow of 30 people per hour? Yall can afford to change me $15 & some change but can't afford to hire more help? CRAZEEE Its buffet style so why does it take so long for yall to fill up trays? Why yall misters outside like a water hose, I was soaking wet in the heat you think that feels good? It ruined my hair and outfit. UHHHH-UUUHN IF THE FOOD WASN'T BANGING I WOULDAA LEFT BUT IM NOT FINNA JUST STAND OUT FOR 45 MINS AND NOT GET MY FOOD. YALL ONLY GETTING THREE STARS WOULDA GOT 5 STARS JUST FOR THE FOOD BUT YOU GET 3 STARS PLEASE BE A LITTLE SWIFTER. High school lunch lines move faster then yall & they accommodate 500-600 kids in a 30 min time frame. Hire more people to fill up trays or atleast add a second cash register. All these employees standing around acting like they can't help. LITERALLY 3 people working 6 standing around. WAIT 4 ppl working (including the old head who restocked the food when it was running low). Employees mad cuhhs they had to stay past 6, well if more of yall would help then yall could leave on time. OKUUUUUURRRR

Velma Kennedy

Came here for lunch on a weekday, right around 12pm. There was a short line to order, but definitely not busy compared to their peak days/hours. No frills... this place appears out of nowhere on a not so busy street, you park in a gravel parking lot, you lineup cafeteria style in a small space, and eat outdoors in the Las Vegas heat with huge fans blowing. With that said, the food and the overall experience was awesome!

Rose Gueco

We weren't sure about finding the place because it's in a residential area. Haven't gone wrong yet with Triple D We ordered the 3 meat dish and two of us couldn't finish it and we were hungry!!! This was some GOOD bar-b-que!!


Great I will be back fast service.

Pain Dudester

Pros: Great staff, fun outdoor atmosphere, and the best burnt ends I've ever tasted Cons: chicken is better at Costco, ribs are bland and fatty, brisket is the blandest driest and toughest I've ever had the misfortune to put in my mouth. How this place stays open is beyond me. Except for ONE item on their menu, this place is nothing short of appallingly bad. This is why you ignore Guy Fieri.

LaLonnie Bell

Love the food.. Just wish I could dine IN

Chris Kiley

Do yourself a favor and come here to eat if you even a little bit like good meat.

Carl Reifle

It's okay but TEXANS will typically turn their nose up at this version of BBQ. Why? Because all the meats are smothered in John's BBQ sauce. That alienates 50% of BBQ lovers. Do you go to a steak house that serves their premium cuts grilled to perfection, then serve it to you, smothered in steak sauce not of your choosing?!? OF COURSE NOT!!! A good, well seasoned steak requires NO SAUCE WHATSOEVER!!! I have A1 Steak Sauce in my pantry that hasn't been opened in over 2 years. I put it on the table for guests, but they never feel the need to reach for it. Sauce can and often is used to hide or cover up something and should be viewed with suspicion. The nuances of the smokey goodness is overwhelmed by the sauce. And BBQ sauces are subjectively appreciated. THEREFORE, they should ALWAYS be provided as an option, not an insistence! PLUS, you never cut the brisket with the grain, always across the grain. Otherwise, it comes off as tough, no matter how long you smoke it to tenderize. The meat should fall apart in my mouth, not have to be gnawed on before swallowing to avoid choking. Good effort, John, but I will never return as long as you make me consume your sauce. Even the most ubiquitous Texan BBQ chains and other BBQ state's chains typically serve the sauce on the side. Do Nevadan's think Famous Dave's is good BBQ?!? I hope to goodness, not!!

Tanya Rawlins

Food was Good. Not too expensive and I'm gonna try their SMOKED TURKIES!! IMPRESSED! Service a little slow but they are totally CROWDED!! BEST TO ORDER AHEAD!!!

Alyson Cooke

Recommend ordering ahead if you dony want to wait.

Tracy Allen

Sooooo freaking delicious! I devoured the collard greens! I only liked my moms collard but these were delicious. The burnt ends, pull pork and brisket was great. All the singers, the band and the cooks were great! I had such a great experience!

Christie Cexton

I love how the people here greet you as soon as you walk into the door and also they tell you they will get to you as soon as they can. If they are busy they still give you updates and they chat it up with everyone and they get to know who you are a bit more. When the next time you go in there they already know who you are and ask you if your getting the same or something new. I love how they treat you here and there prices are great. I'm beyound happy with my money worth of food and the service i got. I will be going back from here on out.

Mitch swetsky

Delicious food. Great people. Unfortunately with outdoor BBQ tables children are allowed to run around by inconsiderate customers. Peering into my food made it an uncomfortable experience. We took the food home to enjoy. I'd try again.

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